Lisa had lived with her dad Frank since he and her mom separated when she was 15. She was now 18 and her dad still hadn't dated anyone and she was starting to worry about him. She knew how lonely he was. Whenever he wasn't at work he would just sit around the house doing nothing. Sometimes she would hear him moaning late at night in his bedroom and she knew he must be in there crying. She hated knowing her daddy was upset so she decided that the next time she heard him crying in his room she would go in and check on him. She didn't know what she could say to make him feel better, but at least he wouldn't have to be alone. She would do anything to keep her daddy from being lonely.

That Friday night Lisa had just gotten done with her shower and dressed in her pajamas on her way to bed. She was walking down the hall, passing the door to her daddy's room when she heard the moaning coming from inside again. She stopped and listened outside the door for a minute before she pushed open the door and started to walk in. She stopped just inside the door, frozen in shock. Her daddy hadn't been moaning because he was crying, he was moaning because he was lying in bed playing with himself.

She stood there taking in his hard body, hard arms, chest, and dick. He kept himself very fit for his age. She couldn't keep her eyes from traveling back down to his long fingers wrapped around his hard member, stroking himself up and down.

Frank hadn't been with a woman in years. He and his wife had separated three years ago, but they had stopped sl**ping together long before. Now as he lay in bed stroking his hard cock, he couldn't keep his thoughts from the only woman in his life now, his blonde haired, blue eyed baby girl. He had accidentally caught flashes of her changing clothes or getting ready for the shower several times over the years and it was these thoughts that turned him on now. He was enjoying himself so much that he still hadn't noticed the object of his fantasies standing there until he heard her give a strangled noise that was somewhere between pleasure and pain. His eyes shot open at the sound and he looked over to see her standing inside the door unmoving, mouth open in what he could only guess was horror. He quickly jerked the comforter up to cover his body before turning back to his daughter.

"Lisa baby, what are you doing in here?"

She continued to stare at him until he followed her gaze to the visible tent in the comforter. He quickly realized he had misinterpreted and what he thought was horror was now obvious interest. He knew it was wrong but her attention was only making him harder. He tried to readjust the comforter to show a little more modesty. The he asked again, "Baby, did you need something?"

She finally seemed to come out of her stupor. "Sorry daddy, I heard you and I thought something was wrong. I thought you were crying so I came to check on you. I didn't realize you were..." she gestured to his lap with her hands " know."

"You do know what it was that I was doing, don't you baby?" He asked wondering how much experience his little girl had.

"Yes daddy you were playing with yourself." She answered as she began to slowly walk closer to the bed.

"Have you seen guys play with themselves before baby?"

"A couple of my boyfriends in the past daddy." She said nervously, afraid she was going to get in trouble.

"Did you do other things with your boyfriend's baby?" he asked knowing he should stop, but he couldn't deny how bad he wanted to know the answers to his questions.

"I played with Johnny's for him daddy, but that's it I promise. Am I in trouble daddy?"

"No you're not in trouble, baby." Frank released a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. His baby was still a virgin. He couldn't have been happier. "Did you enjoy playing with him baby?"

"It was okay daddy, but..." she turned away in embarrassment.

Her silence was killing him. "But what baby? You know you can tell me anything."

"Well it's just that you looked so much bigger than him daddy. Can I see yours? Please?"

Frank had never been happier at hearing those words. He had also never been more miserable. Having fantasies about his daughter was bad enough but he couldn't possibly do anything to his baby for real. He was about to tell her no when he looked into those scared baby blues and the words died on his tongue. He rationalized that she had already seen him and letting her look wouldn't hurt anything.

"Okay baby." Frank said as he removed the comforter.

His still hard cock sprang into view. It twitched to life as she leaned in for a better view.

Lisa loved her daddy so much and when she walked in on him she realized she had found the perfect way to keep her daddy from being lonely. She was going to make love to her daddy and fill the hole her mom had left in his life. She cared so much for him and felt like she had finally found a way to show him.

"Oh daddy can I touch it?"

"Baby I don't know if..." Once again his words were cut off as she looked at him, pleading. He knew in that instant he would let her do whatever she wanted, after all, he wanted it too. Instead of arguing he just said "Okay baby."

She grabbed for his cock eagerly, petting the soft velvet, slowly stroking up and down and giving it a few gentle squeezes.

Frank wanted to feel bad about what was happening, but all he could feel was pleasure at his little girls touch. As she brought her hand up to circle him just below his mushroom head, he let out a deep moan.

At the sound of his moans she looked up to see her own desire mirrored in her daddy's eyes. As she continued to look up at him she slowly moved her head down and took him in her mouth. He let out a quick gasp at the contact and she continued to suck him farther down her throat. He tasted good in her mouth as she continued to lick and suck on him like a lollipop.

"Oh baby. You do that so well. Do you like to suck daddy's cock?"

She nodded her head and tried to make a mmmhmm sound that sent vibrations through her throat that sent his already hard cock into overdrive. He knew if she kept this up for any length of time it would only a matter of minutes before he came.

"You're such a good girl baby. Yeah, suck daddy's cock just like that. Oh that's good baby."

Lisa did a few more laps up and down her daddy's cock and then she moved down and began to suck on his balls. She had never done this before but she had seen it in some pornos and had a feeling her daddy would like it.

Frank couldn't believe what a talented little girl he had. He had thought about her doing all of these things before but never believed they would really happen. And now she was even sucking his balls, one of his favorite things. He knew he couldn't wait any longer and without giving her any warning he began to squirt in her mouth. He watched as she swallowed it all, licking up what had dripped out onto her chin.

"Mmm, daddy you taste so good."

His little girl was so sexy. Now that he'd had even this small bit of her, he knew he had to have more and have it often. This little girl that he loved so much was about to become daddy's little slut.

Lisa hurried home from school the next day, hoping to have dinner ready for her daddy when he got home from work. Last night she had gotten to touch and taste her daddy. Then he had pulled her up in the bed, her back cuddled up against his chest and went to sl**p. She couldn't remember the last time she had slept so well or felt so safe. When she had gotten up for school her daddy had already left for work so they didn't get a chance to talk about the night before, but she hoped that he was as happy as her. She wanted to sl**p with her daddy every night and cooking dinner was the first step of her plan to make sure she got back in his bed.

Frank was driving home from work, adjusting his pants for the hundredth time, trying to get comfortable. He had been fighting his hard-on all day and now that he knew he was about to see his sexy little slut, he had no hopes of keeping it down. His little girl had sucked his cock like a pro last night and he couldn't wait to have her again. She had been willing enough last night. He only hoped that she still was. He didn't care what it took to convince her. He would have her again.

Lisa went to take one last look in the mirror as she heard her daddy pull into the drive way. Her blonde hair fell softly around her shoulders and just covered the top of her breasts which were barely contained in her red halter top. Looking down further she admired her shapely legs extending from the shortest pair of shorts she owned. The halter top and shorts had been taking up space in the back of her closet for the past two years, since a time when they actually fit. She had grown in both height and breast size since then and knew she was showing an almost indecent amount of flesh. It's perfect she thought as she headed downstairs to meet her daddy.

Frank walked in the front door and caught the aroma of garlic bread wafting toward him from the kitchen. He followed the scent and stopped short as he caught sight of his little girl, correction his little slut. She was definitely dressed like one. Her back was to him as she stood at the sink draining the spaghetti noodles. He took her in from her bare feet, up her smooth legs, to her butt barely covered in the shortest shorts he'd ever seen, up the back of her skintight red halter top. She wasn't wearing a bra. He would have been able to see it. He would have been able to see a Band-Aid in that shirt.

She must have sensed his presence because at that moment she turned and looked in him right in the eye. "Hi daddy." She said with a seductive smile.

"Hi baby." Frank responded as he took in her full breasts, hard nipples showing through. He knew he was staring, probably with his mouth hanging open, but he couldn't seem to do anything about it.

Lisa watched him stare at her breasts, looking like he was about to drool, and couldn't help but laugh. Oh it was going to be almost too easy to get back in her daddy's bed. She slowly crossed the room, letting him get a good view of her breasts jiggling as she walked. His eyes never left her breasts until she was so close he had no choice but to look up. "Do like what you see daddy?"

Frank thought briefly about being embarrassed for getting caught staring and then quickly abandoned it. She obviously wanted him to stare, why else would she wear something so revealing. So instead of apologizing, he would call her out as the little slut she was.

"Yes Lisa. You know I love your body. That's why you're dressed this way isn't it? Why you dress like a slut? To get your daddy's attention?" He stepped toward her sounding angry though he wasn't. He saw the scared look in her eye and kept going toward her. "Well you've got my attention now slut." he said as he reached forward grabbing her and pulling her to him. He ground his erection into her stomach. "What are you going to do about it?"

Lisa was scared from her daddy's harsh words. She couldn't deny she had been trying to get his attention, but she had never been called a slut before. She could feel his erection and while it was what she had wanted, she had never thought about it happening this way.

Lisa had apparently taken too long to answer as her daddy lifted one hand and slapped her ass hard through the thin cover of her short shorts. She jumped and whimpered in pain at the contact. Then she felt him pull his arm back and his hand came down to hit her again. This time after he slapped her ass, he left his hand there. He began to knead the round globe, using it to pull her tighter against him.

"What are you going to do for daddy now that you've got his attention?" He asked again with the threat of more spankings hanging unspoken in the air.

Lisa looked up into her daddy's eyes for the first time since he had grabbed her. What she saw there surprised her. Despite his roughness, his eyes were filled with love and gentleness. Then she knew her daddy wasn't really mad at her. He wanted her like she wanted him and she loved him with all of her heart. If he wanted her to be daddy's little slut, she would be. So she made her voice tremor with a fear she no longer felt as she asked "What do you want me to do daddy?"

Frank knew the moment Lisa realized he wasn't really angry with her, but she still continued to pretend. She was pretending to be the little girl being taken advantage of. He couldn't have been happier that she had decided to play along as his little slut. So when she asked what he wanted he said "I want you to strip for me slut."

Lisa backed away from her daddy and nodded solemnly, she really was a good actress, Frank thought as he watched her reach for the tie-knot at the back of her neck that held up her halter top. She pulled the knot loose and then began to slowly peel it off her body, revealing a flat tanned stomach and an amazing set of breasts. Her nipples were little pebbles, begging to be sucked. After discarding her top she reached down to her shorts, doing a slow shimmy as she slid them down her legs. He watched as the shorts gave way to smooth naked flesh. She wasn't wearing any panties and she was completely shaved. He almost came at the sight.

"You really are a little slut aren't you? Not wearing any panties."

"Yes daddy. I'm a little slut."

Frank began to step toward her. "Whose slut are you?"

She looked up at him through her long eyelashes and asked "Your little slut daddy?"

"Damn right your mine." He said as he once again pulled her tight to him. "Do you know what I want you to do now slut?"

"What daddy?"

"Take my cock out and suck it slut." He said pushing her down to her knees.

"Yes daddy." She answered as she began to unbutton and unzip his pants. His cock was straining to be free and as she pulled his boxers down it sprang out of the top. She held it in one of her hands as she began to put her mouth to him, sucking the head in his mouth. She continued to lick up and down making slurping sounds as she took him farther in her mouth.

"That's it slut. Suck my cock." He said as he began to rock his hips, fucking her mouth. As he continued to thrust he could feel his cock hitting the back of her mouth and she started to gag. She tried to pull back away from him and he reached up to grab a fistful of her hair to hold her in place. He kept fucking her mouth and she continued to gag every time he went back too far. He was so turned on by his little slut gagging on his cock, he knew if he kept going he would cum and he didn't want to do that yet. So he gave a firm tug on the back of her hair, pulling her drooling mouth off his cock and pulling her back up to stand.

"Bend over the table now slut." Frank said as he pushed her back towards the dining table.

Lisa turned and bent at the waist, her naked ass now up in the air. She turned her head back to look at her daddy, waiting to see what he would do.

Frank had been staring at her glorious round ass until he'd caught her looking back at him. "Face forward slut." Then he pulled his arm back and gave her another slap on the ass.

Lisa jerked her head around facing the table as her daddy made contact with her ass. She gave a little whimper that she knew turned him on even more. She felt him moving up behind her, felt the tip of his cock as he rubbed it against her pussy lips, then began to push it against her, into her. "No daddy I'm a virgin!" She yelled as she realized what he was about to do. She immediately regretted saying anything as she felt his hand come down hard on her ass again. She knew it would leave a handprint.

"You're my little slut now. Don't you want daddy to be your first?" He said as he continued to inch his cock into her. "Don't you want to make daddy happy?" The head was in.

"Yes of course daddy but...aagghh." Her response was cut off by a scream as he thrust his cock into her with one smooth stroke.

He stood still letting her get used to the feel of him inside her. He couldn't believe he was in his little girls, no longer virgin, pussy. After a minute he began to slide slowly in and out, back and forth, pumping her pussy.

He could feel her wetness growing and knew she was starting to enjoy being fucked by her daddy. "You like that? You like having your daddy fuck you?"

"Yea...Yes daddy."

"Are you daddy's little slut?" He reached forward palming her breasts as he continued to fuck her pussy from behind.

"Yes daddy."

"Yes daddy what?"

"Yes daddy I'm your little slut....ohhh daddy!" She began to move her hips, meeting his thrusts.

"You like that slut?" He asked as he moved one hand down to play with her clit as he continued to twist and pull her nipples with the other.

"Mmmmm yeah daddy. Oh that feels so good." She braced her hands on the table as she continued to push back, impaling herself farther onto her daddy's cock.

"That's it slut. Fuck my cock." He continued to thrust harder. "I'm going to cum in your pussy slut. Want me to give you my cum?"

"Yes daddy. Give me your cum. Fill my pussy. Mmmm I want it daddy."

"Yeah slut. Cum for your daddy. Cum. Do it now!"

The sound of her daddy's lust filled voice commanding she cum threw her over the edge. Her body began to spasm with her orgasm as she cried out begging for her daddy's cum, wanting him to fill her.

She felt him give one final thrust into her and then the first shot of cum as it squirted into her pussy. The knowledge that he was filling her with the same sperm that created her sent her into a second orgasm, even stronger than the first.

As she came down from her orgasm she felt her daddy's arms wrap around her, pulling her up off the table and back against his chest. "Good job slut."

"Thank you daddy." She said, meaning it with all her heart. She was so glad that she had made her daddy happy. She turned in his arms and kissed him, long and lingering, as she cuddled into his chest.

He kissed her back, teasing her lips with his tongue before he pulled away. "Now what's for dinner slut?"

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1 month ago
Just came so hard to this :P
11 months ago
Again one of your great stories. Thanks.
1 year ago
As she feasted her hand on my cock she layer her head on her hand I began grow fast I layed my hand on her ass cheeks her big round ass cheeks just like her moms kai was only 15 built like a 25 yr old I massaged her ass moving close so my fingers would skim on her fat pussy. After two passes she moaned and open her legs wide. Then I felt her grip my cock squeezing it then I cup my hands on her fat cunt she moaned squeezing her legs clamping my hard firm on her cunt she began bumping my hand I wiggled my finger into her soaked cunt she moaned oh daddy she grab my fat long hard cock stroking it and nibbling bitting on my big helmet head then unzipped my shorts cock sprang free she quickly swallowed it I foster my hand and sank it in her hole she screamed outch it hurts your tearing my pussy. Sorry baby I said I pulled off the road down a dirt path into a gultch under over hanging trees into darkness. Now hidden I turn the car off open my door pulled her out carring her I asked to grab the blanket on the seat I walked down to a stream wear I knew of a cave I carryed her in put her down spread the blanket moved her on top layer next to her and stripped her cloths she strip mine of also. Naked I kissed her mouth toung tangling my fingers in her pussy her hand pulling my cock. Daddy your dick is huge. You like it kai yes yes daddy. Then I moved on top her she quickly open her legs wide lifting them up against her chest I aimed my cock then sank it oh god oh oh god she screamed it hurts I sank every inch then held potition so she could get use to the stretching of her pussy we kissed she was tensed then began relaxing then I felt her pussy grip my cock pulsing gripping she began wiggling humping oh oh yea wow feels good fuck me daddy. I began slow gentle then harder faster she responded humping wildly saying always wanted you daddy. Me to baby I stroke my self thinking of you. Wow awesome daddy I masterbate every night thinking of your cock I slam my cock deep our body slapping loudly together the she moaned to a squeal im cummings she shook trembling eyes roled back then I felt juices squirting on my thighs running down my balls I grab her ass cheeks dove hard got full wieght slamming on her little body yes yes yes dont stop daddy when I herd those words I exploded like never before I pushed hard deep in her body holding still. But she went nutz wild. And roles me on my back and began pounding on my cock cunt daddy shoot deep in me I want your baby I want have a baby from your cock then she went info a convalsion of another orgasm calapsing on my chest as more juice came from her cunt. My cunt was uzing out of her drenched cunt we lay there a bit then I went to the car and got my glass went to her spread out naked rubbing her pussy I began taking hits kissing her mouth blowing it in her she soon said sown its making me feel good. We tucked for the next six weeks in the forrest waterfalls car lawn mountain top beaches hotel room. It was the greatest fuck ever. Now shes 19 and lives with me we farm I hunt we have a water well and acres of land hiden between to mountaian next to state forrestry. All we do is farm fuck eat fuck hike fuck bath fuck we make our own sex chemical get high get high film our own porn she loves to smoke clear and fuck. She begs for a baby she wants a boy so she can fuck two cocks
1 year ago
I like it reminded me of my youngest daughter staying for summer break. I lived alone up country dark forresty no street lights closet neighbor 5miles away. I picked her up at the airport . A 45 minute drive half way she layer her head.

on my thigh as i drove it was mid night. As I clanced over she wore a short skirt laying down made it rise up exposing her ass she had a thong so looked like she wore nothing I reached down and ran my finger threw her hair she moaned cuddling closer to my riseing cock then I massaged her lower back hips pulling her dress high exposing her full ass cheeks she then brought one of her hands under her face like a pillow her fingers tips on my cock she cuddled closer till she feasted
2 years ago
Frank's definition of a "slut"! You're a female, aren't you? Before he even saw her naked the second time, the next day, and only having gotten a blowjob from her, he referred to her nine--NINE--times as a slut; from the very gitgo he was referring to her as a slut. Her sin so far: being a female, professing her love for her father and giving him a blowjob!!! What a PIG!! Eventually, she might be a slut. Just being a female no how, no way,, makes her--or any female--a slut. That makes him a BIASED PIG!

Overall the story could have be exemplary, a true and exotic tale of father and daughter sex, love and compassion. But, his constant ever, never ending of labeling her as a slut so much so it made him a dominant, debasing, biased woman-hating and arrogant pig. To be classified as a slut, like any title, is earned. Frank, the pig, never allowed her to earn the title "SLUT", he designated her as such with his first sexual thoughts of her, a female!!
2 years ago
Loved it!!
2 years ago
Alway's great stories you put up
2 years ago
Lisa truly knows the meaning and knows how to demonstrate what compassion is all about. Great story and Thanx for sharing – 4-sure!
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This really should'nt make me horny,
but bloody-hell it does!
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omg, another hot story
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2 years ago
Wonderful story. Thanks
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AWESOME I loved this wicked hot !
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Another great story...thanks.