It was our first summer without our dad. He passed away of a heart attack last November. We hemmed and hawed for a long time before deciding to continue our annual f****y camping trip. For over twenty-five years we had spent the first week of August at Lake Wellenchuk as a f****y. It wasn't our only f****y ritual, but it was one we had kept up even as our lives got hectic with college, an almost wedding and the rest of it. So it was with a heavy heart, and only the third time since dad's funeral that we were all together again (the other two being one Christmas and Kevin, our youngest b*****r's high school graduation).

Before I get too carried away about the unbelievable weekend itself, I should tell you a bit about myself, my two younger b*****rs, and my beautiful mother.

My name is Jackson, although my f****y calls me Jacks, and I am 26 years old. I am the reliable big b*****r who has spent much of his life getting my middle b*****r out of trouble. I was married for three years, but got divorced a month before my dad passed away. They say bad things happen in threes and after the divorce and my father's death, I kept waiting for the third disaster to hit. Luckily, the third thing was rather small in comparison, a fender bender car accident on New Year's Eve. Any other year and that would have been a major disaster, but in 2010, it was just a fitting end to one fucked up year. My New Year's Resolution was to start living life to the fullest, spend more time with my f****y and meet a woman. I got a loan from the bank and made my dream a reality: I opened an Italian restaurant and named it after Dad--- Amelio's.

My second goal was partly achieved, as I moved back in with my Mother and youngest b*****r Kevin, although it was difficult getting much quality f****y time because of the long hours I worked attempting to make my new business a success. My other b*****r, Adam, had left in January on a six month 'finding yourself' trip through Europe and Asia. My last goal had been an undeniable disaster. I had only been on three dates, hadn't been laid in over a year. Although there were many prospects coming in and out of my life daily, I just didn't seem to have the time or energy to even attempt a romance. Lastly, I often tended to compare any woman I met with my Mother and that, I have learned, is never a good thing.

Adam was the loose cannon of the group. A wild one from the time he was a toddler, he hadn't really changed in his wild ways, even at 22 years of age. He took a year off college, dropped out (truthfully he was told to take a year off) and, after Dad died, decided to just travel the world. His goal was to sl**p with a girl from every country he visited and, according to his travel blog, he had accomplished that. He returned back just in time for Kevin's graduation and our trip. He was still exhibiting his usual easy-going attitude.

Kevin, my youngest b*****r, turned 18 in May and graduated high school with honours in June. He was the geek of the group, a do-gooder who was also a sweetheart to his long time girlfriend Elly. He would rather read than go out, but he greatly idolized Adam, in an almost unhealthy way.

Our Mom Cassie was 45 years old and still in amazingly great shape. She had always worked out and no one believed she had been pregnant three times. Her breasts sagged a bit, but she usually wore outfits and bras that kept them standing at full attention. I would be lying if the majority of my high school wank sessions weren't about my Mother. But like all guys, fucking their Mother is just a naughty fantasy they jerk off to from the time they learn to jerk off until the day they die. It is who we are. My Mother did pretty well with the life insurance after my Dad's death and had attempted to keep things as normal as could be.

The first night at the lake was, not surprisingly, emotionally exhausting. We had a campfire and just shared Dad stories. For awhile, seeing my Mother upset, I wondered if this had been a good idea. But the last hour, we shared funny Dad stories and the emotional bubble seemed to burst.

The next afternoon was a scorcher. My Mom, I should note, knows that she still turns heads. For example, the two-piece bikini she was wearing was something the average female teenager looking to get attention would wear. In truth, the minute I saw her come out of her room after lunch in the two- piece, my dick gave her a secret salute.

While at the beach, I noticed many guys, from teenagers to old pervs, checking out my 45 year old mother. I was both proud and protective of her.

The first slight hint of the evening to come, after my b*****rs went to scope out the chicks playing beach volleyball, was when we laid our towels down on the beautiful soft sand. Mom lay on her towel and asked, "Jacks honey, could you put some lotion on me?"

Dad had always done this in the past, and my dick rose to attention again just with the thought of touching my sexy Mother. I took the lotion, coated my hands and generously and gently lotioned my Mom's shoulders, neck and back. I then moved down and did her legs and feet.

Once done, Mom asked, her voice seeming just a tad flirty, "Jacks, could you please get really close to my bikini bottom, which is where I always burn?"

My erection begged for attention, so many of my stroke fantasies having started just like this. I put more lotion on my hands, which were slightly trembling, and rubbed lotion on my Mom's lower back, so low I felt the crevice of her ass cheeks. I thought I heard a moan escape my Mom's lips, but I assumed it was just wishful thinking. I finished by doing her thighs and again got real close to her prized possession. This time she definitely let out a moan.

"Thank you, Jacks, you have hands just like your father."

"You're welcome, Mom," I said, furtively adjusting my cock in my trunks.

My Mom caught my adjustment and smiled, "Is that because of me?"

I stammered, completely embarrassed, "No, I, um...."

My Mom, her tone soft and sweet, "It's ok, honey, when Dad lathered me up I often could feel his stiffness on me. I often thought he might just fuck me right then and there."

"Mom," I said, shocked by a frankness I had never heard from her.

She just smiled and looked back down and went on sunbathing.

Nothing else remotely interesting happened the rest of the afternoon, but I was greatly distracted. After touching my mom, all I wanted to do was touch her more. All my Mother-fucking fantasies came flooding back and, although it hadn't occurred to me yet that the fantasy could become reality, my cock was at full mast all day.

That night, around nine, after the four of us had all finished a fair amount of booze, Adam and Kevin said they were going to a party with some girls they met. I argued they should stay and hang with Mom, but Adam, thinking with his cock like he always did, said they were going out. Kevin was just trying to fit in with his cool b*****r and sheepishly followed. I called them assholes and they left.

Mom and I went out and started a fire in our very secluded and private cabin. We sat by the fire, on a two-person swing and drank even more. About half an hour after my b*****rs left, Mom clearly was past tipsy and well on her way to really intoxicated. Still in her same bikini, she asked, "So, Jacks, when was the last time you got laid?"

Beer sprayed out of my mouth. "Mom!"

"No, seriously. You have looked after Kevin and I since your father died. It's time for you to start thinking about yourself."

"Well, truthfully, work has been more of a hindrance."

"You work too hard," Mom suggested, her hand falling innocently onto my leg.

Her soft touch had me distracted and my cock woke up from its slumber. I stammered slightly, "I have no choice if I want this restaurant to succeed."

Mom's hand moved up just slightly, "I know, I know, it's just I want you to find a woman too."

"Women are exhausting, time-consuming and wallet-crushing," I sighed, remembering not so fondly my last couple of failed relationships and a divorce I was still paying for.

"The right one isn't," Mom suggested.

"Well I am still searching for her, I guess," I shrugged and finished my beer.

"You know Jacks, you look a lot like your father," Mom said, her tone changing.

"I know," I replied, having been told that for as long as I can remember.

Her hand moved up slightly again. I took a deep breath and felt her hand move and rest on my hard cock. "Hmmmm, feels like you and your dad have something else in common."

"Mom, I..." I began.

"Stop. I haven't had sex in eight months, and you haven't had sex in just as long I am guessing," she argued, her hand now firmly on my fully erect cock. Her face went pouty like a teen girl trying to get her way with her boyfriend. "Haven't you ever fantasized about Mommy?"

"I-um," I stammered, before finally thinking 'fuck it', "Mom I have fantasized about you since I can remember."

"I thought so," she whispered, her hot breath in my ear. Her hand rubbed my cock with a bit more purpose. "Do you want Mommy to suck your cock?"

I let out a grunt in acknowledgment.

Her tongue teased my ear, "I will take that as a yes."

She moved away from my ear and quickly unbuckled my shorts and pulled out my raging hard-on. "Fuck, I have missed the feeling of a big hard cock."

She leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I moaned on contact, in pure ecstasy, my lifelong fantasy suddenly coming true. I stared at my mom and her wet lips around my cock. Unlike most girls who sucked cock just long enough to get me hard, my mom sucked on my cock like she actually enjoyed it. After a couple of minutes of just teasing my head with her lips and tongue, she began to take more of my cock in her expert mouth. She continued the slow sweet style, taking just a bit more of my shaft in her mouth at a time.

I don't know how long she had my cock in her mouth before she finally took my erection out and requested, "Son, I desperately need to taste your cum. I don't mean to be crass or anything, but I love the taste of cum. Your dad used to fulfill this need. So please, I want you to shoot a big full load of your cum down my throat. Think you can do that for Mommy?"

Still feeling like a horny teenager from every eighties sex comedy, I just babbled a bunch of incoherent words that implied yes.

She took my cock back in her mouth. Unlike the slow tenderness of a couple minutes ago, this time she devoured my cock whole. She deep throated me and then bobbed up and down like a porn star. Not surprisingly, I didn't last long under such intense pleasure. I grunted, "I'm coming Mommy." A few seconds later I exploded my cum down my Mother's throat. Unlike most girls, she didn't miss a beat, as she continued the fast-paced assault on my cock, long after my cum had all been swallowed.

Suddenly with a confidence I didn't know was in me, I pulled out and aggressively pushed her onto the grass onto her back and opened her legs. I pulled her bikini bottom to the side and dove into my Mother's cunt. I licked her hairy pussy eager to return the favour and get her off.

My Mom's cunt was already sopping wet and within seconds of my tongue on her pussy lips, she got animated."Oh yes, Jacks, your tongue feels so good on Mommy's cunt." She moved her ass up and down attempting to fuck herself with my tongue. I continued to lick and heard her scream, "Fuck, Jacks, I'm coming." Seconds later I was sprayed by a river of juice.

I continued licking, eager to swallow as much of my Mother's juice as I could. Finally, she said the words I had dreamt about for years, "Jacks, I want you in me. Come fuck Mommy."

She quickly pulled off her bikini bottom to give me easier access to her pussy. I didn't have to be told twice. I quickly positioned myself on top of her and slid easily into her warm oasis. I moved in and out slowly and leaned forward to kiss her beautiful mountains of flesh, which were sadly still partially hidden by her skimpy bikini top. As I kissed and gently sucked on the top of her breasts, she moaned, "Does my son want to suck on the same breasts he once nursed?"

"Badly," I mumbled, my lips never leaving her body.

She leaned forward and slipped out of her last piece of clothing.

I just stared at her still amazing firm breasts and her big hard nipples. I instinctively took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. So focused on my Mommy's delicious tits I had stopped fucking her, my cock resting comfortably deep inside her. I took her other nipple into my mouth and resumed my slow fucking of my Mother. This tender intimate scene lasted over ten minutes before it was interrupted by the shocked words of my middle b*****r.

"Holy fucking shit!" Adam said, clearly shocked by what he was witnessing.

I looked up and saw my two b*****rs both staring at the sight of their mother being fucked by their oldest sibling.

Before I had a chance to speak, although I had no idea what I would have possibly said, my very d***k and horny Mother shocked us all. "Don't just stand there like a couple of wankers. Come and join us."

Adam, who had a reputation of fucking anything that moved, had no moral reservations about the fact that it was his Mother and was naked and his dick revving to go in a heartbeat. He walked over to my Mom and presented his rod to his Mother's mouth.

My Mother didn't say anything, but instead took her middle son's cock in her mouth.

My youngest b*****r stood motionless, clearly in a state of shock by what he was seeing. My cock was still lodged deep inside my horny Mother. I was in awe as I watched as Mom gobbled up my b*****r's, to my great pride, smaller cock. Kevin still hadn't moved.

My Mother quit sucking Dave's cock and looked directly at her youngest, eighteen-year old son, and ordered, like a Mother would scold her son, "Get your ass over here now, young man."

Kevin seemed to waken from his stunned stupor and shyly walked over to the i****tuous act that was currently taking place.

Adam attempted to help, "Get naked, man."

Mom looked at her nervous son and asked, "Don't I turn you on?"

Kevin finally stammered, "Y-y-yes."

"Then come join the party," Mom suggested before turning to me and ordering, "and you, get back to what you were doing to me."

"Yes, Mom," I absurdly replied, and began pumping her pussy again.

Adam said, "Kevin it's now or never. Time to lose that cherry."

Mom's face got even more excited, "My little Kevin is still a virgin?"

Kevin sheepishly whispered, "Yes."

"Well we better change that," Mom announced matter-of-factly. Kevin nervously undressed and as soon as he was naked, Mom pulled him in and took his cock, that was slightly larger than either of his older b*****r's, in her mouth. She sucked him like a horny slut desperate to get a cock nice and hard. Although Kevin's mind may have been contemplating resisting, his cock had other thoughts. Clearly horny and in charge, my mother, like a drill sergeant in charge of pleasure, ordered, "Jacks, take a break. Let's let Kevin feel what it's like to be with a woman.

I reluctantly pulled my cock out of my Mother. Mom ordered Kevin, "Lay down baby, let Mommy take care of you."

Kevin lay on the blanket and watched as his Mother straddled him and easily engulfed his cock inside her cunt. She bounced up and down, her beautiful tits bouncing in unison while she took her son's virginity.

Adam, not one to wait patiently, moved up and offered his cock to my Mother's mouth. My mom purred, "Oh Adam, you are such a dirty boy." Without another word, she took her middle son's cock in her mouth.

After only a couple of minutes of riding her son's cock, Kevin warned, "Mom, I am going to come."

Mom took her other son's cock out of her mouth and ordered, "Fill your Mommy with your hot seed, son."

Mom continued bouncing up and down on her son's cock and within a few seconds Kevin bellowed, "I'm coming Mommy!"

Mom milked her youngest son's cock, extracting every last drop.

As soon as Kevin was done, Adam ordered. "Move it little man, time for a real man to fuck our Mother."

Mom gave a slutty smirk, "You better not be all talk."

Adam flipped my Mother onto her back on the ground and drove into her, Kevin getting out of the way just in time. Mom instantly got animated, "You like fucking your Mother, don't you, you dirty boy?"

"I have wanted to do this for years," my middle b*****r growled between thrusts.

"Oh yes, fuck me son. Fuck me hard. Yes," my mother wailed.

Kevin and I watched our b*****r hammer away at our Mother, neither of us really believing what was happening. After a few minutes of hardcore fast-paced fucking, my Mother screamed, "I'm coming sonnnnn!"

This made Adam smile and he kept drilling her cunt furiously while our Mother's orgasm shook through her. A variety of erotic moans and screams echoed as an everlasting orgasm continued to pulse through Mom.

Finally, my b*****r asked, "Where do you want my cum, Mother?"

My mom shamelessly begged, " Fill me with your cum, son,"

Adam continued pounding Mom until his face changed and he grunted, "I'm coming Mommy." He buried his cock deep into Mom and shot his wad inside her.

Both Kevin and I were hard again and Mom, who clearly was insatiable, ordered, "Kevin come lay back down for Mommy."

I was disappointed. This had begun as an intimate evening with just Mom and I and now I was getting left out. Once Kevin was on the ground, Mom straddled him for a second time. This time though she ordered me, "Get over here, Jacks, and fuck your Mother's ass."

I couldn't believe it. Kevin and I were going to DP our beautiful mother. I quickly got behind my Mother, who leaned forward giving me easy access to her rosebud. I slid my rod between her sweet ass cheeks.

My Mom, clearly impatient, ordered, "Stop admiring your Mother's ass and fill it with your meat."

Needing no further encouragement, I slowly began to penetrate my Mom's rear. It was incredibly tight. Once half my dick was in her ass, she surprised me by pushing back and taking the majority of my cock in her butt. My Mother demanded, "Now stop being a fucking pansy and fuck your Mom's ass."

Slightly embarrassed by my Mother's scolding and determined to make her happy, like I had always attempted to, I began to fuck my Mom's ass. She leaned forward and began a very non-mother-son-like kiss with Kevin. I leaned forward as well to deeper fill my Mom's ass. From this position, I seemed powerful and began to thrust in and out of my Mother, giving an extra hard thrust each time. The hard thrusts f***ed my Mom to quit kissing her youngest son and move her hands out to hold herself up.

"Oh yes, Jacks, that's it baby, fuck Mommy's ass. Fuck it deep and hard. Yes," she moaned.

Her words were quickly muffled by Adam who ordered, "No reason I should be left out of this. Now suck my cock, Mommy slut."

I looked up, thinking Adam may have gone too far, but instead heard Mom ask, "And how do I compare to all the other sluts you have fucked?"

Adam shoved his cock in her mouth and said, "So far so good, slut. But let's see how you worship my cock."

I continued ramming my rod in my Mom's still incredibly tight ass and soon she adjusted and we were like a well-oiled machine. With each thrust forward, she deep-throated most of Adam's cock and when I pulled back, so did she. There was a bizarre symmetry to the triple penetration of our mother.

Having already come once, I knew this would be a marathon session. Perspiration was dripping down my face while I continued the fast paced ass fucking my Mother had demanded.

Finally, I could feel my cum bubbling and I, being aggressive like I learned my Mother loved, pulled out, and ordered, "Adam go fuck our whore's ass. I want Mommy dearest to suck the cock that just rammed her asshole."

Adam moved, seemingly impressed by his big b*****r for once, and my Mom looked up at me also with a look of wow-about-fucking-time. I shoved my cock in my lovely Mother's mouth and watched while she eagerly gobbled it up. Adam easily filled Mom's ass and again my mom was being triple-teamed by her sons and loving it. It took only a couple of minutes of my Mom's luscious lips around my cock to feel my cum bubbling again. When I knew I could not hold back anymore, I pulled out of Mom's mouth and shot my cum all over her pretty face. After the majority of my cum landed on her check, forehead and hair, I reluctantly pulled my slowly shrivelling cock out of my Mom's perfect cocksucking mouth. I collapsed on the lawn chair and watched my lovely Mom get DP'd by her two youngest sons.

Now with no cock in her mouth to keep her mouth closed, she got animated. "Yes fuck Mommy boys, fuck her like a dirty slut."My mother also began to bounce up and down, somehow keeping both cocks in her two holes.

Adam rammed her ass and gave playful spanks to her cheeks. "You know Mommy, this isn't a one-time thing. I plan to use you as my personal fuck-toy whenever I want. Is that understood?"

My Mother, reaching yet another orgasm, moaned in understanding, "Mommy will be a fuck-toy for all of my sons. Now make Mommy come."

Adam drilled our Mother hard and a couple of minutes later another orgasm quaked through Mom. "Oh my fucking God, fuck Mommy, fuck her like you do all your little tramps. Fuck, fuck, fuck you are making Mommy comeeeeeeeee!"

Once Mom finished her orgasm, Adam pulled out of Mom and shoved his rod in Mom's mouth. She eagerly sucked her son's cock and began to really bounce on her son's cock in her pussy. Adam grunted and pulled out, shooting a second load of cum all over our Mother's face. As soon as Adam was done, Mom got off Kevin's cock and gobbled him whole with her expert cocksucking mouth.

She bobbed up and down on her youngest son's cock like it was a race. It was so fucking hot. As soon as Kevin warned, "I'm going to come Mommy." Mom took her mouth off her son's cock and gave him a fast hand-job.

"Come on Kevin, come all over your Mommy's face like your b*****rs did," Mom requested.

Shy and reserved Kevin surprised us all when he grunted, "Take my cum, Mommy slut."

Seconds later cum exploded from Kevin's cock and coated Mommy's already sticky face. Mom took Kevin's cock back into her mouth and slowed to a leisurely pace.

A couple minutes later all three of her son's limp cocks rested and Mom crawled over to Adam and me. She took a cock in each hand. "You guys aren't done with Mommy, are you?"

"Hell no," Adam stated.

"Good," Mom said, stroking both our cocks.

Adam looked at my rising cock and said, "Are you ready for another round?"

My cock was fully erect again. I stood up, grabbed my Mom's head and began to face fuck my Mother. Adam high-fived me for the first time ever, and went behind our kneeling Mother.

Adam slid into my Mom's well fucked pussy and said, "Kevin, get that dick hard again. It is time to gangbang Mommy again."

Kevin stroked his cock and watched his older b*****rs use his Mother as a fuck-toy. Once he was hard again, he stood up and with a new found confidence demanded, "Move over Adam, it is my turn to fuck Mom's ass."

Impressed by the new Kevin, Adam obliged, and we repositioned ourselves. Soon Adam was in Mom's cunt, Kevin in her ass and my dick was in her mouth.

All three of us, having already exploded in or on our Mother twice, took our time gangbanging our Mother. Two more orgasms for Mom, and each of us shot one final load in our perfect and now fuck-toy Mother. Once we were all spent, my Mom lay on the ground, cum leaking from her pussy and ass, and her face sticky with her son's cum. She smiled in pure sexual bliss.

I looked directly at my beautiful well-fucked Mom, the one I had fantasized about my whole life. Then I suggested, a jubilant smile on my face, "Well I think we have started a whole new f****y tradition, a tradition that we will do many, many times. Gangbang Mommy!!!."


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14 days ago
2 months ago
"Gangbang Mommy" - Forty-Five Year Old Widowed Mother, Cassie and Twenty-six Year Old Son, Jackson and, Twenty-two Year Old Son, Adam and, Eighteen Year Old Son, Kevin.

Though this story has amazing eroticism, along with blood-kin incestual three sons gangbanging their mother Cassie, the story is totally not believeable. In fact, it's so not believeable that it hardly registers on the fantasy-scale. Here's three sons, 26 years old, 22 years old and just (very recently) turned 18 year old son's all within the very same day start a " family tradition that we will do many, many times..." gangbanging of their forty-five year old mother!!!

Love the concept and the context and the story theme, but the story would be hugely more thrilling and erotic and believeable were it not for the fact that three sons, without prior planning, fuck their now-momma-whore like a gutter-slut, gangbanging her numerous times all on the same day!! For a stroke, non-incestual, non-blood-kin story the concept of a three-male (non related) gangbanging of a non related female would portray realism and believeability!
8 months ago
another good work.
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very hot bro
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one of best ive read fucking awesome
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thanks yaar! Very hot fucking incest story... Awesome.
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great story nice and hot!
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Loved it.
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fucking hot.... Got my dick ssoo hard... Had a gret cumming session......
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super nice
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Very horny story
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hot fuckin story i love it
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Very well done!
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