I had just driven up from the city to visit my daughter. She was a beautiful young woman of 19, with vivid, sky blue eyes, silky, medium length sandy blond hair which gently caressed the top of her shoulders, a trim, curvaceous, petite body....and an attitude! Katie had been attending the local community college in neighboring Sommerville, and had come home to her mother's house for the short semester break. We had been great friends for years, sharing all kinds of adventures, and spending as much quality time together as any father and daughter could while living a couple hours away.

When I pulled into the driveway I saw a group of young people in Katie's front yard. She was nowhere to be seen at first, but then she came running out from the group to meet me. "Daddy, we expected you earlier; did you run into trouble?"

"No," I answered......"just the routine 8-car pileup on 73 highway. You know the stretch, where I taught you to drive...??"

At that point I noticed that my daughter was wearing a very tiny, revealing string bikini. I told her to go inside and put on some clothes immediately before she got arrested for public indecency. She half scoffed at me, with an "Oh, Daddy," but went inside anyway without the usual argument that we, two strong-willed people normally had over petty issues. Although I thought her complacency was a little odd and out of character, I realized that she was becoming more agreeable as she grew up.

I couldn't help but gawk at my beautiful daughter, especially today when she was wearing something that left very little to the imagination. But as usual I didn't stare and appeared completely nonchalant, though her young womanly radiance and innocent sensuality always made my heart race a little. I desperately did not want her to know that sometimes I couldn't help but admire her beauty as much as any other man might, and certainly more than a father was supposed to. I was also in a constant state of denial that I had any lustful feelings for my lovely girl, and worried that she might possibly perceive that I did.

I followed her into the house and asked where her mother was. I hadn't seen her car and her Mom had not told me that she would be gone during my visit. The two of us had been divorced for several years, but I managed to spend quite of bit of time with Katie, my pal, fellow comic, clown, 'partner in crime and mischief', and only c***d. Katie yelled back from her bedroom, "Mom's in Stratton, shopping with Beth." I thought this was unusual, as Katie's Mom normally didn't leave town during my visits.

I maintained a close friendship with Katie's Mom, Betty, and it was routine for me to stay over in the spare bedroom when I came to visit. I lived in Springdale, two hours to the south, and got to see my daughter about once or twice a month. Recently, during Katie's first year in college our visits had decreased considerably. College meant many new activities for her, and I spent more time with my girlfriend in Springdale.

This weekend was different though, as Katie and I were going down to my relatives' reunion in Florida, a short drive from her city.

Katie asked me from her bedroom if I could help her with something. I said, "certainly," and walked through the open door of her bedroom after a short knock.

She laughed and said, "you don't have to knock if I ask you to help me, Daddy, just drop what you're doing and hurry!" I chuckled and asked what was so important. She said, turning around, "see this double knot tied by Jennie Lou?" I'm being held hostage by her ineptness in knot-tying!" Sure enough, Jennie Lou had tied the back strap of Katie's very skimpy halter top in an extremely tight square knot. Her bikini bottom had ridden up over her butt cheeks, leaving her creamy white, perfect little ass almost completely uncovered. As usual, I quickly looked away, not wanting to stare at or ogle my daughter, especially partially naked.

"Okay Katie, turn around," I said, and I began untying the knot, which seemed to be tied so securely that Houdini would have had trouble with it. Quickly the knot was free, and I told my daughter to change into something rated at least PG-13 as I left her room. Before I could get to the door, Katie asked me if I could help her just a little more. She had gone to the fitness center at the college last night, and exercised vigorously for several hours on the equipment. Every muscle in her body was so sore, she said, that it was an effort just to move.

"Daddy, would you rub my back like you did when I was a k**?"

"I think I can work on it," I obligingly responded, giving my daughter a pat on the head.

As I started to massage her back, she said, "I'm going to lie down, Dad; do you really think you can give me a decent back rub while standing there like a hairdresser??"

I again laughed and said, "well, Katie, you got me there," as I sat down next to her on the bed. I told her that I really wanted to get going to see Ted Langston, my former college roommate who was home from the city for the weekend.

"Ted can wait, Dad, I'm hurting so bad that I may need a body cast just to keep from moving. And don't even THINK about telling me any of your stale jokes that you know I'll laugh at. Any laugh right now would be more painful than you could imagine."

"So that means I don't talk at all, huh?"

"You got it, Pop! Just shut up and work!" This made ME laugh, which I hid from Katie, following her wishes.

I marveled at how my lovely young daughter had filled out. Her skimpy halter top was loose, and the straps were lying on either side of her smallish, milky white, perfectly rounded breasts which the loose straps had partially revealed on either side of her absolutely flawless young body. Just for a moment I thought proudly, how she'd grown into such a beautiful and sexy young woman, after years of awkwardness as a thin little girl. This moment didn't last long. I realized my little girl was now a beautiful woman, and as I realized this, those thoughts of what I'd secretly but shamefully dreamed of doing, quickly hardened my cock.

As I finished massaging her upper back and got up to go, she said sarcastically, "so a licensed massage ther****t like you is going to try and get away with THAT??" I quietly laughed, reminding her that I was an accountant, not a masseur. "Well, you certainly give Jill wonderful massages, I hear," Katie mockingly replied, smiling with a 'gotcha' grin. I blushed a little and asked how she knew this, and if my girlfriend, Jill confided this much? "Well,' Jill replied, 'that's for me to know and you to find out; you'd be surprised at how much we women share," with another smirking grin, even bigger than the last one.

I shook my head and asked my daughter jokingly if she wanted 'hush money' for what she knew. "There you go, Daddy....I told you not to make me laugh!" Just massage my lower back, she said as she guided my hand to the small of her back, then down to the top of her soft, shapely little butt. I gulped when she did this, but before I knew it she led my surprised hand down a little more, over the rounded, enticing contour of her butt and to the delicately curved, soft side of her hip. She rubbed my hand gently over this area briefly, then brought my incredulous hand back up to her lower back and side. She told me to massage her firmly there, and sighed softly when I stroked her velvety smooth skin. "Oh, this is great, Dad, I'll give you about a week to stop! Please, the soreness should be out by tonight with this type of treatment." This response startled me, but I'd always had difficulty saying no when my daughter needed something.

I realized at this point that my cock had become hard as a rock, and I quietly started to breath deeper. I was massaging my petite daughter's lower back where it meets her butt and around her side, very close to private areas which were usually massaged for one purpose only. Surprising myself, I began to enjoy this, although I certainly knew all too well that this was where dads don't even think about going! I stopped for a moment to regain my 'composure' when Katie reached for and firmly put my hand back where it had been. She whined for me to please continue, and that she was beginning to feel better. "Oh, alright," I said, agreeably and quietly as I untucked my shirt tail so that my swollen member did not show. I felt so embarrassed and a little taken aback at being turned on by my own daughter, and told Katie that I really had to hurry to see Ted.

"No Dad, she purred slowly. You don't get away that easily. You come home to see me, and you're going to let me suffer with a sore body???"

I was sweating by now and desperately wanted to leave so I could take care of my hard on. I replied nervously that I could only help her with her back. Her 'body' would have to be fixed up by someone else like her mother. "Oh, you've always helped me, Dad, and you're doing such a great job. Here, just finish it, damnit, she said," turning back to grin at me with a little wink.

"Oh... my... God," I thought....what did she expect, for me to really 'finish her,' like I'd perceived? "Oh no," I said emphatically, "I'm not going any further. I've already massaged you in places I haven't seen in years. I'm sorry, but you've got to use the heating pad or get someone else now." I got up, turning around to leave quickly so the bulge in my pants would not be seen. As I got up, Katie also got up, pressing her hot little body tightly against my back, and firmly wrapped her arms around my waist in a bear hug.

I made a face that she couldn't 'good Lord,' how did I get into this??! Then she released her grip and asked me to turn around and talk before I left. Katie glanced down at my 'problem,' and smiled slightly, then looked up at me sweetly. She softly asked me to please continue the massage, then glanced back down, and grinned slightly and licked her upper lip this time. Her bikini top was loosely hanging by the flimsy neck strap, and the released side straps hung down by her arms. This left the sides of her beautifully sculpted, firm breasts exposed. Her pointed, eager nipples stood at attention like twin sentinels. The only thing holding the abbreviated top on her was the flimsy neck strap of the small halter top, which was delicately attached with a small bow tied behind her neck. And this was held in place only by my daughter's partially exposed, erect pinkish nipples on which the loosened side straps rested. Katie asked me if I would massage her front, and that it would be nothing I hadn't seen many times when she was younger. I gasped as she then laid back on the bed, on her back this time.

I gulped very hard but quickly sat down by her, attempting to keep my erection covered. My member was far from large, but performing this type of service had brought it to complete attention, which it had not been in a long time. "Katie, I said insistently....I'm just not going any further with this massage. I'm your father, and touching you like this is not a proper thing for a father to do." She frowned disappointedly at me as she got up, and came over to me with a little hug.

As she did this, her top swung to one side, and one small, but perfect breast was completely visible. I reeled in disbelief and thought how I definitely should not be here. Before I could get that sentiment out, my daughter bent down to my face level and crouching beside me, gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a knockout that took on her own blossoming fragrance of her young womanhood.. I shamefully admitted to her, "Katie, I absolutely cannot go on with this massage. I'm only human, and this is taking a toll on me. I'm your father and I'm not supposed to be put in this position." I felt so guilty saying this, knowing how much I now wanted her.

My daughter gave me her usual pouting little peck on the lips, and said that she knew that I might not feel completely comfortable, but her body was on fire with sharp pains from over-exercising. She also said that I was the only person she knew who could give a great massage. "Please, Dad, just this once?"

"Okay, I said, but if I continue, I'm at least going to take a little break now, laughing meekly at my own awkwardness." She smiled and told me she understood, and to take all the time I needed, but please just 'finish the job.' Although these words sent fearful doubt though me, I could only think about my daughter's seriously painful muscles. I had never refused to help my daughter, especially when she really needed something. I needed the time out however; I was getting so hot that I was afraid of ripping her flimsy bottom off and doing what I'd secretly dreamed of during the last couple of years.

I told her I was going for some water then, and quickly exited the room. I came back in about five minutes, and found that she had gotten under the sheet on the bed. I tried to hide my excitement as I looked a little puzzled and half jokingly asked if she'd run out of clothes. "No, Dad, she replied, I just took off my bikini and got under the sheet so you could massage me without feeling uneasy or embarrassed." I had regained my composure with the five minute break, but hearing this and seeing my beautiful daughter's fully outlined naked body under the sheet brought my dick back to a full 45 degree angle within seconds.

Katie closed her eyes and stretched her arms out by her sides. In doing so, her breasts became even more outlined and visible through the thin sheet. "Here Dad," she said as she took my hand. "This is where I really hurt. My 'pecs' are screaming with pain." I almost yelled out when she placed my hand on her right breast and gently rubbed it over the hardened nipple which had been perfectly visible through the thin, translucent sheet. She gently rubbed my hand over her eager young nipple and velvet soft breast several times til I thought I would come in my pants. I again strongly objected to massaging my daughter in this manner, although this was a very difficult thing to do by now.

"Oh, you don't have to massage this area," she said, as she directed my captive hand down toward her flat stomach and navel. "Here's another place that's on fire with pain. Please use your magic hands here," she begged, reminding me how sore she was. I sighed a little with relief, but disappointment as well, realizing I wouldn't have to massage my daughter's beckoning, supple model's breasts. Katie had always gotten anything she wanted from me, and it looked like a full body massage was not an exception at this time. I gently but firmly massaged her stomach with firm little circular movements of my fingertips with strained composure, although I was literally on fire as I did this...

This massage technique was used by the guy who had massage my own sore muscles. Katie started to breathe a little heavily and almost gasped to inhale. My own breathing I realized, was also labored and quickened. At one point I thought Katie and I were breathing together, but I tried desperately not to think of this. "Katie, this must be doing you some good, as you're breathing a sigh of relief."

"No, Dad,....but your hands are like magic! Don't even THINK about stopping what you're doing!" I frowned with worry at her words, but it was too late to remove my hand from her stomach. I gasped at what she did next, although I think I was ready to do the same thing....

Both Katie's hands grasped my hand as she placed it right on her damp little cunt. "You see, Daddy, you're not the only one to be "embarrassed," shall we say," as her shaky little chuckle broke into a whimper, then a deep moan. She softly rubbed my hand up and down over her perfect little pussy until she was soon completely wet.

"Katie, what......?!!" But before I could object, she slid my index finger into her tight, wet hole.....Oh God, this is my daughter doing the unthinkable. I winced with disbelief, wondering how I'd gotten into this situation, and how I'd get out, or if I really wanted to. However, this was beginning to not even matter.

Getting out-- even if I wanted to at this stage-- was no longer an option for me. I was now past the point of no return, as my 'little head' not surprisingly overruled the big one. I completely lost it and pushed her hands out of the way as my daughter cried, "oh Daddy, don't stop now." I then moved my head over her, spread her legs and parted her little cunt lips with my thumbs. Then on fire, I started cleaning the inside of her overflowing mound with my tongue. I sucked the pungent, slightly sweet nectar out of her beautiful, gushing pussy, while running my educated tongue down into her hot little hole. Completely consumed with unbelievable excitement, I then brought my quickly gyrating tongue up toward her hardened pea-sized clit.

My hands firmly massaged her beautifully rounded ass, while my finger explored the inner parts of her tight, hot little asshole. My tongue quickly flicked her hardened clit til it had in seconds grown about three times as large as it had been. By this time Katie was agonizingly begging me for more, and I sucked her engorged clitoris into my mouth. I was rapidly finger fucking her asshole simultaneously. This caused my daughter to flail and yell obscenities punctuated with growling little a****l noises, which I had not heard from any woman before.

My daughter had stopped moaning earlier, then started screaming mercilessly when I started to give her my unplanned 'very special massage.' Her pelvis writhed vigorously and instinctively in a breathless effort to get as much of my tongue into her as possible. I feverishly continued as I lustfully pleasured my wildly turned on body, now completely out of control and out of my mind with the excitement of the moment. By this time I was sucking all of the love juice out of her perfect, smallish cunt. This made me crazy with excitement and so hot that I couldn't remember whether or not I'd ever been this frenzied, and momentarily even forgot that this was my own daughter.

"Oh Daddy," she half screamed and gaspingly asked, "do you know how long I've waited for this???"

I answered "what?!", by now not capable of raising my head from her delicious little pussy. Her fantastic and overpowering fragrance was unlike anything I'd ever smelled. Katie's young womanly scent was beyond the finest perfume I knew of, and this natural aroma was unimaginably exciting. I somehow gasped hoarsely, "no, I didn't know you wanted this.....but now I'm afraid it's too late to turn back."

"I've begged you for the last half-hour to excuse me, but now I'll have to finish the job," I said.

She whimpered and happily moaned, "you mean you're really going to finish the job like I asked you thirty minutes ago?" When I heard this I raised up to look at her in shear disbelief.

"You don't know what you're saying, Katie"....

"Yes Dad, she emphatically said, I've wanted you as long as you've wanted me."

"Oh my God," I uttered, "what made you think this?" thinking that I'd completely hidden my secretly suppressed, forbidden desire which I constantly rejected and denied to myself.

"I quietly spied on you and Mom for years, and was so sad that I couldn't get the same treatment," Katie said, that I couldn't be in your arms like Mom. Do you think that women, even little women...are completely naive," She teasingly asked, while still breathing very deeply and laboriously. Katie told me how my body language, my quick glances away from her and other subtle actions had all told her that I was thinking of her as more than a daughter. "Besides," she said, "Jennie Lou has noticed the same behavior from her own dad."

I continued to gently and innocently stroke her upper belly only, not wanting her go back into hysterics like she'd been before. I had to find out just what tipped her off about how I fought my secret feelings of wanting her. She told me that these feelings by fathers of daughters were not uncommon from what she had learned, hearing the girls chat in high school last year. As we talked, I began to regain my senses long enough to realize what I was doing.

I remembered how she would bend down at every opportunity when she was with me during 8th and 9th grade, and how I would quickly look away to avoid seeing her new breasts which she seemed to be trying her best to show off to the world. I'd even thought about reprimanding her about this, but didn't know how to go about it. I also wondered if I secretly liked it, and was a little bit too afraid and embarrassed to tell her mother. I even wondered if I'd really wanted to tell her mother. As she blossomed into young womanhood I realized I definitely liked it when she showed off her modest but beautiful petite body. Of course the only reason I tried my best to avoid looking at her was that as her father, this was not right or acceptable. I realized now that she'd somehow known earlier that I really wanted to look at her, regardless how uninterested and nonchalant I seemed at the time.

This conversation had brought me back to reality. I was about to make love to my daughter. My own daughter. This thought overwhelmed me as I swiftly started to get up. "Katie, this is just something that I cannot go on with," I said, trying desperately to convince her, and convince myself. Then she did something that completely blew me away.

With both hands clasped firmly around my neck, she gently pulled my head down so that my face was almost touching hers. She then pulled me a little closer til I could feel her hot, quick breath in my mouth. I feebly tried to resist as she pushed her soft, velveteen tongue into my mouth. Then her hot tongue started to gently massage the super sensitive open lips of my startled, gaping mouth. This was more than I could bear or even tear myself away from.

I then met her eager tongue with my own, and as our open lips wetly caressed each others, I teased my tongue into her mouth, which she opened in eager anticipation. I then gently but quickly rubbed the tip of my tongue against hers and stroked the roof of her mouth, provoking a very sharp cry of passionate desperation, then agonized moaning and pleading for me not to stop. All of the feelings I'd constantly suppressed and denied about my lovely daughter quickly flew out of me, and I passionately but hungrily caressed her like I would a lover. I realized what was happening, but my body wouldn't listen to any feeble protestations from my head. The recent two years of pent up desire were unleashed and I wondered if I'd ever come to this level of excitement before. Nothing mattered though, except the feverish actions of the moment.

Quickly, in a nanosecond, my clothes flew they did, I don't remember.

Before I knew it, my body was gently hovering over hers. I then arched my back a little so that my cock would meet her hole, and firmly positioning it, I thrust my member deeply and all the way into her wet little pussy, evoking a loud cry from Chrissie's joyful pain. She grasped the sides of my arms with such f***e that I recoiled a little from the pain of her sharp nails cutting into me....I hardly felt this, though, as I was busy thrusting my stone hard dick in and out of my beautiful girl, now as much a woman as I'd ever known. I penetrated her so deeply that our pelvic bones hurt with the bashing f***e of my strong thrusts into her. She met these thrusts with equally punishing thrusts of her own and a vigorous rocking pelvic motion which f***ed her clit down hard against the sensitive and engorged top of my dick as I pulled out of her. She then rocked her pelvis up, which caused her tight little hole to meet my plunging cock at the perfect angle. This drove me to the brink, and I almost u*********sly grasped her hair with my fists so firmly that she cried out with a loud, sustained, guttural moan.

Our strokes then became faster and harder til my daughter wailed shakily in a hoarse rasp that she was about to come. Hearing this, I could hold out no longer as I felt the same thing. I began to shudder as I thrust even harder, and then Katie started to rigidly shake almost uncontrollably while pulling me into her with much more strength than a young woman should have. I began to wail and cry out as I rammed into her, full f***e, and then shot what felt like was a liter of hot cum into my girl. This caused her orgasm to increase and climax as her cunt muscles clamped like a wrench onto my steel dick. She shook even more and moaned longingly and passionately while holding her arms around my neck with so much f***e that it almost strangled me. This caused us to stay fully joined, my member completely into her, and her overflowing little pussy locked onto my rock hard cock for dear life.

"Oh, how I love you, Daddy. I love you so much." We lay in each others arms for almost a half hour, caressing and kissing gently, while stroking each others heads, faces, necks and upper bodies. We smiled at each other and sweetly nuzzled like lovers....with absolutely no regret.

Gasping to get out the words, I said, "I do love you, Katie...I've always loved you so much, and you know it. But I'm so sorry this happened. I feel so horrible, and just want you to know that I acted on unthinking impulse and didn't listen to my better judgment. "Please forgive me, honey, I'm so sorry."

"There's nothing to forgive, Dad, and please don't be sorry. I set you up. The rest happened 'naturally,' " she hoarsely whispered with a mischievous little smile. " It happened 'naturally,' and with a little help from my careful planning.You see, the only reason Mom went to Stratton was because of the huge sale at the mall which I told her of last night. And you know how mom likes to shop. I knew you'd tell me to change into my regular clothes when you saw the bikini, and that's why I put my bikini on in the first place. Just like clockwork, you men are so predictable! The knot, I tied, myself. I did go to the fitness center last night, but my muscles are perfectly okay."

"You see, what we did was actually what I planned in the first place."

"Oh Katie, you're so evil! But I think you get it from me, as I have to admit that I now realize that I've secretly and desperately wanted you since you grew into such lovely womanhood."

"I know, Dad, I know......I've wished the same thing about you, and I'm so sorry I tricked you. Please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive, Katie. I shouldn't say this, but I've fantasized about this since you blossomed into the lovely young woman you are. Many of us men dream of our daughters in this way from what I've heard, and just suppress our inner urges with guilt and shame, pretending that we don't have these feelings. I guess it took a headstrong daughter who's too much like her Dad for me to stop denying my own feelings. I can't believe this has finally happened, and it was so fantastically wonderful, and absolutely beyond my wildest dreams."

Katie smiled at me and whispered, as the smile broke into a grin, "same here, Dad."

"Katie, I do love you, but I'm having so much trouble now thinking of you as my little girl."

"Well Dad, Katie quietly replied, hopefully you've gotten some idea that I'm no longer your..... 'little girl.'
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2 years ago
This, my third read of this fabulous story (though I didn't comment the second read) that it is ten times as good, as sensational, as gratifying as my prior comments four days ago.
It is so astronomically, totally beautiful; even without the incest is would be a fantastic story, however the father and daughter aspects make it so untimately heart wrenching in its beauty, love and fully soul searing for each lover!
2 years ago
This is the most PERFECT seduction tryst by a daughter of her father that I can ever recall. It is the ultimate DAUGHTER-LOVE stalking that makes this a temptuously, sensationally and totally love and emotional lovefest that one can imagine! It is absolutely beautiful!!!

Such a heavenly described and written story. WE need to have several more Parts/Sagas of this incestual tryst between this father and daughter duo only!!!
2 years ago
Ooo daddy wow!
2 years ago
you are the best
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great writing
2 years ago
Great story...