Claudia and I had been married for just over two years. She was everything I wanted. Physically, she was perfect. Five feet, three inches tall, with long, thick, naturally blond hair which she let hang loose, down to her shoulder blades. She had large, almond shaped, blue-green eyes, a small nose and a wide mouth with full lips. Her petite frame was dominated by full, firm, conical D cup breasts. She had a small waist, flared hips, a perfectly rounded ass and sleek, shapely legs. Besides her looks, she was smart and funny. She had a great sense of humor, a beautiful smile and a terrific laugh..

My wife had always been close with her mother but since her father died, six years earlier, Claudia and Olivia had become even closer. They were more like s****rs, or friends, than mother and daughter.

Olivia was nearly as attractive as her daughter. She was taller, about five-five, and maybe ten pounds heavier. She had dark, curly hair that surrounded her beautiful face. Her breasts were not as large as Claudia's but they were round and full and certainly not small. She had a slender waist, full hips, a sexy ass and great legs. She was forty four but looked more ten years younger..

It was a Saturday morning in the middle of July and I was home alone. Normally, Claudia would have been there, too, but she had gone into the office that day to finish up a special project.

At about ten thirty the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and there was Olivia. She was wearing a light, pink and white, summer dress, with spaghetti straps and a wide skirt. White, high heeled sandals completed her outfit.

"Hi, Olivia," I said, surprised but happy to see her, "what's going on?" Olivia did not like it when I called her mom.

"I got a sudden desire to go shopping," Olivia said, "and I was hoping to take my daughter with me. Is she home?"

"Actually, no," I said,

"Where is she?" Olivia asked.

"At work," I answered. I suddenly realized that Olivia was still standing on the porch. "Come in."

I moved aside and Olivia entered the house. As she walked past me, a strange but pleasant feeling washed over me, a feeling I got whenever I was close to her. I had had a secret crush on Olivia since the day we met. However, the way she was dressed and the light, lemony fragrance of her perfume, made that feeling stronger, more intense than it usually was. As I followed her into the living room, I felt my cock growing heavy. "Claudia had to finish up some work at the office."

Olivia sat down on the couch and crossed her legs, showing her small feet and trim ankles, nicely shaped calves and the lower half of her long,, slender thighs. Her legs were tanned and smooth, blemish free. "When will she get home?" Olivia asked.

"I have no idea," I told her, "would you like some coffee?" As I spoke, I saw that her eyes were focused on my crotch.

"Did I cause that?" Olivia asked.

I knew that my erection was pushing out the front of my shorts but I was hoping to get away, to get the coffee, before my mother-in-law noticed. "I'm sorry," I told her, "I didn't..."

"Don't be sorry," Olivia interrupted, "it's been a long time since I gave a guy a hard-on."

"That's can't be true," I said, "What about Tom?" Olivia had begun dating Tom a year after her husband passed.

"We date, movies, dinner, cocktail parties," Olivia said, "but he hasn't touched me in almost a year, He's always too busy, too tired or too d***k. I guess he just isn't interested any morel"

"I find that hard to believe. You're a beautiful, vibrant woman," I told her, "Why do you put up with that?"

"I don't know," my mother-in-law told me, "its just easier I guess."

I sat down on the couch next to her, drawn to her like a moth to a flame. "You smell really good," I said, leaning towards her as the lemony fragrance given off by her body filled my nostrils.

Olivia turned her face towards me and said, "Thanks." Our eyes locked and suddenly our lips pressed together. After two or three seconds we pulled back, staring at one another in complete shock. My mother-in-law looked as lost for words as I was. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly open, as if saying, "What just happened?"

My mind was swirling, my heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing. I suddenly realized that I had put my hand on her exposed thigh and was softly stroking her smooth, warm flesh.. "Oh, shit," I muttered. I put my left arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me. She offered no resistance as I covered her mouth with mine, pushed my tongue between her lips and moved my free hand under her skirt, to the top of her thigh. She whimpered into my mouth as my fingertips pressed against the nylon fabric that covered her pubic mound. Olivia seemed to melt in my arms. She uncrossed and spread her legs.

I let my fingers move down between her separated thighs, feeling the firm, nylon covered outer lips of her pussy and pressing the material of her panties into the slit between them. I moved my head and began kissing her neck and shoulders as I rubbed her crotch.

"It's been-- so long-- since I've been touched like this--" Olivia told me, " I'd forgotten-- how good it feels."

Her crotch was warm and the nylon covering it was getting damp. I slid off the couch onto my knees. I got in front of her and slipped both hands under her skirt. Without prompting, she raised her hips, allowing me to pull her panties down her legs and off her feet.

I got to my feet so I could get my clothes off. Olivia moved off the couch, onto her knees then lay on her back on the floor. She pulled her skirt up, exposing herself from the waist down, then raised her knees and separated her legs. Her crotch was covered by a thick bush of dark hair.

I dropped to my knees, between her legs, and supported myself, on straight arms, above her. I felt her hand on my cock, guiding it, pulling it into her. "Go slow," she whispered, "It's been a long time."

I pushed in, pulled back and pushed in deeper. On the fourth push I felt the entire length of my cock slip into her hot, wet pussy. "Oh, god, that feels good," Olivia said in a hoarse whisper.

I wanted to see her breasts, and touch them, and suck the nipples. But her dress and bra still covered the twin mounds so I began kissing the bulge of flesh above her dress and bra, as well as her bare neck and shoulders.

"You're so deep," Olivia groaned, "I can actually---feel---how deep you are."

I began fucking her slowly. The walls of her cunt gripped my cock tightly as I slid all nine inches of hard flesh in and out her.

"Fuck me, baby," Olivia said, "Yes---yes---yes---fuck me---harder---faster---shove it in as deep as you can."

I was plunging into her with long, deep, hard strokes. I felt her legs around my hips, her shoes against my ass. Her hips were bucking, raising up to meet mine as I thrust my cock into her.

"Oh, fuck," she gasped, "I think--yes its happening--OHMYGOD ---YES ---I'M CUMMING!!

Olivia's body stiffened, her cunt's grip on my cock tightened and streams of cum spurted deep into her belly.

"Oh, WOW!" I said, gasping, trying to catch my breadth as I slowly recovered, "That was fantastic."

"Yeah," Olivia agreed, also breathing heavily, "it certainly was."

"I never thought I would cheat on Claudia ," I told my mother-in-law, "and certainly not with her mother."

"If you don't tell I won't tell," Olivia said.

She was still on her back, staring at the ceiling, not moving. "Are you Okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine," Olivia told me, "Just enjoying the afterglow. Masturbayion is fun but nothing is better than a real cock."

I turned on my side and raised up on my elbow so I could look at Olivia's lovely face. "Would you do me a favor?" I asked.

Olivia turned her face towards mine. "Probably," she said with a small smile.

"Take off your dress," I said, "I'd really love to see you completely naked."

Olivia got up easily, gracefully. I remained on the floor, watching her. She reached up behind her back, unzipped her dress and let it slide down her body to the floor. All she had on were her white shoes and a white, strapless bra. The sight of her like that was enough to make my cock fully erect again.

My mother-in-law unhooked the front of her bra and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts were full and round without any sag. "You're really beautiful," I told her.

"Should I take my shoes off, too?" she asked with a smile.

"No," I told her, "You look really sexy that way."

Naked, except for her shoes, Olivia sat down on the floor then stretched out on her side to face me. I caressed her breasts, leaned forward and tasted the nipples. As I did, I saw she had one hand between her legs, a finger lightly rubbing her clit. I moved my own hand down, over Olivia's firm stomach and under her hand. "Let me do that," I said. She bent one knee outward, giving my hand access to her pussy.

The warmth and wetness of her was mixed with slimy globs of my cum. Two fingers, then three, slid into her easily. She moaned softly as I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

We kissed, our tongues touching and searching. Olivia reached down and stroked my cock. "No wonder my daughter is so happy."

"She makes me happy, too," I said.

"Would you like to make me happy?" my mother-in-law asked.

"Of course," I told her.

She pushed me onto my back, swung one leg over me and straddled my hips. "Put it in me," she said.

I reached down and held my cock straight up as Olivia lowered her hot, silky pussy onto it. She placed her hands flat on my chest, for balance, and slowly began raising and lowering her hips. I reached up to play with her breasts, to rub and squeeze the firm flesh and pinch the hard, brown nipples.

After a few minutes, Olivia lowered her upper body onto mine, flattening her breasts against my chest. I rubbed her back and ass as she continued to pump my cock with her pussy. We kissed and touched and fucked until she was gasping with release and my second orgasm shot more cum into her.

After a minute or so, Olivia stood up, gathered her dress and underwear and went into the bathroom. While she was gone, I put my clothes back on and marveled at having just fucked my mother-in-law. Twice. When she first entered the house, a little more than an hour ago, I had no intention of making love to her or even kissing her. What happened had been a complete surprise. Though I felt bad about having cheated on Claudia, especially with her mother, I did not regret that it happened.

When Olivia came back from the bathroom, she was fully dressed and looking as fresh and lovely as when she first arrived.

''Are you leaving,'' I asked when Olivia picked up her purse.

''It is very difficult for me to keep my clothes on around you right now,'' my mother-in-law told me, ''and I don't want Claudia to come home and catch me, and you, naked.''

I walked her to the door but before I opened it I asked, "Did our relationship just change or should I forget what just happened?"

"I don't know," Olivia said. She put her hands on my shoulders, raised up on her toes and lightly kissed my lips. "Let me think about it."

During the next week, I did not see or talk to my mother-in-law but I thought a lot about her. She told me she had not made love for a year yet she had an orgasm both times we fucked. It was nice to think it was due to my sexual prowess but I knew better. In this case, it was like daughter/like mother.

My wife was very orgasmic. She came easily, quickly and often. Apparently, her mother did, too. Olivia's remark about masturbation being fun made me think she had that in common with her daughter, too. Playing with herself was one of Claudia's favorite past times. She had several dildos and vibrators which she used not only when she was alone but also before, during and sometimes after we made love.

I hoped there was one more thing Olivia had in common with her daughter.

Claudia loved oral sex but she especially liked sucking my cock. She told me she loved the way my cock felt in her mouth, long and thick and hard. She also loved the way having my cock in her mouth made her feel, like her insides were melting and flowing into her pussy. But her favorite thing, she told me, was feeling my cum spurting into her mouth, dribbling down her chin and trickling into her throat.

I hoped Olivia enjoyed oral sex as much as her daughter but even more, I hoped I would get the chance to find out.

The following Saturday, Claudia had to work again. By ten in the morning, I could not wait any longer. I drove to Olivia's apartment.

Actually, Olivia lived in a condominium, on the top floor of a seven story building. It was not until I entered the lobby that I realized she might not be alone. I rang her bell and hoped.

A moment later she asked, "Who is it?"

"Its me," I said, "Matt."

"Oh, hi," Olivia said, "Is Claudia with you?"

"No," I answered, "I'm alone."

"All right," she said, "come up."

A couple minutes later, I was standing in the hallway, outside my mother-in-law's condo. She opened the door wearing a red silk, floor length robe and backless, high heeled, red slippers.

"Is everything all right?" she asked.

"Everything is fine," I told her. There was a nervous flutter in my chest as I entered her home. My heart was beating quickly and my cock was getting hard.

We went into the kitchen. I sat at the table, watching Olivia move as she poured coffee then sat down across from me. We made small talk, both of us avoiding the 800 pound gorilla in the middle of the room.

Finally, I asked, "Have you thought about it? About us? You said you would."

"Yes," Olivia said.

"And?" I wanted to know.

"I love what we did," Olivia said, "What you did to me but the thought of Claudia finding out scares me."

"It scares me, too," I admitted, "but I can't stop thinking about fucking you. I can't stop wanting to fuck you again."

Olivia stood up and went to the counter to get more coffee. As I watched her, I was overcome by desire for her. I got up and moved close behind her, slipped my hands under her arms and onto her breasts.

Her body tightened when I cupped the large, firm globes, then relaxed as I rubbed and squeezed the pliant flesh though the silky material. I lowered my head, to kiss her neck, and dropped one hand down to her crotch. I moved it under her robe and felt the hair that covered her mound with my fingers.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Olivia said.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, slipping my middle finger into the wet warmth between the lips of her pussy.

"Nnnoooo," Olivia groaned. Her hands moved between our bodies and between my legs.

I turned her around and kissed her, long and hard. As I broke the kiss, I swept her up in my arms and carried her into her bedroom. Setting her down on the bed, I pushed her onto her back and spread apart the bottom of her robe., exposing her slender, shapely legs. I dropped to my knees, moved Olivia's legs apart and lowered my mouth to her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, god!" Olivia moaned as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. I flicked the bud of flesh with the tip of my tongue as I pushed my hands under the cheeks of her ass. With my hands under her, Olivia's hips rotated up, exposing her entire slit, all the way to her ass hole.

I kissed her inner thighs from her torso to her knees and back. Olivia groaned and gasped, twisting her head as I licked and sucked her from clit to rectum, probing her cunt and ass hole with my tongue. As I mouthed her vagina, Olivia got her robe untied and spread open, exposing her beautiful, naked body. She groaned with pleasure and squeezed her own breasts, pinching the nipples as I licked her delicious pussy. "What...what are you doing to me?" Olivia asked.

"You've had your pussy licked before," I said.

"Not like that." Olivia told me.

Sucking her clitoris, I slid two fingers inside her cunt and pressed my thumb into her ass. "Oh, yes," my mother-in-law groaned, "Oh, please, yes. I'M CUMMING, DARLING, OH--FUCK--YESSSS!"

She drew her knees back and her pussy over flowed with her juices. I could feel the wetness of her slit all around my mouth. Her legs slowly lowered and Olivia gently pushed my head away.

I wiped my mouth with the end of her robe and got to my feet. Olivia sat up and shrugged off the top of her robe. She reached out, unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. Neither one of us spoke as she tugged my pants and under shorts down.

Her fingers encircled the thick shaft. Her other hand caressed my heavy balls. She looked up at me, smiled, then took the crown into her mouth. I felt her tongue moving around the head as she softly sucked on it.

Slowly, my mother-in-law sucked more and more of my hard pole between her lips. She moved her mouth, and her hand, back and forth on my erection, coating it with her saliva.

Olivia slid her lips up and down one side of my cock then the other. She lifted the pole against my stomach and licked the underside several times with the flat of her tongue. Reaching the top, she let the tip of my rod fall into her mouth. Slowly, she pushed her head forward until the entire length of my cock was in her mouth and her face was pressed against my belly. She pulled back, took a deep breadth and deep throated me again.

Fixing her lips around the base of the crown, Olivia sucked the head and stroked the shaft. She then lowered her hand finger fucked herself while, with her eyes closed, she slid her lips back and forth on the shaft and head.

"Its gonna happen," I warned her.

Holding my hips, Olivia began sucking harder, moving her head faster. As I started to cum, she stopped the back and forth movement of her head. Holding half the shaft between her lips, she let my cum flow into her mouth and down her throat, without losing a drop.

Olivia released my wilting member from her lips, looked up at me and smiled. I dropped my hands to cup her breasts "Do you want something to drink?" Olivia asked, "I do."

Olivia came back from the kitchen and handed me a bottle of beer. "It's a little early," she said, "but its just a little beer."

We sat on the bed, feet up, leaning back on the pillows against the headboard. As we sipped from the bottles, we each had one hand between the other's legs. I massaged her clit, pushed my finger into her and rubbed the sensitive flesh of her inner slit. Her hand moved up and down the shaft of my cock, from it's tip to it's base, her fingers touching, rubbing, and squeezing, as though she were committing the size and shape to memory while making it hard, again.

Olivia leaned across me, placing her beer on the night stand. Then she took my beer from my hand and placed it next to her's. Without speaking, she got on her knees, swung one leg over me and straddled my hips. She reached down, held my cock straight and lowered herself onto it. I groaned as her wet warmth enveloped me.

I raised my hands to her breasts, playing with the firm, heavy globes and dark brown nipples as she slowly wriggled her hips. Her hips moved slowly, steadily milking my cock until it exploded, shooting streams of cum into her hot, convulsing vagina.

Claudia was at the beauty shop in the mall. I was headed down to the food court when I saw Olivia, looking in the window of a clothing store. As soon as I saw her, my heart jumped, my chest tightened and my cock grew hard. She was wearing a sleeveless, red pull over, snug fitting Levis and red, sling back, high-heeled shoes.

I walked up behind her and said, "Hi."

She turned, saw it was me, and smiled, "Hi, Matt," she said, looking around, "Is Claudia with you?"

"No," I answered, "she's having her hair done. I'm just killing time until she's done."

"How much time?" my mother-in-law asked.

"Thirty or forty minutes," I told her.

"I'm going to look at a dress in here," Olivia said, "Want to come with me."

"Sure," I said, happy to spend some time with her.

We walked into the store and slowly made our way to the back. Olivia stopped every few feet to look at blouses or skirts that hung on the racks. "I'd really like to kiss you," I told her.

"That would be nice," she said, continuing to browse through the racks. "But not here."

She chose two blouses from the rack and headed towards the back of the store. I followed, stopping at the entrance to the changing rooms. She turned to look at me. "Come with me," she said, "you can kiss me in the changing room." I glanced around the store, to make sure no one was watching us, then hurried after her.

The room was tiny, 4x6, with a full-length mirror on one wall and a low, narrow bench on the other. Olivia hung the blouses on a hook above the bench then turned to face me. I put my arms around her and pulled her body to me. I covered her lips with mine, plunged my tongue into her mouth and let my hands grasp her ass. "I really missed you," I told her.

"And I missed you, too," Olivia said, rubbing her stomach against my hard-on.

"Can we do more than kiss back here?" I asked, slipping my hands under her top and cupping her large, bra-covered breasts.

"What do you have in mind," my mother-in-law asked, showing her beautiful smile.

"Push your jeans down and I'll show you," I told her. Looking down, as I rubbed and squeezed her breasts, I saw her unbuckle her belt and open the front of her Levis. As she pushed the waistline down, I released her breasts and moved my hands onto her bare ass. "No panties?"

"I never wear panties," Olivia said, "unless I wear a dress."

She pushed her Levis to the floor and turned her back to me. She leaned forward, her forearms and shoulders against the wall, offering her sexy ass to me. "Put it in me, baby," Olivia said thickly.

I bent my knees and slid my cock into my mother-in-law's pussy. "Ooohhh, GOD!" she moaned as I pushed it deep into her. With my hands on her hips, I turned my head and watched myself fuck her in the mirror.

Olivia bought both blouses she had taken into the dressing room. The clerk at the cash register looked at us strangely but did not say anything.

A few days later, on Thursday, I stopped, on the way home, to buy a bag of charcoal. Claudia and I were going to grill steaks for supper. As I came out of the store, I saw Olivia's car turning into the parking lot.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

I told her and Olivia said, "I'm really happy to see you. Do you have some extra time?"

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"What do you think?" Olivia asked, smiling, "Girls get horny, too."

I put the charcoal in the back seat of my car, then got in the front seat of Olivia's car. We drove to the park, about a mile away.

There were only a few cars in the parking lot. Olivia pulled into a spot at the end of the lot. She turned off the ignition and as soon as she turned towards me, I pulled her body against mine. My heart was pounding and my cock was hard.

We kissed, hard and long, our tongues exploring each other's inner mouth. I cupped her large, full breasts then slipped one hand under her skirt. Her legs separated as I moved my hand between her thighs. My fingertips touched the thin fabric that covered her crotch. I began rubbing her pussy and Olivia pulled away from me.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong," she told me, pulling her skirt up to the tops of her tanned, shapely legs. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, she said, "I just want to take these off." She pushed her panties down and off, then moved back into my arms, her skirt up around her waist and her legs widely separated. She had trimmed the hair between her legs short.

My fingers entered her easily. She was already hot and very wet. I slowly finger fucked her, massaging her clitoris with my thumb, as we kissed.

I felt her hand on my cock, rubbing the fat shaft through the material of my trousers.

Again, Olivia pulled away from me. "Lets get out of the car," she said, "there's a blanket in the trunk."

She popped the trunk and I got out of the car. It was hot, near ninety degrees, but there was a nice breeze. I got the blanket and closed the trunk. Olivia was standing at the front of the car, waiting for me. She had on a black blouse and a short, red skirt with a wide, black belt. She was barefoot, having left her shoes in the car.

We held hands as we walked towards the roofed shelter. There were two picnic benches under the roof and no people close-by. "Put the blanket on that bench," my mother-in-law told me.

I flipped the blanket over the picnic bench. When I turned back to Olivia, she had her skirt pulled up around her waist. I unzipped my pants and pulled my erection out as I watched Olivia sit down on the edge of the bench's end. Moving her legs apart, she leaned back on her left elbow and put her right hand between her legs. "How do you like my new haircut?" she asked, lightly rubbing her mound.

"Its beautiful," I said. Bending forward, I pressed my lips to the top of her slit and touched the tip of my tongue to her clit.

"Fuck me," my beautiful mother-in-law said, "Please, put your cock in my pussy and fuck me."

I moved between her legs and pushed my rod into her. She gasped and groaned and lowered one hand to rub her clit as I fucked her.

"Yes...yes...yes..." she chanted, "Ooohhh, fuck it feels good. Harder, baby. Fuck me hard."

I pushed into her wet heat as hard and deep as I could, making Olivia grunt and groan with pleasure. "I'm cumming," Olivia gasped, "YES...YES...I'M CUMMING, BABY...OOOHHHFUUUUCK!!!"

My cock spurted and cum poured deep into her belly.

When I got back into my car, the screen on my cell phone read that I missed two calls, both from Claudia. I called her right away.

"Where have you been?" she asked, "I was getting worried."

"I ran into guy I haven't seen since college," I told her, surprised how easily the lie came into my mind, "We started talking and I lost track of time."

"Why didn't you answer your phone?" she wanted to know.

"I was in his car," I told her, "I left the phone in my car."

"Are you coming home now?" Claudia asked.

"I've got the charcoal and I'm on the way," I said.

"Well, hurry home, babe," she said, "I'm starving."

I did not see or talk to my mother-in-law during the following week. I did think about her, her beautiful face, her youthful body, her tight, wet, hot pussy. But I did not long for her. I was totally happy with Claudia. Our sex life was entirely satisfying. My affair with Olivia was purely sexual, completely recreational.

On Friday evening, as my wife and I ate dinner, Claudia told me, "My mother called me today."

"Really," I said, just a little nervous, "what did she want?"

"She had her kitchen and bedroom painted," Claudia said, "and the paint fumes are very unpleasant. She told me she was going to a hotel but I talked her into coming here, instead. We have plenty of room and hotels are so expensive. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, of course not," I told her. I was happy that Olivia was going to spend two days with us but I could not help but wonder how that week-end would end.

Olivia arrived at eight o'clock that evening. I helped carry her bags, a suitcase and a make-up bag, to her bedroom. Claudia decided the bed needed changing and went to get fresh sheets from the linen closet.

While we were alone, Olivia said, "I didn't want to come here but Claudia would not take no for an answer."

"Its all right," I told her, "I'm glad you're here."

"Actually, I am, too," Olivia said, "even though it'll be hard to stay in bed by myself when you're just down the hall."

Before I could answer, Claudia reappeared with fresh sheets. We re-made the bed then left Olivia alone so she could unpack and shower.

In the living room, we put on a movie. After an hour, Olivia joined us. When the movie ended, Olivia said good night and went into her room.

"Want to go skinny-dipping?" Claudia asked me.

One of the main reasons Claudia and I bought the house was the above-ground pool in the back yard. The house was more than we needed, but Claudia and I both liked it and the back yard pool made up our minds.

"You want to swim now?" I asked, "What about your mother?"

"What about her?" my wife wanted know,. She leaned against me and, with her face an inch away from mine, said, "If she wants to swim naked with us its all right with me."

Claudia and I walked out of the house and climbed the ten steps up to the pool deck. We took our clothes off and jumped into the water, naked. We swam and splashed, kissed and touched each other. Finally, we got out of the pool and sat down on the plush deck chairs.

It was a perfect night, warm with a slight breeze. The moon was large and bright. It wasn't light enough to read but it was light enough to see.

Our chairs were pushed together. I d****d my hand over the chairs' arms, resting my hand between Claudia's legs. She moved her legs apart and let my finger slip between the lips of her pussy. "Mmmmmmmm," she purred.

She put her hand on my half hard cock, just holding, then gently rubbing it. "You know what I want to do?" she asked.

"Tell me," I said.

"I want to go down on you," Claudia said.

"Well, I won't stop you," I told her.

Claudia went down on her knees in front of me. She held my rod straight up, stroking the shaft as she began licking and sucking the crown. After a minute, she put her mouth over the end of my cock and slid her lips, and her hand, up and down the shaft.

That was when Olivia stepped onto the deck, with a towel wrapped around her torso. She stood on the top stair, staring, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. "Your mother is watching us," I told my wife.

Claudia turned her head to look at her mother. "Hi, mom," she said, almost casually.

"I'm sorry," Olivia said, slightly flustered, "I couldn't sl**p---I thought swimming---I'm sorry ---I'll go back---"

"No, wait," Claudia stopped, "You don't have to go if you don't want to."

Olivia stopped. "Thanks," she said, "but I don't want to watch."

"I don't want you to watch," Claudia said, "I mean-- you can-- if you want to --- or--- if you want --- you can have some of this."

Olivia moved towards us on bare feet.. "You're serious," she said, not as a question.

"Of course," Claudia said, "If you want to."

"And you don't mind?" Olivia asked.

"Uh-uh," Claudia said, "Ever since the first time I saw this big, beautiful cock I've wanted to watch some other woman sucking on it. And," Claudia added with a smile, "I've always wanted to watch you sucking on a cock, too."

Olivia looked at me and I said, "You know I don't mind."

Olivia loosened her towel and let it fall away from her naked body. "Somehow, I didn't think you would mind," my mother-in-law said as she dropped to her knees.

In my mind, a voice said, "You lucky bastard."

Mother and daughter knelt between my legs, taking turns mouthing me. First, Olivia would suck my cock while Claudia licked my balls then Claudia would slide her mouth down the length of my cock as Olivia sucked my balls in and out of her mouth.

"Slide your lips up and down the sides," I told them.

Their lips and tongue slid up and down the sides of my cock. They reached the top of my pole and their lips enveloped the engorged crown as their tongues licked the sensitive flesh and Claudia's hand stroked the saliva slippery shaft.

"I'm gonna cum," I groaned, as they continued licking and kissing, "oh, fuck, I can't hold back any longer."

My cum gushed out onto their lips, into their mouths and ran down my cock. They squealed happily as cum spread over the flesh of their cheeks and chins. Their lips touched, then pressed together, in a surprisingly passionate kiss. Then their lips separated and moved back to my cock. They licked and sucked the cum from my cock and balls and each other's faces.

"Please, stop," I begged, pushing their heads away from my extremely sensitive crotch.

Olivia dove into the water, followed by Claudia. I stood up and jumped into the pool. We splashed around for ten or fifteen minutes then got our clothes and walked naked into the house.

As we got to the bedrooms, Claudia said, "Why don't you sl**p with us tonight, mom. We have a king sized bed that's big enough for all of us."

The three of us lay naked on the bed. I was between the two women, their firm, warm bodies pressing against me. Olivia asked her daughter, "Did you enjoy watching me suck your husband's cock?" As she spoke, my mother-in-law put her hand on my tool and lightly rubbed it, making me hard.

"Yeah, I did," my wife told her, "Did you like sucking my husband's cock?"

"Yes, I did," my mother-in-law told her daughter, as she stroked my cock with tighter, longer movements, "but what I'd really like is to have it inside me. You can watch that, too, if you want to."

Olivia lay back, flat on her back, her knees bent outward as she rubbed her own pussy.

Claudia did watch as I got on my knees, between her mother's legs. Leaning over her, I lowered my hips and Claudia reached between our bodies and guided my cock into her mother's pussy. Claudia's hand remained between us, rubbing her mother's clit as I fucked her with long, slow, hard stokes.

"Oh, yes," my mother-in-law groaned as her orgasm started, "OOOHHH FUCK YES!!!" Her body tightened and relaxed as my cum spurted into her.

I fell asl**p thinking, "You fucking lucky bastard."

I woke up and opened my eyes. The room was bright with sunlight. The clock, next to the bed, read 7:03. I was about to turn over when I heard Olivia say, in a quiet voice, "You're the first woman who ever played with my pussy."

"Did you like it?" Claudia asked.

"I loved it," Olivia told her, "especially when you pushed your whole hand into me. I don't know which felt better. Your hand or Matt's dick."

"Its called fisting," Claudia told her mother, "If you want me to, I'll do it to your ass, too."

I rolled over and said, "Good morning." The women were still naked. Olivia was on her back, her breasts melted into twin mounds. Claudia was lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows. Her breasts hung down, the tips flattened by the mattress. "Did we wake you?" Olivia asked.

"No," I told her.

"Do you want to fuck?" Claudia asked.

"Of course," I answered, my cock starting to grow, "Who?"

Mother and daughter looked at each other, smiled, then looked at me. "Both of us," they said in unison.

The little voice in my head was screaming "YOU GODDAMN FUCKING LUCKY BASTARD!"

Claudia's best friend, Stephanie, won a day at the spa for two and invited Claudia to go with her. They would get facials, a mud bath, manicure, pedicure, and waxing, none of which, except for the manicure and pedicure, Claudia had never experienced in a professional setting. They were set up to go on the Saturday following our three way with her mother.

"How long will you be gone?" I asked, as Claudia got ready to leave.

"I'm not sure," Claudia said, "Six or eight hours. Is that a problem?"

"Of course not," I told her, "I'm just wondering what I'll do while you're gone."

"Why don't you take my mother to lunch?' Claudia asked.

"You wouldn't mind?" I wanted to know.

"Of course not," my wife said, "Why should I mind?"

It was ten thirty in the morning when Claudia and her girlfriend left for the spa. I called Olivia as soon as her daughter had gone. I told her Claudia would be gone for the next few hours and asked her to have lunch with me. Olivia said she would love to see me and I should come over as soon as I could. A half hour later, I was in the lobby of Olivia's building.

She buzzed me in and I took the elevator to the seventh floor. The door to her apartment was open so I walked in and called her name.

"I'm in the kitchen," Olivia called back.

When I entered the kitchen, the sight of her took my breadth away. She was standing at the stove, barefoot, wearing a yellow half-blouse and blue terrycloth shorts. The shorts exposed the full length of her tanned, shapely legs and seemed molded to her sexy ass. She turned to greet me, a bright smile on her lovely face. I could see the camel's toe between her thighs and the rounded bottoms of her large, full, braless breasts, peeking out from below her cut off shirt.

"Damn, you look hot!" I told her.

"I was doing housework when you called." Olivia said as she crossed the kitchen, "I was going to change but..." She raised up on her tiptoes and kissed me.

"I'm really glad you didn't," I said. Cupping the cheeks of her ass, I pulled her against me and lowered my lips to her mouth.

I raised my head and my mother-in-law said, "I really need to take a shower. I waited so you could shower with me?"

We stood under the spray of warm water, washing each other. I thoroughly soaped my mother-in-law's breasts, between her legs and her ass. Then I knelt down and lathered her legs and feet. Olivia scrubbed my chest and back then carefully cleaned my cock and balls. She too knelt down to do my legs but as she knelt in front of me, she also began sucking the head of my cock.

Looking down, I watched her lips move slowly back and forth on the crown as her hands moved up and down on my legs. Olivia rolled her eyes upward and saw I was watching her. She pulled back and looked up at me, smiling. "I just can't resist a big, beautiful cock."

"I don't mind at all." I said.

She stood up and gripped the shaft, just holding it. "Let's get rinsed off," my mother-in-law said, "and go in the bedroom. I really want to give you a long, slow blow-job."

"That's OK with me." It sounded stupid when I said it but Olivia was standing in front of me naked, holding my cock and promising a long, slow blow-job. I was lucky I spoke words.

In the bedroom, I sat down on the edge of my mother-in-law's bed. She took one of the pillows from the bed and dropped it on the floor at my feet. She kissed my lips as she knelt down on the pillow. "I may be down here awhile," she said. Her fingers encircled the shaft and she began slowly stroking it. "Lean back and relax. Let me do all the work."

I lay back, propped up on my elbows so I could watch.

Olivia began by touching the tip of her tongue to the tip of my cock. She moved her tongue around the head, slowly, several times, before letting her lips slip down to cover the crown. She held the base of my cock with one hand, while massaging my balls with the other. She licked and sucked the head of my cock in and out of her mouth, slowly and deliberately, as though she liked the taste of it.

My mother-in-law raised her head and began sliding her hand up and down on the shaft. She smiled at me as her head moved down between my thighs. I gasped and collapsed onto my back as her tongue and lips went to work on my balls. She licked the loosely hung sack and sucked my balls, first one then the other, into her mouth.

Once my scrotum was covered with saliva, Olivia's mouth moved the base of the shaft. She nibbled softly, where my sack and cock met, then slowly moved upwards, licking and kissing the entire length, up one side and down the other, until every square centimeter of flesh was coated with her saliva.

One hand slowly pumped the shaft while the other gently played with my sack. She moved her head up and down, sliding several inches of my hard cock in and out of her mouth.

My orgasm built slowly. The pressure and heat got stronger and stronger, more and more intense, until I could not hold it back any longer.

Olivia's rhythm never changed. She groaned softly as my first stream of cum shot into her mouth but her head kept bobbing as my sperm boiled up through my cock and flowed into her mouth.

When I finally stopped cumming, my mother-in-law pulled back, with her mouth open, letting me see the pool of white jizm on her tongue. Then, she swallowed and opened her again, to show me it was gone.

She smiled as she took my still hard cock in her hand. 'I just wanted to show you that I do swallow," Olivia said.

As she rubbed my cock, a last drop of semen oozed from the tip. "Oh, look," she said, lowering her head. Her lips encircled the top of the crown and her tongue licked the last drop from the tip.

Still stroking me, Olivia said, "You're still hard."

"I could cum again, too," I told her, propped up on my elbows, again.

"Really," she said, not as a question, "I certainly don't want to waste a perfectly good hard-on. Do you want to fuck me or should I suck you off again?"

I reached out, placed one hand behind her neck, and pulled her head forward. "Suck it," I said.

Her lips opened and half my cock disappeared into her mouth. She pulled her lips back to the top of the shaft, then moved her head forward until the tip of my cock pressed against the back of her mouth. She pushed down until the crown of my cock slipped into her throat. She pulled back to breadth, then deep throated me again.

My mother-in-law sucked my cock with long, deep, steady movements until my semen gushed into her mouth. Again, she did not stop sucking until I stopped cumming.

We had lunch, sandwiches and beer, while sitting at the kitchen table, naked. After we finished eating, Olivia and I went back into the bedroom.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my mother-in-law standing in front of me. I pulled her naked body close, holding her with one hand stroking her bare back while the other rubbed and squeezed her ass. I pushed my face into the globular mounds that hung from her chest, kissing the firm, pliant flesh and sucking the dark, hardened nipples.

Olivia tussled my hair and groaned pleasurably as my fingers entered the space between her ass cheeks. She squealed and thrust her hips forward when I pushed my fingertip against, then into, her asshole.

My mother-in-law turned my face upwards and lowered her mouth onto mine. Our tongues entered and explored each others' mouths. As we kissed, I brought my hands forward, onto her breasts. "Fuck me," she said.

"I wanted to eat you first," I told her, dropping one hand down to her crotch.

"Later," Olivia said, "I need your cock inside me. NOW!"

She lay on her back, with her legs around my waist, as I slowly pumped in and out of her. "Ooohhh, fuck me, darling," my mother-in-law said, moaning each time I thrust into her, "Make me cum, baby, yes, make me cum." she unwound her legs from my waist and pulled her knees back, almost to her shoulders. "You're so goddam fucking deep." her fingernails dug into my back as she started to cum. "Oh., fuck---I'm going to cum, baby---OH SHIT---I'MMM CUMMMMIIIINNNNGGG!!!"

Her hips bucked and her body twisted under mine as three beats later, a third load of hot cum erupted from my cock and into my mother-in-law.

It was a little past four. I had been asl**p for about two hours. I got out of bed and slowly got dressed. If Olivia wanted more sex it would not be from me. I was totally wiped out. I only hoped I could get by Claudia that night.

Olivia was sitting in the living room, wearing the same red silk robe she had worn the first time we made love in her condo. "I was about to wake you up," she said.

"Claudia should be home anytime," I said, "Would you like to come to our house for supper?" "Not tonight," Olivia said, "There is something I have to tell you. I'm pregnant."

I felt the wind go out of me as an invisible hand punched me. "Its mine?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course its yours," my mother-in-law said, "And, I just talked to Claudia. I hope you like twins because she's pregnant, too."

I was happy, thrilled, elated. The two most important women in my life were both pregnant and I was the father to both. There were a million things to think about, to get done, but at the moment, all I could do was smile and think, Like Daughter/Like Mother.

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2 years ago
By the way, the writer/author has doone such a fanfuckingtastic job with these chapters of this alluring, most perfect offeringh/she should most certainly put pen to hand and ink additional Chapter(s)! If would undoubtedly be fabulous, and most assuredly PERFECT!!!!!
2 years ago
This is the most awesomeness incest story--totally perfect! From the initial first fudking of his mother-in-law through the announcement of not only his mother-in-law's pregnancy, but also that his wife is also pregnant!!! Totallly, totally beautiful, heavenly.

This story is the ultimate, celestially and absolutely the epotime' of the perfect love story in particular, and incestually in actuality, should begin, progress and continue forever.

Nothing is so endearing, thrilling and heart warming as the tone, tenor, expressions and feelings this story bestows upon reader's of incest! Me especially, being a lover and softie for "feel-good" stories and situations. Love it! FUCKING LOVE IT!!
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GREAT story
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