Amy went through her suitcase again for about the hundredth time. She was going to visit her older b*****r James. She hadn't seen him in months and wanted to make sure everything would be perfect. James had recently finished college and moved into his own apartment in Northern Virginia. Amy had just turned 18 and still lived with her parents but for the weekend she would be adult control free because of course she didn't count James. She had just zipped her suitcase closed when she heard the car pull into the driveway. James was finally here. She had told her parents goodbye that morning, knowing they wouldn't be home from work before she left. So she ran down the stairs to open the door for her b*****r and jumped into his arms.

James hugged his s****r to him, feeling her warmth seep into him. She had grown so much in the years he'd been away to college. Of course he had seen her in that time but every time it hit him how much she had changed. Now as he sat her back down and looked her over he could see her breasts were fuller, her hips a little wider. She was wearing a tight pink V-neck t-shirt and jean mini skirt. Her long dark hair tumbled off her shoulders and she smiled up at him with an all too welcoming mouth. He couldn't deny that he had fantasized about her several times in a far from b*****rly way.

"So are you ready to go s*s?" he asked hoping his expression didn't give away where his thoughts had turned.

"Let me just grab my suitcase."

James watched as she ran up the stairs catching a glimpse of a blue lace thong in the mini skirt. He tried to stomp down on his excitement reminding himself she was his s****r. Then she came back into view and he suddenly realized he wasn't sure that he cared.

Two hours later they were still in the car catching up on everything they had missed in each other's lives when they passed a truck where people were selling watermelons. Amy noticed and asked "Hey do you want a watermelon?" James didn't know what possessed him but he responded "Why do we need those when we've got two melons right here?" and then gestured to her chest.

Amy didn't say anything and James realized his mistake. "Amy I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

"No. It's okay. I mean I guess I'm just glad someone noticed they're there."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. I mean just sometimes I feel invisible. I don't think anyone notices me."

"I don't think anyone could not notice you. You're gorgeous Amy."

"Yeah right. You're my b*****r you are just being nice."

"I'm serious Amy. You are the prettiest girl I've ever met."

The sincerity in his voice couldn't be denied so she gave a simple "Thank you."

James deciding a change in topic was needed asked "So do you want me to go back and get you a watermelon."

Amy sounding much more confident said "No, maybe we'll just eat mine."

Amy's comment had left James confused and speechless so the rest of the ride was pretty quiet.

Later that night James handed Amy heard 3rd beer and he went to sit by her on the couch. Earlier he had decided Amy must be attracted to him as he was to her. Why else would she make that comment about eating her melons? So he had decided to do what guys had been doing for centuries. He was getting her d***k. Then he was going to make his move. He knew she was a light weight and very under experienced drinker so by the time she'd had her 4th beer he knew it was time.

James put his arm around her as they sat on the couch, her head laid on his chest as they watched the movie, well he assumed she was watching, he really had no idea what was going on, he was too focused on those previously discussed melons that were pressed up against his side.

Then he caught part of the story line of the movie. A group of people were talking about their first time at sex. He briefly wondered what the hell are we watching? And then he realized this was his chance. So he asked "What about you Amy? How was your first time?"

Startled she raised up away from him and her cheeks began to burn with embarrassment. This just made him more curious so he said "Come on, you can tell me."

"I... I'm not..." she mumbled something he couldn't make out.

"You're not what? Going to tell me? Come on I'll tell you about mine."

"There's nothing to tell. I'm a virgin okay!" She shouted almost angrily.

James couldn't hide his astonishment. His s****r really was beautiful. He couldn't believe that no guy had ever tried so that meant she had never let them.

"I messed around with a guy I dated for a while he wanted to do more. I didn't"

"Can I ask why?" he asked gently.

"I didn't like what we were doing so why would I want to do more?"

"What didn't you like?"

She suddenly realized who she was talking to and said, "I don't think I should be talking to you about this."

"I'm your b*****r Amy. You can talk to me about anything."

She took a deep breath and then launched into it. "Well he fingered me and it felt really uncomfortable not good like you hear it's supposed to. It hurt. And then he wanted me to give him a blow job and I tried but he just kept pushing on the back of my head pushing it back into my throat choking me and he wouldn't stop. I refused to do it anymore after that and he said there was something wrong with me because I didn't like it and then he broke up with me."

James tried to fight off his hard-on at the same time that he wanted to choke the asshole that did this to his s****r. He pulled her into his arms. "There is nothing wrong with you. He was stupid and didn't know what he was doing but there is nothing wrong with you."

He saw the tears forming in her eyes and he pressed a kiss to her forehead, her eyelids, her nose....her mouth. Her eyes popped open and searched his with confusion.

"Let me show you how it's supposed to feel. He whispered against her lips. I promise it will be so good and if you don't like something I swear I'll stop. Okay."

She nodded and that's all it took for him to claim her mouth again. He kissed his way down her throat, sucked and bit. She moaned.

He pulled her shirt up over her head revealing a blue lace bra that he knew matched the panties she wore. He moved his hands up to cup the soft mounds. He felt her nipples puckering against his palms. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra watching as they bounced free of their bondage. "God you're beautiful." Then he bent down to suck each nipple into his mouth before he moved lower. He slid his hand down pulling her skirt down and off and then moved back up to cover her mound. He let his fingers slide up and down the crease of her panties and felt her body stiffen in response.

He released her long enough to pull off his own t-shirt and shorts leaving him in just his boxers and her in the blue see through scrap of lace where a damp spot was forming. He leaned down to sniff her sex. Oh it was wonderful. He couldn't wait any longer he had to see that gorgeous pussy. He started to slide down her panties. She raised her hips to help him which gave him a bird's eye view of her warm wet pussy. Using just the tip of one finger he ran it down her naked slit, already leaking her juices then he sucked his finger into his mouth tasting her. "Mmm so sweet baby."

He leaned closer and gave a slow deliberate lick. "Ohhh!" she screamed out in shock. He continued to lick into her and then suck on her clit. She was moaning and massaging her tits. And then she came. The most powerful orgasm he'd ever seen. "Ohh Oh James. Oh Don't stop..." as she continued humping his face. Her juices running down his chin. Then he quickly stuck his finger in breaking her hymen in one swift move trying to make the pain as little as possible. She took a sharp breath and cried out in pain. He held his finger still until she got used to it's intrusion then after a minute she began to rock her body against it. He felt the walls of her pussy clamp down on his finger drawing it into her. She was so tight. He couldn't wait to fuck her. He kept it at her pace when she sped up so did his hand and then when he thought she was ready he put in a second finger and she jolted into another orgasm. When she came back down from her orgasm he was there on the couch holding her in his arms. "Oh James, thank you, that was so good. "

"Anytime baby anytime." James couldn't stop smiling. His dick was hard as a rock but right then he didn't care because he'd gotten to touch his beautiful baby s****r and before the weekend was over he planned to do a lot more.

Amy was apparently thinking the same thing as she began to cautiously rub her hand over the tent in his boxers. She wrapped her hand around him through the thin material. "Now what are we going to do about you?"

Amy could not begin to describe how happy she was. Her b*****r was holding her tight against him and she had never felt better. She felt like she was exactly where she was meant to be, in his arms. She loved him with all of her heart and now they had a new type of love that she couldn't wait to explore. He had given her such great pleasure that she wanted to return the favor so she slipped her hand down his chest to rest on his hard cock and asked "Now what are we going to do with you?"

James could barely contain his moan as her small hand reached into the opening of his boxers and wrapped around his naked member. She gave a gentle stroke and then released, moving her hands up to the waistband of his boxers, easing them down his thighs. She leaned her head down towards his cock and then looked up at him with those innocent brown eyes. "I want to try to do this, but you have to be gentle with me okay?"

James quickly nodded in consent, even pinning his hands above his head to show her she had control. Then she bent down and gave his cock a slow lick from the base all the way to the tip and back down the other side. She kissed her way back to the tip and then opened her mouth to take in the mushroom head. She sucked it further into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head while using her hand to stroke his shaft. He couldn't control the moans coming from deep in his throat. They matched the ones coming from her, muffled by the cock in her mouth. "I think you need to be gentle with me" James said in a hormone induced daze as he looked down at her. He found her looking back up at him as she continued to suck him farther into her hot mouth. He could see it in her eyes, little s****r was enjoying herself. She continued sucking him farther down her throat. She had almost taken it all when she started to gag. James refused to move. He would let her take as much of him as she wanted but he wouldn't push it. She deserved better and she was having so much fun being in control.


Amy could see that James was having a hard time keeping control. He was trying to stay still and let her have her way with him. She was enjoying the feel of him in her mouth. The way his cock would tense and twitch uncontrollably as she licked and sucked. She had tried to do what she knew of as deep throat but it had made her gag. So she slid her mouth back up until she only had the tip in her mouth again before slowly sliding back down, she did this several times until she could eventually taking him all the way down her throat. She was determined to give him as much pleasure as he had given her and from the moaning he was doing she thought she was. As she continued to lap at his cock she used her hand to caress his balls, she weighed them in her hands and gave a gentle squeeze. James began to moan louder. "Oh yeah Amy...oh don't stop baby, suck me like that...oh grab my balls." She continued sucking and stroking and eventually felt his body tense. She felt his hand on the back of her head and she froze afraid he was going to be rough. She should have known her b*****r wouldn't do that. Instead he was warning her he was about to cum. She just continued sucking. He gave up and gave into his body as the first spurts of hot cum shot into her mouth. He was salty and delicious and she drank as much of it as she could, just a small amount escaping down her chin to drip off onto her naked breast. She continued to lick him clean and he left his hand on her head, never pushing, just stroking her hair.

She crawled back up his body, laying on him as they both lay on the couch. Slowly as his shudders subsided he looked up at his beautiful s****r lying on top of him. "Amy that was amazing."

"Really I did okay?" she asked still seeming to need assurance.

"Better than anything I have ever experienced. Seriously you are so good at that. And I can't believe you swallowed. Most girls hate that."

"Really?" she asked looking surprised "I thought it tasted good."

And that statement was all it took. He was instantly hard again.

Amy's eyes lit up with surprise as she felt him harden against her thigh. "For me?" she asked.

James couldn't help but laugh at his own good fortune. "I'm going to have so much fun with you this weekend."

James lay in bed thinking of the events that happened the night before. It felt like it had been a dream. He had finally gotten to touch his baby s****r and she had touched him back. After they had thoroughly explored each other's sexes she had curled up on his chest and promptly fell asl**p. He had wanted to carry her to his bed and cuddle with her all night long but he was afraid of how she would feel in the morning and had carried her to his guest bedroom instead. Now as he climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower he still worried. Last night had been the best night of his life, but would his s****r feel the same way? She had been drinking. Would she think he had taken advantage of her? Would she hate him or love him the way he loved her? He didn't know the answers to any of these questions so he decided he would just act normal as if nothing had happened and let her make the first move, whether that was running into his arms or running out the front door, he didn't know.

Amy woke up with a headache, knowing she had d***k too much the night before. She couldn't remember anything after her 3rd beer. She and James had been sitting on the couch watching a movie and then everything just went kind of foggy. She must have passed out and James carried her to bed. He's such a sweet b*****r. She slowly climbed out of bed and d**g herself down the hall to take a shower. She opened the bathroom door and began to walk in when she realized the shower was already running. She stopped and began to back out trying to quietly close the door. She had it halfway closed when it gave a loud creak.

"Amy?" she heard James call from in the shower.

"Hey James, sorry I didn't realize you were in there" she said through the open crack in the door.

"It's okay. Come on in if you want." He had his fingers crossed hoping she would.

"That's okay. I can't wait." She started to back out of the bathroom, stopping when she heard him speak again.

"I'm done anyway." He quickly shut the water off, pulled the curtain aside and stepped out. He would let her make the first move but he wasn't above trying to seduce her either. He took his time reaching for the white towel on the rack and glanced up to see her wide-eyed and staring.

Amy watched as her b*****r picked up a towel and began to dry off his wet hard body. She saw a trail of water sliding down his abs and she let her gaze follow it down until she saw his semi-hard cock peeking out from behind the towel. As she continued to stare at his manhood in a daze she saw it give a quick little twitch that snapped her out of her stupor. Suddenly realizing what she'd been doing she blushed with embarrassment and cried out "Oh God, I am so sorry" before running from the bathroom.

Not quite the reaction he was hoping for, James thought as he finished drying off and began to get dressed. He didn't expect her to get so upset and he again wondered if she was now afraid of him. He decided he should go talk to her to let her know everything is okay and to promise her he won't hurt her, won't even touch her unless she wants him to. As much as it would pain him to never touch her again, he wouldn't do anything she didn't want.

Amy couldn't believe what she'd done. She had just stood there taking in the view of her b*****r's gorgeous abs and even more impressive cock. She had always thought her b*****r was good looking and his past girlfriends were never good enough for him, but she had never thought of him quite like that. Or had she? It seemed like a long forgotten dream that was trying to pull itself back the surface. Flashes of sweet kisses, tender embraces, and a lot of naked skin passed through her mind. What was she thinking? There was no way they had actually done the things she was thinking of. James was her b*****r and that would be wrong. Then she remembered his wet, naked body and it didn't feel wrong.

Amy jumped at the knock on the bedroom door. "Amy?" She heard James call through the door. She couldn't catch her breath to answer so he called again, "Amy can I come in?"

"I don't think that's a good idea" she answered, thinking she didn't need to be anywhere near her b*****r while all these hot thoughts were running through her head.

Now really worried, James opened the door. He found Amy sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. He went and sat beside her, gently pulling her hands away so he could see her face "We need to talk." As much as James was dreading this conversation, he knew that they had to get it over with.

Amy slowly looked up at him with sad, scared eyes and asked "Do you hate me?"

James jerked back in surprise. Obviously confused he asked "Why would I hate you?"

"In the bathroom..." she blurted out "...I was staring..." she continued mumbling something he couldn't understand ending with "'re my b*****r."

Still confused he answered slowly "Yes I'm your b*****r and I love you. You can look at me all you want to. But why would you think I hate you?"

She looked away with embarrassment and told him the truth "It's just...I wasn't having very s****rly thoughts when I was looking at you."

James couldn't hide his relief that she still liked him, even without the alcohol and didn't manage to stop himself before he said "We weren't having very b*****rly/s****rly thoughts last night either."

She suddenly jerked back around to face him "That wasn't a dream?!"

He saw a twinkle in her eye that suggested the idea of it being real pleased her and he said, meaning it with all his heart, "If that was a dream, then please let me sl**p forever."

"Oh James" she practically crawled in his lap to hug him and he adjusted her more comfortably, cradling her to his chest, "I thought it was all a dream and I really wanted it to be real."

James kissed the top of her head, "It was real baby and it was wonderful."

"James?" He noticed she looked nervous again. "Did we have sex?"

"No. You are still a virgin. I didn't want to take that away from you."

She didn't say anything for a few minutes, but then she looked up and said bravely, "But I want you to."

James felt like he was about to explode. Amy had just said the words he had been praying to hear, but still he loved her too much to want to rush her so he asked "Are you sure."

Smiling she nodded and said "Absolutely. I love you James."

"I love you too Amy." Then he bent down to kiss her.

She kissed him back, licking her tongue into his mouth, enjoying the feel of his warm mouth against hers.

James reached down to her hips, picking her up he resettled her with her straddling him as he sat on the bed with her in his lap.

He ran his hands down her back gripping the bottom of her shirt he pulled it up and over her head. He pulled away to look at the swell of her breasts and reached up to take one in each hand. He rubbed his thumbs over her hardening nipples and watched them pebble at his touch. He leaned down and sucked one into his mouth. She moaned in response. She put her hand on the back of his head drawing him closer.

She ground on his lap, feeling his erection strain through his pants. She had to feel that wonderful cock in her. She was ready to lose her virginity and she wanted it now. She climbed off his lap, pulling his shirt off with her as she went. She bent before him to unbutton and unzip his pants. He stood up in front of her and his pants fell to the floor and he kicked them aside. They both stood naked except for his boxer and her light blue scrap of lace panties.

They reached for each other at the same time and fell onto the bed together. He rose up on one arm so that he could look down over her. He placed his hand on her stomach and slowly moved it down to cup her through her panties. Looking down in her eyes he said "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this."

She moaned as he began to slide his finger up and down her slit, her panties getting wetter with each stroke. She struggled to make herself focus as she wanted to answer honestly, "I didn't know I wanted it, but I did. And I want it now, right now." Then she raised her hips up pushing against his fingers to mimic the sex she craved.

James was more than ready for his little s****r and he quickly removed his boxers. He was slower pulling off her panties. He wanted to enjoy the view of the delicious pussy he was about to have. He inhaled her sweet sent as he drew the panties down and off her. He was just about to position himself on top of her when he stopped. "I don't have any condoms in here." James said remembering they were in the guestroom.

"It's okay. Mom made me start taking the pill a couple of years ago."

"I really love our mother." With that he was on top of her. His body lined up to take her.

"I broke you hymen last night so this shouldn't be too bad but I'll be easy okay. Even if it hurts at first, it will feel good later I promise."

She looked at him with a world of love and trust in her eyes. "It's okay James. I know you wouldn't hurt me."

Staring back into the eyes of the woman he loved he began to slowly enter her. Tight, wet and hot were all his first thoughts, quickly followed by wonderful...amazing... and oh so tight. He had never been with a virgin, and now it was even more special because it was his little s****r. She gave a quick gasp that reminded him to be gentle.

He continued to slide into her, hoping to make it less painful he gave one quick hard stroke that pushed him all the way inside her. She cried out in pain and a couple of tears began to fall down her cheeks. He kissed them away whispering to her that it would be okay, it would feel good soon. She nodded in response but held still.

He stayed still too, letting her adjust to having him inside her. How long they lay like that he didn't know but eventually he felt her begin to slowly move and rock against him. He took that to mean she was ready and he slowly drew out and pushed back in, in and out, in and out, coating them both with her juices. He began to go faster, feeling her tense around his cock.

It had hurt so bad at first, then the pain finally eased and she began to like the feel of the hard smooth velvet that was stroking in her pussy. She began to thrust back, matching his rhythm. She could feel it all through her bones every time he moved into her. It was better than anything she had ever experienced.

They continued to thrust together, touching and stroking. They found each other's mouths, using their tongues to mate like the rest of their body. They wanted to swallow the other one whole and they still wouldn't have enough, would never get tired of this feeling.

James could feel the tightening in himself. He knew he was about to cum and he wanted her to be with him when he did. He reached down between their bodies and massaged her clit as he continued to stroke into her. He felt her body tighten as she moaned "James, oh right there that feels so good." He continued to massage her and kiss her as he brought her to orgasm, she moaned into his mouth "Oh fuck me, oh James, oh, oh yes!" And as he felt the hot rush from in her body tightening him he began to cum spurting his hot fluid into her as she milked him dry.

As they lay collapsed on the bed together, he drew her back to his chest. When he finally had his breath back he leaned over her to ask "Are you okay Amy?"

Breathing hard but still smiling "You really have to ask? That was amazing James. Thank you so much. I love you. Can we do that again?" Amy asked in a rush.

James felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders, he would be able to be with his s****r again. "Yes Amy, whenever you want."

"I'm going to have to come here more often on the weekends."

The thought had never occurred to him before this moment but now it seemed like the best idea he had ever had. "You've graduated from high school and will be going to college not far from here anyway. Why don't you move in?"

And she did.

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Un-fucking believable, that was one hot and exciting story my friend.