"Times three" a Story of one friend thre

Times three

This story all starts with one of my best friends I started working with! I meet Davey after starting a new job, Davey turned out to be one of my best friends as it happens now the times three part is that I slept with his s****r in law then his daughters mother in law and finally his daughter?

I had been going up to Davey house for the odd party and we would get very d***k and have a great laugh during these parties his s****r in law turned up her name was Belinda not the best looking woman in the world but she had a stunning figure and lips that could suck the screw top off a bottle.

Belinda has this way of undressing you and smiling as she did it with an air of I would love to fuck your brains out right here and now. She also oozed sexiness and squirmed in that I am getting wet and fuckable just looking at you.

It was a few weeks later that Davey asked me if I could go and look at Belinda’s heating as it was not working right I said no problems will pop up and she her see what I could do for her (unknowingly it was what Belinda was going to do to me?)

After Davey had asked me the thought had crossed my mind that I may end up having sexy with her just as most men think and dream about getting there brains fucked out of them by the bored housewife? Whilst working on the house or washing machine Etc

Any way I arranged a time to go up when she was not working and I found the house no problems and grabbed my tools and knocked on the door. Belinda came to the door wearing a bath robe which I thought nothing about. As I know she worked shifts and had finished work in the afternoon and it was no getting into early evening.

Belinda asked me if I would like a drink to which I reply “I better have just the one as I’m driving” and asked where her heating was as the house was so hot you could grow tropical plants in it. She pointed to a cupboard in the hall. So off I went into the cupboard.

A few minutes later Belinda was standing at the door of the cupboard with my drink in one hand a cigarette in the other smiling at me with the bath robe hanging open with nothing on underneath it you could have picked my jaw off the floor as she handed me the glass and walked off towards the living room.

Now I may not be the slowest person in the world but I was in this case as I stood there with a growing erection trying to make its way out my pants. I waited a few minutes thinking to myself am I picking this up right when Belinda shouted through to the hall “are you joining me” no need to ask twice as I speed down the hall and into the living room to find Belinda sitting crossed legged so all you could she was a small patch of pubic area and these two heavy breast with growing nipples as she dragged hard on that cigarette with a sparkle in her eye and a smug look on her face of I’m going to fuck you no matter what.
Belinda did not need to shave or trim her pussy hair as she was blonde true blonde and she had a very neat patch just above her love tunnel.

I sat down next to her and she swiveled towards me so I would get a good look at what was on offer by now I had a ragging hard on and was thinking to myself this only happens in dirty mags and stuff? Any way she offered me a cigarette and a light, just as I was dragging on the cigarette she said “so do you like what you see” I think my eye almost popped out my head at this point.

she then went on to say I have seen the way you look at me when I am up at Davey and I planned it so we could meet up as I find you sexy and had fancied you for sometime. All the time I was trying to look her in the face which was hard but not as hard as my cock as she move her head to the side to drag on the cigarette blowing the smoke upward with her extended neck which made her breasts lift higher and out towards me.

I then asked her if this had all been planned an if the heating was broken or not to which she replied NO the heating is fine just turned up to keep us warm? I moved in a bit closer and Belinda leaned forward to meet me her warm lips instantly covered mine and she sucked on my lips turning her head and instantly flicking her tongue between my lips kissing me deeply for a few minutes.

We both pulled apart and she said best you get those clothes off I put out my cigarette and went to stand up but was pushed back as hands pulled at the bottom of my tee-shirt which was off in a second as her lips instantly locked onto my nipples at the same time I could feel her hands undoing my buttons on my jeans and her hand finding its way into my shorts eagerly taking hold of my rock hard cock. She then turned up her head and kissed me deeply again licking and flicking her tongue in and out and around lips and mouth.

I then pushed forward so I could get in on the action as I pushed forward I slipped my hands into the dressing gown and slid it off her shoulders exposing the full upper part of her body. I then leaned forward and sucked one of her almost rock hard nipples into my mouth and rolled it around as I did this she sucked in a small sharp breath and moaned softly she then started to lay back on the couch and I moved over her feeling my jeans and shorts being slide down my legs and her hands sliding up my thighs and cupping my balls and wrapping her hand round my cock.

I move from one nipple to the other sucking it deep into my mouth and rolling it round between my teeth just with enough pressure to make her squirm as I did so she stroked my cock. I then moved back up along her neck nibbling and licking her neck until I reached her mouth which was eager to find my lips as teeth clashed and lips got nipped in our excitement to enjoy each other all the time she was squeezing my cock and rubbing it harder.

As I kissed her deeply I slowly ran my fingers down over her breasts and down her stomach round her hips and back up again never stroking the same spot twice this made her wriggle and thrust her hips up which also allow the dressing gown to fall away completely. I then slowly pushed my knee between hers and with very little resistance her legs parted allowing me to knee between her legs as she ran her hand up and down my back and backside stroking me.

I then stopped kissing her and slowly worked my way down her neck and over her breasts licking and nibbling my way to her breast again sucking up those nice hard nipples and rolling them round in my mouth until they where as stiff as they could be then working my way down over her belly biting her hips and licking her soft skin until I reach just above her pussy which I could smell all sweet and musky at the same time by now her hips where starting to thrust and her hands had move to the back of my head rubbing and pushing my head down to her pussy.

I then started to kiss and lick round her pussy not quite touching her just round the area over her thighs and into her inner thighs licking and kissing just brushing past not quite touching as she thrust harder and pulled my hair eagerly wanting to feel my lips and tongue lick, kiss and suck her dripping wet pussy.

I finally made my way up her inner thigh keeping low so as not to touch her clitoris and slowly sucked one of her lips into my mouth flicking it to make it swell in my mouth as it slipped out of my lips I sucked in the other side tugging it with my lips. I could smell her heavy scent and feel her juices on the side of my face as I sucked and played with the lips of her pussy this made her thrust her hips up to try and bury her pussy into my face but I held back licking and sucking her sweet pussy lips.

I then ran my tongue over her vulva and slowly sucked her clitoris into my mouth flicking my tongue slowly over it feeling it twitch and grow within my mouth she was now thrusting hard soaking my face with her sweet pussy juice if I had kept going she would have came there and then so I dropped back down and started on her lips again then working my way back up her thighs and over her belly to her nipples and slowly up her neck and to her ear lopes moaning all the time as I push my thigh against her pussy needing her clitoris.

She met my lips and was kissing me deeply tasting her own pussy juice as she moved to allow me to lay on the couch Belinda then made her way down my body running her nails over me licking and kissing me stopping to kiss and nibble on my nipples.

As she got to my hips she ran her hands round to my buttocks and grasped them pulling up lifting my hips and thrusting my cock out as she lowered her lips over the head of my cock sliding it deep into her mouth working her tongue over the head flicking the tip of her tongue into the tip of my cock tasting the sweet and salty pre-cum she then slowly worked it deeper into her mouth and down the back of her throat slipping it all the way down and back again.

By now all I wanted was to slide my cock into that soaking wet pussy and bury it to the hilt and by the glint in Belinda’s eye she needed the same I lifted her head up and kissed her deeply pulling her up onto me to allow me to slide my cock into her pussy.

Belinda knew what was coming and positioned herself over me on the couch and ran her clit and pussy up and down my cock make it sopping wet and ready to slide into her she then thrust forward and slowly back catching the head of my cock on her pussy lips and with a wriggle of her hips I could feel it pushing against her pussy lips she very slowly worked her hips back and forth and I could feel my cock being engulfed by her sweet tight pussy she worked it back and forth until it was deep inside her softly moaning as she did so. I had a very strong urge to push up against her to get my cock deep inside her but held back until she stopped rocking then I lifted my hips and worked an extra inch or so deeper as she squeezed with her pussy taking all I had to offer her.

She then started to grind her hips down onto my hips pumping that cock and rubbing her clit on my pubic hair and a smile broke out across her face as she did so not smiling at me but one of ecstasy enjoying having a cock in her wet pussy Belinda was grinding and thrusting her hips hard as my cock slide out and in her warm and wet pussy soaking wet pussy I could feel her pussy tighten and relax as she worked her pussy up to an orgasm as she moaned and started to swear telling me to fuck her dirty cunt fill it fully of cum fuck me fuck me she said getting fast and louder grinding harder and harder.

I could feel her orgasm building I then cupped her breast and taking each nipple in turn I worked it round my mouth sucking hard on her teats needing her breast pulling on them with both hands as she got more and more excited rubbing and grinding down hard I slipped my hands down to her hips and started to go with her rhythm thrust up with my hips as she bucked up and down on my shaft riding my cock hard still sucking and tugging on her nipples. By now she was almost shouting fuck my dirty pussy you bastard fill me full of your cum fuck me fuck me fuck me.

She then started to throw her head back in a silent scream as her spine arched and her hand grabbed my thighs I could feel her pussy flood with her orgasm her pussy tighten round my shaft she just slowly stopped moving as wave after wave shock her body and her pussy flexed on my cock she then collapsed on to my chest and lay there for a few minutes before lifting her head hair all over her face which was flushed and bright from her work out and her orgasm.

She then kissed me and said why did you not cum in me and I whispered I will but not like this and she gave me a dirty smile and asked how would I like it. I responded by saying she would find out. Belinda climbed off my cock and gave it a little kiss as she crossed the living room she asked if I would like another drink to which I replied yes please.

She came into the living room with me drink smoking a cigarette still flushed and smiling happily she handed me my drink and I lite a cigarette as we sat drinking and smoking I ask her how long had it been since she had slept with anyone and she told me she had not had sex for six years. I told her that her pussy was very tight which it was and also how wet she had been as she blushed I also told her what a great fuck she was she explained she had been a model at one point living in London and had had many partners over the years and a wide experience. I also commented on her blowjob as it was quite expertly done she told me that one of the guy’s she had gone out with would only cum by blowing him off? Lucky chap I say she also added he had instructed her in the best techniques.

We finished our drinks and she asked me what or how I would like to fuck her I said I love fucking from behind and she said I could fucker over the back of the couch which got my cock twitching instantly she then told me to stand up so she could get me hard again. She walked round behind me and started to rub her tits up and down my back as she reach round and ran her fingers over my body making her way down to my cock which was already standing proud she started to work her hand up and down my shaft lightly stroking it she then came round and dropped to her knees slipping her wet soft mouth over the tip and again working her tongue into the tip of my cock then sliding her tongue under to lick and flick the under side of the head which instantly started to make my cock twitch. She worked away for a few minutes then lead me round to the back of the couch she then lay over the back of the couch spreading her legs wide and laying her arms along the back sticking her arse and pussy up wards to allow me to slip in. Her pussy was still wet and smelt wonderful from her orgasm all musky and fuckable she looked over her shoulder with a smile on her face looking at me with a fuck your little heart out, fuck my sweet pussy till you come.

I slipped my cock into her pussy and she worked her hips to accommodate me and it slide in to the hilt which told me she was getting wet again ready for more cock. I started to thrust back and forth as she thrust back onto my cock holding on to the couch. I knew I would not last long like this as she was slapping her arse back to make my cock drive deep into her,

She was looking back at me urging me on and I could feel her getting excited too I was praying I could hold out as my ball felt like they would empty any second she then started to say fuck my sweet pussy give me all you have pound my cunt give it to my pussy, fuck my wet cunt, till you shoot you load deep inside me please.

I could feel my balls tighten and the head of my cock swelled my buttock tightening up as my thrusts got faster and faster she pushed back more driving me as deep as I could go I could hear my thighs slapping on her arse as I pounded away.

I could feel it building up I had one hand on her shoulder pulling her back onto my cock and one hand on her hip driving deep inside her as he went with the rhythm urging me to come inside her saying she needed my come saying fucking shoot it deep inside her on my last stroke I could feel my orgasm my knee almost buckling as I thrust deep to shoot my cum into her she pushed back as I pulled back to slam it in again and again shooting five or six loads of hot burning spunk into that tight wet pussy finally driving it deep and holding it in her as it throbbed waves washing over me going weak at the knees as she squeezed her pussy on my shaft she let out a moan then it was her turn to let her pussy throb as she came for the second time I could feel her pussy throbbing as she came on cock her legs shaking with the power of her orgasm her voice shaky as she said you’re a horny bastard. I then lay over the top of her with my cock still deep in her pussy as I could feel my erection waning and her pussy relaxing beads of sweat forming on her back and on me from the effort and all those sweet and erotic smells filling my nostrils as I just lay there enjoying every last second off it.

My cock finally flopped out of her pussy as my cum ran down her thighs she spun round and sucked my semi hard cock into her mouth ensuring she got all the cum hers and mine in her mouth she spent a few minutes ensuring it was clean before standing up and kissing me deeply with her now very wet cum covered lips which made my cock twitch and was such a turn on.

We then sat and had more drinks and talked away until we retired to the bedroom for even more fun.

The thing with Belinda was she never ever wanted anything (well apart from a good fucking that is)or asked for much she did not want a relationship was always happy and please even if it was just a meal and a chat. But then again there are more Belinda stories to be told including the threesome Etc Etc, but that will be later after the Daughters mother in-law and the daughter story.

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