A walk in the park

I promised myself at Midnight on New Years Eve that as I had now hit the big 40 it was time to get a bit fitter and not rely on sex as my only form of exercise ! I had bought myself a new lacy bra in the sales yesterday and decided I would wear it this morning. Its nice but a bit thin and doesn't leave much to the imagination ! Anyway I put a t-hirt on and my nipples were protruding but I thought it would be ok as I was putting a jacket on and it was a nice feeling as they were rubbing against the lace. Jacket, scarf and gloves on I set off for the local park. It was a cold clear morning and when I had walked for about 10 minutes I was feeling warm and I unbuttoned my jacket. Bad mistake! Once the cold air hit my nipples, bang they started to grow and I could feel them pushing against the lace trying to break free ! I had to undo my bra to give them room to expand and set off for home before I gave any dog walking pensioners a heart attack ! They were still massive and throbbing by the time I got home(Photos will be posted) My dilema is now, do I wear the bra again tomorrow and get a thrill while walking or do I wear a sports bra for the sake of the pensioners? Comments and advice welcome !
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4 years ago
as your walking totally naked with pull ups and a long coat a guy you spoke to on line is stood leaning against a tree pocket ripped out of his jeans you walk over recognising the description he had given you . you hold his hand and walk chatting about how horny the chats were when his hand reaches round and starts to scratch your nipple , you respond by putting your hand into his left hand pocket and caress his cock and balls ... you walk till your out of sight and he sucks your nipples pinching them nibbleing them till your dribbleing cum he follows you home .... in his car
4 years ago
you know that you have to try with out bra :)
tease someone .. enjoy your self :)
4 years ago
Just think about when the summer comes. Wear your lush lacy bra and a low cut top and as you walk through the doors of a big named shopped you pass through the airconditioning that blows down over the door opening. The cold air seeps through your top and sensitises your lush nipples. That will get both pensioners and any red blooded man standing around hot and bothered.
4 years ago
Don't wear any bra and really give the pensioners, and yourself a big thrill. Maybe even a see-through top, you'll turn yourself on as much as any lucky passer-by. lol
4 years ago
Wicked, the thought of your magnificent nipples chilled and erect possibly sending tingles through your body would be a real thrill, I would take you walking in the breeze!!!!
4 years ago
take the bra off when your nippels got hard,make the pensioners and yourself happy
4 years ago
Have you thought of a silky camisole?
Large breasts are even sexier behind that material.
4 years ago
always wear it when its cold wish i could see your nipples hard as you pass that would be nice. go on give the old lads something to look it in the park
4 years ago
hi sam, leave it off and flaunt those amazing nipples i say. ps i cant p.m. at the moment so add me as friend if you want to meet. horny 27yo male from cheshire, check my pics if your intrested. oh, and could we see some shots of that hot bod plz x
4 years ago
well u should defently not wear it again and take some photos of u just in ur top and post them on here lol xxxx scott xx
4 years ago
definitely wear it again
4 years ago

wankersoffagain seal of approval
4 years ago
4 years ago
Tell me what park lol
4 years ago
give them & yourself a thrill it will not hurt them but it will make their day it would mine!!!! i mite even try to chat you up amoung other things!!!!!!
4 years ago
i say let them go free..you'd probably make someone's day a whole lot better.