It was about 2 o'clock on a Saturday morning. I had just gotten home from a date with a guy in my class. My parents figured since I was 18, and it was not a school night. I could stay out late, but I knew if I stayed out all night, I would hear about it the next day.

I didn't feel tired so I logged on the computer in my room. I was chatting with a guy who was completely boring me, so I figured I would go to the adult chat rooms. I had never been there but now that I was 18, why not see what it was all about? I found one for nudist and thought that looked interesting. I got in and was immediately hit with a bunch of bots. I deleted them and was left with three guys to chat with. One right away invited me to see his webcam. I accepted and the window for his cam came up. It was dark in the room except for the light shining on him. He was naked and I could see him from the chest down. He had a nice hard on and he was a good 7 inches long and nicely thick.

The other two guys asked me about my age, what I liked to do, was I a nudist and I asked them what they liked, but it was the nude guy who interested me.

horny4u: You like what you see?

pinkpanties: It looks good enough to eat.

horny4u: It's all yours if you want it. How old are u?

pinkpanties: 18

horny4u: nice and legal. I am kinda old for you. 42

pinkpanties: That's not to old. I think older guys are cool.

Honry4u: yeah? You ever been with a guy my age? Or maybe you're a virgin?

pinkpanties: I am not a virgin and the oldest guy I was ever with was a neighbor who was about 30.

Honry4u: cool. What you wearing?

pinkpanties: I Just got home from a date. Still in my jeans and t shirt"

Honry4u: why don't you start up your cam and let me see you get undressed?

pinkpanties: I guess I have to get undressed for bed anyway. Ok

I turned on my webcam and invited him. I could see him on the cam as he stopped to get a good look at me. I then stood up in front of my cam and started to strip tease for him. He didn't say anything at all, as I took off my top and dropped it to the floor. My bra quickly followed. I jiggled my bare breast close up to the camera.

horny4u: very nice. What's your name?

Pinkpanties: Kim

horny4u: can I see more Kim?

I watched as he began to jack himself off slowly. I then teased my zipper down, unbuttoned my pants and let them slide down to reveal my thong panties. Slipping my fingers into the waist ban, I pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I sat back down and adjusted the cam so it showed me from my head to my shaved pussy. Horny was jacking off still. It was apparent by his hard cock, he enjoyed what he saw.

Honry4u: you are so hot. Your panties looked wet.

pinkpanties: Ty they were probably wet because my date and I fucked over at his place. We were in bed a couple of hours together. It felt good.

Honry4u: I am jealous. I would love to be lying between your legs.

It was at that point I noticed something. His wedding ring had a line of diamonds on it. I just sat there as I remembered that my daddy had a ring just like it. I laughed to myself as I realized daddy was in bed and this couldn't be him. Could it? I thought how to find out. If it was him, he could see my face and apparently, he didn't mind seeing his daughter's naked body.

pinkpanties: I have never been with a guy your age. It would be like fucking my own daddy.

horny4u: yeah I guess it would. Would you fuck your own daddy?

"Ok that didn't prove it was him or not." I thought frantically how to answer and find out who he was.

pinkpanties: I don't think my daddy would want to fuck me. He is after all my daddy.

Honry4u: Daddies have desires also. You're a sexy looking girl. I am sure your daddy has had some thoughts about you. Do you ever think about him?

pinkpanties: I hadn't but now I wonder what it would be like.

horny4u: I think you would probably enjoy it.

I started to get scared. It sounded like something a father might say if he wanted to his daughter. I was not sure what to say. How to get out of this. I felt so naked now that I thought it could be my daddy on the other side.

pinkpanties: I gotta go. Its past my bedtime and I'm tired.

Honry4u: ok well I really enjoyed chatting with you. And thanks for letting me see you on cam. Can I add u?

pinkpanties: yeah sure. Nite

I accepted him as a friend and logged out as quickly as I could. I sat there wondering if it could be him. I kept thinking about the things he had said and what he looked like. How could I know for sure? The only things I saw where him and the edge of his desk. If it was him would he be looking for me now? He had to know I was up in my room naked. No, I don't think he would come up here. He doesn't want me to know it is him. He must have been downstairs in the basement.

I then jumped out of my chair and went to the door. No one was out in the hall. I sneaked out and went downstairs to the basement. I found the computer in the f****y room but no one was there. He could have gotten back to his bedroom in the time I had jus sat there to stunned to move. I then thought that if he ever did chat with him again I wanted to be sure if it was daddy or not. I went to the desk and using a permanent marker, put a little black square on the edge of the desk. I then went to bed, thinking how it probably was not him, and I might never chat with this guy ever again.

Nothing seemed to be different that week. I thought daddy might be looking my body over a couple of times, but I was sure it had to be my imagination. I didn't get online to chat again until about midnight Friday night after I came home from visiting a girlfriend of mine. I went to my room and was about to get undressed for bed when I looked at my computer. Would he be on?

I sat down and logged into chat. It showed that he was on. I felt cold fear run through my body. I was about to close chat when a window came up.

horny4u: Hello. How r u?

I hesitated before answering,

pinkpanties: "I'm good.

horny4u: you been on a date?

pinkpanties: No, I was just visiting a girlfriend of mine.

Honry4u you play with her also?

pinkpanties: No, I am st8 I like guys is all.

Honry4u want to c2c?

I bit my lip. I realized at that point that I was not sure what I wanted to find out. If he was not daddy than we could just enjoy chatting and playing with ourselves for the other person to see. If it was daddy than what? He liked seeing me. He said he even would like to fuck me. How did I feel about that? I was not sure yet.

pinkpanties: ok

I turned on my cam and accepted his cam. I watched anxiously as his cam window opened up. I looked and didn't see any little black square. I smiled with relief. He was already naked and his cock was semi hard. I reached up, pulled my t-shirt off, and undid my bra. My breast came free and bounced a little for his enjoyment. My pants and panties quickly followed.

Horny4u: I love your body. You have perfect tits and your pussy looks so sweet and edible.

pinkpanties: I love your cock. It would be a nice mouthful.

Then I noticed it. He had moved his mouse, and it uncovered a small square spot on the edge of his desk. It was daddy. It really was him. I sat there staring at the square in shock. What now? What does a daughter say to her naked daddy online?

horny4u: I love your pussy. I bet my cock would fit nicely in it.

I just sat there. I was not sure what to say. I was so stunned by it that I couldn't do or feel anything for a few moments.

horny4u: have you thought about what we talked about last time? How would you feel about having sex with your father? I bet he would like it.

horny4u: Hello? Kim?

I looked at the words, unsure what to say. Finally, I leaned over my keyboard.

pinkpanties: "If my daddy wanted to take it slowly I would be willing to try it. Why don't you come up to my room daddy, and we will see?

This time it was quiet on his side. I could see him sitting there not moving a muscle. After what seemed a long time he wrote back.

horny4u: I love you Kim. I apologize if I hurt you in anyway. I Didn't know it was you at first and then when I saw you, I couldn't stop enjoying seeing your beautiful body.

pinkpanties: Its ok daddy. Come up to my room.

His cam went off and I turned mine off as well. I know he had seen me on cam naked but seeing him in person was different. I quickly pulled on my panties and t-shirt. I heard a light knock and opened the door for him. Daddy came in rather sheepishly. He was in his jeans and no shirt.

"Hi darling." He said with a hopeful grin.

I hugged him. "Hi daddy. It's ok I am not mad or anything. I'm just not sure how I feel about this. I mean I really love you and the thought of you seeing me naked did turn me on."

He chuckled "Yeah well, seeing you naked really turned me on also. I never dreamed I would see you like that."

I asked, "Do you get on cam a lot with girls?"

He shrugged. "Well, I do some. Look, I love your mother, but she has no interest in sex. That cam is pretty much my sex life."

I felt sorry for him. I didn't know that he and mom didn't fuck anymore. I guess I just figured that they had a great sex life.

"I'm sorry daddy." I said as I reached out to give his hand a squeeze. "I didn't know. That's gotta be rough."

He shrugged. "Oh I survive. Your mother knows I get on cam. I guess she figured I need something to relieve my sexual frustrations."

I chuckled, "Bet she doesn't know I was on it with you though."

He laughed quietly." She would kill us both if she knew that."

Our laughter subsided and we looked at each other, not sure what to say. Finally, he asked what I knew would eventually be coming.

"Darling, would you mind if we kissed?"

I gave him a small smile and shook my head. "No I wouldn't mind at all."

Daddy stepped closer to put his arms around me. He looked into my face and smiled. "I love you Kim baby."

He softly kissed me. I thought it would feel really weird to be kissing my daddy like this, but it really was not bad at all. I did feel somewhat different but the idea of kissing my daddy like a man and woman instead of father and daughter had a kind of thrill to it. We kissed again and this time I tried to relax more and enjoy it. He must have felt my being more receptive to his kiss and lightly touched my lips with his tongue. I opened up and he slid his tongue into my mouth. He ran it over my lips and teeth. Then I touched his tongue with my own, and we rubbed and explored each other's tongues.

We kissed like that for a few minutes, and I let my hands rub slowly up and down his bare back. It was not long before his hand slid under the back of my shirt and up my bare back. We continued to kiss for about 15 minutes before he pulled a way for a moment.

"Oh Kim baby, I should probably go."

"Now?" I asked. "But why?"

He stepped back shaking his head. "If I don't go now I may not be able to leave later. You're too delicious not to want more of."

I took his hand in mine. "Daddy, before you came up here I was not sure how I felt about our seeing each other naked on cam or what you said about wanting me. Now I know. I do enjoy kissing you. I think you're sexy and I would like to kiss you some more."

He looked at me and I could see a battle raging behind his eyes. "You sure?"

I nodded. "Yeah daddy, I am sure."

I gave him a kiss, and we embraced again. He looked into my eyes. "If I do anything you don't like, you will tell me, right?"

I nodded, knowing that there was almost no chance of me telling him to stop. I was just too horny right then. We kissed again and this time as we started to kiss, he ran his hand under the front of my t-shirt to the bare flesh of my 34b breast. I am not big but my breast or very firm and round. He massaged them and rubbed my nipples. I decided my t-shirt was unnecessary and pulled it over my head and dropped it on the floor. He looked at my naked breast and admired them as he cupped them in his hands. He kissed my neck and slowly worked his way down my chest to my round breast. His tongue teased my nipples, sending a shiver of pleasure through me. He sucked, licked and then gave my nipples a small bite. I moaned softly as I held his head to my bare flesh.

As he was working my breast, I noticed he ran his hand down my body to my panties. He rubbed my pussy through my panties. "Oh daddy. Ohh that feels good."

That little encouragement must have caused him to want more. He pushed my panties down and felt the bare flesh of my hairless vulva. I gasped as I felt him touching me. Reaching over I undid his pants and when they fell daddy's hard cock sprang out free and hard. I grabbed it, rubbing it with my hands.

Daddy started to kiss me again, but this time with a great hunger and passion. His right hand was on my left breast, and his left was rubbing my pussy. I spread my leg some, so he could get in better, but I couldn't spread far enough for him. He led me to my bed and pulled me down onto it with him. We lay naked with our bodies pressed together. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy. He moved his cock up and down so it rubbed against the outside of my vulva.

I was now moaning constantly. He lifted up my leg, and I felt his hand go between my legs. I was soaking wet. He found the entrance to my pussy and was able to easily slide a finger into me. He slowly finger fucked me as I squirmed and moaned with each movement.

"Oh baby." He whispered in my ear. "You feel so good and so tight. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad it hurts."

"Mmmm." I moaned back into his ear. "Do it daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your little girl. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum."

"Oh yeah baby." He said as he pulled out his finger and took a hold of his cock. "I'm going to fuck you until your overflowing with your daddy's cum."

I felt him line his cock up with my pussy and the head of his cock nudged the wet opening. He pushed gently and I felt him slowly entering me. I dug my fingers into his back as I bit my lip, so I didn't cry out. He went in further and further until finally he was totally embedded within my body. I could feel his balls hanging down and pressed against me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding him in as deep as I could get him. He just lay there on top of me with his cock totally inside my hot pussy.

"Baby girl, your daddy is fucking you. My cock is inside you now. What do you think about that?"

I smiled at him as I tried to think about my own daddy fucking me but found it hard to think about anything except how much I wanted to be fucked. "I love it daddy. Now fuck me. Fuck your little girl and don't stop."

He smiled as he began to slowly move his hips up and down. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I gave his cock a squeeze with my pussy and held on tight. He moaned and started to go a little faster. I dug my fingers into his back harder. His body pressed down on my naked body, but I didn't even notice the weight. The only thing I noticed was how good it felt having him fucking me. I could feel his cock sliding deep into my body. I could feel him inside me pushing and rubbing within my pussy. It was pure pleasure as each inch of his cock dove repeatedly into my body.

I could feel myself going higher and higher into ecstasy. I was trying not to moan too loudly with mom in the house, so I put my mouth on daddy's shoulder and bit him. He didn't seem to mind as he just went harder and faster. My world seemed to narrow down to a haze which centered around my daddy's cock moving like a piston in and out of my pussy. My hips were gyrating with him, trying to get his cock deeper into me. I could hear him moaning words, which included my name, but I didn't care what he said. I only cared about his cock filling my pussy.

Then I hit my climax. My world was rocked with pleasure as I arched my back and screamed in pleasure. I didn't care if anyone heard me or not. The only thing that mattered was my daddy was fucking me, and I was cumming. I felt wave after wave of scintillating pleasure hit me again and again. I concentrated all my thoughts on how good his cock felt inside me. Then I felt him slam his cock into me hard and just hold it. I felt his cock spasm within me as it sent streams of white cum into me. His cum seemed to flow out more and more, and I loved thinking about every ounce of his i****tuous cum being inside my little pussy. I squeezed his cock hard as I tried to hold it all inside me. I didn't want any of it to escape.

Daddy then started to relax, but he left his cock buried inside me. He looked into my face and smiled. "Baby, that was the most awesome sex I have ever had."

I kissed him. "I can't believe we did it. I can't believe I made love to my own daddy. I loved it. I don't want to stop making love to you, ever."

He returned my kiss. "I don't want it to end either."

Then I remembered how I had cried out so loudly. "Daddy, what about mom? She might have heard me."

He shook his head. "She sl**ps pretty soundly. You know that. It would take a lot more than you crying out to wake her."

I relaxed a little but was still unsure. "Can we go see? Just to make sure?"

He sighed and rolled off me. His cock freeing itself of my hold on it. "Ok, I guess we can do that. I am kind of hungry anyway. Want to grab some of that pie with me?"

I jumped up. "Sure. That was some of the best apple pie mom has ever made."

Daddy walked over to the door still naked. I was about to grab some clothes but then figured I would just go nude as well. We went to dad and mom's room. Dad peeked in and I saw through the crack that mom was still sound asl**p. He shut the door. "She won't wake until morning."

We went to the kitchen, and I grabbed the forks while daddy got the plates. I then went to the refrigerator and looked for the pie. I was bent over looking in the bottom shelf when daddy came up behind me and rubbed his cock up against my butt.

"I like what I see." He told me happily.

I found the pie and stood up. "Maybe later you can have what you see."

We sat down at the table to eat. We talked about how much we had enjoyed our making love. We both agreed that we would do it often and not tell anyone else. As we talked, dad looked at a bowl of fruit on the table. He took a banana out of the bowl and grinned. "I want to try something. You game?"

I shrugged, "Sure. I guess."

"Ok sit on the table in front of me."

I did as he said and sat on the table in front of him as he sat in his chair. He spread my legs and after peeling the banana, he slid it into my pussy. He pushed it in until it almost disappeared. I looked at him wondering what he was up to.

Leaning forward he put his mouth on my pussy and licked it. He had found my clit and was teasing it. It felt good and I reached out to hold his head to my pussy. As he licked me, I felt him starting to suck on that banana. He sucked it out just a little way, bit the tip off, and ate it. He kept licking me and sucking the banana out of my pussy until the banana was all eaten, but he was not done yet. He still had my pussy to eat. His tongue knew how to pleasure my pussy. He would run it up and down my pussy lips, but always he returned to licking my clit. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. He licked until I was breathing heavy and moaning. Then he stood up and shoved his cock into my pussy again. It was not long at all before I was cumming I hugged him to me as he shoved his cock in and out and just kept going. I came but he was just starting. He kept fucking me so that after I had cum I didn't descend far from the heights of pleasure before I was going right back up on the mountaintop of ecstasy. I don't know how many times I came before he finally pulled his cock out and shot streams of cum on my body. My body was covered with his sticky white cum.

en he helped me off the table saying, "Now it's my turn. Suck my cock baby."

I got down on my knees before him and looked at his semi soft cock. It was still wet with my juices. I reached out and took it into my mouth. The taste excited me. I sucked his cock into my mouth and pressed my tongue up against his cock as it glided over it. I moved my head up and down him as he held onto my head. He urged me on. "Yeah baby. Suck you daddy's cock baby. Oh yeah suck me. Mmmmm you're doing great baby. Oh yeah I love fucking your mouth."

He was moving his hard cock in and out of my mouth now. I tried to take him deep and gagged a couple of times. I sucked harder and then I heard him say, "I'm gonna cum baby."

I felt him tighten up and just as a stream of cum started to explode from him; he pulled his cock out and shot it on my face. I opened my mouth and streams of cum flowed from his cock. Some landed in my mouth but most of it was on my face. A large glob landed right in my eye so that everything was a big blur in that eye.

He finally stopped shooting out cum and I stood up. I opened my mouth to show him all his cum I had caught. He looked at me and smiled big. I then glanced over at the mirror on the kitchen wall and had to laugh. My face had cum covering my eye, dripping down my nose and some leaking out of my mouth. The rest of my faced has splatters all over it.

Daddy came up behind me as I was looking at myself and wrapped me up in his arms. He looked over my shoulder at my image. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world. You can't believe how happy you have made me. If I made love to every girl in the world I can't believe there would be one that could make me as happy as you have right now."

I turned to look into his eyes. Opening my mouth I showed him his cum again as I swirled it around with my tongue and then swallowing it. I smiled at him. "I am glad daddy. Next week we will have to see if we can do it even better. Next week mommy goes to Aunt Cindy's for the weekend. "

Kim carried her mother's suitcase to the car where her father took it and loaded it into the trunk. Mom had been telling them where everything is and what needed to be done while she was gone to her s****r's place for the weekend.

"Mom," Kim said as she gave her mother a hug. "Daddy and I will be fine. I promise I will take such good care of him that the only thing he will be missing is your apple pie."

"I made one last night. You will find it on the counter in the kitchen."

Dad walked up mom and gave her a kiss. "Than I guess I won't be lacking anything will I? You just go and have fun dear. Kim and I will be just fine."

She smiled at us. "Yes, I know you will. I guess I am just a natural born worrier. Good bye and if you need anything just call."

We waved as mom drove down the driveway and down the road. After he car was out of sight I looked at daddy and smiled. "I have been looking forward to our weekend together I thought it would never get here."

Daddy took my hand and winked at me. "I have had a hard on for a week thinking about it."

Daddy and I had just had our first sex together last Saturday and it had been so good. I hadn't even thought about letting daddy fuck me until a week before that when I accidentally met him online and we had gotten naked on webcams together. I didn't see his face but he did see mine. He never said anything but I figured it out what it was him. When I confronted him, we ended up having sex. We had snuck around some last week and had sex every night after mom was asl**p. Now we didn't have to sneak around. This weekend we would do what we wanted, when we wanted. I knew we would both have a lot of fun.

Daddy led me into the house where he closed the door and immediately kissed me. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I hungrily sucked it as deep into my mouth as I could. He than smiled at me. "No clothes allowed this weekend. We stay naked until Sunday night just before you mother gets home. "

He began to unbutton my shirt and I unbuttoned his. We helped each other get out of your shirts and he worked on unsnapping my bra. It fell quickly to the floor and my breast were freed to bounce and give my daddy the enjoyment of seeing and feeling them. We kissed a little and my breast pressed against his strong chest. I rubbed them back and forth against him. He reached down to unsnap my jeans and pulled the zipper down. I pushed my jeans and panties down together to the floor and stepped out of them. Daddy admired my naked body and before I could begin to undo his pants, he quickly unzipped and removed them. His 7-inch cock was now free and it stood out straight and proud. With us both naked, we embraced. My soft but firm body pressed against his naked body. I could easily feel his cock pressed against my flesh. His arms wrapped around me holding me to him. We kissed and I enjoyed his loving me like this.

"Daddy," I whispered into his ear. "I am yours to do with as you want. I don't want to hold anything back from you. My body is yours to take and love however you want. I just want to make you happy. I want you to fuck me all weekend. Fill me with your love and with your cum. Fill me until I am overflowing and than fuck me some more."

He kissed me and then looked into my eyes. "Baby, I am going to put my cock in your tight pussy and by the time this weekend if over, it will be so soaked in your wet juices that it will be all wrinkled, like after you soaked in the hot tub to long. Baby, I don't want to remember what it is like to not have my cock inside your pussy."

I grinned, "Than maybe we should get started?"

He smiled at me and picked me up. We left our clothes on the floor by the front door as he carried me to his bed. He lay me down on the bed and then crawled in with me. He half lay on top of me as we kissed. I felt his hand move down to my pussy. I spread my legs to welcome his touch. He found my pussy already wet and ready for him. I had been getting wet just thinking about this when my mother was getting packed to go.

I felt him rubbing my pussy. His touch sending a thrill through me. He knew just how to excite my clit. He lightly touched and rubbed it. I moaned into his mouth as my body quivered. I loved him so much. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to make him so happy and give him more pleasure then he had ever had.

I pushed against his chest and f***ed him onto his back. I crawled up on top of him and straddled his hips. I looked into his face as he expectantly looked back into mine. I grinned. Reaching down I took a hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance to my pussy. I could feel it seated there with the tip of his cock ready to penetrate me. I looked down at his cock and slowly I pushed down. I felt and saw it slowly disappearing into my body. My pussy stretched around his cock. It felt so good. I could feel it moving deeper inside me. His hard cock was burying itself deeper and deeper in me. I felt him rubbing along the inside of my pussy walls as he went in. My tight, wet pussy welcomed him in with a warm embrace.

Daddy watched with me as he disappeared inside me. His cock sunk deeper and deeper into me. I could even see my skinny tummy bulge a little as his cock filled it up inside. I slid down his cock until finally I was sitting down as far as I could go. I sat on him with his cock totally disappearing inside me. I was amazed how so much cock could go into my little pussy.

I lay down on top of him and we kissed. I was so hungry for him. I began to move my hips up and down. I felt his cock moving in and out and it was wonderful. Daddy then grabbed my butt and stopped from moving. He whispered into my ear. "Just wait baby. I just want to enjoy the feel of your body and mine together like this. I find the sensations of having you laying here on top of me with my cock inside you so amazing. To have my little girl's pussy wrapped around my cock is mind blowing."

I giggled. "Daddy, I am not a little girl any more. I am 18 and a woman."

He looked at me and smiled. "Oh yeah Your definitely a woman. A very beautiful and sexy woman."

I lay there and examined his face. It had a glow about it that I had never seen before. He was so happy and content. I had never seen him like this. He had always had worries about work or stress about bills. Even when he was having fun it was like the world was just pushed into the background and it would soon be back to fight him again. Now it was like all that was gone. There was only now. There was only him and me. Our love was the only thing in the world that mattered and even if everything else went wrong, there was still only him making love to me.

I kissed him as he held my body against his. I enjoyed the feel of our flesh together. We were truly one together in body. We were locked in a lover's embrace that I didn't ever want to end. We kept kissing and his hands massage my back and down my butt. He rubbed a finger down my asshole and felt where his cock had disappeared into my pussy. Than I felt him push his finger into my asshole a little ways. He pushed harder and he went in further. He got his finger in as far as he could and I felt him rubbing the inside of my asshole. I softly moaned with pleasure.

We lay there kissing, touching and loving each other. He fingering me, played with my nipples, deep kissed and just enjoyed each other's bodies for about half an hour. I was so hot and horny. I wanted to have him fuck me but I never said anything because I wanted to do it his way. I wanted to give him all the pleasure I could. He began to move his cock in and out and I moaned loudly with pleasure and with relief that he was finally fucking me like I wanted.

His cock felt so good as it slide slowly in and out of my pussy. I was moaning as soon as he started to move within me. "Oh! Oh yeah, Daddy! Oh, that feels good. Yes, Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little girl."

"Baby, I am going to fuck you and not stop until Sunday."

I could only answer with a soft moan and by grinding my pussy down onto his cock. I moved my hips up and down as he thrust his cock up into me. I squeezed his cock hard with my pussy and sat down hard on his cock, jamming it deep into my body. I had been laying on top of him for so long that my juices had flowed over his cock and balls. His cock slid in and out with almost no resistance at all. My pussy moved up and down his shaft and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensations of him filling my body with his cock. I was so hot and horny that it took almost no time at all for me to begin cumming. I started to whimper with a pleasure that I was helpless to do anything but enjoy. I moved up and down him and the sensations of his cock moving in and out of me sent me into a climax that sent an electric shock through my body. My body not only quivered and shook with ecstasy, but I felt like someone had hooked me up to an electric outlet and had turned it on. I only remember crying out really loud. It was like pain and pleasure was all mixed up. I couldn't tell one from the other. My cumming was painful and so amazingly pleasurable at the same time. I yelled at the top of my voice. "AH! DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!"

He just kept fucking me. He kept his hard cock pumping in and out of me while tears of pleasure flowed from my eyes and I cried. He kept fucking me while my body lost control and just shook and quivered on top of his cock. His cock sent me so high I thought I would literally die. I was sure I was dying and I didn't care. I could only think about how so much pleasure was flowing through me. My daddy was fucking me so perfectly, I didn't care if I lived or died. As I was hitting that height of pleasure and I was sure I would never be able to come down. I just stayed there and kept cumming and cumming.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back opening my eyes. Daddy was lying on top of me smiling. "Baby? You ok?"

"Um, yeah." I said a little confused. "Oh, daddy, I never felt so good before."

He laughed, "You fainted baby. You went so high you passed out on me."

"I did?" I lay there realizing that I felt confused because there was a gap in my memory. I must have fainted like daddy said from an overload of sexual pleasure. "Well, I hope I can do it again. It was amazing."

He laughed at me and gave me a kiss. I then realized that he still had his cock in me and it still felt so wonderful there.

"Baby, I hope you do too. I am going to try sending you over that edge every time we fuck."

I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged him to me. "Did you cum yet daddy?"

He nodded and kissed me. "Oh yeah. I came a couple of times. I don't think you were too worried about my cumming while you were off in sexual heaven."

I held on tight to him and enjoyed the feel of his body against mine. I sighed with satisfaction and tenderly kissed his neck, ear, cheek and than his lips. His wonderful warm lips. Mmmmm. I couldn't help but moan as we kissed. He started to slowly pump inside me. I loved the feel of his cock moving within me. He filled me with his flesh and I embraced the pleasure it bestowed on me. I rubbed my pussy up and down his cock as he moved in and out of me. My hips were working slowly with him and together we were moaning from the delightful sensations. I could feel his cock moving so deep inside me. Moving and rubbing me. Sending a cacophony of bliss through my body.

He began to go faster and I welcomed it. I was hungry for his cum to fill me. I moved with him. We slammed our bodies together in heedless abandonment. His wonderful cock sank deep into my body time after time. I could feel him pulling his cock almost totally out and than pound into me again. The slapping of our now wet sweaty bodies filled the room. I dug my fingers into his back. I was coming close to cumming but daddy beat me to it. He threw his head back and moaned. His hips thrust hard into me and he held his pulsing cock deep inside my pussy. The feel of him sending his i****tuous seed into my womb so excited me that I came as well. I cried out as my hips jerked up and down, sending his cock in and out of my soaking wet cunt. I couldn't help myself as I clawed at his back, scratching it with my fingernails. I was a wild a****l being fucked into a state of feral lust. The only thing I cared about was being fucked. I had to be fucked. I would almost have killed to get that intoxicating high. I couldn't speak. I could only moan, whimper and growl as I came. I hung on tight to daddy's body, pumping on his cock. Sending it as deep into me possible.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I began to descend. I slowed down my hips until I was finally still. I lay there with daddy on top of me and me still holding tight to him. I didn't say a word. He looked at me and shook his head in wonder. "You are the most amazingly sexy woman. You fuck like your life depended on it."

I smiled back at him but I still couldn't speak. My mind was so full of the pleasure I had just experienced that I wanted only to savor it. I hung onto him tightly and closed my eyes. We just lay there for about five minutes. Daddy stirred and gave me a kiss. "Baby, you hungry?"

I grinned, "For you."

He laughed. "Baby, as much as I like that, how would you like some eat some food? I could make us some hamburgers."

I cocked my head to the side and grinned. "And how you going to do that with your daughter stuck on your cock?"

He chuckled. "That would make it difficult, but if you really want to stay thrust up on my cock I could throw a pizza in the oven for us."

I thought it sounded fun to have him cooking and still have his cock buried in me. "I would love to see you cooking with me on you."

He laughed and holding on tight to me, he rolled on his back, swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up, with me facing him. He stood up and I held on tight to him with my legs wrapped around his waist. He walked into the kitchen, pulled a pizza from the freezer and threw it into the microwave. He got us some glasses of soda and then pulled out the hot pizza.

Carrying the pizza and I held the glasses at the same time I held onto him, we went into the TV room. He set down the pizza, took the glasses from me, and set them down as well. With his cock still in me he sat on a chair and helped me swivel around on his lap so I was now sitting facing the same way as him. He than took the remote and started up the TV and a DVD.

"I have a porn movie for us to watch. I thought you might enjoy seeing it."

I took a slice of pizza as I asked, "What's it called?"

"Daddies Do Their Daughters."

I watched the movie as I ate the pizza. It was interesting. They had a man and his daughter at an interview. Someone off camera asked them questions about their f****y, how long they have been having sex, how they feel about i****t with each other and other interesting things about them and their history. Then the interview stopped and the two began to make out. The daughter sucked her daddy's cock and he ate her pussy. I was already so wet but watching this made me even wetter. Than her daddy mounted her and fucked her hard. They fucked in a few different positions and the camera caught great shots of his cock thrusting in and out of his daughter.

Too quickly it was over and I was about to ask daddy to play it again when another couple were shown. They were a father daughter also and they also were interviewed. They told how they lived alone together since the man's wife had run off with another guy. His daughter took his wife place in his bed almost right away and they now lived as if they man and wife. No one in the neighborhood where they had moved to knew anything different. He was a manager who made good money and people just thought she was his trophy wife. They undressed each other and fucked on camera. It was really cool.

There were half a dozen couples of fathers with their daughters on the DVD. I really enjoyed it and when it was done, I was so hot and lusted after my daddy so much that if it had been necessary I would have ****d him.

"Daddy, I want to fuck."

He had been feeling my breast and rubbing my pussy while the DVD played. Now with it off he pulled me back into his chest and slid a finger down my pussy to my clit. He rubbed it and I moaned happily.

"Baby, I want to fuck you too." He whispered into my ear.

He moved his cock in and out of me while he massaged my clit. I lay back into him and just relaxed. "Mmmm oh daddy. I love you. I love your cock. I love you fucking me. Fuck your little girl daddy. Fuck me and make me happy."

He than moved forward and I had to reach back to try to hold myself safely on his cock. I needn't have worried. He had a firm hold of me as he pushed me down on my hands and knees. I knelt on the floor as he pumped his cock in me. He played with my breast with one hand and my pussy with the other. His cock had the best task of fucking my soaking wet pussy. He fucked me while I pushed back into him with my butt. I shoved back as he thrust forward. His wet balls slapped against me every time his cock plunged deep inside me. I didn't care what I did or said anymore. I might go wild again. I might faint. I might do anything, but as long as my daddy fucked me, I was happy and I was sure my daddy was happy as well.

He took hold of my hair and pulled my head back some. I moaned, "Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. Fill me with your cum. I want your cum daddy."

He fucked me harder and faster. I was moving my ass back into him as fast as I could. We were fucking full speed and it was not long before he was cumming. He shot another load of cum into me. I could feel him filling me with his potent seed. I groaned with the thought of all that hot cum filling my body with his love. Daddy rubbed my clit as he stopped thrusting his cock into me. He wanted to make sure I came even if he had already cum and would be getting soft now. He was big enough when soft that he wouldn't fall out but his finger had to finish the job of getting me to cum. It didn't have to work long before I obeyed the call of his ministering finger and came hard. I let my head collapse to the floor with my butt up in the air. I moaned as my body reveled in sexual ecstasy. I lay there enjoying the after glow of our lovemaking. I looked up at him and smiled. "Mmmm I think I may have peed myself."

He laughed. "Thankfully it's a hardwood floor. We better clean it up."

Under my protest, he pulled his cock out of my pussy. He had been in there for six hours but that was not long enough for me. We went and got some clothes to wipe my pee off the floor. When we were done, he kissed me and suggested, "You want to wash my back in the shower?"

"I want to wash all of you in the shower and you better wash all of me as well."

Daddy put his arm around my waist as he led me to the bathroom. We got the shower running and stepped in under the warm flow of water. My sweaty, cum filled body felt good as the water flowed over my flesh. Daddy took the soap and started to wash my arms. As he washed me he told me how beautiful each part of my body was as he washed it. He said how special it was and how sexy my flesh felt as he touched it.

He moved from my arms to my back, my shoulders and my face (which he kissed for about five minutes before going on.) He than lathered up my breast and rubbed his soapy hands over my nipples. They got immediately hard as little pebbles. He rinsed them off and proceeded to lick and suck on them for a couple of minutes. He washed my flat tummy and than instead of washing my pussy, he got on his knees and washed my feet, ankles, legs and thigh. As he washed my thigh, I watched him look lovely at my hairless pussy. He turned me around and washed my butt. He even washed the inside of my asshole with a soapy finger. Still on his knees, he turned me around and again faced my pussy. He took the soap and slowly washed it. Pushing one leg to the side, he washed down into the inner lips of my pussy and slid a couple of fingers into my pussy. He rinsed my pussy off and than leaned forward to run his tongue down the crack of my vulva and then lick deeper into my clit and inner lips. I just stood there on one leg with the other held up high. I had to hold on to him with one hand and the showerhead with the other, so I did not fall. As he licked me, he slipped a finger into my pussy. His finger probed inside me feeling, rubbing and pushing against my inner walls. I gasped as he touched my G spot. He than moved his finger, rubbing that spot, encouraging me towards cumming. I softly whispered, "Daddy, yes Daddy. I like that. Oh, that feels good. Yes, right there. Mmm Oh yes Daddy."

I came and as I did I slipped, but daddy caught me and helped me to sit on the shower floor. He went back to fingering and licking me, and I was almost immediately back to cumming. It was not the universe-exploding climax from before but I still felt so good as I moaned out my pleasure in ecstasy. Once I was done, I looked at him and said, "Now I get to wash you."

I ignored his body. I just took the soap and proceeded to immediately wash his cock. It was already hard and, as I washed him, it got even harder. I didn't waste too much time with the soap. I rinsed him off and than took his cock in my mouth. I swallowed his cock in as deep as I could. I gagged but I kept sucking and swallowing his cock. I sucked is cock up to the roof of my mouth and pressed my tongue up against it. I squeezed his cock in as tight as I could with my mouth and made sure my tongue rubbed against the underside of his cock head. I sucked and licked him enjoying every inch of his tasty meat.

He held my head to his cock and began to thrust in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I knew it couldn't be long before he came. I gave his balls a squeeze with my hands and sucked harder on his cock. I than felt his cock pulsing and his warm cum filled the back of my mouth. I took his load and held it in until every drop was milked out of him. His cock went soft and I released him from my mouth. Standing up I opened my mouth and swirled his cum around in my mouth for him to see and than I swallowed it all down. The aftertaste of his cum filled my mouth and I knew it would be there for hours. I love the taste of cum.

I than washed his body and once we were all clean we kissed under the shower of water. I could feel his hard cock pressed against me. He rubbed my breast and than moved his hand down to my pussy. He was rubbing me when I bit his earlobe and whispered. "Fuck me daddy. Do it here."

I than turned around and leaning against the shower wall I pushed my butt towards him. He took hold of my ass and rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack. "You want it in the ass?"

"No daddy. I want it in my pussy again. It hurts in my ass."

He didn't argue but putting his cock to my pussy, he shoved it in. It felt so good and so right to have him back inside me again. He was plunging his cock in and out of me while he fingered my pussy. I pushed back into him and we fucked like that for a long time. We had both cum so much that it now was taking far longer before we could cum. In the end, we just decided to stop and get back to it later. Still we both did enjoy the feel of it a lot.

We dried each other off and than went to his bed where we lay in each other's arms and just talked. Our conversation slowed and soon we were both asl**p in each other's arms.

I woke up at about 9pm that night. Daddy was gone so I went hunting him. I found him looking at a video on his computer. Video of him and me in his bed fucking. He looked up and saw me. Waving me over he smiled. "I set up my computer to video any action in my bed. It's really hot. I can delete it if you want."

I looked at the video and felt my pussy itching with desire. It was a hot video. You plainly see Daddy's cock buried inside me. "Oh daddy, I think it's hot. I love it."

We watched for a while before daddy suggested we get something to eat. We had some salad and than we went to bed for the night. Getting in bed, we cuddled, kissed and touched. Daddy got on top of me and shoved his cock into me again. I felt like I could never get enough of his cock. He fucked me for a while before he turned over onto his back and I was on top. I sat up straight as I moved up and down his cock as fast and as furious as I could manage. I looked lustfully down into his face. I stared into his eyes as we fucked. His hands were on my breast pinching and massaging my nipples. I could see he was trying to stop himself from cumming and make it last longer but that was a lost cause. He came and filled my pussy with more of his sticky white cream. I smiled down at him. About a minute later, I followed him and came. My body jerked hard and his now semi soft cock fell out. I then collapsed on top of him and just lay there exhausted. My breathing slowly returned to normal.

After I had gotten my breath I asked, "Daddy, you know those people on the DVD?"

"Yes?" he answered.

"Do you think we could be like them and go someplace to start all over. I could be your wife and you could be my husband. We have the same last name. No one would know the difference."

"I would love that baby but I am married to your mother."

"Divorce her." I found myself saying. I loved her but I wanted daddy so badly I was willing to lose her in order to have daddy all to myself.

"I don't know sweetie. We would have to think about that. For one thing, she could get custody of you."

"I am 18 and I can go where I want to. Even if the judge said, I should go with her I would just leave and go live with you. I am considered an adult."

"Well we will have to think about it."

I smiled and knew that soon Daddy and I would be living together as husband and wife. He would be all mine. I knew his weakness and I planed to use it to get my way. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. Besides, I had not been taking my birth control pills for the last week and I would be very fertile right now. My daddy would be the daddy of my little baby who would be born in 9 months. How could he not live with the mother of his c***d?

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