It was a quiet Friday evening and I was thrilled with the possibility of having a little private time. Mom and Dad had gone with friends skiing for the weekend and as I mentioned Alessandria was away at school. Me? Having just recently returned from a hitch in the Military had planned a weekend on the couch with some of movies I had missed. Oh yes, and I also planned not to waste my time in ignorance so I intended to ingest a large amount of American History, well to be more honest, I had a chilled case Sam Adams Summer Ale, he was a historic figure wasn't he, I was going to let him effect my brain. I had just opened that first chilled chapter when the phone rang.


"Is this Mister David Billings?"

"No, I'm his son, sorry but he's not home at the moment, would you like to leave a message?"

Then as the conversation continued I was informed Allie as I always called Alessandria and another girl had been attacked and a sexual assault had been attempted but some college boy's saw it and went to their aid.

I was further informed she was at the campus police station and was afraid to go back to her single bedroom apartment alone. I informed them to keep her calm and let her know I was on my way. Normally it would take me an hour and a half or so but farewell to Sam and his twin bottles I hit the road and turned ninety minutes into sixty.


I picked Allie up at the Campus Police Station and when she first saw me she was almost breaking my neck with a hug so strong that I finally understood the term bear hug but once free of her clutches we drove to her apartment. Once there she really broke down, apparently once realizing she was finally home safe with me at her side. The crying and clinging became worse as she readjusted to being protected which made it possible for me to finally convince her she needed some rest.

Allie got into her night dress and under the covers with me sitting on the bed while we talked for awhile. I tried hard to keep the conversation about our parents and their holiday weekend ski trip, stuff about home and about my finally being out of the service and getting ready to go back to school. Avoiding talk about this evenings previous events apparently worked as Allie became finally became sl**py eyed letting her slowly fall asl**p. Once that was accomplished I headed to the living room and stripped to my boxers. The last thing I remember was fluffing the pillow as I hit the couch and was in no time at all was in deep sl**p

My restful sl**p suddenly became cramped and my poor ass was equally uncomfortable as suddenly it seemed to be assaulted by drafts so cold sl**p became impossible. My discomfort f***ed my eyes open and when they did mere inches from my nose was Allie's. Her eyes were closed and the look on her face would let any observer know she was somewhere deep in contented sl**p. As for me, my current situation only strengthened a previously learned fact, when you sl**p with women you had best be prepared for a cold butt because most women are notorious for stealing the blankets.

Allie may have been content but for me this was not going to do, somehow I had to get her back into her own bed or sl**p for me would be a commodity on the endangered species list. Aside from the fact I would get no sl**p and my butt would end up frozen I realized that my back would be out of whack for days. So I tried to gently awaken her without causing alarm but to no avail even shaking her gently seemed to have no effect. Then I thought of a solution, Allie on her best day or worst from a woman's point of view couldn't have weighed any more than 105 pounds, so I decided to carry her back to bed.

I quietly pulled aside what little of the blanket still covered me and began to climb over her sl**ping body and as I did other than the small piece she held tightly tucked under her chin the entire blanket fell away exposing the finest specimen of artwork that mine or any other parents could have created. I'm embarrassed to say this but as Allie lay there in her now contented sl**p I couldn't help but stare and as my eyes traveled each inch and etched all it saw into my pictorial memory.

Allie's night gown had totally rearranged itself, the top it had shifted dramatically to the left leaving her perfectly shaped right breast exposed to my now totally attentive eyes. Fortunately or was it unfortunately that was a mere the tip of the iceberg because when my field of vision traveled down I was at first shocked to see she had pierced her belly button with a piece of jewelry but it was shocking was the sense I had seen that piece of jewelry before.

What I hadn't seen before was what lay below that pretty belly button ornament; there below it on full display and unadorned by panties was a neatly trimmed bush that lay just below a stomach that was so flat you could have used it as an ironing board. The sight was so captivating I had to fight weakening and cast aside my a****l instinct then recapture a sense of responsibility. Somehow did covering her charms picking her up and carrying her to bed.

Once there I tried to gently drop her into bed but as I did she shook violently as if trying to get free of my grasp. Apparently thinking she was still being attacked but when she saw it was me she stuck her face in my neck and hugging herself to me as she cried into my ear, "I don't want to sl**p alone I'm afraid, why can't I sl**p with you?"

"Allie, if you sl**p on the couch with me my back will be so screwed up I won't be able to walk for a month."

"Then sl**p with me, there is plenty of room, just go get your pillow."

Big mistake, I was exhausted from the stress of it all so what she said made sense and I got the pillow.

I did just that went and got the pillow crawling under the covers with Allie and fell asl**p in no time at all.

It felt like only minutes but according to her bedside clock it was about two hours had passed when her quiet sobbing awoke me once again. Instinctively wanting so sooth and protect her I rolled onto my side and took her shaking body into my arms. I kissed the back of her head telling her she was safe now and that I was here to protect her and asked her to try and relax and to get some sl**p adding that she'd feel better in the morning.

"You just don't understand no one could understand."

I pulled her tighter to demonstrate that I was strong enough to take care of her as I whispered, "Talk to me Allie, I'm here trust me, nobody is going to hurt you."

"I know, I know that but that's not it, I know no one can try anything while you are here, I know you'd take care of me but that's not it, no one will ever understand."

Once again I decided the only way to calm her was to control the direction of the conversation so we chatted about all kinds of stuff until finally in a moment of weakness the truth came out. As Allie sobbed quietly she told me that she was still a virgin and she had promised herself that she would only give it to someone she loved not at some wild d***ken bash. But tonight she felt so vulnerable when some Bastard was just seconds and from taking that away from her that is until those some thoughtful guys ripped the Bastard away from her and delivered them to the authorities. And as we talked Allie restlessly moved about inadvertently kicking the covers about and in doing so putting abundant charms on a painful display, painful for me that is. My masculine hormones were ragging from the display and I needed to put an end to it.

"Please don't take this the wrong way Allie but as I lay here and you thrash around you're putting your feminine beauty before my masculine eyes and if you keep up the show someone who loves you may be the one that ****s you, so I'm out of here!" Allie gasped with the realization of her absent mindedness as she pulled the blankets once again up under her chin and I grabbed my pillow kissed her forehead and heading for the couch.

Apparently all went well because the next thing I remember was being still on the couch and being awakened by the sweet smelling dampness that surrounded me. When I opened my eyes there before me was a freshly showered and shampooed Allie filling my nose with that awesome feminine fragrance.

Allie stood and leaning over me as she yelled, "get up you lazy bum it's almost eleven and you're taking me out for brunch. At some point as she spoke I finally became cognizant enough to have functioning brain waves and had to gasp as she stood there bending over me still dripping from the shower dressed only in tiny bra and panties.

"Cover up, will you Allie, hell I may be your b*****r but I'm still a man you know."

"Cover what?" She yelled, "Hell you saw it all last night so this is just like seeing me in a bikini." With that she just walked to her bedroom yelling back how I had just ten minutes to shower get dressed and take her out to eat.

I yelled back I had nothing to change into and she told me to wear what I had but if I really needed a pair she had another pair of panties that matched the ones she had on that I could borrow if I wanted, then she stopped and wiggled her ass as she laughed before shutting her bedroom door.

I shrugged it all off and followed her demands, less than a half hour later we were seated at a well appointed Sunday Brunch that obviously was well above any college student's budget.

As we were seated at the restaurant I asked, "Been here before s*s?"

"Are you k**ding, I can't afford this place, I always wanted to come and I figure considering last night's free strip show and the fact you didn't leave me a tip this is your retroactive admission fee."

"Come on Allie, you know it was all accidental last night. Are you implying I'm a pervert?"

"No, but you did enjoy the show didn't you, or am I that ugly?"

"Come on Allie, you know I can't answer that?'

"Why not, well answer this am I ugly?"

"Of course not, you're beautiful."

"Then if I am not ugly apparently your saying either you're gay or if you weren't my b*****r then my naked body would have given you a boner, have I got that right?"

"Look Allie, I don't know what you're leading up to but yes if you were not my s****r I'd think look at you differently and yes you're hot, your body's magnificent, but please give me a break, can we drop it?"

"Thank you, was it so hard to give me a complement? Besides right now you're the only man I trust. I think you're the only man except that bastard last night, the guys that saved my ass, oh ya and few cops that ever saw me almost naked. Fortunately most of the cops were women, so your opinion counts."

"Well if I was you I stay away from that police station because I hear some of those tough women cops that may have seen your cute naked ass might be lesbians and I'm sure they may want a piece of you."

Allie laughed then leaned over gave me a kiss on the cheek before whispering in my ear, "I did it then, didn't I?"

"Did what, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Go ahead big b*****r you can admit it I'll understand. Boy that's cool I gave my big b*****r a boner.

Not wanting to get into a debate I could only loose I shook my head and laughed, then all went quiet as Allie and I became serious about nothing except our hunger neither of us saying much until after Allie put away her dessert.

Once she was sated and we had made it to the car Allie slouched in the passenger seat smiled at me like the preverbal Cheshire cat as she sat and quite dramatically rubbed her tummy while thanking me for brunch with a few blown kisses and an exaggerated burp. Once the car began to move she leaned over to me and putting on that silly little girl's voice asked me to take her home for a few days or at least until Mom and Dad were back


The drive home seemed to pass quickly and was really quite uneventful with Allie finally falling to sl**p for most of the trip. In less than an hour and a half later I was on the couch surfing sports channels and finally having started to drain a second chapter of the Sam Adams saga. Allie on the other hand was quietly puttering about in her room and on and off the phone all afternoon.

I started to think about dinner and thought about Gerald's, Gerald's is the area restaurant where families tend to congregate and as it is in other communities it's the restaurant most folks visit first when they have been away from home for any length of time, so with that in mind I called out, "Hey Princess, want to go to Gerald's tonight."

"Yes Daddy that would be nice, are you my new daddy?"

Princess is what our dad always called Allie so I yelled back. "Ok smarty pants get ready and you better be a good girl tonight or daddy will put you over his knee and spank your little bum."

"Huh, we'll see about that, I'll be dressed and ready in thirty minutes is that okay Daddy-O?"

Not much later found me showered and with Allie at my side being ushered to our seats at the restaurant. It was then the strangeness began when Allie asked to sit beside me on the inside of the booth then made no attempt to sit until the hostess left. Stranger yet her the way she looked around before removing her coat and letting it fall to her seat like a movie actress forcing me to confront the first of many shocks I would face that evening. Once free of her coat and before sitting Allie did a little pirouette as she slid into her seat. I was in total shock as I looked at Allie dressed in a super short school girl's pleated plaid skirt. She also had on a white blouse adorned with one of those bowtie things seen on school uniforms. Adding frosting to the cake of her performance as she did her little spin she smiled at me and in a little girl's sing-song voice she asked "Does daddy like princess's outfit daddy?"

I nodded my approval to her question but Allie continued her act with little girl voice, "thank you daddy, I really hoped you'd like it, I chose it just for."

I asked, "Allie what are you up to?"

"Well I wanted to look good for you daddy because I don't want to make you upset and spank me.

"That's nice Allie, but really can you tell me what you're up to?"

I love you daddy and I don't want you angry because I think if I did something bad and I'm afraid you'd be upset with me then when we got home you would put me over your knee and make me cry."

I knew she was being silly so I decided to play along, "well Princess you better tell daddy what his little girl did?"

Giggling like a silly school girl Allie just smiled as she locked eyes with me before using hers to lead mine downward where she had lifted the hem of her skirt almost up to her breasts exposing everything from her beautifully flat belly to her knees including a mound that only the night before was neatly trimmed but now naked as a newborn.

I imagine I sat there frozen with my jaw hanging open but before I could speak or react Allie leaned over kissed my ear lobe and whispered "I neatened it up just for daddy. But I'm afraid I was very naughty by not putting my panties back on, is daddy's going to spank me when we get home?"

I just kept staring at the beauty she exposed and as I took in the view Allie made no attempt to put her skirt down. Allie opened her legs wider adding to the awesome to the view that filled my eyes and I barely captured enough composure to speak or react in any way until the Hostess arrived to seat another couple next to us.

With them so close Allie's dropped her skirt and just smiled knowing her game had to be curtailed or at least toned down for a while. That really didn't stop her completely as she began a barrage of silly smirks and flashing her bad girl grins she continued right through dinner. Still on edge and confused with Allie's intentions, I as did Allie sat quietly and except for her sexy little girl looks talked quietly about non vital daily stuff lasting right through dinner.

But once we were seated in the privacy of our car all bets were off again as Allie in her sing-song little girl voice cried out, "Daddy I have another confession, your Princess did something else naughty,"

Still confused I asked "Ok, what else did she do?"

Allie smiled at me while she pulled her blouse free of her skirt then with the dramatic aplomb she had been showing all evening she lifted up to her chin exposing her perfect breasts uncovered by a bra but even more erotic apparently she had carefully painted her already erect and hardened nipples with either lipstick or lip gloss.

"Daddy I know I was bad leaving my little pussy uncovered but I forgot my bra too. Daddy I'm scared you're going to spank me aren't you? I've never been spanked before and I'm afraid it'll hurt and you'll make me cry.

I had always fantasized about a master / subordinate relationship and here it might be just knocking at my door, but it was my little s****r. Could I do all those things I dreamed about with my s****r? While I pondered that dilemma a little light bulb went off in my head, maybe this game could be real and maybe I'd have a beautiful sex slave, but my s****r?

What the hell I thought if it was just a silly game maybe I get another strip show to jerk off about later and besides if she really wants to play a b*****r has to be there for his little s****r. So for the next twenty minutes I had to be alert, careful, play the game and maybe I might even get to feel those tits.

With those thoughts in mind I played my first card, "Princess I want you to cover up those pretty tits and sit there quietly like a good little girl and daddy will think about what your punishment will be when we get home."

"Yes daddy, but I'm afraid daddy, you never spanked me before wouldn't it make my little bum hurt?"

"Would my Princess like it to have daddy make your pretty bum all red and hurt a little?"

Allie continued never giving up her little girl voice as she said "I don't know daddy nobody has ever touched my little bum-bum before, I'm scared daddy.

"Well my bad little girl should have thought about that before doing naughty things like shave your little kitty."

"You mean pussy don't you daddy?"

"Of course I did but apparently Princess has a naughty little mouth too, now I want my naughty little girl to remain silent until we're inside the garage and I click the door closed, do you understand Princess?"

"Yes daddy, but will daddy spank me in the garage?"

"I thought I asked you to be quiet didn't I?"

Allie nodded folding her hands into her lap and held her head down until the garage door was closed and I had opened the entry door into the kitchen which I held for her as I pointed sending her to the den as we entered.

Once in the den I said, "Now Princess I want you to go to your room and think about the naughty things you've done and what your punishment should be. When you've done that I want you to change into something you believe will please me and more appropriate to your situation. I'll be awaiting your return in the den."

While driving I was trying to understand whether or not she really wanted me to raise her skirt and slap her cute little ass and make her my personal subservient slut. I also thought maybe she was just being a brat and playing a game to make me crazy. Still testing the situation I felt the instructions I gave her gave her the opportunity to put this game to rest without anyone being embarrassed or taking it to the next level. When and how she was dressed when and if she even returned to the den at would answer all those questions, so I relaxed it was up to her now. I got my beer and settled into the big easy chair.
Time had passed so much time that I was done with my beer, opening a second thinking the game was over. I took a sip then set my bottle down beginning to dozing when the sl**p that had already began slowly taking me was broken by that sensation you get when someone is standing over you. I opened my eyes dam near having heart failure, before me stood Allie; I mean to say she not only stood there but she really stood out.

Allie had her hair in c***d-like braids she was dressed dressed in a silken white baby doll pajama with holes cut out exposing her perfectly conical shaped breasts and her still painted large erect nipples, but most brazen of all was under her breasts she had written "Naughty Princess".

"Do you like my outfit daddy?" she asked as she did a little pirouette pausing with her shapely ass mere inches from my nose where magic marker had also visited and embossed the area with, "Please Spank Me Daddy". Allie's c***dlike display continued as she giggled as she waddled over to me and plunking her near naked ass on my lap and almost immediately she started rubbing against me and asked "will daddy make me cry when he spanks me?"

Well if it wasn't obvious to my dim witted mind before there were no more questions or doubt. Now it was time to find out to what extent her submission would go and to find that is was time to take control of the game.

"Tell me Princess do you want me to make you cry or do you just want me to cover your naughty bottom with lots and lots of love taps?"

"Oh yes daddy yes, I would love that, lots and lots of love taps then maybe Princess can make daddy feel good."

"And how will Princess make daddy feel good?"

In her sing song baby girl voice she sort of sang out "But daddy Princess doesn't know how to do those things she's never done them before. But she loves daddy so much and Princess knows that daddy can teach her everything Princess needs to know so she won't be afraid anymore."

As she talked Allie kept rubbing her ass into my lap and it was quite obviously she knew that my cock was becoming hard as a diamond. Besides it was much too late for me to cool my heels and turn back now Allie had passed over the threshold and taken it beyond c***dhood games and into an adult level, the games were over.

"Princess I have decided it is time for your punishment, I want you to go to my room pull back the spread and prepare my bed for you and daddy. Daddy is going to teach his darling little princess how to be a woman and how to follow daddy's commands. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes daddy!"

"Good girl, and after you've fixed the bed I want you to search through my closet or maybe even your own and select a tool or tools suitable for your punishment. Then most important I want you to think about what is going to happen and prepare your body and mind for your total submission. Remember princess this evening may be long and painful based upon your performance but remember daddy loves you and because he loves you I will give you a second option, you can go to your close the door and if you remain inside daddy will ponder your punishment for another more appropriate time, do you understand what I am saying?".

Allie nodded her understanding and with a smile headed upstairs.

Even though I had no idea what I would find at the top of the steps I still prepared a drink of fruit juice and vodka for Allie in case she needed it and another of Sam's finest for me. When I got to the top step if there were still any lingering questions they faded in that instant. From the vantage point of the top step and my bedroom door wide open before my eyes sat a totally nude Allie with what appeared to be my dad's neck ties across her lap.

Upon entering the room I closed the door set the drinks down on the dresser and asked, "Princess what good are neckties they can't inflict any of the punishment you deserve?"

"But daddy all the tools in the world would never be as wonderful as your hands, the ties are in case I try to change my mind so that you can restrain Princess and do what evil deeds you must.

"Are you prepared to follow my commands?"

"Yes daddy."

"Princess tonight I will make a woman of you and trust me there will be some pain and there will most likely some virgin bl**d but if you are prepared time for talk is over, come here and give yourself to me."

Once on her feet she came to me and I kissed her not a kiss reserved for my s****r but as a lover I desired, then I tied her hands behind her and pulled her down across my lap as I sat on the bed. Once she was in position I gave one ringing slap to her perfect ass and made her cry out more from shock than pain.

"But daddy you said love taps, daddy that hurt."

Another smack rang out through the room, "Allie you've been a little tease now it's time to pay."

I faked a slap causing her to freeze in preparation of the contact that never happened, I stopped short of the slap and began gently rubbing her ass first in big slow circles followed by an up and down motion. Eventually Allie totally relaxed allowing my fingers to search and find the crease of her well molded ass. And when my finger found and came to tip rest on the entrance to her ass she moaned with the first male sexual response to any man venturing into that virgin territory.

As they say "Pay back is a bitch" I chuckled to myself knowing she had seen or felt nothing yet. I wet my finger with saliva and let it wander within that inviting crease applying pressure but intentionally without making entry. Even when Allie raised her hips seeking stronger contact or possibly even f***ed entry I held back enjoying her want. As I continued to tease the room was becoming filled with sounds emanating from deep inside Allie's lungs.

I loved listening to the volume of the musical moans of excitement that flowed freely deep in Allie's lungs. But when her musical moans approached a crescendo I knew it was time so I backed away and began playing at her waist and hips letting her cool down before she could reach an orgasm. Then once again I started playing in that crease letting my fingers wander aimlessly causing her undo agony as her hips bounced up and down more than once approaching orgasm only to be denied time after time.

I bent down and with an evil chuckle in my voice whispered "Tell me would you like daddy to make you cum?"

Allie just let some unintelligible grunt fall from her lips which I assumed had to be some type of a yes.

"Tell me Princess does she make herself cum at night under the covers and no one can hear her.

She gave no response so I slapped her ass open handed causing both the slap and her scream echo around us.

"Please daddy that hurt."

"Then answer me, do you play with yourself when no one is around Princess?" I asked as I raised my hand.

"Ugh, yes daddy yes," she responded in order to avoid another smack.

"Good girl, all little boys and girls play with their cocks and pussy's in bed when no one's looking, but if you lie or don't answer me again you'll get a lot of," and with that I smacked her again but not too hard after which Allie didn't cry but whimpered let out with those phony sobs like any spoiled little girl trying to get sympathy would.

I slowly calmed her by once again allowing my fingers to slowly glide over her reddened cheeks and as I did Allie grew in excitement as she had before. Her body had fallen under the spell of my slow wandering fingers and had become little more than a lump of electrified flesh molded across my lap. Obviously Allie had only one goal and that was to reach that heavenly place called orgasm but I took that away from her by raining down a series of six or eight hard slaps to her highly sensitive bottom. When the last blow met her ass Allie was little more than a mess of moans that made up a unique blend of pleasure induced through sensual pain.

Then as quickly as the smacks began it was back to the loving massage leaving Allie trying to get some semblance of composure when without warning a new round of open handed blows fell without warning on a beautifully sculpted ass that had gone from succulent white to a blazing red and emitting as much heat as the fire inside.

"Daddy please, oh please no more daddy, it hurts so much, please daddy I'll be good," she cried out with real tears.

As she cried like the c***d she had portrayed and she babbled on about the pain in her sore ass I reached into the bed side table drawer and retrieved the lotion that I always kept handy for when I was in need of a private stroking. I dumped a generous portion directly onto her flaming red cheeks which at first touch caused her to jump from the sudden coolness but then sighed with relief it brought to her burning cheeks. The relief the lotion brought her was really the proverbial Trojan horse because as it cooled it also lubricated but as it soothed and lubricated it allowed Allie fall into her false sense of security. The silkiness of the lube made my fingers without her realizing my ploy to move about more freely and enter into those hidden recesses of hers with ease.

Completely relaxed Allie put no resistance up as I began to message and tease the entries to those private cavities of hers. Operating with a slow and uncontested game plan I caused her lust to grow once again taking her to the threshold of those pre-orgasmic moans to begin flowing from her defenseless lips once again. Knowing I was in control let my finger hint and tease at a possible entree into both of her virgin orifices not to mention the occasionally taps on her clit that had already begun to poke out of its hood.

I felt I was about to lose her to orgasm but thunder struck her ass once again when sudden whacks began falling without warning and echoing throughout the room as my palm reignited the fire in her inflamed sculptured ass. Her screams echoed through every corner of empty house but it did her no sympathetic ear for it to fall upon so her repetitive pleas for mercy were heard only by her new Master a name she would soon learn to respect.

"Your place is to remain silent, do you understand Princess?" I screamed with authority.

"Yes daddy." Allie answered but for now all that protocol was quite unimportant, how she would honor her new found master in the future was also unimportant I'd worry about that then. For now a far more pressing issue was at hand and that was the cock between my legs that was raging with a need for release and as they say "in for the penny in for the pound." It was time for me to take my pound of flesh.

As a b*****r who loved Allie I tinkered with stopping it all but as a man whose fingers had once again continued to repetitively glide over the smooth flesh on the spectacular crests of her backside I decided to move on. And I did as I let my fingers to start venturing into the valley between those majestic crests that made up my Allie's awesome ass. When my digits with the aid of a little more lotion came to rest on the sensitive tight little cave that was nestled deep between those majestic mounds her moan let me know I needed to be explore it.

The lotion made that easy as one finger began its explorations slowly working its way past the natural resistance of her sphincter. As her resistance gave way my finger began the steady motions of intercourse in that tiny orifice and as her hips followed the tempo set by the finger her hips were pumping her naked Mons against my lap. With my digit wallowing in her virgin ass and any resistance on her part having totally dissipated it allowed my other hand to add to her agony by attacking her other virgin cavity with similar motions.

I was surprised at how freely Allie's natural pussy juices were flowing from that for a virgin cavity. I swear it flowed like a mountain cave during spring thaw and her moans of pleasure were definitely matching its free flow. The more I stimulated her the greater her river flowed making me gloat internally with my success in controlling her body. But Allie had a surprise for me when she went rock rigid and expelling anguished gasps of air. Allie had defeated my best laid plans as she exploded in her first non-self induced orgasm.

My ego was damaged but not defeated as I decided to attain total control again and took the first step by having my thumb replace the finger that assaulted her virgin ass and the fingers of that hand replace those that pumped away at her pussy. That allowed for my other hand to begin gently pulling and twisting the elongated nipples that swung freely between my thighs as I also continued stimulation of her pussy and ass. Thankfully in almost an instantly after I began working her nipples a second even more violent orgasm shook through her body. A short time later when it was becoming obvious that my darling little Princess was mere seconds from a third and possibly even greater orgasm, me being the asshole I am I withdrew my fingers from her love caves and rained down five or six stinging slaps reigniting the fires in her butt and putting a temporary close on that possibility.

Before poor Allie could recover from the harsh assault on her ass I tossed her onto the bed rolled her on her back and thanks to the ties she brought to the party I tied her spread eagle to the four posts of the bed. As I lay beside Allie admiring my handy work Allie's eyes passed over her tied limbs and looked at me with a little fear on her face as I could see she felt unsure about what was going to happen.

I rested my palm and began to run my hand over her naked flat belly and watched in amusement as she gasped drawing in full breaths, but was it from the shock of not knowing what I would do next or was it out of emotion from what had already happened I don't know. In fact we may never know but either way it made no difference because it mere than obvious her apparent virginity was mine to take and I was going to do just that. And knowing that fact I let my eyes survey the woman I was about to take and now lay helplessly before me.

As I surveyed my trussed up prize I considered my many options of what I was going to do to her and as my eyes traveled over my prize I couldn't help but let myself be captivated again by the jewel that pierced belly button. Someplace in the depts. of my mind I had searched for the answer that I knew was stored there but could not find the answer and as I reached out to touch it and try to recall why it was so familiar I heard. "You don't remember do you?"

"Remember what?" I asked.

"You know that is a real ruby, in fact it's quite valuable, it was a gift from the only man I really ever loved and because it was from him I will cherish it forever, maybe even more after tonight."

It was all gibberish making no sense I let my fingers continue wandering toward the real prize by capturing a nipple and rolling it between thumb and finger. My motions were intentionally and agonizingly slow as I twirled and twisted each nipple in turn causing her sensitive nubs smattering of slight pain mixed with pleasure. As I did they grew as erect as a mini cock, a cock so inflamed, throbbing and resembling a cock on the verge of ejaculation.

As I yanked and abused her left nipple my lips teeth and tongue found the other then I switched from one to the other nursing at each in turn like a c***d wracked with hunger. I tried to maintain a tempo that not only was border-line cruel but yet still soft, gentle and teasing. Occasionally my lips wandered away from Allie's nipples allowing my moist tongue to bathe her cleavage, neck, chin to the lobes of her ears and finally sealing our taboo with kisses full of all the passion I could muster.

As we kissed our tongues danced and we truly became lovers. Allie moaned thrashed about and apparently struggled a little wanting control of her hands. Her body language made it obviously she wanted to be free to hold me as we kissed like a lovers should. Yes Allie and I were willingly partnering in not only the demise of her sexual innocence but in the permanent alteration of our relationship forever.

I smiled at Allie knowing we both were lost in our mutual lust and as I kissed her again and let my hands enjoy the silkiness of her skin they wandered about coming to rest on her naval piercing and as I touched it I remembered. My lips flew rapidly to her earlobe which I bit painfully. "You bitch," I bellowed into her ear, "I gave you that, it was an ear ring I found in the sand when dad took us to Cape Cod beach when you were about ten."

Allie just laughed so I bit her once again then whispered in her ear, "For that you will beg for your orgasm, I will take you to its front door many times tonight but you will pass over it only when I feel you paid will I let you."

Her laughter continued but I sealed her noise with a long kiss to her moist puffy lips and as I broke the kiss and began to nurse at her nipple Allie lifted her head and while kissing my ear she said "it's true that is the stone from the ear ring you gave me, I kept it because it was from you. Please, I want to hold you, let me free.

I was in need of release and wanted to taste every inch of her but before I started the long slow path of licks and kisses that would take me south to that jewel of femininity that lay warm and waiting for me nestled between her silken thighs I set her free of her restraints. But before I went onward toward my goal we held each other and kissed. Then with our lips together I started down onto her breasts which I easily could have spent hours adoring with nibbles, licks and kisses but it was time to move onward toward my goal.

I continued kissing and licking downward eventually my lips found that jewel that adorned Allie's belly button that was once a found ear ring and now a symbol of our love which I had to kiss. I took the hanging stone gently between my lips and as I bath it I found myself tasting Allie's essence that had collected on it. An essence I had tasted on all the smooth as silk skin that met my tongue over all that I had tasted and leaving me wanting more.

The beauty of this adventure was hearing the wonderful moans of approval that passed her lips, moans that were somehow new, a deeper sound and a sound that was mingled with the loving strokes of her now free hands as they twisted through my hair and caressed my head letting me know all was now right. I couldn't help myself as I lingered a moment or two longer playing my tongue through her navel but my wanton desire to languish in the true source of her flowing nectar wore so heavily on my mind with my lustful desire winning out, I had no choice but to follow that strong desire to taste her womanhood, my need could wait no longer. I let the stone fall from my lips as I in a single motion fell between her legs and captured her real little jewel between my lips and teeth. When I captured her clit between my teeth I heard a cry of sheer agony and Allie's body vibrated like a leaf in a thunder storm then just as suddenly it fell into total rigidness and then silence. Allie did it to me again.

Allie had shattered my ego once again and I knew it the moment after her body relaxed and a chuckle escaped. Allie had done it, she had maintained her silence allowing her body to quietly enter into full blown orgasm without my knowledge, and yes once more the bitch had won.

Oh well another time maybe I'll make her pay but for now I needed to enjoy the taste of her essence and that is exactly what I did. I took the hood that encased her swollen clit and massaged both sides against the tender nub that hid tucked between those fragrant puffs of flesh. I pushed them back and attacked the tip of her now protruding clit with licks so gentle she barely felt the pressure causing her to hump up toward my tongue trying to increase the pressure she wanted and needed more as she started seeking another explosion.

The tease of light pressure was making her more and more sensitive so that when I began a series of gentle bites it caused her to enter unchartered territory as one after another tiny orgasms exploded one after another. Allie later admitted, until that moment that even in her wildest masturbatory adventures she had never experienced multiple orgasms before. In fact it was at that moment we both had a learning experience Allie became so explosive she squirted in my face on my hair and soaked the bed before she collapsed literally exhausted.

Having quietly shed my pants during all the oral play and wanted the initial entry to be swift and over with as quickly as possible leaving her no drawn out period of pain. As she lay in exhaustion trying to recapture her composure from orgasms she was totally oblivious to me and the world so I went unnoticed as I slid forward between her thighs placing my cock at her entrance and driving it home as I swore my love for her into her ear.

It was a delayed reaction; I don't have a length that brings fear to women but it's a fat six inches so I guess it's girth lets them know where I am. Well Allie went totally rigid uttering not a sound, then a few moments later she exhaled a gasp of air large enough to fill a balloon before biting my ear and gasping, "You Bastard you could have let me know that was going to hurt you son of a bitch."

Allie was sopping wet from all that happened before and didn't realize that my hips had already set the rhythm and she I was already being fucked with a slow steady tempo as she told me off. The amusing part we laugh at even today is that while she continued chastise me her hips had joined the tempo a short time later it was all about the fucking and little about the attack.

"Princess, are you still mad at daddy for not telling you?"

In between gasps of pleasure she said, "Daddy, I'll kill you later but right now it feels too good to stop."

Shortly after her chastisement ended Allie gasped and had her first cock induced orgasm. Before that night was over others followed before we kissed like the lovers we had become and I held her tightand let my mind plan what the future may hold for before we both fell asl**p.

94% (36/2)
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Great story keep going
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