Payback Time

Hi everyone! My name is Jill. All my stories are true. Usually my stories are about the fun that i have when i get away from my hometown and have hot sex without anyone in my hometown finding out about it. But this story about my weekend of December 11-12, 2010, is different.

That weekend wasn't about having fun. It was about settling a score. I am almost never a mean girl, but i was mean on that weekend. Sometimes, as the saying goes, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Payback can be hell. Hey guys, remember that!

Out of the blue a couple of weeks ago i got a call from this guy named Brian that i knew in college. He had tracked me down by using one of the social networking sites.

In college, Brian was every girl's dream. Really cute and strong and with lots of money. He had come into an inheritance and had his own home and $800,000 in the bank (i know cause i saw the bank statements that he showed all the girls to make us hot for him). But Brian also played us against each other. He gave us just enough attention to keep us wrapped around his finger, but in the end he always let us down. Brian is the kind of guy who wouldn't show up to his own wedding and leave the bride humiliated at the alter.

So, anyway, Brian called me up. Turns out that in just three years he has blown his entire inheritance and is living in an apartment in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Not only that, he wanted me to come see him because he wanted to make up to me for the way he treated me in college.

As i talked to Brian, my feelings of total frustration and anger about him came right back. Guys don't get me frustrated anymore. I have sex with lots of guys and i don't depend on any one guy. And since i've started having affairs with girls, i need guys even less. The rational side of me said to hang up the phone and forget about him. But the emotional side of me said to go to Fayetteville and take care of business.

I hastily arranged for flight connections from Lincoln to Fayetteville and arrived Saturday around noon. I rented a car and shopped around town and bought the strongest chains, handcuffs and clamps that i could find. Then i drove to Brian's apartment.

The poor guy had really fallen on hard times. Brian's apartment was a dump. But i must say, though, that when he opened the door to let me in in, he looked as gorgeous as ever.

We did small talk for awhile, but all i could think about was my plan to give him payback. The first part of my plan was the toughest to carry out. I had to figure out how to restrain him to his bed. That would not be easy. He is 6'4" and i'm only 5'5" and i'm sure that he weighs over twice as much as me.

I figured i had to give a little to get what i wanted. So, reluctantly, i put my arms around Brian and asked him in my cutest little girl voice, "Sweetie, let's go in your bedroom. I'll let you tit fuck me."

That did the trick. We were on Brian's bed in no time. I took off my shirt and bra and Brian took off all his clothes. My tits aren't really big. Only 33B. But they are naturally soft and are made for milking a guy's cum out of his cock.

Brian straddled my chest and i squeezed my tits around his cock. Then Brian tit fucked me as we looked deep into each other's eyes. He got real hard and was about to cum.

"Where do you want my cum, Jill?"

"You know where i want it. On my face."

Brian pulled his dick from between my tits and started stroking it until his cum shot out in several powerful bursts. The first shot grazed my forehead. The rest of his cum hit the headboard and the pillow. The guy can't even shoot straight.

Brian collapsed on his bed and sighed, "That was wonderful, Jill. God, that felt good!"

Typical Brian. All he cares about is himself. He didn't even think that maybe now it was time for me to get a little attention.

But that was O.K. He had been lulled into complacency. He thought this was the beginning of a weekend of pure debauchery. Well, it was. But not type of debauchery that he had in mind.

I went out to the car and brought the chains, handcuffs and clamps into the bedroom. When Brian saw me with all this hardware, he thought i was getting ready to play some kinky games with him. He even stretched his arms and legs out so i could chain him to the bed.

Being very meticulous, i fastened Brian's arms and legs firmly to the bedposts so that even a strong guy like him couldn't break loose.

"Jill, could you please get me a couple of beers from the fridge."

I couldn't believe how dense this guy was. I went into the kitchen and brought back a six-pack. For the next hour, I ran my fingers through Brian's thick curly hair as i fed him his beer.

Finally, he fell asl**p or passed out. Don't know which. Everything in my plan was falling into place.

It was a good time to take a break and check out the town. I put a ball gag in Brian's mouth just in case he woke up and tried to yell for help.

Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas, is one of the greatest small college towns in America. Plenty of restaurants, bookstores and clubs on the main college drag of Dickson Street (love that street name). While out, i even bought one of those Razorback hog hats that the fans wear to their football games.

So, i get back a couple of hours later and Brian is still passed out. Not only that, but he pissed all over his stomach from all the beer that he drank.

I went into the living room to watch some T.V. and fell asl**p on the couch.

Around 3am i woke up. I was really horny. I hadn't been fucked by a real dick for three weeks (see my story, "Jill Gets Fucked In Her Chicago Motel Room") and here was this stud for me in the bedroom.

I went into Brian's bedroom and took off my clothes. I got onto the bed. I was about to suck on Brian's cock to get him hard, but i just couldn't because he smelled like pee.

I went into the kitchen and filled a bucket with cold water. Then i went back into the bedroom and poured it all over his stomach and penis. Then i took some soap and a wash cloth to clean him up. Then i got another bucket of cold water and dumped it on him to rinse him off.

Now i put his shriveled dick in my mouth so i could suck it and make it hard for me.

That didn't take too long and Brian started to come out of his stupor. I put a condom on him because i didn't know where he had been. I mounted him reverse cowgirl because i didn't want to look at his face. Then i used his dick for my pleasure.

I fucked Brian for about 30 minutes until he came in his condom and got soft on me. I got off him and took his condom off. I squeezed the cum in the condom onto his face. Then i went back to sl**p on the couch.

A few hours later, i woke up. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. At least for me. I went out to my car and got my hardest and longest strap-on dildo. I only use it on special occasions. I took off all my clothes and strapped it on and went into Brian's bedroom.

Brian looked beaten down, but he was wide awake. I think it was right about then that Brian realized that i wasn't playing games with him. I propped his ass up on a pillow so that i had the best access to his asshole. Slowly, i worked my hard dildo in his asshole to loosen him up. Brian knew what was coming.

"O.K. Brian. One hundred hard strokes up your asshole. One for each time that you've fucked me over."

I had my fake cock just a little bit inside his asshole. Then with all the f***e in me, i jabbed it all the way in. Then i slowly pulled my dick out until just a little bit of it was in his asshole. Then i jabbed it in him again. I counted each jab until i reached 100 jabs. With each odd numbered jab i yelled "FUCK". With each even numbered jab i yelled "YOU". "FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU..."

The f***e of my fucking was making Brian's dick slap against his stomach. After about seventy jabs, Brian's cum spurted out onto his stomach.

After 100 jabs, i was totally spent. What an incredible workout. I don't know exactly what Brian was thinking right then. He seemed to be in another world.

I removed my strap-on and moved up to Brian's face. I put my pussy right on his mouth and nose so that he couldn't breath. I kept it there until he was gasping for breath. At the moment that he really needed to breath, i raised my pussy just a little so that he could open his mouth. Then i pissed in his mouth and all over his face.

I had done what i had come to Fayetteville to do. I had fucked and pissed on Brian just like he had dumped on me a few years ago.

I got off Brian and used his shower to clean up for the flight home. When i got out of the shower Brian was begging me about something through his ball gag. I have some compassion so i took his ball gag off so i could understand what he was saying.

"Jill, please don't leave me tied to the bed . Maybe nobody will find me and i'll die."

Brian had a point. I couldn't leave him like that. I mean, i'm not a total bitch.

"O.K. Brian, what do you want me to do?"

"Please bring my cell phone over here so i can call my girlfriend Angela. She'll untie me."

I got Brian's cell phone and used the number stored in his contacts to call Angela. Then i put the phone next to Brian so he could talk to her.

"Hey, Angela, this is Brian. Why don't you come on by and see me. I know that i haven't been that good to you, but i want to make it up to you."

What an asshole. That's the same thing he told me.

Angela said she would come right over.

I left before Angela got there. But i wonder what she did when she saw him chained to the bed with cum on his stomach and piss on his face.

I really hope that Angela picked up where i left off.

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4 years ago
I'm such a sub that I would like to be treated like that without having it be a payback
4 years ago
Great Story!
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
That's the way to deal with arseholes like that.

Great style
4 years ago
ROFLMAO... too fuckin' funny!! Great story dear! Where's the pics??