Dennis leaned over his daughter, "What do you think you are doing?" There was no reaction from Hayden.

Vicky was worried, "Is Hayden all right?"

Dennis looked around; the house was a wreck from a party. Garbage and left over food were stuck in every possible place. There were beer cans and liquor bottles everywhere. All of the partiers had left before Dennis and Vicky had arrived back home. And their 18 year old daughter was lying in the middle of the living room floor, u*********s and without anything on. He looked at his wife, "As compared to what? Let's leave the place being a wreck out of it, she's naked, passed out d***k, and has obviously had sex with several partners tonight."

Vicky turned her husband to face her and put her arms around him, "I know you're mad, I am too, but yelling at her right now won't help."

Dennis took a deep breath, and kissed her, "You're right, let's deal with this tomorrow."

Vicky kissed him again, "I meant let's deal with punishing her tomorrow. I want to pick up a little tonight; I wouldn't be able to sl**p if I didn't work on it some." She pushed him away, "You take our daughter and put her in her bed, I be up an a little bit."

Dennis knew she was right. Bending down he took his 18 year old daughter in his arms. She was very light, being only 5 feet tall and had almost no fat from being on the swim team. Positioning her so that one of his arms was under her knees and one under her shoulders, he carried her to the stairs as his wife started to find their living room.

As he walked carrying Hayden, Dennis was having some trouble with her. The position she was in put her breasts right in his face. Her nipples drew his eyes and he couldn't look away. Her breasts moved so enticingly as he carrier her. He couldn't help himself; lifting her up he closed his lips around her nipple. He heard her moan as he started sucking, he was worried she was waking up but she was obviously out for the night. Even though she was out cold, her nipple got rock hard as her body reacted.

Dennis fussed at himself, "She's your daughter for crying out loud, plus Vicky could come up at any time." He knew he should stop, but he kept looking at her hard pert nipples standing proudly away from her soft b**sts and gave both of them another quick suck, enjoying how they felt against his tongue, then he f***ed himself away. He laid his teenage daughter on her bed, still fussing at himself. He covered her up even though he wanted to touch her again. It took all of his will power to walk away.

The next day Hayden came down the stairs with a headache and a hangover. She saw her dad at the table having coffee. "What cha doing dad?"

Dennis smiled at the f****y bundle of energy, "I believe teenagers like you refer to this as reading the newspaper," but he wouldn't make eye contact with her.

"I'm eighteen; you make it sound like I'm a k** or something."

"I believe that eighteen is technically in the teenage group." Finally glancing at her, he chuckled, "You look like hell."

"I'll take that as a compliment," she gave him a hug, "I didn't think I looked that good."

He stretched up and kissed her, "And you wouldn't have me any other way, right?" Even though he was trying to act like nothing had happened, he just couldn't make eye contact with her.

Hayden took her dad's not looking at her as a sign he was very upset. She assumed he was upset at her for the party. Heading to the coffee pot, she asked, "Can I please have a cup of coffee, before you start yelling at me for last night?"

Dennis closed his eyes, "I'm not going to yell at you," and let out a heavy sigh.

Hayden had a hangover, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. She got her a cup of coffee, added a little milk and sat at the table with her dad. Father and daughter had always been very close, yet neither of them looked at the other, or said anything, both lost in their own thoughts.

Dennis pushed some aspirin towards her, "Here, these might help,"

"Thanks," she managed to get the bottle open, and took two, dry. She knew she should have gotten a drink of water, but didn't want to get up. She drank some coffee instead. She didn't like her dad being upset with her, her mom she could handle, but not her dad. "I guess you're shocked or disappointed or something?" She sipped her coffee and he still refused to look at her; Hayden felt like she had lost her best friend, "Please, look at me."

He shook his head, how could he look into those blue eyes, knowing he had betrayed her trust. "I can't baby." He hadn't slept all night; he kept seeing her breasts and wanted to touch them. He had also fussed at himself all night for it; he didn't like himself much right now.

Hayden still thought her dad's actions were because he was upset with her. She moved over to him, threw her leg over, and sat down on his lap, facing him. She put her head on his shoulder and whispered softly, "I'm sorry you're ashamed of me, daddy," and started to cry.

Dennis finally realized she thought his actions were because of her and her party. He put his arms around her, "I'm not ashamed of you." The heat from her sitting on him was causing him to have a reaction a father shouldn't get, "You should get off on me baby."

Hayden stopped crying and sat up, "Why daddy?" To her way of thinking, this just proved he was upset with her.

When she sat up her butt ground into him and he felt himself getting aroused, "Baby, you really need to not be on me like this, your mother will not understand."

Hayden had no idea what he was talking about, her mom wouldn't be awake for some time yet. "All right, I'll move." Standing up, she went back to her coffee. Hayden wanted to yell at him, but didn't say anything. She figured she had just gone too far with having the party.

Dennis felt miserable and still couldn't look her in the eye. He knew Hayden thought he was angry or something, but how could he tell his own daughter that he had made her get off of him because he was getting hard.

Hayden felt her emotions taking over, and knew she had to do or say something. "Daddy, what do you think happened at my party?"

"Well we found empty beer cans and liquor bottles, so I guess you and your friends got d***k even though none of you are 21 yet, and we found leftover food everywhere."

"And, what else?"

He closed his eyes, picturing her, "We found you naked and you had obviously had sex." He didn't add what he had done because he was so turned on. What was wrong with him? Even thinking about it made him want to touch her again.

Hayden knew it; he was embarrassed and ashamed of her. "Please don't stop loving me," crying, she ran to her bedroom.

Agonizingly Dennis watched her go, how was he going to fix this? He followed her, standing outside her bedroom door he felt miserable as he listened to her cry. He went back downstairs and finished cleaning up from the party.

Later, Vicky discussed it with Dennis, "Is Hayden all right? I heard her crying in her room earlier."

"Let's just say she and I talked this morning."

Vicky looked around, "Well at least you made her finish cleaning up. I took a peak in her room, she's sl**ping."

Hayden came down for lunch, feeling much better. The aspirin and the coffee probably wasn't a good breakfast, but her headache was gone. She sat with her mom and dad actually eating something, but her parents never mentioned the party. Being nervous about it, after lunch she just went back to her room.

That afternoon, Vicky found her husband puttering in the garage, "I'm going shopping; I wonder if I should tell her?"

Dennis knew he had to tell the truth, even if he didn't want to. "You should probably leave her alone for now." He would tell Vicky everything later. Most men would have not said anything, but he just couldn't stop beating himself up about it. Anyway, his wife and daughter would know something was wrong with him. No, it was better to just tell them, but he felt he owed it to Hayden to tell her first. He watched his wife leave and then headed upstairs.

Hayden lay in bed, feeling terrible about her parent's reaction to her party. She could make it up to her mom by being a 'good girl' for awhile, even though it wasn't her. Hayden had a wild streak that she hid from them, and every now and then it just had to come out. But having her dad upset at her was different. Lost in her thoughts, she jumped when she heard the knock at her door, "Come in." She brightened up considerably when she saw it was her dad, until she looked at his face. He didn't say a word as he walked over to her and sat on the bed. She needed her daddy back. "Daddy, I..."

Dennis put a finger to her lips, "I waited until your mom left to talk to you." He paused for a few seconds, "Before we start, can I have a hug?"

Hayden was all smiles, "Of course," sitting up she threw her arms around him. Then she reluctantly let him push her away. "Why did you want a hug before we started?"

Dennis looked down, "Because after you hear what I have to say, you won't want to do that again." He saw her about to say something, and he put a finger to her lips again.

"I am angry and embarrassed and disappointed."

She knew it! She and her dad were never going to be the same again. Laying back down the tears came freely.

Dennis reached over and placed his hand on her face, "But not at you, at me."

She suddenly stopped crying, totally confused, "Why?"

His heart ached as he gave a heavy sigh, "Last night, when I found you passed out d***k and totally naked, I should have felt anger or something like that towards you, but that isn't what I felt." He saw her about to say something and shook his head, "Please, just let me get this out." He closed his eyes, "I picked you up intending to carry you and put you in bed. I did that, --" his voice choked, "--but as I was carrying you--" he pictured her in his arms, "--Your breasts was just inches from my face. I'm sorry baby, I couldn't help myself; I sucked on your nipples."

Hayden was stunned, "Did I say or do anything?"

He nodded, "Yeah, you moaned even though you were out cold. I finally did get you to bed, but I wanted to touch you, --" The tears slid down his face, "--I wanted it bad. It was very hard for me to just walk away."

"So that's why you didn't want me sitting on you earlier, you were felling guilty."

"Oh I've been beating myself up over it, but that wasn't why you had to get off."

Hayden was opened mouthed as she realized what he had said, "You were getting turned on." She sat back up, moving behind him she put her arms around him and gave him another hug. Giggling, she asked, "Did I make you hard?"

Dennis certainly didn't expect the reaction he was getting from her. "You shouldn't joke, this is serious."

Still hugging him, she kissed his neck, "I know that." Hayden knew she had been right, she and her dad were not going to be the way they had been, it was going to be even better, "Want to know what happened at the party last night?"

"Yeah, I guess so." He wondered why she wasn't yelling at him or crying or something.

"My girlfriends and I got d***k and then we had sex." He didn't say anything, so she asked, "Did you hear what I said?"

He was a little embarrassed that his daughter would just come right out and say it like that. "Yes, you and your friends got d***k had sex with some boys."

While her dad was talking, Hayden, who was still behind him, took her shirt and bra off. "That isn't what I said." She spun around, sat on her wonderful daddy and kissed him. "I said I had sex with my girlfriends, I don't do boys." She leaned back so her dad could see her breasts.

"But we just thought...," then Dennis's brain registered that his daughter was without her top and bra. "I...ah..."

Hayden kissed him again, and this time it wasn't a simple father/daughter kiss, "I've been lying in bed, playing with myself, wishing it was you. I've wanted you for a long, long time." She put his hands on her breasts, "You will let me know if you get hard again?"

Dennis couldn't believe how soft her big breasts were, he hadn't exactly touched them with his hands before. He felt her nipples get hard as his fingers gently teased. He kissed her and looked into her blue eyes, "Baby, are you sure you want this? Once we cross that line, we can't go back."

Her dad's fingers exploring her breasts made her light headed, "You are the only guy I've ever wanted. Daddy, did you enjoy sucking my nipples before?" She saw in his eyes that he had. "I know you love me, and now I know you want me." She kissed him again, "I only regret I'm not on birth control, because I know you don't have any protection."

As he kissed her he felt her soft lips open and slipped his tongue into her mouth. "We need to be smart about this; we can wait until we can do it safely." Dennis felt himself pushed, so he lay back on the bed. He didn't say a word as she stripped his clothes off of him. He watched her face as she freed his semi hard cock.

Hayden knew what a guy had of course but had never seen one and her eyes were glued to his penis. She was touching a penis for the first time. Her fingers gently played and explored every inch and she smiled as it started to grow. She had no idea if she was doing it right but was fascinated by it. Gently gripping it she squeezed and then moved her hand up and down the stem and giggled as she watched the head get all purple and shiny. She was surprised, she'd thought "hard" was literal. But, while it became very stiff and rigid, it was also soft and yielding. It was hard and yet the softest skin she have ever felt and kind of velvety to the touch. The way the outside skin slid against the rigid part was very unexpected. The twitching and the way the glans swelled and throbbed was also a surprise. She didn't expect it to be so alive.

She had always been attracted to other girls and yet she often lay in bed playing with herself pretending it was her dad. The thought of having sex with a boy didn't do a thing for her but imagining her dad inside of her could get her going. Reluctantly she took her hand away. Standing back up, Hayden's blonde hair flipped around as she took the rest of her clothes off. Making sure her dad was watching, she took her jeans and panties off. Sitting back down on the bed next to him her fingers wrapped around his cock again. She bent over and put her lips to his, "I've wanted this so many times and I won't be denied now."

She lay on top of her dad just as she had imagined herself doing many times. She sighed at the feeling of his hard cock on her stomach and rubbed against it. "You can't finish inside of me here," she grabbed his hand and pushed one of his fingers in her pussy. She had already gotten wet and it slid in easily.

Dennis loved the feel of his daughter's soft skin against his. With her lips pressed against his, he knew their kisses were exciting her because they were doing the same to him. When she placed his finger inside of her with her own hand he felt his cock jerk. As he slid his finger in and out he heard her softly moan.

With her tongue licking his ear, she moved his hand placing his finger to her ass and pushed it inside of her. "You could finish inside of me here." She felt him move his finger in and out of her butt a few times, "Umm."

Looking her dad in the eyes, she maneuvered her breast to his mouth. "You said this is what started the trouble," and she felt his lips close around her nipple and start to gently suck. "Mm," his lips were causing sensations to ripple through her. "I don't see any trouble at all." She switched her breasts back and forth and was delighted as he could continue to suck.

Making a wet trail Hayden moved down his chest and his stomach and finally lowered her mouth to his hard cock, something she had fantasized about many times. Holding onto him with one hand she licked his swollen cockhead. Enjoying how it felt against her tongue she continued to lick.

He had never imagined doing anything with her, but her tongue sliding along his cock and licking his balls made him think that maybe he really had thought about it. It was obvious she was discovering this for the first time and it felt wonderful.

"Daddy, I would prefer it if I could taste you when you get off." Her lips surrounded his hard cock and she sucked it in until it hit the back of her throat. She took it back out very quickly as she started gagging and coughing.

Dennis f***ed himself not to laugh and sat up, "Honey, how much have you done with a guy?"

Hayden was horse from coughing, "All kinds of stuff."

As they kissed, her lips felt so soft on his, "Hayden," he slid his finger inside of her pussy, "How many?"

She broke their kissing and there was a very weak answer, "None, but I've used a vibrator."

Sliding his tongue past her lips her tongue played with his for a few seconds. He took his finger out of her pussy and slid it into her butt, "How many?"

She liked kissing him, it was much better that she imagined it would be, "None, daddy."

Pushing her on her back, he positioned himself over her face. He put his cock to her mouth, "How many?" He saw her open her lips and he pushed just the head in her mouth. It was amazing watching his swollen cock slide past her pink lips. The look on her face made him think she was enjoying this as much as he was.

Hayden sucked on her dad's cockhead and played with his thick shaft. She did that for a few minutes, and didn't gag. When she was done, she pointed at his cock, "One," and smiled at him.

"I think we need to start a little slower, have you ever even made a guy get off with your hand?"

Sitting up she kissed him over and over, "I haven't done anything...I've always known I wanted another female...I've never wanted a boy...but I've wanted one man for a long time...Only one man would ever do for me, no one else." She put his hands back on her breasts, "Please daddy, I'll get you off any way you want, but please let me feel you in me."

Dennis pushed his daughter on her back and lay beside her. "It was so nice sucking your nipples." He lowered his head to her breast and closed his lips.

Hayden sighed and closed her eyes, placing her hands to his head she held him to her, "Mmmm, you can do that anytime you want to daddy."

He slowly switched from one to the other, not rushing. By the time he stopped, both of her nipples stood out hard and proud from her breasts. He pressed his lips to hers, "I love kissing you too."

She was positively gushing, her sucking and playing with his cock and his playing with her and sucking on her breasts had her halfway to exploding. Reaching down with her hand, she closed her fingers around his hard cock, "I love you so much daddy, and I want you in me so bad."

She let go of him as he moved, getting between her legs. He put her hand back on him, "Put me into you."

Hayden guided him into her, when he stopped, just brushing against her sensitive flesh. Instinctively, she rubbed his cock head against her pussy lips bringing a warm tingly sensation as his hard cock got coated with her fluids. After she played for a few minutes, she held him, "I want my daddy in me."

Sharply sucking in her breath she felt him penetrate. Having gotten incredibly wet and excited rubbing him against her, he slid in slowly and easily. Her vagina sent shock waves to her brain, making her realize all of the fantasies she'd had about this moment had all been missing something.

Dennis couldn't believe how fantastic it felt to be in his 18 year old daughter. "Holding his hard cock as deep as he could, he pressed his lips to hers, "Oh honey that feels incredible." Slowly he moved in and out of the soft fleshy vice that was her pussy. He knew he had to be gentle, even though she was obviously ready for him she still had never done anything. He made it last as long as he could, then just as slowly, he took himself out of her. "I love you."
She knew why her fantasies weren't as good, she could imagine the sex, but now she had that added with the love. She kissed him back, "I want to get on the pill."

"I want you to get on your hands and knees."

"Why?" She squealed as she felt herself flipped on her stomach.

Dennis moved onto the bed and lay on his back facing her. He made her move over him, "Put me in you."

Hayden was positively gushing as she positioned her legs on the outside of his. She realized that her dad liked having the woman sometimes be the aggressor and not just lay there and she had every intention of giving it to him. Like before, she used her hand to guide him into her. When he was just barely in, her dad put his hands on her hips and pushed her down. A long series of "Oh's" escaped her and her body accepted him. The lower she went the farther in he went. When he was all of the way inside of her, her thighs against his, she thought she was going to pass out.

He wrapped his arms around her as he sat up. His lips met hers even as his cock was still in her. "Oh my sweet baby, this feels so incredible."

She looked down at her dad as he laid back, his loving smile lit up his face and made her heart jump in her chest. Moving up and down by flexing her knees she experienced being on top of her dad for the first time. The power of being in control was unbelievably arousing. Since she was the one doing most of the moving, Hayden tried varying her speed which brought more sensations. Finally she moved her hips in circles and a series a moans and whimpers escaped her while his cock was hitting everywhere inside of her. Finally she felt him moving her, and his cock slipped out, "Crap, I wanted it to last longer."

"We can't, it's too risky. We'll get some protection and well do whatever you want. For now, I want to do something to you." Using his arms, he moved her up him until her legs were on either side of his head and her pubic hair was inches from his mouth.

A giggle escaped her as she watched him catch her blonde hair in his lips and gently pull. She had to admit none of her girlfriends had thought to do that. She saw her dad use his fingers to hold her pussy lips apart, and felt his tongue lick her clit, "Oh yeah."

He mumbled, "I love doing this."

Hayden felt that she should be a good daughter, "Daddy you can do that anytime you want."

Dennis loved the sight of her young pussy; the smell of her being turned on was intoxicating. He went crazy with his tongue and lips.

"AAAAhhhhh -- Oh, daddy – Yes – there -- Oh yes there." Hayden had done this before with her girlfriends but never with a guy. It was different, but still great, plus it was her dad! She started humping his tongue and even though it felt fantastic she wished it was his hard cock in her. Then she heard something she had dreamed of hearing.

He wanted to get her off this way, "Cum for me baby," and his tongue flicked side to side, up and down he tried to get it everywhere at once. He even tried to fuck her with it, letting it slide in and out of her pussy. He heard her suck in her breath and used his fingers as well.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing became extremely erratic. It felt similar to what she had experienced with her girlfriends, but it was way different! It felt like her dad was French kissing her clit while flicking his tongue real fast back and forth. Hayden wasn't normally vocal during sex except for moans, but she instinctively knew her dad wanted it, "I'm Cumming daddy!" Her body tensed up and jerked uncontrollably as a series of gasps, and groans came from her. The intensity of her orgasm was mind numbing as she rocked back and forth on his face. Then her brain received a message she almost couldn't conceive, he wasn't stopping!

On and on it went, him attacking her and her body reacting. Orgasm after orgasm shattered her young body. She had never experienced multiple orgasms. Her girlfriends knew what to do because they were female. A guy, even her dad, could never make it feel the same way. But this was mind shattering. "No – more – please." She collapsed on the bed next to him, her body and her mind trying to rejoin as waves of pleasure still coursed through her.

Hayden mumbled, "Breathe, just try to breathe. She smiled weakly at him, and felt him put her hand on his cock. Her fingers gently played as her brain tried to come back down to earth. She said dreamily, "If I told my girl friends about this, you would have every one of them here all the time."

"Hum...I've never done it with more than one woman at the same time."

Hayden suddenly sat up and looked wide eyed at him. She saw the grin on his face and realized that he was teasing her. She gripped his hard shaft and squeezed, "I would watch what I said if I were you."

Hayden saw her dad put his hand on hers felt him show her how to move her fingers up and down. After a few times, he took his hand away. She continued as he had shown her and could tell by the look on his face that she was doing it right.

With her head only a few inches from his cock she could see the details that she missed with him being in her mouth. Experimenting with using different pressure and speed and a different number of fingers, she always watched his face make sure she was pleasing him and that she wasn't hurting him.

Dennis arched his back as his daughter brought him to the edge, "Baby, I'm going to cum," he moaned, "When I start, don't stop playing with me."

She had never seen a penis until now. She had a computer, but when she had first gotten it she had promised not to look at porn, and even though she was curious, she had kept that promise. Hayden was amazed as a stream of white liquid shot out of him. She kept pumping him but cum had landed on her hand and had made him slippery. Her cum coated fingers slid up and down his cock, she guessed it was all right as more spurts of cum shot out only not as f***eful as the first one.

When he started getting soft, she moved her hand away and just stared at it. His cum was everywhere. She moved her thumb and fingers together concentrating on how it felt. Looking at his soft cum covered penis, she asked, "Can I taste it?"

"You can do anything you want baby, but a lot of women don't like the taste. Oh they like to suck a guy but not until he gets off."

Hayden bent down and licked at the cum on her dad's stomach. She liked the taste, "Hum, not bad, kind of salty." As she continued to clean him off, she knew she would soon be sucking him until he shot into her mouth. But, first things first, her dad would get a condom and they would find some alone time, then she would make love to her dad.

By the end of the next week she was determined to get on the pill, and then it wouldn't be just a fantasy, but a fantasy come true. She could almost feel his hard cock shooting his cum deep inside of her.

As she licked at the last few drops she wondered if there was a way for her to experience having sex with her dad and some of her girlfriends at the same time. Would they be willing?

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