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Hai friend i am sohail from india this is my second exprience with my friend hot mom when my friend gone for goa for his bussiness those days i was studying my degree he leave his studies because his father died he was only son for his parent then his mother was alone in the house he said me to live with his mom ok and she went for goa for 8 days i qas leaving in his house i came to the story his mother is to sexy and hot she wear la-jeans top half she look very sexy any person will see him he want to do sex with him she was of 40 year old his fig was 32 36 28 she is very sexy woman i came to story those days my friend went i was living in his house his mother is working in kictchen suddenly the water was not going from the nanal she put his hand in the nanal then she was taking out from nanal then hand was not coming out form nanal then she call me sohail come her i went there his hand was in nanal iwas shy to catch him then she told don't shy catch me and pull me fast then i catch him and pull suddenly the top came on her boobs then she feel shy i said o shirt ok but his hand was not come out then she told me to bring oil from there and i bring oil and put on his hand then she told to pull me when i was keeping oil pack down i has fall on his boobs then i said sorry i put oil on his back i pull him back the hand did not come out then i remove my t-shirt and paint i was pulling from back then she saw me naked o no what r u doing sohail not thing aunty then i remove his la-jeans an panty then i was fucking him she was shouting loudly no sohail no sohail i didn't hear and starting fucking him i said that no sohail i didn't lisent that she was starting taking out sounds like ahahahahahahuhuhuhuhuhuhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahah oi fucking him till 15minutes then i went out and his hand came out from nanal then she shout on me how u fuck me i told him with my cock ok then she was removing his clothes and my also i will see how long u will fuck me i said ok then she was sucking my cock then i was sucking her pussy and her every body part then i start him fucking him till she told me to stop sohail ur fucking me like my husband and she start crying then i told him do cry aunty when u call me to fuck i will come and fuck u anty ok sohail then she give me dinner then she told go and sl**p u r so tired no yes aunty then she told me to drink milk ok good night we do sex when his son will not there in home this was my second experince thank you .
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