"Okay, students," Hilda Humper said with her trademark lilt and giggle to her second period English class. "Today we are going to be discussing Hamlet, one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays."

Her announcement of the day's lecture sent a wave of heavy sighs throughout the male students in the class, partially because of the boring subject matter, but mostly because of the libido-raising effect she regularly had on any and all men who happened to be in her presence. Today was no exception, particularly for one student in particular, her beloved 18-year-old son Henry. He was sitting in the front row and having a very difficult time concentrating while faced with his mother's boner-inducing body, which today was clad in a knee-length grey pencil skirt topped with a half-buttoned dark blue oxford shirt which exposed nearly a foot of eye-popping, mouth-watering cleavage to view. Hilda's inadequately sized blouse was stretched so taut over the gargantuan globes of goodness that adorned her chest that each button seemed to be hanging on for dear life. She stood tall on a pair of patent leather high heels, and her golden hair was pulled tight into a bun which complemented her simple but modern schoolmarm glasses, giving her the classic "hot for teacher" look that so many school boys have lusted after over the years. And Henry, unlike the other boys in the class, was also aware that under her somewhat conservative attire Hilda was wearing a black silk thong and matching demi-bra, which encased her massive J-cup globes of titflesh and provided just enough support to allow them to bounce seductively with each step she took around the classroom.

The situation of Henry being distracted by his bodaciously busty mother's feminine assets was nothing new. After all, he had been regularly and openly masturbating to her since hitting puberty. Almost every man in town had at some point shot a wad of cum onto Hilda's breasts, and those who hadn't yet done so had certainly jacked off while thinking about them. Henry Humper was no exception. Growing up in the Humper household had exposed the impressionable young man to better masturbatory fodder than any porn studio could produce, with his J-cupped wet dream of a mother freely wandering around the house topless or naked, giving her son ample views of her prodigious bosom. The sight of her jiggling chest charms, pink nipples hypnotically bouncing around as she did housework, would drive Henry's raging teenage hormones into a frenzy of lust. He'd quickly have to sprint up to his room to relieve himself, fist flying along his pecker as he mentally pounded the shit out of one of his mother's orifices.

Hilda, for her part, was very accommodating to her horny son's teenage needs and went out of her way to provide him with as much spank bank material as possible. She drilled a hole in the wall that separated his bedroom from her shower so that Henry could jerk his meat while she bathed and soaped up her titanic titties, and one year for his birthday made a custom nudie calendar of herself so that Henry could hang it on his wall and pleasure himself freely to her image when she wasn't at home. At Christmas time, Henry would receive little care packages from his grandmother June, gift sets that typically included "home movies" of her getting her brains fucked out by one of the many sex partners she enjoyed at the farm. Hilda always made sure her son had the best fantasy fodder with which to spank his meat; for other boys this might mean Playboy or internet movies, but for the Humpers it was porn featuring their own f****y members. Hilda would even let Henry masturbate during the daily breastfeedings he still enjoyed at the age of eighteen, squealing and offering motherly encouragement as the horny teenager wildly spanked his meat and finally shot his cum all over whichever nipple he was not suckling on at the time, as well as the rest of her breast, and occasionally her face.

But his desire had skyrocketed in the last few months after a very momentous change in their relationship. While previously they were mostly only mother and son (the occasional wee wee tug notwithstanding), the two of them had been fucking like rabbits since the previous August, when Henry had returned from spending the summer at his grandmother June's farm (which the Humpers affectionately referred to as "Wee Wee Camp"). Whereas before that fateful summer, Hilda had maintained a purely motherly relationship with her darling son. Upon his arrival back home, she had decided to share everything with him - specifically, her pussy, mouth, and enormous breasts, all of which instantly became a wonderful set of familial fucktoys for Henry to pleasure his wee wee with. Hilda had even convinced Harriet to share her own glorious body with her little b*****r, and the top-heavy teenage trollop was only happy to oblige.

The introduction of their regular, wanton familial coitus is what had ultimately led Henry to his current predicament. He had become used to a nearly constant, marathon schedule of mind-blowing sex from his buxom maternal parent during their free weeks together at the end of summer vacation. However, their trysts had, by necessity, been severely reduced in frequency since the school year had begun and their daily schedules had become quite busy. This had limited their carnal couplings to a quick hump upon waking up in the morning before school, a hand job in the car in the parking lot before first period, a wee wee wash in Hilda's office during lunchtime, and a pair of fuck sessions at home before dinner and bed. For most couples, this would have been considered an obscenely frequent amount of sex, but for the Humpers, it was practically abstinence. And compared to the near-constant rate of intercourse they had enjoyed each day before the year began, it was like going through withdrawals. Their new policy of mother-son humping had taken Henry's candle flame of sexual desire for Hilda and stoked it into a raging inferno. Being f***ed to sit through an hour long lecture given by the object of his carnal desire, without being able to ravage her at will, was driving him practically mad with lust.

"The narrative of this story takes place in a fictionalized version of medieval Denmark where.........." Hilda absentmindedly continued her lecture, but also was distracted with sexual frustration. The demands of her classes had limited the time she had been able to spend with her younger c***d and new favorite sex partner, and the separation was taking its toll. Hilda had lately tried to supplement her wee wee diet by fucking Principal Johnson, Kenny Long, and a handful of other random students she bumped into throughout the day, and always enjoyed the buffet of dick that was available to her at Taft and Adams High School. But she saw her time between the sheets with Henry as something special, and not just because of his incomparable twelve-inch slab of horsecock, the organ which had provided Hilda with countless orgasms during their short time as lovers. Despite his fully developed body and maturing personality, he was still her special little boy, and Hilda was still a doting mother, only now her doting extended to his cock and balls as well. Her decision to welcome Henry into her bed was the culmination of eighteen years of raising a perfect son, and the feeling of him ejaculating his seed deep into the same womb that had given him life gave Hilda a tingling in her heart as well as her cunny. Having to cut back on her beloved romps with her son was taking its toll on Hilda emotionally, as well as deep within the recesses of her well lubricated honeypot. She had even visited the school counselor for therapy, who joked that Hilda was suffering from a perverted (and eighteen-years-too-late) case of post-partum depression.

Pausing to think about the recent events, Hilda turned towards her boy and noticed him squirming uncomfortably in his desk. It was a sight she was quite familiar with, having seen Henry many times in his younger days attempting to bottle up his horniness in her presence, gawking at her titanic sacks of titflesh and waiting for whatever mundane f****y activity they were doing to end so he could excuse himself and masturbate in his room. Hilda even chuckled to herself recalling one incident when her prudish s****r Beth had visited for dinner, forcing Henry and his s****r Harriet to be on their strictest behavior due to Beth's puritanical sensibilities. Harriet decided to tease poor Henry at the table by slyly moaning and showing him her ample cleavage. By the end of the meal the poor boy became practically paralyzed with sexual frustration, forcing a concerned Hilda to relieve his suffering by secretly taking him into the kitchen and jerking him off, his overstrained cock spraying nearly a cup of baby batter onto her face and gargantuan gazongas. Henry's delayed release had produced an ejaculation so powerful that the intensity of it literally knocked him u*********s and he had to be carried to his room to rest.

It was this memory that gave her a naughty idea. Walking over to Henry's desk with a seductive sway in her hips, Hilda stood in front of the boy and decided to work him up a little bit during the few minutes that remained in the class session.

"Henry Humper?" she asked her boy, cocking one hip to the side and batting her eyelashes mock-innocently.

Henry's words came out stammered and halting: "Yes, Mommy-Boobs? I mean, yes, Mommy? Fuck! I mean, yes, MISS HUMPER?"

The entire class erupted in laughter and snickers at Henry's slip of the tongue, in which he had revealed one of the many sexual pet names the two had developed over the years for one another. The poor boy's face turned beet red with embarrassment as he realized he had been caught openly daydreaming about his mom's mountainous mammaries in front of his classmates.

"What was the question?", He asked.

Hilda cleared her throat with mock authority and repeated herself: "We were discussing the Oedipal subtext behind Hamlet's relationship with his mother."

Hilda's reference to the i****tuous themes of the famous Shakespearean play hit very close to home, as was her intention, exacerbating Henry's horniness and making him increasingly flustered. Not even looking his mother in the face, his eyes glued to the two swaying sacks of succulent sweater meat before him, Henry stammered out his words: "I—I—ah—Hamlet – he this secret desire to fuck – I mean – he had an unfulfilled fondling – I mean, FONDNESS – for his mom...."

The other students in the class were practically dying with laughter at this point at Henry's transparent Freudian slips, but Hilda only smirked at the situation, maintaining the ruse of professionalism in the hopes of driving her boy even crazier.

"Henry, is everything alright? Are you feeling okay?" she remarked in an academic tone. "You don't need to see the nurse, do you?"

Henry felt like his head was going to burst with embarrassment, but the redness in his face was nothing compared to that of his wee wee, to which his mother's teasing was causing a raging hard-on. He whimpered like a dog in heat as he stared at her bazongas, wanting to simultaneously suck and fuck them. Henry's testosterone-flooded brain was reeling with memories of the countless hours he had spent fondling his mother's flesh melons. In his short eighteen years of life, he had collectively squirted his own body weight in semen onto those glorious sweater puppies, whether it was in reality or just during one of his many adolescent masturbatory fantasies. Hilda had the kind of breasts that begged to be covered in jizz, with acres of creamy flesh just waiting for a load big enough to properly coat them. Henry even joked one evening while he was giving his mother a pearl necklace that he felt like Jackson Pollock, an artist splattering gobs of sticky liquid onto the canvas of her cantaloupes and creating his own masterpiece of orgasmic insanity.

Henry finally snapped out of his daydreaming just long enough to squeak out a response to her query: "No, Mom, I mean, Miss Humper. I'm fine."

But Hilda was not done yet. "Are you sure? Let me feel your forehead," she said, pressing the back of her hand gently below his hairline and simultaneously bending over at the waist, lowering her chest point-blank into Henry's field of vision.

Hilda's younger c***d was now faced with a front row view of Hilda's endless acres of boobflesh, which were practically pouring out of her half-open top like two watermelon-sized mounds of warm butter. It was a sight that Henry had seen hundreds of times before, but the current circumstances left him entranced by it like he was a boy looking at his first Playboy centerfold. He stared deep into his mother's shirt for what seemed like an eternity, visually savoring every rounded inch of the creamy flesh that had caused thousands of erections over the years, both for him and for every man in town. He could even see the tops of the silk black demi-bra he had seen her put on after their morning sex session, and the angle of her torso allowed just a hint of her pink areola to peek out of the fabric.

Hilda lingered at Henry's forehead, knowing full well that her contrived "inspection" of him for signs of fever was giving him enough visual stimulation to put his cock into overdrive. She even leaned her head a bit to the side to steal a glance at his crotch from under the desktop, and smirked as she saw the rock-hard outline of his twelve-inch monster straining against the top button of his jeans. Her plan was going perfectly.

"Well, your forehead is a little flushed, but I don't think you have a fever," she said in mock relief. "But I would like you to stay for a minute after class."

She stood up and walked back to her desk, shaking her ass maddeningly from side to side as she did so, causing her boy to emit an audible groan of lust. Henry slumped in his chair as the other students continued their teasing.

"Ooooooooh, Henry's in trouble with Mommy!" said Missy Cummings, one of Harriet's friends and an occasional fuck buddy of Henry's. "Maybe she should give you a spanking after class!"

"Yeah, why don't you and Miss Humper get a room, Henry!" added Mabel Chester. "Or do the two of you already spend enough time in her bedroom at home?" she added with a cackle as the other k**s continued laughing.

"Alright k**s, that's enough," Hilda said as the ending bell for the period rang and the students began getting up to head to their next class. "Remember to read chapter four of the textbook for Thursday. Oh, and Chuck, could you please grab my pink lace bra and bring it to class tomorrow? I left it on the floor of your Dad's bedroom over the weekend. Tee hee. Bye, k**s! Have a good rest of the day!"

Smiling at the k**s as they filed out of the room, Hilda smirked at the fact that every single male student did not even glance above her neck, their eyes instead trying to steal a glance at the mountainous mams that their lucky classmate had enjoyed up close for so long during class. As the k**s finished shuffling out, Hilda closed the door to her classroom and walked back over to her boy.

"Poopsie, is everything okay?" she said, dropping her professional demeanor and reverting to their home demeanor. "You look like the cat that ate the canary!"

Finally at his breaking point, but free from the teasing of his classmates, Henry verbally exploded. "Please, Mom! No more teasing! For the love of God, I feel like I'm going to squirt my brain into my pants! I can't take it anymore! Please! Fuck me or suck me or tug me or lick me or let me put my schlong between your boobies or something! My balls feel like a pair of motherfucking boiling tea kettles! I need to jizz right fucking now or I swear they're going to burst!"

Hilda laughed at her boy's torrent of libidinous exclamations, but also felt a twinge of guilt for having brought him to such a sexually aggravated state.

"Awww, my poor sweet wee wee baby," she said softly. Lifting the desktop in front of Henry and putting it to the side, Hilda sat in her boy's lap, his throbbing johnson rubbing achingly against the rapidly-moistening spot on her skirt that marked the entrance to her promised land, her velvety soft but vice-tight vagina. "Was the view you had of Mommy's boobie twins too much to bear?" she asked, squeezing her arms together inwards towards her chest and causing her ludicrously large honkers to swell up and out of her shirt, adding nearly six inches to the already obscene length of cleavage she was previously displaying.

Henry gave her a look of brief but genuine annoyance. "Are you k**ding?" he said, already starting to plant kisses on the top part of her fleshy funbags and reaching his left hand into her bra to tweak one of her nipples. "It took every ounce of restraint I had not to bury my face in your milk missiles and motorboat the shit out of you in front of everyone! How could you shove those puppies into my face right in the middle of class? It's not fair to tease me like that!" He was beginning to pout now.

Hilda moaned softly as she enjoyed the manual manipulation of Henry's fingertips on the now rock-hard nub of her right nipple. "Don't worry, sweetie. Mommy's gonna take care of you. You know I'd never tease you that much without giving you some relief, don't you? It's all part of the plan, honeycock. My next class won't arrive for another ten minutes, so why don't we just fuck on my desk, baby? With all the priming I've done to that rocket engine cock of yours, I figure we've got about T-minus 60 seconds before you blast off into my inner space, tee hee! What do you say, motherfucker? Wanna take Mommy for a joyride in the classroom! I promise it'll be a hell of a lot more fun than a boring lecture on Shakespeare." Hilda reassured her boy by rubbing the front of his pants, starting to get almost as turned on as he was due to both the anticipation of what lay ahead and from Henry's soft flicking of her areola.

Henry didn't have to be told twice. Pushing his mother off of his lap, he stood up hastily, grabbed an end of Hilda's shirt with each hand where they met in the middle of her chest, and in one swift motion ripped the garment open. A shower of buttons flew across the room as the two halves of the fabric separated, revealing a pair of bra-encased orbs of titflesh that jiggled erotically with the f***e of Henry's act. Now free from the confines of her blouse, the tops of her bra-clad honkers rippled and jiggled like two massive cups of Jell-O. Some men would be paralyzed with lust at the sight of Hilda's hemisphere honkers bouncing so erotically in her bra, but Henry was determined to get her completely naked before ravaging her. Pulling Hilda roughly to him by the waist, Henry buried his face in her canyon of cleavage as his free hand reached behind her to undo the clasps of her industrial strength black silk brassiere that held on for dear life against the payload of mammary mass that swelled against it.

Hilda was mildly annoyed at her son's thoughtless destruction of her blouse in the heat of his passion, but also incredibly turned on at the rough treatment she was receiving at his hands. It was only fair, she conceded, considering how much she had teased Henry during her class lecture. Besides, she always kept a few spare changes of clothes in her desk in case of such emergencies. At least one of Hilda's school outfits per week typically ended up with a large cum stain on it as the result of the frequent blowjobs, tugs, titfucks, and copulation sessions she engaged in during school hours, be it with the principal, janitor, or one of her students. Hilda had therefore learned over the years to always be prepared.

Shrugging her arms out of the remains of her blouse, Hilda cradled Henry's head to her bosom and reached behind her to unzip the back of her pencil skirt while her son moaned into her cleavage. Stepping out of the discarded lower garment, Hilda temporarily pushed Henry's head off of her swollen mams so that she could finish undoing the rear clasp of her brassiere, which quickly joined her skirt in a pile on the floor. She was now completely naked save for her black silk thong and matching leather pumps. Henry took a minute to savor the image before him. There stood Hilda, a wet dream come to life. Tracing her figure with his eyes, he looked slowly up from her high heel-clad feet, past her smooth, toned legs to the supple lines of her meaty thighs and outrageously curvy hips framed by the black underwear which was now soaked with her desire.

Then his eyes drifted up to paradise, Hilda's most famous asset, her defining physical characteristic: her enormous J-cup breasts, now completely bare and standing at attention. They jutted out from her chest like a pair of comically overinflated water balloons, but showed surprisingly little sag for a 38-year-old mother of two. In fact, in many ways Hilda still had the tits of a 20-year old, firm, smooth and bouncy, with pink silver-dollar sized areolas topped by rock-hard nipples that practically begged to be sucked. Henry stared at these objects of desire, slack-jawed, for what seemed like an eternity. This was far from the first time he had seen them in the buff; after all, Hilda had breast-fed Henry until he was sixteen, was never shy about being nude in front of her c***dren, and had been fucking Henry for months, giving him ample opportunity to enjoy them. But the sight of her bodacious bags of fun-flesh never ceased to amaze and arouse him, even after all these years.

Hilda noticed that her boy was a bit distracted, so she decided to take some initiative and slid her black silk thong over her tight but equally oversized ass and down her legs, kicking them off with the rest of their clothes. Taking a seductive step toward him, she began to rub his rock-hard erection through the fabric of his jeans as she deftly unbuttoned his shirt with her free hand. Sticking her tongue into his ear, she said in a breathy whisper, "Come on, poopsie. Aren't you ready for some fucky? I thought baby had to jizz something fierce? Let's get down to business!"

Henry snapped out of his daze, helping his mother remove the rest of his shirt and undoing his own belt and pants zipper, pulled his jeans and boxers down in one swift motion. Mother and son were now standing together, naked as the day they were born, and Hilda took an opportunity to whistle at her boy's raging twelve-inch boner, which was red with engorged bl**d and pointing up towards Hilda at a 45-degree angle. Hilda wrapped a dainty, manicured hand around Henry's jumbo Johnson and gave it a few soft strokes, eliciting an a****l growl of yearnful lust. Hilda could easily have ended her overstimulated son's suffering right then and there with one of her expert hand jobs, but she didn't want to send him over the edge before he had a chance to shove it deep into her pussy.

"Alright, poopsie, you were very patient with Mommy-Boobs, so here's your just reward." Hilda scooted her voluptuous ass onto the edge of her desk, swiping her arm behind her and knocking a week's worth of ungraded papers to the floor. Reclining onto her back, she put her legs straight into the air and rubbed the entrance to her pussy with a come-hither motion, encouraging Henry to begin the task at hand as her hooters spread out across her chest like shooting targets, her perky pink nipples beckoning him like fleshy bulls-eyes. "Come on, baby, ready when you are!"

Henry immediately got himself into position, his cock and balls aching for release within the sweet confines of his mother's palace of pleasure, her pussy. Placing her legs atop his shoulders, he maneuvered the mushroom tip of his wee wee to the outer folds of her labia and drove his twelve-inch shaft into her, sliding all the way to the hilt in one smooth motion.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck, that feels like heaven," he groaned, his cock finally returning to his favorite place in the world as if it had been gone for years, even though he had last entered Hilda's love canal mere hours earlier. "Fuck, your pussy feels so tight!" Henry exclaimed, already enjoying the pleasurable sensations that his mother's slick velvet tunnel was providing his trouser snake.

Hilda chuckled at the comment. "Oh, OH! YES! I don't think it's tightness, baby. It's fullness. Even the loosest two-dollar whore would feel tight if her cunny was wrapped around that - OH! OH! - monster you're packing down there, donkey dick!"

Henry was too focused on getting his rocks off to respond to her complement. Picking up the pace, he started driving into the over-stacked blonde hussy writhing below him with long strokes, pulling his cock out nearly to the head and then pounding all twelve inches of his man-meat back into her pussy with the impatience of a horny frat boy. He had no time for pleasantries anymore; the strain in his balls was too much to bear and he desperately needed to blow a load as soon as possible.

"Uh! Uh! Oh, fuck! Fuckity fuck fuck fuuuuuuck me, baby! That's it! Slam that salami into my pussy! Come on, baby! Faster! Faster! Give me a good fuck and then empty your nuts into me!" Hilda moaned, gleefully beginning to catch up to her son's off-the-charts level of sexual arousal.

As the intensity of Henry's thrusts matched that of his horniness, Hilda's bazooka boobs began jiggling, then bouncing around like wayward cannonballs, her pencil eraser nipples tracing invisible figure eights in front of her chest, and the tops of her titflesh slapping her on the chin. Henry was not oblivious to the awesome sight before him, the hotness of it literally making him drool and pound her pussy even harder. He wanted to lean down and suck as much of her breasts as he could into his mouth and suckle like a hungry baby, but did not want to lose this incredible visual that was driving him mad. He settled by placing his palms atop each nipple, kneading Hilda's pillowy paps like bread dough while he fucked her. Henry was so transfixed by the mother lodes of mammary marshmallow jiggling below him that he could practically hear their contents sloshing around like a pair of milk jugs. The thrusting cadence of the two f****y fuckers had reached a steady cruising speed at this point, with a loud, rhythmic slapping sound beginning to echo inside the classroom as the back of Hilda's thighs bore Henry's pelvic onslaught, his smoothly shaved nutsack bouncing roughly against her ass. The elder Humper reached one of her delicately manicured hands around and tickled his baseball-sized jizz-generators with her long red fingernails, a move that she knew was one of Henry's favorites and would help quickly drive her son over the edge into the orgasmic abyss.

"OOHHH! Shit, Mommy-Tits! That feels so fucking good to my plum sack! That's it, baby! Tickle my balls, you big-tittied slut! Oh, yeah! Now tug on them a little bit! YES! YES! Oh, fuck, YES!" Henry was beginning to round the corner now, but still enjoyed every minute of the ride.

Hilda coached her son further towards his climax by tweaking one of her silver dollar-sized nipples with a free hand and matching his horny words with her own tawdry torrent of filthy sex talk: "You like that, baby? You like it when Mommy tugs on your ballies as you fuck her? I can't wait to feel those cum coconuts churning up and down when you shoot your load! That's it sweetiekins! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME! YES! YESSS! HARDER! Slam that ramrod into my pussy, you big-dicked stud son of mine! I want to feel every inch of that glorious staff of yours pummeling my poon like there's no fucking tomorrow! Yes! YES! YESSSSSS! MORE! MORE! HARDER! HARDER! FUUUUUUCK MEEEEE!!!!!!"

The two intergenerational lovers must have lost track of time, because in the midst of their coitus some students from Hilda's next class session were arriving a few minutes before the bell rang to take their seats. Henry and Hilda continued their wanton walloping of each other's genitals, completely oblivious to the sound of the classroom doorknob turning and the din of conversation as the door opened. In her haste to get her son naked and fucking her as fast as possible, she had neglected to lock it. Bunnie Mounts, Kenny Long, and Denny Fuckerfaster, who had arrived together from another class, were chatting absentmindedly as they opened the door and heard the unmistakable moan of Hilda reaching orgasm, her girlish voice a mess of unintelligible orgasmic expletives: "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I love fuckity fuck! It feels so good when you tingle my cunny wunny, baby! I'm COMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!" the top-heavy teacher exclaimed with her eyes squinted shut, unaware that she and her son now had an audience.

Surveying the writhing mess of naked bodies on the desk before them, the three teens laughed and sighed. Walking in on Hilda Humper's class to find her naked with a man between her legs was not an uncommon sight for the students at Taft and Adams High School. Hell, Denny and Kenny themselves had each been that man in question on several occasions. The unspoken protocol for a student who walked in on one of Ms. Humper's trysts was that they would usually quietly excuse themselves and return after a few minutes. But this time they could sense something was different, and they continued to peer around the partially open door to investigate further.

"Damn," Kenny remarked in a whisper. "Chuck Dicker is sure giving it hard to Miss Humper. You'd think that with Harriet's mouth practically glued to his cock, he wouldn't even have the time."

Denny laughed at his remark, but Bunnie had a skeptical look on her face. "Ummmmm, I don't think that's Chuck Dicker," she said truthfully, the sound of Hilda's incomprehensible moaning still reverberating in the background. "Chuck's dick is not that long."

The two male students noticed on each backstroke the full twelve inches of the cock currently pummeling their teacher, and concurred with Bunnie's assessment.

"Principal Johnson?" suggested Denny.

"No, Principal Johnson doesn't shave his balls," the big-breasted teenager replied.

Neither boy saw fit to argue with Bunnie's comments, knowing full well that her extensive experience with the proposed candidates' bodies made her well-qualified to dismiss them as possibilities.

"Hmm..." Kenny pondered for a moment, genuinely curious who the mystery man currently dicking his favorite English teacher was, but unable to tell since the hunched-over man's back was to the group, obscuring his face.

Just then, the three teens noticed another two of their classmates, identical twins Sally and Suzie Cupps, and pulled them over for a consult. The two girls were headed off to gym class, their enormous double-F cup whoppers straining the fabric of the school's undersized issued tank tops that served as the class attire.

"Hey, guys," Kenny whispered to the pair, casually honking each girl's boobs in turn. "Who is that fucking Miss Humper? Is it Sean Blowbody?"

"No, Sean has a birthmark on his right ass cheek," the two girls replied in perfect unison, momentarily trading guilty glances and red faces as they simultaneously admitted their intimate knowledge of the same boy, but now fully invested in helping their classmates solve the mystery.

The students sat in silence for a few moments, mentally checking off the list of potential answers to this quandary and listening to the continuing orgasmic wailing that their teacher was exhibiting at the moment. However, before any further discussion could take place, Hilda revealed the identity of her lover to the watching onlookers with an ecstatic exclamation. "OH, FUCK! YES, KEEP WORKING THAT G-SPOT, HENRY!"

All five of the students' jaws dropped as they heard the name, and they immediately looked at each other to confirm that they had not individually been mistaken. "HENRY?!?!?!" they simultaneously said loudly, their surprise betraying their previous attempts to remain hidden.

"Holy shit! That's Henry!" Denny exclaimed. "Henry's fucking his mom! Right here on her desk! That's so fucked up!" The other four k**s murmured amongst themselves, giggling and pointing at the i****tuous coupling that had now been exposed.

The students' outbursts from the hall outside finally made Henry and Hilda aware that they were no longer alone, and Henry exclaimed "Mom, oh shit!", quickly glancing behind him to confront his audience, but too close to orgasm to pull out of his mother or even stop thrusting. His need for release was simply too great at this point to be thwarted by his classmates teasing. Red-faced at being exposed, he attempted to gesture and wave at his classmates to leave but continued to groan and pant with sexual stimulation, all the while never ceasing to thrust into his top-heavy mother at full speed, desperate to unload his balls after so much teasing.

Hilda, for her part, did not seem the slightest bit embarrassed at this sudden public revelation that she was in fact lovers with her son, and simply continued to enjoy her climax at the hands of Henry's still rock-hard plowing tool that was driving her pussy into orgasmic oblivion. Grabbing Henry's face with one hand and twisting it back around to face her, she gave him an impromptu pep talk. "Sweetie, don't be embarrassed. The only thing 'fucked up' about what we're doing is how - OH! OH! YES! - FUCKing good it feels when you slap and tickle my clitty with your jumbo johnson. Denny and Kenny are just jealous that it's not them currently driving their wee wees into Hilda's pussy, baby! And Bunnie and her friends just wish they could be in my place right now, bent backwards over my desk enjoying some deep dicking from the biggest pussy-pleaser in town! Just ignore those party poopers and fuck, fuck, FUCK ME! OH! BABY! YES! COME TO MOMMA! BRING THAT WEE WEE ALL THE WAY HOME! You came out of this womb, so it's only fitting that you come IN it too! Tee hee!"

Henry stared into his mother's eyes, hips bucking, sweat beginning to pour off his forehead, taking her encouraging words to heart. "You're right, Mommy. I mean, I've - OH! OH! YEAH! - already told most of my buddies about what we've been doing, so word was bound to get out eventually. I guess I just didn't expect it to happen during third period in front of a crowd of people while I was inside you up to my nuts and about to jizz in your fuck box! Speaking of jizz, I'm almost ready to give you some! OH, BABY! HERE IT COMES! IT'S COMING SOON TO A PUSSY NEAR YOU!" Henry exclaimed, speeding quickly towards the finish line.

Seeing that the two familiar fuckers before them were at ease with their unusual but clearly pleasurable arrangement, the group of onlookers dropped their teasing and instead cheered Henry and Hilda on, accepting the situation as merely another extension of the Humpers' famously debaucherous lifestyle.

"Wooo!" Kenny yelled. "Fuck that pussy, Henry! Show your mom what she gave you! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Hell, yeah!" added Bunnie. "Take that dick, Miss Humper! Tee hee hee! He's fucking you way harder than he's ever fucked me! I wish I could get me some of that!"

The students continued to clap, whistle, and cheer the two lovers on, pausing only to convince other people passing by in the hall to join in on the spectating, which wasn't difficult since Hilda and Henry's obscene lovemaking had become so loud that it could be heard in every classroom in that side of the school, and the new additions to the crowd were more than curious to witness the event for themselves. Henry was thrusting into his mother like a madman, his hips and buttocks pistoning with the frantic rhythm of a runaway locomotive engine.

Finally, the dam broke and the 18-year-old motherfucker could hold out no longer. Groaning like a d***ken caveman, he reared his head back in pre-ejaculatory bliss and planted his twelve-inch power tool balls deep into his overstacked mommy's snatch as the familiar orgasmic tingling sensations began rising up his shaft towards the head. Hilda knew her boy's completion was imminent, her experience fucking literally thousands of different men teaching her the cues of a man's point of no return.

"That's it, sweetie-cock!" she cooed. "Shoot that seed all over the inside of my cunny! Come on, baby, think about how good it will feel when you get all that sticky baby batter out of that overfilled nutsack of yours! Do it, baby! Paint my pussy white! Shoot it! Shoot it now! Come! Coooommmme!"

Like a maternal decree, Hilda's words triggered a release that rivaled any she had seen or felt from Henry before. "UUUUUUUUUUUNGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, the first blast of cum rocketing out of his urethra and splattering the back of Hilda's cervix, followed by another, and another, and another, each squirt even more powerful and pleasurable than the last. The horse-hung 18-year-old was delirious with orgasmic joy, his face a twisted jumble of expressions as he continued squirting a veritable ocean of semen into his 38-year-old mother's pussy, some of it already leaking out and dribbling onto the top of her desk. Henry's penile ejaculations at this point were only rivaled by the verbal ones coming out of his mouth, his words a nonsensical orgy of cursing and orgasmic wailing: "Oh, fuck! OH, FUCK! UGHHHH! I'm shooting a motherfucking gallon of baby batter into your love glove, you jumbo-jugged, top-heavy trollop teacher mother of mine! I hope you're on the pill you wobbly-whoppered whore, because there's enough jizz coming out of my horsecock to knock you up with octuplets!!!!! GODDAMN, THIS FEELS SO MOTHERFUCKING GOOD! OH! OH! MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, YESSS! TAKE MY FUCKING JIZZ, YOU BIG-BOOBED BIMBO! OOOOHHHH! URRRGHHHHH! I'm giving you the mother lode! And the mother.......LOAD! TAKE IT! TAKE EVERY FUCKING DROP OF YOUR SON'S CUM, YOU BUSTY BITCH! I'M TURNING MY BALLS INSIDE OUT FOR YOU! UHHH! UHHH! UHHH! FUCK! YES! FUCK! UUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNGHHHHH! I'M! FUCKING! COMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!"

By this point a fairly large crowd of students were gathered near the door of the class room observing, their faces a mixture of shock, awe, envy, and lust at the wanton scene of sexual insanity before them. Since the school year began, Henry had been quite open with his friends about the new sexual escapades he was enjoying inside the Humper household, but this was the first time any of them had seen it in person, and many other students at Taft and Adams had dismissed the overheard talk of it as mere rumor - until now. The sight of their classmate and his mother engaged in pornographic sexual congress on her desk, faces twisted in orgasmic rapture as they climaxed in unison, was proof positive that the rumors were indeed very, very real. Some of the new members of the crowd, who were just now learning of the situation, began to express their own surprise.

"Miss Humper!" cried Mabel Chester in disbelief. "You're fucking your son?"

Hilda, still riding an explosive wave of her own continuing orgasm, her megaton tits whipping around in circles like a pair of carnival pinwheels, responded pridefully, "OHHH! OHHH! What the fuck does it look like, Einstein! Of course we're fucking! We've been fucking for months ever since my horse-hung son-muffin returned home from his summer vacation at Granny's! AAAHHH AAAHH OOOH!! THAT'S IT, BABY, WORK THE G-SPOT! If I had known the sex would be this mind-blowing, I would have started fucking him years ago!"

Max Anderson, one of Hilda's other occasional sex partners, added: "Holy shit! Does Harriet know?"

Hilda laughed at Max's naiveté. "AH! OHHHH! YES! OHHHH! 'Does she know'? That big-tittied whore daughter of mine started fucking him even before I did! Although to be fair, she only beat me to it by a few minutes, tee hee. Harriet and I have been fucking Henry silly ever since he got back from Wee Wee Camp! OOOOHHHHH, SHIIIIIIIT, YEAH, THAT'S GOOD!" she moaned, struggling to explain herself in the midst of so much pleasure. "Hell, the other day we had a threesome in my bedroom after dinner! Harriet and I each took turns sucking his wee wee, and then she mounted his pogo stick and rode him while he ate my pussy! We even mashed our boobies together and gave him a nice target to shoot his load on once he was ready to come!"

Speaking of coming and cum, Henry's foot-long firehose of fuck juice was still rocketing geysers of jizz into Hilda's honeybox, a flood of semen so copious that it was dripping out all sides of her pussy and making a huge puddle on the desk, some of it even flowing over the edge and staining the classroom floor. Henry's hips were still on orgasmic autopilot, thrusting tirelessly between Hilda's thighs. But the strength of his now waning orgasm had taken its toll on the poor boy, and his upper half had now collapsed on top of his mother, Hilda's legs splayed out to the sides and their sweaty torsos rubbing together as Henry's face slumped into the warm and welcoming valley of her cavernous cleavage.

"Mhhhmmpphhh! Mmmphhhh! Mmmmpphhhh!" he continued to groan with each gradually slowing stroke, his cries of pleasure muffled by the enormous milk udders now sandwiching his face.

Hilda, her own orgasm finally subsiding, was softly stroking Henry's hair with one hand and rubbing his back with the other, gently bringing her boy back down from the orgasmic dimension with the same motherly affection she used to provide when she nursed him at her titties years earlier.

"There you go, baby," she whispered softly in his ear, quiet enough to be inaudible for the audience that was still watching them. "Doesn't that feel better? I promised you that I would take care of that awful aching in your balls. You know I would never leave you hanging after so much teasing in my class earlier. That's it, baby, just relax. You just lay there and enjoy the afterglow for a minute," she sweetly told her boy, hoping to give him a few brief seconds of tranquility before they would have to address their audience.

That moment arrived sooner rather than later. As Hilda peered over her nearly u*********s and completely spent son's shoulder at the door, the crowd of students erupted in thunderous applause, cheers, and whistling. The burst of noise was enough to roust Henry from his half-minute nap, and he groggily stood back up, his sticky and now deflating phallus exiting his mother's pussy with a loud 'pop'.

"Wooo! That was one fuck of a show, you two!" Kenny Long shouted over the din of clapping and hollering.

"That was better than any porno I've ever seen!" Denny added, setting off murmurs of agreement from the other k**s in the crowd.

Hilda and Henry finally separated themselves and he helped his mother to her feet, the two of them now standing in front of about twenty students, naked and flushed, their bodies glistening with sweat and cum. Their tryst had only lasted a few minutes, but the aftermath of the act made it seem like they had spent the entire morning in a marathon session of copulation. Stretching out and theatrically holding hands, the two took a bow to the cheering group of students, proud that they had put on such an epic performance. Hilda shook her knockers playfully up and down at the onlookers. It was at this moment that the bell rang, indicating that it was the start of the next class. Fortunately for Henry, he had fourth period free and therefore had an hour of down time to recover from what had just transpired. Hilda, however had another class to teach at the moment, many of her students having already arrived as part of the crowd that witnessed her latest romp.

Reverting facetiously to her professional teaching demeanor, Hilda addressed her son: "You know what, Henry. I think you might actually be running a slight temperature after all. Why don't you head down to the nurse's office and lie down for a while?" she said, drawing a handful of chuckles from the assembled students.

Henry, anxious for some rest after being fucked into exhaustion by his mother, agreed. "Okay, Mom - I mean, MISS Humper! I wouldn't want to come down with something," he said as he tentatively reached for his jeans which lay in a crumpled pile on the floor. But not before Hilda momentarily stopped him again.

"Not so fast, Henry. Your wee wee is still dribbling a little bit. I just washed those pants yesterday and don't want them stained. Let me clean you up first before you go." Not even waiting for a response, the J-cupped queen of gigantic juggies dropped to her knees and began lapping like a momma cat at Henry's now-flaccid-but-still-enormous tubesteak, removing all of the residual semen that had remained on his cock after painting the inside of his mother's pussy with his creamy load. Hilda's well-practiced mouth and tongue had Henry's spent wee wee clean as a whistle within fifteen seconds, her decades of experience sucking the cocks of thousands of different men paying dividends now.

Finally getting dressed and heading out the door, Henry received multiple pats on the back from his classmates as his mother bid him adieu. "Remember, that was only our second hump of the day, and I need you in tip-top shape for our after dinner fucky time! Now go have a nice nap and refill those sweet semen silos of yours so you can have another big load ready for me after school. See you tonight, mommyfucker!" Hilda yelled after him, her mask of professionalism quickly evaporating once more.

Looking down at her still nude, sweat-and-cum-plastered body, Hilda concluded that a little cleaning up was in order before she began her next lecture. "I think I'm gonna head down to the locker room and take a shower. Any of you boys want to join me?" she inquired with a wink as a dozen male hands raised into the air. "My, my! Aren't you gentlemen the eager beavers! Alright, follow me, boys! First one into the showers gets to soap up my titties, tee hee!"


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5 months ago
"The Teacher's Pet" - Henry Humper and Harriet Humper and Hilda Humper - (Eighteen Year Old Son and NIneteen Year Old Daughter and Thirty-eight Year Old Teacher/Mother).

This story has an abundance of fantasy humor, from the sexuallly illicit character's names and the exaggerated sexual exploits of the insatiable mother/ teacher Hilda Humper and her (probably 40)-J mammarary hooters, to her eighteen year old son Henry Humper's horse-cock sized twelve inch dick!
Unusually and uniquely the space of time for this funny and humorous story's time frame is about 30 minutes of non-stop sexual titillation, from the end of a class period into 15 or so minutes of the incoming next class period--students finally numbering 20 or so gawkers who are welcomed to the sights and sounds of their English teacher and her son having the most majestic and masterful fuck session of their lives! Although the nineteen year old daughter Hilda, Henry's sister, had no role in this session of the story, mother, son and daughter had many private escapades either as a couple and/or threesome at hime.

Reading the story I fantasized, as I'm sure most the male readers did likewise, combining reality with fantasy, I imagined and visualized my mother and I as the characters doing the sexual fantasy fucking instead of son Henry and his mother Hilda! My dick popped up like an unleashed cobra, spurting cum without any use of my hand(s). Excellent and awesome story theme and context, and imagination of the writer!!
2 years ago
Jeeesz, jeeesz, jeeesz!!! No inhibitions, no embarrassment, no tripidations, no regrets. What as fancy, fantastic, tantasy revelation is would be to have a mother as Ms. Humper. Or just once get a opportunity at her water-trough!!!

My hardon whie reading this story was a hard as Henry's must have been. Henry and his mother were/are perfectly matched for each other; it's unfortunate that his mother needs ten or so Henry's daily to sastisfy her lust, urges, needs and wanton sluttiness. Whoooow, what a sonfucker and motherfucker combination!!
2 years ago
Jeeesz, jeeesz, jeeesz!!! No inhibitions, no embarrassment, no tripidations, no regrets. What as fancy, fantastic, tantasy revelation is would be to have a mother as Ms. Humper. Or just once get a opportunity at her water-trough!!!

My hardon whie reading this story was a hard as Henry's must have been. Henry and his mother were/are perfectly matched for each other; it's unfortunate that his mother needs ten or so Henry's daily to sastisfy her lust, urges, needs and wanton sluttiness. Whoooow, what a sonfucker and motherfucker combination!!