Fucking An Older Guy In A Public Bathroom

It snowed here today. Not much fun. But it set my mind thinking back to an encounter one summer about ten years ago.

Christ knows, it was warm enough when I left the house; after a few miles on the bike I was really feeling the heat.

I was in my mid-20s and, having moved to the city a few years earlier, was making the most of the opportunity of a few days off work to get out and about on my mountain bike during a trip to the coast to visit friends.
Not that I'd seen many mountains; the long, fairly flat stretch of coast, with a sandy beach on one side of the cycle route and a busy main road on the other, was ideal for non-strenuous bike-riding in the sun and I'd ridden up and down the fifteen-mile route to the next town a few times, taking it easy, working on my tan and checking out the sights - namely the bikini-clad babes who were making the most of the particularly good summer weather themselves. As I was sharing the cycle route/footpath with them as they made their way to and from the beach or to go for an ice-cream, the rides afforded plenty of opportunity to take in the glorious sight of young boobs and butts bouncing away in their bathing costumes as I passed. Definitely better than working.
This was a Tuesday afternoon, though, and the place was practically deserted, so I concentrated on pounding away at the pedals for a few miles until the 90-degree early afternoon heat got the better of me and, cursing myself for being a stupid fucker, turned round and headed for home, where I knew I'd have the place to myself until my mate and his wife got back from work.
I hadn't even brought a water bottle with me and was feeling dehydrated, so I stopped off at a public toilet about halfway back, throat dry and heart pounding. I came off the track, got off and walked the bike the few yards down the sandy beach track to the toilets, wheeling it past a lone car which was sitting there, its only occupant a guy in the driver's seat, sunglasses on and face shaded by a baseball cap. I leaned the bike against the concrete building and went inside the gents.

It was even hotter in there, the walls and inches-thick, pebbled yellow glass ceiling conspiring to turn the place into a bit of a greenhouse - boiling hot and lit up inside as the sun poured through. I stuck my face under the drinking tap and gulped down mouthful after mouthful of water, icy cold and refreshing.
I stood upright and made to leave, hearing a car door slam outside and footsteps approaching, but thought better of it; there was no way I was going to make it home without needing a piss, so I turned back towards the trough, unzipped and whipped my dick out of my sweat-soaked denim shorts - not the greatest idea for cycling in, of course - perspiration pouring down my bare chest and back now that I was off the bike and had no oncoming breeze to cool me down a bit, as it had done as I rode along the track.

Someone came in and stood a couple of feet to my right at the narrow, chest-high trough. It was the guy from the car outside, a quick sideways glance confirmed. There was that slight air of tension guys always get when strangers piss alongside each other in a public bog, I heard him take the cap off and stick it in his back pocket and unzip his jeans.
Eventually I started to pee, and as I did I realised the other guy had turned towards me. I glanced down and saw that his uncut dick was firming up and he was rubbing the foreskin back and forth.
I froze, uncertain what to do. My mind, of course, was flying; it was a fucking great-looking tool, and it thickened more as he reached up, lifted his sunglasses back on to his curly hair with his right hand and, as my urine continued to flow, reached out for me with the other. He was maybe about forty, handsome, and grinning wickedly at me.
I swallowed hard as, instead of touching my cock, he placed two fingers of his left hand into the stream of my piss for a couple of seconds and only then slid them back slowly over my knob and rubbed my shaft, which tensed and swelled instantly.
He then lifted his hand to his mouth and stuck the fingers inside, sucking them, then licked his palm a few times and, just as my flow of piss ceased, moved his hand back down to slowly wank my dick, which was fully-hard in moments. Fuck, he felt good.

He released his soft grip and backed up a couple of steps. That grin again. He licked his lips, nodded with his head towards the three empty cubicles lying a few feet away with their doors open, walked into the one furthest from the main entrance and turned, rubbing his thick tool, eyes burning a hole in me as he sized me up.
I thought about it for all of two seconds and walked over to the sink, hit the tap and splashed a load of water over my face, allowing some of it to run down my chest. My new friend watched, pulled off the T-shirt he was wearing and licked his lips. Fucking hell. Game on.

I went into the stall, closed and bolted the door and faced him. He was a couple of inches shorter than me and slightly heavier built, with a thatch of black hair on his chest. "Looking good, my man," I breathed, taking hold of his meat and wanking him. His cock was a beauty, thick and pulsing in my hand. He began stroking my tool and rubbing my bollocks as our mouths met in a kiss, tongues dancing together, a strong smell of suntan lotion coming off him. Jesus, it felt good.
He lifted his face from mine and began licking and sucking at my sweat-soaked neck and chest, then lifted my free left arm and nuzzled at my armpit, his lips sucking hard as his tongue worked on me.
It was driving me crazy, and I skinned his cock back and forth harder, gripping him tight, as his mouth found its way to a nipple and sucked hard. I popped the button on his jeans and he slipped them down. He was naked underneath, the skin of his ass cool to the touch as I stroked it. I unbuttoned my shorts, dropped them and my underpants and stepped out of them
"Fuck, you're soaking with sweat, mate," he groaned. "Fucking love it." He sat down on the toilet seat, pulled his shorts off over his trainers and, using both hands on my cock and balls, began licking my knob, teasing the fuck out of it until he eventually began a solid sucking which sent my eyes rolling back in my skull as I stood over him.
The two of us were now naked except for our trainers, and the thought excited me in ways it's hard to describe, even now. Right at the base of the spine, let's say.

I clutched his close-cropped black hair as he tugged on my shaft with one hand and mashed my nuts with the other. I reached down and felt for his dick, rubbing my thumb over his crown, which drew a low moan from his cock-filled mouth.
"Aw fuck, suck my fucking balls, man," I breathed from above him, and he did, taking one and then the other in his mouth as he jacked me, making me shudder in ecstasy as he tongued and sucked, before going back to my bone, which was leaking precum by now.

The only sound in the empty building had been our heavy breathing and the noise of his mouth on me, and both of us gave a start a couple of minutes later when a couple of guys walked into the main room.
My buddy immediately - and without taking my penis from his liplock - leaned back on the toilet seat, pulling me with him, lifted both legs and wrapped them around mine. It locked us together but also, of course, made it appear that I was the only man in the stall, had anyone looked under the door or adjoining wall.
Thankfully this pair were only in for a matter of a minute or so, but it was the longest of my life. They seemed to take forever taking a piss, washing their hands, talking some shite or other about fuck knows what and leaving - the tension heightened by the fact that my New Best Mate spent the long seconds with my dick in his mouth, working on me with his tongue. No doubt to make sure I stayed hard. Bless him.

As soon as the outer door slammed shut he pulled away from me and the two of us burst out laughing. Not for long though. As he stood and our lips locked again, cocks knocking together and me taking hold of both of them for some skin-play, we were immediately back in business.
His cock felt fucking fantastic rubbing against mine, but eventually I pushed matey against the wall and dropped to a crouch before him, my asshole spreading pleasantly and my cock bobbing between my thighs as I went to work.
I took him in my mouth, his meat hot and rigid. I hadn't sucked a dick in a while - and never blown a guy as 'ancient' as this horny 40-year-old piece - and I relished it, sliding my hands up his hairy legs and powerful thighs to his hard butt, feeling thick cock-veins with my tongue as he began steadily fucking my mouth, fingertips drumming on my close-cropped head. I ate up his fucker, loving it.

He had been jerking himself steadily while he had sucked me, teasing the juice from his balls, and his groans and soft cries soon told me he was about to cum. I sucked harder for precious seconds longer, swirling my tongue around his bulb and tangy pisshole, then pulled him out and said: "Shoot it on my chest." He gave a cry and gasped: "Do you fuck? Will you fuck me?"
Tugging hard on his erection, I told him: "I'll fuck anything today, man." He gave a cry and lost it, four heavy gouts of spunk spraying my chest as his whole body shook. I looked, eyes afire and lusting, as the hot jizz began running down towards my navel and crotch, then stood.

The horny cunt swiped one hand over my chest and stomach, gathering some of his spunk and my sweat, then turned, lifted his trainer-clad right foot on to the toilet seat and smeared the crack of his ass with the fluids, working a couple of fingers into his fuck-slot as he did so, one hand on the wall.
I leaned into him and aimed at his soaking pucker, and his wet hand reached down to gather more sweat from the crack between my balls and thigh, replacing my own fist on my dick and lubing my tool with the juices.
He took my knob with the slightest of struggles, sliding my thick bulb and the first couple of inches of bare dick past his ring and into the hot asshole. It felt like heaven - so tight but beautifully lubed with cum and perspiration - as I gripped him by the shoulders began to give him my fuck.
Stroke after stroke I worked on his cunt, and we eventually hit a delicious rhythm, me driving deep and pulling back until I was almost out, only for his slick, tight ass to back on to each forward thrust, groaning in sweet agony as he fucked my cock, body hunching and both hands flat on the wall a foot or so in front of his bowed, sweating face.
Holding on to the back of his neck with my left hand, my right found his nipples and pulled hard on both of them in turn, twisting them for long seconds, and he cried out at this fresh assault as his asshole burned on my thick meat as he jerked his own half-hard dick for some relief.

It was an incredible session. I fucked a second cum right out of him - a good one, judging by the cries and the way his tube flexed on my bone - and minutes later I was getting close myself.
I warned him: "I'm gonna fucking shoot, man. I'm gonna cum." He responded by lifting my right hand off his aching nipples, sticking three of my fingers in his mouth and sucking, tongue lazing over them almost, I dunno, affectionately, but still bucking back wildly to take the dick - and taking me to a new level.
I kept riding his ass, giving him all I had, until the spunk surged in my shaft and I spurted into him again and again, my knees shaking as I hissed: "Fucking take it. Awww, fuck, yeah!" in his ear.
I emptied myself into him for long moments, crying out in sheer joy, then stepped backwards, hearing him gasp as his hole suddenly emptied of cock and the hot cum began running down his scalding chute - one of the most mind-blowing experiences sex can give you, as anyone who's ever been assfucked will testify.

I leaned back against the opposite wall of the cubicle, panting, chest rising and falling, blinded by sweat, as my hot mate grabbed some paper, wiped himself and slipped his jeans back on over his trainers, picked up his T-shirt and slid back the bolt on the door.
We looked at each other and he raised one hand to cup and squeeze the side of my face in an oddly tender gesture, considering what had just happened. I liked it.
"Another time?" asked this cute older guy. "Another time, man," I answered, and he left. I pushed the door closed behind him, not bothering to re-lock it. I heard him running the tap and splashing water, grabbing some paper towels and heading for his car.

You know how these things turn out. But I hope he remembers.
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will remember this story
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great storey ;-)
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Thanks, guy - glad you liked it. :)
1 year ago
Very horny indeed, written perfectly!!! Thanks for sharing
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2 lovers joined as one by a hard cock
1 year ago
I have done that and its so much fun really gets me off love to suck hot cocks
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1 year ago
"Scalding hot" indeed!!!! Thx.