She was lost in a universe of her own making. Gasping and crying out with each shuddering orgasm. I was getting close, but I didn't want to give it up yet, so I slowed even more. Linda gasped and shuddered as I rolled my hips, gently fucking my stiff prick into her, sinking deep between her softly yielding pussy lips. She was so slick and wet that I could almost have slipped into her, hips and all. Her hot, buttery insides gripped my shafting cock as she came. I leaned forward to kiss her silky shoulders as she raised her ass on the stumps of her legs, pushing herself back into me, wanting all of me completely inside her wet heat. She shuddered and stiffened once more, crying out again. Her capacity to cum was a total amazement to me and I wanted to make her cum as many times as I could before I gave her the cream from my lusty balls.

— — — — — — — — — —

Linda and I hadn't always been lovers. It's true that in our teens, we'd both been very sexually active, but it had always been with other partners, never with each other. In thinking back, maybe she'd never have lost her legs had we been lovers back then. Be that as it may, it was enough that we were now. I've found that I truly love her as much as she loves me.

We were born less than a year apart, Linda was first and I came along roughly ten months later. Both my parents wanted a big f****y and they saw no sense in waiting. What stopped them was that my father was a diesel mechanic and, several months after I was born, died when a hydraulic lift failed and dropped a car on his head. He lingered for a few days, but according to my mother, his brain-dead body finally gave up and succumbed to the injuries. Mom raised us alone for the next ten years with a little help from her two s****rs.

Social Security benefits paid for us until we were eighteen, but before then, she met and married a real nice guy. Being the bantam rooster I was, it took me a few months to adjust to his constant presence. I mean, when she was dating him, he'd occasionally stay overnight, but that wasn't the same as constantly being in my hair. He chivvied me along and I finally grew to accept him as the dominant male in my life, representing the father figure I guess I needed. From him I learned to treat others, especially women, with more respect. He taught me that others had feelings and to respect them and he did it by his example. For that, I guess, I love him as a father. Anyway, he and Mom had another four k**s.

Alan and Marsha were the first two – fraternal twins – they came along when I was around ten or eleven. Alan popped out almost as soon as Mom went into labor. He's always been an eager beaver, brash and up for almost anything. Marsha came along a leisurely hour later. She peeked out of Mom's womb before pushing a shoulder then the rest of herself out. She didn't scream or yell, she only took in her new surroundings with the calm equanimity of a thinker. She later became the brains to Alan's willing brawn, leading them into some real doozies. A couple of years later came Steven, a willing follower to the Alan and Marsha gang. Sally came along almost three years after Steven. The baby of the f****y, after Mom had her tubes tied, she was the typical spoiled little brat. Be that as it may, my other b*****rs and s****rs aren't in any way a part of this story and I mentioned them because I wanted to give them a little shot at their fifteen minutes of fame.

As I said before, Linda and I were born less than a year apart and, other than the usual c***dish spats and fights, we got along pretty well. I also mentioned that as teens, we were sexually active as well. I gave my virginity up when I as around fifteen to a dumpy sixteen year old girl named Debra. She was available and it was a hurried job under the visitor's bleachers during a football game. I got some coke and ice cream spilled on my back, but I didn't care, I 'd finally gotten some pussy! One guy spotted us under there, but it was as I was pulling out of her. She did my ego good when she told me that I was the best guy she'd ever had. I guess she meant it because, she tried to corner me a number of times during and after school. I had several other encounters that year, but during the summer and the following year . . . boy, did I ever do well. As for Linda, she told me recently that she gave up her virginity when she was sixteen, to a long, lanky basketball player after one of his games. After a few times with him, he left her broken-hearted for another girl, because, he said, she demanded that he always wear a condom. After a brief mourning period, she took up with another boy. A nicer boy, she said, but he, too, caught the eye of another girl. All told she said that she'd had eight lovers, unless you also counted one night when she'd got really buzzed and let the geek have some in the back seat of his car.

We both went on to college, and in college Linda entered a Miss Lovely Legs contest and won. She truly had a very beautiful pair of legs and I'd admired them many times. It was also at college that I began to feel a little jealousy for her. We had both enrolled in our local community college and planned to apply for a credit transfer to a more prestigious college or university for our last one or two years of pre-baccalaureate study because it truly does matter where your diploma comes from. Her contest win went a little to her head and she blew a whole semester with her partying. She was suspended for a year, but she buckled down and got back to her studies, getting accepted back in after her suspension, doing very well. Meanwhile, I'd applied for and gotten accepted in one of the top universities. I ended up receiving my Bachelor's degree from MIT and figured that within a year and a half, two at the most, I'd have my MBA.

Because of her missing year, Linda was turned down by several top universities, but she did finally get accepted to a real good University in Louisiana, LSU. A week before she was to leave to start classes, she and a number of her friends decided to party it up. It was the last weekend she'd have there since she had to be in Baton Rouge the following Friday. I had a lot of leeway studying for my Masters so I was home for the big send-off. However, just because I had a lot of leeway didn't mean that I could ease off on my studies and I worked my index cards hard, doing some heavy writing on my Master's Thesis while I was home.

The night of Linda's big send-off party, I'd gone to bed late, long after Linda and her girlfriends had departed. I'd gotten up to take a piss around six the next morning, and lazily wondered how big Linda's head was going to be after her party. I hadn't heard her come in, but I chalked it up to sl**ping soundly. Heading back to bed, I idly picked up my index cards and was casually re-sorting them when I heard a heavy, banging knock on the front door. Dropping my cards on the bed, I sat up and wondered who it could be. Suddenly, I got a cold knot in the pit of my stomach. Linda! Without checking to see who it was, I knew it had to be the police knocking. It had to be about Linda! I hurriedly skinned on my jeans and ran out the door with Mom and Papa Ralph trailing a few yards behind. I don't know how, but Papa Ralph was first to the door and, throwing it open, I saw two city cops over his shoulder, standing just outside the door.

"Would this be Miss Linda Maria Carter's residence?" the first one asked.

"Y-yes, I'm her father," Papa Ralph stuttered.

"Well, Mr. Carter –"

"Williams, Ralph Williams, I'm actually her step-father."

"Yes, sir. Mr. Williams your daughter, er, step-daughter has been in an accident –"

"Is she all right?" Mom gasped, pushing between me and Papa Ralph, "I'm her mother! Tell me, is she all right?"

"Hush, honey," Papa Ralph held her back, "let the man speak."

"Well, ma'am," he nodded his thanks to Papa Ralph, "she's been admitted to Memorial Hospital for treatment of severe injuries. They'll know more about her condition there. I'm just here to let you know where she is."

"T-thank you, officer," Papa Ralph sighed, running his fingers through his hair, "would you two like a cup of coffee or something to drink? Iced tea?"

The officer only shook his head and gave him a weary smile as he turned away.

"We're sorry to be the bearers of bad news, ma'am," the second officer half-saluted and turned, "have a good, uh . . . good bye," I could see him biting his lip at his partial slip.

"Bye," Mom mumbled after him.

The younger k**s were still in bed, so I volunteered to stay with them and made a fresh pot of coffee as Papa Ralph and Mom had a quick shower, dressed and, with a squeal of tires, left. A couple of hours later, I got the k**s up, got them fed and loaded them on the school bus when it pulled up. I cleaned up, threw on a clean shirt and headed out. As an afterthought, I turn at the door, grabbed the house phone and put it on call-forwarding to my cell phone. A half-hour later, I was at the hospital. I found Mom in the main waiting room, Papa Ralph had gone to get them a coffee refill, and she told me what she knew about the accident.

The first thing she told me was that Linda had lost her legs, but that she was still alive. She had some serious internal injuries, but the prognosis was good overall. Her condition was still a little guarded and she was still in surgery, but they were "just cleaning her . . . her s-s-stumps" – she broke down and sobbed for a few minutes before continuing. They were trimming off the bones in case she might be eligible for prosthetic devices later.

"Oh, my poor baby," Mom sobbed.

I had a big lump in my throat and wondered if, had I horned in on them and come along, she'd be in this condition. But I hadn't wanted to go drinking. I'd been too damned tired, although in spite of that, I'd stayed up very late myself. Papa Ralph interrupted my self-recriminations, arriving with three cups of coffee.

"Figured you'd be here by now, so I brought you one," he half-smiled.

"Thanks, Pop," I smiled up at him, pleased at his thoughtfulness – but he was like that, always thinking. I guess he's where Marsha got her brain power.

We sat and sipped coffee quietly for a minute or two, then Papa Ralph told me the rest of the story as he'd heard it. It seemed that one of the girls Linda was with, had borrowed her father's Volkswagen and she, Linda and two other girlfriends had piled into it, driving off to another party. They were all d***k. One of the other girls took the other car and the remainder of their party, and followed a couple of miles behind. They all knew where they were going, so there was no need to try to keep up. The second car, however, was stopped by a cop who'd noticed their erratic driving and they were carted off to the d***k tank. Mom dropped her head into her hands and sobbed as she listened and I, too, wished that Linda had been stopped by the cops. Anyway Papa Ralph continued, Linda and them got lost and ended up on an empty back road. The girl driving apparently lost control of the car going into an s-curve and, at sixty miles an hour, thirty-five miles faster than the speed limit, and ran into the support wall of a concrete railroad bridge. It was a smack-on, flat, head-on hit. It hadn't looked as if she'd slowed nor tried to steer away. He paused, his hand trembling as he took a sip of his coffee. The driver and front seat passenger were apparently killed on impact. One of the back seat passengers didn't have her seat belt on and was thrown into the back of the driver's seat and apparently traveled over the driver and went through the windshield. She was stopped by the same concrete wall that had stopped the car. Linda, however, was buckled in and was still in her seat, although it did break loose due to the impact, and suffered internal injuries from the seat belt. However, the loose seat slammed forward, the front seat had been shoved back from the impact and her legs were crushed between the two.

She'd drifted in and out of consciousness as she sat there, trapped by her legs as effectively as a bear in a trap. The bear, however, could gnaw it's paw off, but Linda wasn't a bear. The road remained devoid of traffic until the wee hours of the morning. They'd hit the bridge at around ten and it wasn't until one o'clock that a railroad switcher, heading for the siding nearby, found them. He didn't own a cell phone, so he had to go to the switch itself for a direct line to the dispatcher and called for help. A state trooper arrived roughly an hour later followed by an ambulance and the fire department's rescue squad. Papa Ralph said that he'd been told that the girl that had been thrown through the windshield had still been alive when the ambulance arrived. An emergency helicopter had been called and arrived about the time they'd extricated Linda. They loaded both surviving girls on it, but Amelia had died en route. She was too broken and torn up for them to successfully resuscitate her – but Linda survived. Her legs had been broken at mid-thigh, one a little higher than the other, and the pinching of the seats had kept her from bleeding out. However, because her lower legs had been deprived of bl**d for so long, they were turning black by the time they got her loose and had to be amputated. It was a sorry ending to happy party.

— — — — — — — — — —

Linda didn't get her degree then. She did eventually get it, but that's farther down the road. I got my MBA and hired on with a company in a city near home, got a small loft apartment and began working my way up the ladder.

Back home, the twins were high school sophomores and the boys were in middle school and grade school. Linda was progressing, but still complained of painful twinges in her non-existent calves, ankles and feet. She visited me at my apartment about as often as I visited home, staying overnight on occasion. I usually picked her up and took her home whenever Mom or Papa Ralph didn't. The prostheses hadn't worked out. There was something about the stumps being too short. They'd talked about hip replacement to give her something longer to hook some prostheses on, but Linda had turned them down flat. She didn't want that kind of pain. She'd heard of how much hip replacement hurt and, although the pain lessened, it was always there. She didn't want that.

One weekend, Papa Ralph, Mom and the k**s were going camping and she didn't want to go, so she came up to spend it with me. She said she didn't want to be a drag on Papa Ralph by having him carrying her around like an invalid. Which brings to mind – after she was back home, she moped around for several weeks, getting a little round and chubby. I liked the look, but she didn't. As she realized that she was going to be permanently legless, her attitude changed dramatically. She went back to her old diet, cut out most of the junk food and got a pamphlet from her doctor about wheelchair exercises, quickly getting back her former looks. She'd still occasionally get depressed missing the girls that had died, and often visit their graves.

At any rate, like I said, she came up to spend the weekend with me. Papa Ralph and Mom brought her up that Friday afternoon and asked that I drop her off back home Monday evening, since I had a long weekend as well. After they left, she and I played a few games and watched some TV. We were chatting and arguing amiably about who would be the best President, Obama or McCain. She was for Obama and I preferred McCain.

"That won't work," she shook her head adamantly.

"And why not?" I retorted, "McCain has the skill and experience and he's got a lot of contacts in government and that's a big help!"

"He's too old! Think. What'll happen if he dies in office, huh?" she gestured and grabbed my hair, tugging gently to make her point, "then what? Sarah Palin will be in office and who's the vice president? Well, Susan Pelosi, of course, one of her worst political enemies. What kind of cat fights do you think will happen then, huh?"

The idea was so ludicrous that I busted out laughing. Yeah! Sarah Palin and Susan Pelosi in a cat fight in the oval office. I gave her the argument as I laughed myself silly. A few minutes later, we'd quieted down and just sat, vegetating in front of the boob tube, laughing at the antics of the people in a so-called reality fix. Without thinking, Linda reached down to massage her non-existent knee, her hand landed flat on the sofa. I glanced down and took her hand, held it in both of mine and brought it up to my cheek. She gave me a sad, wan little smile, her lip trembling and shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

"Both legs hurt all the way to my toes," she stared wistfully at where her feet should have been, "the doctor calls them ghost pains. I call them a real pain in the ass. My feet hurt as if I've been dancing all night with some clod stepping all over them, you know?" she looked into my eyes sadly.

I looked back at her helplessly. Her legs had been so beautiful. So long and slender. Dancer's legs. She'd been taking classical dance lessons along with her regular studies and had hoped to break into some dance troupe and have her degree as a backup in case she couldn't make it as a dancer. Now she had neither. And as for dancing with some clod, she hadn't been out on a date since her accident, not that she'd gotten any offers. Still, she was a beautiful woman and I found myself still dazzled by her. In a way, I felt that I no longer had any competition for her attentions and I liked that. However, at present, I didn't know how to help her so I sat quietly with her for a long time. Finally, I remembered something I'd seen on one of the medical programs on TV. It wasn't much, but it was something to start a conversation with and, at the time, I didn't mean to do much more than that with it.

"Hon, um, I don't know, but I, um, I heard about a technique that's helped some people with missing hands and feet and, um . . ."

"You mean where the subject used a mirror to reflect his own hand?" she peered up at me.

"Uh, yeah, but I'm not sure how we could go about it with you, you know? Maybe find some woman that would be willing to lie back and maybe you could sit on her lap and . . ."

"It doesn't have to be a woman, Eddie," she looked at me with a mixture of doubt and hope, "it could just as easily be a man and I think I know how we can try, will you let me?" her words tumbled out quickly as she began thinking about it.

"W-well, yeah, I guess," I quickly acquiesced, "whatever you wanna do."

I was just trying to keep her happy and occupied, but without another word, she pulled my arm around her waist, lay her hand on my thigh and with one little hop, she was on my lap. She shoved her butt as far back as she could against me, looked around and smiled.

"Stretch your legs out and slide down a little, then lean back, I need to get further up on your belly, okay?"

I followed her instructions and lay back. She slid her butt back until she was sitting on my soft prick. Her warmth and pressure gave me a half-erection, but her weight kept it down. She grabbed the afghan off the back of the couch and folded it across her lap to cover the ends of her stumps and we sat for a few minutes as she stared down at my feet.

"It doesn't feel right," she moaned in frustration, "I don't know . . ."

I kicked off my shoes and wriggled out of my socks, pushing them down and off with my toes, a habit we both had.

"Oh!" she gasped, "my God!"

"What's wrong, sweetie?" I tried to sit up.

"No, don't! Stay where you are!" she was excited, "I almost felt that," she whispered in wonder, "wiggle your toes!"

As I wiggled them and rotated my feet, stretching them and making the tendons pop, I had the surreal feeling that something had entered my legs. That I was sharing the feeling in my legs with something.

"OO-OOH-H-H!!" she gasped, "I did feel that! Oh! Oh . . . my . . . god!"

She stared intently at my feet. Suddenly, I felt as if something was in control of them! That something, or somebody, else had control and was arching and curling each of my toes one by one as if learning how to use them. A cold chill crept up my spine and I stared at the back of Linda's head.

"QUIT!" I suddenly cried out.

Startled, Linda turned to stare at me and I felt my feet come back to me. I stared back at Linda in relief and shocked surprise.

"I felt them, Eddie," she whispered in as much surprise as I felt, "I really felt them. My feet don't hurt anymore and the pain in my knees is gone."

We stared at each other in awed surprise.

"I felt my feet relaxing and the pain eased up and . . . Oh, Eddie!"

She leaned into me wrapping her arms around my neck, her lithe body suddenly heaving as she sobbed into my shoulder. I sat speechless, not knowing what to say or do other than hold her in my arms and rock her gently as she cried.

"I felt my feet, Eddie," she sobbed, staring up at me, her face scrunched up in a teary mask.

"I know, hon, I know. It scared me. I felt it, too."

We talked about that for a few minutes, telling each other about the shock and surprise. The feeling of possession and of being possessed. We finally quieted as I held her still in my arms. She lay staring up at me for a long time. I couldn't hold her eyes with this unrepressed adoration in them – it was so new. I'd always known that I loved her, but this sudden return of it was almost too much to bear. The next time I looked down into her eyes, she reached up and, half-closing hers, pulled my head down, pressing her lips gently to mine. Surprised, I automatically opened my mouth and she sucked my tongue between her soft lips, suckling on the tip gently before letting go and licking her lips in appreciation.

"I felt something else, too," she smiled slyly, "wanna do something about it?" she caressed my jaw, raking her fingernails gently along my chin.

"Um . . ." I was stunned again.

"Listen, Eddie, I haven't thought of you as a b*****r for a long time, not since we started in college. My sorority s****rs and I used to compare notes about guys and you always seemed to come out on top because you were always so open, generous and, well, gentlemanly, you know?"

"Um," I stuttered.

"Listen, I even heard that you were damn good in bed, not because you had the biggest schlong the girls had ever had, but because you cared and you made love with them. It wasn't just some quick butt-slap, jump in, do your thing and jump out, but because they seemed to feel that you really cared, savvy? You cared if they got some pleasure out of it and, and, um . . . and . . . well . . . I wanna feel it, too, you know?"

"B-but . . ."

"I'm on the pill. God knows why I stayed on it, but I have. Maybe this is why, okay, Eddie? Please? Make love to me? I haven't had any in so long and my hand has pretty much worn out it's welcome, so, please? Pretty please . . . with hamburger on it?"

Legs or not, I did want her and I suddenly realized that I'd wanted her for a long time. She saw the answer in my eyes and smiled, pulled me down to her face again, slowly closed her eyes and we kissed once more gently and insistently. She tasted as wonderful as I'd always believed she would. Without another word, I picked her up in my arms and carried her into my bedroom. On the way, she stripped off her top baring her braless breasts to me. Staring at them I stumbled on the rug and fell with her. Luckily we landed on the bed. We were too wrapped up in each other to laugh or joke about it.

"Let me look at all of you," I mumbled, undoing her belt and the buttons on her jeans.

She grabbed the waistband and stared at me wildly, suddenly unsure about baring her stumps to me. She was proud of her breasts, but she didn't want me to see the stumps of her once beautiful legs. I held onto the jean's legs and kept pulling gently, looking pleadingly into her eyes. She finally let me slide her jeans down, still hanging onto the waistband as she gave way. As her jeans came off, the aroma of her arousal drifted gently up into my nose. The pheromones of her lust made my stiff cock twitch and bounce. She hung onto her jeans as they came off, still gripping the waistband uselessly as she stared up at me, a sad, almost stricken look on her face. I smiled in reassurance and anticipation as I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her high-rise bikini panties and slid them off her. Her pussy lips were already wet with her cream as she peered up at me, examining and gauging my reaction.

She was as beautiful as she'd ever been. She was sweetly rounded without being fat, and so lusciously soft. I ran my hands down her body from her high, sassy breasts down to the ends of her legless thighs. The surgeons had evened them up, matching the longer break to the shorter one, however, there wasn't much left of them. A micro-mini skirt would have hidden them completely. She may not have been a beautiful woman, but she was so temptingly wonderful to me. I bent, as she watched wide-eyed, and pressed my lips to her softly rounded belly, caressing her bellybutton as I frenched it with my tongue. I heard the jeans slip to the floor as she gasped, her slender hands trembling as they dug into my hair. Her belly quivered and kept jerking tight as I nibbled my way down. Just under the swell of her belly, I opened my mouth and sucked her soft flesh in, biting down hard enough to make her cry out. She pulled my hair roughly, rolled her hips up and gave me a couple of involuntary humps. She was hot and more than ready for me as I let go and slid my lips down to her creaming pussy. I managed to kick off my trousers as her wanton cry of lust rang in my ears. Spreading out her lips, I sought out her tiny engorged clittie hidden in her folds and sucked it between my voracious lips. She rolled her hips up then back as I tongued her creaming cunt.

"Ooh-h-h-whoa-h-h-h, Eddie," she moaned, "oh-h, yes-s-s."

"God, honey," I mumbled, my mouth full of her pussy, "your are so delicious."

Her response was a wordless, grunting moan as she stiffened, pressed her stumps down hard on my shoulders and arched up, cumming lustily. For my part, I sank my tongue as far as I could into her clenching cunt and sucked as much of her cream as I could, feeling it smear across my face from my nose to my chin.

"Oh-Eddie," she gasped, "I want it now, honey. Please!"

With her cream on my face, I knelt up and ripped my polo shirt off. She gave me a tremulous smile and unhesitatingly stretched her arms out to me, waving her stumps in the air and spreading them wide as I lowered myself gently between them. Pressing my stiff cock-head against her cunt-lips, I watched her tremulous smile melt into a rictus of lust, her eyes glazing as she felt me push gently into her.

"Mm-m-ma-ah-h-h," she moaned, "all of it, Eddie! Give me all of it!" she panted.

I grunted and pushed deeper and deeper into her. As my cock-head bounced off her cervix, she gasped and whimpered, feeling the twinge deep in her belly. Over the years, she'd grown to love that feeling. In this case, it meant that I was completely in her. She hadn't seen my prick since we'd been k**s, but she could feel it now. I could almost feel it, too. It was nice and fat, stretching her pussy wide and wonderfully. Unable to hold back, I began a gentle rhythm. Her pussy gripped my cock tight, so wonderfully tight. I sighed – more of a whimper than a sigh – and settled into a long, stroking rhythm. Linda opened her eyes wide and stared at my face, her soft hands coming up and caressing my cheeks as they slid back into my hair, combing her fingers through it again and again. A few moments later, she closed her eyes, her hands became like claws, and she gripped my hair hard, stiffening and pressing her breasts and belly to mine. Then again – she gave a low, whimpering grunt and threw her head back as she came. As she opened her eyes, she smiled, her eyes going wide then narrowing sl**pily.

"I guess . . . all those . . . stories were . . . true," she whispered between my bouncing, heavy thrusts, "you're really . . . a wonderful . . . lover – ooh-h, b-b-baby!" she closed her eyes again and pressed her body tight against me.

It seemed as if she was done cumming as she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me in for a slobbery, tongue-slapping kiss. Her pussy clutched at my thrusting prick as she arched her head back. I trailed my lips down her silky throat, nibbling at her collar bone as I bounced into her, her slender body rocking back and forth under my pistoning hips. I could feel her stumps caressing my ribs as I pounded into her, harder and faster.

"Um-m-m, Eddie," she whispered, panting gently.

I was getting close. God I wanted to cum in her so bad, but her pussy was so delightfully tight that it held me at bay. As she gasped and her pussy began a fast, helpless quivering, she gave a long grunting cry and I blew my cum hard into her. She gasped again, shaking heavily. Crying out with a long, moaning whimper as she threw her arms out and up, pressing her belly into mine, then rolled her hips, pushing her pussy at me as I rammed heavily into her and squirted again. Her eyes widened and she gave me a shuddering smile, then she half-closed them, her smile widening as I sent my last few dribbles into her.

"Oh, God, Eddie, it feels like you needed that as much as I did."

I smiled into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her insouciant little nose.

"I needed you," I slid my face along hers, caressing her cheek with mine, "really, really needed you . . . only you."

Linda smiled up at me and gave a deep sigh.

"I'm glad I don't have legs now," she grinned, I looked at her quizzically, "they always got in the way at moments like this, "thank you, Eddie, thank you very much."

"No –" I started, but she stopped me with her soft fingers across my lips.

"Yes. That trick with the feet really helped – ooh!" she gasped then giggled, "you moved in me and it felt so nice."

I smiled and began pulling my soft prick out of her. My cum was already oozing down over her tightly puckered anus anyway.

"Oh-God!" she gasped as I slid completely out of her, "I'd never noticed how good even that feels," she grinned impishly up at me, "baby b*****r, you've really opened my eyes . . . and legs," she added with lascivious smile.

"What legs?" I grinned sardonically.

"Oh, screw you," she giggled happily, I'd given her a couple of good cums and nothing could spoil the afterglow of that.

"I'd say that I already have," I winked and ran my hand over her gently rounded tummy, "but I, in actuality, made love with you . . . no screwing there."

"Yes, baby," she sighed gustily, pulling my head to her breast, "and I don't want it to ever end, you know?"

"I know, hon," I nodded, "I know."

Snuggling her into my arms, I sighed and close my eyes, caressing her gently from her breasts to the ends of her stumps – which no longer seemed odd to me, they just were . . . a part of her.

"Wanna turn off the lights?"

"In a few minutes, hon," I mumbled completely satisfied, "in a few minutes."

— — — — — — — — — —

I don't know what time I fell asl**p, but when I awakened and checked the clock it was two AM. I was beginning to feel a little hungry, but that could wait. I got up, turned off the lights and climbed back in bed by the dim illumination of the night light. Linda must have awakened earlier because she was under the sheets already. I pulled the sheets back baring her and checking her over from top to bottom. I couldn't believe that this lovely creature was in my bed. As I slid in with her, she reached out and gripped my soft prick, almost dragging me in by it.

"Please, sir, may I have some more?" she giggled.

"Get it up and you can have all you want," I smiled.

With a quick flip she was on her belly, her mouth sucking on my soft prick.

"Oh-h-h," I groaned, "yes-s-s-s!" quickly getting stiff and hard.

"You taste so good," she sighed, "but I need it in me more than I like the taste," she flipped again and rolled onto my belly.

I hugged her to me and kissed her softly yielding lips as she reached between us and pulled my stiff cock up to her pussy. Pressing my cock to her pussy lips, she ran it up and down between them and, as she snugged my cock-head up to her slick, creaming portal, I pressed down on her hips and rolled them, burying my stiff prick half-way into her hot honey-hole. She gave a small, whimpering sob and pushed herself down, implanting my stiff pole all the way into herself. Still holding her hips, I began a slow in and out rolling of my hips. Holding her motionless, I used only my hips to fuck my stiff prick in and out of her. She collapsed onto me, softly crooning her delight, her belly rubbing on mine as I rocked her with my rolling hips. Within a few seconds, she shuddered and gasped, stiffening and holding herself tightly, her cunt muscles tightening as she gripped me hard.

"Oh-h-h, Sweetheart," I moaned, she felt so damn good.

As her pussy unclenched, I rolled her onto her back and began a heavy pounding into her open, welcoming cunt. She cried out and gasped, moaning as the liquid sounds of our love echoed off the walls, my cock squishing in and out of her. Once more she yipped and held her breath, tightening up as her pussy clutched me, trying to still my pounding prick in her. I could feel her vagina throbbing as she came, then with a wailing moan, she relaxed and seemed to fall back, her pussy fibrillating in fast, quivering seizures, like a hand losing it's grip. I leaned back and looked down at her face. Her eyelids fluttered and all I could see under them were the whites of her eyes. Seconds later, she came again, her cunt wrapping tightly, grasping and clutching at my prick, milking it for all it was worth. It was so damn wonderful that I could barely hold back.

"Eddie," she croaked in a whisper, "Eddie!" a little louder, "Eddie-Eddie-Eddie," she panted.

Suddenly, she went into a near fit, thrashing her arms and slamming her pussy onto my cock hard. I felt my cock-head bouncing off her cervix, trying to f***e it's way into the tight, tiny opening. Just as suddenly as she'd started thrashing, she stopped, seizing up tight and again quivered as she came hard.

"ED-DEE-EE–EE!!" she shrieked, suddenly becoming a mass of quivering flesh.

I could feel her skin prickling roughly under my hands as she gushed a runny mixture of piss and girl-cream. Unable to hold back, I slammed stiffly into her and unloaded hard. My hot cum blasted into her as if under pressure from my boiling balls.

"Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie," she moaned like a machine gun firing my name, her short stumps slapping my hips more powerfully than I could have imagined.

I backed out of her as my balls spasmed again and slammed back into her, spraying her womb with my hot cum.

"Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie," she continued to cry out.

Once more I slammed into her spurting hard as I dug my toes into the bedding, trying to spray hot cum through the tiny cervical opening into her womb. Then again and again with Linda still crying a staccato, "Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie-Eddie." I kept the slow in and out into her, slamming into her and spurting, then again, ram into her and cum. Linda finally lay back quiet, caressing my face and shoulders as she breathed deeply and I spent myself like the booming surf on her softly yielding beach. Her stumps rubbed the sides of my belly as she raked the fingernails of one hand gently up my back, caressing my neck and cheek and up through my hair with the other.

"If I hadn't cum earlier, I'd have cum a lot sooner than I did," I thought to myself, resting the side of my head on my s****r's silky shoulder and unknowingly drooling all over it.

"Hey, slobber monster," she gigglingly whispered.

"Sorry, hon, you're just so damn good! I'm gonna feel it in my back in the morning," I made no move to roll off her nor to close my mouth.

"Well . . . okay. I'll let you slide this time since we'll probably have to change the bedding to be able to sl**p."

"Yeah, you did make a mess," I grinned, feeling the cool wetness of the sheets under my thighs.

"It's at least half yours," she yanked my hair gently.

Any other woman would have got instant retaliation. I didn't like my hair pulled, gently or otherwise, whatever the reason, but Linda? She was my s****r, my love and now, my lover.

"Okay, okay," I grunted, happily satisfied, "I'm too pooped to argue."

"Oh, baby," she wrapped her arms around my head, "that was so wonderful."

"Umh-h," I grunted.

I didn't want this to ever end. I wanted her with me from now on, but would it be possible? Could we keep our affair a secret? In fact, would there be more or would this be it, just the weekend? Fuck it. Take it as it comes. Play it by ear. As these thoughts ran through my mind, the same thoughts ran through Linda's mind adding, "what if doesn't want me after this?"

I ran my hands under her slender shoulders and pressed her to me, laughing as I took possession of her mouth pushing my soft prick a little deeper into her cum-slick pussy. She giggled as I pulled back, pulling my head down once more. We lay unmoving for a long time as I dozed on and off, a most pleasant experience in spite of the wet blankets. Linda lay under me, crooning an old love song softly.

"You know . . . usually I can't stand anybody lying on me after sex . . ."

"I'm sorry," I muttered and made a move to slip off to the side, but her grip stopped me.

"I said, "usually," b-but somehow, you lying on me like that just seems good, real nice," she whispered, giving me a gentle loving peck high on my cheek, "and I love it – oops!" my prick slipped out of her as she lifted a stumpy thigh, "shit, I liked how that felt."

"Probably all shriveled up like a prune after being wet all this time," I muttered.

"Prob'ly," she tittered.

I dozed off again on top of her, her gentle hands caressing and gently massaging my back and shoulders. A long while later I was awakened by her soft voice again. I'd slipped off her and lay on my side with Linda facing me and lying in my arms.

"Honey? Can I sit on your lap again later?" she asked softly.

"Um . . . yeah . . . I guess," I muttered quietly.

She smiled happily and I yawned and sat up.

"What's up?"

"Gotta go piss," I muttered.


"You know something?" I gave her a crooked smile.


"I like carrying you around," she giggled, unbelieving, "no, seriously . . . I do," I lay back down beside her and kissed her softly, "I really do. I enjoy holding you close to me, besides you don't weigh that much," I kissed her again and jumped to my feet, "gotta go or else I'll piss all over the bed."

She giggled as I strode off purposefully.

"We'll go sit on the couch when I come back," I called over my shoulder, "you can play with my feet then," my voice faded as I dropped onto the commode – I needed to shit as well.

"Okay," her voice came wafting back from the bedroom.

A few minutes later, I came back in the bedroom. She was in her wheelchair, busily pulling the dirty bedding off and rolling it up. She gave me a smile in passing, the dirty bedding on her lap, as she headed for the laundry room.

"Where's the fresh linen," she whooshed by me.

"Um, in the linen closet by the washing machine," I called.

"Thanks," she hollered back, "let me make the bed up, then I'll join you in the living room, kay?"

"Oh-kay," I grinned.

I went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, picked up a fresh pack of cigarettes and headed for the living room. Linda swooped back into the bedroom and finally came rolling into the living room. It was way early, somewhere around two in the morning and I had an old movie on the tube by the time Linda rolled in.

"You think Mom and Pop would like one of these plasma jobbies?" Linda asked conversationally, nodding toward the TV as she set her brakes.

"I don't know that it would make a whole lot of difference to Mom, but Papa Ralph would probably love it. I was thinking of getting him one for Christmas."

I reached out and helped her hop from the wheelchair onto my lap. I'd slipped into a pair of boxer shorts, but Linda had remained nude with just her chair blanket on her lap. She tossed it to me as she hopped onto my lap, pulling it over her stumps as she lined them up on my legs. As I watched the movie, I felt that same disembodied sensation as my toes wiggled and my ankles rolled without any conscious control on my part. I knew it was Linda doing it, but it felt strange and I wondered if that's the way it felt to be possessed. Looking into Linda's face, I saw how much pleasure she got from surrogating my legs and I couldn't say anything. Hell, if I could have cut my legs off and transplanted them on Linda, I would have – and gladly. Then, a few minutes of her wiggling my legs and I began wiggling something else.

"Oo-OO-ooh!" she giggled, squirming her sweetly rounded butt on my stiffening prick.

"You did it," I teasingly blamed her.

"And it feels really good, too," she giggled, then, "lift me up," she ordered.

I slid my hands under her bare butt and lifted.

"That's the way, sweetie," her voice went suddenly husky as she reached under her, fumbled a little as she reached in through the fly of my boxers and pulled my cock through the hole, "ah-h-h, yes-s-s," she smiled as she guided my stiff prick into her sweltering femininity.

"Um-m-mh-h-h-h," I sighed, "so good."

"Um-m, hm," she crooningly agreed, "this feels so good," she whispered softly, "I feel as if I'm wiggling my toes with your prick stuffed all the way in me."

"That's because you are and I do," I pulled her back against me and buried my face in her hair.

"Our toes," I added in a whisper, nibbling the side of her throat gently, "our pussy," I slid my hands up to her soft breasts, "our tits . . ."

"Our cock," she interrupted with a hiccuping gasp, "um-m-m-m, yes-s-s-s! OUR cock!"

"Ooh, honey-bunches-of-oh's," I chuckled, sliding my stiff cock in and out of her slowly, "I love sharing with my darling s****r."

"Um-m-m," she groaned, "share it a little harder, sweetheart. Share it a little harder."

"Yes-s-s-s, ma'am," I whispered rolling her onto her belly.

I pushed myself up on my hands and worked my hips. Rolling them into her softly, yielding ass, rocking her whole body with each full thrust. She gave a long, whimpering moan as I swung my hips from side to side, stirring her shuddering insides with my fleshy spoon. She gave a low, crying gasp, tightening her cunt and stiffening as she came.

"Baby . . . how long . . . have you done . . . without . . . hm?" I panted, burying and re-burying my cock in her soft, slick furrow.

"Too lo-o-ong," she moaned, "too . . . damn . . . long!" she shuddered again, this time it was only her pussy that tightened, gripping my plunging cock wonderfully tight.

Without speaking again, I plunged into her, as she came again, then I eased up and slowed down. I liked to fuck slow and steady. To savor her squeezing and cock-milking pussy. I rolled my hips again, pulling a deep guttural moan from her.

"Oh, baby," she moaned softly, "oh, bay-bee! Baby! Baby! Baby! Oh! Oh-h-h, Bay-bee!"

She was lost in a universe of her own making. Gasping and crying out with each shuddering orgasm. I was getting close, but I didn't want to give it up yet, so I slowed even more. Linda gasped and shuddered as I rolled my hips, gently fucking my stiff prick into her, sinking deep between her softly yielding pussy lips. She was so slick and wet that I could almost have slipped into her, hips and all. Her hot, buttery insides gripped my shafting cock as she came. I leaned forward to kiss her silky shoulders as she raised her ass on the stumps of her legs, pushing herself back into me, wanting all of me completely inside her wet heat. She shuddered and stiffened once more, crying out again. Her capacity to cum was a total amazement to me and I wanted to make her cum as many times as I could before I gave her the cream from my lusty balls.

I finally couldn't hold back any longer and, with a strangled cry, unloaded my heavy cream into her cock-suckling pussy. Pulling her ass back hard into my hips, I rammed stiffly into her, the spongy head of my cock pushing hard against her cervix as I tried to f***e it through the minuscule hole. It was amazing to me that it could open up enough to spit out a full-term baby and I tried hard to push my stiff prick into it. Linda quivered and collapsed under me, lost in the throes of one huge climax. I didn't know it at the time, but her empathic feelings doubled her orgasmic release, overlaying mine on hers. As it was, my skin prickled with goose bumps as I pushed into her hard, driving her head into the arm of the sofa. Her body stiffened tightly as she shuddered. Each time I rammed into her soft, sweet pussy and spurted, she'd stiffen and cum, her cunt tight around my plunging prick. Finally, I fell on top of her, shivering as my balls spasmed gently, the last of my hot cream dribbling into her. I'd never cum as satisfyingly as I'd cum in my s****r each time that I'd fucked her. I felt as if she was the other half of my being – the part that made me whole and complete. As she moaned and whimpered softly, still cumming gently, I caressed her silky shoulders with my lips, trailing kisses to the base of her neck and nibbling the protruding bones gently.

"God, Eddie," she whispered in tremulous awe, "that was the most wonderful cum ever."

"So, wanna come stay with me?" I whispered caressing the side of her face with my cheek.

She turned her head slightly, smiling into my eyes and giving me a tart look.

"I'm your s****r," she shook her head, "and as your s****r, your place is my place, so if you're asking me to move in, I'm already here," she smiled gently up at me, "I'm just gonna have to spend more time with you."

"That sounds like a plan," I eased back.

"No-don't!" she stopped me, "don't pull out. Just sit back up and leave your delicious thingy in me, okay, hon?"

"Okay," I sighed.

I was a little clumsy trying to sit up with her cunt milking pulling on my softening prick, but we managed it with her pushing up and me hanging onto her hips. We must have been a funny sight, kind of like siamese twins joined at the crotch, but we finally managed to sit up. With a deep, heartfelt sigh, she squirmed her ass gently, leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder.

"This is so nice," she mumbled happily, "wiggling my – our toes and full'a cock. Um-m-m."

"I'll bet if you could, you'd try to keep my prick," I chuckled.

"Not without these," she took my wrists and wrapped my arms around her waist, "and this," she reached back and caressed my thighs as I pressed my cheek to hers and turned to kiss her soft throat, ". . . and those wonderful kisses," she sighed again.

I ran my hands up her firm little tummy and up to her breasts, hefting their pleasurable weight in the palms of my hands.

"Eddie?" she whispered, her voice trembling.

"Yes, hon."

"Do you, um . . . do you think it's bad if I love you?"

"Love me?" I mused, "well, you are my big s****r and . . ."

"No, baby, not like that," she murmured turning her head and looking worriedly into my eyes, "I mean like, like . . . well, you know, like a woman. Not like your s****r, but a woman, you know?" she leaned back, tilting her head to look into my eyes, her cheeks tinged redly.

"Yeah, I know. I know," I smiled and nodded, "but then, I've felt that way just about all my life. In high school and college, I'd have killed your boyfriends out of jealousy if I could have gotten away with it," I shook my head, "but it would have hurt you and I never want to hurt you."

"You romantic fool, you," she smiled and pulled my face to hers for a long, unhurried kiss.

Her cunt squeezed tightly around my soft prick and she drew a small, shuddering gasp.

"Ooh! See, you just gave me another cum," she giggled and I chuckled with her.

"You're a hot bitch, aren't you," I mumbled, tonguing her lips.

"This is the first time for me," she sighed, leaning back into my chest and caressing the backs of my hands, "you seem to bring it out in me."

We sat quietly for a long time. I felt one of my legs lift up and pull the hassock closer, resting my heels on it and crossing my ankles. I'd never done that to my knowledge. It had only been Linda that liked to sit with crossed ankles. I could see that she was thinking about it and I wondered if she was truly controlling my legs.

"What is she, telepathic?" I thought to myself, "can she do things with my legs without me willing it? Or is it just me, doing what she'd like to do?"

I didn't know, but it began to feel as natural as if she'd always used my legs. I leaned back and let her enjoy it. She leaned back against me with a deep sigh. All that was on the TV was some old, late night movies, so I dozed off. I awakened briefly as the sun was peeking through dawn's red glory. I lay on my side with Linda, snuggled to me, her face buried in my chest and snoring softly. I smiled and went back to sl**p, wrapping my arms a little more securely around her.

The next morning, I awakened with a good, stiff, morning woodie. Linda had her lips wrapped firmly around the shaft and my cock-head surrounded by her tonsils. She stood on her stumps on the floor, her head bobbing up and down on me, her eyes closed with pleasure. As she felt me staring down at her, her eyes flew open and she smiled with her eyes up at me. By the time I was fully awake, I was squirting heavily down her gulping throat. As I came, she closed her eyes and squirmed, forcing me further down her throat. Her face turned red as a beet and I felt her shudder as she came, too. I lay back, my mind a blank, cumming slate. As I oozed my last few dribbles, she popped me out of her throat and gasped for air, still suckling on my cock head and swallowing. I drew a deep sigh as her cheeks hollowed and her tongue dug into my cum-slit, drawing the last few drops out of me. Who knew she could suck like that, I mused. She let me slip out of her mouth, swallowing saliva and the last of my cum, then lay the side of her face on my thighs, smiling up at me. I smiled back, running my fingers through her long hair.

"I think I was right, Eddie," she smilingly caressed my lip prick.

"How's that?" I wondered what she meant.

"Well, let me explain . . ."

"Please do," I interrupted her genially.

"Shut up and listen, boy," she giggled.

"Okay," I held up my hands in surrender.

"Well, to start with, sympathy, empathy and apathy all have the same root word," she held up her hand and shut me up before I could say anything about the impromptu English class, "and you know what sympathy and apathy mean, but empathy is similar in scope to sympathy, which means feeling like you understand the shared feelings, right?" I nodded in understanding, "but empathy actually means sharing those same feelings, that is, feeling exactly the same and, in some cases, actually feeling them, right?" I nodded, "w-well, um, I think that we, uh, we, um, we're empathic to each other, do you understand what I mean?"

"Are you trying to say that the weird feeling I get that you're actually controlling my legs is you actually controlling my legs?" I smiled with disbelief.

"Um . . . well . . . yeah."

"Makes sense to me," I shrugged equably, "I guess you and me are closer than I thought, hm?"

"Yeah, I guess," she stared at me speculatively, "you sure are taking this well," she fisted her hips and stared at me in some surprise.

I sat up and took her by the shoulders.

"Hey, I'm the one whose legs you were using, remember?" I shook her gently.

"Oh. Yeah," she smiled, then, "I do love you, Eddie . . . a whole lot," she gripped my wrists as I held her shoulders.

"You know what?" I smiled down at her.

"What?" she stared curiously up at me.

"I love you, too . . . and like you, it's not just as a s****r," I slid my hands to her waist and, as she held my wrists stiffly, I lifted her up onto my lap and kissed her.

She smiled as our lips separated, pressing her soft hand to my stubbly jaw, then leaned into it and kissed the spot she'd touched.

"Thanks, Eddie," she murmured softly, "and not for that, but for helping me get over the phantom pain in my missing legs."

"Well, feel free to use them anytime."

She giggled and shook her head, "I will, whenever they hurt and . . . I have a feeling they'll hurt often after this weekend."

"What're we gonna tell Mom and Papa Ralph?"

"Well," she shrugged, "they say that the best lie is one that's real close to the truth. I just won't tell them about sl**ping with you, that's all. I mean, I sat on your lap and wiggled your feet. That's not very suggestive . . . is it?"

"No," I shook my head, "I guess not."

The rest of the weekend went like that – with meal breaks, of course. We made love, then went to Joaquin's Italian Spaghetti House that Saturday night, then came home and made love then went to the movies. Sunday we slept in – slept . . . HA! and I took her to a little dance club. She noted that at least now, I couldn't step on her toes and we laughed hysterically over that joke. By Sunday night, I was beginning to get tuned in to her and, when I finally found the edges of it, our mutual orgasm seemed to be far, far stronger than we'd ever felt before. There must have been something to this empathy thing. By Monday afternoon we were both exhausted and ready for some rest. We'd fucked each other's brains loose – literally – and I wondered how to control these newly discovered empathic feelings we had with each other.

Around four that Monday, we were lying on the couch, torpidly watching some a****l program, when we got a call from Mom saying that they'd be home around seven and to stop by for a supper of sandwiches, chuckling and saying that she was too worn out from her vacation to get immediately back to work. Without thinking much about why, I got up, followed closely by Linda, pulled out a sack of potatoes and peeled about half a dozen while Linda boiled some eggs and chopped up some onion, celery and shredded a carrot. As I scooped the vegetables she'd chopped into a bowl, I suddenly stopped, staring at what I was doing. A surreal feeling swept over me like a strong, cold wind and, as I shivered, turned and stared at Linda. She had the same wide-eyed stare as she turned to me. Suddenly, she giggled and began to laugh. I soon joined her, shaking my head, my laughter bordering on hysteria. We seemed to have this "Vulcan Mind Meld" thing going. After a while, we grew silent and I bent to her chair and kissed the top of her head.

"Okay, sweetie," I shook my head in disbelief, "I believe."

She fixed the deviled eggs as I chopped hot potatoes and put them in the fridge to cool. I wondered if we'd just both had the same thought or actually felt what each other was thinking. I finally rationalized that, knowing Mom, when she said sandwiches for supper, that's all it would be – sandwiches . . . and maybe Kool-Aid or iced tea to drink besides coffee for Papa Ralph. I few minutes later, I figured that the potatoes were cool enough to use and made the potato salad. Checking my watch, I figured we still had a couple of hours to kill, but I didn't want to fuck any more, so I snuggled Linda to me and we lay on the couch. Linda seemed to have the same idea and we spooned, drowsily watching the TV until we dozed off. We were both awakened by sound of my watch alarm. I'd forgotten I'd set it.

"Shower time," I muttered, yawning hugely.

Linda nodded and yawned. I watched as she reached out, pulled her wheel chair next to the couch and, in one athletic move, pulled on the chair and pushed on the couch's arm, swinging gracefully into her wheelchair.

"Smooth," I grinned at her.

"Let's go, on your feet," she chivvied me, grinning back.

I picked her up at the door and carried her in, setting her on her stumps on the cold tile.

"Ooh-h! Chilly!" she gasped.

She could stand on them very well and, had they been longer, probably would have walked on them much more than she did. But they were so short that her long inner labia practically dragged on the cold tile. Then I realized that I was feeling the tile's coolness on the bottom of my balls.

"Whoa," I thought as I realized why they felt kind of cool, "this is too weird!"

"Hon, grab my accessory bag and get the Nair out of it for me, please."

"Sure," I turned back to the counter.

She used the stuff because she didn't like to shave and used it not only on her pussy, but all over her body. It left her legs, arms and, hell, her whole body smooth as a baby's butt. She didn't like even a little fuzz on her. She did like me hairy, though, so she made sure that I didn't get any on me other than my hands when I smoothed some on her back. She had pushed her long hair into a bathing cap by the time I came back, and quickly wet herself down. As she shuffled back, I pulled the shower head off it's holder and let it hang, pointing it away from her as I squirted some of the stuff into the palm of my hand and handed her the can. She was soon covered with it, carefully working it into the folds of her pussy. When she was done, I wet myself down and lathered up.

"Okay, move over," she ordered a minute or so later.

Rinsing off the soap from my face, I stepped aside and handed her the spray head. I'd long since replaced the original short hose with a longer one so she could use it easily. That way it was easier for her to take a shower by herself. Stepping back, I sat on the shower bench and watched her rinse and scrub herself off. The Nair had little smell and was easily covered with her favorite perfume, Spring Lilacs. To this day, whenever I smell it, I get an instant hard-on and it's led to some embarrassing moments. Handing it back to me, I rinsed off her back and shoulders, squeegeeing the water off with my bare hands. I loved the feel of her, she was so smooth and soft and even more so without the soft stubble.

It was a little after seven when we stepped out of the shower, got dressed and headed to the parents' house. We figured that Mom would probably hold things up a little and they probably wouldn't be home until around eight or so. We were right. We pulled into the driveway, parking on the far side of the drive. Mom and Papa Ralph's go-to-work cars were under the carport, but there was no sign of the off-road pickup truck. We carried the potato salad and deviled eggs inside and set them in the fridge. We again worked like two parts of one body. I sliced tomatoes while Linda laid out the bread and baloney. Nothing fancy here. We were done in a few minutes, covered the food and I peeked out the door, nobody in sight yet. So we went into the f****y room and kicked on the TV.

Sure enough, a little after eight, they came rolling in. The boys came in first, running in and hollering my name as they dropped their camping gear in the kitchen. Marsha and Sally came in more sedately. Marsha always said that girls weren't boys so they didn't need to act like them and Sally, looked up to her big s****r and agreeably stuck to her side, however, their eyes sparkled as they came in and rushed to Linda, then to me.

While I tussled with the boys, Linda took the girls in the kitchen to help get supper ready. She and I were right as usual. Mom had planned on plain boloney sandwiches for supper and was very pleased when Linda laid out the eggs and potatoes. When Mom called "dinner" I made as if I was going to race the boys to the kitchen, but stopped after two steps. I'd set them up. Papa Ralph chewed them out properly for running in the house as I sauntered in looking unconcerned. Linda glanced at me and hid her amused smile. I smiled back innocently, but hey, they were my k** b*****rs, I had every right to get them in trouble as often as I could. They tried to blame me but, Papa Ralph, after taking one look at my innocent smile, grinned and told them that I was no excuse for running in the house and to settle down and eat. We all sat down and the boys told me all about the camping trip and the bear they thought they'd seen and that it could really have been Bigfoot, while the girls and Mom held their own conversation. Suddenly, everybody quieted as Mom looked at me strangely.
"You know, I've always had a feeling about you two," her voice sounded a little awed, "I remember when Linda was still a toddler and you were crawling, that, if she got fussy, you'd either pull her diaper off or hand her your bottle or fuss until she was taken care of," she shook her head, "and that is very, very odd."

"You're telling me," I nodded, "have you ever felt someone else controlling your legs? And especially your toes?" I shook my head, "it took me all weekend to get used to that . . . but," I looked around brightly, "she ain't got no more ghost leg pains."

"Really?" Papa Ralph stared at her skeptically.

"Really, Dad," Linda nodded, swallowing the bite of sandwich in her mouth, "it was so totally awesome not to feel those pains anymore."

"But . . ." Mom began, but Linda interrupted.

"I mean, when I, or he, er, we wiggled his toes and rolled his ankles and I heard them popping, I felt such relief. And when we stretched out his legs, because they were feeling a little stiff, it felt so good to be able to completely stretch . . ." she stopped and looked around as everybody stared at her. Her face turned red and she suddenly closed her mouth, setting her half-eaten sandwich down.

"Well, it, it, it . . ." she tried to continue.

"No, honey," Papa Ralph patted her hand, "I understand. I've heard of it before and it truly is amazing. You can try it with your Mom, see if that works," he gave me a quick grin, the kind he usually gave before teasing someone, "at least it'll be feminine legs instead of a pair of hairy guy legs, hm-m?"

As we all laughed, she thought, "somehow, it won't be the same without a stiff prick shoving up between my legs to hold me steady," turning redder at the thought.

The boys didn't understand a word of what we'd interrupted their discussion for and were soon back to telling me about the various a****ls they'd seen and chased. Around nine-thirty, Mom called a halt and sent the k**s off to shower and get ready for bed, they had school the next day, the long weekend didn't last forever, she told them. The smaller k**s whined, but Marsha and Alan took them in hand and led them away. Alan and Stevie would shower together in the hall bathroom and Marsha and Sally in the master bathroom. The four of us chatted a while longer, but I had to get to bed. Tuesday was a work day for me, too. I hugged and kissed them good-bye and Mom and Linda walked me to the kitchen door.

"I forgot my clothes in the washing machine," Linda lied, "how about putting them in the dryer for me when you get home, okay?"

"Sure, no prob, hon," and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

Linda had always been a couple of inches taller than me with her long legs, and now I kind of missed how she used to lord it over me with her height. I kissed Mom good night and turned.

"Hon?" Linda stopped me half-way to my car.


"Thanks a bunch for helping me out."

I turned and saw her standing on her wheelchair, all two-foot-nine of her remaining height.

"You're very welcome, honey," I called softly, a lump in my throat. I missed the old Linda although I loved the new one, "call me tomorrow after you and Mom try our system out."

"I will," she promised.

Mom laid a protective arm around Linda's shoulders, and smiled and waved at me. I waved back, climbed in my car and left, the lump still in my throat.

My bed felt lonely and I slept restlessly. When my alarm went off, I jerked awake, reaching for Linda, whom I'd felt beside me all night, but the spot was empty. Still wooly-headed with sl**p, I got up and checked around to see where she was, slowly remembering that I'd left her at our parents' the night before. Oh, well. I shook my head and headed for the shower. I checked the washing machine just in case, but it was empty. Returning to my room after my shower, I opened the closet door figuring on wearing my black pin-stripes to work and I saw Linda's clothes, all clean and neat, hanging there. I smiled. She'd be back. Late that afternoon, as I was getting the day's business affairs in order to go home, my cell phone rang.

"Hi, honey," she sighed happily as I perked up at the sound of her voice.

"Hey, sweetheart," I smiled into the phone.

"You don't have me on speaker, do you?" she asked cautiously.

"No, not at all."

"Good, I don't want the world to hear what I'm saying. What are you doing tomorrow night? Anything special?"

"Nah, just the usual," I leaned back, putting my feet on my desk, "you know, washing my stockings and unmentionables, painting my toenails, the usual," she burst out laughing at my joke, "I felt you beside me last night," I continued, "I really miss your warmth beside me."

"I know," she almost gasped, "I had the same feeling! I mean that's the only reason I finally managed to get some sl**p! I snuggled back against your chest and dropped right off. Which brings to mind about tomorrow night, you wanna come pick me up?"

"Oh, hell-yeah!" I dropped my feet to the floor with a thud, "hold on a second, I gotta get my blue-tooth out so I can use both hands to get out of here, hold on."

I dug my ear-piece out of my breast pocket, switched it on and shoved it in my ear.

"Testing, testing, testing," I murmured, "can you hear me, honey?"

"Yeah, I hear you fine," her sweet voice sounded in my ear, "so okay, what time should I expect you to come get me?"

"I'll cut out of here a couple of hours early, we're a day behind because of the long weekend, so in effect tomorrow's the usual Tuesday crap and the busy Wednesday will come on Thursday and Friday, well Fri . . ."

"Whoa, there Mr. Workaholic," she interrupted, "I'm just asking about tomorrow, focus, dingbat, focus only on what time tomorrow you'll come get me."

I laughed, that was my s****r, pulling my high-flight back onto the ground.

"I figure around three or three-thirty," I chuckled, "how did your workout with Mom go?"

"Totally a failure," she sighed, "it didn't matter how much I tried, I couldn't connect with her, much less her legs. I couldn't feel them like I could with you – hi, Mom," she interrupted herself, "just talking to Eddie. Sure. Eddie, Mom says "hi" – so you'll pick me up around three or so?"

"Yeah, yeah, tell Mom I love her, too," I finished packing my briefcase, all it had was my lunch, but it was the icon of a busy executive.

"Eddie says he loves you, too. Okay, boy, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, hugs and kisses all around."

"Hugs and kisses to you, too, hon," she sounded as if she was smiling as she hung up.

I was on top of the world. I really missed her warmth next to me or on me. We'd had three great days and nights together and I was ready to have her back.

— — — — — — — — — —

The next day, I went by the house to pick Linda up, and got there a little before three. The k**s were still at school and Mom waved at me as she was leaving to pick them up. I tapped on the kitchen door and walked in. Seconds later, Linda came racing down the hallway literally burning tires as she smiled happily, all flashing teeth and a small case on her lap.

"Eddie!" she chortled, "did you miss me?"

"Did I?" I laughed with her, very happy to see her smiling face, "why'd you stay up so late last night? I didn't feel you until almost one," I scooped her up into my arms as she set the case down.

"Well, I . . ." her face pinked, "I was gonna ask you about that. I wanted to see if we really had connected or if it was just our imagination, but I went to bed around midnight or so and I guess I finally fell asl**p about that time," she shrugged, running her soft hands over my day's stubble, "has Mom left?" she looked around.

"Yeah, I waved to her as she was heading down the driveway."

Without another word, she pulled me down to her and pressed her lips to mine, searching out my tongue with hers and caressing it softly.

"Um-m-m," she crooned happily.

"Yeah," I whispered, "I miss that," once more we were completing each other's thoughts.

"I'm gonna tell Mom that I'm gonna go ahead and move in with you this weekend."

She didn't ask, she just told me – which was just fine with me.

"D'you think that's wise?"

"She suggested it," Linda murmured, settling back in her wheel chair as I picked up her case.

"Okay. You wanna grab some more clothes before we leave?"

"Nope," she nudged me toward the kitchen with her chair, "I'm gonna leave most of them here for Mom to sell at the yard sale this weekend."

"Oh?" I held the door for her.

"Yeah, her and some of the neighbors are getting together to raise some money for the junior high school. Something about a play they need to buy some stuff for – whee-ee!" she free-wheeled down the ramp.

At the bottom, she laughingly grabbed one wheel and spun around, leaning away from the free wheel and throwing gravelly sand. I noticed several ruts in the gravel that, apparently she'd made and laughed with her.

"Damn, hot-rod," I chuckled.

I opened the door for her and folded up the wheelchair after tossing her case in back.

"Ready?" I climbed in.

"Ready!" she smiled, resting her hand on the center console.

"Then let's us went!"

I laid my hand possessively over hers as we headed down the road. She looked up to me, freed her hand and reached up, smiling as she caressingly brushed some imaginary specks off the side of my face.

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2 years ago
To Long To Read :(
2 years ago
Alright, this wasn't your typical hamster story. It had sad tender moments, heart filled moments, and very hot sexual moments....I loved it, it's a wonderful story, that I will defiantly print and keep.
2 years ago
that was truly and awesome, sad, hot, and romantic story.....i loved it.....
2 years ago
Realy loved it
2 years ago
this is so sweet, so hot, and... omg