Crossdressing House whore fuck toy

I love to dress-up and pretend i'm a girl and fuck myself in the ass with a huge dildo. Sometimes, i wish i could get fucked by a huge black cock. The bigger the better but i would like a cock around 12" long and 2" wide. I can put on make-up and a sexy wig, with a skimpy mini skirt and garder with stockings, you would never know i was a man. I want that hard cock banging my ass hard and deep, all the way to the balls so i can feel them slap against my ass.
This maybe just a fantasy, but i would love to try it someday. Even better would be a gangbang. I could suck cock and get fucked all night long. I'm riding my dildo writing this and i just wish i had the real thing sometimes. I would be a cum slut too. You can cum on my face or in my mouth or in my ass. IF you cum in my ass, im just gonna squeeze it out into a bowl and eat it anyways, but that would be pretty hot. I wanna just let go of myself and be told what to do. I have no problem being a fuck toy for black guys.
I even have this crazy fantasy of being the Tranny house whore for a real Gang. I would be there solely to pleasure everyone there. They would have me dress up like a slut everyday, and anyone that came over could fuck me. They would even throw big parties for fellow gang members in other cities and they would come in huge groups, just to fuck me. Everyone would love me because even the biggest cock could still fuck my ass all the way to the balls.
Some of these porn stars are really lucky to be able to fuck those huge gigantic monster cocks. I'm so jealous. I want a huge cock to fuck me!
So if i was a tranny house whore, i would stay home and pleasure anyone that needed it. I could put on a french maid outfit and clean the house. Any guy at anytime could come up to me, bend me over, lift my skirt up, and go to town fucking my ass. When we throw parties and i get to be gangbanged they would video tape me and make some awesome porno videos. After a while, when they have enough videos, they would create a website just for me, where im a tranny slut that likes to be used like a fuck toy. The website would be a big hit, and would start generating a good amount of money, then i would get requests to audition for big-time porno companies. They would have the biggest strongest black guys, with the biggest cocks, im talking massive! After a while of working, and making videos at home, i could finally afford a full male to female transition. The surgery would include full facial feminization, 36C boobs, inverting my penis into a vagina, widening my hips, and making my ass more full. After that i would be a girl in everyway. I would look so hot and still be the house whore that made me famous. Guys everywhere would be begging to fuck me. But the only guys i would fuck would be the big black guys with the most humongous cocks. I would get a tramp stamp tattoo, that said "BBC SLUT". My whole life would revolve around me being fucked day and night by huge cocks. Thats the life i always wanted :)

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1 year ago
mmm nughty sissy
1 year ago
oh my yess it sounds like funn gurlfriend... let do it heheheehehe
2 years ago
Sounds like fun!!!!!
2 years ago
nice lol
2 years ago
you have it all figured out!