"A thorn between two roses," my s****r and mother laughed as I stopped to deliver a dirty look. There were sitting on either end of the couch where I had been before leaving to get a snack. They had also changed the channel to a chick flick.

"Hey," I cried. "No fair, I was watching the game."

"Too bad, so sad," they chimed in unison.

Mom and my s****r Lisa often said the same things at the same time. They were so much alike. They had the same laugh and the same light red hair, though Mom's was shoulder length and Lisa's was short. Physically, they were almost identical, Lisa being a younger, more slender version of Mom but old pictures showed that Mom was probably skinner at Lisa's age. I liked those pictures because despite being thin Mom was better endowed than my twenty-year old s****r even then. Not that Lisa was bad, maybe a thirty-four or so with a B cup, but Mom's were bigger and meatier, if you know what I mean.

A year and half younger than Lisa, we had always been close. She didn't even think it was gross that I was dating one of her college friends which made me the envy of the guys at school. "She's just in it for the meat," she had commented with false derision, referring to the three years of weight training that hadn't won me more play time on the team but had other benefits.

An eternal gossip, Lisa had pushed me for juicy details on what her friend was like in bed. She had used me as a source throughout our school years to see what rumors my younger crowd had heard about her friends. So far, I had resisted the pressure to inform on my current bed mate in fear of losing my poontang privileges should my s****r inadvertently spill the beans through one of the snide remarks she was prone to making.

Frustrated, I looked from my green-eyed mother on the left to my blue-eyed s****r on the right. Their eyes were the only striking difference between them.

"Dad," I wailed, a common sound over the last eighteen years in our house.

"There's nothing I can do, son," Dad half laughed, rattling his newspaper and burying his head deeper within it. He had learned long ago that there was no profit in getting between me and the women in the f****y. Pouting, I dropped onto the couch with my full weight, bouncing both women up and down, pleased to see the pop slop over the rim of the glass my s****r held in her lap.

"Jerrod, you asshole!" Lisa screamed.

"Hey, watch your language young lady," Mom barked.

Lisa grabbed the napkin from my hand and feverishly scrubbed her new jeans. I turned toward Mom, the shit-eating grin on my face quickly dropping when I met her angry, green eyes. I ducked my head in an 'oops' gesture and fixed my gaze on the game, or where it was supposed to be.

"Did anybody score, Dad?" I asked, trying to establish a connection for my own protection. As expected, he didn't answer. I was on my own again.

"Asshole," Lisa muttered under her breath, tossing the cola-stained napkin on top of my sandwich.

"Lisa," Mom admonished.

The corners of my mouth threatened to curl upwards.

"Why are you eating so soon after dinner?" Mom asked.

I shrugged, my shoulders rising and falling in sheepish fashion, while grossly shoving half of the sandwich into my mouth.

"Ughhhh, men," Mom said, turning away in disgust.

A thorn indeed. I finished my sandwich and proceeded to make a nuisance of myself for the next half hour, fidgeting about and bumping into both Mom and Lisa as they tried to watch the movie. I refused to leave. My s****r finally got up in disgust and stomped out of the living room.

"I'm going to my room. It's Neanderthal-free," she harrumphed.

I smiled as she clumped up the stairs, reveling in the sound of her angry demonstration. Mom released a long sigh, handed me the remote, and picked up a book. She suggested I move over but I defiantly stayed where I was.

"Suit yourself," she said.

I put the game back on but it was half-time.

I didn't pester Mom further because I recognized the warning in the firm set of her face. Battling my s****r, even with Mom on her side, was one thing. Taking on my mother alone was quite another. So we sat there, close together, my leg rubbing against Mom's, trying to make a point without drawing return fire, and she pretending I wasn't bugging her. I was quite experienced in skirting the edge of danger and knew exactly when I was at the point of no return. Figuring I was pretty much there, I decided to finish watching the game on the small TV in my room. I started to get up, rocking forward and putting my hand on Mom's thigh to leverage myself up, thereby delivering a parting annoyance.

My hand slipped and sk**ded down the inside of Mom's leg, and buried itself deep in the cushion right in front of her crotch. Thrown off balance, I fell back and my wrist jammed in tight, pressing firmly into the puffiness at the apex of Mom's legs. Her legs automatically closed, trapping my hand. I pulled but her clamped thighs held my arm too tightly. I tugged again without success. I turned toward Mom to apologize and to ask her to release my arm but was stunned by what I saw.

Mom's face was painted with the weirdest expression. She looked like she was on the verge of having an epileptic fit. Her eyes were kind buggy and her jaws were clamped shut. I tugged on my arm again but that only pushed my wrist harder against... well, her pussy.

Mom's hips suddenly lunged forward and her legs squeezed my arm even tighter. I pulled harder but couldn't get free and the effort made Mom's legs start to quiver. I pulled again to no avail and her hips jerked erratically as her legs continued to vibrate. Scared, I yanked my arm hard and succeeded in getting my hand up a little but my face paled when I felt it cup Mom's pussy, warm and pulsing in my palm through the thin, stretchy material of her pants.

I could have pulled my hand away then but I admit I left it there. Mom's hips were jerking involuntarily up and down, humping her mound against my hand. Her eyes were closed but I knew she wasn't having a fit, she was having an orgasm. Oh my God.

I glanced at Dad but his head was still buried in the newspaper. I looked back at Mom. There was no doubt about it. Even with my limited sexual experience, I still knew what I was seeing, and feeling. Mom was getting her rocks off on my hand.

God help me, I curled my hand more tighter around her pussy, and rubbed it. Mom bucked hard and I pressed equally hard back, if only to keep her seated so she wouldn't attract Dad's attention. I dug the heel of my palm against the upper part of Mom's snatch and my longest finger automatically stretched down, finding and fitting into the length of her slit under the tight, black stretchy pants. I was a bit stunned by my action but I crooked the tip of my finger to get a better hold anyway and ground the heel of my hand firmly against Mom's frantic love muscle. She shuddered, long and hard. When she was done, I pulled my hand away, got up, and walked quickly upstairs to my room. I tried to wait until I was out of sight but couldn't, lifting my hand to my face to smell my palm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hid in my room that night, living in fear of a visit from either my father or my mother. Lisa was still pissed at me so I wasn't worried about her coming. Thankfully, I was left alone.

The next morning, Lisa was back to normal, k**ding me about this and that and Dad was in his usual shell. Mom ignored me but I could tell she was bothered. Like me, it didn't look like she had slept well. I ate my cereal quickly and tossed down a glass of juice, then got up to leave. As I was going out the door, Mom called out.

"Don't forget your lunch."

Reluctantly, I returned to the kitchen to get my lunch.

"It's over there," Mom jerked her head toward the counter beside her.

I glanced at her as I retrieved it but Mom stared straight into the sink at the dishes she was washing. Lisa and Dad were oblivious to the tension between us but to me it was a palpable entity in the room.

I had a hell of a day at school and skulked around for hours before going home, leery of facing Mom alone. I was afraid she would want to talk and I couldn't face that. Why, oh why had I moved my hand? Why couldn't I leave well enough alone? If I had kept still, it would have been all on her, but no, I had to rub her pussy. What a dumb fuckwad!

Dinner was much like breakfast except Lisa seemed to twig that something was up between Mom and me. She didn't say anything but I knew she would be in my room like a dirty shirt soon enough to get the skinny on what was going on. I stayed in the living room to avoid her but when Mom came in after cleaning up the kitchen, it became too uncomfortable, so I chose the lesser of two evils and retreated to my room to surf the net.

"What?" I answered the quiet knock on my door. It opened and Lisa's head poked in.

"Shhhhh," she shushed, slipping inside and closing the door. "What did you do to make Mom so uptight," she asked, quickly moving past me and flopping down on my bed.

"What are you talking about?" I tried to play innocent despite my flushing face.

"Don't give me that shit. I have eyes. What did you do after I left to make Mom so mad."

"I have no idea," I answered, deciding to tough it out.

"Nice try but you know I'll get it out of you eventually," she giggled with confidence.

The fact I could never keep a secret made her reaction all the more irritating despite my resolve that this time, I absolutely couldn't tell her. This was something I couldn't talk about to anyone, not even Lisa.

"So," she said, changing the subject. "Are you going to spill the beans on Eleyna?"

Eleyna was a girl I had recently met and was spending more time with than Lisa's friend Cathy. She dressed pretty slutty, which was a little embarrassing, but she fucked like a mink. Lisa didn't like her much.

"No, that's none of your beeswax," I said.

"Come on, Jerrod." Lisa laughed, then asked, "Is she a moaner?"

She laughed so hard she fell back on the bed, throwing her arms over her face and lifting one knee to relieve the pressure on her stomach when her laughter spiraled out of control.

Sitting up, a minute later, she persisted, "Come on Jerrod. Tell me and I'll let you alone about Mom."

I gritted my teeth and ignored her.

"Ohhhhhh, oh God, ahhhhh, ungghh, unhhh, unghhh," Lisa moaned, then broke out into another fit of hysterics.

I couldn't help laughing. She had Eleyna down pretty good.

"Shut up," I cried in short-lived anger.

"Uhh, uhhh, uhhh, ohhhhaahhhhooohhhh," Lisa cried, both feet trummeling the mattress.

I got up and fell upon her, grabbing her arms and holding them above her head, using my weight to pin her legs down. I didn't say anything but Lisa became still and stopped teasing me. I was pissed with myself when my eyes darted down to her chest to take in the sweater pulled too tight over her straining, smallish left breast. Lisa smiled smugly and I let go of her hands. We both sat up.

"You wouldn't like me anyway," she said. "I'm not a moaner like Eleyna."

"I didn't say she was," I retorted, not bothering to deny the thought Lisa had correctly read.

"And you didn't deny it either," Lisa laughed. "I could see in your eyes it was true."

"You didn't hear it from me," I said.

"Nope. I didn't hear it from you," she tinkled, eyes sparkling.

"Don't say anything, Lisa," I pleaded. "Cathy will hear about it and have a hissy fit and then it will get back to Eleyna and then I won't be getting any at all."

"You'll still have your hand," Lisa giggled. "Or do you forget how it works?"

"Fuck off."

Lisa threw her arms around my shoulders and snuggled up. "Don't be like that, little b*****r. I won't ruin it for you, though it would serve you right for fucking around on my friend."

Lisa released my shoulders and shoved me away but was back at it within five seconds. "That is, I won't spill the beans if you tell me what happened with Mom," she purred.

"Nothing happened between me and Mom. I just put my hand on her leg when I got up, to bug her you know, and it hurt her. She blew up, said she was tired of my shenanigans, and told me to grow up."

It made sense and I must have sounded sincere because Lisa bought it.

"Oh, does little Jerrod need to grow up?" she teased, trying to push her index finger into the hollow of my neck, a favorite tickling spot for which she knew I had no defense.

I tilted my head over, jamming her finger against my shoulder but she simply wiggled it, pursuing when I tried to pull away and climbing on top of me, forcing me to fall over sideways on the bed.

"Poor little Jerrod," she cooed, wiggling her fucking finger.

A minute later she relented and prepared to go. Unfortunately, I had the brilliant idea, since I'd fooled her about Mom, to query her about Mom's instant response to my hand being jammed between her legs. If I acted like it was with someone else, Eleyna say, who I had already compromised, what was the harm?

"Hey, Lisa, before you go. Is it weird for woman ... a girl, to get off right away if a guy suddenly shoves his hand between her legs?"

Lisa looked at me like I was out of my mind. "Well, yeah. What, do you think we walk around, perpetually horny, just waiting for some moron to stick his hand in our crotch?"

"No. I mean, if it happened by accident, would she get off?"

"You need to come up with some better approaches, b*o."

"I'm not talking about just grabbing a wom... a girl. I mean, if it happened by accident."

"Are you telling me you grabbed Eleyna and she got off right away?"

"I didn't grab her. It was an accident. We were sitting on the couch, and my hand slipped and jammed between her legs, and she started jerking and quivering. I mean, she really got off."

"The horny little bitch," Lisa exclaimed, taken aback.

Shit, I could see that this was too good for Lisa to keep to herself. I knew she would spill it to some of her friends, at least to Debbie, the yappiest of the bunch.

"Hang on, Lisa. You can't say anything to anyone. You promised."

"I didn't promise."

"Well, you said you wouldn't."

"But I didn't promise."

"Ok," I agreed, realizing she was just pushing my buttons. "You didn't p r o m i s e. So anyway, is it possible?" "I guess, if a girl hasn't had any for a long time and is in the mood."

Lisa looked thoughtful and I instantly regretted bringing the whole thing up.

"I can't see that happening with Eleyna though," she mused. "I mean, she fucks like a mink, doesn't she?" she asked, looking at me for confirmation.

It wasn't anything I could deny. I nodded, a little uneasy about the direction she was taking.

"So this isn't about Eleyna, is it? You've got your eye on someone else. Jesus Christ, Jerrod, you're already doing one girl behind my friend's back. What are you, some kind of sex addict?" Lisa picked up a pillow and belted me with it.

I fended her off as best I could.

"Ok, ok. I was just k**ding. One of my friends asked me to ask you."

"Who?" Lisa demanded.

"I can't tell you."

"You're full of shit, Jerrod. You're after... wait a minute, you said 'woman'." Lisa sat up straight, the pillow falling silently to her lap. She peered at me with renewed interest. "You said woman," she accused me again, "then changed it to girl. You're trying to fuck around with an older woman." Lisa's head started bobbing up and down, assuring herself that she was on the right track. "No, you actually did something with an older woman. By accident you say. Who could that be?"

Lisa got up and started pacing around my room. "Who... who could it be?"

This was dangerous. If she matched her current thought with what I'd said about Mom, I was doomed. I could hardly believe she hadn't already made the connection.

"I didn't say..."

"Oh, don't even try, muscle head," she waved me into silence.

Really dangerous. I wished I hadn't told her about hurting Mom's leg and then mentioning jamming a hand between a woman's legs. How stupid could I be? Fucking dumb fuckwad! I needed to throw Lisa off. Desperately, I racked my empty head for something, anything, to no avail.

Suddenly, Lisa stopped and turned to face me.

"Ahhh ha," she cried, an evil smile appearing on her face as she stalked toward me with knees slightly bent. "Ahhh haa," she repeated gleefully.

"What?" I cried, already on the defensive.

"Eleyna's mother. You're trying to get into Eleyna's mother's pants."

Lisa snapped her arm forward and pointed her finger as if shooting a gun.

"You stuck your hand between her legs, maybe by accident, and her mother got off. Yeah. She's a single parent, right? Her husband ran off on her and she's all alone. I bet she hasn't had a decent fuck for years and, she's probably not bad looking either, right? I mean, I have to give Eleyna her due, she's quite good looking."

Lisa straightened up and put her hands on her hips. I had mentioned that Eleyna only had one parent and Lisa had erroneously assumed it was her Mom who actually was the one that had run off. Judging by the pictures I'd seen, she had been pretty hot.

"She must be what... forty-five years old? God, you guys would fuck anything that moved, wouldn't you? Jesus Jerrod!"

Actually, Eleyna's mom was only twenty years older than her, which made her thirty-eight. A germ of an idea began to shine in my mind. This wasn't so bad. It threw Lisa off the scent of the real trail and she knew she couldn't talk about this. I mean, Lisa wouldn't do me any real damage and this would be all over town if it got out, potentially damaging her own reputation by association.

"She isn't that old, and you said yourself she wasn't bad looking," I mumbled, trying to look as guilty as I could. I was surprised Lisa believed this act.

"Holy fuck," she cried. "What happened?"

I tried to look reluctant to tell but told her anyway.

"We were sitting on the couch, watching a movie."

Lisa nodded, intrigued.

"I was sitting between Eleyna and her mom and, well, her mom kept rubbing her leg against mine."

Lisa was paying very close attention now. A good hunk of gossip, even if she couldn't tell anyone about it, was like gold, and this was a delicious morsel.

"God, she must be as horny as Eleyna. Go on," Lisa instructed.

"Well, during the commercials, Eleyna got up to use the bathroom and her mom put her hand on my leg, rubbing it, like."

Lisa's eyes were almost coming out of her head.

"So, I put her hand back on her leg and got up, but I lost my balance and fell back on the couch with my right hand out to stop myself, you know, and it went right between her legs. I didn't realize it at first, but when I tried to push myself back up, I could feel her heat. She was real soft there and she clamped her legs real tight and grabbed my arm."

I stopped to take a deep breath. This was dangerously close to what I'd said about Mom but keeping as close to the truth as possible, I reasoned, made my story more plausible.

"And..." Lisa said, impatient for me to continue.

"She started humping my arm."

"No way. You're k**ding?" Lisa started to laugh. I nodded and she started laughing hard.

"Yeah, she started humping my arm hard. I mean, her eyes were open and everything, but she looked like she was having a fit. She humped and humped and I was freaking out thinking Eleyna would come back and see, so I started frigging her with my hand."

"You what?" Lisa was incredulous.

"I started frigging her with my hand. I mean, I didn't want Eleyna to catch us, so I wanted her to get off quick so she'd stop."

"You're fucking joking," Lisa cried, amazed.

No, for real. She came like almost right away. Anyway, Eleyna came back just after and her mom acted like nothing had happened. Except, when I left, when Eleyna wasn't looking, she put her hand on my cheek and told me not to be a stranger."

"Holy fuck," Lisa said again. She sat down on the bed beside me. "You're not going to, are you?"

"Not going to what?" I asked.

"You know what I mean. You're not going to fuck her, are you?"

I paused. This was getting too complicated.

"You are. You're really going to fuck her?"

"No. I'm not," I protested. "I just," my mind flailed about. I just what? What could I say? "I just... wondered, why she got off so quickly on my arm," I finished lamely.

"Hmmm," Lisa mused, engaging that dangerous mind of hers. "I wonder," she said, nibbling on the tip of her finger. "Maybe she likes the feel of something big there. You have strong arms."

"You think she uses... really?"

"Dildoes? Sure. She's been alone for years, right?"

I nodded.

"Well, maybe she uses real big ones but is tired of inanimate toys. Your arm might be the only warm flesh she's felt in a long time."

Lisa's face showed her disgust but her eyes twinkled with interest.

"Is that what you're wondering? You want to know if Eleyna will let you use your whole hand if you jam your arm between her legs? Like mother, like daughter?" Lisa giggled.

I didn't nod one way or the other. I couldn't think fast enough to know what to do.

"Well, I've seen it done on the web."

"I don't think even Eleyna would let you do that," Lisa said, disgusted.

"Maybe not at first, but would a woman get off on it after she got over the idea of it?"

Suddenly, we were into one of the strange conversations Lisa and I sometimes got into as I tacitly admitted that I wanted to try this with Eleyna.

"Probably not a younger one. I mean, I would think it would feel pretty uncomfortable." Lisa put her hands over her own groin. "No way. I think you'd have to do some fast talking even get even Eleyna to try that."

"But, would she like it if she gave it a try?"

"Why, because it's so big."

"You're always saying bigger is better. That's the reason you said your friend wanted to go out with me."

"I can't help it if some of my friends are sluts."

"So, they might like it once they got used to it?"

"I suppose it's possible," Lisa was pensive again. I could see her turning it over in her mind and that made me excited. Lisa was imagining a whole hand being shoved inside her. She almost grimaced. "On second thought, I don't think so. Maybe an older woman, after having k**s, might like it, getting stretched like that. Ewwwww," Lisa laughed, falling back on the bed, but she got up a minute later.

"Wait a minute," she said. "You don't want to get Eleyna to do it, you want to fist her mom, don't you?" she accused.

I looked away, afraid my face would reveal the truth, that the thought of fisting a mom had crossed my mind, like last night, lying with my hand cupping my balls and my boner lined up along my forearm.

"You do, don't you? You want to fist that old bag?"

Lisa seemed convinced she was onto the truth, so I hung my head in shame.

"Yeah," Lisa's tone changed. "I bet she would get off on it. I mean, if she reacted like that, she probably really does want something big inside her. She probably already has, like huge dildoes or something, or maybe she's already done it, and a cock, any cock, isn't good enough anymore. Yeah, I bet Eleyna's slut of a mom would go wild."

Lisa's eyes were fevered and she was breathing fast. I don't know where the conversation would have gone after that because Mom called Lisa and she got up to go.

"I want to hear more about this," she said. "And don't think for a minute about not telling me if you do it. Understand?"

I nodded.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Could my s****r be right? Could Mom really want something big inside her? Is that why she reacted so strongly. I had no idea what Mom and Dad's sex life was like. I mean, as far as I knew, they didn't even have one. I never heard anything and always assumed they waited until later but that didn't make sense anymore since they'd been going to bed before us for years.

I scolded myself for thinking something so gross about my own mother. What an asshole. But the thought kept sneaking back into my head for the next week and, though it had eased, there was still a strange tension between Mom and me. I couldn't help wondering if she would have that same look on her face if I just walked up to her and pushed my hand right in there. Every time I entertained that thought, I almost slapped myself, but that didn't stop me wondering about it again only minutes later.

The thoughts didn't go away. In fact, I thought about it often, each time more intensively than the last. I searched out amateur videos of fisting on the web, rejecting the obvious porn actress wannabes, and convinced myself that real women did get off on it. I don't know if Lisa's reasoning was right, but they did tend to be older.

"Have you tried her yet?" Lisa asked, as soon as she pushed my door closed behind her.

I didn't pretend that I didn't know what she on about even though it had been over a week since we'd talked about it.


"You're going to though, aren't you?"

I was surprised. Looking at my s****r, I could see real excitement in her piercing blue eyes. She was really into this.

"No, it's too risky." I hoped if I chickened out, Lisa would drop the whole thing.

"Too risky? That airhead will never find out."

"She's not an airhead."

"Bullshit. Eleyna's a total ditz. You're only doing her because she's got a decent body and likes to do it a lot."

I couldn't argue that. Eleyna liked to do it often, but she always wanted to do it the same way and that was boring.

"When are you going to do her mom?" Lisa asked, as if it was a foregone conclusion that I would.

"I don't know."

I wanted to put Lisa off but she wouldn't be dissuaded. Exasperated, I tried ineptitude.

"I don't know how to approach her. I'm not sure she's still interested."

Lisa walked to my bed and stretched out. I turned and watched her supple cheeks tweaking through her tights as she passed by me. Lisa had a great little ass. She arched her back as she stretched out, pulling her t-shirt tight over her small breasts. Lisa often did stuff like that when she wanted me to do something for her. She held her pose for a bit and I knew then this was something she really wanted me to do. Her breasts were stretched into elongated bumps by the arch of her back but it made her nipples much more prominent and they looked like they were going to pierce her t-shirt. Relaxing, Lisa caught me looking at her tits as they flopped forward to regain their form. She smiled, knowing I was now in the malleable state she liked to work with.

"Have you seen her since?"


"Did she seem mad?"


"Did she come on to you?"


"Ok, so she's playing coy or she's not sure but she's definitely interested."

"How do you know that?"

"That's too difficult to explain to a guy. Just take my word for it. She's intrigued, she just thinks she shouldn't be, so you have to start things up again."


"By an 'accident', or better, just do something obvious, really sudden. Don't talk about it, just do it."

"Do what?"

"Grab her."

"Grab her? You want me to just walk up and grab her?"

"Yeah," Lisa laughed. "Just walk up to her like the Neanderthal you are, and grab her crotch."

"You have to be k**ding. You called me a moron last week when you thought I would actually do something like that."

"I know," Lisa stopped laughing. "But I think it would actually work. I mean, if you surprised her, she might react the same way she did the first time. That would bring it out in the open. She'd have to admit she let you do it and might then acknowledge she liked it and wanted more. Better yet, if she starts getting off, tell her what you want to do to her. Then, even if she gets mad, I bet she'll think about it and let you do try again. Yeah, do it like that."

"You're crazy."

"Yeah, well she might be too," Lisa laughed, her eyes burning with excitement.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was awake a lot that night, thinking about what Lisa had said, especially the last bit. I could tell Lisa was really intrigued about the fisting thing despite putting it down as gross. And, she was a lot like Mom. If she was crazy, maybe Mom was too.

I wondered if Lisa was thinking about what it would feel like. I pictured herself in her bed, covers off, of course, so I could see her tight little body trying to feed a big dildo into herself. Big dildo? Did Mom have dildoes? If she did, maybe Lisa was right. I made a point to search Mom's room the next day. Now, where was I, or more to the point, where was my dirty mind. Ah yes, Lisa.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that didn't pan out. I looked all over Mom's room, through her closet and all her drawers. I didn't find anything that looked remotely like a dildo. Now, I was really apprehensive about following Lisa's instructions. If I'd found one, I might have screwed up the courage to do it, but the fact there weren't any made me suspect Lisa's logic.

"Have you done it yet," Lisa burst excitedly into my room. I had heard her running up the stairs as soon as she got home. She was panting, I suppose from running, but I had a gut feeling it was partly because she was excited to hear what had happened with Eleyna's mom.

"No, there wasn't an opportunity," I said.

"For Christ's sake, Jerrod, don't be such a chickenshit," Lisa barked. "If you don't risk, you don't get. Look," she said, more calmly but still exasperated, "Eleyna's mom sent you a signal. If you don't do something soon she'll be offended and the invitation will be withdrawn, forever."

Lisa stared at me, waiting for her words to sink in. Receiving no response, she sighed and continued.

"Look, if you're nervous about it, find a way to touch her, maybe just brush up against her or put your hand somewhere that's intimate but not too threatening. If she doesn't do anything, or pushes back, you know you're got her. If she reacts badly, just act like it was an accident, say you're sorry, and that's it, you know it's a no-go. If she pulls away and gets flustered and agitated, then she probably wants to but can't bring herself around to letting it happen. In that case, just press on and she'll probably go with the flow, even if she keeps acting sort of like she doesn't want to. Kapeessh?"

I looked away, a dumb look pasted on my face. It wasn't an act. I had hoped Lisa would just drop it but she seemed determined and it wasn't easy to dissuade her once she got something in her head. I stared at the floor trying to look like I wasn't going to do it but was really thinking that what she'd said made sense.

Lisa left in disgust, unaware that what she'd said had hit home, but vis-à-vis Mom. Mom hadn't extended an invitation like the one I'd made up for Lisa's benefit about Eleyna's mom but if I'd stayed on the couch, maybe she woud have. It had been two weeks since the accident. Maybe I was too late already but I couldn't do anything sooner than now so there was no sense crying about it.

Forever. If I could have done something with Mom — God knows I wanted to, my cock had been telling me that ever since my forearm became acquainted with her pussy — and didn't, I would kick myself forever. I had to find the courage to try, and a way to do it that would leave an excuse if it didn't work out, as if it had been an accident again.

Could I just do the same thing again, maybe after both Lisa and Dad had gone to bed? I doubted it. Mom went to bed early with Dad. Could I get Lisa and Dad out of the house at the same time? Doing what? I racked my brain but came up empty. Lisa would have thought of something but I couldn't ask her, she'd put two and two together right away.

What to do?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next morning I dawdled at breakfast. I came downstairs late and picked at my cereal. I couldn't help looking at Mom a few times. I mean, given what I was planning, how could I not. She was wearing plain white blouse and a longish brown skirt, not tight but loose, kind of like a riding skirt, I guess. Below, she wore tall, brown leather boots. Mom looked quite attractive in it but it wasn't exactly an outfit conducive to what I had in mind. Maybe I should just abort? I mulled that over as I chewed my cereal incessantly.

Lisa noticed me dawdling but probably assumed I was sulking because she was mad at me. She ignored me until she was ready to leave, likely to increase the pressure for me to do something with Eleyna's mom. Dad waved and said goodbye as Lisa was putting on her coat. She walked to the kitchen doorway.

"You better hurry up if you want a ride," she said.

"I'm going to walk," I mumbled.

Lisa didn't answer but passed by me to give Mom a peck on the cheek, then left. I ate my cereal more quickly, glancing at Mom as she slowly washed the dishes. The tension had reappeared and was thickening with each moment, though we hadn't spoken and Mom was focused on doing the dished. I finished my bowl, took a long look at Mom, especially the way the skirt sloped back over her buttocks and then dropped down her legs until it hit the brown boots. Too bad her legs weren't showing. I decided then to go for it.

As soon as I made my decision, Mom moved away from the sink to wipe the counters. I hesitated, then adjusted my half-baked plan. After depositing my bowl and spoon in the sink, I stepped in behind Mom. Stage fright grabbed hold of me and I stood behind her, struggling, trying to decide whether to make my move or run. Mom was slowly wiping the counter as if I wasn't there. I noticed she was swirling the dishcloth around in a circle, wiping the same area over and over. That decided me.

"I need something out of the drawer," I said.

Before Mom could react, I knelt down and thrust my hand between her boots, grasping a drawer handle about level with the hem of her skirt. I pulled the drawer out about four inches, muttered that it was the wrong drawer and pushed it back in, then reached up to grasp the next drawer. Amazingly, Mom didn't move, even when my forearm pushed her skirt up several inches to her knees above the top of the boots, despite the obvious fact that I couldn't see what was in the drawer since the long skirt blocked my view. I pulled the next drawer out a few inches, took a desperately needed deep breath, and pushed it back in.

"That's not it either," I said.

I reached up to the next drawer handle, my arm scr****g between Mom's legs, right about where they thickened into thighs.

"This is it," I cried, as if that justified my ridiculous action.

I had to straighten up a little to pull the drawer open which angled my forearm higher and wedged it firmly between the thickest part of Mom's thighs, dragging the heavy skirt with it. This time I pulled the drawer open slowly and didn't stop until its face hit the front of Mom's pelvis. I paused, relishing the feel of Mom's thighs pressing on my arm, a little stunned about what I'd done and that she wasn't doing anything.

"Where is that stuff?" I cried, pushing the drawer slowly back in, scr****g my arm through her thighs. I reached up to the top drawer and grasped its handle, the middle of my forearm pressing against Mom's panties. The heat on my arm was incredible. I stood up straight, pulling my arm up with me but keeping hold of the drawer handle, thereby jamming the crook or my arm firmly into Mom's hot crotch.

Mom stopped wiping the counter and pressed her hands onto the counter to steady herself but I still had to grab her shoulder her as she teetered forward on my arm and slid down to my wrist. Her breathing became harsh, matching my own. I moved closer to smell her hair and kiss her cheek but stopped when I saw her eyes were closed. Instead of kissing her, I let my left hand slide down to her waist and brought it up under her arm to cup her breast. Squeezing gently, I pushed my right shoulder into Mom's back, nudging her off my wrist and onto the back of my hand. Mom squeezed her thighs tight, whether involuntarily or in appreciation, or both, I didn't know. Mom expelled her breath in an abrupt huff as her shaking thighs clamped hard around my hand.

I was about to turn my hand over so I could cup Mom's pussy when the front door opened and Lisa yelled, "Are you coming?"

Fuck, I thought she had gone. I had told her I was going to walk. Hadn't she heard me?

"Come on, Jerrod. Let's go."

Evidently not.

"Coming," I yelled, to hold Lisa at bay.

I released the drawer, surprised that I hadn't already done so, and tried to pull my arm out but Mom's legs were squeezing too hard, trapping my hand between her thighs. I pulled again but Mom only tightened her legs. I closed my hand into a fist and twisted it to and fro, panicking, fearing that Lisa would come in to see what was keeping me. I yanked hard and half spun around when my hand burst free. Mom dropped onto her elbows on the counter, her hair falling over her face, her ass swaying from side to side and the skirt swishing around her boots. I ran to the door and met Lisa who was already half-way to the kitchen.

"Hurry up," she berated me.

Lisa ignored me on the way to school which suited me. I rested my chin on my knuckles as I gazed out the window at the fresh spring scenery whisking by, immersed in the musky aroma emanating from my fingers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dinner was strangely normal that night. Nevertheless, Lisa sensed that something was up and came into my room without knocking soon after I left the table.

"What's up?" she asked, bursting in my door.

"Lisa!" I yelled, stumbling with one foot partly into a clean pair of jeans. I twisted around and sat down on the bed, hunching over to cover the front of my shorts.

"What's up?" she repeated, closing the door behind her and leaning against it, oblivious of my partial state of undress.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean."

"Nothing. I'm just going over to Eleyna's."

"You weren't there this afternoon?"

"No," I growled, leaning back on the bed, lifting my ass and yanking my jeans up.

Lisa approached me. "I can tell something's up. It's written all over your face and you were off in space all through dinner."

No doubt. I couldn't stop thinking about the morning and was kind of blown away by how normal Mom acted, as if nothing had happened. Obviously, I hadn't been able to do the same.

"Nothing's up," I reiterated. "I'm just going over to Eleyna's."

"Will her mom be there?"

"I don't know."

"You do so. I can tell just by looking at you," Lisa smirked, moving to sit beside me. She elbowed me in the ribs. "Own up."

"Alright, alright," I complained, leaning away and pushing her. "Yes, her mom will be there, and yes, I'm going to try something if I get a chance."

"What? What are you going to do?" Lisa grabbed my wrist and gripped it hard. Her eyes burned into mine. She was really excited.

"Just what you said. When Eleyna leaves the room, I'll touch her and see what happens."

"When are you coming home?"

"I don't know. Late probably. I haven't seen Eleyna for a couple of days and you know how she is."

"I know, the little slut," Lisa said. I didn't bother to protect my girlfriend. "And if things go well with her mother, you'll be ready to give it to her too, won't you my horny little b*****r?"

Laughing, I replied, "You bet."

"You better leave something for Cathy this weekend or I'll hear about it."

"I don't know if I need her anymore," I said, smirking.

"You wretch!" Lisa whacked my shoulder. "You better do her because I don't want to listen to her whining."

"I'll think about it."

"You better. I'll be waiting to hear the goods on what happened with her mom."

"I'll be late," I complained.

"I don't care. I'll be waiting right here for you when you get back."

"Whatever," I said.

Lisa got up to go. She turned around after opening the door a crack. "I mean it. I'll be waiting to hear all about it."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa was right. Eleyna was really horny. She led me up to her room and as soon as the door was closed she was on me. Fuck she had a hot body. We clasped each other in a long embrace, then feverishly removed our clothes as we stumbled toward her bed. Standing beside it, we had no sooner finished undressing than Eleyna jumped up and wrapped her legs around my hips. Her mouth was on mine as her heels dug into the small of my back, her ass bouncing around trying to find my cock. When she did, she slid down like she was on a greased flagpole. Eleyna was wet, but not nearly as wet as Mom had felt that morning, evening through the panties.

I bounced Eleyna around on my cock until my legs got weak, then threw her on the bed with me on top and started banging the hell out of her. It was a fast, grunting, heaving fuck. Twice I had to drag her down on the bed because the headboard started smashing against the wall. I looked at the door but Eleyna pulled my head back and latched her mouth onto mine. She obviously didn't care how much noise we made. I dug my cock into her deep and let her have it.

She only let me have ten minutes before she started pulling on my cock again. This time, she turned over and looked back at me, trying to look sexy but only managing to look like a porn actress.

"Fuck me from behind," she croaked.

This was a first for Eleyna. She only fucked face to face, either on her back with her legs way back, or with her on top. Well, if she insisted. I got behind her, grasped her hips, and started a nice, leisurely fuck. She was definitely better than Cathy. I mean, Cathy thought it was a royal treat to let her pants down and put no effort whatsoever into making it fun. Putting it into her passive twat was supposed to be the cat's meow. Looking down at Eleyna thrusting her rump back to meet every thrust, I knew I was done with Cathy. Eleyna was a great fuck and was getting better.

Still, something was lacking. I lapsed into a lulling rhythm and was startled to see that Eleyna's dark hair had turned red. I reached down, grabbed a handful, and started bucking harder against her ass. Slap, slap, slap. Yeah, this was great... doing Mom.

"Unghh, unghh... what?"

Had I said that out loud?

"Nothing," I said. The hair went dark again. "Man," I said, "this is great," I added, trying to cover up for my supposed breach.

I shagged Eleyna hard. She buried her head in the pillow and grabbed the sheets. Harder, harder. The hair went red. Yeah, heave... heave, yeah, like this, the headboard slammed into the wall, hard, hard, slam, slam, slam.

"Ahhhhhgghhhh," I yelled as Eleyna lifted her ass up and twisted it around my spewing cock, digging her toes into the mattress to provide greater leverage. Fuck, she was a great fuck, but as I released my spend, I was disappointed to see the color in her hair fade away, dulling down to its regular black.

Later, lying side by side on the bed in the odor of our pungent sweat, my hand slipped down from Eleyna's back to her ass, and then onto the back of her thighs. A moment later, Eleyna parted her legs to let my hand fall between and I dutifully rubbed my fingers through her slit. I knew she wanted it again.

I toyed with her pussy much longer than usual, teasing her without mercy until she was lifting her ass way up, trying to get more, pleading with me to finger her harder. I pushed my fingers into her cunt and started giving her the real treatment. It wasn't long before she was moaning and whimpering for me to fuck her again.

"Come inside," she whispered.

I ignored her pleading, though she asked several more times.

"Please, fuck me now," she begged when I had all my fingers in her up to the knuckles.

She was ready. I tucked my thumb under my fingers and pushed.

"Arrrrghhhhhh," she bellowed.

She was tight. I pushed harder. Eleyna's ass was waving all over. Fuck, did she ever want it. My little fuck slut. I shoved but my hand couldn't squeeze into her quivering cunt.

"Owwwww," Eleyna bellowed, throwing herself forward and squirting my hand out. "Fuck," she cried, whirling around, drawing her feet underneath her in a crouch. "You fucking asshole!"


My hand went to my face. It was numb. Eleyna had slugged me, luckily hitting me on the chin. She tried to hit me again but I ducked.

"Get out," she yelled.

I leapt backwards off the bed and looked frantically around for my clothes. I hadn't pulled my jeans all the way on before she jumped off the bed and started pummeling my back and tried to knee me in the face as I bent over to retrieve my shirt and runners.

"Do you think I'm a whore?" she yelled. "Get out... get the fuck out!"

I scrambled out of her room and stumbled down the stairs. Thankfully, the door slammed behind me and I made my way to the door in the dark hoping not to be further accosted by an angry parent.

I walked home, looking at the sky often, wondering, WTF?

It wasn't until I turned into our yard that I realized I had left my coat and wasn't wearing any socks. I slipped into the house quietly and crept up the stairs. I don't know why I was being so quiet. I guess I didn't want to see anyone right then, probably thinking they'd see the guilt written all over my face.

I topped the stairs. There was light shining under my door. Oh, fuck. Lisa was waiting for me. Shit. I took a deep breath, braced my shoulders, and walked bravely toward my bedroom door, full of trepidation inside.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I opened the door, leaving it open in the hopes that I could convince Lisa to leave quickly. She was lying on my bed, face down, the light from my desk lamp playing over the rise of her buttocks which were covered only by the thin cotton of her nightgown. Her face was flushed and I wondered if she'd been touching herself. Lisa got on her elbow looked at me.

"Spill the beans, buddy," she smiled.

"What beans?" I asked, as innocently as I could.

"Cut the crap. You're late. Something happened and I want to know what."

"I'm tired," I said, pulling my shirt over my head to make my point. "I'll tell you tomorrow," I said, bracing my left foot against the back of the runner on my right and pushing it off.

"You'll tell me tonight. I'm not leaving," Lisa proclaimed, dropping her head onto my pillow and closing her eyes with a big smirk on her face.

"Suit yourself," I replied, kicking my left runner off and flicking it toward the bed. I made a big production of loosening my belt and unzipping my jeans, hoping Lisa would change her mind, but she only snuggled deeper into the blankets.

"Alright," I sighed.

Lisa's eyes opened and she smiled, shifting over to make room for me to sit on the bed. As soon as I sat down, she closed her eyes again.

"Start from the beginning," she said, sqiggling into the covers.

So I started the bullshit, relating how I had gone to Eleyna's house for dinner. I described what her mom had made and was pleased by the impatient twitching my detailed descriptions produced in my s****r's bottom. I smiled to myself. I managed to drag the story out with all the boring minutia I could think of but Lisa controlled her frustration and I soon decided that I should just tell her something so she would leave. Her ass was driving me nuts and I was afraid of forgetting who it belonged to and actually touching it.

"So Eleyna's phone rang while we were eating dessert. She didn't want to answer it but her mom insisted. It was work," I said, "and they wanted Eleyna to come in right away because two of the other girls had called in sick. Eleyna didn't want to but her mom reminded her that they needed the money, so Eleyna left."

Lisa sighed, wiggled, and pulled her elbows in tighter to her sides, knowing the juicy part was about to begin. For the first time, I noticed that Lisa's nightgown was open at the back, more summer nightware than early spring. Her skin was unblemished by even a single mole and exposed down to the small of her back.

"Eleyna's mom didn't say a thing after she left. She just kept eating her dessert really slowly and doing something weird with her eyes every time she took a bite."

Lisa giggled. "What's her name?"


"Her name. What is her name?"

"Uh..." I struggled, searching my mind for a name. "Eileen," I said, after a long pause.

"Eileen?" Lisa asked. "That's not very exotic. Not like Eleyna."

"Well, that's her name," I said, defensively. Up to then, I had been surprised by how easily the bullshit came to me.


"Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Eleyna's mom.. Eileen, kept throwing me these seductive looks until we had finished our desserts. Then she said, Well, I hope you come over for dinner again, Jerrod.'"

"She got up and started clearing away the dessert dishes. I was surprised because she seemed to be dismissing me which was strange given how flirtatious she'd been. She carried the dishes into the kitchen and started to wash them. I guess I was expected to leave."

I paused, wondering if I could get Lisa to believe that I just left. Looking down at her tense shoulders, I tossed that idea. She had probably been waiting for hours to hear a juicy story. It would probably be easier to make something up than try to short-change her. I sighed. My eyes traveled down Lisa's bare spine to the start of her nightgown and up the slope of her buttocks which was surprisingly a bit of a climb from her narrow waist. Her ass looked so tight and small in her jeans but under the nightgown it seemed more prominent, and loose. Her cheeks were trembling in anticipation of what I was about to say. Actually, I realized, I didn't want to shorten the story. If she wanted a juicy story, I thought, I'll give her one.

"I was about to leave and then I thought what a chickenshit move that would be and remembered what you said, If you don't risk, you don't get."

I liked that touch, making my s****r a part of what I'd done, even responsible for it. Lisa's cheeks quivered again, betraying her excitement.

"So, I walked back into the kitchen."

I paused, turning sideways on the bed and aligning my knee with Lisa's left shoulder so I could admire her body more easily. My eyes focused on the thin material covering my s****r's buttocks. Lisa wiggled impatiently, making her cheeks shake. I smiled. This was good. Lisa wiggled again, prompting me to speak.

"I stood behind her, not sure what to do. Should I turn her around and kiss her? Should I just slip my arms around her waist and grab her tits? I wasn't sure but I knew she knew I was right behind her and she was waiting for me to do something."

I paused again and Lisa shifted restlessly. I loved it. I leaned over her and put my hand on the bed on the far side of her hip. Leaning down, I whispered.

"That's when Eleyna's ... I mean, Eileen, grabbed a bunch of cutlery and dumped it into the sink." I paused, as if that was an important event.

"But one dropped on the floor," I said.

"A spoon," I explained further.

I looked at Lisa's ass and wished I could touch it. She had such a nice one. Here, even in the dim light, I could almost see through the nightgown, well enough, anyway, to see the faint crack dividing her cheeks.

"Eileen stopped washing the dishes and stared at the spoon. I bent down to pick it up and felt more than saw her look back into the sink but she didn't start washing again. The spoon was lying between her feet and I grabbed it."

I moved my hand and placed it between Lisa's ankles to demonstrate where the spoon was.

"I lifted the spoon but instead of handing it to her, I brought it up between her legs, slowly, my hand scr****g off her calves so she knew what I was doing."

I slid my hand up between Lisa's legs, showing her what I had supposedly done to Eileen.

"She didn't move an inch until my hand got to her knees," I breathed, leaning over Lisa's back, "and then, all she did was move her feet apart.

I twisted my hand so the back pressed against the inside of Lisa's knee and she shifted her leg over. I tilted my head and looked down her naked back, over the humps of her cotton covered buttocks to my hand, hanging between my s****r's knees. My cock stiffened, straightening inside my shorts, even within the confines of my bent over position.

"I pushed my hand up," I whispered. "My breath caught in my throat as I realized I was pushing the spoon under Eileen's dress."

I paused and took a deep breath to embellish the story but also needing it. My hand dragged up along the bed covers between Lisa's legs, stopping just short of the hem of her nightgown. After a very brief pause, I held my breath and pulled my hand higher. A burst of tingles sparkled all over the tip of my cock as my hand disappeared beneath Lisa's nightgown. I turned my head toward the door, guilt overwhelming me, as if suddenly afraid that someone would see what I was doing.

It was dark behind the door I'd left open. Why hadn't I closed it? I turned back to look at Lisa. She had turned her own face into the pillow. My God. Could I do this? Could I do what I had done to Mom? Would she like it just like her?

"I pushed my hand higher," I croaked, "deep under Eileen's skirt."

My hand moved up, brushing through Lisa's taut thighs. They moved as if to part but really more relaxed than opened. Lisa was going along with the story. My cock, finding the freedom of my unzipped jeans, thrust into my nylon shorts, pushing a black lump above the waistband. I dropped my hand to cover it, releasing another burst of sparkles. I waxed poetic.

"I closed my hand into a fist and pushed through her rubbery thighs, all the way up, and her flesh gave way."

Obediently, my hand sk**ded through Lisa's thighs, pushing a wave of nightgown ahead. I stopped, stunned by my brazen act.

"I dropped the spoon," I husked, "and it fell noisily to the floor as I shoved my fist up the last inch, crashing into her..."

I was going to say panties but my hand moved with my words, through thighs more humid than damp, and crashed into Lisa's pussy. Her bare pussy.

"... no panties," I cried. "No panties," I repeated, stunned.

At a momentary loss for words, I pressed my hand into Lisa's muff, and my knuckles were coated in a sheen of moisture.

"She wasn't wearing any panties," I whispered hoarsely, "and she was ready for me, must have been waiting for it all through dinner, for this special dessert, just for her. So I gave it to her... I mashed my hand on her desperate pussy."

I pushed my fist more firmly onto Lisa's pussy and twisted my knuckles against it, slowly, back and forth, as I leaned close to her ear, whispering a long description of how I did exactly the same thing to Eileen when I was really just describing what I was doing to her. My other hand enveloped and squeezed the top of my cock. I was going to come. There was no way I could stop it.

"She was so wet," I cried, barely able to speak, my fist unfolding, fingers straightening, stretching out, searching, finding, probing through my s****r's feathery wet lips, digging in, shoving, filling. She was incredibly wet.

I was coming, spurting into my shorts.

Lisa's head was writhing in the pillow, her hips lifting from the bed, letting my fingers sink deep into her, clenching them, squeezing hard, dousing them with her slick, slimy fluid. I turned away, unable to continue the story, incapable of speech. Lisa quivered on my hand, then relaxed and I pulled away, dragging my fingers out, pulling my hand around to help cover myself, hunching forward to complete the task. A minute passed. I felt Lisa getting up. She stood beside me.

"Whew," she sighed. "That was more than I bargained for." She stepped forward, paused, said, "Quite a story," then walked to the door. She half turned then, but didn't look back at me. "I want to hear about what happens next time you see her."

She slipped into the darkness of the hallway.

I clutched my cock, squeezing out a final dribble.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I delayed again the next day at breakfast but made sure Lisa heard me when I declined a ride. After she and Dad had left, I walked behind Mom and reached around her to set my empty bowl on the counter beside the sink. Glancing over her shoulder and down the slope of her breasts, I neglected to release the spoon as I pulled my hand away. Belatedly loosening my fingers, the spoon fell on the rim of the bowl, teetered onto the counter, and dropped to the floor, breaking the silence with an almost deafening clatter.

I stood rock still, gazing over Mom's shoulder at the gentle rise and fall of her breasts as the echoes of the spoon's demise grew fainter. Mom stopped washing. Long seconds passed, the only sounds were Mom's quiet breathing and my heart trying to pump bl**d up to my brain. Mom's breasts rose and fell, her blouse alternately tightening and relaxing. Expectancy was heavy in the air.

Do it!

My hand moved out from my side behind Mom, fingers stretching out, palm in toward her bottom, ready to cup her cheek.

I chickened out.

I knelt down to pick up the spoon. Mom started washing again. I retrieved the spoon and passed it to my left hand as I looked at Mom's legs and lost my balance a bit, causing my forehead to brush against the side of her skirt. The water stopped swishing in the sink. I grasped Mom's left ankle, as if to steady myself, then urged it closer toward me. Mom's foot shifted on the floor and I slowly moved my hand up the inside of her calf to the hem of her skirt which this day was above her knee. She sucked in her breath.

I stood, bringing my hand up, Mom's skirt bunching onto my wrist as I maintained contact with the inside of her leg all the way, accompanied by the sound of breath sucking noisily between teeth. I looked over Mom's shoulder at her breasts, now filling the blouse more fully, twisted my hand away from the inside of Mom's leg, and quickly pulled it up, firmly cupping the panties stretched between her thighs.

"Ohhhhhunnhhhhhh," Mom cried, but she didn't move.

My hand cupped the warmth of her pantied pussy. I didn't rub with my hand but instead lifted it, pressing hard against her until the resistance lightened and I realized she was standing up on her toes. Out of stretching room, the resistance returned and Mom fell forward against the sink. Now, I moved my hand forward and back, rubbing her pussy.

"Unngghhh," she cried, hunching over.

Thrilled by her response, I rubbed more quickly.

"Unnghhh, unghhh, unghh."

Mom's head lolled over the sink with every lift and rub and, as she abandoned herself to me, my cock surged in my pants. It hurt but there wasn't anything I could do about that now. I twisted my hand between rubs, ripping a more guttural moan from Mom as I mashed her lower lips sideways. Her head flopped all the way forward and her hips pushed back to increase the friction between us.

I grasped a handful of Mom's long, red hair and pulled her face up, leaning sideways so I could see the sexual chaos flickering over her face. My fingers, twisting between her legs, sc****d Mom's panties to the side and I was suddenly plying her slick, naked lips. So wet, so very, very wet. Even at her horniest, Eleyna was never as soaked as this.


Christ, that was me, not Mom.

I pushed my fingers inside her cunt.



I wasn't gradual or gentle. I pushed two and then three fingers all the way in, twisting my hand, exploring with my fingertips. In and out, in, twist, out, in, twist left and right, out, in... Mom moved her right foot out, opening her legs wider and I let her head slump forward again, adding my pinky to the exploration team. All my fingers were completely inside her now, right up to the last set of knuckles, twisting with the full width of my hand, and still Mom moaned for more.

My thumb pressed against her asshole and Mom's head dropped right into the sink, her face glancing off the faucet. I pressed my thumb into her tight, crinkly hole, but just enough to cover the nail. My left hand slid down Mom's back to hold her against the counter as her legs began to buckle. Pulling my thumb away, I clamped it tight to my index finger, curled my palm inward, and pushed into her cunt, sliding all the way in, meeting great resistance but only momentarily because of a sudden flood of feminine fluid.

"Ohhhhhaaghhhhhhh," Mom cried out.

I stopped, then twisted my hand slowly from side to side. Mom whimpered and her hands stretched back to grasp the edge of the counter. I kept twisting my hand but added a gentle to and fro motion, rocking Mom over the sink. She was emitting a constant, low-level moan now and her legs were quivering violently. It wouldn't be long now and I knew I would probably have to leave right away, in fact, I wanted to escape.

I twisted the top of my jeans open and yanked, succeeding in getting my zipper half way undone, then pressed my cock, still covered by my shorts, against the side of Mom's rump. Reaching under Mom with my free hand, I grasped her left tit, squeezing and releasing it in concert with the action of my right hand and humping her left thigh as my own moans intermingled with hers.

Mom's legs suddenly stiffened, vibrating hard. I knew she was coming and couldn't help releasing my own deluge. I withdrew my hand from Mom's tit as her thighs clamped hard on my right. My shorts were soaked and my cum leaked through onto Mom's skirt, pushed by each new surging torrent in perfect coordination with every gasp that escaped my mouth.

Mom's legs went limp and I pulled my hand out, scr****g over her still quivering, slick thighs. I made sure she wasn't going to fall off the counter, then stumbled out of the kitchen and up to my room. I showered and changed. When I left, the shower was still going in Mom's room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I pretended I was going over to Eleyna's after dinner the next night. I couldn't tell Lisa that we had broken up because then I couldn't keep up the charade about seducing her mom. Now that I'd had a taste of my s****r's pussy — well, not literally, but the thought intrigued me — I desperately wanted to continue. Who knew how far it could go? Hell, I might even be able to fuck her, my gorgeous s****r!

I tooled around until almost midnight to be sure that Mom and Dad would be in bed, then slipped quietly in the front door. Creeping up the stairs, I almost stumbled with elation when I saw the light shining around my almost closed door. She was waiting for me. Fuck, this was going to be soooo good.

I f***ed myself not to rush down the hallway. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up Mom or Dad. It took an eternity to get to my room but I knew it was going to be worth it, I just knew it. I was already hard and pulled my shirt out of my jeans to cover myself.

"Look what the cat brought in," Lisa laughed. I shushed her and looked back through the door, then closed it gently.

"You look a little bedraggled," Lisa giggled just as loudly as the first time.

"Be quiet, or I won't tell you what happened."

"Oohhh," she giggled, ducking her head. "Alright, little b*****r, tell me what the slut's mother did tonight."

Lisa had been sitting on the bed, facing me, and now turned to lay on it, on her tummy, leaving me enough room to sit beside her like before. Her legs bent at her knees as she waved her feet around.

"Take off your shirt," Lisa ordered. "I don't want that bedraggled thing near my clean nightgown."

I unbuttoned my shirt. Lisa watched until I pulled my arm out the first sleeve, then turned her face down into the pillow. My cock lurched when I noticed her spreading her legs further apart. This was going to be so awesome!

I dropped my shirt to the floor and quietly unbuckled my jeans, spreading them slowly apart so the zipper wouldn't make any noise as it retracted. Look at that ass. This nightgown was even thinner than the one last night and nestled closely over her buns. I could see her crack standing six feet from the bed. Joy surged through my chest as I lowered myself carefully onto the bed beside my s****r, my eyes firmly focused on her supple little ass. Soon, soon.

Lisa didn't hurry me. She let me speak without any prodding, unlike the night before. She looked ready for a good story, wiggling every now and then which sent quivers through her cheeks.

I couldn't think of another excuse for why Eileen and I were alone so I used the same called-into-work baloney but Lisa didn't question it. I soon had Eileen pushed over on the couch, my hand deep under her dress, knuckles twisting back and forth, mashing against her pubes.

"No panties again. You naughty, naughty girl," I exclaimed, berating both Eileen and my s****r who exhibited the same state of affairs.

"You're making me be bad," I husked. "I can't help myself."

My fingers probed, slipping easily inside Eleyna's mother in my mind and sluiced through Lisa's nether lips with even less resistance.

"You shouldn't lift your ass like that, you shouldn't love it so much," I cried, truly loving it when Lisa raised her hips and opened her legs wider for me. Bunching all my fingers together, I pushed them into her pussy and was surprised at how easily they sank inside but maybe I shouldn't have been: my s****r self-lubricated as copiously as her mother. Lisa groaned into the pillow.

The hell with the story. I released my cock which I hadn't until then realized I had grabbed and pulled Lisa's nightgown up onto her back, baring her gorgeous, tight little ass. My hand slipped across her barely ample cheeks, gently prodding her ass up to give my hand easier access to her pussy. When she moaned, I pushed my fingers deeper inside, pausing only when the width of my hand stopped further progress. Curling it inward, I applied more pressure and increased it more to override her resistance. Lisa groaned loudly and I was glad I had shut the door and that she had chosen to muffle her face in the pillow. A low growl escaped when my knuckles passed through. I was in.

It was a straightforward handfuck after that. I leaned into my task, kissing and nibbling Lisa's cheeks and gently biting her ass as I worked my fist inside her cunt. She writhed before the onslaught of my hand, squiggled under my mouth, and whimpered at the flick of my tongue. So fucking hot, so very fucking hot. Too soon, she went rigid, shook violently, and expelled my hand in a gush of cuntal fluid.

I was amazed that I hadn't come before and subsequently, witnessing Lisa's intense orgasm, still didn't release my seed. Lisa collapsed on the bed but quickly twisted around to look up at me.

"Who said you could do that, little b*****r?" she asked, eyes sparkling but not smiling.

"I... uh... I..." I was wary as Lisa swung her legs around me and sat up. I turned away but remained sitting on the bed.

"Are you going to tell me the truth now?" Lisa asked.

"The truth?" I regurgitated, dumbly.

"The truth," Lisa repeated. "I want to know the truth," she demanded.

"I don't know what you mean," I mumbled, hunching over my hardon, hidden under my stretched underwear but persistent nonetheless.

"Oh, yes you do. Do you know what I found out today?"

I shook my head.

"Eleyna lives with her father. Her mother left years ago."

"No, she..."

"No more bullshit, Jerrod. You're not a good liar, you never were, but these stories were too good for you to make up," Lisa mused. "So, who is it? Tell me who you've been doing this to."

I shook my head, hanging it lower between my knees.

"Cathy's mom? Have you been doing this to Cathy's mom."

I raised my head. Lisa could see the horror in my eyes. Cathy was nice looking but her mother wasn't and she was a real bitch on top of it.

"Who, then sweetie?" Lisa purred, her soft hand sliding through my lap and capturing my underwear-shrouded cock. "Who?" she whispered, squeezing, rubbing her thumb across the tip.

"Lisa, don't," I protested, managing the weakest protest in recorded history.

Lisa's rubbing thumb showed how much she believed my protest. Somehow her other hand managed to squeeze in there and my shorts suddenly flipped over the top of my dick. Lisa's warm hand circled my bare cock, her squeezing palm milking its head.

"Tell me," she whispered.

I moaned as Lisa started jacking my cock.

"Own up, little b*****r, and I'll be very nice to you," Lisa planted a very wet, smacking, long kiss on the side of my face.

"Please, Lisa," I groaned.

"Just tell me," she husked, squeezing her hand up and down the full length of my shaft. "Ohhhh, faster," she whispered. "Doesn't that feel good, Jerrod?" She planted another long, wet kiss on my cheek. "Imagine how much better it could be?"

I was going to come. It was obvious, but Lisa hadn't noticed. She was thinking.

"Who, who could it be?" she wondered aloud.

Oh, God, her hand felt good. Faster, she was moving faster. I was half out of my mind. I lunged up on the bed, fucking her hand. Almost there, almost there, oh yeah, picturing my hand under Mom's dress, bent over the sink, fisting her, shoving my hand in her cunt, I want to fuck her, fuck her!

"Mom!" I gasped, half standing, shoving my cock through Lisa fingers, loosing my load, spurting all over my floor. Lisa was standing with me, her hand wanking hard, throwing my come all over the place.

"Mom?" she cried.

I collapsed back on the bed, throwing my arm across my eyes. Lisa was beside me, leaning over, trying to pull my arm away so she could look into my eyes but I held fast.

"Mom?" she asked, aghast.

"I thought Mom was coming," I said lamely.

"You were the only one coming," Lisa laughed but she didn't sound amused.

"Mom. You're doing this to Mom?"

"No," I cried. "What's the matter with you?"

"Look at me and say it," Lisa demanded.

I steeled myself, dropped my arm, and stared my s****r in the face. "Not Mom!"

Lisa gazed steadily into my eyes. She didn't stare. She just looked at me. My defiance waned, I was weakening, my eyes wavered.

"Jerrod! I can't believe it. You're fisting Mom!"

It was a statement, not a question.

"No, I'm not."

"You are. Unfucking believable!"

I denied it again but Lisa ignored me.

"How could I have missed it. When... oh yeah, that day you asked me, about sticking your hand between a woman's legs... you said it was Eleyna's mom... you said Mom was mad because you fell on her leg... that's it, isn't it? That's when it happened. And I... I told you to go for it, didn't I?"

Lisa looked at me again, marvel in her face. I couldn't believe she wasn't furious. Instead, she was... excited. Her eyes danced with amusement and wonder.

"You're... fisting... Mom."

I nodded.


"Not quite," I said, seriously.

Lisa burst out laughing. I joined her.

"Motherfucker," she giggled.

"Not quite," I giggled back.

Lisa broke the mood, her face abruptly straightening.

"I want to see you do it."

The mirth melted from my face. "Impossible," I said.

"Possible," Lisa responded, nodding.

"She won't, I mean, she doesn't really let me, it just happened."

"It didn't just happen, Lisa replied. "She let it happen. No matter how accidental it looked, or how out of control she was, she let it happen."

I shook my head. I knew she was right but also sensed how tentative Mom's reaction was, or, at least, how tentative my nerve was, though that had strengthened after getting Mom by the sink. But with my s****r there, or anybody for that matter? No way. I said as much to Lisa.

"She won't know I'm there."


"Do it in her room. Tomorrow. We'll sneak back into the house, both of us, and we'll wait until Mom comes up to her room. I'll hide in the closet, and watch." The excitement was bubbling within Lisa again.

"I don't know," I wavered.

"That's what we're going to do," Lisa stated.

I looked uncertain.

"Tomorrow," Lisa affirmed.

I nodded. Lisa smiled.

"And, if you do a good job, after, in your room, I'll show you something better than my hand."

She laughed and leaned toward me and planted one of those wet, sloppy kisses on the side of my face, pushing my cheek in with a swirl of her tongue. She was still giggling, despite Mom and Dad being asl**p, when she walked out the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We made a production of leaving the next morning, talking back and forth to each other too much, but neither Mom or Dad seemed to notice. Lisa parked around the corner until we saw Dad leave and then we jumped out, running, for no apparent reason, back to our house. We skipped through the neighbor's yard to avoid being seen out our front window and over the fence to the side of our house. Climbing up onto the garage, we sneaked into my bedroom window, left open for that purpose.

I opened my bedroom door a crack to listen. I couldn't hear any noises from downstairs but there weren't any from upstairs either. I reasoned that, if Mom was upstairs, I would hear her, so I turned to Lisa and whispered the all clear.

Lisa's eyes were fevered and her face flushed with excitement. She looked beautiful. As soon as my lips closed, Lisa grabbed my cheeks and pressed her lips to mine. Shocked at first, I started to react, pushing my tongue between my lips and through hers but she backed away, eyes dancing.

"Later," she promised. "If you're a good boy."

I peeked out the door. The hallway was clear. Carefully, Lisa and I tiptoed down the hallway and into Mom's room.

I froze.

Mom was lying on the bed, the dress she'd been wearing tossed casually onto a chair, along with her stockings. She looked asl**p, lying stretched out, face down, dressed only in a slip. Lisa plowed into my back and peeked around, her eyes wide. I held my finger to my lips, then waved for Lisa to retreat. She looked at the open closet door and nodded in that direction. I shook my head but she stepped around me and tiptoed into the closet, then turned and waved for me to approach Mom.

"She's waiting for you," she mouthed silently.

I doubted it. Why would Mom be expecting me back? Then again, why was she lying down fifteen minutes after we had left with her dress off? I peered at the way her ass rose up from her back and how her feet were turned outward, about two feet apart, her legs forming a long V, parted perfectly for my purpose. My cock shifted and I absently reached down to pull my jeans away to make some room.

Lisa put her hand to her mouth, smothering a laugh. She jerked her head toward Mom and I looked again at her inviting ass and open legs. My swelling cock unlimbered. Lisa was smirking. I took my first tentative step, then another, and another.

Five feet from the bed, I froze. Mom twitched. Had she heard me? She shifted her hips, lifting her ass an inch before settling down. Her feet moved and her legs parted a few more inches. My eyes ran up the back of her bare legs to her ass. Bigger than Lisa's but inviting nonetheless. I remembered kissing and nibbling Lisa's ass while I shoved my hand up her cunt.

Mom's ass beckoned. I moved forward.

There was room for me to perch on the side of the bed, just as Lisa had left room for me to sit. Had Mom made room for me? There was only one way to find out.

I leaned over and pressed my hand into the mattress between Mom's knees, not near enough to touch her legs but sufficiently firm for its presence to be known.

Mom didn't react in any discernible way.

I lifted my hand, very slowly until the mattress bounced back to its former self, shifted three inches higher, and pushed it back into the mattress again, depressing it further, a 'louder' announcement of my presence.

Nothing. Could she actually be asl**p? I turned to look at the closet. Lisa was staring but surprisingly didn't make any gestures. She seemed mesmerized by the whole scene.

I shifted my hand higher and pushed down, this time brushing past the hem of Mom's slip and barely grazing the skin on the inside of each thigh. Not even a flinch. There should have been something, a twitch, some kind of reaction, but there was none.

I lifted my hand and was about to push it under Mom's slip but changed my mind. Carefully, with the fingers of both hands, I pinched the edge of Mom's slip and gently lifted it higher up her thighs. Setting it down across her legs, I surveyed the way it lay, then picked it up and moved it two inches higher. I examined that layout for thirty seconds or so, then repeated what I'd done, leaving the slip stretched across the bottom of Mom's buttocks.

I could see Mom was pantyless now, tufts of her pubic hair straying out from beneath the pale green slip. I sensed the difficulty she was having controlling her breathing, though no physical signs were evident, and it excited me. I wanted to unzip my jeans to relieve the pressure on my hardening cock but instead put my hand between Mom's legs again, scr****g across the inner thighs I'd barely grazed a minute before.

Now my presence couldn't be denied, yet Mom did nothing. It was certain she knew I was here, had been waiting for me just as Lisa had said. I felt a tremendous burst of confidence, of sheer male power. This woman, this special woman, was lying before me, offering herself for my pleasure, and hers.

I worked my hand higher, making sure to rub and sc**** teasingly over Mom's inner thighs. I was in no hurry. This wasn't the tentative, unsure fondling that had unfolded in the kitchen. This was a deliberate act of possession.

As my hand neared Mom's pussy, my fingers closed into a fist, knuckles protruding, ready to brush across her moist, lower lips. I paused to rejoice, to ready myself to revel in the first wet, mushy contact. Should I probe with my fingers, or just f***e my fist inside?

Poised at her entrance, I stopped.

Grasping the hem of the slip with my left hand, I threw it up onto Mom's back. No delicate realignment here. This was a defiant gesture of control. I smiled down at Mom's bare ass, quivering with excitement below me. Lowering my face, I brushed my lips across her cheeks, and when I stopped to kiss and nibble her ass, I pushed my closed fist firmly against Mom's wet cunt.

"Unngghhhh," she cried.

I nipped Mom's ass gently between my teeth and maintained unrelenting pressure on her resisting pussy. I nibbled and bit, kissed and dragged my tongue across and then through her crack. My fist f***ed its way through her slippery lips and into her svelte cave.

"Ohhhhhh, Goddd," Mom moaned.

Twisting my hand to and fro, I slid my tongue up and down Mom's crack, flicking it up and down, nudging her cheeks apart. My free hand slid under her tummy, wormed its way inside her slip, and searched out her heavy breast. As I lifted my arm, Mom's hips followed, allowing my fist deeper into her cunt and my fingers closed over her tit, finding and pinching her extended nipple.

"Ohhhh God, ohhh god," she whimpered.

For the next five minutes, I worked my hand inside Mom's cunt, sometimes stopping until she urged me into motion again. She writhed on the bed, completely out of control, hips bucking and tossing her pelvis on my wrist. For a moment, I thought what a slut she was, but only briefly. This was my mother, and though she might wantonly crave this lewd treatment, I knew it was only because it was me that she allowed it. In my heart, I knew Mom wouldn't do this for any other man, not even my father.

She rose up half way to her knees, thighs stretched out and quivering with every twitch of my hand. She was very close. I turned to look at Lisa, until now having forgotten she was there, and nodded to indicate that Mom would come soon. Lisa had stepped out of the closet. At first I was alarmed but then realized Mom would be unaware of her presence in her current state and that Lisa could more easily escape unnoticed form her present position.

I turned back to Mom and released her tit. Thinking of Lisa behind me, I grasped Mom's long hair like I'd done at the sink and lifted her head up. I didn't know if Lisa could see her face from where she was but the purity of her ecstasy radiated from the glowing, sweat-sheened outline of her continuously throbbing body.

"Ohhhhahhhhhummmphhhhh," Mom wailed, quivering spasmodically for a final half dozen seconds and then collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath.

Gently, I extracted my hand and twisted left to see Lisa's reaction, but she was gone. Turning back, I caught a glimpse of movement to my right. Lisa hadn't left, she had been moving forward when I had twisted about to look for her. Now, she was at the end of the bed, her right knee already lifting onto the mattress.

No! I screamed silently, waving frantically for Lisa to withdraw. She was going to ruin everything.

She crawled onto the bed, like a leopard stalking its prey. She was naked and my mind suddenly registered the pile of clothes where she had stood just outside the closet. Her shanks glistened — evidence of the effect of Mom's intense orgasm — as she crawled up beside Mom and laid down about a foot away. Holy shit!

Mom smiled, probably thinking it was me, and her eyes fluttered open.

Confusion, then shock, followed by horror. Mom's head twisted up until her peripheral vision registered my presence. Her head fell back to the pillow, face reddening, then withdrawing under a mask of — shame.

Shame. My mother was ashamed of what her daughter had seen. Her face turned inward to the pillow but lacked the strength to bury itself as a sob wracked her body, then another and another.

Lisa stretched out her hand and cupped Mom's face.

"Shhhhhh," she whispered. "Shhhhh."

Mom's sobs subsided and her head turned back to face her daughter.

"Shhhhhhh, Mom," Lisa comforted, her thumb brushing a tear from under Mom's eye.

Mom's eyes opened and gazed at her daughter who's eyes returned only love, compassion, and understanding. Lisa's hand left Mom's face and, grasping my right arm by the wrist, tugged it toward her. I was pulled over top of Mom as Lisa placed my hand on her own ass, then steered it between her legs. She raised her hips and pushed my hand under her ass, released my wrist, then covered my hand and pushed my fingers onto her pussy, urging them inside, all of them.

Mom's eyes widened as Lisa's intention became clear. Her fingers nudged me again, urging my fingers deeper. I complied and Lisa's hand returned to Mom's face as I pushed inside my s****r's cunt, eased by the slick coating on my hand left by my mother. Lisa's mouth opened and her face crinkled as my hand f***ed its way into her cunt. Mom's hand, previously limp and lifeless, stretched out to cup her daughter's face. She smiled her own understanding and encouragement. I pushed right in, paused, then twisted my hand slowly about, forcing Lisa's mouth open again in another silent cry of ecstasy.

I moved up on the bed to kneel between them so I could more easily access my s****r's yearning cunt. Mom didn't know it was Lisa's second time. She comforted her daughter throughout what she thought was her daughter's first fisting. We never corrected that misguided assumption. By the time Lisa was shoving her hips up to provide better access for my arm, Mom had moved closer and rained loving kisses on her daughter's face.

Lisa's orgasm wasn't as intense as Mom's but it was still pretty impressive. I felt inadequate as I sat back on my haunches while mother and daughter caressed each other's face, neck and shoulders. It wasn't because they were ignoring me or that I felt like a simple tool, it was because if they could accept my whole hand and half my arm, how could my cock ever satisfy them, or any woman?

Perhaps sensing my involuntary solitude, Lisa looked at me, smiled, then reached out and touched my jeans which were bulging near the bursting point. Her simple touch triggered a noticeable lurch and she laughed. Deftly unsnapping my jeans and pulling them apart, Lisa curled her delicate hand into my shorts and fished out my rock hard cock. She jacked me off for a few strokes, turning to make sure Mom was looking and using her own eyes to pull Mom's up to my cock. Mom seemed intrigued, watching Lisa jack me off as if she was watching a new show on TV, but when Lisa pulled my cock toward her, Mom's eyes widened.

Lisa tugged my erection until I had to straddle her. Releasing my cock, Lisa's arm snaked around Mom's waist and urged her forward, her elbow shoving against my knee. I lifted my knee out of the way and Lisa pulled Mom in tight to her, belly to belly, breast to breast. My knee hung in the air awkwardly for a moment before I gingerly lowered it behind Mom's back. I now straddled both women. Lisa laughed at Mom, producing a return giggle, then looked up at me and smiled.

"You've been a very good boy, Jerrod," she laughed, grasping my cock again.

Pulling down, she brought it close to her face, then pressed it against her cheek. Letting go, she curled her hand around Mom's neck and pulled her close. They kissed.

I watched, stunned, as their kisses grew from tentative to committed and then intense. I tried to remain in the gallery but Lisa pressed my cock to her face as they kissed, and then pushed it onto Mom's. I began rubbing my cock all over their faces as they kissed.

Their lips parted and my cock pushed between them. Lisa laughed out loud and pushed her head forward, trapping my shaft between their soft lips. I groaned as two mouths closed around my cock, bathed by two tongues, flicking and sliding, licking and sucking. I started thrusting between their faces, barely able to contain the sensation flickering up my rod into my body.

My cock slipped sideways and pushed into Lisa's mouth. Her head twisted as she immediately moved back and forth, sucking me. As soon as she ejected my cock, Mom captured it in hers.

"Oh God, Mom," I moaned, as my cock slipped to and fro over her lips and tongue, bulging her cheeks with each thrust.

It was too much. I started to come. Mom f***ed me out, not because she didn't want to swallow my cum but because she was trying to share it with her daughter. Lisa had another idea, however, and her mouth captured Mom's in an intense kiss as I released the rest of my spend on their joined faces. They were unbothered and the kiss lasted well beyond the last gasping dribble of my cum along their entwined noses. When I crawled off the bed, they were still kissing. I stumbled out of the bedroom toward the shower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I didn't return that morning. I left for school while Mom and Lisa were in the shower together. I won't try to describe the strange vibes reverberating throughout the house that night and the next day except to say that Dad was the only one who was oblivious. The following morning, which was a Thursday, found Dad and I alone at breakfast.

"Where's Mom and Lisa?" I asked.

He looked up from his paper, a frown crinkling his forehead. "No idea," he said, then casually returned to the article he was reading.

I made and ate a bowl of cereal and a couple pieces of toast and left shortly after Dad. Walking down the block, I slowed and finally stopped. It was sunny. A nice spring day. Birds were singing. I turned around and slowly started walking back to the house. By the time I got there, I was whistling.

I kept whistling in the house, pausing to take my shoes off, something Mom always yelled at me for not doing. I went upstairs and straight to my room without looking into either Mom's room or Lisa's. I undressed, completely, then sauntered into Mom's bedroom.

They were lying on the bed, facing each other, casually caressing one another's body and kissing. They both laughed when they saw me enter, stark naked. I was still whistling.

"What took you so long?" they chimed.

"Male ignorance," I responded, approaching the bed.

Mom and Lisa both turned onto their backs, shifting toward one another, hip to hip. I crawled onto the bed at their feet and they both lifted the leg closest to one another and intertwined their feet. I bent forward into the gap and lowered myself until my head butted against the upraised thigh of each woman. They each lifted their outer cheek to accommodate my hands sliding underneath and produced an appropriate sigh of appreciation when my lips found their respective pussies.

I nibbled and teased and licked until both were lubricating freely. Only then did I transfer each hand from a butt cheek, one more ample than the other, to thread my fingers into impatiently waiting cunts. Latching my mouth onto first one, and then the other's, protruding sensitivity, I managed to dispel the periodic giggles and replace them with a steady stream of sighs. Hands appeared between spread legs to encourage my face to stay on each sweet spot for a little longer but reluctantly allowed it to stray to their relative's. Gradually, I worked the fingers of each hand, all of them, into well-prepared cunts.

I was surprised when Lisa came soon after but had to work harder to bring Mom off. When I was done, I got up on my knees, waiting for them to face one another again so I could straddle their shoulders and push my cock into their mouths, already picturing myself spewing all over their laughing faces. But both women, with an amused glance at each other, spun around to lie on their tummies, giggling. They immediately began to kiss one another.

Chagrined, I slapped each lightly on the ass. In response to further mirth, I slapped harder and eventually had produced four very rosy cheeks. I was very excited and, when they started another long kiss, I straddled Mom's thighs and plunged my cock between her legs into her well lubricated pussy.

Mom broke the kiss, her eyes opening wide, and tried to push me off but I was already slamming into her hard, desperate to come. Her cunt felt surprisingly gritty, it clasped me so tightly. Her twisting motion only spurred me on and I grabbed her right knee and held it to the mattress, fucking her sideways. Mom protested but Lisa grabbed her arm and lowered it.

"I'm next," she said.

Mom nodded her acknowledgement and they started another kiss, leaving me to my rampant attack. It didn't take long. I was so fucking horny I kept fucking after I spewed my seed into Mom until Lisa raised her hips and I switched to her inviting orifice, my cock still dripping cum. I pounded on Lisa for much longer but eventually filled her too.

I left for my shower and found them still lying together when I returned. As before, there was no room for me so I clambered onto the bed above their heads and sat with my back squarely against the headboard. I waited patiently for them to break their kiss and tilt their heads back to look up to see what the fuck I was up to. As soon as they did, I think it was Mom who looked first, I pushed my cock into her mouth.

I switched back and forth for a while. Mom was able to take me deeper so I pushed her lower on the bed and encouraged Lisa to eat her pussy. Once they were absorbed, I put a pillow under Mom's head and tilted her face back. Leaning over, my cock dangling over her face, I waited until she opened her eyes, focused on my cock and opened her mouth.

Mom looked so fucking hot I could hardly breathe as I fed my cock into her mouth and pushed it way down, right into her throat. Man, I'd never done that and it is something to feel. A nice slow throat fuck is still my favorite. Lisa can't do it like Mom, though she's tried. Anyway, looking down at Mom as I slipped it in, I remembered how she had looked ashamed. There wasn't a shred of shame anymore, just complete comfort with what we were doing. We all had our quirks and had learned how to share, at least, within the f****y. Shared familial love and, of course, lust.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mom put her foot down about skipping out of school two days a week but allowed one as long as we kept our grades up. So, once a week, we spent a day relieving our pent up sexual tension. We always started with a simultaneous fisting, with Mom and Lisa both lying on their backs or tummies. I preferred them lying on their tummies because afterward, I loved to straddle their thighs and push my cock into a hot pulsing pussy.

I almost always did Mom first, not sure why. I guess because she had a meatier ass and she let me play around with it. Not at first, but over time I was able to rub her bud with my thumb and even slip a finger in. After a while, it became routine for me to finger Mom's ass. Lisa never let me do it and seemed horrified when I eventually pulled my cock out and nudged it against the entrance to Mom's dark place. Her horror turned to open-mouthed shock when Mom twisted her head back to look at me, then smiled and nodded.

I pushed in. It was hard and took some time and many signals to stop from Mom before I was all the way in. However, not long after that I was able to move steadily if somewhat slowly. Mom began releasing the occasional moan or grunt which excited me tremendously. After a long time, she began shoving her ass back, encouraging me to go harder. I was very surprised, despite all the pornos I'd watched, that I was able to fuck Mom's ass as hard as I fucked her pussy. Lisa was blown away, by the intensity of Mom's orgasm.

It was only two weeks later that Lisa insisted I fuck her first and I had barely got into her before she pushed me out and pulled the tip of my cock onto her asshole. I didn't think I'd fit into her tiny butt but that was another lesson learned. The fisting waned after that in favor of butt sex.

Even I was surprised by how often I could fuck in one day. We did stop to each lunch and have snacks but we spent almost all the rest of the time in bed. Between fucks, Mom and Lisa were always caressing each other if not actually making love. I think that was part of the reason for my endurance. Looking at a nice ass, cheeks clenching and relaxing to soft sighs and moans, is an incredible stimulant, that's all I can offer for an explanation. When they suddenly go into invitation mode, tummy down, bums lifting slightly, I'm sure any of you would rise to the occasion too. There's nothing like a dually.

We did have sex more than once a week but it was more opportunistic because Dad was usually around. Mom rarely let me fuck her if Dad was in the house. The only exceptions were the occasional late night visits to my room if she was really horny and the more regular Saturday escapes to the laundry room. Downstairs, amid the covering noise of the washer and dryer, in a room Dad hadn't visited since he bought the house, Mom and I slaked our mid-week thirst. Although I didn't think about it then, I realize now that Lisa didn't know about those excursions. Neither Mom or I told her about them. I liked having Mom to myself, and maybe she felt the same. I suspected she and Lisa shared their own private liaisons. Strangely, Lisa and I never did it alone.

Mom did blow me when Dad was home. I was always ready but she usually initiated it, signaling me to come into the kitchen or upstairs while Dad was watching something he was really interested in on TV. All it took was a leg sliding out along the couch and a nudge with a bare toe. Mom did that a lot and I know she knew how much it teased me. If she got up and left the room right after a nudge and rub, I knew if I followed I wouldn't regret it. I have to say, even with all the things we did, sliding my cock in and out of Mom's mouth while holding her head in both hands with Dad either downstairs or in the next room is without question the most erotic thing I've ever done.

Once, Mom called me into the kitchen to help her, over-ruling a labored and feigned protest from me. Dad looked relieved when Mom told me to slide the glass pocket door closed to diminish the noise from the dishwasher. When I turned around, Mom was kneeling on the floor, waiting. Just before I was about to come, she pulled her head off my cock and directed it at her face. After I had covered it, she stood up and calmly washed several pots by hand that were soaking in the sink despite my pleas for her to clean up.

Just as often, I would hear Mom say to Dad that she was going to check on me to make sure I was doing my school work and not playing a computer game. Once in my room, she would lift her skirt and accept my hand in her pussy and my mouth on her clit. Lowering her skirt over my head, she would hump my hand and face, and would soon be unable to stand by herself. I guess that was payment for the blowjobs.

On our days alone, I often had to make a joint payment for access to Mom and Lisa's face and ass. I would lie on the bed about halfway down and they would kiss and nuzzle each other, face to face, both straddling my head. They took turns rubbing their pussies, very wet pussies I might add, on my face until both of them came. I liked it better when Mom was in the lower position because she would at least reach back and hold my cock but Lisa left me to my own devices. I always worked a finger into each ass because I knew that payback was coming for me afterwards.

I guess the point is that we learned to accommodate our desires and even revel in them. I think our existing love made that easier. I'm always wondering what they'll come up with next.

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