Johnny was sitting in his room watching his Mom and Dad
drive away for a weekend without the k**'s. Johnny was
the youngest at 18; he had two older s****rs Jana 22 who
attended college and Kara 20 also in college. The thought
of a weekend with his two s****rs in charge made him
angry, Jana acted like she was the man of the house, she
though of herself as being as good as any man.

When she instructed a bunch of guy's at soccer camp, she
liked to demonstrate her abilities, she talked and acted
like she had the same thing in her pants as the boys had
in theirs. She thought she was one of them.

Kara was very much into girl things; she liked to flirt
and on some occasions liked to flaunt her body. Johnny
was just some pitiful little k** they had to deal with.
When Mom and Dad were away, the two of them made his life
miserable, they didn't give him any space for his friends
or anything he wanted or had to do.

From his room he was able to see Jana and Kara getting
dressed to go out. He saw Jana putting on her bra; she
had small firm tits, with large nipples. They were a very
nice mouth full. She was careless today he seldom saw her
naked or seminude today was a treat for him.

Kara hurried past his door with a towel wrapped around
her, the split in front of the towel didn't do a good job
of covering her, as she walked her hairy mound was
exposed. He had two good shows today, a real banner day
to tell his friends about.

The girls were in a hurry because they had plans to go
out tonight. Which didn't make Johnny mad at all, with
them gone, he was going to have some of his friends over
and watch some porn video's that he found hidden in Dad's
closet? At their age the female body was the most
important object in the world, the chance to watch an
explicit sexual video would bring a lot of his friends
over tonight.

Jana left at 6 she wore jeans and a sweatshirt, her usual
attire. Jana was still a virgin, she was attractive, and
had a nice body that she tried to hide. It was her
mannerism that kept the boys away. Kara left about 15
minutes later, she wore a short skirt and a silky top,
she also had a nice body, and she was more famine then
Jana. Kara was still a virgin; she was starting to test
her ability to attract boys.

15 minutes after Kara left, Johnny's friends started
showing up. It wasn't long before 10 boys were in the
house, and more arriving all evening. The word was out,
"nobody's home at Johnny's, bring the beer we're going to
get d***k and watch some suck and fuck videos."

The guy's were quiet at first; they were mesmerized
watching a woman being throat fucked by one guy while
another fucked her doggie style. They couldn't believe
what they were seeing. They started talking about girls.
Matt said, "It would be great if we had a little pussy."

"Yeah, a little pussy would be nice," Johnny responded.

"How would you know, your still cherry," Matt jokingly

Johnny said "I saw Jana's tits and Kara's hairy mound
today, and it was awesome. Their image of Janna and Kara
suddenly became one of PUSSY!

"Hey, I'll bet Jana could take us all on."

"Yeah, like she'd be willing!"

"Who cares about her being willing?"

"What then? **** her?"

"Why not? Think about it, we grab her and do what a lot
of guys would like to do, FUCK HER!"

They all got aroused just thinking about it, if
successful, she could be their first piece, the first
time they would shot a load in a hot pussy. The gang
mentality was taking over. The thought of sharing her
pussy made their Dicks throb.

The boys saw Jana as some college woman beyond their
reach. She was 3 years older. She was a woman they
regarded as far above them, someone older who coached
them at soccer camp. They could fantasize about her but
that's as far as it would ever go, until today.

Today, Jana was being openly discussed, her way of
acting, her clothing and what was inside her pants. They
all agreed lots of guys would like to do it to Miss hard
body whose tight pussy would take an iron hard cock to
split her cherry. Boy! Fucking her would be the greatest
event of their lives.

Kara was different; she was closer to their age. She
didn't pay attention to them, but her movements caught
their attention. They all felt the heat she generated and
had wet dreams fantasizing about her warm pussy sucking
their cocks deep into its warm depths.

Johnny had some horny friends, who were ready to fuck
anything with hips, and so was he. They watched the
video, making comments about how they would like to have
the same action with Jana. Something was about to happen
that would make their dreams become reality.

Jana was about to returned home, she couldn't remember if
she had unplugged her curling iron. She parked in the
driveway, got out of her car and went into the house.
Jana walked into the f****y room, startling the boy's.
They didn't expect her back so soon.

Johnny jumped in front of the TV, as they all stared at
Jana. She acted like nothing was wrong. She started
upstairs unaware the boy's were visually stripping her,
while etching her naked image in their minds.

When Jana was out of site, they looked at one another,
making gestures and motions to fuck her; they spoke as
one, YEAH!

When Jana started down the steps, the boys quickly lined
up at the bottom. She went about four steps before she
saw them. At first it didn't bother her. She reached the
bottom, when someone said "hey Jana how about some
pussy." She realized she was in trouble. She walked past
the first two boys before hands were all over her. Her
tits were grabbed first. She tried to protect her tits
when her ass and crotch were also grabbed.

Jana's clothing was being pulled off. Her jeans were
being pulled down. She held onto her jeans with both
hands, while asking them to stop. "Don't do this, come on
we're friends, I help you out at soccer camp, don't I?"
She pleaded. They pulled her hands away. Her jeans were
quickly unfastened, while she begged them not to take
them off.

She was in a panic; no one had ever tried to pull her
pants off before. Her intimate areas had never been seen
or touched by any man.

"Stop it now, that's enough, don't pull my jeans down."
Suddenly, Jana knew what they had in mind.

Jana's legs and arms were held tight; one of the boys
pulled her sweatshirt up forcing her arms up over her
head. He pulled her sweatshirt over her face, exposing
her white spandex bra. She couldn't see she felt her
jeans being pulled down, past her knees.

Panic set in, she strained against the hands holding her,
and the muscles in her legs stood out, as her jeans were
pulled over her feet and off. All eyes were on her panty
covered pussy mound. Her plump pussy lips were clearly
outlined thru the snug fitting material. She lay there in
bra and panties. Her leg muscles bulged as she strained
against the hands holding her, her stomach muscles
tightly knotted. "Oh no! Come on guys, please don't!
Please let me go!" Jana begged.

With shaking hands, they slowly pulled her panties from
her straining body. Her sweatshirt covered her face. She
was unable to see the leering faces crowding around her,
anxiously looking at her dark hairy mound. They all knew
her from soccer camp; never did they think they would
ever see her nakedly displayed. The image was intensified
when her firm muscular legs were spread wide exposing her
pink slit. The boy's hearts pounded, this was an awesome
first time sight to twenty sexually aroused boys.

Jana was alarmed; the silence in the room was cause for
concern. What were they doing?

One of the boy's; Matt, gestured to Johnny with finger
signs, indicating he wanted Johnny to finger fuck her,
pushing Johnny towards her, he whispered, "G-go for it,
she won't be able to tell who's finger it is." Johnny
touched, her slit, causing her to jump, she stiffened as
his finger slid slowly down her slit and into her tight

Her legs started to jerk; she pleaded with them to stop,
before things went too far. Johnny slowly pushed his
finger in deeper, his first finger fuck and it felt real
good. Her cunt tightly squeezed his finger. Jana's
muscular legs strained against the intrusion, her stomach
muscles rippled. Her muffled voice could be heard, "Come
on, that's enough, your hurting me."

After a few times pushing his finger in and out Johnny
withdrew his finger, only to have Matt quickly take his
place, as each boy wanted a chance to push his finger
into her cunt. Two other boys pulled up her bra exposing
her hard hardball sized tits. Her body was totally

Johnny video taped the scene, with Dad's camera, zooming
in for a close up of Matt's finger pushing in and out of
Jana's tight cunt, while Jana squirmed; hands were
pulling on her tits. This was going to be some video. It
was a good thing she couldn't see whom it was invading
her body or that it was being recorded.

Finally after everybody took their turn exploring her
cunt with their fingers, it was time to get their Dicks
wet. Her naked body had them all excited; their cocks
throbbed for action. They had a great view, of her long
hidden treasures.
Her tits begged to be grabbed and sucked. Her muscular
legs were spread wide showing her awesome pussy waiting
to be fucked.

They went into another room so Jana couldn't hear them
talking. They wanted to make sure Johnny didn't back out,
he agreed to fuck her first. They agreed not to call one
another by name, with her eyes covered, Jana couldn't
tell who was fucking her.

The excitement was high as they lined up. Johnny placed
his Dick against her slit and began forcing it into her.
Jana was dry, causing her pain, which also added to their
pleasure. Bucking and jerking, she pleaded, "No! No! No
don't!" as she felt his cock beginning to enter her tight
dry cunt.

Johnny had to push his cock in a little, pull back and
push in again, each time getting in a little deeper. Jana
never felt such pain, "stop it! You're hurting me! Jana
pleaded as Johnny continued forcing himself deeper into
her. She was so tight; it took half dozen vicious thrusts
before his cock finally pushed against her hymen. Johnny
held onto her hard tits with both hands as he pushed
against her hymen until his cock tore through.

"NO! NO! AAHHHHHH!" Jana arched her back and screamed the
muscles and veins in her legs were highly visible; she
thrashed about twisting and turning as he kept working
his cock deeper and deeper until he was hilted. She
didn't fight it any more; she kept begging and pleading
saying "I'm not on the pill."

After forcing his cock in and out a dozen times, Johnny
was able to get into some serious fucking, you could hear
the slap, slap, slap, slap, slap as crouch and groin made
contact. Johnny was between her legs and into her cunt
where no cock had been before. He was enjoying it and
wanted to make it last.

"The bitch is good pussy," Kevin remarked. "Look at him
go for it!"

His face grimacing, Johnny's pace increased, Jana begged
him not to cum in her. He came in waves filling her cunt
with his seed. She would be wet for the next Dick to
slide in. He was thrilled; she didn't even know her
little b*****r took her cherry.

Jana felt her b*****r's dick exploding inside her, the
hot cum coating her cunt walls as Johnny kept stroking,
shooting more and more cum in her. Jana was sobbing; she
could feel his dick shrinking, slowly, Johnny withdrew
his stiff cock from her cunt.

Matt quickly took Johnny's place; he plunged his cock
into her tight wet cunt, grinning as his cock slid deep
into her tight cunt. When he hit bottom, he pulled out
and pushed in again, picking up the in and out tempo,
slap, slap, slap, slap.

The boys formed a tight circle around Matt as he pounded
her cunt. The pounding action was made more exciting
because it made Jana's hard tits bounce up and down. The
lusty pounding aroused all of them, their stiff cocks
screaming for action.

They cheered as he started into a rhythm, slap, slap, and
slap. This was their day their first piece was from a 22-
year-old virgin that they and many men fantasized about.

No longer a fantasy for them, this was real, real
fucking. They lined up, 14 boys waiting with stiff dicks
for their first piece. They didn't think about blowjobs
yet, that would come later. Jana didn't need to be held
down any longer, she accepted their pounding, panting and
groans of pleasure.

About half the boy's had fucked her once, when they heard
Kara come into the house.

Kara entered the house, and heard noise coming from the
f****y room. Looking in, she saw a large group of boys
crowded around someone on the floor. She wanted to know
what they were watching and what was causing the slapping

Kara pushed her way into the group to see what was going
on. Just as she saw a bare ass pouncing up and down,
someone reached under her skirt and cupped his hand over
her pussy mound from behind, and gave it a hard squeeze.
Then stuck his finger under her panties, and hooked his
finger around the crouch and with a hard yank ripped them
from her body.

She started to struggle, but was quickly grabbed. They
got Kara flat on her back. Her hands were pinned over her
head. She lay with her arms held tightly. Johnny f***ed
her legs apart.

Kara couldn't say a word. She was in shock; her b*****r
was between her legs. She couldn't believe what was
happening. Her legs were f***ed apart and into the air He
hooked his arms under her knees, and f***ed her legs down
against her ribs. His cock was rock hard, as he got into

He had no problem getting his hard cock to enter her
tight moist cunt. Kara moaned as she felt his cock
starting to enter her. Johnny had her in a position that
allowed him to easily penetrate her; he f***ed his cock
into her by pushing forward and pulling back, pushing
forward and pulling back, each time going deeper and
deeper into her tight cunt. Kara's eyes opened wide, his
Dick hit her hymen. Johnny pulled back until only the
head of his Dick was inside her. Then in one vicious
thrust he f***efully plunged into her, ripping through
her hymen.

Kara's legs jerked, her body arched as every muscle in
her body tensed, and incredible pain tore through her
body. "AAAAAHHHGGODDDDD!" Kara screamed in agony.

"Man! Did you see her body jump?" yelled Matt, I think
you hit bottom, man!

She was turning her head from side to side, her body
twitched from the terrible pain.

Johnny plunged into her harder and faster using speed and
f***e. Pumping in and out of her faster and faster as he
became more and more aroused. He continued pushing
himself deeply into her body; he wanted to make it last.
He finally felt an orgasm starting to build.

His balls tightened, he knew this was going to be a real
good one. Johnny plowed into her making her cry out in
pain, he groaned, ready to cum. Kara pleaded with him,
"P-p-p-please, p-p-please d-don't Johnny."

Johnny pumped in and out of her tight cunt as wave after
wave of cum shot deep inside her. He released her legs
and collapsed on top of her, exhausted.

Get off it's my turn, said his friend Keith, "Let me at
the bitch." Stepping between her legs, he pushed his cock
against her fleshy pussy lips. "I'm going to fuck you
good! Yeah! Real good!" He said as he inched his cock
slowly into Kara's cunt.

Kara pleaded with him, "STOP! PLEASE STOP!"

"Come on Kara," Keith whispered in her ear, "it won't
hurt you to give up a little pussy, there's plenty for

Kara felt his cock beginning to enter her; suddenly Keith
viciously thrust his cock completely into her tight cunt.
"AAAAHHHH!" Kara screamed, her legs tensed, her body
stiffened, with pain, from his vicious plunge. Keith
pounded her as hard as he could. Her plump boobs wildly
bounced up and down.

Kara continued pleading and begging him to stop. She felt
his pace quicken, and his cock expanded, he was grunting
as he thrust his cock deep into her. He held himself
tight into her cunt as he came in explosive waves filling
her cunt. All the while Kara was held firmly in place.
She kept saying, "Oh No! Not again! No more please!"

Keith climbed off Kara. "Here," Matt said, "hold her
while I get her bra off, it's time to check out her
tits." One yank and her plump tits were on display. While
we're at it let's finish taking Jana's shirt off. Jana's
shirt and bra were pulled from over her face and from her

Jana was horrified when she saw so many boys, there had
to be twenty or more. She looked around but was unable to
see Kara. Jana was roughly picked up by her hands and
feet. She was carried a few feet and placed on the floor
on her back next to Kara.

This was a dream come true, after years of talk; they
were getting some good pussy. They wanted to compare Kara
and Jana's bodies. There was heavy sexual excitement in
the room that you could feel. Pure group lust

Kara's body was sensual, and Jana's provocative; both
bodies were exciting in a different way. They were
s****rs, but Jana competed with the boy's, and like a
boy. Jana's hard body was made to jump on and pound the
fuck out of her.

She had small firm exciting tits, with large nipples,
narrow waist, flat muscular stomach nicely flared hips, a
fantastic ass and well-defined muscular legs, her dark
hairy mound was very pronounced, and her meaty pussy lips
were puffy now from the repeated pounding. Her body
message said, "Come on! I'll fuck you good."

Kara's warm succulent body made you want to surround
yourself with her warm inviting womanhood. Kara had
outstanding tits, solid 36D with perky nipples, narrow
waist flat smooth stomach, nicely rounded hips, and a
fantastic ass. Her hairy mound stood out, her plump pussy
lips were puffy, glistening from recent activity, and her
legs, strong, and well formed. Her body message said,
"You can fuck me anytime." Both were grade a prime pussy.

The boy's spread the girl's leg wide; the awesome view
gave the boys instant rock hard erections. Another round
was starting. They started chanting, "Johnny wants some
brown eye, and Johnny wants some brown eye. GO! GO!

OK, he responded, put Jana face down, and get her ass in
the air. Jana was quickly rolled over.

Jana didn't understand why at first, until she felt her
ass cheeks spread.

"Oh no! No! Don't! Please no more! Not there please!" She

Johnny was not deterred. He pushed his stiff cock against
her puckered asshole and began pushing his way into her
tight ass. Jana felt his Dick pushing its way in. She
struggled, but was firmly held. She screamed in pain as
Johnny f***ed his cock deeper into her ass, deeper and

With a final push he pushed his cock completely into her,
deep into her bowels. Jana screamed and pleaded as Johnny
pounded her with all his strength, harder and harder
enjoying her pleading for him to stop. Harder and faster
until in a final thrust, he came, flooding her bowels
with his hot semen.

Johnny leaned on her back for a few seconds; her back was
damp from the physical exertion and pain she just went

"OH, MAN, THAT WAS GREAT!" He said, as he finally pushed
away from his s****r's ass.

Jana didn't move when Johnny climbed off. She wondered
how many had fucked her, there were so many she lost
count. She was too exhausted to move, she heard somebody
ask if her asshole was that good, "This is good, shit.
Man, she's GREAT! I love it when she begs."

While Jana was getting ass fucked, Kara was being face
fucked by Paul. He didn't get between her legs, he got on
her chest kneeling with a leg on each side of her face,
he grabbed her hair and twisted holding her head still to
push his Dick between her lips, there was no stopping
him. Kara was trying to get away from Paul. Pulling her
by her hair he pushed his Dick into her mouth. He f***ed
his cock against the back of her mouth and into her

Kara had never performed oral sex. She was gagging she
fought the hands holding her she couldn't breath. Holding
her head Paul began to face fuck her, pushing his cock in
and out of her throat over and over. Kara kept choking
and gagging as he pumped rapidly in and out of her
throat; her nose was pressed against his groin.

Kara knew what was going to happen, his breathing got
louder, his motions stiffer. He buried his cock in her
throat, and held her face against his groin, as his Dick
exploded shooting wave after wave of cum into her throat.
Kara struggled to breathe as cum filled her throat, she
was held in place she had to swallow the vile fluid.

Jana didn't want another ass fucking; she wanted it to be
over. She never dreamed she would be gangbanged. She
heard someone say, "I'm going to try her tight ass."

Jana screamed as she felt another cock forcing its way
into her asshole, in one brutal push, it penetrated deep
into her anal cavity. Jana moaned and screamed as her ass
was being invaded.

"Go ahead bitch, scream, I want to hear you squeal like a

With a cock securely imbedded in her ass, she was lifted
to her knees, her hair was pulled to lift her head up,
she opened her mouth to scream, and a cock was thrust
into her mouth. Jana's eyes were wide open as the cock
was f***ed down her throat. She struggled as it slid down
her throat. She gagged as her head was grabbed and pulled
into his groin. His cock was f***ed down her throat.

Once down her throat, she was in for a serious face fuck.
She was gulping on his cock, as her head was pushed and
pulled up and down his thick hard cock. After what felt
like hours the cock in her throat started spurting gobs
of cum into her throat, and the cock in her ass also
started to expand. Her head was released as the cock was
pulled out; she coughed and gagged on his cum. The cock
in her ass expanded filling her rectum with warm cum.

Karat's tits were really receiving a lot of attention.
One of the boys decided to tit fuck her. Everybody
crowded around to watch the violation of her plump tits.
Her tits were pushed together surrounding his cock. Rick
pushed his dick up and down between her tits as he began
to hump her tits. The boy's just discovered Kara's tits
were good fucking.

The boy's continued experimenting, fucking Jana and Kara
every way imaginable. One of the best was when Kara got
ass fucked, she had to be tightly held as Keith rammed
his large thick cock into her tight virgin rectum, she
screamed and screamed. She tried to push and twist her
ass, to avoid the unwanted invasion.

Keith was undaunted, he held her hips and he f***ed every
inch of cock into her tight ass, his groin rubbed against
her ass cheeks, he was hilted. Kara screams became moans,
as he gave her an ass-reaming she would never forget.

The boy's would fuck Jana and Kara all weekend, before it
was over the girls would dutifully submit to every
request. Suck, fuck, tit fuck or in the ass the girls
were now the boy's sex slaves.

Johnny was the Master! "THE MAIN MAN!"


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fantastic really hot
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fuck more untouched girlfriends of karla and jana !
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Whoa! Kind of dark, but very hot.
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