Caitlin decided to spend Spring Break at home this year, with her mother, Carrie, and her little s****r, Chloe.

In her first year at college, during Spring Break, she had gone to Ft. Lauderdale with several of her girlfriends. The first day there, while drinking, she had almost drown in the ocean. The next day she had gotten so d***k she passed out and had to be turned onto her side by two of her friends when, still u*********s, her body started rejecting all the booze she had poured down her throat. Two days later she was almost ****d, would have been if her friends hadn't unexpectedly come back to the room they were sharing.

So, no more major partying for her. She had learned her lesson. She couldn't hold her booze very well and seemed to have a problem discerning the good guys from the bad guys when she was drinking. Besides, this year she had had her first lesbian affair, although Caitlin didn't consider herself a lesbian. She liked guys, the good guys, not the r****ts, and had had satisfactory sex with more than one guy in the past, sometimes even better than satisfactory.

But this new experience, making love to a woman, intrigued and fascinated her. It was so very different than making love with a man, but it was no less enjoyable. Actually, in some ways, it was even more enjoyable. Her lover's lips were deliciously soft. Her skin, especially on her face was silky smooth, not to mention her neck, breasts, thighs, and back . . . pretty much all over. Her caresses were lighter, more delicate, so different from the more brusque and firm touches of her male lovers. Although, it was the rougher, harder maleness that Caitlin enjoyed at times, too.

Caitlin's roommate this year was a lesbian and said so right out front. Over the course of a couple of weeks they discussed sex and pleasure and men and women. Caitlin admitted that she like guys but wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. One thing led to another and before she realized it, Caitlin was in bed with Odette, her roommate. As sex and pleasure went, Caitlin fully enjoyed love-making with Odette. Sometimes it seemed that Odette could take her places that most of the young men Caitlin had made love with never could. Most, but not all.

Odette was slightly put off that Caitlin was, as Odette put it, "a dedicated bi-sexual." Still, that didn't stop Odette from making love to Caitlin whenever and where ever the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes Caitlin wonder how they got their homework done or made it to their classes on time.

Caitlin's affair with Odette also changed how Caitlin looked at other women. Where, before, she saw many attractive young women around her, she had never thought of them as potential lovers. Now, however, where ever she looked—in her classes, on the campus, or in town—she saw many young women, and a few older ones, that would cause her to fantasize about how it would be to make love with them.

It was an unusually warm and sunny spring day when Caitlin parked her car in her mother's driveway. The garage door was down and the front door was locked with the deadbolt, as usual. Caitlin let herself in with her own key.

"Mom, I'm home," Caitlin called out, getting no response. She had called her mother at the beginning of the week telling her she would be home today, Friday, and approximately at what time.

"Oh great, honey. I'll schedule a day off so I can be here when you arrive. Chloe and I are looking forward to you being here." Her mother had said enthusiastically. Chloe was Caitlin's s*******n year old s****r who was graduating from high school in June. She would also turn eighteen on the twenty-eighth of that month.

Caitlin walk down the hall to her mother's bedroom. It was empty, as was her bathroom. The other two bedrooms were also empty. Caitlin dropped her bag of laundry inside the door of her bedroom and rolled her suitcase up to the bed. She walked through the parlor and into the f****y room.

Through the sliding glass doors, Caitlin saw her mother lying in a chaise lounge on the patio, getting an early start on her tan. Caitlin was nearly scandalized when she realized that her mother had on the skimpiest black bikini that she had ever seen her mother wear. But, she had to admit, on her mother it looked really good and sooo sexy. Actually, Caitlin thought to herself, for a forty-one year old woman, Mom looks super hot.

With her new found perspective on women as potential sexual partners, Caitlin realized that she was sizing her mother up. I have to admit, she thought, if that woman out there wasn't my mother, then I sure would like to get her into bed with me. Caitlin laughed to herself at what she was thinking, but a part of her mind wondered if her mother had ever made love to a woman and, if so, how would she look at Caitlin, knowing that her little girl now had a lesbian lover.

That was yesterday. Now, it was Saturday morning and Caitlin had slept in. She remembered her mom telling her that she had to work in the office until early this afternoon. Chloe had gone off with a friend and her f****y to spend the weekend at the lake.

Caitlin took a long, hot shower. When she was finished, she climbed out onto the bath mat to dry herself. She had left the bathroom door open, as she had always done when she knew that only her mother and s****r were in the house or when she was alone in the house and didn't expect anyone to be home until long after she finished. Nudity was not an issue in the all female household. Caitlin and Chloe's mother had taught them to be proud of their bodies, not embarrassed or ashamed. Just be careful, she had warned them, in case one of us brings someone home unexpectedly.

When Caitlin was finished drying off and she had turned to pick up her panties to put them on, she saw, in the mirror, her mother appear in the doorway.

"Oh Mom!" Caitlin jumped. "God, you scared me. I didn't realize you were home."

"I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to startled you. I came in just before you finished your shower."

"I thought you said that you had work to do in the office until this afternoon."

"I did, honey. But it didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would. So then I went and did a little shopping."

Caitlin saw that her mother was dressed in a see-through black nightie that stopped just below her pussy, and she wasn't wearing any panties. Her mother was also wearing sheer, black, thigh-high stockings and shiny black stiletto high heels. Caitlin's pussy gave a twitch and she felt herself starting to get wet. That shocked her. This was her mother after all.

Upon further reflection, in light of her new-found appreciation of women, Caitlin figured that from a purely sexual point of view, her mother was a very sexually attractive mature woman. At her age, her mother kept herself fit and toned by working out with weights and doing interval training. She was two inches shorter than Caitlin's 5'9", but weighed the same 125 pounds. Her mother looked slim because she had good muscle mass and a low percentage of body fat. They also had the same measurements, 36-23-35. Caitlin's mother was a lean but curvaceous woman.

Both women had jet black hair and what could only be described as startling blue eyes. Where Caitlin had long hair that she mostly kept back in a pony tail, her mother's hair was cut short and she styled it in a spiky, modern way that was very becoming to her face. All-in-all, Caitlin figured her mother looked ten years younger than her real age.

Carrie put her hands on her hips and did a pose. "I bought these things for the next time Jim and I get together, you know." She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned lewdly.

Jim was Carrie's current boyfriend. Caitlin thought he was handsome and charming, as well as being intelligent and, all things considered, she wouldn't have minded jumping into bed with him . . . an "older man," which she had yet to experience.

Carrie turned to show off her backside, all trim and tight, then turned back around. Her firm, pointed breasts swayed sensually under the see-through material. "He's on a business trip right now. So he won't get to see this outfit until next week. You think he'll like it?"

"Hell yeah! He'll think it's hot." Caitlin said, admiring her beautiful mother and realizing that it wouldn't take much to convince herself that she would love to see what making love to her mother was like. Her nipples started getting erect at that thought.

"You look good enough to eat, Mom." Not really having meant to say that, Caitlin blushed, but looked her mother straight in the eye.

Carrie gave Caitlin a strange look, then smiled. She noticed that her daughter's nipples were erect and that she had just taken a deep breath as though trying to relax.

Carrie felt a spark of excitement and took a chance. "Good enough to eat, huh?" She hesitated slightly, then continued. "Have you ever done that with a woman . . . eat her, that is?" Carrie felt giddy after asking that question. She was being directly sexual with her daughter.

"Uh-huh," Caitlin said as she nodded her head. She was feeling almost dizzy because of where this conversation seemed to be going. Caitlin was getting really turned on. But why, one part of her brain wondered? She's my Mom for God's sake! Another part of her brain answered that, regardless of that fact, she is still a very attractive and sexy woman. You've had sex with a woman and enjoyed it immensely. And Mom really does look good enough to eat. Does it matter if she is your mother, if you are both willing to experiment and try out a new experience? That new experience, at least for Caitlin, would be i****t, even more taboo than lesbian sex. Another thought drifted through her consciousness: Is mother-daughter i****t consider more, less, or equally taboo as, say, mother-son i****t? Assuming they are all adults, of course.

"And did you, uh, did you enjoy it, baby, making love to a woman?" Her mother's question refocused Caitlin's mind.

"Uh-huh. Still am. She's my present roommate at college."

"I see," her mother answered while giving Caitlin an appraising look.

"And you, Mom? Have you ever . . . you know, made love to a woman?" With that, Caitlin held her breath.

"Well . . .to tell the truth, Caitlin, yes, I have." She hurried on to explain. "It, too, was while I was in college. It, uh, well it lasted two years."

Caitlin saw her mother's nipples become erect under the sheer fabric of the nightie. She also saw a sexual blush appear on her mother's neck and upper chest.

"Two years? Then I guess it's safe to assume that you enjoyed it . . . making love to a woman?"

Carrie swallowed dryly then took a slightly shuddering breath. She nodded. "Yes, dear, I enjoyed it very much. I just haven't thought about it for years. Well . . . not too much, anyway." Carrie gave her daughter a small smile. "And, Caitlin, I just want to say, looking at you all fresh out of the shower, well, you, too, look good enough to eat."

Carrie's body was tingling with anticipation. Why was she coming on to her daughter? Hell, why was her daughter coming on to her? Maybe because they both liked sex . . . a lot. At least she assumed Caitlin did. And maybe because they were both bi-sexual . . . or . . . .

"Are you a lesbian, Caitlin?" Carrie asked curiously.

Caitlin gave a little chuckle. "No, to the disappointment of my lesbian lover. She calls me a 'dedicated bi-sexual.' Yeah. I still like . . ." she paused, "fucking boys as much as fucking girls."

Caitlin's body was trembling now, with anticipation. Was something going to happen, or not?

Carrie just nodded. Her thoughts had come back to the question of whether she was trying to seduce her daughter and, if so, why? There was the fact that her daughter seemed to be, well, trying to seduce her . . . maybe? There was also the fact that her daughter, standing there naked, with erect nipples, fresh out of the shower, really did look good enough to eat. That is, if she, Carrie, wanted to "eat" another woman . . . again, after all these years, which she was pretty sure, now, that she did. And there was the fact that if she was going to have sex with another woman then now would be an excellent time, with all this sexual tension between Caitlin and her, even if she was her daughter. After all, she finally told herself, we're both adults and it's nobody's business but our own if we do decide to make love to each other.

Now, with her daughter standing naked before her, giving her an intense look that Carrie could only interpret as lustful, she realized that her nipples had gotten hard and that her pussy was getting wet. Carrie stared at her daughter's engorged nipples and realized that she wanted to suck on them, on her mouth, and other places on Caitlin's delicious looking body.

Carrie took a step closer to Caitlin, who also stepped towards her mother. Carrie pulled her daughter into her arms for their first of many passionate embraces. She began kissing Caitlin on the neck, under her ear. Then she stopped and pushed back from her daughter.

"No, baby, we can't do this. I'm your mother. You're my daughter."

At that moment, Caitlin didn't care if it was i****t. She was really excited now and wanted to consummate her desire with her mother.

"Well then, Mom, you can always keep your eyes closed and pretend that I'm your old college sweetheart . . . because I'm really turned on right now. I want you and I want you to want me, even if it is i****t." There she had said it, admitting out loud what was going through her mind.

Carrie looked shocked for a second, then started laughing. Caitlin laugh with her and hugged her mother tightly. Carrie, sighed and whispered, "Oh my sweet sexy baby," then began kissing her on the neck again.

Caitlin moaned with pleasure then took her mother's head in her hands and pulled her in close for an open mouth kiss. Then she let her hands roam over her mother's smooth skin, her firm, sexy body, all the way down her taut back to her firm sexy ass. Caitlin knew, now, that she was going to get to taste the sweetness, not only of her mother's mouth, but of her vagina, also.

Carrie had opened her mouth to her daughter's kiss without hesitation. Their tongues tentatively touched, hesitated, then twined about each other. They took turns plunging their tongues in and out of each other's mouths. Both mother and daughter were panting by the time they broke that first kiss.

Caitlin then began to kiss her way down the length of her mother's neck. Carrie pulled back momentarily to pull the nightie off over her head. Then Caitlin began kissing the tops of her mother's breasts. As she got close to her erect nipples, she brought her hand up to caress Carrie's left breast and nipple then slid her mouth over the right nipple, where she began to suck and gently bite.

Carrie cried out in pleasure. She had quite sensitive nipples and what her daughter was doing was sending little arrows of pleasure straight to her pussy. She pressed her hand to the back of Caitlin's head pushing it more firmly against her tit . . . a tit that her daughter had last sucked nearly twenty years ago. That thought and the thought of what was yet to come with her daughter, all the places her daughter would kiss her and suck her, eventually, and how she would do the same to her daughter, got her so excited that she thought if she would just reach down and touch her pussy, to squeeze it or stroke it, she would come quickly.

She didn't have to. Caitlin now moved her hand down over her mother's belly, slowly, sensually, seeking out Carrie's vagina. When she found it, she found that is was all but dripping wet with vaginal lubrication. Caitlin's fingers slipped between her mother's labia and were immediately drenched. She stroked up and down once and stopped to rub a finger tip firmly over her mother's protruding clitoris.

Carrie gave out a little cry and gasped several times. She hugged her daughter tightly to her body as her own body convulsed with the bliss of sexual orgasm.

"Oh my, Mom! I think I just pressed the right button," Caitlin laughed. She was pleased that she had just helped her mother have a climax, the first one of many, she hoped, that she would give to her mother . . . and her mother to her.

Carrie laughed too. "My, my! I really wasn't expecting that. Oo! That felt good. Thank you, baby. Carrie kissed her daughter tenderly. But let's go get on my bed and get comfortable, okay, sweetie?"

"Absolutely, Mom," Caitlin answered.

Carrie took her daughter by the hand and led her into her bedroom where a queen-sized bed awaited them. She kicked off the high heels, not bothering to take off the stocking, for which Caitlin was happy. She liked the contrast between the fabric of the stocking and the creamy smooth skin of her mother's inner thighs. Carrie pulled Caitlin down onto the bed with her, then began kissing her over and over again.

After a few moments, Caitlin pulled away. "Now, Mom, I'm going to lick you until you have another orgasm."

Carrie swallowed and nodded her assent. She adjusted herself back on the pillows, spread her legs wide, but bent at the knee with her feet flat on the bed. She watch with fascination as her daughter positioned herself between her legs. Carrie was excited. Her mouth was slightly open and she was taking quick, shallow breaths. This was really going to happen. Her daughter was going to go down on her, to lick and suck and "eat" her pussy. Carrie was so excited that she felt lightheaded, but ready, oh so ready.

Caitlin used her fingers to gently spread her mother's labia, to look at the sweet pearly pink of her mother's inner labia and vagina. She smelled it. It smelled something like Odette's pussy, the only other woman she had made love to. Caitlin liked that smell. She reached out the tip of her pink tongue and licked up some of the drops of lubricant her mother's pussy was producing in copious amounts. It tasted similar to Odette's. Caitlin liked that taste.

Caitlin then buried her face in the pussy through which she had been born. That thought thrilled her even more, in a perverse way. She licked and nibbled on her mother's pussy from bottom to top, sucking up and swallowing all the lubrication that Carrie's vagina was producing. Every so often Caitlin would flick her tongue over her mother's clitoris, or clamp her mouth over it and suck hard. Carrie's body would twitch then and she would groan out her pleasure. By now, Carrie had both of her hands on Caitlin's head, her fingers entwined in her hair: one, to hold it back out of the way and two, to pull her daughter's face more firmly against her willing, up-thrusting sex.

After another ten minutes, Carrie had a second and extremely intense orgasm. She was panting heavily as it slowly subsided. She pulled her daughter up on top of her, from between her legs, so they could kiss, long and sweetly. Carrie tasted, for the first time, her own sex juices on her daughter's lips and tongue.

After a few moments of gently kissing and caressing, Carrie rolled them both over and began to kiss her way down her daughter's smooth, tan body. She was on her way to try another new thing in her life—making oral love to her daughter, licking her daughter's pussy. What was happening here, now, was more exciting than what she had done with her female lover in college. In fact, Carrie was the most sexually aroused she could remember ever having been.

As Carrie slipped her tongue between her daughter's wet vaginal lips, then used the tip of her tongue to tease Caitlin's clitoris, she knew then that she would never be able to stop giving herself to her daughter, anytime that Caitlin wanted it. And she hoped that Caitlin would want it for a long time. Carrie then pushed her tongue deep into her daughter's 'love channel' and began to lap up Caitlin's vaginal juices. Caitlin began to moan and writhe on the bed and beg for more.

After a while Carrie could tell that Caitlin was getting close to a climax and she wanted to know what her daughter felt like on the inside as she hit her peak. Carrie, plunged two fingers as deep into her daughter's pussy as she could and began finger-fucking her daughter, rubbing especially hard on her anterior vaginal wall.

Within seconds she was rewarded by Caitlin tightening her vaginal muscles and letting go of a squirt of sexual juices the likes of which Carrie had never seen. It took Carrie completely by surprise and she quickly backed off. However, almost immediately, Carrie had her mouth back over her daughter's sweet pussy for another round of tongue lashing and finger fucking and for another, even stronger, orgasm causing another strong squirt of juices from her daughter's pussy. This time Carrie was ready and she filled her mouth with the fluid, which, after a second's reflection, she swallowed. She wasn't sure what it was, but it didn't taste bad. It pleased her to do it because it came from her, obviously, highly sexually excited daughter at the moment of orgasm.

Carrie pulled her fingers out of her daughter's pussy. She licked at the juice dripping from them and her hand. Then she lightly kissed Caitlin all over her dripping vaginal area . . . vaguely wondering if she was going to have to change the bedspread.

"I'll be right back, baby," Carrie told her daughter. She got up and went into her bathroom to dry her face and chin off, from Caitlin's surprising squirts. Then she went back in and dried her daughter off between the legs.

"Sorry about that, Mom, the squirting," Caitlin said. "I never did that before Odette was fingering me in just the right place, which I guess you must have done. And I also have to be really turned on for it to make me squirt. So, I guess you can say that I was really turned on, having my mom licking my pussy, eh? Caitlin gave her mother a huge smile then hugged her close.

"I love you, Mom, as a mother and, now, as my lover. Are you okay with that? Me calling you my lover, I mean."

"Oh yes, baby! Yes. I love you too, so very much. And I am proud and happy that we are lovers now."

After that the two women kissed deeply, affectionately for a long time. Caitlin could still taste the essence of her pussy in her mother's mouth. They lay there, on their sides, facing each other, arms and legs entangled, giving each other little kisses. Then, for several minutes they both drifted off to sl**p. When they awoke, they kissed again and laughed and hugged each other with affection and joy. Without saying a word, they both knew they would be lovers for a long time.

"We have to be discreet around Chloe," Carrie said seriously. "She shouldn't find out that we are lovers. Do you agree?"

"Well, yeah Mom." Caitlin answered. Then she smiled slyly. "At least until she turns eighteen, this June."

Carrie opened her mouth to say something, a puzzled look on her face. Then she smiled. "I think you're right. At least until she turns eighteen. But remember, honey, just because we're bi' doesn't mean she is . . . and the i****t part, well, that just may totally gross her out."

"True enough, Mom, but I still think we should let her know after she turns eighteen. I will be home for the summer and I would love to be able to sl**p with you openly. Even if Chloe's not bi' and even if she believes that i****t is gross, I believe she'll accept us and respect our decisions."

Caitlin paused. Her mother was nodding. Then Caitlin surprised her mother again. "Now, what about Jim? Do we hide this from him or do you think he can handle it. And, more importantly, if he can accept us as lovers, do you think you could share him with me?"

Carrie's mouth dropped open. Then she shut it. She stared her daughter straight in the eyes, then a mischievous smile appeared on her face. "You know, lover, sharing him might be interesting. I like that idea. And as far as him accepting the fact that his girlfriend and her daughter are now lovers, well, he's very open-minded and as horny as your average male, maybe hornier. I don't think that will be a problem at all."

The two women laughed and kissed then got up and went into Carrie's bathroom to shower together, with more loving caresses and kisses. Afterward, they each had things to do and went their separate ways, with both having the sure knowledge that tonight they would sl**p together and make sweet love to each other once again.Jim had gotten home late Monday night. It was too late and he was too tired to call Carrie. The next day she called him and asked if he could come over about seven p.m. Her daughters would be going out to visit friends and to a movie later.

"I've got a big surprise for you, sweetie," Carrie told Jim.

"Hint?" Jim asked.

"No way, lover. I'll tell you when you get here.

He got there at 7:15, freshly shaved, showered, and with his pubic hair trimmed short, just like Carrie preferred.

"Whoa, baby! That's hot," he said.

Carrie was wearing her black, see-through nightie, black thigh-high stocking, shiny black pumps and nothing else but a smile and her perfume.

"Is this the big surprise?" Jim asked as his eyes roamed hungrily over Carrie's body. "And, I don't want to seem prudish, but should you be answering the door dressed—or rather, undressed—like that?"

"I like to live dangerously, darling. Besides, the UPS man is kind of a hunk. I think he might like it if I answered the door undressed like this." Carrie put her arms around Jim's neck and gave him a long and loving kiss before he could answer.

"And you know that I looked through the peep-hole before I opened the door," Carrie said as she pulled her lips from Jim's.

Jim grinned. "I know, babe," he said. "And I like your surprise, it's making my tongue hard."

"Don't be silly, big boy, what I'm wearing is my little surprise, but I'm glad you like it."

"I love it, but I don't think you're going to be wearing it too long."

"I'd hoped not, lover."

"So what's the big surprise then, darling?" Jim asked as his hands began to roam up under her nightie, caressing her hips, her ass, and her back, while his mouth began kissing her neck lightly.

Carrie sighed, loving the feeling of Jim's big hands caressing her body and his little kisses on her neck was giving her goose bumps and making her nipples hard.

She pushed Jim back gently and gave him a peck on the lips. "It'll keep 'til later, honey. Take me to bed now, big man. I'm hungry for your in the worst way."

Jim grinned. He loved how Carrie was so sexually direct and open. He scooped her up in his arms and made her squeal, then carried her down the hall and into her bedroom. He dumped her unceremoniously on her bed. He quickly pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and knelt, then spread her legs and immediately began kissing and sucking over and around her clitoris without actually touching it directly. At the same time, he worked two fingers deep into her pussy and pressed down firmly.

"Oh God, yes!" Carrie cried as she wiggle her hips and pushed her pussy up against his greedy mouth and strong fingers.

That had been half an hour ago. Jim had licked Carrie's pussy until she came on his face. Now, his hard cock was pounding into her in a way that thrilled her to the marrow of her bones. Her pussy was as wet and slick as it could be and she was loving how his thick cock felt, rapidly squeezing in and out of her tight vagina.

Jim's cock was long, but it wasn't overly long, which Carrie liked. Her pussy wasn't overly deep and, in fact, if Jim fucked her from behind he could go deeper than she liked, sometimes causing her pain. Jim knew not to go to deep in the "doggie" position, but he was on top of Carrie now and he was fucking her hard and fast and she loved it.

What Carrie liked the most about Jim cock was its thickness. It wasn't freakishly thick, but it was thicker than any cock she had ever fucked and it stretched her vaginal opening and filled her pussy so damned wonderfully. And now, with Jim fucking her so hard with his fat cock, Carrie was on a delightfully wonderful sexual plateau getting ready to jump off into a big, fat, body-shuddering orgasm.

"Oh Jim! Jim! Now! Now! NOW!" She screamed. Her eye lids fluttered, her toes curled, her body arched up against his sweaty, muscular body as she held on to him tightly and she came in grunting, panting spasms of delight.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, Carrie!" Jim cried out just seconds later as his cock ejaculated thick, sticky wads of his hot cum deep inside Carrie's pussy.

Carrie was on the downside of her orgasm but she loved the feeling of Jim coming in her and coming hard. She held on to him even more tightly and went with the Zen of it, feeling at one with her lover and his wonderful hard cock and his wonderful hard male body still fucking her. Her body responded by submerging her consciousness into the bliss of another orgasm.

Jim's movements slowed down, then stopped completely. Both Carrie and he were perspiring freely. Carrie released her grip on Jim and he stiff-armed his torso up so he could look her in the eyes.

He grinned a huge grin. "Wow, babe! I need to go away for a week more often if that's the reception I'm going to get when I come home."

Carrie just laughed. Loving-making with Jim was nearly always intense with a few slower-paced sessions thrown into the mix. He was an enthusiastic and inventive lover. He was also a careful and caring lover who got great enjoyment out of giving pleasure to her.

The two of them would be alone for at least another three or four hours before her daughters came home. Carrie had told Caitlin that Jim was back and coming over. Caitlin had grinned. She knew her mother was going to ask Jim if he wanted to have a three-way with mother and daughter.

* * *

It was the previous Saturday that Carrie and her daughter had become lovers. It had happened suddenly, spontaneously, without any planning by either one of them. And it had been wonderful, fantastic, unbelievably exciting and pleasurable.

They had discovered that they were both bi-sexual with very high libidos and couldn't think of any logical reason why they shouldn't enjoy one another sexually. So they did. The first time was around noon on Saturday, then again twice on Saturday night.

Chloe, who was only s*******n and still in high school, had been away for the weekend with friends. That had worked out beautifully for Carrie and Caitlin. They slept together Saturday night and when they woke up Sunday morning, they made love again, and then three more times throughout the day. The last time was about an hour before Chloe was due home. They didn't want her to know anything about their new, sexual relationship, at least not until she turned eighteen, in June.

They had also talked about Jim, whether Carrie was willing to share him with her daughter and, if so, would he want to have them both, at the same time. Carrie had laughed, saying she had no doubt that Jim would just love to fuck mother and daughter at the same time.

Carrie had told Caitlin that she and Jim were very open about what turned them on and about sexual fantasies. Jim had told her that he, of course, had the basic male fantasy of two women at once and had admitted that, on a couple of occasions, had had two women at once. They had never talked about a mother-daughter situation, but Carrie knew that Jim thought Caitlin was a beautiful young woman. And, she was sure, a mother-daughter fantasy would appeal to Jim, but, being a true gentleman, he would never suggest such a thing.

Then Carrie and Caitlin had talked about whether Jim would like the fact that they were lovers also. Carrie said that she couldn't be sure but, given the nature of most men, watching two women kissing and making love to each other, including licking each other's pussies, was sure to add spice to the stew, and the fact that they were mother and daughter would probably make it even spicier. They had both laughed. Carrie agreed to talk to Jim about it as soon as she could. Caitlin, who was home on Spring Break, had to be back in college in a few days and hoped to take part in a threesome with her mother and Jim before she left.

Caitlin liked Jim. He was intelligent, had a good sense of humor, treated her mother with the utmost respect while remaining very manly. He was tall, six-two or six-three, had warm brown eyes, sandy brown hair, a light olive skin tone—he was half Italian. She had seen him swimming in their pool and he had a firm, toned, athletic body. What was not to like? Sure, he was old enough to be her father, but that didn't bother Caitlin. In fact, it somehow added to his attraction.

She especially liked the fact that the times they had been alone together, he had never said or did anything even remotely sexually suggestive. He was always respectful, but not formal, and he could joke and k** around with her. But she never caught him checking her out surreptitiously. He never touched her casually or gave her direct eye contact that even hinted of a come on.

* * *

Carrie's shoes and nightie had disappeared quickly, as Jim had predicted, but she was still wearing the stockings.

"Jim," Carrie said as they both got comfortable against the pillows, "I have something very important to ask you."

Jim looked over at Carrie and raised one eyebrow. "Uh oh. Did I forget something? Am I in trouble?"

Jim loved Carrie, although neither one was ready to take their relationship beyond being lovers for now. He loved her because she was intelligent, competent, and funny; because she really liked sex—a lot—and was up for new experiences; and, of course, because she was a physically beautiful woman. He loved her black, black hair and how she had it cut short and done up in a modern spiky style. And he loved her bright blue eyes that were looking at him with some amusement right now.

Carrie laughed. "No silly, you're not in trouble." She reached over to the bedside stand next her and picked up the folded hand towel she had placed there earlier. She slid it between her thighs and up against her pussy. Jim first ejaculation, especially if they hadn't made love for a day or two, was always substantial. She could feel it begin to leak from her vagina.

"Okay," she said as she turned back towards Jim. "I'm just going to say it straight out." Her heart started pounding now that she was going to tell Jim about her and Caitlin being lovers and about them wanting to have a threesome with him.

"Do you think Caitlin is attractive?"

"Uh . . . yeah, of course. But honey, she's your daughter and . . . ."

"I know. You're a good man Jim," Carrie interrupted him. She heaved a big sigh. Carrie was sure, or pretty sure that Jim would agree to what she was about to ask him but, still, there was the off chance that he wouldn't, that he might be shocked and think less of her and her daughter.

"Would you like to make love to her?

"What?" Jim sat up and turned directly towards Carrie.

"Would you like to, well," here she smiled, "fuck my daughter, because she'd like to fuck you."

"Wow!" Was Jim only response for a couple of seconds.

"And, you don't have a problem with that, Carrie?" He looked incredulously at her.

"Not as long as we make it a threesome." She arched her eyebrows and gave him a demure look.

"This isn't some kind of trick, is it, babe?"

"No, sweetie. This is the real deal. A real offer for you to have sex with me and Caitlin, together. So, what'd say, big boy?" Carrie grinned at Jim.

"Well hell yes! But, seriously, Carrie, are you sure, really, really sure that you want to do that. Are you sure you can do that?"

"Yeah babe, because you see," Carrie's heart was beating even harder now, "Caitlin and I are lovers."

Jim's eyebrows shot up.

"Well," Carrie continued, "I mean we just became lovers a few days ago . . . ."

"How did that happen?" Jim asked.

We, uh . . . . Well that's not important right now. I'll tell you all about it later. In any case, Caitlin and I got to talking and Caitlin likes you and thinks you are an attractive, um, you know, older man.

Jim smiled. He wasn't offended. A hot young babe like Caitlin wanted to have sex with him. And he was old enough to be her dad. How could he be offended?

"So we thought you might like to join us, you know?" Carrie finished.

Jim didn't say anything for a second. His cock was getting hard again, rapidly. First of all, the thought of making love to Caitlin . . . so young, so tender, so mmm. Then the thought, the image that Carrie had just created in his mind, of her and her daughter making love to each other and that he could be, would be a part of that. That just blew him away.

Carrie reached out and grabbed his nearly erect penis. Jim jumped a little. His mind was distracted and he hadn't realized that he was getting hard.

"I guess this means that you like the idea, hmm?" Carrie gave her lover's cock a firm squeeze.

"Hell," Jim grinned down at her, "what's not to like—making love to two beautiful lesbian lovers who just happen to be mother and daughter."

Carrie laughed. "I kind of thought you might think that way. Still, the fact that Caitlin and I are, well, committing i****t, that doesn't bother you."

"Not a bit, my darling. You know I have an open mind when it comes to thinks sexual. I mean, as long as everyone concerned is a consenting adult. You're both such damned attractive women and if Caitlin is half as good a lover as you are, dear, then we're going to have a fucking fantastic time."

Carrie laughed some more then reached up to pull Jim down for a passionate kiss. When their lips parted she looked Jim in the eyes. "And we're not lesbians, by the way. We're bi-sexual. We both like men just fine, too, otherwise you wouldn't be here and you wouldn't get this chance to fulfill a basic male fantasy."

Now it was Jim turn to laugh. "I stand corrected. And, actually, it's two basic male fantasies. Making love to two women at once and making love to a mother and daughter together. No. Make that three male fantasies. Getting to make love to two women who are mother and daughter and lovers. My God! Am I really going to get to watch you and Caitlin kiss and lick each other's pussies?"

"Yes you are, you lucky boy." Carrie said, "keep that in mind as you shove this lovely hard cock back inside me and fuck me until I have a screaming orgasm."

Jim pushed Carrie onto her back and positioned himself between her legs. She reached down and grabbed the towel that was still between her legs and threw it to the floor then she guided his thick cock to her vaginal opening and Jim, after getting the head wet and slick, slid it fully into her pussy in one smooth motion.

Carrie gasped with pleasure. Her legs went up and around his hips and her arms around his neck.

"And you can call me Caitlin . . . if you want to," she whispered in his ear.

"That would be tacky, my darling."

"Yeah, but you will be thinking about her, won't you?"

"It'd be impossible for me not to after what you just told me."

"I don't care, Jim. I love my daughter and I love you, and both of you are my lovers now. And you know how much I love sex, so just fuck me and think about tomorrow night, when you can have us both."

Jim began fucking Carrie with long pussy-stretching, pussy-filling strokes with his thick manhood. "That soon?" He was thrilled. The thought of fucking both mother and daughter, as well as watching them making love to each other, made his cock harder than it had ever been, or so it felt.

"That soon. Chloe is spending the night with a friend."

"And," Jim said, "I'll get to watch you and Caitlin making love also, right?"

"Yes, my darling, you'll get to watch Caitlin and me kissing and going down on each other." Carrie was grinning, watching how her words affected Jim.

"Good God, woman, you surprise and amaze me!" Jim said. Then he kissed her and began to fucking her in earnest.

Carries was really turned on. Having told Jim about her and Caitlin, about them being lovers, and about wanting him to fuck both of them, was possible the most sexually exciting thing she had ever done . . . short of actually consummating the idea.

Thinking about watching Jim fuck her daughter, maybe while her daughter was licking her pussy, and vice versa got her so hot that those thoughts, combined with feeling his athletic body working over her, running her hands up and down the taut muscles of his back, and especially how wonderful his thick cock felt plunging in and out of her, brought her to a screaming orgasm in a very short time.

Jim kept fucking her as her body convulsed with intense pleasure, then he was coming too, grunting and panting as his cock shot more of his thick semen into his lover's tight little fuck-hole.

* * *

"Jim is going to be here in half an hour, how do you think we should do this?" Carrie asked her daughter.

Caitlin furrowed her brow. "Do what, exactly? Fuck him?"

"No, silly," Carrie chuckled. "Greet him. Should I go to the door, or you, or both of us?"

"Oh! Oh! Yeah. Well, let's see." Catlin started thinking quickly. "How about this," she said a few seconds later. "We both slip on our silk robes and nothing else then meet him at the door. After the door is closed, we drop the robes, then you kiss him, then I kiss him, then," Caitlin giggled nervously, "then we kiss each other."

"Ooo! Yeah. I like it. That will get his motor running right away."

"I'm pretty sure his motor will be running even before he gets here, Mom, knowing what's going to happen. I'm pretty sure he'll have an erection before he comes through the door."

Carrie laughed and hugged her daughter, then kissed her on the lips. "I think you might be right, sweetie. Oh God, I'm excited. Aren't you?"

"Yeah. Major butterflies in my stomach. I hope everything goes well tonight."

"Oh it will, darling, it will. I'm sure," Carrie said. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, then she did it again and giggled.

Both women had taken long, thorough showers and subtly perfumed themselves. They were laying naked on Carrie's big bed, facing each other, gently running their fingers over each other's bodies and kissing every now and then.

"You want me to go down on you right now, Caitlin?" Carrie asked. "It might calm you down."

"Mmm! Sounds delish, Mom, but I want to wait until we get Jim naked on this bed before we start the fireworks." She giggled too, then took a couple of deep breaths like her mother had.

"Sooo, Mom," Caitlin continued, "what's Jim's cock like. I mean . . . ." Her voice trailed off.

"What's it like? Well, it's probably longer than average but not too long. What I really like is its thickness. I mean its not hugely thick, but it is thicker than any other man I was ever with. Anyway, it fits me just right and feels really good."

"Thick, huh?"

"Yeah, Caity, but like I said its not freakishly big. And don't worry, sweetie, Jim's a careful and considerate lover. He won't try to just jam it in you."

"Well, that's a relief. Look, I'm going to the kitchen to get a drink of water then put the champagne in the ice bucket and bring it back here."

"I almost forgot about the champagne," Carrie said. "I'll get the glasses."

Back in the bedroom both women put on their robes, but left them open for the moment.

"Mom, are you really sure that you want to share Jim with me?"

Carrie slid her arms inside Caitlin's robe and around her waist. She pull her close until their bellies and breasts were pressed warmly together. "Yes, baby. I've thought about it and I'm sure. I love you. You awakened desires in me that I had forgotten about, or had repressed. And we're lovers now and I'm so very glad that we are.

"I love Jim, too. He's a good man and a great lover. And I can't tell you just how excited I am at the thought of watching him lick your pussy, or you sucking his cock. I want to lick your pussy while he fucks me. I want to watch him fuck you while you lick my pussy. And more. Whatever more we can think of.

"Damn, Caitlin, I'm so excited and horny right now, I think I could come if you rubbed my pussy for a minute or two. So, yes, Caitlin. I'm sure I want to share Jim with you."

Caitlin's hand immediately reached down to touch and caress her mother's shaved pussy. Her middle finger slipped between Carrie's labia and gently moved down and back up, feeling just how wet her mother's pussy was already. Then, using her thumb and forefinger, she squeezed her mother's outer labia together firmly, trapping Carrie's clitoris between her vaginal lips. Caitlin then alternated between squeezing hard and rolling her finger and thumb back and forth, greatly stimulating her mother's hard little nub.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Carrie pressed her body even closer and began kissing and nibbling on her daughter's neck, working her way up to her ear. Then she rotated her hips forward, pressing against Caitlin's fingers. What Caitlin was doing felt so damned good.

Oh baby! Jim's going to be here any moment," Carrie protested weakly.

Caitlin began tugging more firmly and faster on her mother's clitoris, trapped in the fold of flesh she held between her thumb and finger. She whispered into her ear, "I love you, Mom. And I want to lick your pussy while Jim fucks me. I want to lick his cum out of your pussy after he's fucked you. Would you like me to do that, Mom, lick Jim's hot, sticky goo from your pussy after he fucks you?" Caitlin asked as she bit on her mother's ear lobe.

"Ahhhh!" Carrie cried as her body trembled and shook as she came. Her daughter's fingers and evocative words had carried her over the edge and her orgasm was strong. She held on to Caitlin firmly and buried her face in the crook of her neck as the pleasure swept over her.

"Whew!" She exhaled a few moments later. "Wow! That was good. Thanks, baby." Carrie said then she kissed her daughter on the lips, tasting her mouth and tongue.

"Glad to be of service, Mom." She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned.

"But I thought you wanted to wait until Jim got here before getting the fun started," Carrie said.

"I did, but I just couldn't help myself after you told me how horny you were," Caitlin said.

"Well I'm glad you did, honey." Then Carrie gave her daughter a sweet and lingering kiss on the mouth.

"Mmm! I don't think I'll ever get tired of kissing you Caitlin," Carrie said as she broke off the kiss.

Caitlin gave her mother three soft kisses on the mouth, letting her tongue sweep gently across her mother's tongue. "I agree, Mom. After that kiss I think I need you to give me a hand job . . . but, I'll wait."

Caitlin and her mother laughed.

"Jim's going to be hear any second," Carrie said as she hurried into the bathroom to freshen up her nearly dripping wet pussy.

As she came out of the bathroom, the doorbell rang.

"That's Jim. He's always punctual," Carrie said. "How do I look?"

"Beautiful, Mom. Like you've just been ravaged and enjoyed it."

Both women closed their robes and tied them loosely with their sashes, then went to answer the door.

Carrie opened the door and Jim stood there with two bouquets of one dozen red roses each. When he saw mother and daughter standing there in their silk robes—and assumed they had nothing on underneath—he grinned.

"Good evening ladies," he said.

"Oh roses!" Carrie and Caitlin said together, then laughed.

"Come in," Carrie said as she took Jim by the elbow and pulled him into the house. Caitlin shut and locked the door behind him.

Both women looked at Jim's crotch.

"What?" he asked, looking from Carrie to Caitlin.

Carrie reached out her hand and gently caressed Jim between his legs. "You win, Caity. He's hard already."

Jim looked dumbfounded. Caitlin and her mother just laughed.

"I told Mom that you would probably have an erection before you came through the door," Caitlin said, giving Jim a slightly embarrassed smile. She knew that she was going to be fucking him soon, but felt a little over bold right now.

"Oh," Jim responded. "Yeah, well it just got harder and harder on the drive over, thinking about . . . . I mean, well, damn! How could it not. Look at the two of you, so beautiful and, and . . . ." He ran out of words.

"We understand," Carrie said. And you are so gallant, my dear lover, bringing us roses." Then she gave a look to Caitlin. Both women undid their sashes and shrugged their robes off over their shoulders and let them fall to the floor.

Jim's eyes got big and his grin even bigger.

Carrie reached up to pull Jim down for a long, wet kiss.

"Wow!" Jim said.

When her mother released Jim, Caitlin took her place and kissed him just as long and just as passionately.

"Oh wow!" Jim said.

When Caitlin finished kissing Jim she turned to her mother. Mother and daughter embraced, their naked breasts squeezed together. After a few sweet pecks on each other's mouths, they kissed long and passionately, complete with guttural moaning from their throats. They were both truly enjoying this kiss, especially since they were doing it in front of Jim with the express, but unspoken, purpose of exciting him as much as possible.

When mother and daughter finished kissing, Carrie turned back to Jim and grabbed his crotch again. "Oh boy! I do believe your cock is even harder now, Jim."

"Well, yeah! How could it not be. Two beautiful women greeting me at the door naked, kissing me, kissing each other, knowing that I'm going to get naked too and fuck you both. Please pardon my crudeness." Jim address the last bit to Caitlin.

Caitlin grinned. She was over her reticence now. "Not a problem, Jim. I'm looking forward to sucking your cock, having you lick my pussy, and then, at some point, fucking me. Mom says you have a nice thick cock."

"And, I might mention," Carrie chimed in, "we did not greet you at the door naked. We waited until the door was closed."

"Details, details," Jim said. "Here, please take these roses and put them in some water. I wasn't expecting to get right down to it the moment I walk in the door."

"Is he always this touchy?" Caitlin asked with mock seriousness.

"No, but I think we've taken him by surprise and he hasn't had time to compose himself yet." Carrie answered.

"Yes, ladies, you most certainly took me by surprise."

Mother and daughter each took one of the bouquets and inhaled the sweet scent of them.

"This is very sweet of you, Jim," Caitlin said.

"I agree," Carrie said.

Both women gave Jim a kiss on the cheek, then headed for the kitchen to put the roses in vases and water.

"Jim, dear, please pick up our robes and take them into the bedroom," Carrie said over her shoulder. "And then please get your clothes off and get on the bed. We'll be right there."

Jim just stood there for a few moments, watching those two beautiful women walking away from him, broad shoulders, small waists, lovely womanly swell to the hips, fantastic firm buttocks, and shapely thighs, calves, ankles, and feet.

Fuck, he thought to himself, I can't believe this. He shook his head, amazed at what was about to happen, then bent down to pick up the robes and headed for the bedroom. What a lucky man am I, he thought. Unbelievable!

When Carrie and Caitlin came into the bedroom a few minutes later. Jim was lying, naked, in the middle of the bed lightly stroking his full erection.

"You're right, Mom," Caitlin said, "Jim has a really nice cock." It did look big to her. Maybe she needed to date more guys. The thought that very soon Jim's cock would be fucking her—that she and her mother were going to share this delicious looking man, with his delicious looking cock, as well each other while he watched them—excited her even more and she felt her pussy getting wetter than it already had been.

Carrie laughed and hugged her daughter. "And that's just looking at it. Wait until you feel it fucking you."

Jim stopped stroking his cock. Here was the reality of what was about to happen staring him in the face. Two lovely women, mother and daughter, and the three of them were going to have sex together; he with each of them and both of them with each other. This was truly a male fantasy come true. He, too, was super excited.

"Thank you, Caitlin," Jim said, "but my cock can't compare to how absolutely fantastic you and Carrie look to me."

Carrie laughed as she jumped on the bed and rolled over Jim to his far side. "You're so sweet, baby, I could just eat you up."

Carrie kissed Jim hard on the mouth. He pulled her on top of him. The kiss lasted a long time and Jim caressed her back with his big hands, then began massaging her buttocks. His cock was sticking straight up firmly between her thighs and hard against her pussy.

Caitlin could see the head sticking up above her mother's ass cheeks. So, while her mother and Jim were still kissing, she climbed up on the bed and began licking and sucking on Jim's cock head. To her surprise and delight, she sucked up a few big drops of his pre-come. It was, of course, clear and tasteless, but the thick liquid on her tongue added to her excitement. She was licking and sucking on Jim's cock, her mother's lover, for the first time!

Jim pulled him mouth away from Carrie's. "Oh yeah, Caitlin, that feels good!"

Caitlin pulled her mouth from Jim's cock. "Spread your legs Jim. You too Mom, but stay there on top of him."

When she had maneuvered between their legs, Caitlin started sucking Jim's cock again. This time it was out in the open. It was thick, but not so thick that she couldn't get her mouth way down on it. She took his length in until it almost gagged her before coming back up, then she went down again immediately.

Carrie had turned her torso and head around to where she could see her daughter sucking her lover's cock. Caitlin pulled her mouth off of Jim's hard shaft and smiled at her mother then spread her ass cheeks with her fingers and began licking her mother's anus.

"Oh, baby!" Carrie was taken by surprise. Her daughter's tongue, licking and probing her asshole, felt sublime.

Jim surmised what was happening and pulled Carrie around for another big kiss. "Your daughter is as full of surprises as you are, darling," he said when they broke the kiss.

"I'll say," Carrie responded as she wiggled her ass and pushed it back against Caitlin's mouth and tongue. "But I like it," she giggled.

Caitlin alternated between licking her mother's asshole and sucking Jim's cock. Carrie and Jim kissed repeatedly while enjoying what Caitlin was doing to them.

After a couple of minutes Caitlin said, "Are you guys primed, because I sure am." She was ready to get Jim's lovely hard manhood deep inside her pussy.

Carrie grinned at Jim, gave him a quick peck on the lips, then rolled off him and onto the bed.

Caitlin stood up and put her feet on either side of Jim's hips then squatted down. She reached between her thighs and grabbed his cock. She rubbed it around in the wetness of her very turned on pussy. Caitlin grinned down at Jim, then at her mother, then she let her weight push his thick hardness between her labia and into her pussy.

Jim sighed with pleasure, feeling the tightness of Caitlin's pussy squeezing so wonderfully on his cock as it went deeper and deeper into her body. He still couldn't believe his luck, fucking this beautiful young woman, his lover's daughter, with his lover as a willing participant and right beside him now, watching the show.

Caitlin's long black hair was loose, some of it falling over her shoulders, stopping just above her well-shaped, full breasts. She looked incredibly sexy to Jim. His cock gave a little spasm of pleasure all on its own. With a demure smile on her face and with her eyes—the same wonderful, startling blue of her mother's eyes—staring directly at him, she lowered herself fully down onto his thick shaft.

Caitlin gasped with pleasure that was almost pain as her weight f***ed Jim's thick manhood completely inside her. She didn't stop until her buttocks rested on his thighs. His cock was balls deep in her. A wave of intense pleasure shuddered though her body. If he had been any longer she couldn't have gotten all of him in her pussy. As it was, not only did his big cock stretch and fill her from side-to-side, it also stretched the length of her pussy, too. She loved the feeling.

Carrie was fascinated at the sight of her daughter's pussy lips stretched around Jim's cock. She and Jim had never taken photos or videos of their love-making. And, of course, she couldn't see what it looked like when they did make love. Now, here, she was seeing up close what it must look like when she was fucking Jim.

Carrie looked up at her daughter. "Oh wow, baby! That looks so hot, seeing Jim's cock filling your pussy so tightly."

"If feels great, too, Mom, but I guess you know that." Both women laughed.

"Yeah, it does," Jim said, and all three of them laughed.

Caitlin braced her hands on Jim's hips and began rising and falling on his cock. God it does feel good, she thought to herself. Oh yes, it feels so good, so good. And Mom is watching me fuck her boyfriend. Oh jeez! Oh wow!

Caitlin rose up until Jim's cock was almost out of her pussy then she fell back down, taking him deep. She loved the feeling of his cock pulling and pushing through her vaginal sphincter and the head of it bumping against the end of her vagina. She did this until her legs got tired, then she sat up straight on Jim's hardness, putting her knees down on the bed on either side of his hips. She then rotated her pelvis around on Jim thick cock, buried so deep inside her pussy. Oh! That felt really good too.

Jim had propped himself up on his elbows to watch Caitlin fuck him, working her body and pussy on his cock, which was buried as deep inside her as it could go. It was an amazing sight and an amazing feeling. He really wanted to roll Caitlin over onto her back and begin fucking her hard and fast. He always had a hard time letting the woman do the work, but he controlled the feeling and let Caitlin continue doing what she was doing.

Jim was so turned on by the whole situation—his lover's daughter fucking him while his lover was lying beside them watching with rapt attention—that he was quickly approaching the point at which he would come even if Caitlin were to stop all movement.

Carrie was totally aroused as she watched Caitlin fucking Jim. She saw how glistening wet his cock had gotten from Caitlin's vaginal lubrication. She saw how her daughter was now fucking him just by levering her hips back and forth, and how her head was arched back, eyes closed, mouth open, breathing deeply. Caitlin was also squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Obviously, she was enjoying this immensely and Carrie was glad it was happening. She began to rub her pussy with excitement.

Jim saw what Carrie was doing. "Come here, babe. Climb on my face and let me lick you."

Carrie didn't hesitate. She straddled Jim's face and sat down facing Caitlin. She heaved a big sigh of pleasure as Jim's tongue went to work on her pussy.

Caitlin opened her eyes to see her mother riding Jim's face. She smiled and leaned forward. Carrie met her halfway and mother and daughter began kissing, sucking on each other's tongue, tasting the sweetness of each other's mouth.

And then Caitlin was coming. "Ahhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried as she ground her pussy down and around, hard, again and again on that hard part of Jim's body that protruded deeply into her own. Her body shuddered and trembled as the orgasm radiated through her in waves.

"Ooo! Mmm! That was good," Caitlin said.

After a few moments savoring the fading orgasm, Caitlin slid her pussy off of Jim's cock.

"Oh no, Caitlin!" Jim's muffled voice complained. He had been so close to coming himself.

Caitlin smiled at her mother, who smiled back and pushed her pussy harder against Jim's mouth. She watched her daughter as she slid her body down until she could get her mouth on Jim's sticky, wet hardness and began to suck on it.

She took his big tool deep, repeatedly, then sucked just on the head, swirling her tongue around and around it, then she went back to sucking his hard shaft deep into her mouth, coming back up until her lips firmly surrounded just the head of Jim's cock before going back down. Within a short time Caitlin could tell that Jim was about ready to come. She on kept sucking and soon Jim was shooting a load of semen into Caitlin's mouth. She didn't stop sucking his cock until she was sure he was done ejaculating, then she swallowed his load, enjoying it as it slid down her throat and enjoying the feeling of power she got from making this man come with her mouth.

Jim was left gasping and twitching and groaning with pleasure.

Carrie shifted herself onto the bed and kissed Caitlin on the mouth several times, tasting her lover's cum on her daughter's lips and tongue.

"Oh baby, that was fantastic, watching you come while you were fucking Jim. And then watching you suck him off and swallow all of his cum. That got me so hot, baby!"

Jim got up on his knees. "God damn, Caitlin, that was great!" He kissed Caitlin on the mouth, holding her face in his hands, sliding his tongue over and around hers, tasting the sweetness of her mouth and a residue of his semen.

"Mmm! Wow! This is pretty intense," Caitlin said when Jim pulled his mouth away from hers. "And I like it. I can hardly wait to tell Odette about this. Although she definitely won't be excited about me fucking and sucking you."

"Who's Odette?" Jim asked.

"Caitlin's college roommate," Carrie said, "and her lover, too. But according to Caitlin she a pure lesbian."

"Oh," Jim said, as if that explained everything.

"Yes, oh," Carrie said. She pulled Jim down to top of her and began kissing him and raking her long and elegant fingernails lightly up and down his back.

"You know what I'd like now, lover?" Carrie asked Jim. "Well, I mean as soon as your cock gets hard again."

Caitlin snuggled in beside her mother and Jim.

Jim kissed Carrie on the mouth. "No, lover, what would you like to do now?" He turned his head and kissed Caitlin on the mouth, too.

"And if we keep this up," Jim continued, "it won't take long to get my cock back in working order again."

"Oh good," Carrie said, "because as soon as you get off of me and as soon as Caitlin lies back and I can get between her legs, I'm going to start licking her pussy. Would you like to watch me lick my daughter's pussy, Jim?"

"Oh hell yes!" Jim said.

"Good." Carrie said. "And as soon as your dick is hard enough I want you to fuck me while I lick Caitlin's pussy."

"Caitlin," Carrie said, "Are you ready for more?"

Jim was already moving off of Carrie, a big grin plastered across his face.

Caitlin noticed and laughed. "Yeah, Mom, of course I want more." She flopped herself down on her back and spread her legs. "Come and get it, Momma," she said and giggled.

Carrie got down between her daughter's legs, on her elbows and knees, ass high, and began to nuzzle and kiss Caitlin's thighs and pussy.

As Jim stroked his half-hard cock, Carrie began licking her daughter's shaven vagina from bottom to top. Watching Carrie perform oral sex on her daughter had Jim's cock hard in just a couple of minutes.

"Ahhh, yessss!" Carrie exclaimed as she felt Jim carefully slide his thick cock into her very wet pussy.

"It's amazing," Jim said, "you've had two c***dren and your pussy feels as tight and right as Caitlin's.

"Kegels, darling, Kegels." Both Carrie and Caitlin giggled.
"Right," Jim said and he began sluicing his thick cock through Carrie's juicy pussy.

"Oh Jim. Yes," Carrie moaned. Then she turned her attention to her daughter's pussy once more, licking it from bottom to top, sucking on it, nibbling on her labia, flicking her tongue across her clitoris.

Caitlin moaned and her body shuddered with pleasure as her mother's tongue and mouth, feeling so soft and slick, licked and sucked on her pussy, giving her immense pleasure. She watch Jim fucking her mother, and her mother mouth-fucking her pussy. She took in a big shuddering breath of joy and excitement. What was happening was just unbelievably amazing to her . . . and she wanted more of it . . . she wanted it to go on for a long, long time.

But it didn't. Caitlin was still excited about fucking Jim and coming, then sucking his cock and having him cum in her mouth. Now, with Jim fucking her mother while her mother was licking her pussy excited her tremendously. This excitement about having i****tuous sex with her mother with Jim present and participating overloaded her orgasm receptors and in less than two minutes she felt her second orgasm of the night begin.

"Oh Mom! Mom! Yes, Mom! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Carrie didn't stop. She kept lapping at her daughter's pussy and clitoris. Jim kept fucking Carrie with fast, deep strokes. She was close to coming herself. Licking her daughter's pussy while being fucked by her lover was an amazing and wonderfully exciting reality to her also.

"Ahhh! Yesssss! Mom! That's it! That's it! Ahhhhhh!" And Caitlin was coming and coming hard. Her body shook with pleasure as she shoved her pussy up against her mother's greedy, sucking mouth.

Jim was surprised that he was primed and ready to go again, possibly the fastest recovery time he'd had since he was sixteen. He figured it was because he was so damned excited about having sex with these two really hot women and the fact that they were mother and daughter, and how wonderfully sexy they were.

Jim couldn't hold back any more. Not that he wanted to. After fucking Caitlin and having her bring him off with her mouth and swallowing his cum and, now, watching Carrie lick her daughter's pussy and making her come, put him over the edge.

"God! God! Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah!" he cried in a strangled voice as his big cock began shooting his thick, gooey semen deep into Carrie's tight vagina. Jim's cock pulsed five times, hard—five big shots of cum—then three times more, less intensely. His body shuddered with the sheer pleasure of it. He was sweating and gasping and loving it.

Carrie had stopped licking and sucking on Caitlin's pussy. She was thrilled by the fact that she had just made both her daughter and her lover come with two different parts of her body. She loved the way Jim's cock had thrust even harder into her as he came and how Caitlin had shoved her pussy hard up against her mouth when she had been coming.

"Wow!" Carrie said, "that was fun. You both came at nearly the same time. What a sensation; holding on to your hips, Caitlin, while you were at the height of your orgasm and then feeling you, Jim, as you pounded your cock into me harder and deeper as you came."

"I'm glad you liked it sweetheart, but I'm sorry I came so soon. I . . . ."

Carrie shifted her hips forward and pulled her cream-filled pussy off of Jim's softening dick with a slight wet, sucking sound. She rolled over Caitlin's leg and onto her back, then propped herself up on her elbows.

"Shh, sweetie," she told Jim. "I'm going to get my chance . . . more than once tonight. You know I will." She gave Jim a big grin, which he returned. "Besides, sweetie," she continued, "Caity gave me a quick hand job before you arrived."

"Oh, so you two started the party before I got here, eh?"

"We sure did," Caitlin said with a grin. And now I want to give Mom her second orgasm of the night. Move, please, Jim. And, Mom, lie back and relax if you want and spread your legs." When Jim and Carrie had done as she asked, Caitlin kneeled between her mother's legs.

"I'm going to lick Jim's cum out of your pussy, Mom," Caitlin said with a big smile.

"Ooo, baby! Are your sure?" Carrie asked, although the thought of her daughter licking her lover's cum from her pussy excited her. She, herself, had never done that. She had seen, sometimes, in porn movies women doing that and it hadn't particularly excited her. But the thought of her daughter's tongue lapping at her pussy to lick up Jim's semen, her mouth sucking it up and then swallowing it, sent a shiver of anticipation through her body. It was so over the top sexually for her . . . until now. Now it excited her, a lot, and she knew that sometime tonight she was going do the same for Caitlin. She shivered again with excitement.

Caitlin laughed. She got up so she could kiss her mother on the mouth. "Yeah, I'm sure, Mom. I mean, I've swallowed cum before, as you just saw, but even before that, and I've licked pussy, yours included. I don't think the two things are mutually exclusive. So just lie back and enjoy."

Carrie laughed too and gave her daughter a quick kiss before she let her body down onto the bed.

"You two are probably the most amazing women that I've ever met," Jim said. He was sitting back on his heels with his hands on his thighs.

"You've got that right, Jim," Caitlin said and she repositioned herself between her mother's thighs.

Carrie laughed. "Come here, Jim, and let me suck all the cum and pussy juice off your lovely cock and get it all clean and shiny wet and ready for more fucking."

"Oh hell yes!" Jim said. He quickly moved up to where Carrie could suck his cock into her mouth easily.

Carrie delicately circled the base of Jim's cock with her forefinger and thumb, preparing to suck it all into her mouth before it started to lengthen out and get hard.

As Carrie slid her mouth over her lover's sticky, wet cock she inhaled sharply through her nose. "Mmmm!" Then she pulled her mouth off Jim's cock. "Oh baby, Caity!" she gasped.

Jim's semen had been leaking out of Carrie's pussy and had reached her anus. As her mother started sucking Jim's cock, Caitlin rubbed her finger around on her mother's asshole, getting it slick with Jim's cum, then she her began pressing on mother's anus before she began to firmly lick around her finger and her mother's asshole before working her way up. She then started to slowly fuck her fingertip in and out of Carrie's ass.

Feeling Caitlin fingering her asshole had surprised Carrie, but she liked it. It added a new element to the excitement and pleasure that Caitlin's tongue and mouth was giving to her pussy while licking up Jim's cum with quick, firm strokes of her tongue and nimble suction of her lips.

As Caitlin had moved in to clean up her mother's ass and cream-filled, oozing sexual slit, she had smelled the slightly pungent odor of Jim's semen first. And, while it was true that she had swallowed cum before, she had never licked it out of another woman's pussy. She was stretching the envelope of her sexual experience here. The smell of Jim's cum reminded her of that, but it didn't stop her or even give her pause. Rather, she moved ahead eagerly, savoring the taste of the sticky ejaculate as she first began to lick and suck it up.

Carrie turned her attention back to Jim's cock, which was getting harder and longer quickly. She sucked it deep into her mouth. It wasn't too hard yet. She had dropped her hand from it and now she swallowed, stuck out her tongue and f***ed her nose to Jim's belly, taking his hardening erection deep down her throat while licking his balls.

Now it was Jim's turn to cry out with pleasure. What a feeling, to have his cock shoved fully into Carrie's mouth and down into her throat and to feel her tongue on his balls. He felt her swallow, once, twice. That was even more exciting.

Carrie choked and gagged and slid Jim's cock out of her mouth. She licked and sucked up the heavy, thick saliva that deepthroating him had created. She deep-throated him another half-dozen times before settling down to just sucking his cock. She looked up at him with those beautiful, startling blue eyes, which were now slightly wet from gagging, making her eye make-up run a bit. Jim thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

Caitlin was now fully invested in licking, slurping, and sucking all of Jim's cum out of her mother's pussy that she could while gently fingering her asshole. This was making Carrie moan with exquisite pleasure while continuing to suck Jim's cock. She also helped her daughter out by using her well-toned vaginal muscles to push the semen out to Caitlin's wonderful, sucking mouth.

Jim was fully erect now. He pulled his hard cock out of Carrie's mouth and bent down to kiss her long and lovingly.

"Enjoy, my darling," he told her. "I'm going to fuck Caitlin from behind now.

Carrie smiled up at Jim. "Fuck her good, honey, like you did me." Then she gave a shiver of pleasure as Caitlin's mouth and tongue, having lapped up and swallowed all the semen she could, began to lick her mother's pussy in earnest. Caitlin gave special attention between her mother's inner lips just under the clitoral hood. That was usually a very sensitive spot on any woman's pussy. It seemed to be so for Carrie, too, as evidenced by her gasps and moans of delight and pleasure.

Jim had smiled back at Carrie then quickly positioned himself behind Caitlin. Caitlin had heard what Jim had said about fucking her and had gotten up on her knees, ass high, getting ready for him to fuck her from behind.

Caitlin licked for a while, then, as if giving on open-mouth kiss, placed her lips over her mother's erect little pleasure rod and, without using her tongue, sucked repeatedly.

"Oh my God, Caitlin!" Carrie cried. "Oh yes! Oh yes! That's good, so good!"

While Caitlin was busy licking and sucking her mother's pussy and fingering her asshole, Jim grabbed the shaft of his cock and firmly rubbed the head of it between Caitlin's wet labia . . . and she was very wet, almost dripping wet. He shove his cock in part way then pulled it out and smeared more of Caitlin's pussy juice around on her pussy lips. He went in part way again to get his cock even more wet, and pulled it out once more. Then, in one smooth motion, he shoved his big cock deep into Caitlin vagina, quickly stretching it in length and width. He began fucking her with easy, deep strokes.

Caitlin pulled her mouth from her mother's pussy and sucked air in a big gasp. She pressed her forehead down onto the top of her mother's pussy, her nose firmly against Carrie's clitoris. "Oh wow! Yes! God, Jim. That feels soooo good. Your cock feels soooo good." Then she went back to mouth-fucking her mother's pussy and fingering her ass.

Carrie levered herself up onto her elbows and gave Jim a big grin and a wink. He just smiled back at her as he kept on fucking Caitlin.

Carrie looked down to where her daughter was licking and sucking her pussy, giving her so much pleasure. Caitlin's eyes were closed as she concentrated on what she was doing to her mother and what Jim was doing to her. Then she opened her eyes and looked up at her mother.

"Your mouth feels so good, baby, as well as your finger pressing on my ass," Carrie said. "I love you Caitlin. And I love that we can have sex together and share Jim, too."

Caitlin pulled her mouth away from her mother's pussy. "Me too, Mom. And, oh, what Jim's cock is doing to me. Thanks for sharing him, Mom." Caitlin went back to making love to her mother with her mouth.

"And me, too," Jim said, "both of you. This is probably the most exciting sex I've ever had—two women who are also mother and daughter and bi-sexual. So thank you both for sharing me with you."

Caitlin didn't say anything. She just kept her head down, licking and sucking on her mother's pussy and sliding her fingertip around and around her mother's anus, dipping into it every now and then.

Carrie, chuckled and nodded, then lay back down on the bed. She moaned and her body shivered with pleasure as Caitlin's teeth caught her clitoris and began to gently nibble on it.

The only sounds for the next few moments were of heavy breathing and some moaning, the wet sounds of pussy licking, and the equally wet sounds of a big cock fucking a tight and very wet pussy.

"Oh that's it Caity, that's it! Keep doing that," Carrie said.

Caitlin's was now alternating between sucking hard on her mother's clitoris, then licking it. She had stopped fingering Carrie's asshole and had slid two fingers from her other hand into her mother's vagina and was rubbing them over the anterior wall, sliding them back and forth over her G-spot.

A strangled cry escaped Carrie's throat and her body convulsed as a soul-shaking orgasm overtook her. Her thighs closed up on her daughter's head and trapped her against her pulsating pussy as she came.

Jim watched with fascination, still fucking Caitlin, with deep but slower strokes now.

Caitlin stopped finger-fucking her mother and stopped licking and sucking on her clitoris and waited. Besides feeling a sense of excited accomplishment—bringing her mother to orgasm with her mouth and fingers with Jim watching—she was quite aware of his thick cock moving smoothly in and out of her pussy, filling and un-filling her vagina, then filling it again.

Carrie relaxed her legs and let them fall out to either side. "Mmmm, yeah! That was a good one, baby. I didn't hurt you, did I, slamming my legs together?"

"No, Mom, you didn't," Caitlin said. She now pulled her fingers from her mother's pussy.

"It just hit me so suddenly and so hard and it was like I didn't have any control over my legs . . . and like I just wanted to pull it—you—in tight and hold you there . . . tight, close."

Jim stopped fucking Caitlin and pull his cock from her vagina.

"Oh, nooo! Jim why did you do that?" Caitlin asked.

"Because I want to fuck you face-to-face, looking at you . . . If you don't mind."

"Well okay. Not a problem," Caitlin giggled and flipped over on to her back beside her mother. She hooked her elbows behind her knees, reached up to grab her ankles, and pulled her thighs wide and back down towards her body.

"Is this okay?" Caitlin gave Jim a wicked grin.

"Oh my God!" Was all Jim could say as he stared down at this beautiful young woman. Her position was so obscenely and beautifully open to him, whether he wanted to lick her pussy or fuck it, or her ass for that matter. Her shapely thighs flowed down to her lovely rounded ass. Her shaved pussy, with their wet lips, and her tight little puckered asshole; it was all framed immediately in front of him. His cock got unbelievably, almost painfully rigid as he took in this fantastic and overtly sexual pose Caitlin had taken.

Carrie had gotten to her knees and was leaning on Jim's shoulder. Her daughter's completely exposed vagina and anus gave her a tingle through her body. She felt an urge to push Jim out of the way and start licking her daughter's pussy again.

Jim leaned forward a bit and began rubbing his huge, swollen, cockhead up and down through Caitlin wet labia.

"Oooo, yes!" Caitlin moaned.

Jim made a few short thrusts into Caitlin's fuck hole, dredging up more of her copious vaginal lubrication, getting the first half of his cock and Caitlin's pussy lips wet all over again.

"Oh, Jim, don't tease me," Caitlin groaned. "Just shove it in me."

So he did.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried, as Jim suddenly shifted his body forward, bracing his hands on either side of Caitlin's body and rammed his cock smoothly and deeply into her cunt.

Jim grunted out his pleasure as he felt his cock slid through her tight vaginal sphincter, not stopping until it banged up against the back of Caitlin vagina.

"Uh!" Caitlin grunted.

"Damn! Sorry about that." Jim said.

"No. No, that's all right," Caitlin said. She was strangely aware that the bit of pain she had just felt excited her. "Just fuck me, Jim. Fuck me hard."

Jim didn't need any more encouragement. He began banging his thick, hard tool in and out of Caitlin's oh so wet pussy—wet but very tight—filling it completely then pulling back until the ridge of his glans was spreading Caitlin's vaginal opening then slamming back in all the way to the bottom.

Every time Jim hit bottom, Caitlin grunted. "Oh God yes, Jim! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried out loudly.

Caitlin loved making love to her mother and to her college roommate. She loved licking pussy and having her pussy licked, but she really loved getting fucked by a big, hard cock; feeling the man above her; feeling her pussy getting pummeled, pounded, filled and refilled and refilled with that wonderful bit of hard man flesh. Jim's hard cock was the biggest she had ever experienced and she loved it. It was wonderful.

Caitlin released her ankles and shifted her legs. Jim moved his arms, one at a time, then Caitlin spread her legs out to the side and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to feel his hard, muscular body working over her as he continued to fuck her furiously.

Jim braced himself on his elbows and knees. He slid his hands under Caitlin's shoulder blades, his fingers curled up over her shoulders. He was then able to pull Caitlin's body down a couple of inches, rhythmically as his hips speared his cock deep into her pussy, pushing her body against his arms and hands.

Caitlin lay there, legs wide spread, letting Jim, in effect, shuttle her body back and forth on his cock. She had never had a man manipulate her body like this while fucking her. She loved the feeling, as well as how his wonderfully hard manhood was giving her such a delicious feeling in her pussy. Pumping her, pumping her pumping her, fucking her, fucking her, fucking her.

"Oh yes, Jim! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Caitlin cried out again.

Carrie was sitting back on her heels, her thighs spread wide. She was rubbing her pussy and clitoris. Watching Jim fucking her daughter so violently, at her daughter's request and, obviously, with much enjoyment, had Carrie in a high state of arousal. Her fingers were wet with her pussy juices and now she began plunging three of them in and out of her vagina, wanting so badly to be where Caitlin was now, but loving watching her daughter and Jim fucking like a****ls.

Caitlin buried her face in the crook of Jim neck. She smelled a hint of his cologne and his natural male scent. She licked the sweat that popped up on his skin. Mmm, she thought, he smells good and tastes good too. She bit down on this thick t****zius muscle as a wave of nearly overwhelming pleasure swelled up inside her from the pure fucking pleasure this man was giving her.

And then Caitlin arched her body up, pressing her head back into the mattress and shoving her pussy hard up against Jim's pounding cock as she came . . . and came . . . and came with a hard, body-shuddering, gasping, crying-out-loud-with-pleasure orgasm.

Carrie was now using the fingers of one hand to stimulate her clitoris as she fucked her pussy with the three fingers of her other hand. Seeing and hearing her daughter coming, and coming strongly, sent Carrie over the edge of the plateau of intensely pleasurably sexual tension and down into the eye-fluttering, jaw-clenching, body-shivering ecstasy of her own orgasm.

Through clenched teeth, Carrie grunted out, "Oh yes, Jim! Fuck her! Fuck my baby! Make her come good!"

Jim didn't need the encouragement of his lover to urge him on. The fact that Caitlin was in the throes of a strong orgasm, brought on by her wanton willingness to fuck him; to have him fuck her hard, fast, and deep; that his hard cock was still pumping in and out of Caitlin's tight, slick, grasping pussy; and that he had been ready to explode for several seconds now was more than enough to send him into his own strong orgasm.

His cock ejaculated several thick strings of his cum deep into Caitlin's cunt. The pleasure he felt with each spasm of his manhood, each ejaculation of his semen was intense.

Jim grunted and gasped and cried out in a strained voice, "I'm coming, coming!

Within seconds the sexual tension had drained out of Jim and he held himself up off of Caitlin's body with trembling arms. He was perspiring freely, as was Caitlin, below him.

Carrie shook herself as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She smiled then raised her wet fingers to her mouth to licked them off.

Caitlin put her arms around Jim's neck and pull him down on top of her to kiss him long and lovingly. She loved the feeling of his weight on her, knowing that he was supporting part of it himself. "That was great, Jim. Wow! Thanks."

Jim laughed as he rolled off of Caitlin. "No, Caitlin, thank you."

Both Caitlin and Carrie laughed and Carrie slid up next to her daughter to give Caitlin her own loving, lingering kiss. "Watching you two fuck was so damned exciting that I couldn't help but masturbate."

"So you really don't mind me fucking Caitlin?" Jim asked.

Caitlin gave her mother an expectant look.

"Oh, absolutely not, Jim. Like I said, it excited me, but really, really excited me to see my beautiful lover fucking my beautiful baby girl."

Caitlin laughed. "Well, Mom, I'm not exactly a baby, now, am I?"

"You know what I mean, sweetie," Carrie said. She leaned in and kissed her daughter several times.

Jim propped himself up on his elbow and watched those two beautiful women, one young, one mature, a mother and her daughter, kissing and sucking on each other's mouths and tongues in front of him. Both of them so hot he had a hard time believing that this was really happening to him . . . to them. But he was thankful that it was.

Carrie started kissing her daughter's throat then slowly moved down to her breasts. She took one nipple in her mouth and sucked on it and bit gently, then more firmly, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Caitlin. Then she did the same to her daughter's other nipple.

Carrie kissed and gently massaged Caitlin's breasts for a few moments, then she started kissing further down her daughter's body, crossing back and forth over her lean, flat belly, biting at the firm muscles under the soft, smooth skin. That her daughter's skin was wet with perspiration didn't bother her at all as she licked and tasted and nibbled and kissed her way towards her daughter's vagina.

Caitlin was breathing harder now, and moaning and gasping as her mother's mouth made her stomach muscles twitch and ripple.

Jim watched, fascinated. He felt the bl**d flowing back into his cock already, giving him that wonderful feeling that was the beginning of arousal. He began to gently stroke his cock, which was becoming erect once again. It was still quite wet and sticky. He got up quietly and went into the bathroom to rinse and dry his cock at the sink.

Caitlin's legs were only slightly apart when Carrie's mouth reached the very top of her daughter's sexual crevice. Carrie got onto her hands and knees, spread her daughter's legs open, then maneuvered herself between them.

Caitlin watched Jim go as she propped herself up on her elbows to watch her mother.

Carrie lowered her body down until her mouth was directly over her daughter's pussy, which was oozing with Jim's semen. She stuck out her tongue and began lapping delicately, like a cat, at Caitlin's cum-filled cunt.

Caitlin inhaled sharply at the electric touch of her mother's tongue. Even though she had just done this to her mother a little while ago it was super exciting to her to see her mother licking Jim's sticky ejaculate from her own pussy.

Carrie looked up at her daughter and smiled, although Caitlin couldn't see it. She then set about seriously licking and sucking Jim's gooey man juice out of Caitlin's pussy, driving her tongue deeper into her daughter's pussy with each stoke of her tongue. Caitlin helped out by pushing with her vaginal muscles. Carrie suck up every bit of Jim's sticky male essence that she could, then began making love to her daughter's pussy with her mouth, intent on giving her as much oral pleasure as possible. This wasn't an exhibition for Jim. Carrie loved her daughter and loved giving her oral sexual pleasure. What she was doing was all about her love for Caitlin, both emotionally and physically.

Caitlin sighed and settled back onto the bed. She automatically reached down with both hands to rest them on her mother's head, her fingers lightly curled into the spiky hairdo. She had a strong urge to pull her mother's mouth hard up against her pussy, but didn't want to stop what her mother was doing right now. It felt so damned good, and Caitlin knew she wasn't ready to orgasm yet.

Jim climbed back onto the bed to watch the show. He began stroking his cock until it got hard again. He loved watching his lover performing oral sex on her daughter again and once again he was in a highly aroused state of sexual readiness. He figured he could come just by watching and masturbating, but he didn't want to do that. He wanted to save his next load of cum, and the great pleasure it would give him to release it, for one of these two beautiful, sexy women, either in one of their mouths or pussies.

Carrie was making broad flat stokes with her tongue from the bottom of her daughter's pussy to the top. Then she changed rhythm and began to nibble and suck on Caitlin's labia, tugging on them, then placing her whole mouth over her daughter's small, beautiful pussy and sucking on it hard. And she didn't forget to pay attention to Caitlin hard little clitoral bud. Every time she brushed it, either with her nose, or her lips, or her tongue, Caitlin would cry out a little and her body would shiver with pleasure.

Caitlin looked over, through half-closed, slightly unfocussed eyes, to where Jim was lightly running his hand up and down his beautiful cock. She wanted desperately to suck on it, to have him ejaculate in her mouth again, but she didn't want to lose her concentration on the pleasure her mother's mouth was giving her.

Caitlin was breathing heavily and making little guttural sounds in the back of her throat, along with her body shuddering frequently from what her mother was doing to her. She was very close to coming.

"That's it. That's it, Mom. Oh yes, yes. Keep doing that," Caitlin begged her mother.

Carrie had decided it was time to make a full out assault on her daughter's clitoris. She was licking on it, circling it with her tongue, nibbling on it, tugging on it, sucking on it.

"Ahhhh, yessss, Mom!" Caitlin suddenly cried out. "I'm coming! Yes! That's it! I'm comiiing! "

Caitlin's fingers tightened up in her mother's hair and pulled Carrie's face and mouth down hard on her up-thrusting pussy as the wonderful electric pulse of orgasm coursed through her body. She pushed and ground her pussy against her mother's mouth for several seconds And then it was over. And then she was sighing and laughing. "Mmm! Mom! Wow! That was great. Thank you!"

Caitlin released her mother's head and reached down to her shoulders to pull her up on top of her. Mother and daughter kissed long and hard. Some of Jim's cum was still on Carrie's chin as well as a copious amount of Caitlin's vaginal lubrication. It got smeared on Caitlin's chin now. When they finished with the kiss, Carrie licked up the remaining bit of semen that had transferred to her daughter's chin, and Caitlin did the same with what was remaining on her mother's.

"That was just fucking amazing," Jim spoke up.

Mother and daughter turned towards Jim. They both laughed.

"You liked watching me go down on my daughter again didn't you, licking your cum out of her pussy, eh?"

"Oh hell yes! It was all I could do not to come while watching that live, lesbian sex show."

"Well how would you like to come in my mouth again, Jim?" Caitlin asked.

"Better yet," Carrie said, "we'll both suck your cock, taking turns, back and forth."

"Oh yeah!" Caitlin said, and kissed her mother again.

"Oh yeah is right," Jim said.

Carrie rolled off of her daughter. "Here, let Jim lay down in the middle of the bed, Caity. We can get on either side of him and suck him. I think I can show you a technique that you may not have seen before, and that you're really going to like, sweetie." The last bit was directed at Jim.

They got into position, leaning over their knees, bodies at about a 45 degree angle from Jim's with their butts towards the top of the bed where Jim could reached out and caress their asses and pussies, which he did. Then Carrie instructed her daughter. "I'm going to slide my mouth down Jim's cock then, when I come back up, you be right there to take his cock in as soon as my mouth comes off of it. And we just keep doing that, first my mouth, then yours, without stopping until Jim's lovely cock starts spitting out big gobs of his gooey cum into our mouths and we swallow it all. And, if any of it doesn't make it into our mouths, well, you'll know what to do."

"Sounds like fun," Carrie said.

"Oh yeah," Jim said.

Carrie started. Her hot, wet, smooth mouth took in more than half the length of Jim's lip-stretching cock on the way down. Back at the tip, just barely out of Carrie's mouth, Caitlin took over, swallowing as much of Jim big cock as she could before coming back up and kissing her mother's lips as Carrie went down on Jim's cock again.

And so it went, up and down, back and forth from mouth to mouth. Jim thought he was in cocksucking heaven. A man might think that one mouth sucking his cock would feel exactly like another, but it doesn't. The movement is different. The tension is different. The feeling is different. And then there was the fact that these two beautiful women, who were giving him such wonderful head, were mother and daughter. He still couldn't believe his luck; that this was actually happening and not a dream. He was so turned on and excited from all that had happened so far this evening, and now with both of them going down on him it didn't take long before he was blowing another big load out of his big, hard cock.

Jim grunted and gasped and relished that oh-so-wonderful feeling as his cum sped up and shot out of his pulsing cock.

Caitlin had just taken Jim's cock in her mouth and was on the way down when she heard him, then felt the first blast of his thick semen hit the back of her tongue. She brought her mouth up and Carrie went down as Caitlin swallowed. Carrie took the second blast of cum and the third one came as the two women were switching Jim's cock from Carrie's mouth to Caitlin's. That blast left cum on the cheeks of both women. The fourth blast nearly shot straight down Caitlin's throat when she was at the bottom of her stroke and the fifth one came before she reached the top. There was a sixth one, which Carrie took mid-way down on Jim's cock. After that, the two women sucked on Jim's cock a half dozen more times each before stopping, producing several spasms from Jim's cock, but only a few drops of cum.

"My God, that was wonderful, ladies!" Jim said. "Just fucking wonderful!"

"I thought you would like that," Carrie said. She leaned over to lick and suck up the cum from her daughter's cheek, then turned her cheek for Caitlin to do the same for her.

Both women turned around and laid down beside Jim and snuggled up to him on their sides. Jim got his arms around the backs of both of them. He placed his left hand on Caitlin's left breast and his right hand on Carries right breast. He gently caressed both breasts, loving the wonderful, soft, womanly feel of their flesh.

"I'm having a hard time believing this is happening," Jim said. He hugged Carrie close and kissed her a long time.

When they broke the kiss, Carrie asked, "So what are you having a hard time believing? That you're having sex with two hot, bi-sexual women, or that we just happen to be mother and daughter?"

"I guess it's the mother-daughter thing mostly," Jim said, "but there's also the fact that I've never been with two women at the same time who were so damned good-looking and so damned sexual."

Carrie and Caitlin laughed at that, but were very pleased.

"You're so sweet, Jim," Caitlin said.

"Not as sweet as you are, lover," Jim said as he pulled Caitlin in close for a long, sweet kiss also.

They all took a bathroom break after that, then remembered that they had cold champagne waiting for them so they relaxed together sipping the wine and talking. Later Jim made love to Carrie again, with Caitlin just watching. Then, after more kissing and caressing among the three of them, he made love to Caitlin with Carrie lying beside them, stroking his back and kissing her daughter on the neck and nibbling on her ear, all the while whispering to her how much she loved her and how wonderful it was to watch Jim fucking her.

After that Caitlin went into the hall bathroom to take a quick rinsing shower, and Carrie and Jim did the same together in the master bath. They decided to changed the sweat-soaked sheets for fresh one before they all climbed back into bed together, with Jim in the middle. After some kissing and caressing and desultory talk about where this threesome relationship might be going, they kissed each other one last good night kiss and all three of them quickly slipped into a deep and relaxing sl**p.

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