She got her D P

I've been asked to write stories based upon my experiances by a friend. So as any precaution names have been changed to protect those who don't know im writing this. And if you counldn't tell by my first story, I'm not describing people so you can use your imagionation for your perfect people.

In his younger and wilder days, Dave use to date Bobbi. Both were very exerimental with sex and sexuality. Dave is actually bisexual. This didn't bother Bobbi one bit because she knew this ment she could have more then one guy as long as she would share him with Dave. They began to look around online for people who lived with in a reasonable distance of them mostly in chatrooms for other people who lived in the same state. They would even turn on the web cam from time to time and tempt those who didn't live near them. But one day they came accross Paul who lived not too far from where they did. They went on a couple of dates with Paul to get to know him. Sometimes they went to his town, and sometimes he came to their town.

After the fifth date which happened in Paul's town, Dave and Bobbi went back to his place, and up to his room. Dave and Paul sat on each side of Bobbi and she unleased both of their cocks. When she started to stroke them, the guys took Bobbi's pants off and played with her pussy. They took turns rubbing her clit and fingering her hole. With their spare hands they took off her shirt and bra then sucked on her breast.

Dave and Paul made Bobbi orgasam. After she came, Bobbi got on her knees and started to suck their dicks. They took off thier pants to make it easier on Bobbi, and began to kiss deeply. Dave ripped off Paul's shirt and kissed all accross his cheast and sucked on his nipples, and with his free hand played with Paul's balls that were slapping off Bobbi's chin. As Dave made his way down Paul's body, she placed herself on Paul's face, and leaned over to take Dave's cock in her mouth as he began to suck on Paul.

After the triangle changed once, Dave was on his back and Paul sat on his dick. Bobbi then straddled Dave while Paul plunged into her pussy. The moans and groans of pleasure filled the room. Paul's ass so tight on Dave's cock, and Bobbi's pussy dripping wet from Paul filling her pink hole. But Bobbi loved anal doggy style and so did Dave. She wanted Dave to be in the middle.

Dave gently slid his cock inside Bobbi's ass but held it there as Paul slid his cock into Dave's ass. Once everyone was in place Dave did all the work, ripping himself a new hole as he did the same to Bobbi. She rubbed her clit rappidly as she got it from behind. And just when you thought she couldn't take it anymore she begged for one in her pussy also.

She had never done this before so Paul got on bottom and stuck his cock into that now sloppy wet pussy with ease, and held as Dave slid himelf back into her quivvering asshole. They started slow and picked up the pace. Both holes filled to the brim with cock. The feel of two cocks rubbing together thru a layer of tissue. The moans and groans of pleasure continued to fill the room. The sweat was now pouring off their bodies. And Bobbi began to beg for them to cum on her face after she orgasamed again.

Dave and Paul pulled out and at the same time shot their loads all over her face. They kissed her sticky sweet face and then eachother as all three fell back onto the bed exausted. Bobbi had got her D P and in more then one way thanks to Dave and Paul.
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2 years ago
Very nice! ;-)
4 years ago
Good Story. Lets have more like it!