To Hell with Men

Dru is a pettie 22 year old woman with large breast, strawberry blond hair, and blue eyes. She had been use to dating assholes and was getting sick of it. "Why do men only care about the size of a woman's breast? All they want to do is fuck me and leave me." She would think to herself. "To hell with men! I'm done with them for now. But how do I still get to go out to the bars and not get hit on by them?" She keep thinking about this while cooking and eating dinner then figured to go out shopping. Once at the local store she brought hair clippers, men's jeans, a baggy button-up shirt, boxers, socks and some old school Converse shoes.

When at home she stripped down, set the clippers to 1 inch and preceeded to cut her hair down. After cleaning up the mess she showered off and dressed in the clothing she just pruchased. She splashed on some cologne on that she had gotten for her most recent ex. "This should do it. The men will leave me alone for sure." She smiled with joy. Dru looked at the time and noticed the bars were getting ready to open. "Well no better time to test the theory then when buisness is slow, but what bar do I go to?"

Dru got into down town, parked and stepped inside Fat Albert's and took a seat at the bar. Using a masculin voice she ordered a Jack and Coke. After 20 minutes, and getting a second drink, she decided to play pool. What Dru didn't realise was that she was getting checked out by Faith, a 21 year old woman with long brunett hair, supple breast, and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. When Dru came up from gathering the balls from the return she was met face to face by Faith. "I never usually do this, but I was wondering may I play as well?" Faith asked with a giggle in the voice. "Sure wanna break? I'm Dru by the way and you are?" "Faith, and yes thank you I would like to."

The 2 carried on a conversation, and having fun. Faith ordered both another round for the 2 of them. "What are you doing?" Dru asked. "Well I think your cute and I wanted to by us a round." "Ok I got the next then just to be fair." Faith won the first game just as the drinks came. They continued the conversation and found out they have alot in common. As they were getting ready to start the second game Dru ordered the round that she promised and the conversation turned dirty.

"So how many women have you been with?" Faith asked sheepishly. "None." Dru answered honestly. "Oh shit your not into other men only are you? But that is kinda hot. I admit I have imagined myself with another woman before though. But yet I never been with anyone so I don't know what I would like." Faith said awakardly. Dru spit her drink back into the glass. "How about we finish this round and we go back to my place? We can have our first time experiances together." So they finished up their drinks and Dru won the second game. They headed out to Dru's car, and to Dru's house they went.

Dru e****ted Faith into the house and sat beside her on the couch. They begain to kiss, and Dru ran her hand all over Faith's body. Her arms remained by her side unsure of what to do. Suddenly Dru was undoing Faith's pants and sticking a hand down her panties. A finger circled Faith's clit and she began to moan. "Oh please stick a finger all the way in. Don't worry I already I poped my own cherry with my dildo before." Dru grinned as she pulled down Faith's pants and panties. She slipped 2 fingers in and dove in face first licking Faith's pussy. Faith tossed her head back in pleasure. "Yes more please give me more yes." Faith peels off her shirt and bra then begins to grope her own breast.

Faith pushes Dru's head back and pulls Dru's fingers out of her pussy. Faith then pushes Dru back and starts to peel off her pant's and boxers. "Holy shit your a woman? No wonder we have so much in common." She then pulls off her top revealing Dru's breast then starts to 69 her. The girls are moaning with each lick of eachother's pussy. Fingers are going in and out of their twats. Dru and Faith both begin to quiver as they reach orgasam. Faith then rolls off Dru and lays herself side by side, holds Dru, Kisses her lips, looks into her eyes and says "I know this is corny but, Looks like this could be the start of a beautiful relationship."
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1 year ago
good idea, but a beautiful girl, Faith at 21 still a virgin?
1 year ago
A wonderful, and hot story! Kisses, Marie...
2 years ago
Very hot! I look forward to the promise of a continued relationship and more episodes with these two lovers!