What the fuck?" I muttered out loud when, after turning on to the dirt road, I saw the girl by the edge of the road. Her long, blond hair was billowing in the wind as she knelt over a bicycle that lay on its side, the tire on its front wheel clearly flat.

Slowing I took in every curve of her young body. Her little butt stretched the cloth of a pair of khaki colored hiking shorts so tautly I was afraid they were about to split. Perfect round melons I suddenly ached to put my hands on. I could feel the bl**d rushing up my cock.

After looking up when she heard the approaching truck, she slowly stood and turned towards me. Just fucking asking for it, I thought as I watched her braless breasts dance under her pink tank top.

"You okay?" I called through the open passenger side window.

She approached the pickup slowly, even warily, but still, there was an athletes grace evident in the movements of her long, colt like legs. Her sparkling blue eyes reflected the youthful confidence you only encounter in the young and innocent.

"I fell, I wasn't paying attention," she answered me with a rueful but friendly grin. I watched a drop of bl**d as it dripped slowly from a sc**** on her elbow.

"Need a lift...some help? I could drive you back to town," I offered, my mind racing, wondering what she'd do if I leaned over and licked the drop of bl**d from her skin.

"Nah, I'm okay. I can fix it. But I think you're on the wrong road mister," she said as she looked at my mustached face through the passenger side window.

"Am I?" I asked her bemusedly.

"It's a dead end...about a mile up the road," she said, indicating the direction I'd been going with a nod of her head. "You probably shouldn't have turned at the corner."

"Sure you're okay?" I asked again. "I mean your bike...you," I added, looking intently into her eyes.

"It's just a flat...no problem," she said, laughing off my concern.

"Can't do anything for you?"

"No, I'm okay. Where're ya going anyway? I can probably tell you which road to take."

"I'm just going up there," I said, pointing up the road she'd claimed was a dead end.

"It's the state park up there...the roads blocked off...you're not allowed in that way." And then after quickly checking the backseat added, "There's no hunting this time of year mister."

"Shit, you think the state would miss one little doe?" I asked, grinning, not quite ready to end our conversation, wondering to myself if I should just take her right here at the side of the road. Whoa man, some part of my mind cautioned, there's a million of them out here. Throw her down and fuck her, my cock roared in answer.

"You can't! It's against the law. My mom's a Park Ranger," the girl said indignantly.

"Is she? She as pretty as you?"


"If she's as pretty as you I might just shoot two or three of them little deer and then just wait for your mamma to show up to arrest me," I answered with a laugh.

I could see she was undecided whether I was k**ding her or not. I left her hanging for seconds before I finally said, "I've got a cabin up the road."

"No you don't...there's only the old Perry place up there. He doesn't come up anymore."

"Who doesn't?"

"Jim Perry. He used to come up here for three weeks every summer...a week in the fall. He didn't come last year."

"My b*****r's dead," I said, my eyes suddenly hard, a million memories stirring in my brain.

"Your b*****r? Dead? But..."

But I had no desire to discuss my b*****r's death with this little girl. It was what she tasted like that was my only interest. "What's your name?"

"Why?" she asked but then quickly answered, "Maddy...Madison Adams. I was going up there, just now. I knew your b*****r...I often hike up through the vale...then up onto the mountain."

"Do you?"

"Your b*****r used to let me...he gave me maps," she said, her eyes examining me, clearly trying to connect my face to the one she remembered. "You don't look that much like him," she started, but stopped suddenly when she saw my scowl.

"How come I've never seen you before?" she asked, starting again.

"I've been away."

"Are you planning on selling it? The cabin, I mean," she blurted out, a sudden excitement at the prospect clear in her young eyes. "Mom...I...both of us...we'd be interested...in buying it," she stammered.

"No. It's mine now," I grunted.

"Are you going to live here? You can't stay in the winter...there's no power...what's your name anyway?" The words tumbled out of her mouth in an almost incomprehensible stream. I'd forgotten how tiring simple conversation could be. But I could smell her female aroma now, this odor I hadn't smelled for almost twenty years was suddenly driving me mad. My cock throbbed painfully in my pants.

"You were going up to the cabin now?" I finally asked.

"Yes. I'm spending the long weekend hiking. I was going to start from there."

"Alone?" I asked, my mind whirling at the possibilities. Don't rush her, the a****l in me cautioned...we've got lots of time.

"Yes, I've done it before, mom and I, sometimes with others," she answered, clearly unhappy with my condescending tone.

"You're a girl."

"So what? You don't think a girl can climb a mountain? Where have you been for the last twenty years?" she asked disdainfully.

"You hiked with my b*****r?"

"Jim? Yes...lots of times...he used to tell me about the old days....stories," she said, her eyes suddenly tearing at the memory. "What happened anyway? He was so young. No one up here heard anything. We were surprised when he didn't come last year. I was hoping..."

"Were you and he fooling around...where was his wife anyway when you two were frolicking up on the mountain?" It was hard to believe that my upstanding b*****r had been dicking this beauty. Fuck, how old was she anyway?

"That's disgusting! Of course we weren't...he was a married man...old...we never...I never thought...he was a friend." As she blabbered on I watched her nipples as they stretched the thin fabric of her top this way and that, had to actually clench my hands into fists to stop from ripping the material from her breasts. "Anyway he was divorced," she challenged.

"Christ, I hope he didn't screw you. What are you, sixteen or something? You musta been f******n the last time he was up here."

"Are you nuts? I'm turning nineteen next week...I just finished first year at SUNY Albany, environmental studies," she said proudly.

"So do you want a ride up to the cabin or what?" I asked with a touch of impatience now evident in my voice.

"It's okay? I don't want to disturb you or something."

"Throw the bike in the back...you can fill me in on what's been going on around here lately."

"Oh yeah, okay, I'd like to...you sure you don't mind Mr. Perry?"

"Do you need help lifting it?" I asked nodding at her bike on the ground.

"No, no. I'll just be a sec," she said as she turned and rushed to get her bike.

Bending over to lift the bike, her two full, round tits were momentarily exposed; luscious, soft, white, pink capped orbs the likes of which I'd been dreaming of for years on end. I couldn't help laughing to myself, the vision of my b*****r trailing this young goddess through the woods and not fucking her. It seemed impossible.

"So what is your name?" she asked when she was settled in the cab next to me. All my attention was on the short, blond hairs that ran down her golden arms. I hoped suddenly that she hadn't shaved the curly, blond pubic patch from her pussy.

"Sam, Sam Perry," I said with a friendly smile as I accelerated up the road I hadn't been on in twenty years.

"He talked about you sometimes...about his little b*****r Sam," she said wistfully.

"Cancer," I said two minutes later as I turned into the overgrown lane that led to the cabin. "He would've been forty-three this year...fucking lung cancer," I hissed.

"He was so young and healthy, so nice to me," Maddy said sadly. "Were you two estranged somehow? He'd never say what happened to his b*****r when I asked. I think I assumed he was dead...I mean that you were."

"He was five years older than me...he always took care of his little b*****r," I said remembering. "What about Judith the bitch? Did you know her?"

"His wife?" Seeing my nod she went on, "She didn't come up much. He said she hated it. She wouldn't let his daughters come either...it made him so mad. He'd tell me he wished he could show his girls the stuff he was showing me. Then, when she left him..."

"How long did you know him?" I interrupted, curious now about this young girl.

"Oh, I don't know, since I was eight or nine maybe. Mom and I ran into him one day in the east valley, over past the creek. I think they knew each other...I mean from before," she finished as I stopped the pickup in front of the cabin.

"Hasn't changed much," I said looking around the clearing that housed the cabin my grandfather had built almost sixty years ago, "in fact, maybe looks better than it used to."

"Jim was always doing something. Painting or replacing the windows, clearing underbrush, fixing the roof...he loved this place," Madison said, tears suddenly in her eyes.

Oh Jimmy, I thought to myself, if only you had lasted a little longer. You woulda had this little sweetie dangling from the end of your big cock. Well b*****r, maybe I'll just give her a good fucking in your memory. "Here, let me get your bike down," I told Maddy as I walked to the back of the truck. "Hell girl, what do you got in this?" I asked as I handed her her backpack. "Weighs a ton."

"Twenty-one pounds, weighed it before I left home," she said as she hoisted it on her back and slipped her arms through the straps.

"Hey, you don't have to run off right away. You haven't told me what's been going on around here yet. I got some coffee somewhere..."

"Tea, I've got tea," she answered back. "I'll make it," she said a she lowered her pack from her back to the porch and then started to rummage in it.

"Tea? A real sissies drink."

"That's what your b*****r used to say," she laughed back.

Within minutes she had a small fire going in the outdoor barbeque and a small pot of pond water boiling away. "You're a regular nature girl," I k**ded when she came out of the cabin carrying two cups she'd found.

We sat and talked for twenty minutes as we sipped her tea, then Maddy stood and announced, "Well I guess I better get going."

"You sure you want to start out now," I asked, "it's getting late. Almost four," I added after checking my watch.

"I still have about four hours of daylight."

"You could stay here tonight...start first thing in the morning," I offered. "It might get cold up on the mountain tonight," I warned, remembering other long ago June nights I'd spent shivering in a tent on the heights.

"No, no, I'm okay. I can get to the hikers hut on the south face if I get going. You don't mind me leaving the bike?" she asked, still completely unaware of her danger.

No, I signaled with a shake of my head then asked, "When are you planning on being back anyway?"

"Monday morning...I've gotta be at work that afternoon. Will you still be here?" Madison asked as she bent and grabbed her backpack. Her little round titties were almost jumping out of her top as she bent.

"Maybe. Depends. I'm leaving for Florida Monday morning." Just as she turned to go, I added, "Hey Maddy, before you leave, do you know how to get the water running inside?"

"Oh yeah, sure Mr. Perry," she said, then dropped her pack on the porch and led me inside. "Your b*****r changed the system about five years ago, you've got to prime it...then pump it...I think the handles in that cupboard," she said pointing above the sink. "You go get a pail of water at the pond and I'll put it together," she instructed.

After getting the water I stood next to her as she pumped the handle up and down, close enough so that I could look down her top as she worked.

"It takes awhile to get it running sir," she apologized. "The waters got to come all the way from the pond."

"You want me to help?" I offered as I moved closer to her. Then I watched almost spellbound as a drop of sweat slid slowly down her neck and then disappeared between her heaving breasts.

"No, I'm fine...I've done it before," and then she added a, "yessss", when seconds later water started to trickle from the pipe. "I did it," she proclaimed proudly as she turned to face me.

Suddenly we were inches apart, with young Maddy trapped between me and the wood counter behind her. I could feel her breasts as they lightly brushed my chest. My lips dipped down and found hers. Mashed against hers as my tongue probed moistly, trying to penetrate her mouth.

"Noooo," she protested as she tried to escape me, struggling to free herself from my body which pinned her against the counter. I ground my tumescent cock into her stomach as I again captured her lips.

"Are you crazy?" she gasped when I finally let her escape my arms and slip away from me. I could see the fear, the excitement in her young eyes as she drew her arm across her lips, trying somehow to erase the taste of me. I saw her eyes flick quickly to my groin before returning to my eyes.

"It was just a little kiss," I said as I slowly advanced on her, the argument of what to do with this little beauty still raging in my brain.

Then I watched as the lights went on in her eyes, the girl finally recognizing that she was in real danger, that this wasn't just some tame dating game of yes, no, maybe. That I wasn't just some forty year old Romeo she could easily deflect.

"My moms a Ranger...she was a State cop," she hissed as she backed towards the open door. She ran from the cabin, grabbed her pack, then turned back and stared at me with both anger and accusation in her young eyes.

"I liked your b*****r," she accused as she sidled backwards through the clearing towards the path that ran through the copse that started twenty yards left of the front porch.

"Run away little Madison...run away before I eat you up," I threatened, not knowing how long I could control myself.

"You're not nice...not like your b*****r. You're a pervert," she yelled, but then, seeing something in my eyes, she turned and fled.

Go and get her...go and fuck the little slut, part of me screamed. I couldn't.


Two hours later, after barbequing and eating a thick steak, and cleaning the cabin, I walked down to the pond I hadn't swum in since 1987. After stripping off my clothes I stood naked at the edge of the pond, my arms outstretched towards the sun that sat between and above the two mountains to the west. Then simply opened my mouth and let out a primal scream that started somewhere deep inside myself and then resonated outward in a wave of insane sound. My cries were echoing back to me when I yelled a second time.

I could almost taste the hate, the anger, the despair that had been eating me up for almost twenty years as the sound fled my throat and mouth. God, I was free at last.

When I opened my mouth to scream a third time I saw the glint of reflected sunlight when I turned to my left and the southeast.

Immediately I knew it was the little girl...Maddy. She hadn't made much progress in the almost two hours since she'd fled; clearly she had found a position and settled in to watch the crazy man. She had crossed the meadow, then up across the lower ridge, was now perched in the place Jim and I used to call the lookout thirty years ago. I knew there was no way that she would ever get to the hikers cabin tonight.

She had strong binoculars, I'd seen then in her pack...and I knew that even though close to half a mile separated us, with those glasses to her eyes I'd be a clear target. She'd see the pale body now, the prison muscles, the crude jailhouse tats on my left shoulder and right arm. She'd know who I was now; understand why she'd never seen me before.

My cock hardened as I thought of her up high above watching me, drawing my hand, demanding release. Standing flatfooted ankle deep in the still cool water I urgently pumped my shaft as my other hand fondled my balls.

For minute after minute I stroked myself, doubly excited by the thought of blond Madison high above watching me.

Then I felt that exquisite, almost painful tightening...then the rush of sperm up my cock...the spurting, arcing release that is always accompanied by a jolt of rapture deep within your brain.

I watched the first string of cum rise up and out, watched as it landed on the surface of the pond and caused small ripples to eddy away from it. Then again...oh Christ...again...I'm groaning now each time my penis pulsed out another part of me.

Finally, drained, I dove laughing into the cool pond waters. Surfacing I looked up and saw another glint of sunlight reflected from Maddy's binoculars. I laughed again, knowing that the young girl, as she slept under the stars tonight, would dream of what she'd seen.

As I walked naked back towards the cabin I decided I'd go after her tomorrow. Half an hour later, at only six-thirty, with the sun still bright, I fell asl**p on the couch in front of the fireplace, my first thirty-six hours of freedom having totally exhausted me.


The storm woke me...a brilliant flash of light followed seconds later by the roar of thunder. It was one of those summer storms of my youth, a cataclysmic happening. Walking naked to the window I saw, in the fading daylight, the line of rain as it came over the mountain and rushed down towards me.

She'll get soaked, I thought, wondering where she had got to on the mountain, wondered whether she had found some shelter from the storm.

I went back to the bed and slept fitfully for two or three hours more before another thunder filled squall line rolled down the valley and woke me. After watching the electric light show bounce across the walls for minutes I finally got up to piss, knowing it'd be hours before I slept again.

She was huddled under the porch overhang just to the left of the door when I opened it and stepped out. Her eyes followed my naked body as I walked to the edge of the porch. She watched, bedraggled and soaking, as I took my prick in hand and started to unleash a thick, arching stream of yellow piss far out into the night.

"You're an escaped prisoner, aren't you?" she asked when I turned, cowering back into the wet jacket she had d****d around her shoulders.

"I served my time Missy," I answered as another flash of lightening exploded around us. bl**d was rushing to fill my prick.

"You're disgusting."

I wasn't sure if she meant my prison tats, my thick cock that was quickly hardening, or just the hungry look that I raked her body with.

"You shoulda come in earlier, there's a fire on inside," I said as I bent to lift her.

"Nooooooo...please," she cried, "I'll stay outside."

"Too late for that now Maddy," I answered as I lifted her into my arms. "Shouldn't have come back if you didn't want to."

"I fell...on the west ridge...my backpack, it went over the side. I didn't have a tent, my sl**ping bag, anything...I'll leave now...just let me go," she pled.

"You should've kept hiking this afternoon...instead of watching my cock," I said as I set her down on the black bearskin in front of fireplace.

"I didn't," she denied, blushing.

"Take off your clothes, your soaking," I ordered, then grabbed a couple of split birch logs and placed them on the still red embers.

"Nooooo," she refused, her voice begging as she tried to crawl away.

"Don't make me rip them off you little girl," I warned as I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back to me.

"You're an a****l," she yelled as she kicked a leg out at me. I caught it and pulled her to me. Then tore the tank top off her. Her wet shorts and a damp pair of thin, white, cotton panties quickly followed. "Pleasssse," she pled as I rolled her onto her back and covered her.

I'm a virgin," Maddy screamed as I spread her legs. I pushed in, my cockhead leaking precum, but encountered no hymen when I thrust deeply inside.

A cunt, a pussy, the first that had squeezed my cock in almost twenty years. I simply went wild, thrusting urgently inside her damp slippery cave. I was completely oblivious to everything except the feel of her pink, squeezing, juicy female center.

I didn't hear her screams of protest, nor feel her nails as they raked across my back, nor feel her ankles later when she locked them around my waist, nor did I acknowledge her first tentative whimpers of desire...instead I simply fucked...a cock lost deep in Maddy's inner folds.

Fucked hard and fast until my balls finally tightened and a load of cum spurted from my bucking penis and splashed into the waiting, spasming womb. I was finally a man again.

"Take it out. Get off me,' Maddy cried out as I lay on top of her, my still hard penis still deep inside her. "Oh please, please Mr. Perry, no more," she pled when ignoring her, I started to pump my hips.

"My names Sam. We'll make love this time pretty little Madison," I whispered

"Its ****," she cried as my left hand moved onto her breast.

You can make any woman quiver under you if you take your time. If you use your mouth and hands and fingers you can play a girl until she's screaming in need. Until she's raising her hips to get your probing finger even deeper. Until the lips of her pussy are pink and distended, leaking the juices that announce her readiness.

"Hurrrrrry...please hurry," she croaked out suddenly, finally giving in to the demands of her ripe, young body.

There was no need for hurry now. Lots of time to play her until she was screaming for it. Time to arouse every nerve that lined her cunt. Time to wait until her young pussy pulsed out its first cock induced orgasm. Then slow her down before bringing her slowly back up, hold it in, then finally spurt thick cream into her again spasming center.

"It doesn't mean I liked it, liked you," she said between pants minutes later.

"You liked it, Christ baby you're made for it," I grunted, watching my sperm as it leaked from between her thighs.

"I don't like you...you're a pig," she protested as I took one of her hands and placed it around my sticky cock.

"He loves you. Shit, look at him grow," I laughed as I lengthened and thickened in her palm.

"You can do it again?" she asked, her inexperience echoed in her questioning voice.

"Get on top of me. Straddle me...like this," I instructed as I lifted her and placed her so her bum was sitting on my thighs. I moved my hands to her hanging cone like breasts as she slowly rubbed my cock up and down her slit. "Put it in," I ordered, then pulled and stretched her puffy, pink nipples.

"Like this?" she asked as she raised herself up and then slowly lowered her sticky insides over my throbbing monster.

"Oh yessss baby," I groaned as my cock disappeared.

She rode me noisily, grunting and screaming her pleasure as she bounced up and down on my pole. Finally collapsed onto my chest when we'd both come again. We fit together perfectly. We slept.


I woke up, startled for a second to find a body entwined with mine. Then I watched silently as one of Maddy's hands slowly moved down across my stomach and then lightly lifted my penis. I watched for second after second as she explored me.

"Do you like it?" I finally whispered.

"You're awake," the startled teen gasped as she dropped my hardening shaft, then added, "No...it's ugly, dirty...I hate it."

"Liar," I laughed as I cupped the back of her head and pulled her lips towards mine. She wanted it now as bad as I. Her tongue probed eagerly into my mouth. She impatiently pulled my cock inside her.

We took our time fucking.

"Where were you?" she asked softly as we lay side by side on our backs, sweat produced by our coupling still glistening on our skin..

"Attica. Nineteen plus years," I answered, having understood her question.

"ATTICA! Did you kill someone?"

"Only after I got there," I said, remembering how it had felt to sink the blade into that fat bastards heart.

"What were you in for?"


"You're a d**g dealer?"

"I was a fucking dumb, college freshman who was caught with some marijuana."

"You don't get twenty years for that," Maddy protested.

"Not unless you're Sam Perry. Not unless the local D.A. just happens to be in the middle of a tight political campaign. Not unless some crackhead had killed a seven year old k** during a botched robbery just the week before they arrested me. Not un-fucking-less the presiding judge had just learned his favorite niece was down in New York City hooking to pay for her heroin habit. Not unless your lawyer is an alcoholic," I said disgustingly.

"But still"

"But still baby," I interrupted, "while just about every other similar case in America ended up in sentences of time already served or community service, yours truly got almost twenty years in Attica."

"Didn't you appeal," Maddy asked timidly.

"Why don't you cook me breakfast," I ordered, disgusted now at having to relive the memories, then rolled out of bed and stood looking down at her.

"Why should I?"

"This little guy's hungry," I said as I shook my penis at her. "If you want some more loving..."

"I don't. I'm leaving. Now," she said as she jumped from the bed and grabbed her shorts from the chair where I'd thrown them the night before.

"I prefer you naked," I said, then snatched her clothes from her hands. "Now get cooking," I ordered as I gave her a slap on the butt. "Eat first, then we'll fuck later."

"Owww," she cried but there was a happy, accepting grin on her lips.


After breakfast we decided to hike together up the mountain to find the backpack she'd lost in the dark the night before. We only wore boots!

"We can't," Maddy had giggled when I didn't let her get dressed. "We'll get scratched or cut. Somebody may see us."

"I want to follow your sexy little butt all the way to the top," I smilingly replied.

"You're awful," she accused but there was a definite sexy little wiggle to her bum as she led the way across the meadow.

It took us an hour and a half of hard slogging to get to where she'd been caught by the storm the night before and I made the beautiful Madison climb down the steep hill and into the little hollow to recover her pack.

"You should have gone," she protested when she finally climbed out, dirty but with the pack on her back.

"You're supposed to be the expert hiker. Didn't you tell me you were the girl who could go all alone on three day hikes into the wilderness?"

"I can!"

"Yes, and you lose all your supplies ten minutes into your trek," I teased as I took the pack from her and hoisted it on my back. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

"I can carry it," she protested.

"Give me your hand," I ordered, ignoring her offer.

"Why?" Maddy asked suspiciously.

"So we can hold hands as we walk home."

"Home? I'm not your girlfriend or something!" the pouting teen protested.


Halfway down the mountain we crossed into the little clearing that constituted the place my b*****r and I had called the lookout.

"You watched me from here, I saw the glint on your glasses," I said to Maddy, pointing to a three foot high, flat topped boulder that sat at the edge of the clearing and formed a small ridge over which you could see down to the pond and cabin five hundred feet below.

"I didn't," she lied.

"You watched me mastrubate," I accused.

"It was disgusting...I'd never seen anything like..."

"Bend over," I suddenly ordered, standing just inches behind her as we both looked down the mountain and into the valley.

"I don't want to," she protested as I pushed against her back and f***ed her chest down onto the smooth rock. "Please...no," she cried as my hand slipped between her thighs.

"Spread your feet," I ordered as I pushed a finger inside her. "God, you're sopping," I accused as my big finger slid deep into her moist center.

""It's sweat...from all this climbing, it has nothing to do with sex," she denied even as her vagina spasmed needingly around my knuckled digit. Then she quickly spread her feet and pushed her butt back into me.

I finally pulled out my sticky finger and slowly licked Maddy's juice from it, then took my straining prick in hand and rubbed it down her ass crack before positioning it at her vaginal gate. And then I was in her, punching far into her body as I cupped both her breasts in my hands.

"You want it slow...or fast and hard...or slow?" I asked as I quickened and then slowed my strokes.

"Hard...hard," the bent over teen finally answered.

And then I started to stroke her. Long, deep, hard thrusts that inevitably led Maddy to gasping roars of acceptance and need. "Do you like it Maddy? Do you like my big prick?" I demanded as her body started to writhe liquidly beneath me. "SAY IT," I insisted.

"No," she groaned between panting whimpers, her body just seconds from orgasm.

I pulled all the way out, left her empty of cock at the second she needed it most.

"Noooooooo...leave it....pleassssssse, Oh Sam," she cried.

"Say it," I demanded again as my fingers squeezed her tits and stretched her hard nipples.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME YOU BASTARD," she screamed as I teased her by running my fat cockhead up and down her distended slit.

And then I was inside her again, filling her wet, needy cunt with cock. "YES....YESSSSSSS ....HARDER...MORE...FUCK ME, "she demanded, each shout spilling from her mouth in concert with every deep thrust I made.

And then, as her urgent cries echoed back at us from distant mountains, I was spurting my manhood, my thick creamy seed, inside this welcoming young woman, flooding her with my cum.

"You're a monster," she accused when I finally pulled my softening shaft from her.

"He loves you," I answered as I lifted my dripping cock and pointed it upward towards her staring eyes.

"He's so ugly!"

"Kiss it," I urged.

"You're awful."

"Taste me Maddy...taste me."

"I don't want to," she declaimed even as her hand replaced mine on my cock and she slipped to her knees in front of me. She slowly ran her hand up my cock, milking its suddenly hard again body as she squeezed the last drops of sperm from its opening.

Her tongue flicked out like a snakes, then drew back into her mouth, pulling with it a large, white strand of my cum. "Baby," I groaned when she slid her moist lips around my cockhead and took me into her mouth.

It just took minutes for Maddy's tongue and mouth and lips and throat to induce my cock to dump another load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily.


It was close to three in the afternoon when we finally got off the mountain and back to the cabin. I carried her giggling into the cool waters of the pond and then washed her from head to toe. Then fucked her as we stood entwined waist deep in the water.

"Did you really kill someone?" she suddenly asked as we lay on the grass afterward. Seeing the answer in my eyes she asked, "Who? Why?"

"You either fuck or you get fucked when you're inside," I started softly. "They thought they'd just take me, that I was just some dumb k** to use," I continued, the events of that day forever burned deep in my brain.

"Who? What'd they do?"

"A guard. They bribed a guard to leave me with the three of them. Bastards," I hissed, still angry.

"Three! But what did they do to you?" Maddy asked again, the excitement clear in her young voice.

"They thought they'd made me their toy. That they'd be able to do whatever they wanted to with me after that day."

"They fucked you? In the ass? In your mouth?"

They'd done what they wanted to that day in the showers. They'd left me naked, hurt and crying when they'd finally left. I wasn't going to tell this little girl any details. "A week later two of them cornered me again, thought they could just snap their fingers and I'd bend over," I continued.

"What happened?" she whispered.

"I had a knife that day," I answered, remembering how easily the thin blade had slid into the fat bastard's heart. "One died," I added, thinking of how the red stain had spread over the thick, blue fabric of his prisoner's shirt.

"And the other one?" the engrossed teen demanded.

"I left him alive?"

"You did?"

"Yeah...sorta," I laughed, the insanity of those few minutes twenty years ago still alive in me, "They found him an hour later with both his hamstrings severed and his buddies cock rammed down his throat."

"They deserved it," she finally said, more to herself than to me.

"Are you mad enough at me to cut off my cock little Maddy? Slice it off and stuff it in my mouth?"

"No...make love to me instead," she said as she climbed on top of me and grabbed my penis.

And it was the blond teen who did all the work this time, bouncing up and down on me as she yelled out her desire, her need, her capitulation to my maleness.


"What's with the virginity thing anyway?" I asked as I watched my semen oozing from her pink, swollen slit.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you're nineteen, beautiful, sexy...Christ, every male within fifty miles must have been dying to get into your pants since you were fifteen. I still don't know why my b*****r didn't fuck you."

"I wish he had, he shouldn't have died so young," she muttered sadly, but then went on, "I just didn't...I wanted to...there was a boy in high school...one last year at university."

"Waiting for me I guess," I laughed.

"Yeah right. Like I was just waiting to save it for the d**g dealing murderer to come along and **** me."

"You're made for a big cock."

"I'm not," she protested.

I put her on her hands and knees and fucked her until her echoing groans proved my point.


"You could come to Florida with me," I offered that evening as we ate the t-bone steaks I'd just grilled.

"Hah, I don't want to ever see you again."


"I'm glad...about this I mean, the sex," Maddy explained. "But you're old...I have school in the fall...my mom...I have a boyfriend."

"We have just tonight then...and tomorrow," I said as I moved to pull her against me.

"a****l," she accused with welcoming arms and smile.


"Where's your dad anyway? Adams...what does he do? All you talk about is your mom," I said as we lay side by side the next morning.

"I don't even remember him," Maddy answered. "His name wasn't Adams. I was a mistake, an accident. Mom got pregnant when she was a student; he was just a nobody, a one night stand. Mom married Jerry Adams after she'd graduated, after she'd joined the State Police, when I was four. He was a cop too."

"You make it sound like he's gone too."

"Mom divorced him later...when I was nine," she explained.

"Your moms hard on men," I said but it didn't really interest me. I changed the subject. "Come to Florida with me," I offered again.

"You're old...I have a job...university in the fall...you're a r****t...a murderer," she stammered, clearly surprised that I'd offered again. "Besides, how will you live? Money? What can you do? What would we do?"

"We'd fuck. I got money, Jim left me lots."

"He did? What about his f****y?"

"Shit, his wife got a fortune when they divorced. He was royally pissed," I said, remembering the visit to prison he'd made years ago, regaling his imprisoned b*****r for the whole visit about the evil bitch who was bilking him. As if I didn't have any problems.

"He set up trusts for his two girls in his will, but still left me lots. The cabin, a condo in the city, a couple of million," I said with a wave of my hand.

"So you'll just be a bum?"

"Come with me."

"Why are you going to Florida anyway?"

"My moms down there...she and dad moved to Miami after dad retired. Then he died."

"I'm sorry," she started.

"Enough talk," I said, then rolled on top of her.

"You're always hard," she complained as her hand slipped between our bodies and grasped me.

"Put it in," I ordered. She did. I filled her with more of my cum.


Later I picked up my camera, a new digital that had been part of the package of stuff I'd gotten my lawyer to buy and which had been ready for me when I got out.

"Don't," Maddy complained as the flash lit up her naked body. I simply ignored her protest as I snapped picture after picture.


Later, drenched in perspiration from our latest coupling, she asked, "Do you want to see some old pictures of me...when I was young...my graduation picture, my mom?"


"Grab my bag then," she said pointing to her knapsack sitting in the corner.

"Yes maam," I said and jumped out of bed naked.

"It's in my wallet, in the top pocket" Maddy instructed.

Turning back to her with wallet in hand the flash of my camera almost blinded me. "It's my turn," Maddy giggled as she continued to snap pictures. "Make it hard," she ordered as I stood at the edge of the bed.

"That's your job," I laughed as I opened her wallet and was faced by her driver's license. "Ugh, who took this picture?" I teased even as I noticed her date of birth - June 15th 1987. "Hell, it is your birthday next week."

"I told you that. Now make it hard, I want some good pictures," she insisted as her hand not holding the camera cupped my balls.

I was fully erect by the time I slipped out the plastic picture case. Then I couldn't stop the wail of, "Jesssus Christtttttt," that exploded from deep inside of me.

"What? What is it Sam," Maddy asked, worry suddenly in her young eyes. She watched as the pictures tumbled out of my hand and fell toward the floor.

"Oh Sam, I'm sorry," she said as she knelt down and lifted a picture from the floor. "I forgot I had one of your b*****r." Her hand was still grasping my thick, hard cock.

She didn't realize it was the other person in the picture who'd stunned me. Didn't realize I was franticly working the dates. Born June 15th...her mother would have been impregnated around September 15th 1986...three weeks before I was arrested...that fucking bitch, I screamed inwardly.

I felt Maddy's lips slip over my cockhead and slowly swallow me. "Nooooooo," I groaned, suddenly wanting to escape her hungry mouth. "Stop," I tried to order as her head bobbed up and down.

She finally slowly pulled back, releasing my throbbing cock inch by inch, covering me with her lubricating saliva.

"Fuck me," she demanded, her hand grasping me as she lay back on the bed, her legs open and inviting.

"No," I protested even as I moved between her legs. Then roared in despair as I lunged forward, burying my fat shaft in the soft folds of the daughter I'd never known I had.


"Are you ever coming back?" my daughter asked the next morning as she stood holding her bike. We'd woken early. I'd fucked my daughter again, desperately fucked her as my mind recoiled. Then I'd put her bike in the pickup and we'd driven towards town. Stopped at the town limits and let her out.

"Yes," I promised.

"I don't know if I want you to."

"I love you. I'll be back in a couple of weeks."

"Okay," she whispered as she mounted her bike.


"It's me," my daughter accused down the line fifteen hours later.

"So you haven't forgotten me," I laughed.

"I hate you. Where are you?"

"Now? Just crossed into Florida. Why? Would you like to join me?"

"Fuck you," she hissed back. "When did you know? When did you know you had a daughter? Before or after you decided to fuck me?"

"When did I fucking know?" I yelled back. "About twenty fucking years too late. No one thought to send me pictures of the daughter I never knew I had. What? Your mother finally decided to tell you that you weren't the product of some immaculate conception. That there was a man out there somewhere in the world who happened to be your father. Someone called Perry."

"When did you know?"

"I finally got the word after we'd been making love for three days...when you finally decided to tell me something about yourself. That bitch," I swore.

"Making love? You ****d me. My father the r****t and ex-con. And you call mommy a bitch? I hate you!" she yelled, then hung up.

"CUNT," I screamed to the dead line.


I slept at a 'Best Western' on the highway just south of Jacksonville that night, a motel chosen because of the sign that announced free wireless internet access.

maddyadams@yahoo I typed into my e-mail account.

My mobile phone rang fifteen minutes later. "Did you love mom?"

"Shit. We were eighteen...Listen Maddy; yeah maybe...for a little while we were in love. Didn't mean we were ready to get married and live happily ever after though. We were just k**s. Having fun. Drinking. Smoking up. Fucking."

"She said she was sorry."

"Who did?"

"Mom. We talked some more. She talked about you...about the trial...she had found out she was pregnant after you were arrested...she said she had wanted to be a cop, always had...that she was afraid she'd never be accepted into the Academy if she was tied in with a d**ggie."

"So she what? Just decided to leave her boyfriend hanging...her testifying could have helped me."

"She knows," Maddy interrupted. "She said she thought you'd just get three months suspended or something...she said everyone was stunned, that then it was too late."

"Too late to tell me I was a father?"

"She wanted to...but she kept putting it off...then she got married."

"Did you tell her?"


"That I fucked you?"

"No, no. I just told her I'd met you at the cabin...that Jim was dead. She started to cry. I thought it was about Jim...but then she started to talk about you," Maddy stammered. "She told me you were my father. I fucked my father," she wailed, then disconnected the phone.


I called back twenty minutes later. "Come to Florida," I started.

"I can't," my daughter cried.


An hour later I sent her another e-mail.


An answering e-mail from Madison greeted me when I rose the next morning.


"Hi," were her first words when I answered the cell phone at four the next afternoon as I sat in the Ocean Drive bar of the hotel I'd just checked into.

"Its eighty-seven degrees, sunny and humid on South Beach," I lured in answer.

"You're already there?"

"Uh huh. Bring just your summer clothes."

"I'm not coming," she denied but she couldn't hide her interest. "You should cancel the ticket...get your money back."

"Its nonrefundable."

"I can't come," she insisted.

"I'll be at the airport."


"Hi," my daughter said tentatively as she looked shyly up at me. It was ten-thirty at night and she'd just come through the gate.

"You came," I said, not knowing whether to embrace Maddy or shake her hand.

"I almost didn't."

"I'm glad you did," I answered as I took her hand in mine and then let her across the concourse towards the parking lot.


"C'mon, leave your bag, take off your shoes," I ordered as I slipped the sandals from my feet. We had just pulled into the parking lot next to the hotel.

"What?" she asked, her eyes wide.

"The ocean...the beach...we're going for a walk," I lured as I took her hand in mine.

The moon was full in the sky as we crossed the still warm sand and walked down towards the breaking waves.

We sat and talked. Slowly we probed, trying to discover a little about each other. But we didn't talk about the weekend, and didn't talk about the sex we'd shared or the taboo we'd broken.

She finally whispered softly, "You know we can't ever do it again...you know, the sex. We didn't know," she added.

"No we can't," I agreed as we stood and turned our backs on the sea and started back toward the bright neon lights of South Beach.


"There's only one bed,' Maddy protested when I opened the hotel room door and led her into the lavishly appointed suite.

"It's all they had. They said tomorrow we can change rooms...I'll sl**p on the couch tonight," I lied.

"You don't have to. I'll take the couch," my daughter offered.

"Hah," I laughed, "little Miss Camper who loses her sl**ping bag."

"It's a king size...we'll share," she said as she appraised the silk sheeted bed.

"I'm exhausted," I conceded, then yawned.

"Me too," Maddy answered.

"Do you want to shower?"

"Can I?"

"Sure, hurry up. Then I'll take one when you're finished.


After I'd heard the water start running in the shower, and after I'd heard the shower door close, I quickly pulled the tee shirt over my head. Then I pushed my shorts and underwear over my hardening shaft. For just a second I imagined Maddy's naked body under the cascading water, and then I slowly opened the bathroom door.

I pulled the shower door open and stepped inside. A lathery soap covered the beautiful curves of my daughter.


"I thought maybe you might need somebody to do your back," I said as I gently pulled her against me.

"You're hard again," she accused.

"I know."

"We agreed we couldn't."

"I know," I agreed.

"I can't be with you and not want to do it...to feel it," she said softly into my ear. My cock was poking gently into Maddy's stomach.

"It's wrong. We can't," she insisted as her fingers closed around me and directed my cockhead to her gate.

"Ohhh God, I love you Daddy," Maddy gasped when my penis slid inside of her.


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