Fucking A Cute Asian CD

I've always wanted to fuck a cute young tranny. I love their femininity - those gorgeous gurl bodies and the way they are into the lifestyle. Such a turn-on.
I pulled my cock out of my boy Kevin the other night and the two of us collapsed in a heap, satisfied with what we'd just done.
As we lay in post-fuck bliss, kissing each other and stroking our dicks, he blew my mind with what he said.
"Yasmina wants you. You can have this place on Wednesday night while I'm at the football."
Asif is an 18-year-old lad, new on the local scene and a cute flirt. Attractive boy, very girlish in the way he carries himself. But I knew that when he plays, he likes to cross-dress and take it like a girl. As Yasmina, he could have anybody - such a stunning-looking babe.
Kev continued: "I had him last weekend, while you were seeing Ellie. Loves cock, that one."
Sorted. But at my place, I insisted.
I answered the door to Asif on Wednesday evening - just a normal-looking, cute Asian lad in a tracksuit with a sports bag slung over one shoulder.
I let him in and showed him the way to the bathroom. He looked great, all five foot three of his skinny frame, but I was dismissive. I wanted Yasmeena.
"Get changed and come upstairs," I told him.
I showered in the upstairs bathroom, my cock already half-hard with anticipation as I soaped my body. Dried off, I emerged and lay on the bed, just as the night's young piece of ass opened the door and stepped inside.
I looked, rubbing my thickening meat through my towel. The transformation was beautiful - Yasmeena's long hair, which, as Asif, he wears in a ponytail, spilled over her shoulders. Her firm chest and abs formed a triangle under her thin t-shirt, the garment ending just above a mini-skirt and schoolgirlish white lace panties, visible when she moved her legs. Her cock bulged there.
I opened the towel, and spread it under me. She had applied lipstick, and she nervously licked her lips as she eyed my tool and balls. "Ohhhh - Kev said you were big, but..." The words hung in he air
My penis was hard as I pulled on it, and Yasmeena smiled. She's eighteen, but looked... well, she looked younger, even with her eyes made-up and in red lipstick. Her tight body made to fuck, and a cock to feast on.
"All for you, honey. You want my dick?" I breathed, turned on beyond belief.
"You started without me, Tony," she breathed in her high, soft voice. "That's a lovely cock."
I gripped my shaft harder, squeezing it so my bulb expanded and shone in the bedroom lamplight.
"Mmm..." she purred, stepping on to the bed and kneeling.
I rubbed my cock and sensitive balls, gazing up at that pretty face. Her heavy-lidded eyes and red lips were intoxicating.
She leaned forward and our mouths met, kissing deeply as her hands roamed over my chest, playing with my nipples. I held her head in my hands, running my fingers through her long, soft hair - jet black, with some sort of dye job turning the tips a honey blond. I pulled her mouth away from mine. "Kneel on the floor with your hands behind your back," I told her.
She did as I told her, and I stood, looming over her in the soft light. I gently held the back of her head and, using my other hand, craned my cock forward and rubbed my knob over her cheeks and lips, which parted as her tongue emerged to lick my knob and cumslit.
"Fuck, you're beautiful, Yaz," I groaned. She looked so young and submissive kneeling before me as I released my cock and let it bob over her face. She sighed and, hands still clasped behind her back, began to mouth my tool, sliding her lips up and down the shaft, never losing eye-contact.
One hand shyly came round, and she gripped my dick in a small, smooth hand, her girlish fingers sliding down to tickle and rub my balls.
"Daddy's so big for me," she smiled cutely. "I can only just get my hand round you."
"You made me that way, Yaz," I said. "You're such a hot girl for Tony," knowing that my words would get the desired response. I love giving it loads of verbal during sex, and I knew this would be a hot session.
"Fuck my mouth please, daddy," she said, as she began gently slapping her face with my meat. She moaned softly as I f***ed my thumb between her lips, took hold of my hand and pulled it out, only to begin sucking on two of my fingers instead. She wet them with her spit and slipped them under my shaved balls, rubbing the skin around my asshole and grinning.
"I'm so bad!" she chuckled, popping my cock into her mouth and sucking me, those big brown eyes growing wide as her head bobbed up and down on my hardon.
"You can play with my hole, baby," I groaned. "That's allowed."
"Well, if daddy says it's okay..." she answered, playing her role to the full and fucking my dick with her sweet mouth again. One finger eased its way past my anus and inside me, driving me wild as it teased and probed my tight sphincter. I fucked her face hard for a bit then pulled my cock from her hungry mouth, gasping as she fingerbanged me and clutched an asscheek with her free hand, smiling as I pulled out and smeared my spit-wet tool all over her cheeks and eyelids. A thick drop of precum appeared at my slit and she sucked it down, spearing my sensitive clit-hole with her wild young tongue.
I gasped and sat back down on the bed, pulling her up with me and staring as I lay and she placed a knee on either side of my hips, rubbing her short, thick cock through the lace panties and stroking her smooth, shaved legs.
"Yaz, I've got to fuck you, honey," I told her. I gripped her hips and lay her down on the bed, slipping off her panties and lifting one pale brown foot to my mouth as she eagerly peeled off her t-shirt and began pinching her nipples. Her little games skirt rode up intoxicatingly.
Unlike her fingernails, her toenails were painted cherry-red and I relished sucking them and licking her small, smooth sole, eliciting a girlish laugh from her as she wriggled her foot and gasped: "That tickles!"
I laughed with her and kissed my way up her slender leg, nuzzling her smooth, taut balls before taking her hard, circumcised dick in my mouth and swirling my tongue around her sensitive shaft. I let all five inches inside, my mouth gaping around her thickness, tonguing her wickedly as she drummed her hands on the bed, crying out at the sweet sensation.
After a few minutes of this her girl-cock was leaking fluid into my mouth, and I pulled off her, pushed her legs wide and drooled my spit and her precum on to her youthful asshole, leaving her skirt on to add to the fun.
Spreading her tasty boy-cunt with my thumbs, I speared her with my tongue, slathering her with my spit and her precum as I worked on her hole.
She grabbed at her smooth dick, wanking it and raising her hips off the bed, her legs over my shoulders, squealing in sweet agony as I worked two fingers in and out of her tender ass.
"I want this so bad, baby," I breathed, placing her feet on the bed, knees raised as I took a jar of lube from the bedside table and smeared a few drops on my fuckmeat. I leaned forward and teased her twitching pucker, skinning back my dick and pushing inside.
She gasped and yelled: "No, daddy - you're hurting me."
"Just relax and let it feel good," I said, knowing such wordplay turned her on as much as it did me. "I'll never hurt you, darling. Daddy wants to make you feel SOOO good."
I pushed forward, her tight ring easing wide around my cockhead. The poor little thing was trembling, and beads of sweat broke out on her brow as my thick tool opened her up.
Her arse was pure heaven, her tube slicked with lubricant, but she gasped and cried out as I started to fuck her.
"Please, daddy - no. It's so sore," Yaz whimpered, the sly little hand which reached down and pulled on her rigid dick giving lie to that. A drop of cocklube appeared at her tip and she smeared it over her knob, gasping as I bore down on her, my mind melting at the sight of this lithe Pakistani teen squirming on my cock.
"Oh, please don't. Please stop," she whimpered, and I hushed her with my mouth, kissing her hard.
Her hot little tongue duelled with mine and she panted and gasped into my mouth as I plunged into her, sitting back to watch the unbelievably sexy sight of her, gripping her tight by her slender hips and pulling her down on my hard dick.
"Ohhhh, please," she moaned.
Soon I was barely moving, letting her do all the work as she fucked that greedy young asshole on my dick, smiling and groaning, lipstick smeared and eyes flashing.
"You're fucking me so good, daddy. I love your big cock," she gasped, gripping me tightly with her boy-pussy as I felt the cum surging in my rod, the sight of her wanking her sweet, thick tranny dick as she bucked up at me driving me crazy with lust. I began to plough into her, her asshole so warm and wet.
She took every stroke, loving the dick in her, gasping and crying out and telling me how good it felt. I had envisaged doing her from behind, but this was too good, and we kept the same position for long minutes, fucking with an intensity I'd rarely known.
"Oh, fuck me HARD, daddy!" I'm cumming for you!" she squealed eventually, firing gets of gurl-cum from her beautiful young teen cock, her tongue scouring her red lips as she shot, and the contractions of her orgasm bringing me even closer to the brink.
I roared in sweet ecstasy, fucking her with deep strokes as she smeared cum into her dark nipples and brought her salty fingers to my lips for me to suck, and I lost any sense of prolonging the fuck, driven insane by this hot youngster.
My orgasm was long, mind-melting. I fired jet after jet into her, my cock thrusting and withdrawing, her hands in her hair, eyes wide and staring as she looked up a me, her mouth a wide O and her tongue extended, so young and innocent-looking. I don't think I've ever cum so hard and for so long, bottoming-out in her with one last thrust and feeling my own cum bathe my dick in that tight asshole.
We lay and kissed as my cock softened and popped out of her, warm cum seeping from her on to the towel.
"You made me so bad, daddy," she said softly, stroking my face. "You fucked me when I told you to stop, and you came in me."
She stood, a thin trickle of cum running down her slim brown leg. Her 18-year-old cock pulsed.
She grinned at me, looking so beautiful.
"I loved it," she whispered.
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1 month ago
Ohhh daddy such a bad boy you are, taking such a hot young honey, pussy must've been sooo tight xxxx
1 year ago
Great story! thanks for posting
1 year ago
made me cum all over myself even used my dildo to make me cum harder