Crossdresser gets Gangbanged

So one night i decided to be daring and go for a walk in my city dressed in my sexiest girls cloths (i'm just a 26y.o. italian 5'5" 125lbs body man). I had a skimpy pink top on the revealed my sexy pink bra and cut just above my belly button, for my piercing to show. I also had on a micro-skirt showing off my ass cheeks just enough to see standing straight up and showing off my tramp-stamp tattoo GET SOME right above my ass crack. Sexy pink thong underneath that plus knee high black leather high heel boots and sexy blonde wig. I did my make-up so perfect you would never tell i was a man without grabbing My crotch. So After i got all done up, i went for a walk, just to enjoy the air and feel sexy but the night had more to it that!
I was walking in a kinda ghetto part of town when i walked past 2 black guys sitting on their stoop. I could see them checking me out as i approached, and when i was passing them bye one of em shouted "hey sexy!" I stopped and returned a "hey" in my most girly tone. The other then said "your pretty want to party with us?
I figured it wasnt to much harm to check it out, and these guys were into me, so i thought i might get lucky as well. I had to tell them "hey, just one thing, i'm not completely a girl, just to let you know, but i can damn sure get fucked like one" They both smiled and led me inside the front door.
When i walked in, i immediately noticed about 8 more black guys inside doing various sorts of things...mostly just drinking and smoking. They saw me but before anyone could say anything, one of the guys from outside shouted out "Listen everyone, I just found this bitch outside, and i think she wants to fuck" I smile and nod my head. He continues "she can only be fucked in the ass, anyone got a problem with that?" One guys answers "well does she suck dick?" Then i shout out "hell yeah whip it out bigboy! In fact i just wanna say one thing, just dont hurt very fragile, but you can toss me, turn me, and fuck my ass as deep as you can!"
Everyone starts to take their cloths of and the dicks come flying out, all of em HUGE! One guys come up behind me and pulls my skirt up and slaps my ass! He pokes me a couple times with my cock, so i get on my knees to suck him off. So i suck his cock for a min then another guy comes up and grabs my waist and pulls me back to my feet but bends me over so i can still suck the other guy off. He pressed his cock in my ass gives a few little thrusts, then shoves it all the way in...must have been almost 9 inches and it felt great. He starts fucking me hard, pounding my ass with his balls slapping me over and over. He starts fucking me so hard i almost cant take it and start to scream a little, but then another guy made him stop to take his place....

Very tired... more to come...please leave comments
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8 months ago
well I really want you to write the rest of thr storie I had a good hard on going but it was like coitus interruptus PLZ finish this hot story .....please!!!!
2 years ago
not a true story, just a very defined fantasy :)
2 years ago
Great start to a very hot story it true?? Doesn't matter it is still Hot and so are you
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
mmm very good so hot mmmm
2 years ago
Keep it going, nice start