Evelyn couldn't remember ever being so sad and all alone. Why had Anthony been taken from her she morosely wondered as tears coursed down her cheeks, streaking her mascara and makeup? It wasn't fair. She had no one. Even though it had been over six months, she still felt so helpless and alone. She had no one to comfort her. To console her. And she was so lonely, she ached.

What could she do, she asked herself? This couldn't go on much longer, or she might do something drastic. Do something crazy to end the pain and suffering.

Then at her darkest moment, she remembered. Tyler was coming home. It was a ray of sunlight in her otherwise miserable life. The thought of seeing her son again gave her the uplift she needed to continue on.

Maybe he could pull her out of her doldrums, she told herself. If anyone could, he could. She loved being around him and she would have him all to herself . . .

Steeling herself, she made it through the next two days and then it was Saturday. The day that Tyler was due to arrive. Hurrying around the house, she tidied up in expectation of his return. She found herself becoming more and more agitated and anxious as the hour of his arrival approached. For some reason, she felt strangely different about Tyler's visit this time. Maybe it was because before, there had been the three of them to spend time together. In the past, when Tyler had visited, he and Anthony had spent a lot of time together, but now, with Anthony gone, it would just be the two of them. Tyler and her!

The fact that the gangly eighteen-year-old boy who had left them three years ago had turned into a handsome twenty-one-year old man was somewhat disquieting to her. She had never felt this way toward him before. She had almost the same feeling of anxiety and excitement she had experienced back as a teenager before she went out on a date with a boy for the first time. All the symptoms were there, even to the tight, fluttery feeling down in the pit of her stomach.

What was going on with her, she anxiously asked herself? This was nonsensical. She was a grown woman, so why would a forty-one-year old woman get so giddy at the prospect of seeing her son again? Maybe a glass of wine might quiet my nerves, she thought, stepping over to the bar. Filling a flute with sparkling white wine, she carried it over to the front window and stood sipping on the wine as she peered out, restlessly waiting for Tyler's arrival.

Then she saw Tyler's car turn the corner slowly pull up to the curb in front of the house.

All of a sudden she felt weak-kneed and the twittering, fluttery feeling in the pit of her stomach grew worse. Get ahold of yourself, woman, she berated herself as she held onto the window frame to keep from falling.

The butterflies down in her stomach were fluttering around wildly as she watched Tyler crawl out of his car and start up the front walk.

He was so handsome, she giddily thought as she watched him step up to the front door. Then the doorbell rang. Gathering herself, Evelyn put her hand on the wall to brace herself as she wobbly made her way over to the front door.

Grabbing the door handle, Evelyn jerked the door open.

"Tyler, Baby, oh I'm so glad to see you," Evelyn gushed as she saw the happy smile on his handsome face. "It's been so long . . ."

"I know. Too long . . ." he grinned, reaching for her and sweeping her into his strong arms.

Evelyn thought she was going to faint as they stood hugging.

Finally Tyler broke his bear-hold on her and stepped back holding her at arm's length.

"Wow, Mom, you look great," Tyler praised, running his eyes up and down her body. "You've certainly been keeping yourself in good shape."

"Well, I'm not ready to be put out to pasture just yet," she smiled back at him, stepping back away from him and running her eyes up and down his body. As she did, she couldn't help but notice the bulge in the front of his pants. Was that an erection, she franticly wondered, quickly looking back up at his face?

"Uh, Looks, uh, looks like you've been keeping yourself in good shape, too," she stammered, her face reddening.

"Been hitting the old gym," he grinned, stepping around her and heading for the bar.

Still shaky, Evelyn watched him as he poured himself a glass of wine then turned to face her again.

"So, how have things been?" he asked her, stepping toward her.

"I miss your father . . ." Evelyn sniffed, trying to hold back the tears.

"So do I," Tyler said, taking her hand and leading her over to the couch.

Tyler continued to hold onto her soft, warm hand after they sat down. Giving it a gentle, comforting squeeze, he stared into her tear-rimmed eyes hoping that she wouldn't start crying.

Then he saw her take a shaky, deep breath. As she did, the swell of her bosom rose and fell in jerky starts and stops.

She didn't have the biggest breasts in the world, Tyler perversely thought to himself. But on the other hand, they weren't too small either. They looked to be just about the right size.

Did he just check out my breasts, Evelyn asked herself? The tight, fluttery feeling in the pit of her stomach was back with a vengeance as she considered the implications of such a thing.

"I'm better now . . . now that you're here," she murmured, giving him an intimate smile.

"Good. I'm glad I could help," he grinned at her, giving her hand another gentle squeeze.

"I've been so lonely," Evelyn sniffed, still trying to hold back the tears.

"Well, I'm here to take care of you now, Mom," Tyler told her, setting his glass on the coffee table and pulling her into his arms.

"Thank you," she sighed.

"Just tell me what you need, Mother," he whispered into her ear.

As they tightly hugged, Tyler could feel the soft swell of his mother's breasts pressing against his chest. I wonder what they look like, he wondered, savoring the lingering fragrance of perfume on her blond hair. Were they saggy, or pert? How big were her areolas? Did she have little nipples or big, swollen ones? Were her breasts tanned or milky white?

Finally when they broke their hug, Tyler gave his mother a brief, soft kiss on her cheek just where it met the corner of her mouth.

Evelyn felt a spasm of electric excitement spark up her spine as his lips touched hers. She couldn't believe how soft and full his lips were as their lips touched for that tiniest of moments. What would they feel like to kiss them? Evelyn couldn't believe the thoughts swirling through her fevered brain. This was Tyler, she told herself. They had never done anything like that before. So why was she having all these crazy thoughts about him today? What was causing it? Was it the thought of him having an erection earlier that released all her deviant thoughts? Or was it the fact she hadn't seen him in so long and that she was just so happy to see him?

Whatever it was, she had to get control of herself before something unimaginable happened.

Tyler could see the confusion in his mother's eyes. And he also saw that she was breathing a little faster than usual, making her breasts rise and fall at a quicker pace. Was she becoming aroused, he nervously wondered?

He couldn't explain his own excitement and arousal. There was something different about this visit. Was it the fact that they were alone this time? Glancing down at his lap, he wondered if she had seen his erection as he dropped his hand down to cover it. But as he looked back up at her face, he saw that her eyes had followed his down and she was staring down at his hand.

Her cheeks were red and flushed as she brought her eyes back up to his.

"Uh, would you, uh, would you like some more wine?" she mumbled, pushing up to her feet.

"Uh, sure . . ." he told her, picking up his glass and finishing off the remaining wine before he handed it to her.

As she reached for his glass, she saw his eyes caress her breasts for the briefest of moments. When he saw that she had seen him ogling her breasts, a blush of red matching the color of her cheeks spread across his cheeks.

What was happening between them, Evelyn woozily asked herself? She felt disoriented and out of control as she wobbly stepped across the room to the bar. Who was this handsome, young stranger who had replaced her son, she franticly wondered?

Tyler watched his mother's round, little butt seductively swaying from side to side as she made her way over to the bar. What would it look like, he dizzily wondered? Was she wearing panties? What color were her panties if she was wearing panties? And what kind were they? Was she wearing a thong, he wondered, his eyes searching for panty lines and not finding any?

Evelyn could almost feel Tyler's eyes on her ass as he studied her backside. First her breasts and now her ass, she franticly thought. It was almost as if he had just discovered that she was a not just his mother. She was a woman, too. Taking her time pouring the wine, she gave him plenty of time to study her body. She didn't know how to take this sudden new development that seemed to be taking place between them.

He had never taken stock of what a nice figure his mother had, Tyler thought to himself. Oh, he had noticed it, but not in the sense he was noticing it now as his inquisitive eyes pored over her body; the long sweep of her back ending at her narrow, almost wasp-like waist; The swell of her perfect, round ass; Her long, athletic legs with all the curves and swoops in all the right places; They all made for a very nice body. A body that he would love to see naked, he sickly thought as she turned and started back toward him.

Walking back toward him, Evelyn saw his eyes dart back down to her breasts as they gently bobbed and tugged at her chest with each step she took.

"So, how long do I have you for?" she asked him, handing him his drink and sliding back onto the couch with her long legs curled up under her.

"Uh, three weeks, if that's okay with you," he grinned, then impetuously tapped his glass against hers. "Just the two of us for three weeks."

"Is that all?" Evelyn pouted.

"I'm afraid so. Nan and I are going on a camping trip when I get back," he said, taking another sip on his wine.

It wasn't fair, she complained to herself. She finally had her baby boy back and some other woman was going to take him away from her. Take him away and leave her lonely and all alone again. And what would she do when he was gone? She would have no one to talk to. No one to comfort her.

Tyler saw the look of disappointment in his mother's eyes when he told her about the camping trip, but there was nothing he could do about it. He and Nan had been planning the trip for months.

"I'm sorry . . ." Tyler mumbled.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to make the most out of what little time we have then," Evelyn told him, trying to put on a happy face.

"Three weeks is a long time, and I'll bet you'll be glad to get me out from under foot by that time anyway," he said, grinning and taking another sip on his wine.

"I doubt that," she said . . .


The first week went by quickly. The tension between them seemed to lessen and they grew more comfortable being around each other again. But even then, Evelyn could feel an undercurrent of anxiety and uneasiness that hadn't been there before. There was just something different in their relationship now, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. But there was one thing she did know. She didn't want Tyler to leave!

How could she make him stay longer? She was no competition for a girl half her age, she sadly thought. And besides, she was just his mother. Mothers just couldn't provide for all of a son's needs. Oh, she could provide him with love and companionship, but not the one thing a man needed most, especially at his age. And after three weeks there would be only one thing on his mind. At least if he was like his father was, she sadly thought . . .


She certainly looks cute in her little tennis skirt, Tyler thought to himself as he whacked the ball back over the net and watched it go out of bounds. She had the cutest round butt and it was perfectly displayed every time she bent over to retrieve the tennis ball. He had already hit several shots out of bounds just to watch her bend over and show off her butt in her hot, tight tennis shorts.

"Good game, Mom," Tyler hollered, prancing up to the net and hopping over it like he was some kind of tennis pro or something.

"I think you threw it," she laughed as he barely missed hooking his heel on the net and falling face first on the cement.

"Now why would I do that?" he asked her as they walked toward the bench where their towels lay.

"I saw you checking me out every time I bent over," she grinned, leaning over and picking up her towel.

"Me? Checking you out?" he snickered, wiping his sweaty forehead with his towel.

"Won't do you any good to deny it . . . I saw you," she said, dabbing at her damp forehead with her towel.

"Hey can't blame me," he told her, flipping his towel over his shoulder. "You're the one running around in your short, little skirt and your tight, hot pants. Enough to drive a man to drink, speaking of which, I'm buying."

They walked along hand in hand, laughing and something that bordered on flirting as they made their way over to the courtside bar.

After a couple of drinks, they made their way out to Evelyn's car.

"I feel so happy when I'm with you," Evelyn purred as they drove along heading back home. "I wish you could stay longer."

"I'm not leaving for two weeks, Mom. We've still got lots of time," Tyler grinned, reaching over and giving her bare thigh an intimate squeeze. Then, to her consternation, he left his hand on her leg.

Evelyn nervously glanced down at his hand and then quickly back up to his face before turning her attention back to the road.

It was such an intimate gesture, Evelyn anxiously thought. Almost a gesture a husband or a lover would make, not one a son would make.

"So, uh, what would you like to do tomorrow?" Evelyn asked, hoping to lighten the mood a little.

"I thought I'd take my favorite girl out to lunch, if she'd let me," Tyler said, giving her thigh another gentle squeeze.

"She would like that," Evelyn smiled back at him, taking her hand off the wheel and giving his thigh a familiar squeeze before bringing it back up to the steering wheel.

"You know you looked like a teeny bopper running around on the court today in your hot, little tennis outfit, Mom," Tyler told her with another even more insistent squeeze of her thigh.

"Why thank, you," she said, "I feel like a teeny bopper when I'm around you."

"I'm glad I can make you feel that way, Mom," he smiled.

Evelyn had never felt closer to Tyler than she did at that very moment. It was more than the warm, happy love a mother felt for her son. It was a love that could consume a woman and make her do crazy things, she dizzily thought as she turned into the driveway and turned the car off.

Neither of them moved for the longest time as they sat staring into each other's eyes. The tension inside the car was heating up the air, making it almost unbreatheable as they both found themselves breathing harder.

Then Tyler slowly leaned toward her. As he did, Evelyn felt his hand slide off her thigh and down between her legs. Evelyn couldn't move as she watched her son's face move closer and closer. Crazily, she found her lips instinctively opening in preparation for the kiss she knew was coming.

Their lips touched. Sparks flew. They kissed, softly at first but the kiss became increasing passionate with each passing second. Then Evelyn felt Tyler's fingertip brush over the crotch of her tight tennis shorts.

The touch startled Evelyn back to reality. Breaking the kiss, she reached up and gently shoved Tyler back away from her.

Gasping for air, Evelyn shoved her car door open and d***kenly stumbled out of the car. Slamming her door shut, she lurched up the walk toward the front door. As she did, she heard Tyler's car door slam shut. Then she heard his steps as he ran to catch up with her.

He caught up with her at the front door and wrapped his arms around her. Pulling her against him, he leaned down and their lips met in a second fiery kiss.

Fighting to breathe, she jerked her head back and reached for the door knob.

"No—no—the neighbors can see—" she gasped, fumbling with the door knob, trying to turn it.

Her numb fingers didn't want to work, but somehow Evelyn was finally able to get the door open and they stumbled inside.

Shoving the door shut behind them, Tyler took her in his arms again and the kiss continued. This time the kiss turned into an open-mouthed, tongue twisting, probing kiss as he ground himself against her. Then, to her utter astonishment, she felt herself respond, thrusting her groin against him and grinding herself against his maleness.

Then, she felt Tyler's hands slip down inside the back of her tight tennis shorts as he tried to push them down off her butt. The touch of his hand on the skin of her ass brought Evelyn rushing back to reality once again. As much as she wanted it to go further, she couldn't let herself give in to the sick urges that were filling her head. She had to stop him. Stop it before it led to something that they would both regret forever.

Gasping to breathe, she shoved Tyler away from her.

"No—no—we—we can't go there—" she panted, stepping farther away from him.

"But, Mother—" Tyler begged.

Oh, my, God, she gasped to herself as she saw that Tyler's tennis shorts were tented by a huge, distinct erection.

Turning away from Tyler, she fled across the room and down to her bedroom.

Slamming the door shut, she ran across the room and threw herself on her bed. Sobbing fitfully, she tried to make sense out of it all.

Just then, she heard a soft knocking on her door.

"Mother, can I come in?" she heard Tyler ask through the door.

"No! No! Go away!" she cried out, angrier with herself than she was him.

"Mother, I just want to tell you how sorry I am . . ." she heard him say.

"No, go away . . ." she told him again.

Then there was silence, broken only by the sounds of her wracking sobs. What had happened, she franticly asked herself? One moment they were joking and innocently flirting and the next moment they were kissing, consumed by their raging, out of control passion. One part of her had wanted it to continue, but thankfully another part of her was able to rally and stop the death spiral.

But did she really want it to stop? Tyler obviously had feelings toward her. Feelings no son should ever feel for his mother. And he had touched her. Touched her down there! She had stopped him, but there was no denying that she had felt aroused by his touch and she had responded back.

And Tyler's arousal had been clearly evident, the way his shorts had been tented by his obviously erect penis.

Her mind in chaos, Evelyn pushed up out of bed and slowly walked over to the full length mirror by her dressing vanity. Looking at herself in the mirror, she slowly undressed. As her clothes gathered in a pile at her feet, she continued to study her reflection in the mirror.

I don't look bad . . . especially for a forty-one year old, she thought, running her eyes up and down her naked body. Then she turned away from the mirror, embarrassed with herself, admitting what she had really been thinking was that she wouldn't look half bad to someone as young as her own son. Someone as young as Tyler. But why should she care how Tyler saw her? And especially in a sexual way. Right?

"Am I going crazy?" she asked herself out loud.

Turning back to the mirror, she stood naked for a moment longer studying her breasts. What would Tyler think about them, she wondered cupping them and giving them a gentle squeeze? Would he think they were too small? She could see and feel her erect nipples hardening in the cool air as she fondled them. Then she tried to block the thoughts swirling through her mind and slipped back into bed.

Where had Tyler gone? Was he in his room? Was he downstairs? What was he doing? Her thoughts about him were all mixed up now. It was almost like he wasn't her son anymore. He was just a handsome young man who had suddenly appeared in her life. The same young man who had been flirting with her all day on the tennis court. The same young man who had held her in his arms and kissed her. She found it so exciting in a strange way, but at the same time she found it sickening.

But even as she tried to fight the sick, evil thoughts that filled her head, her hand slowly drifted down over the smooth skin of her belly as an image slowly formed in her head. The image of Tyler undressing . . . Stop it! Stop it, she scolded herself, her hand pausing on the soft tuft of curls at the base of her belly. Her head turned on her pillow and another image filled her head . . . the image of Tyler kissing her breasts.

Please, God, she begged! Her fingers slid over her mound and she shuddered. No! No! But the image stayed . . . except now, Tyler was kissing her stomach . . .

Evelyn's fingers slid through the soft folds of flesh . . . she bit her lip . . . she had to stop!

"No, Baby . . ." she murmured out while at the same time opening her legs wider as her fingers dipped deeper, encountering moisture.

She couldn't believe how wet she was as her finger easily slipped inside her.

Think! You have to think, she franticly told herself, slowly drawing her finger back out of herself.

It was her fault, she finally admitted. Hadn't she led him along, flirting and carrying on with him at the tennis court? He was only human. And a male. And males took things differently than females . . . regardless of familial ties. She had read somewhere that males think of sex every seven or so seconds. So how could she blame him? And dressing up in her tiny tennis outfit. That was just like taunting him. Daring him. Why hadn't she worn a regular pair of shorts like she usually did when she played tennis? But no, she had to show off and flaunt her ass. And now, look where that had gotten her.

Now what, she asked herself?

She couldn't commit i****t. She couldn't let him take her in that way . . .

But was oral sex considered i****t? Could she bring him pleasure in that way? Maybe that would defuse the fiery passion of the moment and then they could discuss their situation in a calm manner. Was that the answer? Could a mother bring herself to do that to her son? Could she do it?

Would it stop their headlong plunge downward toward certain disaster . . . or would it just be the first step down the slippery slope resulting in the same disaster? She had to do something . . . she couldn't just do nothing!

Slipping on her house robe, she quietly stole down the hallway to Tyler's room. Seeing that the door was open, she looked inside and saw that Tyler was not inside. She crept back to the stairs and slowly tiptoed down them.

Stealing across the living room to the recreation room, she stopped and listened. The TV was on. Peeking around the door, Evelyn saw that Tyler was sitting on the couch watching TV. Slipping around the door, she quietly padded over to the back of the couch where he sat. Standing behind the couch, she leaned over and looked down. She was shocked to see that Tyler had the fly of his tennis shorts open and had his hand wrapped around the giant penis jutting up out of his hairy groin. It looked so hard, so evil, sticking up in the air as Tyler slowly worked his hand up and down it. She didn't know how big the monstrous organ was, but she knew that it was much bigger and longer than Anthony's had been.

Feeling lightheaded, Evelyn stood watching as Tyler slowly stroked his oversized cock for several long moments before she finally crept down to the end of the couch. Then with a soft cough, she stepped around the end of the couch and into Tyler's view.

"Mother!" Tyler gasped as he struggled to shove his cock back down inside his shorts.

Evelyn didn't speak. She just quickly walked out to the front door and locked it. Then she stepped over to the windows and one by one jerked the curtains closed until they were all closed. With the room darkened, the only light was coming from the flickering glow of the TV.

"Mother, I'm sorry . . ." Tyler mumbled.

Although she couldn't see the color of his face in the darkened room, she knew that his face must be a bright red.

"Don't talk," she murmured, kneeling down in front of him and slowly pushing his legs apart.

"Mother . . ." he groaned, watching her reach up to his shorts.

"Shhhhh," she shushed him, unbuttoning his shorts again and spreading open his fly.

Tyler's heart skipped a beat as his mother's hand slipped inside his shorts and wrapped itself around his twitching cock. Good God, she has my cock in her hand, Tyler screamed to himself.

Tyler watched on with feverish excitement as her hand began to slowly move up and down the rigid shaft of his penis. His mother's mouth was so close to his cock, he could feel her hot breath on its big, swollen head.

Tyler couldn't suppress the moan that came bubbling up to his mouth as his mother leaned down and gave the head of his cock a long, lingering kiss. Then her full, red lips opened wider and slowly slipped down over the head of his cock! She's going to suck on my cock, he deliriously thought. Then he felt the suction as the moist warmth collapsed down around the head of his cock. His mother was sucking on his cock, he feverishly told himself!

Tyler fought to hold back the scream that was fighting to escape from his mouth. Instead, he gave out a soft, gurgling moan. Then he could feel his mother's rough tongue licking the swollen head of his penis, poking and probing at the hole in its tip before twirling around the sensitive knob. She didn't take more than the head into her mouth as she gently sucked on it and began to slowly, lovingly pump her hand up and down its thick shaft.

This was his mother sucking on his cock, he franticly thought. His mother! How?

Tyler couldn't believe it was really happening as he gently placed his hand on the back of her neck. He wanted for push her head down, but was afraid. Afraid it might make her stop sucking.

Tyler began to slowly move his hips, lifting them off the couch and trying to f***e more of his cock into her hot, sucking mouth. But she wouldn't let him and continued the maddening teasing of the head of his penis. To Tyler, it felt like she was trying to suck off the head of his cock as the suction grew stronger and her hand moved faster. While she slurped and sucked, Tyler felt the burn down inside his aching balls growing hotter and hotter as they prepared for the imminent eruption.

Tyler knew that ejaculation was only moments away. Should he tell her? Warn her of the inevitable upheaval or just let go and finish in her mouth? Finish in her hot, sucking mouth and let her swallow his ball's liquid treasure?

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, Tyler threw his head back against the couch and moaned.

"Mother—Mother—Gonna—gonna—" he gasped out, hoping that it was sufficient warning to her.

But she didn't stop sucking. She just clutched her fist tighter and began to move it up and down faster. With a snorting grunt, Tyler lifted his hips and tried to bury his cock deeper inside her mouth as it spasmed and began to spew out its load of thick, creamy cum into his mother's sucking mouth. The first gush felt massive as it spurted out into her hungry mouth. The first eruption was followed by more and more smaller squirts as his cock continued to twitch and jerk. Spasms of pure, indescribable pleasure rushed through him as his whole world centered down at his mother's hot, sucking mouth and his spurting, spewing cock.

It seemed like hours before the throbbing spasms of pleasure weakened and finally stopped. As they did Tyler's ass slowly dropped back down onto the couch.

Evelyn couldn't remember ever having so much semen come from a cock in all of her forty-one years. It was a massive load, she guiltily thought. Well, it had been a week, hadn't it, she sickly thought as she sucked the last dribble out of Tyler's slowly softening penis. Wanting to prolong the intimacy of the moment, she held his cock in her mouth while it slowly wilted and shrunk back down to normalcy.

Then a flood of guilt and shame washed over her. How could she have done that, she franticly wondered? How could she let her own son come in her mouth? How could she do that to her own son? She was such a horrible mother!

"I'm so sorry," she wept, pushing up to her feet and rushing out of the room.

"But, Mother . . ." Tyler groaned out, but it didn't stop her hasty retreat from the room.

She had taken it all. Taken it and swallowed it down without a quibble, Tyler dizzily thought. She was the first woman in his short life who had done that without complaint.

Sitting on the couch in a euphoric fog Tyler stared up at the ceiling. What had just happened? Had it really happened, he dizzily wondered? Or maybe he had dozed off while watching TV and only dreamed that it happened. Looking down at his now shrunken cock, Tyler saw that there was still a dribble of cum slowly seeping out of the slit in its head. Well if it hadn't happened, he told himself, it had been one hell of a wet dream . . .

Crying for the second time, Evelyn lay in her bed staring up at the ceiling through tear-stained eyes. How? How could she have done that to her own son?

It had been a mind-shattering day, she told herself as she thought back on the day's events. First there had been the flirting at the tennis court; then more flirting on the ride back home that led to that first, fiery kiss in the car; then the second kiss on the front steps; then the kiss and groping inside the house before she could flee to the safety of her bedroom; then her tragic mistake of letting Tyler come in her mouth.

Could she excuse herself because she loved him so much? Because she had been so lonely and all alone before he came back and now she was just looking for a way to keep him? But could it stop him from leaving her all alone again? Nan could give him more . . . so much more . . .

It had all seemed so innocuous at first, but it had snowballed into a monumental disaster brought on by her own blundering stupidity.

How could she ever face him again? It would be so awkward and embarrassing. What could she do? She was so miserable. She had ruined everything. It could never be the same between them now. There would always be the nagging reality of what had happened between them. It would be the single glaring event hanging there to haunt them until their dying day.

Unless . . . she sickly thought! What if it was just the first time? The first of many, many events shared between lovers. It would then become just the beginning of their new relationship as lovers. But could she do it? Why couldn't she do it? She had seen Tyler's interest in her that way this afternoon. And if she hadn't stopped it, it would have blossomed into that anyway . . . and now they would already be lovers . . .

Yes, she could do it, she told herself! She had to do it. However . . . whatever way it took to keep Tyler. It would be so nice to have someone around to hold; to confide in; to cherish and love. She felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off her shoulders as she felt herself slowly drifting off to sl**p . . .

It was late when she woke. She felt like a new woman . . . she felt just like she did when she met Anthony. She was truly happy for the first time in a long, long time. Slipping out of bed, she hurried into the bathroom and pulled her long, filmy, see-through nightgown off its hook. Slipping it on, she smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Might as well give Tyler a preview of what he was going to get later she happily thought, studying herself in the mirror. Her shortish, blond hair still had that sl**p-tousled look to it as she gently fluffed it even more. Her pert, round breasts with their darkened tips and puffy nipples were easily discernible through the sheer transparency of the chiffon material. As was the darkened triangle at the base of stomach where it met her legs. It was like an arrow pointing the way down to her sex. Pointing down the show Tyler the way to her pussy.

A part of her wanted to run find Tyler and bring him back to her bed right this moment, but another part of her wanted to draw the seduction out. Draw it out, prolong it and savor the day, heightening the tension until it became unbearable, then seeking release in Tyler's strong arms. And yet another part of her still felt guilty for doing what she was doing. She was actually going to seduce her own son! Seduce him and commit i****t with her son! She would never have conceived she would ever do anything like that with him. Yet here she was on her way to start the process of doing just that . . .

She could feel her smallish breasts tugging at her chest as she hurried down to Tyler's room. Opening the door, she was disappointed to find his room empty. He must be downstairs, she told herself as she turned and skipped down the stairs two at a time. Stopping at the foot of the stairs, she heard the soft clink of a spoon on a bowl coming from the kitchen. With her gown billowing out behind her like the wake of a ship, she quickly padded across the room in her bare feet.

She saw that Tyler was sitting at the kitchen table in his pajamas as he ate a bowl of cereal. Tiptoeing over behind his chair, she reached out and tickled her fingertips over the short hairs on his temple as she stepped out around into his view.

"I wondered where you were," she softly murmured, stepping across the room toward the bottle of wine that sat on the counter.

"God, Mother . . ." she heard Tyler choke out as she felt his eyes on her jiggling ass.

"Do you like it?" she asked, tipping the bottle and letting the white wine gurgle out into the fluted glass.

"It's, it's . . ." Tyler choked out, unable to say more.

Nerves on edge, she tried to quite them by acting as casual and collected as she could.

Setting the bottle back down, she picked up the glass. Then, with her wine glass in her hand, she slowly turned to face him. She saw that his mouth had dropped open and his eyes were bugging out as they immediately flew down to her breasts then down to the dark V at the base of her belly then back to her breasts.

"Well . . . do you like my gown?" she softly asked, lifting her glass up to her full, red lips.

"God, Yes, but . . ." he sputtered, openly gawking at her thinly veiled body.

"But what?" she asked slowly padding over to where he sat.

"Yesterday . . ." he groaned, unable to say more.

"I thought we could perhaps finish what we started yesterday . . . if you're still interested . . ." she murmured, reaching out and running her fingers through the short hairs on his temple again.

"Yes—Yes—Yes!" Tyler groaned, reaching out to pull her into his arms.

As he did, she took a quick step back to avoid his clutching hands.

"No, not yet. You still owe me a lunch first," she smiled, reaching down and grabbing hold of one of his extended hands and lifting it up to one of her quivering breasts. "But when we get back, you can play with these just as you once did so long ago . . ."

She felt him roughly clutch at her breast before she took another step back.

"Go get dressed and I'll meet you back down here," she smiled over her shoulder as she quickly stepped across the room.

"Yes, Ma'am," Tyler breathlessly told her as he watched her cute, little ass quivering and rippling under the thin gown.

"See there—I told you—now you're doing it again," she laughed over her shoulder as she swept out of the room.

What had just happened, Tyler dizzily asked himself? What had changed her mind from yesterday? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, he told himself, pushing back away from the table and getting to his feet.

Tyler was up the stairs and in his room almost quicker than it takes to tell about it. After a quick washcloth bath, he threw his clothes on and flew back down the stairs. Going straight to the bar, he quickly made himself a strong bourbon and coke and threw it down. Need something to quiet my nerves, he complained quickly tossing down a second drink then setting his glass down on the bar. Enough, he told himself. You still want to be able to get it up don't you? That won't be a problem, he giddily told himself as he looked up to watch his mother gracefully stepping down the stairs.

He could see the mischievous smile on her lips as she slowly clacked across the room in her high heels. He could see that her small breasts were obviously unrestrained as they jiggled and bobbed under her thin, satin blouse. He could also see that her nipples were obviously swollen and hard as they stuck out making two points in the soft, shimmery material.

She was beautiful, he giddily thought sweeping his eyes up and down her svelte body. Down below her shimmering blouse, she wore a short, black skirt that ended a couple of inches above her dimpled knees. Her long, shapely legs were encased in a pair of sheer, black hose and she was perched atop a pair of matching, four-inch high heels.

"Ready?" she purred, stepping up and giving him a soft, lingering kiss on his lips.

"Never readier . . ." he grinned back, watching her lay her tiny opera purse on the bar. Then she reached down and grasped hold of the hem of her dress.

"Just so you know," she softly laughed, pulling up her skirtto reveal her bare, pantiless pussy. "If you should get any ideas at the restaurant . . ."

As he gawked down at her pantiless pussy, he saw that she was obviously wearing a garter belt as there were several long, stretchy garters stretching down and scalloping the tops of her nylons.

It was just about the sexiest thing he had ever seen he thought to himself as he stared down at her pussy in stunned silence.

Then she dropped her skirt back down to cover herself and picked up her little purse.

"Well, let's go," she laughed, clacking across to the front door.

"Mom, you're bout the sexiest woman alive," Tyler told her, following along like a puppy on a leash.

"Well, I certainly feel sexy when I'm around my man," she whispered, reaching down and groping his rock hard cock through his pants before stepping outside. "Oh, my, already . . ."

"Always . . . when I'm around you," he mumbled, listening to the clack of her high heels on the sidewalk as she strutted out to the car.

Opening the door for her, he watched as she slid into the car. As she did, she exposed a vast expanse of creamy white thigh and hip when her skirt rode up her long legs. She made no effort to push her skirt back down as Tyler pushed the door shut and hurried around to the passenger side. Jerking open his door, he jumped inside and slammed his door shut. Quickly looking over at his mother, he saw that her short skirt had ridden even higher and the tuft of kinky, blond curls at the base of her belly was now exposed. Quickly fastening his seat belt, Tyler watched his mother lift her leg to push in the clutch. As she did, he could see the fleshy, pink lips of her pussy come into view for a brief instant. Then she turned the key and the car roared to life. Shoving in the clutch, she shifted gears and off they went down the street.
Unable to resist the temptation, he reached over and laid his hand on her bare thigh as she drove along. As he did, he saw her legs creep wider apart as if she were inviting him to touch her. Slipping his hand down between the creamy smoothness of her soft, inner thighs, he explored the moist warmth between them. Probing the wet softness with a fingertip, he felt it slip inside her.

"You're so wet . . ." he murmured, easing his finger deeper into the tight clutch of her pussy.

"You make me wet . . ." she purred back, squeezing her pussy down around his invading finger.

"I can't wait, Mom . . ." he complained, afraid he was going to come in his pants if he didn't do something soon.

"Yes, you can," she murmured, reaching down and pushing his hand out from between her legs. "And you will . . ."


Sitting in the booth beside his mother, Tyler had the long tablecloth d****d across his lap to hide his obvious erection.

Leaning over to his mother, he whispered in her ear.

"It's a good thing they have long tablecloths," he whispered, gently nibbling on her ear, "otherwise everyone would know how I truly feel about you."

"Oh, really," she smiled back at him sliding her hand down under the tablecloth.

"Mother . . ." Tyler whispered as he felt her hand slide across his thigh and onto his penis.

Then he felt pressure down the length of his penis as she apparently unzipped his pants.

"Mother, what are you doing?" he urgently whispered as she dug her hand down inside his pants.

"I want to hold it," she murmured, dragging his rock-hard cock out of his pants.

"What if someone sees it?" he muttered, feeling her give his cock a rough squeeze.

"They won't," she laughed, slowly working her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. "And remember, I don't have any panties on either . . ."

"Yeah, I know . . ." he mumbled, slipping his hand down under the table cloth and onto her thigh.

Nervously looking around the restaurant to make sure no was suspicious of what was going on under their table, Tyler eased his hand down between his mother's legs. Pushing back her skirt with the edge of his hand, he probed the moist softness with his fingertips.

"Touch my clit . . ." she whispered, spreading her legs apart to open herself for him.

Probing the soft folds of flesh, he found the hard nub of her clit protruding out of its fleshy sheath. Marveling at its size and hardness, he slowly rubbed his fingertip back and forth across it while his mother continued to work her hand up and down on his cock.

"It's so hard . . ." he whispered.

"I know . . ." she murmured back, giving his cock another rough squeeze.

"No, I mean your clit," he whispered back, rubbing it harder.

Just then Tyler spotted their waiter heading for their table with their food.

"Our food . . ." he muttered, easing his hand back out from under the table cloth.

As he did, the pungent fragrance of his mother's estrous filled his nostrils.

"You smell so hot," he whispered into her ear, hoping that the aroma of the food would cover the evidence of her arousal.

"I am . . ." she whispered back, giving his cock one last squeeze before she let go of it and eased her hand back out from under the table cloth.

"I love you so much . . ." Tyler whispered, leaning over and giving her a soft kiss on her cheek.

After the waiter had left, Tyler reached under the table cloth to try and stuff his cock back in his pants.

"Don't put it up yet," she fussed, picking at her salad with her fork. "Maybe I want to play with it some more . . ."

"Eat your lunch and then you can play with it all you want," he grinned, jerking his zipper up and imprisoning his cock once again.

"Spoilsport," she whispered.


As they drove along on their way back to the house, Tyler had his hand back between her legs.

"Take it out. I want to see it," she told him, turning her head to smile at him and then turning back to the road.

Evelyn was giddy with the excitement of it all. It was like being a teenager all over again. Except this time she was the one in charge. In control of the whole situation. She was the one controlling the pace and flow of the whole seduction. Once she had gotten past the first revulsion of it all, it was easy, she told herself.

"What if somebody sees?" Tyler mumbled, easing his hand out from between her legs and shyly reaching down to his fly.

"What if they do . . ." she smiled back at him, glancing down at his crotch as he slowly unbuttoned his pants and ran the zipper down its track.

Tyler dug his hand down inside the opening in the front of his shorts and slowly tugged his hard, stiff cock out into the open.

"You're larger than your father was," Evelyn told him, holding onto the steering wheel with one hand as she reached over and squeezed his cock with her other hand. "Have you ever measured it?"

Fondling the huge slab of man-meat, Evelyn was surprised to find that mentioning Anthony's name didn't bring the same deep sadness it had before. Maybe Tyler was helping her get over her loss. Or maybe it was the fact that she now had another man to take his place . . .

"I stopped doing that when I was a teenager, Mom," he snickered, looking down at her hand as it slowly worked up and down his cock while his mother drove along.

"How long was it the last time you did?" she asked giving it another rough squeeze.

"Eight inches," he proudly told her.

"That's an inch longer that your father's was. We measured it one night," she murmured, letting go of his cock and returning her hand to the steering wheel. "Maybe we'll measure yours again to see if it's grown any since then . . ."

Tyler was amazed that his mother could be so nonchalant about the whole thing. She had changed so much since yesterday. At first she had been adamant that they couldn't do anything. But look at them now. Driving down the street with her dress pulled up around her waist and him sitting beside her with his big cock sticking up out of his pants. It was all just too much to comprehend. He'd always found his mother very attractive, but he had never let himself consider anything like this. He didn't even know what had brought on the kisses yesterday. But whatever it had been, he would be eternally thankful for it.

"It looks so angry and impatient . . ." she murmured, turning into the driveway.

"It is," he grinned back at her as the car came to a stop.

"But not much longer now . . ." she smiled back at him, leaning down and placing a long, wet kiss on the swollen head of his twitching penis. "Not for long . . ."

"I can't wait," he grunted watching her sit back up.

"Not much longer," she grinned at him. "But you'd better put that thing up before someone sees it. Some of our neighbors are pretty snoopy and we wouldn't want them to think that there was anything going on between us. They might turn us in . . ."

"Okay," he told her grabbing hold of his cock and trying to stuff it back inside his shorts. As hard and stiff as it was, it was quite a struggle but he was finally able to get it stuffed back inside. Zipping his pants, he buttoned them and turned to see his mother was looking at him with an amused look on her pretty face.

"Didn't look like you were going to make it there for a minute," she softly laughed.

"Well, if you didn't make it so hard, it wouldn't be a problem," he grinned.

"Blame me . . . just like a man," she laughed, pushing open the door and stepping out into the bright sunlight.

The sunlight glinted off her shortish, blond hair bringing out the gold tint in it as she clacked up the sidewalk toward the front door and Tyler brought up the rear.

Thinking back to yesterday she remembered the fiery kiss in front of the door before she could get it open and step inside. It seemed like years ago instead of mere hours, she told herself, pushing the door open and stepping inside.

Following his mother into the house, Tyler closed the door and spun the lock shut. Then, as Tyler reached for her, she pushed his hands away and started stepping around the room closing the curtains.

"Why don't you make us a drink . . ." she purred. Watching her, Tyler stepped over to the bar and started making them a drink as his mother had requested.

Now that the moment of truth was drawing closer, she felt her excitement and guilt growing. The flippancy and casualness of the past couple of hours was gone. Replaced by one of anxiety and doubt. They were actually going to go up those stairs to her room and make love, she told herself. She and her son were going to make love.

There were so many things that could go wrong with this, she anxiously thought stepping over to the bar where Tyler stood watching her.

"Are you sure that you want to go through with this?" she softly asked him, taking her drink from him as he handed it to her. "This is making a commitment that will change our life forever . . ."

"I want to make that commitment to you, Mother," he whispered, leaning over and gently kissing her on the lips. "I've never been surer of anything in my life. I love you so much."

Goose bumps jumped out on her arms as a shiver of love and affection for the man standing before her tickled up her spine.

"I love you, too," she whispered back, reaching down and taking hold of his hand. "Come . . ."

Leading the way, Evelyn slowly clopped across the room toward the stairs pulling Tyler along with her.

Once inside her bedroom, Evelyn turned to faced Tyler and let go of his hand. She didn't say a word as she nervously set her drink on the nightstand, reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt. Tyler didn't speak either as he stood with his arms dangling down at his sides as he watched her fingers slowly making their way down his shirt.

It was really going to happen, he anxiously thought. He was actually going to make love to this beautiful woman. His mother. His mother! He was so excited, he was feeling lightheaded. But that was no wonder, he told himself. All of his bl**d was pooled down inside his aching, throbbing penis.

He couldn't wait to see his mother naked, he giddily thought as she slowly peeled his shirt back over his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. The morning's preview had only peaked his curiosity and he couldn't wait to feast his eyes on her naked body.

Feeling his excitement building, Tyler hoped his didn't ruin everything by shooting his wad before he even got his cock inside her pussy. That would be so embarrassing!

Slowly unthreading his belt through its buckle, Evelyn unsnapped his pants and pinched the zipper tab between her finger and thumb. She could feel his impatient hardness thrusting itself out against his pants as she teased his zipper down his fly. Once his pants were unzipped, she peeled them off his hips and let them go sliding down his hairy legs. With his pants puddled down around his ankles, she could easily see the outline of his big cock jutting out against thin material of his shorts.

Easing her fingers under the elastic waistband of his short, she slowly began to ease them down over his hips. As she did, his raging hard cock sprang out into the open. Dangerously twitching, it pointed its ugly, evil head straight up at the ceiling as she continued to push his shorts down until gravity took over and pulled them down the rest of the way.

"Step out of them," she told him, turning and stepping over to her sewing machine that she kept in the corner of her bedroom.

Jerking open the drawer in the sewing machine cabinet, she dug her hand inside it and pulled out a little, yellow cloth measuring tape.

Stepping back over to him, she reached down and bent his rock-hard cock out straight in front of him.

"Hold it like that," she told him letting the tape measure unravel and drop down.

Reaching down, Tyler held onto his cock, holding it straight out in front of him as his mother lifted the tape measure up to it. Pinching the tip of the tape between her forefinger and thumb, she pressed against his belly at the hairy base of his cock and then stretched the little tape along the top of his cock. As she did, they both saw that the rounded tip of his cock was right at the eight and a half marker on the tape.

"You've grown . . ." she whispered, dropping the tape on his pile of clothes and reaching up to the top button on her blouse.

"I guess so . . ." he mumbled, reaching up and brushing her hands away from her blouse. "Let me . . ."

With trembling fingers, he slowly made his way down the front of her blouse until the last button was unbuttoned. Then like a little boy opening a present on Christmas morning, he slowly peeled her blouse open.

"So pretty," he murmured, gawking down at her quivering breasts as he pushed her blouse back over her shoulders.

Leaning down, Tyler pursed his lips around one of her swollen nipples and gently nipped it with his teeth.

Standing back up, he found the button on the side of her skirt and quickly unbuttoned it. Pinching the zipper tab, he slowly pulled it down over the swell of her hip. Reaching the bottom of its track, her zipper stopped and her skirt went rustling to the floor. Stepping out of her skirt, Evelyn turned as Tyler openly gawked at her.

Now it was time, he anxiously thought as she stood before him wearing only her hose.

Then he watched her step over to her bed and kick off her high heels. Turning around, she sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly extended out one of her long, shapely legs toward him.

"My hose . . . then we'll shower . . ." she told him.

Tyler's fingers found one of the clasps that held the garter clasped to the top of her hose. Unclasping it, he continued around her thighs unclasping each of the garters from her hose. Once her garters were limply dangling down over her hips, Tyler unfastened her garter belt and let it drop to the floor.

Then, leaning down, he dug his fingers down under the top of her nylon and slowly pulled it down the long sweep of her curvaceous leg. Pointing her toes, she let him pull her hose off over them. Dropping her foot back to the carpet, she lifted her other leg and stretched it out before her. Repeating the process, Tyler stripped her hose down her leg and dropped it to the floor.

Standing up, Evelyn stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Pulling him to her, she gave him a hard, demanding kiss on the lips as she ground her furry pubis against his cock. As she did, Tyler reached around her and clutched his hands around the soft, giving cheeks of her ass. Pulling her against him, he returned her fiery kiss with one of his own and ground his cock against her.

Finally they broke the passionate kiss and stepped away from each other as they tried to catch their breath.

Grabbing his hand, Evelyn tugged him over to her bathroom. Reaching in she turned on the shower and wrapped her arms around him again. They kissed again as they waited for the water to warm to an acceptable temperature.

As they kissed, Tyler could feel his mother's hard, swollen nipples digging into his chest as he ground his cock against her hairy mons. He could feel her long, sharp fingernails digging into his clenched ass as she pulled him against her.

At last, they broke the kiss and Evelyn reached into the shower to test the water. Just right, she told herself as the warm spray of water splashed on her hand. Taking Tyler's hand, she stepped into the shower and pulled him in after her. Tyler fiddled and played with her small, pert breasts as she lathered up one of the big, fluffy washcloths. Then, pushing his hand away from her breasts, she began to wash him. As she rubbed the soapy cloth down over his arms, it left a coating of shimmering bubbles behind it. Down off his shoulders and onto his chest, she continued to smear bubbles over his skin. As she did, little streams of soapy water trickled down off his chest and onto his belly and she followed them with the soapy cloth. As she ran the cloth around in circles on his belly, her hand nudged the swollen head of his erect penis that was jutting up out of his hairy groin.

Dropping her hand lower, she wrapped the soapy cloth around Tyler's big, stiff penis and slowly stroked it with the cloth. After a few moments, she unwrapped the washrag from around his jutting cock and eased it down under his big, dangling balls. Cupping them in her palm, she gently washed them, then eased the fleshy sac back down between his legs and pushed the cloth between his legs and into the crack of his ass.

As his mother rubbed the cloth up and down the crack of his ass, Tyler could feel the cloth rubbing back and forth across the pout of his asshole. She washing it all, he giddily thought as she pulled the cloth out from between his legs and quickly continued on downward. Bending down, she washed on down his legs to his feet. Finished, she stood back up and turned him until his back was facing her. Running the soapy cloth over his back and butt, she quickly finished.

Handing the washcloth to Tyler, she quickly pulled down the hand held shower head and gave him a rinse as he relathered the washcloth. Hanging the showerhead back in its holder, she turned to face him.

With a happy smile on his face, he reached out and gently ran the washcloth over her shoulders. Then he gently ran the cloth down to her small, pert breasts. Gently cupping them, he lovingly ran the cloth over them, paying particular attention to the erect, swollen nipples sticking out of their darkened tips.

Her nipples felt so swollen and sensitive, Evelyn hoped he would move on to somewhere else before she had an orgasm right there in the shower. Finally he did, moving the washcloth down onto the smooth roundness of her belly. Moving the washcloth in circles around the indentation of her navel, he covered her belly with a coating of shimmering bubbles before moving down to the curl-covered Y where her belly met the tops of her long legs.

As Tyler lathered up the little nest of fuzzy curls above her pussy, Evelyn spread her legs for him. Then, he felt her shudder as he ran the cloth across her swollen, jutting clitoris.

"Mmmmmm . . ." Evelyn murmured, her legs trembling as she hoped her knees wouldn't give away.

Thankfully, Tyler moved the washcloth down off her throbbing clit onto her gorged, puffy pussy lips. Delicately running the washcloth over them, he treated them as if they were made of the finest Ming china and would break at the first hint of rough treatment. Then, he moved the washcloth to his other hand and stuck his hand under the water to rinse it off. Once it was free of soap, he dropped it back down to her pussy. Cupping her mound in the palm of his hand, he slowly eased his finger up into the hot clutch of her vagina.

Then as he slowly, lovingly worked his finger in and out of her clutching pussy, he leaned over and softly kissed her soft, full lips. Returning his kiss, she reached down and wrapped her hand around his hard, jutting cock and slowly stroked it. Then Tyler eased his finger out of her tight, clutching pussy and quickly washed down her legs. While still on his knees, he pushed her around to face away from him. Lovingly caressing the soft, pliant cheeks of her ass, he ran the cloth over them and then down into the crack running down between them. Wiping the rag up and down the crack a few times, he left a residue of soapy bubbles behind it. Then, dropping the soapy cloth to the shower floor where it landed with a wet clop, he reached up with one hand and gently spread the cheeks of her ass to expose the fluted circle of pink between them. Gently probing the soap-slickened orifice with the tip of his finger, he felt his finger penetrate and slip down inside his mother's tight, hot asshole.

"Unhhhhhhh . . ." she groaned out, but made no effort to move away as Tyler f***ed his finger in deeper. In it went, agonizingly slow, up to the first knuckle, then the second, and finally the third. With his whole finger buried down into her ass, he gently flexed it and explored the hot clutch of her ass. As he did, he felt his mother lean back, pressing her ass back against his hand as the tight, little ring of muscles surrounding her anus clutched at his embedded finger.

Slowly easing his finger out of her tight asshole, Tyler grabbed up the washcloth and pushed up to his feet. The way she had responded, maybe she would let him fuck her there, too . . . someday, he sickly thought . . .

Quickly soaping up her long, sweeping back, he d****d the washcloth over the wash cloth holder and grabbed hold of the shower head. Pulling it down, he quickly washed the suds off her back and her butt, then her legs. Then he turned her around and made quick work of the bubbles on her little, jiggling breasts as the soapy water coursed down over her belly and legs. Pointing the spray at the little nest of curls above her pussy, he rinsed the soap off them, then directed the spray down at her pussy. Using the little knob on the side of the showerhead, Tyler tightened down the circumference of the spray to a tight, little circle. Then he aimed the showerhead at her jutting clit and directed the spray right at it.

Evelyn was already so tightly wound, it felt to her he was using a fire hose on her poor, defenseless clit. Feeling the full brunt of the spray on her clit, Evelyn reached out and grabbed hold of his shoulder to steady herself as she felt herself inching closer and closer to an orgasm.

Then, just as she was teetering on the brink of a climax, Tyler moved the spray away from her clit. She was so charged up, her legs were trembling as Tyler hung the showerhead back up and dropped to his knees in front of her.

Tyler could see that his mother's pussy lips were swollen and gorged with bl**d as they had taken on a darker shade of pink, almost a purple. And the tip of her clitoris was protruding out of its sheath at least a quarter inch. Flicking out his tongue, he licked it across the exposed nub of flesh and felt his mother shudder. Grabbing hold of his mother's ass cheeks, he pulled her pussy and clit to him as he licked and lapped at her clit.

The warm water continued to splash on her as she felt herself slipping closer and closer. Then she felt his lips leave her clit and kiss their way up over her heaving belly as he slowly pushed his way up to his feet. As he rose, his lips paused at her breasts, kissing and nibbling, he stopped at one swollen, sensitive nipple and lovingly paid his respect to it before moving to the other one.

Evelyn was so aroused, she felt faint as at last his lips left her nipples and moved up her neck and finally to her mouth.

Their lips touched, softly at first but the kiss soon became a frantic, open-mouthed plea for release from the fiery strain building up in their bodies. Finally, Tyler broke their kiss and stepped back away from her. Reaching over he turned off the water and grabbed hold of her hand. Pushing the shower door open, he tugged her out of the shower and pulled her across the bathroom. Not even bothering to towel off, they fled toward her bed leaving a trail of wet footprints across the carpet. Dripping wet, Evelyn threw herself on her bed and rolled over onto her back. Splaying out her legs, she reached up to welcome Tyler down between them.

"Come to mother . . ." she panted, opening and closing her fists to show him her urgency. As Tyler crawled up on the bed, she could see that his cock was so infused with bl**d, its big, swollen head was the size and color of a big, ripe, purple plum. She could also see that his skin was glistening wetly in the afternoon sunlight streaming in through the open window.

This was it, she feverishly thought as he crawled up between her widely splayed legs. The moment she had had anxiously been waiting for. The moment she had dreaded. The moment when they would become more than mother and son. The moment they would be reunited as one. The moment they would become lovers. The moment they would drive a stake into the innocence that had once shared.

Reaching for his jutting cock, she grabbed it and f***efully bent it down to her waiting womanhood. Fitting the evil, tapered head of the monster down into the wet, slippery opening of her vagina, she looked up into his eyes.

"Put it in . . . put it in your mother," she whispered, squeezing the impatient hardness and pulling on it.

Slowly dipping his ass, Tyler began to ease his cock down into the slippery opening.

"Yessssss . . ." Evelyn softly hissed as she felt her son's penis slither down into her vagina.

Fighting to hold back the eruption already gathering down inside his aching balls, Tyler pushed into his mother deeper and deeper.

As she invited him down inside her, the big, swollen head of his cock spread her open, spreading the channel of her pussy wider than it had ever been spread before.

"So big . . ." she murmured, squeezing her pussy down around the invading giant.

It was everything she had imagined it would be, she dizzily thought as he inched deeper inside her. And more . . .

Staring down into his mother's eyes, Tyler had never felt love so deep, so all consuming. At last it was done, Tyler thought as he felt his big, dangling balls bump up against her soft ass. He was totally immersed inside her. As he ground himself against her, he could feel her hot pussy milking his cock, squeezing it as if it was trying to coax out his load of seed-filled semen.

As he held himself thrust down inside the tight clutch of her vagina, she lifted her legs and hooked the crook of her ankles around the backs of his thighs. Then with her legs, she pulled him against her causing the head of his penis to penetrate even deeper inside the hot muck of her vagina.

As he stared down into her eyes, he felt her hands curl around the back of his head as she pulled him down to her. Their lips touched and their mouths opened. r****g her mouth with his tongue, Tyler held himself thrust against her as she began to frantically clutch at his buried cock with her pussy. He could feel her hot, hard nipples digging into his chest as she thrust her tits against him.

At last they broke the fiery kiss and lay gasping to catch their breaths. Then, resting most of his weight on his elbows, Tyler slowly eased his hips back and d**g his juice-coated penis back down the clutching channel of her vagina.

Then, as she lay looking up with her blank, unfocused eyes, he eased his cock back down inside her all the way to the hilt once again.

"Yessssss . . . yesssssss . . ." she softly hissed, milking his cock as hard as she could. "Fuck your mother . . . fuck mommy . . ."

"Like this—" Tyler grunted, jerking back and ramming his cock back down into the hot, sucking socket of her pussy.

"Yes—Yes—like that—hard and deep—" she panted, pulling him into her with her ankles.

Tyler's ass became a blur as it jerked back and forth while he furiously pounded away at the tight, hot hole between her splayed legs.

Her mind spiraling out of control, Evelyn let her body take over as she used her legs to pull Tyler down into her hot, throbbing cunt. She had her back arched as she reached down and dug her long fingernails into his bounding ass to guide him and control the rhythm of their love making. No, she told herself. No this was not making love, this was fucking.

Their wet bodies rubbed together lubricated by the water and their own sweat as they rocked back and forth, locked in carnal combat. Their bodies were making obscene, vulgar sounds as they wetly smacked together over and over again. And the bedsprings underneath them were creaking and groaning, singing out their protest to the savage beating they were taking. The air around them reeked of her estrous as Tyler's hairy groin was battering against her, splattering her pungent juice all over his belly, thighs, and the bed.

All of a sudden, Evelyn dropped her feet to the bed between his legs as her thighs slapped up against his rocking hips. Arching her back farther, she let out a strangled groan as her body stiffened and began to tremble. Her wet, blond hair was slashing the bed as she tossed her head from side to side. The surge of pleasure that welled up from her spasming pussy was so intense, it took her breath away.

Tyler's hips bucked in rapid, urgent jerks as the pleasure continued to spasm up from her orgasming pussy. Then, just as the last tickle of pleasure welled up from her pussy, Tyler gave out a loud grunt and ripped his cock down into her as deep as it would possibly go. As he did, she felt his penis lurch and felt a rush of warmth spread out from the head of his cock as his hot, thick cum spewed out into the hot clutch of her vagina. She could feel the creamy goo filling her as more and more semen spurted out into her, coating the walls over her vagina with its sticky heat.

Then, while Tyler continued groan and grunt as he thrust into her, Evelyn felt the hot goo begin to ooze out around the thick shaft of his cock. She could feel the warm goop trickling down over the pout of her asshole as more and more seeped out of her overflowing pussy.

At last the mighty weapon stopped firing off down inside her pussy and she felt Tyler melt down onto her.

"That was wonderful," she softy murmured, caressing his back with her fingers as she clutched her pussy down around his buried cock, squeezing out more cum as she did. As she did, it came to her. His cock wasn't softening! It was staying just as hard as it had been when they started. Then, to her amazement and delight, she felt Tyler begin to slowly work his hips back and forth as he leisurely fucked her cum-filled pussy with his hard, swollen penis.

"It . . . it's still hard," she muttered, squeezing her vagina down around his slowly pistoning penis.

"Yeah . . . how bout that . . . it's never done that before . . ." he told her, grinning down at her as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her. "See what you do to me, Mom."

"I'm glad it was good for you," she purred, pulling him down and giving him a soft, loving kiss.

"It was fantastic," he told her when their lips parted. "Was it good for you, too?"

"It was the best ever . . ." she whispered as he continued to slowly pump his cock in and out of her goo-smeared pussy.

Evelyn was amazed at his virility and stamina. Any other man would have been like a wet noodle by now, but not her baby. He was just as hard and stiff as he had been when they started. Glancing at her watch, she saw that had been over thirty minutes ago.

Leaning down, Tyler placed another soft, loving kiss on his mother's soft lips as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her. He loved her so much and after today, he knew that he could never leave her again.

"I love you so much, Mother . . ." he groaned, wrapping his hands around her small, quivering breasts.

"I love you, too," she murmured back.

Still pumping his cock in and out of her, Tyler clutched her tits and rubbed his thumbs back and forth across her big, rubbery nipples.

"I'll never leave you again, Mother . . ." he whispered.

"Oh, Baby, you don't know how much I wanted to hear you say that," she gushed, clutching her pussy down around his cock.

As Tyler continued to pump his cock into her, his mother's hips slowly rose and fell in rhythm with his cock. Thrusting her pussy back against him, she coated the steel hardness of his long, thick prick as it continually plunged in and back out of her cream-filled pussy.

Evelyn could feel another storm building down inside her pussy as her son thrust into her hard and deep, sinking his cock up to the hilt in her juicy slit on every bone-jarring stroke. Then suddenly her pussy spasmed around Tyler's cock as waves of pleasure traveled up her body and exploded inside her frantic brain when her orgasm burst from her womb.

"Oh—oh—Tyler," she groaned out

Evelyn came and came while Tyler continued to slowly stroke his cock in and out of her convulsing pussy. It was even better than it had been with Anthony, she feverishly thought.

Taking him into her as deep as she could on every pounding thrust, she could feel him picking up the pace of his savage attack. His ass flew up and down faster and faster as he slammed his cock into her greedy, little pussy as Evelyn groveled and writhed below him. This was what she had needed, she wickedly thought. She had needed to feel a big, hard cock sliding in and out of her hungry cunt. And the fact that it was her son's cock made it all that much more exciting and wicked. Even though she had just come, she felt herself steadily rising toward another fiery upheaval.

Evelyn gave in to her natural instincts, arching her back, thrusting up to take her son's long, pistoning prick as deep as she could get it on every lunge. Jerking her hips up, she matched his rapid fucking rhythm with a rhythm of her own. Shamelessly thrusting her cunt up at her son's pounding cock, she rubbed her swollen clit against the base his cock every time it ripped into her.

"Yes—Yes—fuck your mother," she hoarsely cried. "Fuck mommy . . ."

Responding to his mother's vulgar request, Tyler started fucking her even harder as he buried his cock into her clutching cunt on every hard, penetrating stroke. His ass was bouncing up and down like a broken spring as he pummeled his mother's hot pussy. With shameless abandon, Evelyn continued to hump her pussy up to meet his strokes as her ass pattered up and down on the bed while she fucked her pussy onto the hardened shaft of steel jutting out her son's groin.

"Yes—yes—fuck me—fuck your mother—fuck your mommy," she gasped out thrusting her breasts against his grinding chest.

"Love it—love it when you talk dirty," Tyler panted, picking up the pace another notch.

"Fuck mommy's hot cunt—fuck mommy's hot cunt with your big cock," she grunted.

Tyler fucked her relentlessly, thrusting his stiff, throbbing peter down into her juicy cunt over and over again.

Then all of a sudden, Tyler's hips came to a grinding halt.

"What? What's wrong . . ." she groaned out, desperately clutching her cunt down around his cock trying to make it start moving again.

Tyler didn't say a word. He just reached down and grabbed hold of her legs, lifted them up and bent them back over his heaving tits. Then he began to fuck her again with deep, pounding strokes sending his cock even deeper into the hot muck of her cunt.

Evelyn's long legs were cocked high, her ankles bouncing up and down on Tyler's shoulders as he continually rammed his huge cock in and out of her tight, clutching cunt.

Sweat was pouring off them as they fucked and fucked. Glancing down at her little, gold watch, Evelyn saw that they had been going at for a whole hour, and still Tyler didn't show any signs of letting up.

"You love it don't you," Tyler grunted out, triumphantly grinning down at his mother as he continued to pound his cock into her gripping, wet cunt. "You love my big, fucking cock!"

"Yes—Yes—mommy loves baby's big fucking cock," Evelyn panted as Tyler continued pounding away at her sweet, wet pussy making rude slapping sounds as their sweaty flesh smacked together with each downward thrust.

Lacing her ankles together behind his head, she opened herself to his brutal attack, shuddering as his thick cock sank deeper into her slippery wet pussy. Evelyn had a desperate need to feel his throbbing hardness inside her, filling her with its potency.

"Fuck me—fuck mommy hard and deep!" she begged him. "I'm so close Baby! Fuck mommy!"

Tyler pushed her legs up even higher, completely opening her hot pussy to his brutal attack.

Evelyn could feel her son's big balls banging against her asshole every time he savagely drilled his huge, rock-hard cock into the creamy tightness of her cunt. Her hips were moving up and down with almost hysterical impatience as she humped herself up to meet Tyler's rhythmic, crazed fucking.

"Oh, oh, oh God! Again, I'm coming—again--" she cried out, beating the bed with her fisted hands.

Her tight, clutching pussy throbbed and spasmed as her orgasm tore through it. As she came, she could feel her pussy contracting down around his pistoning penis again and again as it sloshed in and out of her. Each orgasm was more intense and consuming than the one before it, she franticly thought as jolts of pleasure sparked up from her battered cunt.

Her thick, gorged pussy lips were coated with a coating of foamy, white froth as Tyler's big pistoning cock churned their secretions into a hot. clinging goo.

Wrapping his hands around her thighs, he fucked her as hard as he could. The faster he fucked her, the more excited she grew and the harder she fucked back at him. A fresh stream of hot cunt-cream bubbled out around his pounding cock and trickled down into the crack of her ass.

Tyler could feel his balls scrunching up against the base of his cock as they slapped up against his mother's upturned ass. He couldn't believe how hot and tight his mother's cunt was as she frantically milked him with it

"Gonna—gonna come, Mother, I'm gonna come," Tyler groaned out.

"No—no—not in my pussy—in my mouth—" she begged him. "I want to taste your sweet cream again!"

Tyler quickly jerked his hips back, sliding his big, throbbing prick out of her pussy. As it came slithering out of her, her pussy made a lewd, wet slurping sound. Dropping her legs down onto the bed, he crawled over them and straddled her body as he struggled up toward her mouth. Standing on his knees with his primed cock jutting out in front of him, pulsing and jerking, he watched his mother reach for it.

She could smell herself on him as she pulled his big cock down to her mouth. Evelyn wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and quickly sucked half of it into her greedy mouth. She could taste herself on him, too, she sickly thought. Rapidly stroking the remaining half of his cock with her fist, she franticly sucked and slurped on it. Her full, red lips were jerking up and down on his swollen, cum-laden prick in rhythm with her stroking hand.

Tyler felt a spasm of perverse excitement spark through his cock as he watched his mother hungrily sucking on his big, juice-coated cock. It was too much for him and he felt his cock lurch inside her hot, sucking mouth.

Reaching down, he clutched her head between his hands and lunged down burying even more of his big, spurting cock down into the hot, sucking moistness of her mouth.

"Suck it, Mother! Suck my cum out and swallow it," he groaned.

The big, thick prick kept spurting out jets of thick, creamy cum into his mother's mouth as she hungrily gulped it down. Evelyn franticly milked his erupting penis with her mouth as more and more of his rich, seed-laden cream spewed out, coating her tongue and tonsils with its sticky heat. Rope after rope of the salty white goo sprayed out of the tip of his cockhead as she greedily swallowed it down. Evelyn shamelessly drank his liquid treasure down, until at last, with one last feeble twitch, his cock stopped spewing out its creamy load.

Evelyn continued to gently suck, coaxing out the last few drops of his liquid spunk as Tyler let go of her head and slowly eased his emptied cock out of her mouth.

"I didn't think you were ever going to finish," Evelyn whispered, looking at her watch and seeing that an hour and half had passed since they began.

"Me, either," he tiredly groaned, rolling off her and flopping down on the bed beside her. "I'm whipped."

"I'll bet you are," she murmured, rolling over onto her side and snuggling up against him.

This time his penis was rapidly deflating as she wrapped her hand around it and gave it a gentle squeeze . . .

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This is a great well written horny story hope we get part 2 soon
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