"Hey k**!"

Shelby could hear Adam downstairs talking to Christopher, their son. She was upstairs in the bathroom getting ready. She studied herself in the mirror. Her large, dark, almond-shaped eyes stared out from a smallish heart-shaped face. She painted her full lips a shiny, juicy pink and blew a silly kiss at her reflection. She tossed her head giving herself shivers as her long hair tickled over her bare shoulders like the smoothest piece of espresso silk.

She may have been a mom, but thanks to good genetics, a petite stature and being youngish when she'd had their son, Shelby looked a lot more like a teenager than her actual age. She stood on her tip toes and turned around to examine the rest of herself in the mirror.

Her curvy hips were swathed in off-white and black lace panties, her round ass cheeks exposed by her g-string. She wiggled her butt, smiling as she imagined Adam's hands grabbing her curves to pull her body closer to him, she could feel her excitement growing.

"What are you still doing home?" Adam asked Topher, "Shouldn't you be out with the guys or something? It's Friday night, no eighteen-year old should be at home with his parents." Shelby heard him sigh, "I have no money to go out so I thought I'd just chillax here with you guys." "I'll give you some cash and you can go to the movies or something, get out of the house." Adam sounded kind of insistent that their son go out tonight but she could understand since he did tell her that there was going to be some sort of super special surprise for her. Apparently it was a husband and wife only type surprise, which were the ones she liked the most. They had a busy household, so it was nice for them to be able to spend time together. Alone. Doing adult things.

She walked into their closet trying to find something sexy to put on. Shelby hoped that whatever she chose her husband would rip off of her as soon as he was done admiring it. She pulled a couple of things off of hangers, not really sure what she was looking for but definitely not finding it so far. Finally, she decided on a theme outfit, part sexy secretary and part naughty school girl.

She slipped into a collared, button down shirt with short puffed sleeves. She left several buttons open creating a nice open neckline to frame the perky globes of her breasts pushed above the top of her lacy bra. A short, plaid, pleated skirt, mostly black and white with a tiny bit of baby pink mixed in completed her outfit.

Shelby bit her bottom lip getting excited imagining her husband fucking her as she stepped into some shiny, black, patent leather mary-jane heels. They added just the right slutty but sweet touch and accented her petite but shapely legs. She searched the very back of the walk-in closet and pulled out a handful of silken fabric from a hidden box.

"Bye Mom! I'll be back later."

Shelby jumped at the sound of her son's voice, so much like Adam's, coming through the crack in the bedroom door. She grabbed a short, silk kimono and quickly threw it on over her outfit. She carelessly tossed the lengths of fabric on the bed as she darted to the door to say good bye to Topher before he went out. When she opened the door and peeked out, he was in the hallway waiting.

Shelby smiled, thinking to herself that it seemed like he had sprouted up practically overnight. She could've sworn he was just a boy not that long ago. It made her feel all gooey and sentimental when she'd realized her "baby" had turned into a man.

He was the perfect combination of his parents, truly half of each of them. He was the same build as his dad with his classic all American good looks tempered by her more exotic touch of mixed ethnicity. His strong jaw came from Adam and he had Shelby's f****y's chin with a quirky cleft that was uniquely his, her golden skin tone and high cheek bones.

His hair was thick and dark like his mom's with natural highlights provided by his dad making it a rich caramel color. If Shelby were an eighteen-year old girl she knew she wouldn't be able to resist his gorgeous face, amazing green eyes and sweet and loving personality.

Topher was supposed to be playing it cool but when he saw his mom in that short robe and those fuck-me shoes he had a hard time controlling his reaction to her. He stepped back from the doorway to take her in. His gaze started at her feet and worked its way up her body to fix on her face.

Shelby didn't think that it was possible, but she felt like her son was checking her out, even though she knew all he could see was her robe and heels. She'd checked to make sure she was entirely covered up before she opened the door because she didn't want him to know she was dressed up like some sort of sex object. He had a look in his eye that caused her pulse to race and made her mouth dry. Suddenly nervous, she swallowed hard and dropped her gaze from his intense stare into her eyes.

Ever since the night Topher had seen his parents together in the backyard he'd been having a lot of thoughts about his mom. He'd been good about keeping his feelings for her to himself but seeing her all done up was too much for him this time. The image of her naked body and wanton fucking burst into his brain and he spoke before he could stop himself.

"Wow, Mom! You look hot!" Topher exclaimed.

"Ha ha! You brat! You're just saying that, but I like it. Give me a hug before you go."

Shelby reached up to hug him good-bye. He was still her baby and since he'd become a teenager, displays of affection from him were a little bit scarce. As she wrapped her arms around his neck, she inhaled deeply, happy to be hugging him.

Suddenly, the clean, masculine scent of his cologne started to turn her on. She felt a massive rush of guilt and tried to push the thought away as she leaned in to kiss his cheek. At the last second, he turned his head and her lips landed right on the corner of his soft mouth. He had to bite back a groan feeling her full lips pressed partially against his.

A sharp jolt of excitement shot through her stomach giving her butterflies and she quickly pulled away from her son feeling self-conscious and awkward.

Surely, she thought, the way he'd moved his head was just an accident. She figured Topher was just an innocent bystander caught up in her excitement, she must have just misread his signals. She figured once he left her energy would turn in the right direction.

She was so horny and full of anticipation she felt like she wasn't completely in control and it made her nervous, she didn't want anything to happen that could hurt their relationship. In the rational part of her mind she told herself his firm body wasn't too different from her husband's and her reaction to her son shouldn't be too surprising. After all, Topher was just a man and being excited by a man's body was natural when she was already turned on.

"So what are you and Dad doing tonight? Anything exciting?" he asked, trying to sound casual as he leaned against the door frame.

Shelby shrugged and replied, "I don't know, your dad said he has a surprise for me. Maybe we'll go out for dinner or something, I'm not sure yet."

"Well I'm sure whatever he has planned will be awesome and you'll always remember it," he replied.

She frowned slightly thinking Topher's comment was a little strange. This seemed like it was going to be a fun and exciting tryst night, but nothing wildly out of the ordinary. She thought maybe Adam had confided in their son or had asked for his help in planning the surprise. She wasn't very comfortable with the idea of Adam involving their son in his parents' private life and she seriously doubted he'd do something like that, but it sounded like Topher knew something he wasn't saying. She hated being the last to know anything, but figured she'd be enlightened shortly, even if the two of them were keeping secrets from her.

"Aren't the guys waiting for you?" she asked, concerned she was going to make him late. Topher pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time and said, "Yeah, I should probably get going. See you Mom."

"Bye k**! Have fun and drive carefully. I love you."

Topher reached out to hug her again before he left, but Shelby didn't think it was such a good idea to touch him again. She reached out and playfully shoved him away from her even though she knew she couldn't really move him, she was extremely petite and he was a strongly built boy.

She told him in a mock serious voice, "Get outta my house you little punk!" He laughed and ran downstairs eager to get his night started.

She could hear him gather his car keys and wallet and head toward the door. Shelby unwrapped her robe letting the slick fabric pool by the side of the bed. She went back into the closet to pull a thin, rhinestone studded piece of black leather from the hidden box and fastened it around her throat. She reached out and scooped up a handful of the black fabric from the bed, if there was any doubt about her intentions tonight, Adam would know 100% what she wanted once he saw her.

"Bye guys! Have fun! I'll be back later!" Topher called into the house as he closed the door behind him. The second she heard the front door click shut she flung their bedroom door open. She paused for a couple of seconds listening to make sure he was really gone and they were actually alone.

"Hey, Hon? What are you doing?" Adam called to her from downstairs.

"Nothing... What are you doing?" she replied, giggling.

"Waiting for you. To come down here. To start our night," he said in a deeply seductive voice.

Shelby shivered with excitement and stepped out of the bedroom. She walked slowly down the stairs. The house was silent except for the rustle of the silky fabric trailing after her.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs she paused on the last step, then posed with one hand on her hip so he could get the full effect of her outfit. Her heart raced with anticipation as she bit her pouty bottom lip, waiting for him to respond, but he just stared silently at her from the couch. Shelby started to feel a little unsure of herself thinking maybe she'd chosen the wrong outit or didn't look quite as tempting as she'd thought she did.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of him looking at her and her staring back, desperate for some reaction, Adam groaned softly and said in a voice rough with arousal, "Come to Daddy, baby girl."

A naughty smile curved her lips and she had to bite back a moan. His words made every nerve ending in her body come to life and sent a lightening bolt of pure lust straight to her pussy. She tingled all over, dying to get his hands and mouth and body all over her. Shelby's panties clung to her bare lips and as she squirmed it made her inner thighs squeeze her sensitive, aching sex. All she could think about was the way he could fulfill all of her fantasies.

She stepped off the last stair and started what felt like a miles-long walk across the livingroom to him. Her hips swayed as she stepped one foot in front of the other slowly and deliberately. Her full, shiny lips were slightly parted, as she fixed him with her most sultry gaze.

She was pretty sure she was more aroused than he was but she was going to do everything in her power to get him equally as hot as she was by the time she reached him. Halfway across the room she dropped to her knees, her legs were spread, with her hands rested palms up on her thighs. She stared into his eyes and brazenly licked her upper lip.

Adam smiled at her blatant flirtation. The heat in his unwavering stare made her suddenly shy and she dropped her gaze for a moment before she looked deeply into his eyes and resumed her slow crawl toward him. Adam's mouth watered as he looked into her gaping neckline. He couldn't wait until she got to him and he'd be able to get his hands on her luscious body.

As Shelby got closer, Adam spread his thighs wide so that she could stop between his legs. She knelt on the floor before him waiting for his next move. He leaned forward and kissed her mouth with the softest, most teasing brush of lips she had ever felt.

Her entire body was trembling with him so close, wanting him so badly. His hands glided softly over her hair as he kissed her so gently she thought she might go crazy. Shelby wanted to beg, she wanted Adam to take control and kiss her hard, plundering her mouth. She did her best not to make any sounds or move around taking whatever pleasure he wanted to give her. The tip of his tongue lightly traced the border of her lower lip, tickling over the sensitive skin.

Suddenly, Adam's hands clenched into hard fists in Shelby's hair. He wrapped his fingers in the silky locks putting a little bit of tension in the strands. He pulled her head back, fully exposing her face to his.

He stared into the chocolatey depths of her eyes, wide with arousal and a tiny bit of pain. He pulled on her hair harder and f***ed her head back further, she panted desperate for him to end the agonizing wait. It felt like an eternity of looking into his eyes before he crushed his lips down onto hers.

Shelby was frantic for him but Adam was in charge of the kiss so she tried her best to behave. His lips urged hers apart and she moaned deep in her throat as he tasted her.

Shelby squirmed around and Adam could tell by the sounds she made that she had worked herself up so much she was nearly ready to come. She squeezed her thighs together pressing her pussy lips against her sensitive little clit. Her hips thrusted forward involuntarily and she started to reach down to play between her legs not thinking of anything but her desperate need to come. Adam twisted one of his fists tighter into her hair and the pain stopped her.

He growled "Uh uh," in a stern tone against her mouth.

She gasped wanting desperately to move but she knew she had to wait. She felt like she was dying of anticipation and she let out a whimper, unable to stop herself.

Adam broke the kiss and eased his punishing grip on her hair. She teasingly nipped his bottom lip between her teeth before he pulled away from her. He looked down into her face where her eyes were dilated, bottomless pools of heat as she breathed hard for him.

He tightened his grip of her hair again, this time, he f***ed her to be still. He bent his head as he kissed her mouth, his tongue and lips and teeth moved across her jaw line and she shuddered when he reached the ultra sensitive skin below her ear. His sucking kisses and bites on her neck made her break out in goosebumps. His mouth traveled over her collarbone and his tongue dipped into the hollow before he detoured downward to her exposed cleavage.

Shelby gripped his muscular thighs tightly as his mouth and tongue explored the tops of her breasts and throat as the rest of her body was entirely still, under his control. He pulled her hair hard and continuously to the point of pain but she was so crazed with lust for him that everything he did just made her want him more.

One of his hands loosed its hold in her hair and reached down to unbutton her top. He enjoyed seeing every inch of flesh revealed as he worked his way to the bottom hem.

Once it was entirely unfastened, he hooked a finger in the placket of her shirt and pulled it open. He groaned when he exposed her perky boobs, her hard dusky nipples strained toward him hardly concealed in her sheer lacy bra.

Her skin was covered in goosebumps and every inch of her body was desperate for his touch. He tugged her top down her arms, first one side then the other and she shrugged it off letting it fall behind her.

He reached out and flicked the straps of her bra down over her shoulders, left then right. The mostly transparent fabric clung to her curves barely covering her body. Adam hooked his finger in the center of her bra and tugged it down, exposing her to his gaze, making her moan for him. Her chest was tingling under the weight of Adam's stare and her nipples tightened as he watched.

He freed his second hand from her hair and cupped her breasts in both hands. She sighed as his warm palms lightly tickled over her nipples, bringing them up to harder points. She arched her back and pressed her tits deeper into his hands and bit her bottom lip as he pinched and gently tugged the puckered little nubs.

She raised up on her knees offering her chest to him and he groaned before taking her nipples into his mouth. Adam's lips and teeth and tongue drove her crazy. He licked and sucked and nibbled her sensitive flesh as her body jumped and twitched with excitement.

Shelby's hands grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her before she smashed her boobs into his face. He laughed, playfully motor-boating her firm and bouncy flesh. She unhooked her bra and tossed it off somewhere into the living room before she reached out and pushed his upper body firmly backward into the couch.

She reached out, running her hands down his chest. He groaned as she dug her fingertips into his pecs, stroking her way down his stomach until she reached his waistband. She lifted the hem of his tee shirt and pressed a gentle kiss to his stomach, she smiled as his stomach muscles twitched with her touch. Shelby unbuttoned his jeans and eased the zipper down over his barely contained bulge. She tugged his pants open and reached in to find his rock hard, throbbing shaft. She wrapped her warm little hand around the silky smooth length, gripped it and gave it a loving squeeze it as she eased it out of the fly of his boxers.

Shelby licked her lips, admiring the warm, erect organ in her grip. She gazed at the head, smooth with a tiny clear bead of moisture right at the tip, traveling downward, she saw the darker ridges of veins pulsing right under the surface of his skin.

She rubbed the shaft gently against her cheek reveling in the combination of softness and rigidity. Shelby brought her lips to him, placing the most tender kiss right on the tip before engulfing it in her mouth.

She wrapped her lips around his cock, her tongue slipped up and down the length stopping every so often to swirl softly around the head. Her hands slid over him in time with her bobbing head and it made her so excited to have him in her mouth, that she was again almost ready to come without him even touching her achy pussy. His hands tangled once more in her hair and he pulled her head tighter onto his length. His hips thrusted upward toward her, gently fucking her wet and willing mouth.

Shelby moaned around the hard flesh buried between her lips. She sucked and swallowed, licking and flicking her tongue all over him. She teased around the ridge of his head and licked along the underside of his shaft. Her hand gripped his length jerking him off as her muffled sex noises vibrated against his erection.

She loved to go down on him. She normally would suck his dick for as long as possible and she prided herself on giving good head, but she was usually more controlled than this. Adam had never had such a wild blow job from his wife and it was driving him crazy that she was driven so crazy for him.

"Hon, I'm going to cum too soon if you keep going like that. I want to last once I'm inside you," he warned her.

Adam loved what she was doing but didn't want to be pushed too far yet, so he stopped fucking her mouth and tried to pull his dick from her lips. Shelby groaned and followed his cock, acting like she hadn't heard anything he said and then she redoubled her efforts.

He gave a half smile at her tenacity but regretfully decided he would have to take control of the situation again. He wrapped his hand tightly into her hair letting her know he meant business and kept her head still. He growled, watching as he slowly slid his shiny, throbbing hard-on out of her still eager mouth.
She looked up at him and gave him a naughty smile before she said, "I think you're overdressed. Let me fix that." She stood up, her feet together between his open legs. She could feel her swollen clit being deliciously tortured by her clinging panties, teasing her more than she thought she could stand. She half-way hoped she might have an "accident" and suddenly come, but doubted Adam would let her get away with something like that on a night he was supposed to be the boss. She leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of his shirt pulling it off over his head.

Her bare breasts hung in his face like luscious ripe fruits as she leaned over him and she braced herself against the back of the couch when he wrapped his arm around her bare back. He pulled her to his mouth letting his tongue flick over the sensitive tips of her nipples. She moaned as she pushed her breasts further into his face. He licked and kissed the firm mounds making her squirm uncontrollably.

"Mmm! Naughty!" she giggled,"but I'm not done yet!"

She wiggled free of his grasp and knelt between his legs once more as she reached to remove his jeans and boxers. Adam lifted his hips so she could pull the fabric down his legs and his cock sprang up before her.

He loved the way her eyes lit up and she lovingly rubbed her lower lip against the head, savoring the silken texture. She looked up meeting his eyes and she could tell he knew exactly what she was thinking.

"Don't do it, naughty girl." He smiled at her even though they both knew what was going to happen next. She took his length into her mouth again and let her slippery tongue tease over his head. Her lips slid up and down his shaft and she moaned with the pleasure of his dick filling her mouth with his hardness once again.

She bobbed her head as she fucked his length with her lips and tongue and tightly fisted hand. She was building an enjoyable rhythm and really starting to get into it. She sensed a change in her husband and right as Adam was about to tell her she needed to stop again, with one last loving slurp, she slowly and reluctantly pulled away.

She stood up and turned around, spreading her feet wide apart. She slowly bent over, bracing her hands on the coffee table in front of her. Her short skirt left nothing to the imagination, her bare butt was exposed right in front of his face and below it her panty covered pussy peeped out between her thighs. She looked over her shoulder at Adam as he ran his hands slowly and teasingly up and down the backs and insides of her thighs.

She could feel his fingers brush against her underwear for a split second before sliding around to grip her ass. He grabbed her bum in two firm handfuls and squeezed her butt cheeks hard, she bit back a groan hoping she knew what was coming next.

Adam slapped her left cheek hard before switching to the right making her gasp and squirm from the stinging pleasure. He spanked her lovingly offered ass, slowly and methodically, a couple of smacks of varying hardness for each side. He alternated at his leisure, covering as much area as he could. He stopped and smiled to himself as he enjoyed the sight of her softly pinkening flesh. She wiggled her ass playfully side to side hoping to entice him into continuing.

He trailed his finger tips over her sensitive, blushed skin laughing as she leaned backward pushing her hips toward him. He traced the bottom inner curve of her butt cheek and down over the lacy crotch of her underwear. He could feel how hot and wet she was through the fabric.

His finger tip explored further, teasing around the sides of her panties. It dipped under the edge of the thin material to glide over the naked, smooth flesh then slipped back out to slide up and down her fabric covered cleft.

His finger made small detours, flicking against her clit, hidden between her pouty pussy lips then it slid upward to tickle against her opening. She had to bite her bottom lip to keep from begging him to just rip her panties off and slam his prick into her balls deep. She knew whatever he had planned for her would be so much better than just the quick fuck her impatient little pussy wanted.

Adam cupped her mound, the heel of his hand pressed against her clit, making her hips buck at the firm, grinding contact. He pulled his hand back and slid a finger into her panties then lifted them away from her sensitive parts and tugged them to the side, finally exposing her bare sex to his gaze.

He growled, looking at her smooth lips, smelling the faintest whiff of her wetness. He used two fingers to spread her open until he saw the soft, slick folds, her tight entrance glistening with her arousal and the pink pearl of her clit begging for more attention.

He slowly ran his finger up and down between the lips, spreading the moisture over her sex. He gently rubbed her clit before sliding upward to her leaking opening and slowly inside her. Shelby's pussy twitched as Adam gently filled his wife. He savored how easily his finger glided into her entrance her soaking channel lubed with all her slippery moisture. His finger teased in and out, warming her up for more but she was more than ready. He pushed a second finger inside her amazed at how tight she was, clinging to him as closely as any virgin.

As he stroked her hot wet insides, his scissored fingers stretched her while her inner muscles worked against him, squeezing his fingers tightly as they fucked her. She was already so horny for him that just this little bit was almost too much, but he kept going slowly and steadily, slipping in and out of her over and over again. Her breathing was getting faster and he could tell by the way her pussy twitched and her hips rode his fingers she was getting close.

"Oh, please! Let me come!" She begged him to get her off, but he slowed his strokes and pulled his fingers from her desperate sex. Adam sucked his fingers clean, tasting her excitement, the very essence of her sex.

"Not yet, I have something even better for you."

Shelby let out a frustrated cry before she got herself under control. She knew that "something better" would actually be better but she wanted to come so badly that she almost didn't care. Shelby wanted to dissent and demand he get her off now, but she knew his plan was for the greater good, no matter how frustrating it was.

"Stand up, turn around and face me, hon."

Reluctantly she stood and her skirt flounced back down to cover her lower body. She turned to face him, standing with one foot turned slightly inward causing her thigh to squeeze her aching sex. She waited, wondering what was coming next.

Adam slid off the couch, kneeling in front of his wife. He looked up at her, admiring the combination of untouched innocent and ravenous sex goddess that stood before him. She was still fully dressed on the bottom but her firm little breasts were completely bared to him accented only by the sparkly collar.

She looked like a sex-crazed teenage school girl and something primal inside him wanted to live out every straight man's fantasy of corrupting her purity. He wrapped his hands around her legs and his warm palms slid up the backs of her thighs, making her skin tingle.

As he reached up to frame her hips with his hands, he dipped his head beneath her skirt and pressed a soft kiss to her mound. She groaned, knowing from previous experience things were about to go from good to amazing.

Shelby reached down lifting the front of her skirt so she could see Adam's face. He hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties and tugged them slowly down. She momentarily went weak in the knees she was so excited knowing she would be completely exposed to him. He stopped with the top half of her sex uncovered. He pressed a warm kiss to her smoothness letting his tongue tease along the waistband of her underwear.

Her pussy was soaking and getting wetter by the second when he resumed pulling her panties down. The feeling of her underwear sliding down her legs made her dizzy, the tickle of a cool breeze over her bare lips made her hips thrust involuntarily toward his face.

Adam leaned back to admire the sight before him. His delectable little wife with her legs spread lifted her skirt to show him her pussy. The image of her this way was burned into his brain forever. Wanton sexuality mixed with a look of the purest love he'd ever seen on anyone's face, all for him.

Her entire lower body was tingling as he gazed at her nakedness. She was completely bare and smooth except for a dark, razor thin line that seemed to point the way right to her sexiest secrets.

He took a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her pussy. He placed a soft chaste kiss to her mons before he licked over her silky smoothness. Adam made-out with her sex before he darted his tongue between her lips to delicately probe her clit.

Shelby's hips were out of control, thrusting toward him trying to follow his tongue's movements against her body. He spread her sex open and ran his tongue along the entire length of her cleft licking from her entrance to tenderly wrap his lips around her clit. Her hands dropped to his head, trying to pull him as close to her pussy as possible.

He gently suckled the little bump, bobbing his head as he give her most sensitive parts the tiniest blow job in the world. His tongue flitted over her clit in different patterns, back and forth, side to side, spirals, anything to drive her wild.

Shelby held his head and moaned as the flat of his tongue slipped between her folds so he could dip nearly into her entrance. The pointed tip of his tongue circled the sensitive flesh of her opening making her wish desperately he'd just penetrate her depths. She wanted to fling a leg over his shoulder and wildly fuck his face.

Back and forth he teasingly licked the length of her sex. He would torture her opening, then leave to swirl around her clit and go back again. He pressed his tongue into her and she grabbed his head hard wanting more. Her hips rolled and she rode his tongue as she whimpered, he moved back to her clit as her head dropped back. Her body was overwhelmed with the constantly changing, never ending pleasure.

The wet heat built between her thighs and she knew the softest graze of the tip of his tongue on her throbbing clit would push her over the edge but suddenly, he pulled away.

She wavered, disappointed and trembling before him. Only his hands braced against her bare ass cheeks held her up as she tried to catch her breath. She was frantic to come and could feel tears of frustration threatening to escape but she took a deep, cleansing breath and stopped them.

Adam stood up, his hard cock at attention for her as she looked deep into his eyes she reached out and grabbed it. She stroked it, her small warm hand slid up and down his shaft a couple of times, her thumb circled him making the head of his cock slick with pre-cum. Adam grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from his dick. He bent down and picked up one of the lengths of fabric pooled at their feet. The look he gave her made her stomach flutter.

"Turn around, hon," he instructed her.

When she had obeyed him, he flipped the fabric over her head and d****d it lovingly over her eyes. He tied a comfortable knot behind her head, blindfolding her. Shelby couldn't see a thing, but she trusted her husband with her life, so she silently waited before him. She could hear him moving around as she tried to be patient wondering what her husband was up to.

She let out a gasp of surprise, when, after a few excruciating moments of total silence, he suddenly grasped her hands and pulled them in front of her body. He tied her wrists together, firmly but comfortably and placed them over his head trapping her in an embrace, her nearly bare body pressed against his completely naked form.

She could feel the hot length of his erection probing beneath the hem of her skirt where it brushed silky smooth against the skin of her inner thigh. She moved her hips trying to direct it toward her pussy. It was laid against the length of her sex but he wouldn't let her squirm enough to get it inside her.

Adam kissed her mouth softly and with his hands braced beneath her bare ass, lifted her. Shelby's legs automatically wrapped around his hips for stability and she could feel the rounded tip of his erection tease at the dripping entrance of her sex. She whimpered with anticipation, knowing that she was finally going to get exactly what she had been waiting for.

Adam slowly lowered her inch by inch over his long, thick cock. The head spread her pouty lower lips and tantalizingly stroked every inch of her pussy. She could feel him inching up inside her, his hot length stretched her desperate sex. She was so turned on that she felt as if he actually thrust into her he would make her come.

At last, after what felt like the most pleasurable and torturous eternity, he was buried entirely in her tight, juicy sex. Her pelvis was pressed against his and she quivered in his arms. Shelby was overwhelmed and moaned as she tried wildly to bounce on his cock, but he held her captive, impaled on his dick, in his full control.

"Please Adam! Please, please make me come for you! Oh god, please let me come for you," her voice shook as she clenched her pussy rhythmically around his invading shaft.

She tried uselessly to do anything that might make her come, grinding her clit against his pubic bone, twisting her hips to make his length touch her aching insides. Adam laughed somewhat maliciously, knowing he was completely in control of her pleasure. He felt a surge of power knowing she would do anything he wanted her to just so she could come.

"Okay baby, I'll let you come, but you have to give in to my surprise entirely. You can't say 'no', you can't say 'stop'. I am in charge of everything and in order for both of us to get the most pleasure from this experience you have to submit to it entirely."

She loved him and trusted him with every fiber of her being, she knew that whatever he had planned would be everything she'd ever wanted and more. He would take her to her limits and possibly past them, but she knew he only wanted what was best for her and them together. She also knew if she didn't come soon she would go crazy.

"YES! YES! I will do anything you tell me to! Anything! Just please let me come, please!"

Adam carried her, still impaled on his cock, to the table in their dining room and set her carefully on the edge of the cold glass top. Shelby shivered, her body breaking out in goosebumps. He leaned her back, her tied hands still fastened around his neck, opened her thighs wide, hooked his elbows beneath her knees, and started pounding into her.

After just a few thrusts a huge orgasm crashed over her body. She screamed out, her nipples were rock hard and her pussy felt as if it were on fire. His hips slammed into her inner thighs, the sounds of their bodies slapping together echoed around the quiet house as he fucked her harder than she thought the table could take.

Her back arched as his full length rammed into her over and over again. Shelby's sex spasmodically gripped his shaft and suddenly Adam groaned and pushed as deep as he could get inside of her. As she sank her teeth into his shoulder, his cock twitched and she felt his hot seed spilling in her depths. Even as he gave her what she wanted, her pussy tried to coax every drop of cum from his shaft and she continued coming hard for him.

She leaned forward and blindly kissed his mouth, her tongue frantically thrusted between his lips. He pulled away and bit her neck, making her upper body twitch toward him as she got so much pleasure from his roughness.

Eventually, she started to relax, her orgasm subsided and her breathing slowed. She softly kissed around his neck and jaw and they shivered together as she kissed the corner of his mouth and traced his bottom lip with the pointed, pink tip of her tongue.

Adam quietly chuckled as he lifted her still bound hands over his head and gently laid her out full length on the cold table top. She shivered as she took in a hissing breath between her clenched teeth. He slid his still rock-hard cock from her pussy. Her hips lifted toward him at the sudden feeling of emptiness, she wanted him to slide back into her, but obviously he had other plans.

"Mmm, my cum looks amazing dripping from your pussy, hon. I can't wait to get back in there, but I have my surprise all ready for you first."

Shelby tingled all over at his words. She imagined what her sex must look like, open and filled with his slippery semen. She couldn't even begin to imagine what the "surprise" would be, but she knew if he was this excited about it then it would be amazing.

"Before I show you what it is though, I'm going to bind you down to the table. So you cannot escape!" she could hear the smile in his voice as he playfully threatened her.

Shelby wondered exactly what pleasure was so intense she might want to escape it. She heard him circle to the other side of the table and she raised her bound hands over her head patiently waiting while he looped the longest piece of fabric through her restraints and secured the loose ends to one of the table legs. She knew she couldn't go anywhere, but doubted she'd want to once she saw what he had waiting for her.

He came back around the table and warned her, "You have to have an open mind. I'm doing this to help fulfill our fantasies. Don't hold back anything baby, I want you to enjoy it all."

He reached down, and unfastened her skirt, she lifted her hips and he tugged it off, removing her last piece of clothing, leaving her naked wearing only the heels, leather collar and a blindfold. He placed a gentle kiss right beneath her belly button that made her stomach muscles jump.

Finally he said, "I'm taking off the blindfold so you can see what your surprise is."

He leaned over her, untying the scarf and she could see his gorgeous face again. She kissed him one last time before she lifted her head to see what he had waiting for her.

Standing near the bottom of the table on her right side was a naked man. His feet were shoulder width apart, his hands clasped behind his back and he stared straight ahead. All he wore was a black half-mask and a nearly perfect hard-on.

She gasped in surprise and flinched away. She wondered exactly how much he had seen. Clearly all of her, but had he just come in? Or, she bit her bottom lip at the thought, had he been here watching since she'd been blindfolded? It felt like her naked body was blushing and she wanted to cover herself but couldn't since her hands were tied. She felt a little bit betrayed by her husband and at the same time she felt a warm rush to her sex at the thought of this stranger watching them fuck.

"This is your 'surprise'? I-I don't really know about this." Shelby looked at Adam wondering what he was thinking.

The idea of being with someone new was overwhelming. Her heart was racing with excitement and nervousness and more than a little bit of fear. Adam was her husband and she hadn't been with anyone else since they'd been married. They loved each other and were faithful. And now he expected her to just give herself to someone she didn't know, without even asking her first?

They'd talked about threesomes before, but only in a "what-if" way. They liked to have fun and imaginative sex but she never really thought that this would actually happen. Adam was always supportive, and encouraged her fantasies but to do this as a surprise was more than just being a loving husband.

Shelby was extremely shy and would never have had even the faintest idea where to start if she was supposed to pick a second lover. Now that she didn't have to worry about that part, her greatest fear was that the after effects would hurt their marriage. She heard Adam saying this was what he wanted but wasn't sure that's what he really meant. He might start out enjoying it and then partway through change his mind and want to stop or worse, regret it once it had been done.

"You already promised baby girl. You said you would be open to anything I had planned for us and this is my plan. Plus, I have you tied down, so I think you're stuck enjoying it. Let go, experience all of it. This is my gift to you. Your ultimate pleasure."

They stared intently at each other, each searching the other's eyes. Adam wanted to smile because he could see as her reluctance slowly dissolved. Her will was weakened and he knew he had won.

"Okay," she said, the hesitation clear in her voice. "I know I said 'anything'. If we can just go slow, I-I'll try it."

At her approval, the stranger seemed to relax a little. His gaze changed from a thousand-yard stare into the opposite wall, to an interested and warming admiration of the naked woman presented like a pagan offering before him.

She thought the stranger seemed familiar to her but with half of his face covered of course she couldn't really know who he was. Shelby didn't think he was a friend of theirs and she knew he wasn't one of Adam's co-workers so she figured that maybe it was someone he'd recruited online or met at the gym or something. Now that she'd been swayed to the idea that this could really happen, seeing her fantasy standing there in the flesh, entirely for her enjoyment, made her extremely horny again.

The more she looked at the stranger, the more she noticed he looked a little like Adam. She had always wanted her husband with a wild passion and could never get enough of his body. So far, the most perfect threesome she'd ever imagined starred her husband and a second version of himself so being with this stranger really was her perfect fantasy realized.

She wanted to savor every moment of this and she took in his body. He was exactly what she would've chosen for herself. He seemed youngish and had golden skin, dark hair and a slightly exotic look. His lips were full for a man and she desperately wanted to kiss them. His jaw was square and he had a nicely built body. She looked lower, admiring his flat, firm stomach, highlighted with a line of golden hairs that drew her eyes downward, between his thighs.

From the state of the stranger's dick, he looked like he was more than ready to jump right in. Shelby licked her lips as she looked at his hard-on. He noticed the direction of her gaze and lazily reached down to hold his erection, it lay thick and hard in his palm, smooth and beautiful. He wrapped one large hand around his shaft, firmly gripping it before her, letting her admire it's shape and size before he started stroking it.

His hand slid slowly up and down over the veiny length, guiding his member to it's fullest, hardest potential. Shelby squirmed as she watched him working his cock just for her. Her mouth watered as his hand slid over the shaft twisting around the domed head before sliding back down to the base. As he stroked, a tiny, glistening bead of clear moisture appeared at the tip and she knew then without a doubt that he wanted her and she would be willing to do anything the two men could come up with.

He teasingly waved it toward her before he released his erection and as she watched, it softly bounced and throbbed with his pounding pulse. He stepped to her side and reached out, running his hand down the center of her chest. His fingers trailed through the valley between her breasts and as he watched she broke out in goosebumps.

His fingertips stroked lower over her stomach and stopped just short of her sex. Shelby writhed beneath his touch as he placed both hands on her hips. He held her for a moment his eyes sweeping over her naked form, before his hands slid smoothly up her sides to cup around the bottoms of her breasts. She moaned quietly as he scooped the mounds into his hands and her nipples tightened against his warm palms. His fingers gently circled then pinched and rolled the hardened nubs making her whimper. She looked desperately at Adam and he gave her a soft smile.

"If I know my wife, I think she wants to suck your dick. You should give her anything she wants." He hinted to the stranger.

Shelby groaned deep in her throat at her husband's words, he really did know her almost better than she knew herself. With Adam's encouragement the handsome stranger moved to the top of the table.

He stopped with his long, full erection near her face. Shelby leaned forward placing a kiss on the head, before softly licking the smooth warm flesh. He inhaled sharply at the warm wet contact and urged his hips toward her. Shelby practically purred as the smooth flesh pushed between her lips and she ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

She moaned around the erection in her mouth, loving the silky skin of his cock as she sucked and licked and tried her best to swallow him down. She was having a little bit of a hard time with her hands tied over her head but she wanted it so bad it didn't matter. She'd do whatever it took to keep his erection in her mouth.

She inhaled sharply as she felt his hand slide over her thigh and brush over her bare mound. Her whimpers were muffled by his cock and she worried she might come if he actually touched her sex. She breathed hard as she bobbed her head over him giving him a slightly uncoordinated but still enjoyable blow job. Shelby was struggling with her hands above her head so she pulled back giving Adam a significant look.

He smiled and said, "I'll only untie you if you promise that no matter what happens you'll keep going."

She rolled her eyes slightly and reminded him, "I already promised, nothing will stop me. Please let me free so I can show our guest some hospitality." The stranger who had been silent until now groaned at her comment.

Adam walked around the table and after a moment she felt the longest piece of fabric slide away from the binding on her wrists. She sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of the table, and held her hands out to her husband. He carefully untied one hand placing a soft kiss on the inside of her wrist, but left the other side bound to remind her who was in charge.

Adam placed a chaste kiss on her lips and helped her off the table so she was now standing with her husband on her right, naked and still hard and the stranger on her left, also naked and hard. Now that the two were side by side it was a little eerie how similar their bodies were. Adam was broader in the shoulders and about three inches taller than her handsome stranger, but they had nearly identical builds and Shelby thought to herself that was what attracted her to him so much. Finally, after a long moment of studying them side by side, she turned toward the stranger and feeling her shyness melt away, she placed her hands on his chest.

She slowly ran her hands over his body, feeling his firm body. The contrast of the cool, silky tail of the fabric and the heat of her palms over his pecks and abs drove him crazy. Her fingertip glided over a hip bone, before teasing up and down his happy trail. As her hands moved closer to his dick, it twitched involuntarily, and she could tell by its reaction that he wanted this as much as she did.

Shelby dropped to her knees in front of him stroking his shaft, she admired his gorgeous cock before she put her lips to the tip. Her tongue flicked softly over his head before taking him into her mouth again. She licked and sucked and stroked her stranger's erection doing her best to work him into a frenzy for her.

Shelby's pussy was still slick with her own wetness and Adam's cum from their earlier fucking and she was so ready for another round. She reached one hand down between her spread thighs, the other slipped over his warm length as her fingers explored her own aroused sex. Shelby could feel how ready and turned on she was.

Her fingers slid easily around in their mixed wetness, tickling her swollen little clit, before teasing just inside her opening. Sucking someone else's cock and playing with herself while she knew her husband was watching made Shelby so excited she knew she wouldn't last long.

Adam couldn't believe how easily this whole "surprise" had worked out. He knew his wife loved their little tryst night games and he knew she would be up for anything if she could just let herself go but this had been almost too easy.

She looked beautiful to him, accented at neck and wrist with black bonds, the sexy sweet heels still on her feet. The way she knelt before their "guest" servicing his cock the way she would service her husband's made Adam feel proud of her. He watched the deft way her fingers worked between her spread thighs, her sex noises were stifled by the unfamiliar prick between her lips. Shelby writhed as she tried to swallow down her stranger's dick, rubbing herself into a frenzy. Her hips bucked uncontrollably into her hand as she came with her luscious lips still wrapped around his hard-on.

Her fingers flew over her clit, before thrusting inside her, back and forth they moved, prolonging her pleasure. She sucked his erection hard as she came, making him groan. He suddenly grabbed her head with both hands to hold her still, and when Shelby's attention was caught by his firm grip she realized she could tell he was about to cum too.

Shelby backed off, pouting slightly as she pulled her mouth from his cock. She marveled at his willpower, stopping her while he managed to keep himself from getting off in her mouth, she knew that if she was on the verge of an orgasm nothing could convince her to stop the person causing it. After a moment he seemed to be completely in control again and he stood frozen before her, his visibly throbbing dick shiny from her mouth.

"Did you like that, hon? You looked so amazing sucking his cock like that and fingering yourself at the same time. Keep going baby girl, anything you want."

The stranger released her head and Shelby looked up at him as he held a hand out to help her back to her feet. She stood on her toes, wrapped her arms around the stranger's neck and pulled his face down to hers.

She looked into his eyes behind the mask. They were an amazing, vivid, heart-stoppingly familiar green. She paused because they looked exactly like their son's. Shelby frowned slightly as she dismissed the thought as crazy.

She thought to herself it was all coming from earlier, their strange encounter in the bedroom. She tried to push the thought from her mind. She shouldn't have been thinking about her son while having sex. She pulled his face closer and kissed the corner of his mouth, building her own anticipation.

She whispered in his ear, "I want you so bad." He groaned and she felt his dick twitch against her stomach. Shelby got a whiff of his cologne and her pussy tingled when she recognized it as the exact same one that Topher had on earlier.

What was going on?! She shouldn't be thinking of their son, it was weird and wrong. She knew the stranger couldn't be their son, but everything about him reminded her of Topher. She was so horny it would've been insanity to stop when she had just what she wanted, but at the same time she didn't feel right about everything.

She flashed back to the dream she'd had a while back. She could picture her son kneeling naked between her thighs as he pushed into her. Shelby's body responded, excited but she inwardly cringed, her arousal was tinged with guilt.

She started to pull away wanting to stop for a second so she could try to figure out what was going on in her head but she didn't get to make that choice because the stranger wrapped his hand tightly in her hair and pulled her mouth to his, kissing her.

Shelby felt completely powerless, her boobs were squished against his chest, her nipples were so hard they ached, one large arm was clamped around her back trapping her against his body as his lips pressed hard against hers. He tilted his head, deepening the kiss as he plundered her mouth. The stranger's tongue licked over Shelby's and all of her worries melted away.

His hands roved over her body, sliding down her sides. The stranger grabbed Shelby's ass in both hands to pull her tight against him, his cock firmly trapped between them. His hands slid around her hips, up her stomach to cup her breasts and pinched her nipples building her excitement higher and higher.

Shelby wanted this so bad she didn't know what to do with herself. She wanted to climb his body and impale herself on his prick. She wanted him to f***e her head down, grab her hips and pound her from behind. She wanted him to fuck her in every way imaginable and then she wanted some more. She was completely d**gged with lust, her head was spinning and her knees felt weak from all the wanting. Shelby broke their kiss and looked up into his still hidden face.

"Please fuck me. Please just fuck and me and make me come. I can't wait anymore," she begged.

The stranger picked Shelby up in his arms and climbed the stairs. When he got to the second floor, he kicked the bedroom door open like he knew which room was theirs and he walked in. She kicked off her shoes, letting them fall to the floor as he walked to the center of the room. He leaned over and set her down in the middle of the bed before he climbed onto the mattress next to her.

Shelby looked over to see Adam standing on her other side, his cock still throbbing and hard after watching the foreplay between his wife and the stranger. He waited patiently for his turn, he wanted her to enjoy every second of her fantasy and not spend any time worrying about him.

Adam sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her mouth while he leisurely stroked his erection, keeping it rock hard and ready for her. Shelby broke the kiss and laid back amongst the pillows looking at the stranger on her right.

His finger tips ran over her mound, stroking the silky skin, he gently spread her open so he could look into her sex. He groaned softly as he took in the succulent pink flesh, the wet inner folds and her tight opening. He stroked the length of her cleft, his fingers slid up either side of her sex between her inner and outer lips. He circled her clit before he slid two fingers downward and pressed inside her little by little.

Shelby's back arched and she bit her bottom lip as his thick fingers stroked her depths. Her bent knees dropped wide open and he watched his fingers glide in and out of her body, slippery with her arousal. She sighed a surprised "Oh!" as the heel of his hand rubbed over her clit, his fingers as deep inside her as they could get. Shelby let out a little groan of impatience as he slid his fingers from her sex and her hips twitched upward toward his hand.

Even though he knew she was more than ready for him, the stranger decided to play with her just a little bit more. He knelt between her thighs and stroked up and down her crevice with the head of his cock before he teasingly slapped her clit with the tip making her squirm and gasp.

He softly slid it down to tease at her entrance, the very tip pressed against her opening and she bit her bottom lip while she whimpered, wanting him inside her more than anything she'd ever wanted. He slid himself up and then down again, over and over until Shelby thought she'd go crazy.

"Please! Oh God, please just fuck me," she plead, unable to stop herself from begging.

He slapped her clit again with the head of his cock making her cry out before he lovingly brushed a soft fingertip over the swollen little nub. His erection nudged against her wetness, nearly pushing into her but something held him back, his dick was poised on the threshold of her sex.

"I want to see your face as you fuck me. Please take the mask off so I can see you." He looked to Adam, and after a moment he nodded his head.

Before the stranger moved, Adam reminded his wife, "There will be no 'wait', or 'stop', or 'no', there is only accepting and enjoying pleasure."

Slowly the stranger's hand came up and he started to lift the mask off his face. Shelby felt as if her heart stopped in her chest, kneeling between her spread thighs was their son. She could feel her entire world shift in the instant he was revealed to her.

She was shocked that her husband and their son could plan something so devious and just wrong. She was mad at Adam for not warning her or asking her how she felt about it, but then realized if he had brought the idea up she would've just said no and put a stop to everything before it had even started. Shelby attempted to wriggle away from Topher's dick pressed nearly into her still aching sex but Adam's voice interrupted her.

"Topher is a grown man and this is what he wants. You love each other and this is what you want too. You may not have realized it, but I have seen how much you want each other. I know deep down you must have recognized him downstairs, but that didn't stop you before. Think about how much you've already enjoyed with him, that can't be undone. Don't let any misplaced idea of right or wrong hold you back now."

Shelby couldn't wrap her mind around this whole situation and started to put her hand up wanting her son to stop. Before she could react though, Topher grabbed her hips and slid his hard, thick, erection deeply inside her with one slow, controlled, slick thrust.

Her protest was cut short by a cry of pure lust, she was completely overwhelmed by this most forbidden pleasure. As she struggled to free herself from Topher's grasp she looked into her son's eyes and she saw nothing but raw desire and the triumph of possessing her. She realized this really was exactly what he wanted.

Shelby still couldn't understand exactly how all of this had happened but when Topher reached out and brushed his fingertip over her clit while he moved slightly inside her it took her breath away. All thoughts of wrongness and stopping were gone and all that mattered at that moment was the pleasure.

Adam looked on as his son's bare, hard dick slid slowly out of his wife's body, his erection was coated in their mixed wetness. He wondered if she was going to freak out, but she instead she gripped Topher's firm, tanned forearms as they stared deeply into each other's eyes. As they lay looking at one another, Topher pushed himself back into Shelby's body with aching slowness making her whimper with the sensation of being filled.

Topher went cautiously at first, his hips moved slowly, his thrusts were controlled and calm. He didn't want anything to go wrong, he felt as if it could all end in an instant if everything wasn't just right. He'd had a while to imagine this moment and so far it was everything he'd dreamed it would be, but his mom was probably overwhelmed and he wanted her to want this and enjoy it was much as he did.

Topher looked at Shelby, seeing her for the first time entirely as woman rather than "mom" or anything else. He thought she really was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen and he felt privileged to actually be inside her.

He savored every sensation, the way her hot, slick flesh was wrapped around him engulfing his sensitive prick, how receptive her body was to the pleasure he wanted to give her. He experimentally rubbed his thumb against her clit as he increased his tempo and he felt a powerful sense of control when she moaned and lifted her hips tighter to his, in response to his touch.

He reached out wanting to touch her everywhere at once, his fingertips ran over her boobs and down her stomach making the muscles in her belly jump. He held her hips as he moved faster inside her, he watched his cock penetrate her depths and he reached down rubbing her clit again. She whimpered as he fucked her harder still stroking the sensitive little organ.

It felt surreal to Adam watching their son as he fucked his own mother. Her tits bounced with the motions of his thrusts and from the sounds of Shelby's cries Adam could tell she was already seconds away from coming.

The thought of her beautiful son actually inside her was too much for Shelby to take and the start of a massive orgasm flooded her body. Her pussy clenched around his dick, he felt like it tried to pull him even deeper as he reamed her. Every thrust made her orgasm stronger, his motions increased her pleasure as she ground her pussy over his cock and squirmed frantically beneath him. "Oh God, oh God, oh God! Topher! Please keep fucking me! I'm coming!"

Adam laughed as her voice quavered in time to their son's thrusts. The sounds of their bodies slapping together echoed around the room as Adam watched his son's slick erection moving in and out of his wife's body. He moved so fast his cock was little more than a blur, Shelby's plump pussy lips gripped around the length of him, while her toes curled tightly.

She cried out as she lost control. Her fingers dug into Topher's arms as she arched beneath him, her body twitched and grasped around him, flooded with a pleasure so intense she wanted it to go on forever. Every thrust drove her orgasm higher and harder until it was on the precipice of pain and she was sure she couldn't take anymore. She was about to beg him to stop when he slowed, before becoming completely still inside her. Shelby's orgasm had started to ebb away when she finally had enough control over herself to open her eyes and look down at her son's dick buried to the hilt, frozen between her thighs. As she watched, Adam reached down and gently rubbed her throbbing clit, the attention already started to build her next eagerly awaited orgasm.

Shelby couldn't believe that both men were touching and pleasing her, their entire focus was on making her come. Normally she was pretty easily orgasmic with the right attention but she was more than a little surprised with how excited she was already. She panted and squirmed beneath Adam's touch and Topher started to move within her again, unable to stop himself.

He started with shallow thrusts, pulling out just an inch or two before pushing completely into her again. More and more they lovingly tortured Shelby's body, her husband's fingers rushed over her sensitive center, her son's cock plundered the deepest recesses of her pussy as he fucked her with abandon. She moaned and squeezed her sex around Topher's dick as tightly as she could, the hard flesh thrusting rhythmically, deep inside her.

"Oh my God! Your pussy is so tight, Mom, this is unreal. I want to cum inside you so bad."

Hearing those words was enough to put her over the edge, she started to come again, this time she begged their son to finish with her.

"Please cum inside me. Oh! Yes! Please, Topher, please fill me with your cum. I'm coming, oh god yes!"

Exactly like in her dream, she lunged upward as he groaned and she grabbed the back of his head. She pulled his head to hers and kissed him hard and deep. She thought it might be strange to kiss him passionately, but as his tongue searched her mouth it just made her want more. Shelby arched her back pressing her swollen breasts against his bare chest, and she nipped his bottom lip between her teeth as he slammed into her once more.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!", he managed to groan out between clenched teeth.

Shelby whimpered when she felt Topher's cock twitch inside her. Her pussy pulled at him greedily as his semen spurted into her sex. She wanted to remember forever how it felt to have her son cum inside her for the first time.

After a moment, he leaned back looking at their still joined bodies while he tried to catch his breath. The sight of his still rock hard prick buried in his mom's juicy, pink pussy was something he'd never forget.

"That was amazing! Seriously better than I had ever imagined."

He laughed, overwhelmed with the thrill of what had just happened between them. He slowly pulled out of her and she whimpered because her pussy felt empty without a perfect, hard dick filling it. She could feel that Topher's cum had started trickling from her sex and she desperately wanted another load to fill her. Shelby knew Adam would give her exactly what she wanted, after all, he was the daddy here and he never left her wanting.

Topher lounged next to her ready to take his turn watching. Shelby rolled onto her stomach toward her husband ready to give him some more attention. Miraculously, his prick was still standing at full attention, waiting for her. She knew it was a combination of the excitement of seeing his plan work out perfectly and watching his son fuck his wife.

She ran her hand up and down his hard-on, rubbing his slick pre-cum over the head. She loved the feel of Adam's hot, smooth cock in her grip. It made her feel powerful knowing he was in her control and she could do anything she wanted with his hard-on. She admired his beautiful length as she stroked and squeezed and played her hot little hand twisted around him. His quiet groans made her hornier with each flick of her wrist.

While he watched his mom's expert hand job, Topher reached out and languidly ran his fingers over Shelby's butt. He grabbed at her flesh and squeezed her cheeks, playful little slaps made the perky globes jiggle slightly and he smiled as he explored her body.

Adam mentally patted himself on the back as he lay amongst the pillows. He felt smug as he watched this new f****y dynamic unfolding right before him, knowing it was all because of him. Ever since the night he'd seen Topher spying he had wanted to get his wife and their son together. He hoped it would all go smoothly but of course nothing was ever guaranteed. Once he saw the chemistry between Shelby and Topher he knew that even when she found out who the "stranger" was she wouldn't be able to stop herself.

Adam watched as she flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock still stroking it while Topher continued to play with her ass. She wiggled her butt side to side and lifted her hips higher to give their son better access. As his spanking became more intense, she breathed warm, excited little sighs over Adam's length. Shelby's hips twitched away from her son's palm even as her legs opened of their own volition, his smacks stung her sensitive skin making her cheeks blush.

With a sound almost like a growl, Shelby took Adam's length into her mouth to make him extra ready for her. She ran her hot, wet tongue down his shaft, lovingly licking and sucking him. Topher's fingers teased around her sex from behind making her want her husband inside her more than ever.

Topher ducked his head looking between his mother's parted thighs. He watched as his fingertips stroked over her damp skin and then he spread her open. He looked at her soft pink insides and felt a sense of pride seeing his cum coating her sex.

Shelby couldn't wait any longer, she crawled up the bed on all fours looking deep into her husband's eyes as she straddled Adam's hips. She reached between her open thighs and grabbed his dick, still wet and glistening from her mouth. She rubbed it up and down her soaking crevice, spreading the mix of their combined fluids, she caused her own hips to jerk when she slipped his head over her sensitive clit.

She looked into his eyes again as she moved him into her. Shelby bobbed slightly over him as she slid down Adam's hard-on a little bit at a time, she concentrated on every sensation. She loved the way it felt when he first penetrated her, every inch of their joining tormented her with pleasure the way his gorgeous cock opened and stretched her tight sex, the feeling of completion she got when his every inch was buried inside her was nearly overwhelming.

She slowly rode his hard-on, rocking her hips almost in slow motion. She loved the feeling of power she got from fucking him, even if it was slower and calmer than when he was in charge.

Adam loved to watch his wife, he looked up at her sitting on his erection, her slender throat encircled with shiny stones. Suddenly shy, she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as Adam's hands roamed over her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned as he rolled them between his fingers making her back arch, grinding her hips down hard against his pelvis. Adam's hands settled on her hips as she moved over him, he gripped her ass hard as he guided her.

"You look so amazing riding me like that baby girl. I love watching my dick sliding in and out of your juicy pussy. It's so fucking tight and it looks gorgeous all full of my cock."

He watched his slick shaft being gripped by her lips, a sexy half-smile crossed her face as she moved over him teasingly. She savored the feel of him slipping in and out of her pussy stroking her insides, making her feel so full.

Shelby leaned back bracing one hand on Adam's thigh while with her second hand, the wrist still bound, she reached down between her open thighs. Her finger tip glided over her exposed clit and the trailing silken tail slid coolly over Adam's flat stomach. The room was silent except for Shelby's panting breaths as the two men watched her.

She knew at that pace, neither of them would ever get off, but she wasn't going to stop until she had to, she planned on enjoying her moment in control. Shelby knew Adam would get impatient eventually and fuck her mindless when he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Okay hon, enough," Adam practically growled.

He was done with her playing around. He wrapped an arm tightly around her and pulled her down crushing her to his chest before rolling her under him.

"Son, this is how your dad does it."

Adam looked down at his wife stretched out below him, a sweet look of eagerness on her face. His hips moved slowly at first as his dick pumped in and out of Shelby's pussy, so slippery and wet from their earlier efforts he couldn't believe how easily he glided within her body. . Adam looked down between them and watched as his hard-on moved in and out of her pussy, it was slick and shiny with cum, and he couldn't wait to add one last load to finish this amazing night off. He lifted her legs and hooked her ankles behind his neck, groaning at how unbelievably tighter she'd just become.

Topher laid on the bed in silence watching his parents having sex. The entire experience had been surreal, from the conversation he'd had with his dad after he was caught spying late one night, to their actual planning of this evening and the admission and acceptance by Adam and himself of Topher wanting to fuck his own mom.

He looked on as his dad steadily fucked his mom. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his short sexual life and he couldn't get over the fact he'd been inside her, that he'd cum inside her only a few minutes ago.

He knew that this wouldn't be the only time, the way she'd responded to him had to mean she'd loved it just as much as he had. He worried that in the bright light of day his mom's logic or a misplaced sense of guilt might frighten her away, but if Shelby had any reservations about doing it again, Topher knew she wouldn't stand a chance against him and his dad. She would want it again whether she was willing to admit it or not and he knew no matter what she did she'd have to give in to them eventually. For now though he decided to just enjoy.

Adam thrusted into her keeping up a steady rhythm, he watched as her boobs bounced with the f***e of his motions, seeing his son's hand reach out to lovingly cup the breast nearest to him drove Adam on.

This was his ultimate dream, the three of them together this way, his wife loved more than she thought possible. He reached down to squeeze her other breast, teasing her nipple with his fingers, he took in the sight of their hands on her body and as he watched she bit her bottom lip and wrapped a hand around each of their wrists. Shelby gasped when Adam hit the sweet spot inside her, the one he knew would get her off quicker than anything. He changed his angle teasing her as the head of his dick moved away from her g-spot. Adam smiled as his wife's body started to relax and then he watched as she tensed up once each stroke started to brush again over that most sensitive of flesh, the most elusive of female pleasures. Over and over Adam moved away and then came back, each time it worked her higher and closer to the orgasm he was methodically creating inside her.

With Adam on top he was in complete control, and every thrust reminded Shelby that she belonged to him and he ruled her pleasure. His teasing torture was almost too much and she wanted so badly to come for him. She knew begging probably wouldn't convince him to get her off any faster so she bit her bottom lip and kept quiet. All the slow build up drove her wild, but she knew he'd give her an amazing orgasm if she could just hold out a little longer.

Adam kept up his tease, rubbing over Shelby's g-spot a little bit longer each time, adding little by little to the slowest, sweetest orgasm she'd ever had. One second she felt sure she was going to die if he didn't get her off, and the next her toes curled, her eyes squeezed tightly shut and all she could say was "Oh, Adam!"

They watched as her entire body shuddered. She sighed and softly whimpered while she gripped the hands holding her hard. Adam kept moving inside her with a calm, steady rhythm, driving on her orgasm for what she felt like must have been hours. Finally she opened her eyes and Adam stilled inside her. She looked up at him thinking that this night couldn't get any better, but when she realized Adam hadn't gotten off she knew he would finally give her what she craved.

Shelby felt Adam reach down and bind her wrists back together. He opened her legs relaxing them to the sides so he could look between them to where their bodies joined. She cried out quietly as Adam started moving inside her extremely sensitive sex.

"Look down baby girl, watch me fuck you. Look at that pretty little pussy, baby. I'm going to cum in it. I'm going to fill you up. God, I love your body baby,"

Adam groaned out the dirty words of encouragement he knew would make her wild and Shelby panted and squirmed below Adam's driving thrusts in response. She knew how close she was to having her husband's hot cum fill her one more time to complete the most perfect surprise anyone could ever give her, and she could hardly stand the wait.

Adam reached down and grabbed his wife's bound wrists. He pulled them up over her head and kissed her mouth hard as he worked toward getting them both off one last time. Vaguely Shelby felt Topher's hands grab the binding around her wrists, holding her down so Adam was free to do as he pleased.

With her arms above her head, Shelby's back was arched, lifting her breasts to Adam's attention. He ran a finger tip over the hard peaks of her nipples before he pinched and then tugged them. He bent his head to take one into his mouth, his hot breath and warm, slippery tongue laved over her. She cried out as he pinched her carefully between his teeth and she felt a second mouth surround her other nipple.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" she moaned almost incoherent with pleasure.

This was an entirely new sensation and it was almost too much. She arched hard trying to f***e her breasts deeper into their teasing mouths. Even though Adam was still in control, she was writhing and squirming all over torn between wanting more and trying to escape the relentless pleasure.

Adam wasn't going to let her get away, so he grabbed her hips and held her down hard, pressed into the mattress. Shelby was bound between the two people she loved most in the world while Adam fucked her in that way that only he could, his body gave her more pleasure than she ever dreamed was possible.

"Oh god! Please Adam, please cum in my pussy. I can't wait anymore. Please!" Shelby knew that Adam could outlast her since he'd already cum once earlier but at the same time she knew he wanted to fill her again so it wouldn't be too long.

She begged for him, still writhing wildly and he f***ed two fingers into her panting mouth, her cries were muffled as she sucked them hard still held down, a slave to his pleasure. Adam knew every part of her intimately and he could tell by her desperation and the way her pussy was grabbing at him that she was about to come again and this time he decided to give her all of himself as she did.

"Look at me! I want to see your eyes baby girl," he commanded her.

Somehow she managed to obey him through her total frenzy. They locked eyes and he grabbed her hair with his free hand, he turned her head toward their son and said, "Come for me, come on Daddy's dick baby girl."

Adam slammed into her as deep as he could get but her cry of pleasure for him was cut off as Topher crushed his mouth to hers. He swallowed down the sounds of her orgasm, their tongues mingling, as her body twitched and shuddered around Adam's. She heard him let out a deep growl as she could finally feel him getting off too. His thick, hard cock twitched and pulsed deep inside her, spilling his semen into her pussy as it clenched around him. She was filled to over-flowing as they finally came together.

After several long moments Topher pulled away from himoths's mouth and Adam eased out of his wife. He looked down at her pink pussy, so full of cum and freshly fucked. They both released her and Adam noticed a tiny little tear glistening at the corner of her eye, he gently caught it on his fingertip and brought it to his lips tasting the salty little drop. He wrapped his arms around Shelby and pulled her still shivering body to him.

He whispered into her ear, "You were amazing tonight baby girl. You did so good. Did you like your surprise?"

Shelby gave him a soft, sexy half smile and nodded. With her husband on one side and their son on her other, finally completely satisfied, she fell asl**p.

Topher looked on as his mom drifted off. He wasn't sure if he was in shock or what, but he couldn't believe everything he'd seen and done that night. His parents were a****ls in bed, he'd kissed and fucked his own mom, it was hot and he'd liked it! He felt like his world was completely turned upside down. He looked on as his dad untied the fabric from his mom's wrists and unhooked the collar from her throat. He tossed them to the side of the bed and said, "You did good tonight, son."

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