Janie was excited. She'd arrived at her uncle's house the night before to spend the summer before heading off to college at a nearby school in August. Having just turned eighteen and now away from her parents she wakes up feeling energized. Uncle Jerry wasn't her biological uncle but had been her Dad's best friend since their college days and had always been around at holidays and for visits while she was growing up. He was 43 now but still looked good. He kept himself in shape and was somewhat taller than her fathers 6' 2". His hair was still dark and thick with just a little gray at the temples. She'd always had somewhat of a schoolgirl crush on him but had always known he only saw her as his niece. Nevertheless she did what she could to flirt with him in her schoolgirlish ways and didn't intend to change that. It was fun and she was, after all, feeling happy and free. The visit had been her idea and she'd almost squealed with delight when everyone had agreed it was a good one. Her argument had been that here at Uncle Jerry's she could learn her way around, visit the campus at will, and maybe meet a few locals and make some friends before school started. She'd visited before and knew that Uncle Jerry had plenty of room. Apparently he'd been married when she was very young but after that divorce he'd remained a bachelor although she'd often heard her Dad teasing him about "his girls" and had gotten the impression that he was somewhat of a player.

Janie heads downstairs after dressing in a skimpy pair of cut-offs and a thin gray t-shirt over her black bra. She'd developed early and even thought she was on the small side at only 5' 4" and around 110 lbs she had a curvy figure with a small waist, flared hips, and large for her frame almost D cup breasts. She'd gone to the extra trouble recently to first trim and then completely shave her pubic hair and she like the feel and effect.

She'd had a few boyfriends in high school and had gone all the way with two of them but neither had been adventurous enough for her tastes and she'd been mostly unsatisfied with all of her experiences to date. She'd found internet porn at an early age so she felt like she knew what she was missing. Stories and videos with a bit of roughness, spanking, some bondage and f***e turned her on, as did interracial, and any scenario where a girl is under the control of one or more men.

Jerry had left o.j. and a muffin on the counter for her. He'd had an early meeting but had promised to be home by lunch so he could take her out and show her around town. Janie drank her juice and then carried her muffin with her to explore the house. While she and her f****y had visited before she'd never been in it alone and had only seen the guest room that she usually used, the shared bathroom upstairs, and the main living area. She peeked into Jerry's bedroom upstairs, very masculine with dark woods and a gray print coverlet. She poked around in his drawers and closet but didn't find anything fascinating. There were two extra bedrooms, one of which she was using and one with a queen size bed that her parents usually used when they visited. The upstairs bathroom was nice but she'd heard Jerry complain before about not having a master bath. There was another full bath on the first floor but it was mainly used for guests and convenience during the course of the day. She was already imagining how she could leave the door unlocked during her showers and was fantasizing that Uncle Jerry could walk in on her.

She moved to the living room and flipped through the entertainment cabinet in the corner. Lots of mainstream movies, some music cd's, and some fiction books that looked interesting but again, nothing titillating. Off the living room was Uncle Jerry's office and while she'd glimpsed inside before she'd never had the need to go in. Inside was a large modern desk with a computer and a laptop and all the usual printer, fax machine, and other equipment that was standard nowadays. The room was deceptively large and also contained a daybed and flat screen t.v. on the other end of the room along with more shelves and tucked back in a corner a small wooden door. She reached for the knob and was surprised to find it locked. It was old-fashioned and looked like it fit an antique key. She was curious but turned her attention back to the room. Online she checked her email and then browsed around the computer to see if Uncle Jerry had any deep dark secrets she could uncover. She was disappointed to find nothing of interest but then thought to move to the laptop.

Bingo! The hit history showed site after site of internet porn that had been recently visited. She began clicking at random and was soon squirming in her seat. The first five sites (the most recently viewed) were all movie clips and thumbnail pics of older men with "barely legal" girls. Further down the list were other sites with various subjects but Janie couldn't help hoping that her visit had prompted the recent spate of those particular sites.

Logging off she opened the media player and gave a little silent cheer. There were lists of downloaded movies and clips all with promising titillating names. She checked the time and figured she had at least an hour before she needed to worry about being caught in the act and pulled up a file called Little Chrissy was naughty. Not much storyline led into a scene with a young girl (credits had assured that all models were on file and over 18, of course) but this 18 year old was doing her best to look younger with blond hair pulled back in ponytails and a short schoolgirl outfit hiding what would soon prove to be a lithe body with small breasts and unusually large nipples and a completely shaved pussy. In the movie, the girl's implied "Dad" needed to punish Chrissy for her bad grades. After a tame spanking Chrissy made a snide comment that "it didn't even hurt" and then "Dad" yanked her panties off completely and began all over again. This time Chrissy squirmed and begged and the camera and "Dad's" attention moved to her now exposed pussy. The spanks slowed and "Dad's" hand began slowly caressing "Chrissy's" glowing ass cheeks as she begged him to stop, she'd do ANYTHING if he would just stop. "Dad" ends up slipping a finger into his daughter, then seats her facing him while he fucks her and roughly twists and pulls her thick nipples. Janie fast forwards enough to see that there are somehow three men in the next scene with "Chrissy" two of whom are fucking her pussy and asshole while another jerks off over her face. But she gets paranoid about the time before she can watch any more and puts everything back as she found it and plops down on the living room sofa to try to formulate a plan. How to seduce your Uncle without risking him not being receptive and exposing you to your parents.

On the leather sofa she reruns the scenes from the movie she saw. Her pussy is dripping wet, she can feel her panties barely containing the moisture. Against her better judgement she slides one hand up beneath her t-shirt and teases a hard nipple through her sheer bra. The other hand slips into her shorts and finds her rigid little clit. It doesn't take long before she's bucking against her hand and pinching her nipple until it hurts and she can't help but moan outloud, her breaths getting more and more shallow until finally she blows out hard and groans into the empty room. She lays still for a moment, hand still tucked into her shorts and then bursts upright on the couch when she hears a male voice boom into the room,

"Isn't that a pretty sight to return home to?"

She panics and then notices, finally, Uncle Jerry standing in the doorway to the kitchen and then realizes that he must have used the side kitchen door to come in and she didn't hear him. She'd positioned herself so that she could see out the front window where she would have seen him pass to get to the front door, but from where he stood he'd had a perfect side and slightly from behind view of her. He was leaning in the doorway with a sneering smile that she couldn't ever remember seeing on him before and it was obvious he'd been there for quite some time.

"Uncle Jerry," she stammered, her face burning, "oh God, I'm sorry."

He waved and cut her off, crossing the room and sitting opposite her on the other end of the long couch.

"Don't worry honey, you're a big girl now, I wasn't TOO shocked," and he chuckled which changed her embarrassment just a little into anger. She still felt like he was only seeing her as a little girl and condescending to her at that.

She grasped at what to say to put him in his place.

"Well", she finally came up with, "I wouldn't be in this predicament if I hadn't found your stash of porn."

His look darkened and he stiffened.

"What did you find?"

Had she gone too far? Janie was worried and was stammering again.

"On your laptop, just some movies," she said meekly.

She thought she caught a brief look of relief on his face before he narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips.

"So, you snooped, found some porn, got so horny you couldn't even make it back to your room and so I found you here? Is that about right?"

Janie nodded and bowed her head, she was near tears and was already imagining the humiliation of facing her father and being sent home.

"Please don't tell Mom & Dad, Uncle Jerry." And without thinking she added the pleading line from the movie she had just watched.

"I'll do anything you want, just please don't tell Mom and Dad."

Uncle Jerry looked almost satisfied and leaned back in his seat, looking at her like a cat watches a mouse.

"Anything, you say?" He was doing that sneering smile again and Janie couldn't believe that he actually seemed to be coming on to her.

She was feeling a tingle again suddenly and was starting to feel like she might just get her wish after all.

"Anything," she said quietly.

"Well, you do know that if I'm not going to tell your parents then it's going to have to be up to me to punish you."

"Okay." Still tingling.

"And, you may not like my idea of punishment. No grounding, no lecturing, I believe in good old-fashioned physical punishment."

"Such as," Janie asks.

"It would START" (and he did stress the word start), "with a spanking. After that you agreed to DO anything I said and I would have A LOT of things I wanted you to do now that you obviously aren't a little girl anymore."

And there it was. It was really going to happen.

"Okay." Janie said.

"That's it," he asked? "Just okay? You don't want to know what I expect of you?"

"No," Janie said. "I don't want you to tell Mom & Dad and I said I would do anything and I will. Test me if you want to."

Jane nervously bit her lip. She was turned on but also had a pit in her stomach. Would she regret this later?


His command was spoken in a low tone with none of the chuckling humor he'd teased her with earlier.

Janie blinked. She hadn't expected him to be quite so blunt but she was turned on by this game and she stood unquestioningly.

Her t-shirt hit the floor, then her shorts. She hesitated a moment but before he had to tell her she dropped her bra and then panties with them.

Uncle Jerry bit his lip and smiled.

"Very nice," he almost whispered.

"Pick up your panties."

"What?" Janie thought she heard him wrong.

"You said to test you and I am. I want to know just how much of a slut I have on my hands before we cement this agreement. Pick up your panties and smell them."

Janie was taken aback but found that she was loving the control aspect. She'd never been this turned on with her high school boyfriends.

Her panties were still wet and smelled muskily of her scent. She took a deep breath regardless and then held them out on one finger.

"Taste them. The crotch."

Janie brought them to her lips and even as she couldn't believe she was doing it she spread the crotch out and slowly licked her tongue up the triangle that had covered her pussy.

"Okay, Janie, you're more commited than I thought you'd be. From now on when I want you you'll be available to me, is that understood?"

"Yes, Uncle Jerry."

"If I want to fuck you while you sl**p I will. If I want to share you with a friend I will. If I want you to suck me off in the bathroom at a restaurant you will."

Janie hesitated again but she still wasn't turned off.

Would he really share her with "a friend?" She was shocked to find out that she hoped so.

Uncle Jerry scooted over to the middle of the couch.

"Lay across my lap. Have you ever been spanked before?"

"Dad used to spank me when I was little but Mom made him stop when I was twelve. She said I was too old. After that I got grounded."

She was across his lap now and let out a short cry when he surprised her with the first slap.

"I think we'll start with forty," he said. "That's punishment for sneaking into my office, although I can't say I'm not glad you did now."

Janie didn't think the first ten or so were bad as he alternated from cheek to cheek but after awhile she just wanted it to be over. The pain built and even though her pussy was still tingling with arousal she was ready to move on.

Finally, forty counted out Uncle Jerry caressed her sore cheeks and nudged her legs apart.

"My, my you are a horny slut aren't you?" He asked out loud as his finger slid unresisting into her sopping wet slit.

Janie groaned and squirmed and planted one foot on the floor to brace herself and give him wide spread access to her now aching pussy.

His finger probed her pussy then slid forward to circle her clit, then slid back all the way to her tight little asshole. He followed this pattern until Janie was almost humping his leg.

"Please, Uncle Jerry," she muttered, "please..."

"That's right Janie, beg me. Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me, Uncle Jerry, please fuck me."

"Where Janie? Where do you want me to fuck you?"

"In my cunt. Please, Uncle Jerry, fuck my cunt. I'm so horny."

"What about this tight little hole here?" Uncle Jerry asked fingering her asshole again.

"That looks much more inviting right now."

"No, Uncle Jerry, I've never done that, please don't."

And then, Uncle Jerry was working his finger in and Janie realized that he wanted to do it because she didn't.

And still she was turned on and it felt so good.

"Oh god, Uncle Jerry. Fuck me anyway you want."

"Good girl," he chuckled.

"But first why don't you sit up and let me get to those luscious tits of yours."

Jane straddled Uncle Jerry and both of his big hands went immediately to her firm young tits. Her D cups still spilled out of his hands and she leaned back and braced her hands on his knees as he mauled her tits, first squeezing them together, then pushing them apart, and finally his thick fingers capturing her tender nipples and rolling them between his fingers. Soon his mouth followed his fingers and he sucked in first one, then the other, and then roughly pushed both breasts together and tried hard to get both nipples between his front teeth.

Janie was groaning out loud again and grinding her bare pussy against his khaki clad leg.

Still teasing and sucking her rock hard nipples with one hand and his mouth Uncle Jerry's other hand finally snaked down to her open snatch and with no warning filled Janie's waiting cunt with three thick fingers.

She came almost immediately, screaming through her orgasm and then went limp against his chest, smelling in the musky scent of her pussy mixed with Uncle Jerry's aftershave.

He lets her rest for a moment and then pushes her up.

"I wanted to get that one out of the way, Janie, but we're just getting started. I would suggest a bathroom break, get yourself cleaned up a bit and then come to my bedroom."

anie still couldn't believe how much her life had changed in the past week. Uncle Jerry had "f***ed" her to become his sex slave and she was loving it. After he'd caught her masturbating on his sofa last week and she'd admitted to searching through his office and invading his computer files to find his stash of porn they'd come to an agreement that she would do anything he asked as long as he didn't tell her parents and send her home. He'd spanked her, got her off with his hand and then sent her to clean up and told her to meet him in his bedroom.

When she'd arrived he'd been naked and she'd caught herself gasping. He had a great body for someone her father's age and his cock, while not as big as some she'd seen on the internet was much larger than either of her previous boyfriends and her cheeks flushed at the thought that she knew he wanted to fuck her virgin asshole.

"Come here Janie," he almost growled. "It's time for you to get me off now."

Janie crawled up over the bed and he maneuvered her between his legs, pushing her head down toward his rock hard member.

"Take your time, taste it, lick it suck it, explore... and when I come, I want you to swallow every drop."

Janie took a tentative taste, licking all around the sensitive base of the mushroom shaped head. Slowly she sucked the smooth head in and allowed her built up spit to dribble down the sides. Janie had seen enough blowjobs onscreen to know the basics and they were one thing her boyfriends had never minded her practicing.

Uncle Jerry was groaning and already pumping his hips gently toward her.

Janie had been able to take all of her last boyfriend in her mouth but found she just couldn't get all of Uncle Jerry inside. She built to a steady rythm regardless, taking as much of him as she could and then slowly allowing him to pull back out, every once in awhile stopping to lick the underside of his cock and work her accumulated spit up and down with a few quick strokes of her hand. It didn't take long before Uncle Jerry was holding her head and pumping away furiously.

"I'm coming Janie, don't forget to swallow"

Janie concentrated on keeping her teeth covered and moments later felt hot salty cum coating the inside of her mouth. She continued sucking until Uncle Jerry slowed his pumping and bucking and then pulled her mouth away and swallowed all the sticky cum. Then she went back to gently licking away any traces from his cock.

"That was amazing Janie. I expected to have to teach you a bit about what men like but I can see I was wrong."

"Thanks Uncle Jerry," Janie said, pushing herself up on the bed and snuggling into the crook of his arm.

"That was great, but we're not done yet are we?"

Uncle Jerry chuckled.

"We certainly aren't Janie, not by a long shot. Just give me a minute to breathe."

A few minutes later while they still snuggled and watched the sun begin to set outside Jerry rolled toward her and began circling first one nipple and then the other with his large fingers. He teased each nipple until it was hard and peaked and then lowered his mouth and gently nipped and sucked each one. When Janie began squirming he used the flat of his hand to mash each breast down and then dragged his hand down, pulling the nipple with it. Now, she was arching her back and spreading her legs, feeling the sensations there too but he wasn't done yet. He sat up and straddled her stomach, freeing up both hands to grasp and caress her young firm tits, thick fingers pinching her now cherry red nipples and pulling them as far as he could from her body. It almost hurt but just when Janie wanted to say stop, it hurts too much, he would relent, as if he knew her limits.

Janie looked down and could see Uncle Jerry's cock growing again and reached down between her breasts to stroke it. Moments later it was rock hard and Jerry had scooted forward laying the length of it in the valley between her mauled tits. Janie tried to lick the tip as he pushed her breasts up around his cock and found she could just take the tip in as he thrust forward.

"Oh God, Janie, your tits feel so good"

Uncle Jerry had thrown his head back and was riding her hard, gripping her now tender and extremely sensitive breasts even harder.

Finally, he began slowing and let her breasts fall back into a more natural position.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Janie." Uncle Jerry said, moving down her body.

"Tell me how much you want me to fuck your tight little cunt."

"I do, Uncle Jerry, please fuck my pussy, fuck me hard."

With one swift push Uncle Jerry was inside her so deep she could feel his heavy balls against her ass.

"Omigod" Janie screamed, unable to believe that was her. She'd never imagined screaming out because something felt so good but she couldn't imagine wanting anything more than she wanted her Uncle Jerry inside her at this very moment.

Both of them grunted and moaned as Jerry pumped hard into Janie's tight young pussy.

With an act of supreme will he finally began slowing, driving himself to the hilt and then pausing before slowly pulling his length almost completely out before plunging balls deep again.

Janie was whimpering and she was so wet that a steady slurping sound accompanied the slap of their bodies together.

"Do you remember what I wanted of you earlier today, Janie?"

Confused, Janie tried to concentrate.

"To do anything you wanted?" she whimpered.

"That too but I'm not going to cum inside of your pussy. Do you know why?"

Janie shook her head and then frowned at the thought of what he might mean.

"I want your asshole, Janie. I want you to beg me to fuck your tight little virgin asshole."

"Oh, Uncle Jerry, it's going to hurt isn't it?"

"A little at first but I think you're going to end up loving it."

Slowly, Jerry pulled his length from Janie's glistening pussy.

"Turn over, baby and raise your ass high in the air."

Janie slowly did as she was told and soon felt her Uncle Jerry's hands on her wide spread asscheeks.

"We'll take it slow Janie, don't worry," he assured her.

He used his fingers to spread the moisture from her dripping wet snatch back to her tight pink rosebud and then added a huge dollop of his own spit before working his middle finger deep into her.

Janie moaned and burrowed her face into the pillow.

His finger felt good but she was still scared to death of the moment that his cock would replace it.

From the bedside table Jerry pumped out a big dollop of hand lotion and spread it over his straining dick.

He pumped his finger in and out of her tight ass a few more times and then removed it and positioned his cock in it's place.

Janie gasped as she felt his cock head, cold from the lotion against her backside but she gritted her teeth and managed to turn her plea to stop into a soft groan.

"Now, Janie, beg me to fuck your ass."

Janie's voice was soft but she managed to stammer out his request, "Please, Uncle Jerry, please fuck my tight virgin asshole and come inside me."

Jerry began slowly working his cock inside her, millimeter by millimeter.

Janie felt like she was being stretched to the limit and thought she would pass out when he finally assured her that he was halfway there.

Her whole body was shaking as Janie felt the rest of his cock slide home and finally the same balls that had slapped her asshole earlier were now squarely resting on her hairless pussy.

Jerry gave her a moment to relax and then began pulling back out.

Now, incredibly, Janie felt empty and moved back to try to keep him inside.

Jerry chuckled at the movement but held her ass in place and pulled slowly out until he could just begin to see the head of his cock, then he plunged back in deep with one quick motion and Janie screamed aloud again as he began fucking her in earnest.

Janie was amazed to find herself on the verge of coming and moved one hand between her legs to help herself along and the other hand found her sore nipples, rubbing them as Uncle Jerry took her anal cherry from behind.

Janie came first and was surprised when Uncle Jerry began increasing his steady pace.

Soon he was slamming his full body weight into her and Janie had to brace herself against the heavy wood back board to protect her head from the massive piece of wood.

As Janie arched and leaned her head back, Uncle Jerry seemed to take it as an invitation and he grabbed a huge handful of her naturally blond locks and yanked her upright and back toward him.

Still pumping into her ass he braced himself against her by twining one hand in her hair and pulling her tight against him. His other hand found her now slightly softened nipples and began roughly caressing them and then alternating between them and moving his hand to her mouth and forcing two fingers into her mouth which she licked and sucked until he moved back to her nipples again.

Janie was exhausted and relieved when she finally felt him tighten against her. His cock spasmed inside of her for what seemed to go on forever and then he gently slipped from her body.

Breathing deeply, they both collapsed to the bed and Janie fell into a deep and dreamless sl**p.

That was a week ago, on her first full day of living with Uncle Jerry. In the days that followed Jerry had showed her around town, taken her shopping, and of course, they had fucked. A lot. Now the weekend was coming up and Uncle Jerry had promised a very special surprise for Saturday night.

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love it,my kind of uncle.
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well done again!