The Bluebell girl

Have you ever seen a mountain meadow? There are well-manteined lawns where the grass is cut and collected with great effort by men and women accustomed to hard work, and wild meadows where the growing grasses interrupt the view. A green and yellow wall that conceals, protects. Who sits between this herb is isolated, the sounds muffled. You can lie and watch the clouds that cover the blue sky sea, as crazy boats. Breathing the fresh and pure air. Smiling at insects flying through your space in search of a flower.
To feel really included in this magic environment, you must take off all our masks. Being naked in nature.
George was a convinced naturist. He loved to be naked at home, welcoming bare the most intimate friends with whom he shared this joy, watching television or scramble to his hobbys naked. Not infrequently he locked his office, pleading with the excessive work or an important call, and he undressed. He stays naked at the desk for a few minutes. Then he dressed up again. Reopened the office and greeted colleagues with a different spirit. Cheerful and light.
The day was perfect, although a bit fresh. George had decided to leave town early and go to the north towards the mountains. He had consulted various maps on internet and chose the less traveled pathway. He had climbed alone, among beech trees and forests. A few houses, very few signs of man. He admired the trees, smelling the flowers, looking down at the ants, so busy in their business, and smiled them like a gentle giant.
Reached a large meadow with high grass, he decided to leave the trail and climb to several tens of meters. The grass covered the high visual and hid him in the eyes of any onlookers. He found a small flat area, put the backpack down, spread the blanket, and lay down completely undressed to enjoy the sun and air. He fell asl**p. The minutes flew by. He awoke and, in the silence of nature, began to whistle imitating the birds of passage.
But, lo! A slight noise disturbed him. He stopped whistling. It looked like a hiss. Nothing. Was it a lizard? Hopefully not a snake. He picked up the tune singing vigorously. He was a general at the head of an army of sparrows.
Again the hiss loud, to the right. At his side. He froze, terrified. He turned his face and saw a girl. A peasant.She was about 20 years old. She was stuck with amazement and fear. A naked man, middle aged, completely naked right in the meadow where she loved to walk and lie. Where, like George, she loved to lie down and see the clouds. She wanted to escape. She had to escape. Indeed, she had to scream and flee, to run home and report that a depraved mature nude man with no shame was sat naked in the meadow. That pig with his skin, darkened by the sun, and with white chest hair. And then... that thing at the bottom. And loosely lying along his basin. She had seen others penis, Marianna. Three years ago she had a boyfriend for a few months. She had discovered sex with him, but she never excited too. Perhaps fear of the first times? Sometimes she connected on the network and, she passed time alone, masturbating by watching some porn movies. And dreamed of having sex, at last, with a real man. She had great desire. She dreamed involuntarily of sex at night, wetting herself and getting excited; or she dreamed during the day willfully surreal situations. And this was a surreal situation. Marianna had to flee, and instead she remained.
She went to the penis and took the cock with her soft, thin and shy hand. She stroked the entire length with an open hand, from the testes to the tip. Then she closed her hand around the circumference the excited penis, so strong, so hard. She masturbated the penis in silence, showing all her desire and her willness of an orgasm. She milked the penis, as she often did when she milked the cows milk on the alps. Then she stood in front of George. She stayed completely naked.
Marianna had an average breast, but with long, dark nipples, surrounded by small and turgid areas. She knew she was not beautiful, but in his heart, George had never seen a girl so attractive and sexy. Although she was a peasant, this young girl gave off a fresh scent of intense beauty. Her pussy was hairy, and George guessed at the hairy, sweet hole of pleasure.
Marianna sat on George, over his thighs. She took his penis in her hand and stroked it slowly, gently moving their claws on the tender skin. Pinching her fingers, rhythmically masturbated him, fording George's eyes. Then she raised his body and put her on the penis. She put his penis in her sweet labia, so wet for the surprise and for the excitement of the forbidden. She sank slowly on that unknown cock, feeling filled her with tough and warm male meat rod.
George dropped his head to feel and look the clouds in the sky, as he felt his penis wrapped in wet and warm meat of Marianna. The girl began to move, moving her hips up and down, up and down, rhythmically, enjoying every inch of that movement. She put a hand between her thighs, and put a finger close the penis of Giorgio, enjoying the fingerpoint contact between the penis and vagina, between the rod and lips. She was exciting as never before. And George was not far behind.
Marianne got up, and with eyes almost in tears for the desire for sex, she put herself in the doggystyle, spreading her legs and showing the hole of pleasure. George knelt down and suddenly penetrated her vaginally. Putting his hands on the side of Marianne, began to penetrate her with almost brutal f***e, hitting it with shots. Marianna was much younger, and George reminded his past, when as a teenager and a boy was used to spend time out with friends, planning big things for his life. Now he was more adult and life seemed to have got out of hand. So instinctively penetrated Marianna's young pussy with insistence, as if to recapture the youth that was. The cock went in and went out from the vagina rhythmically, the penis was rewetted with the sexy secretions of this young teen, the cock disappeared and reappeared in her nice body. She felt the tip of the penis penetrate, penetrate, penetrate.
He leaned on the back of Marianna, and began to fondle her breasts and milking the tits down. He squeezed her nipples. And his penis penetrated her with f***e.
George felt the cum come out, he felt his penis harden even more, he felt his hip hit the butts of Marianna in an attempt to penetrate still further inside. He heard Marianna wheeze heavily, almost complaining... Marianna was enjoying this so much. George's ears were muffled by the pressure of excitement. And George saw only that the sperm exploded into the vagina, with strength, copious and abundant. He continued to penetrate so that each sperm was pushed as deep as possible into the vagina. She continued penetrating his penis until he could no longer withstand the clutch. He stood with the flaccid penis into the vagina of Marianna. Then move slightly, the penis slipped out, taking with them much liquid that cum dripped out on the skin of Marianna. George fell back exhausted and helpless. He closed his eyes. He did not know how long. Maybe he fell asl**p.
When he opened his eyes, Marianna was gone. At his side was lying a bluebell flower. Marianne knew the meaning of this flower: "submission". George was excited by the message. He looked for her, although he did not know the name of the peasant. He asked for information at the chalets in the area. Someone said that a girl like that described by George lived in a valley adjacent to it. But it was late evening. George came back to town. And since then, with the strong hope in his heart, every time George has free time, he retraces the paths with the confidence of meeting the girl of Bluebell again.
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