Deniz is a 34 year old man raising a daughter on his own. His wife died many years ago and he was completely over it. In fact, he didn't even miss her but he feigned it for his daughter on occasions. He hated his wife and everything that she was. The only thing he had to be thankful for from his dead-wife was the beautiful daughter she had given him. It was true that his daughter's looks were turning into his wife's but that wasn't a bad thing -- she had been a knock out. She had blonde hair, green eyes, flawless skin, full lips, curves in all the right places, and now Amelia was becoming a spitting image of her mother.

Amelia just 18 turned years old and was almost finished attending a private school that Deniz had thought was the best out there. Public schools were okay, but there were too many distractions and he wanted his baby girl to have the best education possible. It was also an all-girl school, because boys were too much of a distraction to the female teenage mind nowadays. Having Amelia attend this school was proving to be the best choice he had made in a long time.

The days were long when Amelia was away at school. Deniz didn't work because he didn't have to. He spent his days buying things to make his and his daughter's life better. He didn't date because he didn't really care for it, but he did sl**p with many woman when staring at his daughter's sexy school uniform became too much to handle, which is an up and down side of having her attend the private school. He wanted to see her everyday in this uniform, but it was torture knowing he couldn't touch her and have her the way he fantasized about. He didn't care that he was her father. He didn't chastise himself for thinking such nasty thoughts about her. He was a man, and she was becoming a woman -- they each have needs and God knows Deniz has to have his needs fulfilled quickly...

Deniz came home one afternoon from shopping for groceries. He saw Amelia's convertible in the driveway and became excited -- not just that he missed company during the day, but he grew stiff, hoping to catch her still in her uniform. He grabbed the groceries from the back of his truck and set them inside the mudroom before he took off his shoes. He glanced up as he was just about to grab the groceries when he saw Amelia standing at fridge; the door was open and she was bent low at the waist, still in her school uniform. If it was possible, Deniz felt his cock grow even harder at the site of her bare thighs and breasts threatening to break free of her blouse. He ignored the urge to rub himself, fearing he would explode right then and there.

Amelia didn't noticed Deniz walk silently into the kitchen. She had on her headphones and Deniz could hear the beat of the music she was listening to. Her hips swayed back and forth and she hummed along to the words he couldn't hear. Deniz liked the days when Amelia didn't bother to change out of her uniform before having her after-school snack. It was a tradition that had been going on ever since she started school. The only thing that changed was what she ate when she came home. There wasn't much in the fridge to choose from, so she was standing there debating on what to have.

Deniz set the bags of groceries on the counter and leaned against it. He watched Amelia's thighs spread apart and wished that her skirt would rise just a little bit higher -- but it didn't. Amelia's hand came behind her and scratched an itch on the back of her thigh. She let it rest there for a moment, and Deniz dropped his jaw when he saw his daughter's hand slide to the front, under her skirt. She moaned softly. Deniz slipped away from the counter and tugged his little girl away from the fridge and closed it. Amelia let out a yelp of surprise, but her expression softened when she saw it was her father and then quickly changed to embarassment. She started to stutter an apology but Deniz put a finger to her lips, shutting her up instantly.

"How was school, baby girl?"

Deniz didn't move from the position he put himself in; he had Amelia pressed up against the counter next to the fridge and his body was mere inches from her's.

"It was fine, dad." She looked over his shoulder and saw the bags of groceries. "Did you get anything good?" Amelia started to pull away, but Deniz stood his ground and blocked any where she tried to go. She smiled a little, "Come on, dad, I'm hungry."

Deniz looked down at his daughter's chest. Her nipples were poking through the lace material of her bra and pointing out the front of her blouse. "Yeah baby, so am I... but I don't want food." He pressed himself against her, making sure she felt how hard she made him. He ground himself lightly against her. They moaned in unison. Deniz started to unbutton Amelia's blouse to expose her white lace bra. It seemed even whiter against the deep tan of her skin. He leaned down and kissed her for the first time. "Turn around," he whispered with authority. Amelia obeyed.

The clasp of Amelia's bra came undone very easily, and the straps slid down her arms. The bra fell to the floor with a thud. Deniz kicked it away. He looked at the skin stretched over Amelia's bones. In all honesty, Deniz had a thing for backs. He loved the look of a female back -- it seemed so delicate but it's stronger than it looks. Amelia's was filled with muscles most females didn't know they even had -- that she also got from her mother, being very active. Deniz kissed Amelia's shoulder, trailing up her neck to her ear while his hands ran themselves up and down her arms before sliding to her breasts. He was gentle; for now. His tongue traced the ridges and valleys of her ear and his teeth nibbled on her cute earlobe. Amelia closed her eyes and moaned, Deniz smiled.

"I've wanted you so badly for so long, daddy," she said.

Deniz sighed softly in her ear. He nipped harder at her earlobe before sucking it into his mouth and tugging at it with his lips and teeth. After he left the ear and went back to kissing Amelia's neck and shoulders, he slid down to his knees so he could kiss down her back. He kissed up her back and told her to turn back around. Amelia smiled up at him and Deniz smiled back, his brown eyes sparkling. He kissed her softly once more, sliding his tongue across her bottom lip. He planted kisses all over her face and trailed once again down her neck and shoulders but stopped once he reached her breasts.

They really were magnificent. They were probably better than her mother's, to be honest. Everything about Ameila seemed to be better than her mother. Well, she does have a bit of me in her... he thought, and chuckled at the choice of words given with this situation. She definitely will have a lot more of him in her. "What's funny, daddy?" Amelia asked, her fingers combing through his thick brown waves that had only a small streak of gray. "Nothing, baby." Deniz took the nipple of her right breast into his mouth and nibbled on it softly, flicking his tongue at it before sucking on it. His left hand gave a gentle massage on her left breast. Amelia bit her lip and smiled.

"Daddy..." she moaned.

Deniz circled her nipple with his tongue one last time before giving the same treatment to the other breast. He kissed and licked his way down his daughter's torso, feeling the muscles beneath her skin everytime he made her tense her body up with pleasure. He reached her belly button, which was pierced and had a diamond crystal on the end of the barbel. The tip of his tongue circled her belly button before dipping in once, twice, three times. Each time Amelia moaned. He slid his tongue further down and ended up at the waistband of Amelia's skirt. He didn't want her to take it off; she still had on her shoes and stockings. Deniz was curious to find out what panties she decided to wear today. With his hands on her knees, he slid them up to the bottom hem of the skirt and continued to lift up the skirt.

Amelia's sweet young pussy came into view; no panties. Deniz flicked his eyes up to his daughter to find a devilish grin on her face. He grinned back. "Spread 'em, baby," he advised her and placed a foot on his shoulder. Deniz stared at her pussy for a moment; it was shaved except for a triangle of soft hair. Damn, she really was just like her mother. He spread her pussy lips apart and marveled at the soft pink folds. "Daddy?" Amelia asked, breaking his reverie. "Yeah, baby?" he looked up at his daughter in question. "Please lick my pussy, I can't stand this waiting." Deniz chuckled, "I'm getting there, angel." Deniz leaned in and closed his eyes, inhaling the sweet scent of her. So much like her mother, yet so different. He reached out with his tongue and tasted his daughter for the first time. She was so wet, so very fucking wet.

"Mmm, daddy, your tongue feels so good on my pussy."

Deniz's eyes widened momentarily at the words coming from his sweet daughter's mouth but he was really more interested in what was coming out of her pussy. He'd never tasted anything so delicious, never saw anything so beautiful. He never wanted anything more than he wanted his daughter's pussy at this very moment. Deniz ignore her clit that seemed to be pulsating with the need to be touched, and instead he slid his tongue up her slit and back down to the center of her being. He slipped his middle finger inside up to the first knuckle. Amelia moaned and bucked her hips forward. Her hands were gripping the counter behind her, knuckles white with strain. Deniz pulled his finger out till the tip was barely in and then pushed it all the way in. There was a 50-50 chance that his daughter was a virgin. He hoped she was because he didn't want anyone to have her before he had his chance, but he hoped she wasn't so he didn't have to deal with causing her any pain. His finger slid in all the way to the knuckle and no barrier had stopped him. A part of him was relieved, but another part got very angry. He yanked his finger free of her pussy and stood up. The hand with the soaked finger grabbed his daughter's neck and gave it a little squeeze.

"How many boys have you fucked?"

Amerlia's eyes opened. They were glazed over with lust and newfound shock. She didn't answer, just stared.

"How many boys have you fucked, Amelia?"

"Only 4, daddy..."

Deniz ground his teeth together. "4 means you haven't found a good fuck yet. You don't need boys, Amelia. You need a man." Deniz grabbed his daughter's hand and placed it on his cock. At some point he had released it from the confines of his jeans but he couldn't remember when. Amelia wrapped her hand around it and smiled up at him, "You're so hard, daddy." Denize sighed with pleasure has her hand started to work on his cock. He couldn't be mad at her; not with her hand on his cock, and not with that angelic smile she was giving him. Again, so much like her mother, that gold digging whore...

"Suck my cock, baby girl. Make daddy feel good."

Amelia dropped to her knees and instantly took his cock into her mouth. It was just as wet as her pussy, and so warm. She worked magic over his cock. He groaned and grunted, grabbing Amelia's head he fucked her mouth. She took all 9 inches of steel daddy cock down her throat; she groaned. The vibrations of her vocal chords shook his cock. God, it felt so good. He fucked her mouth harder, slamming his cock down her throat. With one last grunt, he shot his load into her belly. Amelia gagged a little and Deniz let back but refused to let his cock leave her mouth until every last drop was gone.

Deniz ripped off his black t-shirt and tossed it aside. He pulled Amelia up and kicked off his jeans before pushing her against the counter. He f***ed her legs apart and shoved his still rock hard cock into her dripping pussy. He placed his hands on her hips and started to fuck her slowly. He was reveling in how tight her pussy was, and how deep he could go without her wincing. "God baby, you're pussy is so tight." He slid all the out until just the head was in, and then shoved all the way back in to the hilt. "Damn it, dad. I don't want it sweet and gentle. Fuck me hard. Give it to me like I know you want to. Fuck my cunt like I need to be fucked."

Hearing those words spill from his sweet daughter's mind reminded him that he wasn't the first to fuck her, that some boys had gotten her first, and the anger returned. He filtered the anger into something better and pounded away at her pussy, driving his cock deep inside of her. The tip of his cock hit against something it shouldn't, but he didn't care... he just needed this pussy. He slapped Amelia's ass hard. She groaned loudly, nearly blocking out the sound of fucking. He gripped her hips hard, nearly bruising the beautiful skin, and jackhammered in and out of her while she shouted.

"YES! Oh fucking God YES! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your daughter's soaked pussy. Oh, your cock feels so good inside of me. FUUUUCK, hard, daddy! Give it all to me. Yes, pound my sweet young pussy."

"Yeah baby, take daddy's cock. I've been wanting to fuck the shit out of this pussy for such a long time. Oh shit... Fuck... Ohhhh." He pounded into her harder and harder. He could hear the sounds of her breasts slapping together. He wanted to see it. He wanted to see her face as he fucked her. He spun her around and shoved his cock back into her before lifting her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held her legs apart. He bounced her up and down on his cock hard for a few moments before spinning around and laying her on the kitchen table. He pulled her to the edge and continued to fuck her for all she was worth.

Amelia screamed and arched her back so high it seemed like she was doing gymnastics. Deniz felt the muscles of her pussy contract so hard around his cock as she came that it caused him to shoot his load inside of her. There was no warning -- as if he was going to pull out anyway. Her pussy milked his cock for every last drop of cum he had to offer as the pounded slowed down and eventually came to a halt.

Amelia started to laugh. "Holy shit... I really needed that."

Deniz smiled and laughed once. "Yeah, you have no idea."

Amelia held her right hand tightly to the hat she wore on her head. The wind on the coast was far worse than further inland, but that was alright. It tousled her hair playfully and slapped the hem of her dress around her ankles. Her newly manicured toenails were buried in the cool sand. As the wind blew, the silver necklace jingled.

It was getting chilly, the sun already beginning to sink beneath the horizon. The sky to her back turned dark blue, almost black, while the sky in front of her danced a vast array of the color spectrum. It was truly a magnificent sight, and the waves crashing on the shore only added to it. The white foam seemed to fizzle on the cool sand, hugging the shoreline closely before slinking back into the depth of the ocean.

Still holding the hat to her head, Amelia turned slightly to look over her shoulder. Deniz, her father-turned-lover, was standing a few yards back. There was a serene look of content on his face as he watched Amelia. A blush spread across Amelia's cheeks and she smiled toward her father. Deniz walked towards his daughter and extended his hand. Amelia accepted it and together they walked toward the parking lot.

Amelia was older now. At 24, she had already been to college on a swimming scholarship, much to her father's protests. Till she left for college, things around home hadn't changed much. Amelia agreed with her father that it was pointless to have a boyfriend when they had each other; her father was all the man she needed. Nearing the time of her departure, Amelia had it set in her mind that what they were doing was wrong even though it felt so right. Amelia loved her father, but knew she wasn't "in love" with him. She had it set in her mind that going away to college was a good thing for the both of them. Amelia wanted to experience a different kind of life away from her father and their i****tuous ways.

A secret Amelia never voiced to her father was that she wanted to be with other men, experience different styles of sex. Sure, Amelia and her father would try new things but it just didn't feel the same than having a different partner. Amelia wanted another man, a boyfriend, someone she could kiss in public. The "situation" with her father felt more like they were walking on glass. They just had to be very careful all the time.

When Amelia finally went off to college, she met a guy named Ian. They became good friends, and eventually became lovers. Ian was a magnificent lover, like her father, but in so many different ways. During a party at Ian's apartment off-campus, Amelia admitted that she had a sexual relationship with her father. Ian laughed and downed his whiskey. He admitted to Amelia that he had slept with his s****r and his cousin. They drank, laughed and talked about their i****tuous relationships, which got them "hot and bothered." The night ended in a d***ken sexual frenzy.

Thinking back on it now, Amelia liked sex with Ian better than her father, even if they were both great. Ian had proposed to Amelia, and she had said yes. Amelia wanted to live this kind of life, not a life with her father. Once she did research on i****t. She found real stories, which were nothing like the stories she read on an erotica website she found. Things could just end up so twisted. Amelia didn't want that.

"Are we ready for some food now?" Deniz asked. He placed his hand on Amelia's large tummy, bringing her mind back to the present. She placed her hand upon her father's and smiled. "Yes, we are starving!"

The lamp lights at the perimeter of the parking lot cast shadows of what Amelia liked to call her "grotesque bulge". She laughed, and watched the light play off the diamond of her wedding ring. It sparkled beautifully, making her smile. Deniz put his arm around his daughter and they walked down the street to the Curry Café that specialized in Indian food. They sat down at a table located near the back of the restaurant. Their table was set next to a wall of glass. On the other side of the glass was the beach. There was only a little bit of color left in the sky now, almost completely swallowed by the dark.

"Ian got me into this sort of food during college. He made me a dish his great grandmother taught him. Ian just loves when he gets the chance to bring out his heritage for other people who don't know much about it. He's so proud of it."

Their waiter took their order of drinks and handed them menus. They looked over the menu, leaving a break in the conversation to study the delicious food that the Curry Café had to offer. "What are you feeling, dad?" Amelia asked.

"I think I might have the Samosa dish. They look tasty. A pastry shell stuffed with goodies... sounds like my kind of food. I'm just trying to decide which kind of chutney I'd like to take along with it. What about you, honey?"

"Ah, I think I might have either the chicken tikka or brown basmati rice with curry beef. Ian has made me both, so I'd like to see whose is better."

"Ian seems like a good guy. It seems he's everything this father could want for his beautiful daughter, aside from himself." He added the last part quietly and chuckled. Their waiter came back with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. Amelia closed her menu and looked at her father, waiting for his cue. He nodded.

"Alright, I decided I'm going to have the brown basmati rice with curry beef and that man over there will have your Samosa platter with your house chutney." Amelia handed the waiter their menus when he finished writing their orders. He smiled.

"I'll go put this order in. It shouldn't take too long." He smiled and left.

"Wow, you just take charge don't you?" Deniz laughed.

"As if you didn't know," Amelia winked. "Plus, Ian said it's usually best to choose their house chutney if you don't know which kind to get. I'd just take his advice!"

Instrumental Indian music played softly in the background. The lighting was low, but there was a dimmer switch set with each table in case you wanted the light brighter. Amelia slowly lifted the switch, lighting up the table a little more. "Much better."

"Yes, much. Pregnancy makes you just positively glow, my dear!" Deniz said.

"Aw dad, stop."

"No! You still remind me of your mother when she was pregnant with you, may that bitch burn in hell."

Amelia snorted, "Daddy!" She laughed.

"Well, okay... I'll play nice. Still, you're a beautiful woman, honey. Ian's a lucky bastard."

"You got that right."

A little while later, their food arrived. "Hello, my name is Mina. Your waiter had a run-in with a door and an incoming tray of dirty dishes. Needless to say, I'm taking over some of his tables. Who had the curry beef?"

Amelia raised her hand and watched the delicious food being set in front of her. The baby inside her belly shifted, and it seemed to Amelia that he or she was trying to get at the food as well.

"Okay, if you need anything just holler. I'll be back in a jiffy to check up on you."

As Mina walked away Deniz couldn't take his eyes off her rear end. As soon as she disappeared, Deniz looked back at his daughter and whistled lowly, wiggling his eyebrows. "Damn, that woman is fine." Amelia grinned, not even feeling an ounce of jealously. Mina actually was quite a woman. She wore typical Indian dress with a color matching Bindi. Her hair was long and brown, though it was tied and braided down her back. She was a dead ringer for Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World and actress.

Amelia and Deniz ate their food with gusto, it was so good. Of course, Amelia's dish wasn't quite as great as her fiancé's but still great. "How is your food, dad?" Amelia asked. He looked up with a grin on his face; most of his food was already in his belly. "Ian and I will have you over for dinner some time, and he can make you a nice traditional Indian meal. It will be so fun!" After their food was done, they sat and talked for a bit while the food settled in their stomachs. With the pregnancy so far along, Amelia just couldn't eat food and immediately start moving, it had to settle or it could come back up.

Deniz and Amelia started to walk to the counter to pay their bill. "You go on out and get the car started dad, I've got this tab. Next time, it's on you." Amelia smiled. Deniz smiled and agreed, exiting out the door. Amelia waited at the counter and dug in her purse to extract her wallet. It was sparkly and blue and had cost her way too much. Mina walked up to the register. Amelia handed her the amount due and began to rummage in her wallet for something. She extracted a small white card with a picture and some text. Amelia handed it to Mina. "If I was right in the looks my father was receiving from you, you should give him a call. I know he'd like it. I hear he's a great lover and you're hot."

Mina blushed intensely and took the card, "Thank you. Have a great night, congratulations on your pregnancy!" Amelia smiled and placed her hand on her belly. "Thanks, you, too." Amelia walked out of the restaurant and spotted her father waiting in the car. She got in and buckled the seatbelt. "Would you like to go back to the hotel now, baby girl?" Amelia nodded.

The hotel was a short way from the beach, and their room faced the beach. When they got back to the hotel room Amelia took off her shoes and fell back into the couch that was in their "living quarters". She groaned and stretched. "I cannot wait to get this thing out of me!" she exclaimed, lifting her dress until it was bunched beneath her breasts. She placed both hands on her stomach and rubbed a sore spot from previous kicking. Deniz approached his daughter and knelt in from of her. He took the Shea butter lotion off the table and squirted a generous amount into the palm of his hand and rubbed them together before placing them on her belly. Smiling, Deniz rubbed in the lotion

"Pregnancy suits you, though! You're so hot."

"Oh dad, please."

Deniz smiled and shook his head, she would never get it through her head how beautiful and sexy she was being pregnant. A lot of the men in the restaurant tonight were checking her out, and she was completely oblivious. Of course, Deniz thought it was sick that even though she's pregnant, men were still gawking like she was a piece of meat. It may be hypocritical however, because Deniz was getting turned on rubbing her sexy belly. Right now, Amelia wore white cotton panties with a small rose on the front. It was the cutest, sexiest thing and he could feel himself start to harden in his slacks.

Amelia had her head back against the headrest of the couch with her eyes closed so Deniz leaned his face in and inhaled softly the clean, sweet sense of Amelia's pussy. He hooked his fingers under the side straps of Amelia's cute little panties and told her to lift her butt a little. She complied and Deniz pulled the panties down Amelia's slender thighs and set them aside once they were completely off. Amelia peeled the dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind the couch. She lifted a leg and set a foot on the edge of the couch and looked down at her dad. He looked like a k** in a candy store.

Deniz grabbed hold of Amelia's other foot and also rested that one on the couch. He looked up at her and placed a hand on her belly from between her legs. "Is that comfortable for you, baby girl?" he asked sincerely. Amelia smiled and nodded. She was a little disappointed she couldn't see her pussy. She always enjoyed watching her father work his magic on her cunt. "Good," he said. Deniz looked at his daughter's cunt and for a brief moment imagined his grandc***d coming out of there. As odd as it might be to some, it turned him on even more. He gazed at Amelia's clean shaven pussy, and at her beautiful pink folds spread wider for him, only to accommodate the size of her belly now. Amelia's pussy was starting to moisten and the intoxicating aroma filled his nostrils whenever he inhaled.

Amelia snaked her hand over her belly and dipped a finger inside. When she removed her finger, it was coated in her juices. Deniz watched in a trance as his daughter brought her finger to his mouth. He took the finger in his mouth instantly, and Amelia said, "I know you can't resist once you've had a taste, daddy..." Deniz groaned at the sweet taste of his daughter, and how she looked sitting there on the couch with her legs spread away from her leaking center. "Touch me. Lick me, daddy. I need you."

Deniz let out a growl and shoved his tongue into his daughter's cunt. He hooked his arms around her thighs to draw her closer to his face, a feat deemed almost impossible. He licked and sucked her pink flesh into his mouth, slurping copious amounts of Amelia's juices into his mouth. She had a distinct taste to her, something that Deniz just seemed to need.

Amelia whined in her throat, letting out squeaks of pleasure as her body writhed on the couch. If she could reach, her fingers would be running through her father's thick head of hair as he worked his magic on her pussy. "Daddy, let's move to the bed." He looked up around the curve of Amelia's belly and smiled, "Good idea!"

Deniz stood and scooped up his baby girl and brought her to the bed. Had she not been pregnant, he would have dropped her from the air just to see her delicious breasts bounce, but he let her down gentle and smiled. "You're so sexy!"

"Thanks daddy, but I want to suck your cock now." Deniz climbed on the bed with Amelia. "Lower your pussy onto my face, I'm hungry!" Amelia straddled her daddy's face, lowering her juicy cunt to his mouth while she lowered her mouth onto the 9 inches of pure delicious daddy meat, the creator of her very being. Deniz groaned when he felt Amelia's luscious lips wrap around his stiff pole. "Go easy, baby. I have other plans for that thing!" He laughed.

Amelia winked and smiled, "Then just fuck me already daddy..." Deniz needed no more encouragement. He got himself comfortable on the bed of pillows and watched his daughter lift a leg across from him, giving him a great view of her dripping snatch. Amelia looked back over her shoulder, flinging some of her long blonde hair backwards and smiled. "Do you want my pussy, daddy?" she asked seductively, bouncing her bottom teasingly just inches away from his pole.

Deniz curled his toes to ease his tension. "Yes!" Slowly Amelia stretched her pussy lips onto her father's cock. She sank all the down until she could feel his somewhat soft pubic hair rub against her own shaven pussy. She groaned and ground herself against him to tickle her lips. "Oh daddy, doesn't that feels so good?" Deniz bit his lower lip and placed his hands on his daughter's hips. "Yeah baby, it feels great. Now raise up your pussy slowly... ohhh yeah, just like that. Sink back down baby."

Amelia did just as her daddy told her, wishing only to please him. "I'll do whatever you want, daddy!" Deniz started to guide Amelia's pussy along his cock, his eyes fixed on the slick coating her pussy caused. They began a steady rhythm; both enjoy the sensations of each other's sex. The hands of her father on Amelia's waist no longer guided her. The vibrations of friction between them led her onward, pushing her forward to what was surely going to be a powerful orgasm.

"Daddy your cock feels so good deep in my cunt. I love the way it slides so easily while slathered in my juices. Yeah, fuck me a little harder daddy... we can take it!" We? Deniz groaned; somehow the choice of her words made his cock twitch. Now he dripped onto Amelia's hips, his knuckles turning white as he picked up the pace in the fucking of his sexy pregnant daughter. "You like fucking your daddy, you little slut?" Amelia grunted and moaned each time their skin slapped together. She began to ride him harder, thrusting back to meet his upward thrust. "Just like that, don't stop!" Amelia whined in that cute, out-of-breath sex voice. She held herself up on one forearm as she pinched and pulled at her swollen nipples. A droplet of milk squeezed out of one of her nipples. Amelia scooped it up with her finger and stuck her finger in her mouth, she groaned. "Oh yeah, that tastes good. Daddy, you have to suck on my nipples!"

Deniz groaned, not really wanting to stop... maybe it was for the best to take a quick break. Amelia swiveled her body around so that she was facing her daddy. She started to again rock her hips, bringing her juicy cunt up and down along the hard cock inside her. "Suck my titties daddy, get a sweet reply!" Deniz scooped a breast into his hand and brought it to her mouth while she rode him harder. First he licked around her large, dark areola. The skin was prickled and pinched up, and centered in the middle was her eraser-like nipple, wet with her milk. He lightly squeezed her breast as he wrapped his lips around it and sucked. A light squirt of Amelia's milk spurted into his mouth. He was momentarily reminded of a day on his friend's farm when he milked a cow and got aroused.

"You like that daddy? Two sweet treats, my pussy and my milk... maybe you can have my cute little asshole sometime too, daddy." Deniz caused a whimper from his daughter and she placed her hands on his chest for leverage and started to fuck him harder and faster. The feeling of her daddy's lips around her nipple, sucking for the milk really aroused her. She needed to cum badly, and she was hell bent on making her father shoot his seed deep inside her aching loins. "My pussy is burning, daddy... fuck me! Fuck me hard! Pound my pussy just like that!" Amelia screamed. She was thrusting herself hard, slamming down as he f***ed himself deeper.

It wouldn't be too long now. The angle of the cock sliding into Amelia's twat, along with the friction of her juiced was driving her wild. She threw her head back and choked out a scream, her hands clenching her daddy's skin. That caused Deniz to groan loudly, a certain groan Amelia knew all too well. He would be shooting her cum deep inside her any second, but ladies first... right?

"Daddy! DADDY! I'm cumming, oh yes harder..." Deniz could feel his daughter's pussy walls clench tightly around his shaft; clenching and unclenching, milking his cock for all it was worth. The new sensation finally shoved his off the edge. With one final thrust and exploded into a spin tingling, mind blanking... vision blurring orgasm. It had to have been on of the most intense one's in his life. He groaned obscenities until the last of his seed spilled from him and into her. Amelia leaned down and began to kiss her father, slowly bringing her pussy up and down his shaft, making sure she got every last drop. She slowed and stopped but straightened up, the cock still deep inside her.

Deniz and Amelia had a smile on their face. "So, when's the hubby coming?" Deniz winked. Was there a double meaning to her daddy's question?

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