He fixated on her perky, jutting nipples. Shoulders hunched from carry on luggage and attaché/computer case, ample but firm breasts jostled erotically against the thin, silk blouse. Smooth, tanned legs speared into the feminine vee of white shorts. Curly ringlets of bright red hair framed the pretty, dimpled face and she smiled at him. He smiled back.

A quick glance around the Phoenix airport concourse acknowledged that he was not the only red-bl**ded male checking her out. The only glitch was...the alluring girl was his daughter. Eric's emotions contended between pure arousal to a parents' simple protectiveness.

Melissa easily slipped into his awaiting arms and lovingly embraced her father. Ultra soft lips kissed a cheek and peppermint laced breath husked, "I missed you Daddy."

"Missed you too baby. Welcome home." Hugging his daughter tightly, the previous, illicit onlookers disappeared.

The freeway traffic was thick at this hour but Eric couldn't have cared less. His Melissa, home from college for awhile, was tangible. Eric's hand reached across the console, touching her wrist. Their fingers interlocked. She giggled and prattled on and on. Her carefree, musical voice was delightful. Eric drifted.

Where does the time go? It had been two long years since that dreadful night. The night a d***k driver had needlessly ended Patricia's time on earth, leaving father and daughter grasping for reasons or answers. None came easily. Eric obsessed on his career as a property manager; Melissa's challenge would be in law school. The untimely death of Mother/wife triggered a natural, emotional closeness. Both grappled with the void and openly shared intimate feelings without hesitation.

Eric and Patricia had met at college, literally bumping into one another. Her smile immediately touched his heart. Eric's pet name for her would always be Trish. Her smile...identical to Melissa's. And her shape and hair and nipples and...

"Hello-o? Earth to father. Come in Daddy!"

"What? Ohh. Sorry, I was just drifting...thinking..."

"Yeah. No k**ding." Melissa laughed.

"What did you say?"

"I was just saying how much the cafeteria food sucked. Do you think we get take out from our favorite Schezuan place tonight? I've been craving it..."

"Sounds good! Call it in and we'll pick it up."

Melissa threw her belongings near the bed and scanned the room. Posters, pictures and stuffed a****ls from her youth. Everything looked and smelled the same. She smiled and absorbed the secure feeling.

They ate the spicy chicken, veggies and noodles ravenously. The wine was excellent and loosened up the conversation, sidestepping the obvious, vacant chair.

Eric stood near the sink rinsing off the dinnerware. Melissa crept behind and hugged her Daddy tightly. He felt the softness of her breasts pressing and closed his eyes envisioning those gorgeous nipples he'd ogled earlier.

"Mmm. Love you so much Daddy." Her fingers grasped Eric's biceps, torso and tummy. "You feel really good, have you been working out or something?"

"Well...mostly swimming laps and such..." He shivered as her fingernails traced across his neck and kissed him there.

"We had a freaking two hour delay in Atlanta and I feel yucky. Going to jump in the shower Daddy."

Eric finished tidying up with half a hardon. Melissa's nearness and her sexuality had the obvious effect. He walked onto the outside deck and paced. He came back inside with the intent of watching the news but temptation won out. There was something else he'd rather peek.

Melissa's modesty was never her strong point and Eric stood outside the wide open bedroom door. As expected, the bathroom door was also open and the sound of spraying water quieted his footsteps. Steam cascaded into the tiled space. He stared longingly at the nude form silhouetted behind the smoky curtain. Eric's cock surged watching the soapy loofah, lather and massage his delicate daughter's skin.

Softly puddled in front of the vanity were Melissa's soiled clothes. With three parts horniness and one part guilt, Eric bent and picked up the pink, see-through panties. Quickly, his nose burrowed into the musky, feminine garment. The strong, Earthy scent of his daughter caused Eric's penis to lengthen.

Alarmingly, the water stopped and Eric bolted. He sprinted out of Melissa's bedroom before she could pull the curtain back. Halfway down the hallway, Eric realized he still had her panties! Vulgarly, he licked the inside before tossing them into the laundry hamper atop the washer. Damn, he thought, just like her mother.

This time he did turn on the news, poured another glass of wine and composed himself. Melissa entered shortly dressed in a well worn, faded yellow tee shirt and, it appeared nothing underneath. Her hair was combed and slicked back neatly. Eric muted the television.

"Hi. Feel better?" which sounded like a dumb question.

"Oh yeah. So glad to be home. Dinner was great. By the way, thank you." Melissa said while sliding onto the sleek couch. Leaning up against the padded arm, she stretched her long legs out causing the nightshirt's hem to noticeably rise. Eric noticed but tried not to stare. They talked awhile longer until Melissa began to yawn.

"Well Daddy..." Melissa stretched her arms overhead and curled her legs up, "think I'm going to..." she yawned again while Eric stared at the exposed curve of his daughter's ass cheeks and the shadow of her cunny. "Think I'm going to beddie-bye." She bent down to kiss him.

"Night Lissa. sl**p tight." He whispered kissing her soft cheek. Eric finished his drink in silence, shut off the TV and most of the lights. The e-mails were mostly junk and he opened a story he'd been writing but the creativeness just wasn't there.

He fluffed up the pillows and tried to relax. So. Am I lusting after Melissa? Is she coming onto me? Is it because I am too horny? Or lonely? Or because I just need to get laid? Hell, it's been awhile since Trish. I just love that girl. I know that. She's so much like her mother. Guess we'll see. Eric drifted off.

In his dreams he was losing Trish, losing the grip. He had to save her. Her slim fingers slipped and she fell. She fell into the water. She fell out of the airplane. Eric tried in vain to catch her but never did. It was always the same frustration. He called her name over and over. And now Melissa was by his side crying also. Save her Daddy. Please...

Eric woke fitfully, naked and sweaty. His pulse raced and the stiff, piss-hardon screamed. After much needed relief and the dissipating dream, Eric slipped into his short robe. He lumbered into the kitchen for a cold drink and guzzled to satisfy the lingering, spicy seasonings.

Outside the moonlight flickered off the pool's surface. Eric settled into a nearby patio chair, sipping the Aquafina and calmly replayed some of the day's events. A sultry summer breeze cooled the light sheen of perspiration on his forehead.

Images of Melissa flashed in Eric's head like a slide show. Erect nipples. The curve of her exposed derriere while she lay on the couch. Slippery, soaped skin. Pink panties...soiled. His penis hardened rapidly. What am I thinking? She's my daughter for Christ's sake. Need to take the edge off. A nice story from my favorite literature site to masturbate...

"Daddy?" He hadn't heard the imperceptible sound of the screen door opening. Eric turned to face Melissa, embarrassed by the tent rising from his robe.

"Oh hi. It's a beautiful night..."

"Yes it is. Had to pee and saw your light on and you weren't in your room." She sauntered next to him and nonchalantly took a swig off the bottle. Eric breathed in the scent of her shampoo. Melissa's nearness was inviting.

"Daddy can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Of course."

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

"Are you k**ding? You're a beautiful young woman! I'm sure you have to fight off the guys at school."

"Umm. Well not really. I mean I have met...been with a few but they're so pushy and full of themselves. You know? I guess...well...the only one who seems to really want to take care of my my roommate Claire. Know what I mean Daddy?"

"I...err...yes. I believe I do." Eric's pulse increased at the thought of his tender daughter in a Sapphic relationship. His cock was hard as a rock.

Melissa looked down at him, smiled and stripped off her tee shirt. Eric's mouth was dry, ogling her displayed nakedness. Melissa's full alabaster breasts were capped with dark, maroon areolas with long, hard nipples that needed attention. Her pubic bush was trimmed to a thin line pointing to her young cunt and protruding labia.

"So. I guess what I also want to you think I'm sexy? I saw you watching me earlier..." She had caught him red-handed. Eric blushed in a school boy fashion. He coughed and cleared his throat.

"I...well...yes. I do think you're sexy. In fact...a-hem, very desirable." He confessed, a droplet of pre-cum escaping. He watched mesmerized as his daughter's hips swayed forward. She knelt in front of her father. Melissa's hand touched his knee and inched under the robe's hem. He shivered.

"Melissa. you think we should be doing this?"

"Of course Daddy. Do you want me to stop?" He shook his head and wanted to blurt out, Hell no. Her hand reached further along his twitching thigh. Eric opened his legs, inviting the advance, so close to his moist scrotum.

The hand retreated. Melissa looked deep into her Daddy's eyes, untied the sash of his robe and peeled back the fabric. She stared hungrily at his towering penis and curved her delicate fingers around the base.

"God Daddy. I've seen your cock before, but never like this. You're so...big. So thick. I love it..." Melissa eagerly stroked the skin up and down, her other hand fondling and caressing Eric's swollen ball sack. Sexually charged, he grabbed onto the chair.

"Mmm. You're leaking too...I like that..." She whispered, the tip of one fingernail tracing a line along his pulsating blue vein. He was close. As if reading her father's thoughts, Melissa began to rhythmically stroke the stiffened prick.

She leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on the sensitive underside. Eric felt a hardened nipple brush against his knee. Melissa kneaded her father's balls and closed her wet mouth over his engorged, mushroom shaped head.

His hips pushed, stabbing his prick into the moist cavern. Thick, creamy spurts jettisoned f***efully into Melissa's mouth, painting her tongue white.

"Liss-a-a-a-ahhhhhhh! Ohh! Ohh!" She lightly squeezed his testes, masturbated the swelling cock expertly and removed her mouth. More spurts of delicious cum erupted, landing on Eric's midsection. His torso tightened in exquisite delight as the tremendous orgasm overwhelmed him. Bright stars danced across his closed eyelids.

"Oh fuck-k...ohh. My girl...ohh my...Lissa..." Her stroking slowed, milking the last remnants of her father's essence. Melissa's sweet lips brushed against his.

"Did you like that Daddy? You sure do cum a lot..."

"Oh baby. I...I...needed that...I need you..." He gasped trying to catch his breath. She licked one of her father's nipples causing another delightful shiver.


"Yes Lissa...?"

"Will you tuck me in?" Eric's knees felt like jelly as he stood and shucked off the robe. Naked, hand in hand, Melissa and her Daddy walked into the house.

Opening the patio door for his daughter, Eric's hand smoothed along her naked back and softly cupped a shapely cheek. Melissa adoringly smiled up at him. The living room was quiet. Followed by the dim moonlight, the duo padded across deep carpeting and down the hallway to Melissa's bedroom.

Eric felt a tad foolish standing bare assed next to her plush, feminine bed and broke his nervousness, "It's damned good having you home baby. Sort of lonely here."

Melissa wrapped strong, tanned arms around her Dad's neck, "I feel the same way. I mean about being home and with you and..." She reached up and kissed him deeply. Eric shivered as his daughter's tongue entered. Sexual heat caressed them.

Ending the smoldering kiss, Melissa sat upon the disheveled sheets. Eric's gaze wandered about the room and the innocent but dated décor. She noticed his gaze and her fingers stroked his bare thigh.

"I'm not a little girl anymore." Melissa giggled.

" are most certainly not." He agreed reacting to her touch. Melissa scooted up onto the bed, stretched out and rested against one of the large fluffy pillows. Eric perched by her side as he had so many other nights.



"I have to you masturbate? I don't want to embarrass you or anything. Guess guys do it a lot more but I do it when I have to."

Eric loved his daughter in so many ways, especially her forwardness. At least they had always enjoyed this type of comfortable relationship, to talk about anything. He smiled, "Yes of course I do. When the need arises. Why?"

"Well, there's this guy at college. He's nice and all but one night he asked me if I'd watch him jerk-off. I felt kinda funny as if having sex with me wasn't enough."

"Some people are into that. Exhibitionism. Watching a female masturbate, in secret or otherwise is a favorite fantasy for men."

"Yeah and posing too, right? I used to sneak a peek at the magazines you hid...not so well." Melissa giggled. "I liked some of those pictures. Nudes."

His daughter stretched out like a cat and provocatively latched onto the decorative, metal bars of the headboard. She sighed, "Maybe...I'd like to pose like that. You know outdoors in the desert or by the pool or just somewhere private."

Eric felt the fire begin in his groin ogling his naked daughter on display before him. Taking pictures of her as she was now or any of those places she'd described. His hand lightly stroked her flat tummy and the undersides of her breasts.

"God are so beautiful. So fine." Eric's tongue circled around large, crinkled areolas and mouthed an erect nipple. Hearing a deep moan emanate from his daughter, he softly chewed the rubbery teat. Testing and biting.

"Tha-t...that good Daddy..." The backs of his fingernails raked along elbows and sensitive armpits. Eric's lips trailed hot kisses across her quivering torso, intending to heighten the deserved, perfect rapture. Lower now; he licked Melissa's tender thighs. Bypassing the juncture of her humid vee, Eric smelled her musky, womanly scent.

Kneeling between opened legs he gazed at the luscious, wanton creature and soothingly massaged Melissa's calves and feet. Eric's wet kisses again attacked soft, white thighs and licked along smooth shaven, outer labia. Brushing his lips over crinkly pubic hair, she gasped as her Dad's insistent fingers roughly tweaked her erect nipples.

"Yess-s-s. know what...what I need..." Laying on his tummy and hardon, Eric opened his daughters lovely petals. She was beautiful here as expected. Dainty, inner folds glistened with arousal. Melissa's bulbous pink clit peeked out from its hood. He tasted the clear, silky fluid and pursed his lips around her engorged bud.

"Ohh. Ohh. Daddy!" She whispered huskily, thrusting her hips towards the wonderful sensation. He alternated from long, teasing licks in and around her pussy to soft bites on Melissa's thighs and mound area. Two fingers entered easily into her soaked tunnel, tightening and welcoming the digits.

Eric licked small, tiny circles around her pearl then suckled it. Melissa's hips rotated, writhing against the spongy instrument of pleasure. A drenched fingertip gingerly swabbed Melissa's tight rosebud. He firmly suctioned the length of her stiff clit like a miniature penis while pressing against her vulnerable G-spot. His daughter came mightily.

"EEEEEE-EEEE! Fuck-k-k...fuck...OHH DADDY!" She bucked wildly, smearing her spasming mons into the insatiable mouth. Melissa screamed with orgasmic fury.

"Ahhh...ahhh...ninnng....yes...yes...yessssss!" Her secretions ran down Eric's chin, soaking the sheets. She held his head, mashing her sex against Eric's face. Moaning and riding the huge, tidal wave of ecstasy. Eagerly, he drank his daughter's passionate syrup.

Melissa's tightly strung muscles finally relaxed and she lay spent on the dampened bed, her breath coming in deep gasps. Eric planted a moist, tender kiss on Melissa's vagina and she squirmed, giggling.

"Stop. Oh, please stop Daddy...too...too sensitive..." He smiled and crawled up to kiss her face and mouth.

"Lissa my sweet, sweet baby. I love you so much."

" take breath away." She whispered sending a shiver of satisfying delight through him. Melissa kissed his cheek warmly and peacefully turned onto her side. Eric snuggled against her inviting backside, brushing a misbehaving hair from her forehead.

Melissa's breathing became deep and rhythmic. Eric quietly, begrudgingly moved away and tenderly covered his curled up daughter with the light coverlet. He kissed her shoulder.

"Night baby."

"Mmm-ph..." Melissa grunted approaching la-la land.

He casually picked up her nightshirt off the floor and walked the short distance to his bedroom. Eric lay back on the bed and smiled from the day's happenings. The frame on the nightstand caught his eye and he stared longingly at his loving wife's smile.

"I miss you." Eric kissed the glass and silently asked if what he and his daughter had begun was alright. Trish seemed to say: follow your feelings dear.

He inhaled the deep, feminine scent from Melissa's shirt. Her love juices still lingered. Eric's cock hardened. What he wanted most was to be inside his daughter. They had tasted one another and now the thought of consummating their relationship thrilled him. To make love with Melissa. God yes.

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