The door chime jingled as the last couple of deadbeats and d***ks staggered out into the night. That just left me and the bartender alone in this clean, but cheap-looking bar. I nursed my beer resting before me, one in a line I wish had been longer, but I have never been able to throw back alcohol like some people I knew. I sighed and stared sightlessly the frothy amber liquid and contemplated my life.

"Last drinks there, son," said the barman, a wiry older gent with a long goatee, red t-shirt, faded jeans and an even more faded Irish accent. He was wiping down the bar with a cloth that had seen better days, whose wooden polished gleam suggested that this is what he did to keep busy on the slower nights, like tonight.

"One last one, then," I said, downing the last of my drink, wincing slightly as it had become a little warm. The barman pulled on the handle and the tap gushed forth its liquid gold, an unlikely solution to find an end to my woes. He slid it along the bar expertly, stopping it directly in front of me. He then poured a second and come and stood before me, leaning on the bar, a sympathetic grin on his face.

"Had a bad day, sport?" he asked, taking a gulp of his beer and wiping the froth from his moustache with the back of one hand.

"Not particularly. It has just been one hell of a mediocre life," I replied, mirroring his drinking.

"Go on then, let it out. While I promise no solutions, I am a hell of a good listener."

"Well," I began, and then paused. My problems were pretty weak, when I tried to think of a way to voice them. It isn't like I have cancer or anything. I sighed again, what harm could it do? "Today is my birthday".

"Happy birthday, sport," he said, and clinked his glass into mine.

"Thanks. I just turned twenty-two years old. Twenty two and..." Here goes, time to admit the embarrassing part. "I am twenty two and I haven't even been kissed yet." I took a long drink from my beer so I could hide my shame. Most guys my age had boned god-knows how many girls by now, and I hadn't even kissed a girl? I felt my cheeks burned and scowled into my drink. Finally I raised my eyes to gauge his reaction, to see if he was laughing at me, like I expected him to. Instead he had a slight frown on his face, and looked me up and down appraisingly.

"Why is that then? You aren't a bad looker, and trust me; we get some pretty horrific cases in here at times."

"I know! It is not that I am ugly, or stupid, or even a complete dick! Girls like me, alright, but I always seem to be slotted straight into the 'friend zone'. Every other girl I am interested in is a lesbian, already going out with some moron, or just 'not looking right now'. It is so fucking unfair! I put myself out there only to see girls shoot me down and chase after the losers, when here I am, willing to treat them like gold!" I realised I was ranting, my voice becoming a little too loud, and stopped to take a breath. The guy behind the bar had a grin on his face, but he didn't seem to be at all mocking. He leaned forward, suddenly turning all serious. His voice dropped as he spoke to me in a clear, quiet, deep voice that pulled my attention to him like a magnet, shearing away the carefully constructed layers of my alcoholic haze. I felt like I was falling into his strange amber eyes. They pinned me to my stool, and I couldn't look away if I tried.

"What if there was a way of getting any girl you wanted? What if there was a way to have all the little lasses literally creaming themselves at the thought of pleasuring you in every way, shape and form, no matter how sick or depraved your desires, or how untouchable you think they are? What if, with nary a click of your fingers, you could feast yourself so full of carnal pleasures it would damn well HURT?"

I didn't even blink. For some reason it never occurred to me to laugh, never crossed my mind to treat this as anything other than a serious offer My voice dropped, cracking slightly as I leaned in to him, getting so close I could smell his body odour, a faint rotten-egg smell. "Well then, sir, I would ask where do I sign?"

He leaned back and grinned, seeming pleased with my response. He shook his head, causing the spell to break slightly and my hopes drop a notch. "Champ, you should be careful signing your life away to just anybody, y'know. Always be sure of who you are signing to, and what you are signing for, if you know what is good for you." He tapped his teeth with a coaster from the bar. "I'll tell you what; I'll give you a freebie, because frankly, son, I like you. You remind me when I was young, so many years ago now I've almost lost count. It will make the girls drool over you, at both ends just to be near you. It will make any girl you meet want to do the nasty with you all night long. You will be the main stud-man, and any woman you want will be yours. But, there is a catch."

"There always is," I smirked, leaning back. Why did I get all serious before? Must be the booze.

"No, it is not that bad. I can make it so that every woman who sets eyes on you will do anything you want, sexually speaking. It will be their life mission to have you orgasm for you... but only up to the point where you do orgasm for them. One touch of your spirit and she will regain her senses, and there will be nothing you could do to get your mojo working on her again."

"Well, I think I could handle that!" I said with a grin. The guy was obviously pulling my leg. He was making fun of me, but was also cheering me up, so I could play along. "I am in, do your thing."

He smiled, and stepped over to his taps, drawing out a glass still covered in condensation from when it was recently cleaned. He reached for a tap I hadn't noticed before. The sign on it merely had a black oval with two red crescent moons facing each other. I did not recognise the beer brand. He drew the pump towards him and the glass filled with a dark, red brew, with an inviting white head on it. I licked my lips as I watched it, never before desiring a beer more than that one being poured in front of me. It was hypnotic, watching him fill that glass. A bomb could have gone off nearby and I'd probably still be sitting there still staring at that damned drink. He finished pouring, and a slight amount of the head slid down the glass, resting against the barman's hand. Honestly, I would have almost licked his fingers for a taste of that brew, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you why. He placed it in front on me, and I grabbed at it eagerly, but he pulled it away from my reaching hands at the last second. I looked up and him questioningly.

"Be warned, what is given cannot easily be taken away. When you drink this brew you will be irresistible to all members of the opposite sex up to and including the moment at which you reach climax with them. Drink only if agree to wanting this, as there can be no more freebies after this."

I hesitated. He seemed serious as he warned me about the drink, but it was so inviting... He allowed my hands to grasp its refreshing coolness, and I gazed at its opaque, red glowing mixture. Pattens of red light danced along the bar from the lights behind the glass. What the hell, I thought; it isn't like he'd said anything that sounded negative to me!

I raised the glass in a silent toast to the provider of the drink, and raised it to my lips. The second a drop had passed my lips I was like a man possessed. I drank quickly and carelessly. Usually I struggled to drink alcohol this quickly, but not with this drink. It tasted like ambrosia, the first beer of the summer; it was the first, dark wholesome beer of winter, the beer you swig as your team is winning, a toast to life, to living. It warmed going down like a spirit, it slid across my tongue and down my throat like liquid silk. It reached to every part of me, an electric tingle that both energised and stupefied at the same time. It was like no beer I had ever tasted.

Suddenly, I was looking at the bottom of the glass, seeing the foam sluggishly slide down the sides of the glass towards my mouth, where I still held it stupidly. My senses slowly returned, still fuzzy from... whatever the hell just happened. I managed to put the empty glass down slowly and stared at it uncomprehendingly.

The barman gave me a few moments to collect my thoughts, then took hold of my elbow and started directing me towards the door. I hadn't even noticed him coming out from behind the bar.

"Hope it all goes well for you, champ. I hope you get exactly what you wanted. Don't be a stranger now, come back some time, do y'hear?"

And with that I was outside on the street in front of the bar. I looked stupidly at the sign hanging above the door. The 'Clove and Hoof' it was called, and sported a picture of a man, laughing at something he obviously found quite amusing. For some reason it looked like he was laughing at me.

I shivered in the cold, and began to come back to reality. I looked in my wallet and despaired at the sheer lack of monetary funds it contained, certainly not enough for a taxi. I momentarily considered calling my mom, she would pick me up. After all, it... well it was until recently my birthday. Apparently it was later than I thought. Meh, she was probably asl**p, it wasn't too far, and I could walk.

I started trudging along, hands deep in my pockets and shoulders hunched in response to the cold. The streets were mostly empty, just the odd car driving past on some unknowable errand breaking the complete silence. It was very dark tonight, the moon just a sliver in the sky when it could be seen peeking at me from between the clouds. If it weren't for the street lights dropping the regular pools of light across the footpath, it would be impossible to walk without stumbling into anything.

For a moment back there I'd be totally taken in. Believed the little stories that crazy barman was weaving. It seemed pretty dumb now, in the cold hard reality of the world. But here I still am, still a virgin who hasn't even been kissed, and still living with his mom. I paused under a light and looked at my reflection in a store window. I was a shade over six feet, with a shock of dark brown unruly hair. I had an average build, certainly no bodybuilder, but not overweight at all either. Most girls mentioned my eyes, a blue so pale they are almost grey. The number of times I have heard from the ladies that my eyes must make me popular with OTHER girls (just not them) have been too numerous to count. I sighed.

Suddenly I was startled by a girl coming out of another bar nearby rather quickly, as if propelled by someone inside. This theory was supported by a bald red-faced chap stepping out after her, guarding the door and giving her the evil eye.

"I said last drinks, miss, now go home!"

"Please, just one more? I could show my gratitude..." she slurred, obviously under the influence. She looked a bit trashy with her green shiny dress that hugged her generous curves. She may even have been quite pretty, if she wasn't staggering about, her hair and clothes dishevelled. The barman did not answer, just shooting her one last hard look, then storming back inside, slamming the door. "Well, screw you too, ya prick!" She yelled, flipping the closed door the bird. The door did not react to this slight.

As she attempted to futilely straighten her clothing, a thought came to me. What if the barman had told the truth? What if that beer had magical properties and I was now irresistible to women? I looked at the girl in front of me. She was probably in her thirties, but had used make-up to try to make herself look younger. She had a fine pair of tits, and a nice, fleshy ass. She may have been carrying a little more weight than necessary, but not enough to be a turn off, more to make her curvy. I suddenly had the desire to experiment, to see if I was the lady-killer I was promised.

I stepped forwards. "Hey!" I managed, then was hit by all my usual insecurities at once. I pictured her screaming, her hitting me, her running away. Worse, I imagined her laugh as she mocked my pitiful attempts to talk to her. This was not going to work. This would be an embarrassment. I stopped, and looked at my feet. When I risked a look at her, she had a strange look in her false-eye lashed eyes. She seemed hungry, anticipatory of what was to come. Her tongue trailed across her lips as her eyes strolled lazily over every inch of my body.

"Well, hello there," she purred, stepping in close. "Aren't you a fine looking gentleman?"

I would love to say I became a fine, suave chap who whisked her off her feet, rather than the reality of me standing there with my mouth open, looking, quite frankly, stupid.

She slid up to me, so close I could feel her breath across my cheek. "You know, you look pretty handsome there, fella. How would you like to take me home with you? I can play pretty nice, when I want to."

"Home?" I asked, still continuing along the stupidity line. Was this really working?

"Yeah, do you live close? Because these shoes are killing me. And quite frankly, I'm not sure if I can wait that long..." She moved in closer, her generous breasts mashing into me, her eyes looking up at me with undisguised lust. "I am feeling a might frisky, if y'know what I mean."

"Well, no, I live about a half-hours walk from here..."

"Bah, too long!" She bit her lip, looking around for something, then her eyes locking onto me. The lust came back so quickly it was almost scary. "Come on, that alley over there!" And with that she grabbed my arm and pulled me into a dark alley that ran along the side of the bar. Immediately she was pressing me up against a rough wall. I could feel every inch of her as she pulled me down to a wet, booze-smelling kiss that tasted like peppermint gum and cigarettes, and she all but attempted to shove herself down my throat.

I was stunned. Sure, not quite how I imagined my first kiss to go, but it was happening! I gingerly slipped my arms around her, and in a fit of bravery slid one hand down to cup her ass. It felt like soft, yet firm heaven. She let out a moan against my lips.

"Damn, sugar, but you have me all hot and bothered! And I can feel you are the same!" Her hand slid down my front and squeezed my cock, now desperate to get out of my jeans. "Perhaps I can do something about that little problem!"

Suddenly she was on her knees in front of me, clawing at my belt. I stood there in shock, wondering how this could be happening to me, as she ripped opened my belt, undid my fly and tugged down my underpants to reveal my shaft to the cool air. I had enough time to feel a twinge of embarrassment before she said, "Nice!" and lunged forwards, taking my entire length into her warm mouth.

Suddenly I was in heaven. There was no foreplay, just a sudden and enthusiastic engulfing of my dick. She bobbed her head up and down my length, her velvety mouth causing an unbelievable amount of ecstasy on my part. I had nothing to compare it too, but it felt a-fucking-mazing. So good, that I knew that I could never last. All too soon I felt the familiar building of cum, filling my balls. She groaned around my cock, and I realised that she was getting off on this too, humping my foot as she worked my cock enthusiastically, her false nails digging into my hips. My fingers wrapped up in her hair, my teeth clenched and I blew a massive load into her mouth. My orgasm was so great that I struggled to stay upright, my legs turning to the consistency of cooked spaghetti. My body jerked as I released spray after spray down her throat. She moaned as she swallowed every drop, her tongue cleaning my knob expertly.

Finally she sat back on her, frankly too tall, heels, and she looked up at me. She had the strangest look on her face; as if she was wondering what the hell she was doing sucking my dick. She wiped her mouth and stood up unsteadily.

"Umm," she started, a frown on her face. "I hoped you liked that. Uh, could I borrow ten bucks from you? For a taxi?"

"Um, sure," I said, fumbling for my wallet. I pulled out my last ten dollar note, and handed it over.

"Thanks," she said, and took the note with some embarrassment. Without a look back she stumbled away, confused as hell.

Me? I was overjoyed. It was all true. I was now a sex god, able to command any girl I chose to do whatever I want. I had already lost my technical virginity; and soon I would lose the rest, in the manner, and the pussy, of my choosing.

I walked the rest of the way home, almost dancing every inch of the way. I stopped every now and then to do a little jig, and then kept on my way with a little laugh. I had never been so happy in my life.

My house was dark when I finally got there. My mother, father and s****r must be asl**p. I danced to my room as quietly as I could and flopped onto my bed. I stared at the ceiling, plotting and planning what I would do first with my new power, but the booze and the time awake caught up with me and soon I was fast asl**p.

The next day I woke slowly, warm and happy under my blankets. My adventures from last night came back to me and I swung my legs off the bed and sprang upright. My life had just begun, and I was planning to live it to the fullest. I waltzed along the hall and into the kitchen, everything sunshine and happiness. My mom was at the stove cooking bacon and eggs, and suddenly DAMN I was hungry!

I sat at the kitchen table and said, "Morning, mom! Hell of a morning, aint it? That smells awesome! Could I have double helpings, I could eat a horse this morning!"

My mom's back stiffened. She stood by the stove, hands bracing herself either side, as still as a statue. I could see her beginning to take deep breaths, her shoulders rising and falling as she did. My smile faltered, something was happening, something told me, something not good.

"Well, hello son," she finally said, and slowly turned around. She looked at me through hooded eyes, an expression of hunger on her face. At that moment my stomach dropped square into my fuzzy-lined slippers and my eyes bugged out.


"You know, I've never noticed before, but you have grown up to be such a big boy," my mom purred, walking over to my table with the maximum amount of sashaying of hips. She played with her robe, and it fell open, exposing her, admittedly modest nighty. Everything about her was screaming sex, and it was hurting my brain. "You are so handsome and strong." She sat on the table, inches from me, and played her hand along her body. It traced over the line of her body, over her hip and waist, past her ribs, and onto her fairly substantial breast, giving a little squeeze, and causing her back to arch and her breath to catch. She looked deep into my eyes, her hair falling over her face, her expression more like an a****l than the polite, slightly strict mom I knew. "Sometimes I wonder how... big... you have actually grown."

My mind slowly took in this... unashamed vixen, currently inhabiting the body of my mother. Speaking of bodies, the way she ran her hand over her breasts, the way she pushed her assets towards me, suddenly made me notice that my mom was built in some pretty interesting ways. I was suddenly noticing that she was quite the sexy woman, as opposed to just my sexless mom.

I was saved from making a decision as to how the hell to react to this by the arrival of my s****r. My mom reluctantly stood, held her robe open for a short time, showing me her suddenly womanly body, and then turned slowly back to the stove. My nineteen year old little s****r, April, ran her hand through her hair, scratching her head, still waking up, and flopped down across from me. I was still in shock from my mother's actions, and just stared blankly at my s****r, sitting across from me in a tight smiley-face t-shirt and a pair of oh-so-tight pink short-shorts. I felt my stomach sink at the thought of what was going to happen next.

I watched April try to shake herself free of the last vestiges of tiredness. Finally her eyes flicked up and met with mine. Time stopped. Her eyes appraised me, as if judging a piece of meat. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and trailed along her lips hungrily. She leaned back slightly, pushing out her B-cups breasts towards me. I hadn't noticed that she had such a nice figure before. She was actually quite a pretty blonde, despite her lack of make-up and bed-hair.

"Do you want some... hot... breakfast, honey?" my mom asked, twirling her spatula and posing in coquettish manner, that seemed so fucking wrong on her.

"Uh, yeah, mom, that would be nice." I replied, keeping my eyes on April, who was still eyeing me in a decidedly non-s****r-like manner. My mom slid some bacon and eggs onto a plate for me, her eyes rarely straying from my face, her teeth biting her bottom lip. She reluctantly turned away to push a less generous potion on my s****r's plate and then dealt with the dishes.

My s****r ate slowly, her lips and tongue curling over her food in a seductive manner, as if they were the most wonderful things she had ever tasted. Mine, on the other hand, seemed to stick in my throat, and I had to swallow hard to get anything down. April's eyes did not leave mine; she put her food in her mouth as if she wanted something else, something close to her, in her mouth instead.

I almost choked as I felt April's foot slide up my leg and start brushing my inner thigh. My knee hit the underside of the table as she worked her foot across my crotch, a look of hunger on her face. My mom turned back to me and sexed her way over to me, placing a hand on the table before me, leaning forwards to present me with a generous view of her cleavage. "Oops, baby, you have a bit of bacon grease on her face. Let me get that for you...." She licked her thumb slowly and slid her hand over my cheek. It travelled over my jaw, across my lips, pressing into my mouth.

My mom pushed her thumb into her mouth, my s****r pressed her foot into my dick, stimulating me. I couldn't handle it any more. I jumped up, m chair crashing to the ground. "I got to go. I have... somewhere to be."

"Would you like me to come with you?" my s****r asked, her eyes round with false innocence.

"Nonsense, why don't you let mommy help you?" my mom asked, sucking on her fingers. I couldn't say anything, my mouth opening and closing like a fish. I turned and ran, the door crashing open and slamming shut behind me. I glanced once over my shoulder to see my s****r and my mother, expressions like dehydrated women watching the last glass of water walking away. I kept walking.

I had a pretty good idea as to where I was going. Women suddenly started looking at me funny. A little old lady asked me to walk her across the road, her lips smacking suggestively. A greatly obese lady asked if I wanted a massage. A teen followed me for three blocks, before I ducked down a side street and lost her. Eventually I stood outside the Clove and Hoof. The picture on the sign seemed to be mocking me, as I tried the door, only to find it locked. I hid in a nearby alleyway, waiting for the day to move forward, waiting for that barman to open the doors.

It was hours before the doors opened, and the familiar goateed face looked out before ducking back inside. I leapt up and pushed my way in. the barman was in his usual place, behind the bar, still polishing the slick wood. He looked up and smiled.

"Well, hello there, sport. How is the new manliness working out for you? Have you lost that pesky virginity yet?"

I suddenly became angry. I stormed over and reached across the bar, getting a grip of his red t-shirt. "What the hell have you done to me? My fucking MOM wanted to get in my fucking pants? This was never part of the deal!"

The barman looked at me coolly. He stared at my hands until I let him go, then he took his time straightening his clothes. There was a slight air of menace about him that wasn't there before. "Actually, sport, that was exactly the deal. All, women, ALL women, will find you irresistible. I warned you to be careful, but you were so eager to get your dick wet that you didn't think, did you?"

"Whatever, dude, just take your fucking spell off of me. I don't want it anymore."

The barman sneered, leaned back and crossed his arms. "Is that so, now, champ? You want me to reverse everything? Didn't I mention that there would be NO more freebies? You want anything else from me? You gotta PAY!"

"Fine!" I shouted. Obviously this was where this was heading from the start. "What do you want? Name your price! I can raise some cash for you! Just fucking rid me of this curse!"

"Well now," said the man behind the bar. "Do you really think I need money? I have magical beer here! I could be rich if ever wanted that. No, I want something more precious, something I bet you won't even miss." With that he drew out a thick wad of, for want of a better word, paper. Honestly, there was something about it that made me think 'skin'. On the cover was written one word in dark brown ink. 'Contract'.

"All you need to do is sign this. Your little problem goes away, we never see each other again. And all I get in return is your soul. Hell, you probably don't even believe in souls, so it's like I am giving you something for nothing." He slid the contract across the bar. "Sorry, but I'll need that signature in bl**d. It's traditional."

I stood staring at him in shock. Was this the devil? Was he asking me to sell my soul for an eternity of damnation? Sure, I was not certain about this heaven and hell thing, but could I in all consciousness actually sign away my immortal soul?

He saw me hesitate and sighed. "Look, champ, you have two options. Either sign on the dotted line, or go home and fuck your mom and that sweet piece of ass of a s****r of yours. Either way, bud, you're damned."

So I was going to hell. No way out? For the second time in twenty-four hours, I decided to screw it. I stood up, picked up the contact and threw it into the barman's chest.

"Fine, I can be damned. But fucked if you are gonna be the one getting this soul." I stood up and walked out, not looking back.

I felt a sudden burst of heat behind me, and the barman yell, "You'll be back! Someday, somehow, you will be back, sport!" Then the door slammed shut behind me.

I walked back home, shrugging off the lustful stares of the women as I passed. I rejected a female cop, a middle-aged greengrocer and a prim and proper businesswoman. I walked on to my doom, to my home and s****r and mother.

I stopped outside my front door. Who knows what would happen when I walked through, but I was determined to get this over with so I could live my life, so I turned the door knob and entered.

The house was quiet. Eerily quiet. I was expecting to be jumped, so the quiet was unexpected. Perhaps I could put this off until later...

I slipped down the hall as silently as I could. I opened the door to my room and ducked in, closing it behind me, closing my eyes and leaning on it, letting out a breath I didn't even realise I was holding. Perhaps the effect would wear off after time, I hoped.

"Well, it is about time you are back, handsome," came a deep, female voice from inside my room. My eyes sprang open, and all my hopes died in an instant.

Mom and April had changed clothes since I had last seen them. Mom had put on a leather and straps deal that covered surprisingly little of her body, and what was not covered in leather was clad in fishnet material. Why the hell did she actually own an outfit like that?! April was sitting back sucking a lollypop, dressed in what I recognised to be her old school uniform, with a couple of adjustments to make sure I could see her belly and her long legs. Her hair was in pigtails, her legs in knee-high socks. It was all my erotic dreams wrapped into one, apart from the i****t thing.

"Mommy and I have been talking," said April, taking her lollypop out from between her moist, full lips.

"Yes, we realise that we have been treating you poorly, and didn't celebrate your birthday the way we should. We are going to fix that."

I was panicking a little (ok, a lot) inside, so I said, "No problems! I had a great birthday! No need to do more!"

"Nonsense," mom said, striding across the room, taking hold of my shirt collar, dragging me back to my double bed.

"Yeah, mommy and I have figured a pretty good present!" said April, bouncing up and down. I had to admit, I was getting a bit turned on by this. On one hand, I had the dominatrix in my mom, clad in leather, and the contrasting sweet innocent schoolgirl in my s****r. I reluctantly admitted they looked pretty damned good. "Now lie back, and let mommy and me give it to you hard!"

I lay back, finally giving up. Hopefully this wouldn't take very long, and my f****y can get past this. But, a traitorous part of my brain said, there is no harm in enjoying ourselves, is there?

I felt hands on me. My mom's rough, controlling hands, squeezing and pinching my flesh as she pleased, and April's, soft, tickling, yet very, very eager. I just lay back and let it happen, revelling in the sensations rolling over me. I felt lips touch mine, and I could tell by the way they were hungrily mashing into mine they were my mom's. She kissed me the way no mom should ever kiss her son, and, by hell, I kissed her right back. My hand reached around to entwine into her long hair, and I felt my shirt being lifted, and my s****r's sweet mouth sucking on my nipples. Damn, I couldn't believe the sensations that were crowding my brain! I felt two hands grab my wrists, and I knew by the direction they were grabbed from that it was by two different women, and had them placed onto two breasts, each attached to a different person. I writhed in ecstasy as I felt the leather-bound weight of my mother's large, pendulous breast with her big nipples, and the perky, smaller, yet tighter, breast of my s****r with her tight, perky nipples.

I heard groaning, and realised it was coming from all three of us. I grabbed the knot in front of my s****r's shirt and tugged it open, and saw her marvellous tits, probably B-cup size, to my inexperienced eyes. I leaned forward and took a nipple between my lips, rolling my tongue over it, eliciting squeals from April. My mom, feeling left out, unstrapped the leather from her torso, and her marvellously large tits fell out, and she rubbed them all over my face. I could not believe how soft they felt. I no longer cared how wrong this was, I was lost in the lust of the moment.

Both my mom and my s****r worked in tandem to undo and remove my pants. I lifted my hips to allow them to pull them off of me, and my cock peeked its way out of my underpants, a raging hard-on that felt stiffer than in it ever had before, thanks to this forbidden situation. Four hands explored my thighs, my stomach, my hips, and then my balls and cock. Suddenly my mom reached out and tore my underpants from me in one sudden violent movement. Where the hell had she learned to do that?

I had about three seconds to think about the reality of my being totally naked in front of my mom and April, before I felt one hot hand cup my balls and two tongues run up and down my cock. I groaned and gripped the sheets in my fists as my female f****y members messily worked my cock all over. It felt like absolute magic. I no longer cared about how taboo this was, I just let myself be overcome with the feelings of bliss.

Suddenly April crawled up my body and held me tight, kissing me with a hunger I had never even imagined before and certainly never experienced. I attempted to reciprocate the kiss, but struggled to do anything else but gasp as I felt my mother's warm mouth engulf my cock, her hand jerking me as she bobbed up and down over me. I groaned and gave in all the way to the fantastic sensations shooting through me. April pouted now that I wasn't concentrating on our kiss, and started to nibble at my neck, my nipples, my ears, before sliding down between my legs and sucking one of her balls into her mouth.

The room smelled of sex coming from all of us, both the girls were moaning and groaning, rubbing themselves against me as they pleasured me. I felt my orgasm build, both disappointed and relieved that this would soon be over. I felt myself ride the wave to the absolute peak, and was about to release myself into my mom's throat, when she suddenly clamped her fist around the base of my cock so hard it was almost painful. I couldn't cum and whimpered, pawing ineffectually at her hands, trying to get her to finish me off.

"Now, now, my big boy, I don't want you to cum just yet. I will tell you when you are allowed, is that clear?" She traced her fingers over my chest, a look of such crazed slutiness on her face that I barely recognised her as my mother.

"My turn now!" squealed April, bouncing up and tearing off her white cotton panties. She stood before me topless, in pigtails, with her beautiful breasts on show. She still wore her school skirt and knee-high white socks. Mom frowned, but decided she could possibly share, so she leaned back to give April access to me. April took advantage of this by flinging herself on me, kissing me and hugging me tight. My wet cock rubbed against her pussy and she dry humped me as her tongue pushed into my mouth. All of a sudden she raised one knee, grabbed my cock in her hand and lowered herself onto me.

I had just lost my virginity. With my s****r. And, FUCK, it felt great! Het pussy, pubes trimmed neatly, felt hot and tight as it gripped my length. April did not pause long. Soon she was bouncing up and down on me with great enthusiasm. I think my mom's trick had put me off cumming for a time, as I could not believe that I didn't immediately cream her insides with my seed.

Mom reached behind April to play with my balls, but looked left out. Finally she stood and put one foot onto the bed. I watched, my s****r squealing as she rode me hard, as mom slowly undid a zip down the front of her leather panties, the sound loud, captivating my attention as it revealed her most intimate regions.

"Oh my god," I thought. "Mom shaves herself down there!" For indeed there before me was the fantastic sight of my mother sliding her fingers back and forth over her slit, before plunging one deep inside. She pulled it out and pushed it past my lips, and I sucked on it greedily, tasting her sex. She moved up so her knees were on my pillow, and she was facing April, who seemed lost in her own little world as she rocked back and forth on top of me. I was treated to the marvellous view of my mother's bald snatch framed by leather lowering itself down towards my face. What else could I do? I opened my mouth and began to eat out my mother. Her whole body shuddered and she braced herself on my stomach as I worked my tongue into her. Her pussy was soaking and hot, and smelled and tasted of sex. It was unusual, but I had never experienced anything so wonderful. I slurped at her, hoping I was doing the right thing, her gasps suggesting that I might be.

We worked together like a well-oiled, sweaty machine, the room filled with our grunts and moans, and the wet sounds of flesh on flesh. April came first on my cock, and I felt her pussy lips spasming over me as a gush of liquid washed over my balls. She let out a number of little squeaks, and I would have given anything to see her face at that moment, but I was still buried between my mother's legs. Suddenly my mouth was awash with my mother's cum as she orgasmed on my tongue, her pussy convulsing as she mashed her pussy into my face. Mom was not so quiet as my s****r, and she screamed, "OH YES! YOU BAD BOY YOU HAVE MADE MOMMY COME!" and other similar, dirty things. Finally they both rolled off of me panting. They lay on either side of me, arms holding me loosely as we each tried to catch our breaths.

"Mmmm, that was nice, big b*****r, why the fuck have we never done that before?" April giggled.

Mom pushed herself up. "Come on, son, time for you to get up and do some work." I pulled myself up onto my knees, wondering what mom was talking about. Mom turned and held onto the headboard. Her face looked at me over her shoulder, and the woman who had packed my school lunches my entire life was nowhere to be seen. In her place was an out-of-control nympho who looked at me as if devouring my flesh. "Now get in behind and fuck your mom's pussy".

What could I do? I had to get this over and done with, so I moved in behind her and, after a couple of missed prods, She guided me back to the warmth that had birthed me twenty-two years ago. It was looser than April's but it felt hotter, and mom did something with her pussy muscles that felt like a velvet fist gliding over my cock. I began to pound into her, grunting with effort, my hips slapping her meaty ass as I did. She screamed out incoherently, lost in her lust, ramming back to meet every one of my thrusts. Her tits hung down and swayed back and forth in rhythm with our pounding. I reached down and gripped them, squeezing their soft, fleshy weights.

I then noticed April sitting off to the side, pouting, and feeling left out of the action. I suddenly had an evil idea, and I wondered if it would work.

"April, go sit in front of mom," I suggested. She looked at me blankly, then did as I asked, ducking under mom's arms to lean against the headboard. "Now mom, why don't you eat out April?" Mom looked over her shoulder, a look of shock on her face. Ah well, I may as well dive in all the way. "It would really make this even better -- make me cum even harder..."

This helped convince mom. She had to do anything to please me sexually, after all. So she leant forward and began lapping at April's wet pussy. April looked nervous, but soon stretched her legs wider and archer her back, letting out little moans of encouragement. The sight of my mom eating out my s****r as April squeezed her tits and pinched her own nipples, and mom's pussy slipping back and forth over my cock was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. I went to town, losing myself to the sensations, sights, sounds, smell of the primal fucking which we were now all engaged in. April and mom exploded simultaneously, both grunting and screaming their second orgasms to the world. The feeling of my mom's pussy squeezing on me was too much. I pulled out and began jerking off.

"Mom, April, come here, I wanna cum on your tits!" They crawled over to me as fast as they could, still panting and glassy-eyed from their most recent orgasms. They looked up at me pleadingly as I jacked off, hands running up and down my body. My mom in her leather, her sex and pussy exposed, my s****r in her school skirt, tits out, pigtails undone, her face somehow still looking innocent through her unbridled lust.

That was it. I came hard, screaming as the waves of pleasure coursed through me, my cock twitching and spraying globs of cum on them both. It hit their faces, their tits, and their hair. They moaned as it sprayed them, and all too soon I was spent and collapsed onto the bed. I lay there with my eyes closed, trying to collect my thoughts and my breath. Now would come the moment I had been dreading, when they would come to their senses.

Finally I sat up, and looked open mouthed at my mom and my s****r happily licked my cum from each other's tits. I was speechless -- weren't they meant to have recovered from this by now?

"Hmmm, that was amazing," said mom, looking down at me with a lazy, satisfied smile.

"You can say that again!" giggled April, rubbing the last of the cum into her teenaged breasts.

"Are you... happy you did this?" I asked tentatively. "Did you like me cumming on you?"

"Of course, honey!" said mom, giving me a quick, but sensual kiss. "I loved every second of that."

"And when you are recovered, we can give you the rest of your present!" bubbled April, giving my softening cock a playful squeeze, standing and walking out of the room, still mostly undressed.

"Rest of my present?" I asked, totally thrown by this turn of events.

"Of course, honey," said mom, grinning over her shoulder, "we promised each other to give you one orgasm each. That one was on both of us, so you owe us half an orgasm each!" Her hips flicked seductively as I watched her leather-clad ass sashay out of the room.

I lay back, alone in my room. The sheets were damp with sweat and sex juices, and were all bunched up. I could still smell my mom and my s****r's scents on them. So, I needed to give them one more orgasm, huh? I grinned. I suppose one more couldn't hurt...

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