Happy Anniversery

This story is based upon an idea given to me by a reader. I hope you enjoy and as always please keep the comments and suggestions cumming.

Billy is a small man. His light blond hair and pale blue eyes made him a threat to nobody. That is how he came upon Shavon, a black haired, green eyed fit and tone woman, with a tight ass and supple breast. She is his complete opposite, people do not mess with her. He loves her so much, he does everything she ask of him no matter how humilating it can be.

"Billy you better dress pretty today you know my man Zack is coming over today." Shavon orders. "But it's...." "But nothing bitch! Zack is fucking me today in front of you and there is nothing you can do about it!" She quickly interupts. "...our anniversery." Billy says quietly.

Shavon dresses like a sluty school girl, and puts her hair in pig tails. Seeing that Billy is still naked she throws him black panties, black thigh high boots, fish net stockings, and daisy duke shorts. "Damn do I have to do everything for you?" As she leaves the room "And be ready he will be here in 15 minutes." Reluctently but lovingly, Billy puts on the clothes he was given and walks out into the living room where Shavon puts a colar and leash on him ordering him to sit at her feet.

A few minutes later the door bell rings. Shavon walks Billy on all 4 to let Zack in. Shavon leaps into Zack's arms giving him a great big hug and kiss. Zack grabs her ass and slips a finger past her panties into her pussy. Smacking Zack, Shavon says "That will have to wait until we get to the room. Now follow me and my bitch." And she starts back to their room.

Once in the room Shavon unleashes Billy and points him into a corner. He sits and watches as Zack takes off Shavon's shirt and sucks on her nipples and reaches a finger underneath her skirt and panties again to stick it inside her pussy. She throws her head back in pleasure. Zack pulls his finger out and goes straight down pulling her panties down with it. Once he has them off her, "Give them to the bitch to chew on." She orders. Zack hands the panties to Billy, "Here boy suck my finger also, taste her pussy." Billy does getting every last bit of her juices off his finger and then puts her panties in his face.

Zack lays Shavon down on the bed and starts to lick her pussy. Again her head is thrown back in pleasure moaning with each flick of his toung. "Get up here and watch how a real man does it." Zack orders Billy. He crawls to the edge of the bed and watches from the side. Zack starts to take his dick out and says to Chavon "Girl I am going to fuck your brains out." Shavon cries thru her pleasure "Suck it Billy make it wet for me!" Zack continues to eat Shavon and pauses when he feels Billy starting to suck his dick. Doing a double take Zack grins and chuckles "My God this bitch does do everything you ask of him." And he starts to moan.

Once his cock is we enough, Zack plunges his massive member into Shavon's awaiting pussy. He pounds her to orgasam in missionary, then flips her to doggy. "Get under me and eat my pussy and lick his balls while he is fucking me!" Shavon demands and Billy and obeys. As Zack's balls go accross Billy's face, Billy's toung flicks the clit and his sack. Zack begins to moan more and pound harder. Shavon starts grinding her pussy on Billy's face causing Zack's balls to smack Billy's forehead. Shavon then has a powerful orgasam which pushes Zack out and causes him to spill his load all over Billy's face and in his mouth. "Feed him your cum Zack and have him clean your cock after." Zack makes sure Billy gets every last drop and Billy cleans every bit out of Zack. Shavon then smacks Billy's swollen cock and balls. Grinning she says to him. "Happy Anniversery bitch."
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2 years ago
Wow! Nice anniversary! She must be a blast on Valentines Day!
2 years ago
Hot story, my friend! Love shit like this with real and conflicting personalities and you captured it!