Burt had just entered the house after leaving work. As he passed through the kitchen he saw the twins busy preparing dinner. Trudy was at the sink and had her back to him. Judy was sitting at the table dicing vegetables. When he saw that both were wearing thin, light gray shorts and matching sports bras, he knew his twins had been at Body by Britney that afternoon. Their toned, athletic, beautifully bronzed forms looked incredible.

He stepped up behind Trudy and moved the ass-length straight black hair away from the right side of her neck and nibbled at the base. He breathed in and enjoyed the lingering tropical scent of her tanning lotion. Trudy giggled. Burt's hands reached around, sliding under the sports bra and cupping her wonderful, perky breasts. The soft swells felt so good. His cock immediately stirred. He tweaked on the nipples. They grew erect and began throbbing.

"How did classes go today?" he asked.

"Fine, just like always," she reported.

"Is daddy going to get some?" he questioned with a naughty grin on his face.

"Daddy knows he can have his girls any time he wants. But if daddy's hungry, he better stop fondling me or I'll be all over him like a cat in heat and dinner won't get done."

"But you feel so good," Burt complained. "Why did you two have to turn out so perfect?"

"We're no more perfect than you are, daddy!"

He reluctantly withdrew and looked over at Judy. A small stack of mail was on the table beside her and one item was open. Burt stepped up behind her, leaned over, and hugged her shoulders. His mouth kissed the side of her head in a display of affection.

"Daddy, who's Uncle Nash?" Judy innocently asked.

A stunned expression appeared on his face as he straightened up. "Wow, talk about a ghost from the past. I haven't heard that name in years."

"Is he really your uncle?"

"Yes, it's true," he confirmed, still shocked by the news.

"What relation is he to us?"

"I guess he'd be your great-uncle."

He pulled out a chair and sat at the table facing both of the girls. Burt knew they should know more about Uncle Nash. He took a few moments to formulate his thoughts. As he did he couldn't take his eyes off of Trudy's firm, curved ass and sleek legs. The legs of the shorts left the bottom curvature of her buttocks uncovered and revealed a hint of her pussy lips. His penis persistently throbbed.

"My Uncle Nash had a very adventurous spirit. He was a wild one. Nash was ten years younger than your grandmother, and he ran away from as a teenager. They got the odd letter or phone call occasionally, but beyond the fact that he ran moonshine throughout the county nobody really knew much else. They eventually got word that the law had caught up with him and he spent some time in prison. That's the last they heard. Why, what brought this up?"

Judy handed him the contents of the envelope. He recognized it as a fancy invitation.

Burt read it aloud. "You are cordially invited to attend a f****y reunion at my Colorado summer lodge from June 17th to the 20th. There is more than adequate room for all invited guests and their immediate families. All of your needs will be provided for." He set it down. "I never expected to hear from him."

"Can we go?" Judy asked. "It sounds like it would be a great vacation. I'll be more than happy to mark down three adults and return the card."

"Yeah, I'm sure you would!"

Burt got up from his seat wearing a wide grin. Judy eyed him suspiciously and placed the knife down. She noticed the slight bulge in his pants. A naughty smile formed on her lips. He suddenly fell to his knees on her right side and lunged at her. His hands reached down and tickled the sides of her chest. Judy erupted in laughter and jerked in the chair. Her twitching body tried to escape his grasp but daddy was too strong. He kept tickling his girl until her laughter grew breathless and her eyes watered. She punched him in the chest when he let her go.

Judy picked up the knife and resumed her task. "Daddy shouldn't be messing around with an armed girl."

Burt noticed as Trudy finished up at the sink. He gently pulled the knife from Judy's hand and gestured for Trudy to join the huddle. She knelt down beside daddy and he hugged them both.

"You two are always making daddy proud." He kissed each one on the forehead and watched as their eyes moistened. "You did an amazing job with our client last week. Mr. Walker was so impressed he doubled the promised bonus and I opened a savings account in our names with a thousand dollars. Do you girls really want this? More than South Beach?"

"Why can't we do both, daddy?" Judy questioned. "Spring break is next year. We have plenty of time to save. Maybe Mr. Walker has some more men he wants softened up?"

Her choice of words struck them all at the same time and they broke out in laughter.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, if you girls can make it happen, then fine. Judy already volunteered to RSVP. I'll work on the airline and car rental reservations."

"What can I do, daddy?" Trudy asked, anxious to be included in the preparation stage in some way.

"Start working on a list of what we'll need to pack. But keep in mind this is still a month away. I don't want you girls get overly excited too quickly."

Trudy's eyes suddenly lit up. "Are Cousin Pete and Uncle Wilson coming?"

He wasn't ready for her inquiry but it was a logical one. "Give Pete a call and find out. It seems to reason they would've gotten their invitation by now with Nebraska being quite a bit closer to Colorado than we are."

Trudy excitedly ran off to the living room to make the call. Judy sighed in disappointment. "I wanted to call and ask Uncle Wilson."

Burt stroked her soft, ass-length black hair. "It was your s****r's question, sweetie. Let her be. Besides, it hasn't been very long since you last saw him. You two went at it like newlyweds."

A smile formed on her lips as she recalled his overnight stay and how they loved each other so many times. Every one was a distinctly sweet memory. The smell of cooking meat roused Judy from her thoughts.

"Oh, I better add these vegetables to the pot roast or they won't get cooked in time."

Burt left Judy to her chore and peeked in on Trudy. She was stretched out on the couch with her right thigh vertical and her calf resting on the back of the sofa. Her left leg was lying sideways and was bent at the knee. Her relaxed position left her crotch exposed. The shorts were pulled up tight against her center, showing an imprint of her fragile folds in the fabric. Her flat, tanned belly was bare, and her perky swells were just barely covered by the skimpy top. He stood behind her unseen, admiring her gorgeous young body.

"That's so neat you two are coming!" Trudy exclaimed. "I can't wait to see you. I've missed you so much."

After a few seconds Trudy switched the phone to her left hand. Her right one moved to the outline of her right breast. The tip of her middle finger traced along the bottom curvature of the firm mound. After a few seconds the nipple awakened and rose, pushing up the fabric. Her finger lightly rubbed the aroused peak. She subconsciously pinched and twisted it between her thumb and index finger.

"Of course I miss that. I miss that a whole lot," she casually admitted. "You too?"

Trudy's back arched and she softly moaned as her fingers roughly twisted the hard nub. She released it and moved her right hand down, caressing her smooth belly.

"You haven't been with anyone since me?" she asked in a surprised tone. "A good-looking man like you?"

Her fingers rubbed the skin along the top edge of her shorts. Burt smiled as he watched. He suspected they'd be pushing underneath real soon. He could tell she was getting aroused.

Burt heard the oven door closing. He turned around and motioned for Judy to be quiet. Her interest piqued and she silently crossed the threshold into the living room and stood to his right. He moved an arm around her waist. It took Judy a second to realize they were being devious and spying on her s****r. A smile formed on her luscious lips.

"Maybe. Are you?" Trudy asked in a coy, sexy voice. "You naughty, naughty boy. You'd go straight for the grand slam and skip the other bases? That's not how it was when I was there. You knew exactly how to wind me up."

Judy and Burt looked at one another. Judy loved it, and it was all she could do to suppress a laugh. He found it mildly sneaky and amusing as well.

"Okay, but you have to be real quiet. Daddy and Judy are in the kitchen and I don't want them to overhear." Trudy pressed the Speaker button and placed the cordless phone on her stomach. "Go ahead."

"What are you wearing?" Pete softly inquired.

"Shorts and a sports bra," she answered.

"Hmm, sounds great. Pull off your top."

Trudy cringed. Even though daddy and her s****r had seen her naked more times than she could count, the thought of them walking in and catching her in the middle of phone sex was a humiliating thought. But as risky as the idea was, it was also incredibly thrilling. Trudy's fingers were trembling with nervous excitement as she complied with Pete's request and pulled the top off over her head and arms. She placed it at her side so it could be quickly pulled back on.

"Okay, I'm topless," she whispered.

Tingling warmth filled her loins and both nipples swelled and hardened. Goose bumps appeared on her smooth skin. The thought of her daddy or s****r walking in and seeing her lying there on the couch half naked made her quiver with nervous fear that translated into intense, erotic excitement.

"Where are you, and what are you wearing?" she asked.

"I'm sitting back on my bed wearing jeans and a short-sleeved shirt."

"Snaps or buttons?" she followed up as she tried to form a mental image.

"Snaps," he said. Cousin Pete knew she loved his shirts with the snaps.

Trudy's eyes lit up and a wide smile appeared on her lips. "Rip it open. I want to hear them popping!"

There were a few noises followed by a brief, steady stream of metallic pops. Trudy giggled when she heard them. She remembered the next thing she always did, running her soft hands over his hard, rippling muscles.

"Lightly rub your lower belly with the tips of your fingers, and then slowly advance to your tits," he directed.

She closed her eyes and complied. Her fingers danced over her flat stomach around the phone and slowly moved up to her bare breasts.

"Do the same with your tits. Touch them all over, but not the nipples."

Her entire body twitched and shuddered as the fingers caressed her perky swells. The nipples swelled and throbbed, eager for stimulation, but Trudy avoided them. It was just like Cousin Pete to tease her like this. The longer she touched the soft swells the harder her nipples pulsated and ached. Her body shifted uncomfortably on the couch. The tingling warmth in her belly grew. Her moist pussy began to twinge.

"Oh," Trudy softly groaned as she quickly became aroused.

"Suck on your fingers. Get them all wet with spit."

She lifted her hands to her mouth and sucked on the tips of her fingers. She smeared them with warm saliva. As she removed her fingers, they dripped with spit.

"Rub them on your upper chest, between your tits, and then all over your lower belly."

Her wet fingers painted her upper chest with saliva, and moved them between the mounds. She moaned and shuddered as the fingers brushed past the breasts. The boobs gently vibrated and teased her already aching nipples. When her fingers fondled her smooth, flat belly, she shuddered in delight. Her pussy was wet and getting hotter with each passing moment. Her pulse and breathing quickened.

"Please, go lower Pete, I'm getting all wound up," she complained.

"Move your right hand down, on top of the clothing, and touch yourself lightly."

Her hand moved down over the shorts. Trudy traced the outline of her pussy lips. She softly moaned and quivered as her fingers touched the covered flesh. Her hips anxiously pumped upward against the fingers. Her head rocked from side to side as her body reacted to the teasing stimulation. Both Burt and Judy could smell her growing excitement as it drifted up from her center. They watched as a small dark spot appeared in the crotch of her clothing and slowly expanded.

"I wish you were here," she said in frustration

Trudy maintained the light contact even though Burt could tell she wanted much more. She followed Pete's instructions exactly, pretending that he was there controlling the pace. Her body swayed from side to side as she grew desperate, like a k** having to pee real badly. Burt could see the emotional pain of denying herself what she so frantically needed. He silently wondered how long she'd hold out before she lost control.

Watching the scene unfold was just as arousing for Judy. Her right hand moved across the front of her body and was placed on Burt's crotch. His bulge had grown considerably in size, and the contact of her fingers rubbing on the mass caused it to complete its rebirth. He glanced over at his naughty daughter and shook his head in pretend-disbelief, as if shocked she'd attempt such a thing. She acknowledged his look with a sexy smile and mouthed the words "fuck me".

The hand he had around her waist moved. It playfully fondled her firm, curved ass. She shifted and leaned against him, shamelessly rubbing her left breast against his right side. Burt scooted Judy to his front. His arms engulfed her form. They both watched Trudy as his hands quietly lifted the sports bra up over her breasts. He cupped one in each hand and squeezed on the warm, firm swells. The nipples hardened and eagerly throbbed against his palms. He nuzzled the soft base of her neck.

Judy leaned back against daddy and enjoyed the feel of his hands cradling and fondling her mounds. The ignored nipples ached to be abused. Finally his fingers tended to them. He firmly pinched and twisted on the nubs, giving Judy the stimulation she wanted. Tingling warmth ignited in her loins and filled her with desire.

"Push my shorts and panties off," Trudy requested in an urgent whisper.

"No," Pete denied her. "I want you to pinch and twist on both nipples for being naughty. Otherwise I'll hang up."

"Don't hang up!" she pleaded. "I'll do it."

True to her word, Trudy raised both hands to her breasts despite the impressive stain of wetness that had soaked through her clothing. Burt could see that her pussy was hot and juicy. He was amazed at her level of self-restraint given her obvious degree of arousal. Both of his girls were creamers, but he'd never seen either one cream their clothes as much as Trudy had this time.

"Go ahead," he instructed.

Trudy grasped both nipples between thumbs and index fingers. She stretched and twisted on the throbbing nubs. Her face grimaced as she softly cried out.

"Harder, and then hold it."

"Ah! Ah!" she complained as stinging pain filled her body.

"Okay, good girl," Pete announced a few seconds later.

The sharp jolt had taken her breath away. Droplets of perspiration formed on her brow and glistened in the ambient light. She relaxed and breathed heavily after the punishment. She was more excited than ever. Burt watched as the dark stain in her crotch continued to expand in all directions.

A knocking sound in the background could be heard coming from the phone. A muffled voice announced "Come on, Pete, we gotta go."

Pete's voice was laced with disappointment. "Call me later. I love you."

Trudy gasped "Love you too!"

She quickly pulled the sports bra back on. She was grateful nobody had seen her without it. But now she'd been left in a terrible state. Trudy was more frustrated than ever.

When the connection went dead Trudy pressed the End button and angrily tossed the phone onto the carpeted floor. Judy looked up at daddy with her right hand pressed over her mouth. She was on the verge of laughing at Trudy's predicament. Burt warned her not to let on, because he knew that it would fuel a bitter fight. Besides, he loved them both equally and felt badly for Trudy and her condition.

Burt pulled Judy's sports bra back down over her breasts and guided her back into the kitchen.

"Oh yeah, you're worried about her, but I'm all wound up too!" Judy softly protested.

"Thanks for keeping dinner going, Judy. Where's your evil twin?" he asked loud enough to be overheard in the next room.

Judy angrily stuck her tongue out at daddy.

Burt noisily stepped into the living room. "Hi sweetie, did you get a hold of Pete?"

"Yeah, they're coming," she answered in a depressed voice.

"When I told you girls not to get overexcited too quickly, I didn't mean you couldn't show a little enthusiasm."

"That's not it at all, daddy," Trudy said in exasperation, moving her legs together to hide the stained clothing. "I just miss Pete. Maybe calling him wasn't the right thing for me to do. It'll be great seeing him, but after a couple days we'll be separated again. I'm not sure I want to go through all that a second time."

Burt sat down beside her. His heart swelled with love. Trudy moved into a sitting position beside him.

"It looks like somebody's excited," Trudy commented in a suddenly hopeful voice.

"Your s****r was teasing me," he lied.

A sexy grin formed on her flushed face. "Can I finish what she started?"

He kissed her moist forehead. "Has daddy ever denied his girls anything?"

"Well, nothing that we really needed," she agreed.

She leaned forward and kissed his lips. Her tongue anxiously thrust into his mouth. Their muscles passionately entwined. As they kissed, her fingers tugged the shirt buttons open. Her hands moved inside, caressing his broad chest and shoulders. Trudy briefly imagined it was Cousin Pete she was with, extending the fantasy for a little bit longer.

Burt slipped out of the shirt and tossed it aside. As he lifted up her sports bra their kissing was interrupted to allow its removal. Once she was topless, her mouth quickly returned to daddy's receptive mouth. She kissed him hard and thrust her darting tongue to the back of his throat like a woman possessed. Burt cupped and squeezed on the perky swells, fondling the incredible mounds of luscious flesh.

His mouth moved to an ear. His hot breath blew past the cartilage as his mouth nibbled on the lobe. Trudy softly giggled; she moved her ear closer to the mouth. She loved it when daddy licked her ear. It filled her with tingling excitement.

His lips kissed a moist path down her neck and to a breast. His flicking tongue painted the smooth swell with warm saliva in a circular motion that slowly closed in on the hard, throbbing nipple. She gasped and shuddered when the muscle finally reached the ignored nub. He took it into his mouth and sucked on the pink tip. Trudy moaned in delight as her body stiffened against him.

When she felt a hand on her lower belly moving down toward her crotch, her legs eagerly parted. Burt's fingers dipped under the elastic waistband of her shorts and panties. He caressed the rise of flesh before dipping his fingers lower and touching the juice-smeared lips. He could feel wet heat emanating from her core like never before. Her entire being jerked and quaked as he fingered the soft petals of flesh. His fingers eased between the folds, rubbing up and down the hot slit.

"Oh, daddy, yes!" she loudly exclaimed in relief. "That's so good, oh yeah, daddy."

His mouth moved to the opposing nipple, licking and sucking on the swollen peak. A middle finger pushed inside her tight canal, joined by a second that stretched her juice-slick walls apart. Her groans intensified as he slowly worked them both into her center, loosening her up enough to take them. He began a rhythmic finger-fucking that quickly had her shuddering and breathless.

Without skipping a beat he moved into a kneeling position at her feet. As he maintained the finger-fucking motion his free hand grabbed the shorts and panties, pulling them down her legs. He was amazed how wet they'd gotten. Trudy pulled her feet free and kicked them off.

He removed his juice-smeared fingers. Burt grabbed her right leg and slid her body closer to the edge of the couch. Trudy swung it out and d****d it over his shoulder. Burt sniffed her unique aroma as he got a close-up view of her bald pussy. The two compressed lips formed a tiny channel. When his fingers gently pushed them apart he revealed a glistening pink valley. He saw the enlarged clitoris peeking up from the protective hood, and the small orifice he'd been inside so many times before.

His mouth moved in and eagerly devoured his girl. The tip of his tongue licked the length of her slit, gathering some of the seeping wetness. He filled his mouth with her delicious flavor. It teasingly flicked over the clitoris. Her back arched and body writhed as he toyed with the nub. His two slick fingers returned to her pussy and thrust deeply inside.

After all the teasing her body had endured, it didn't take very long for Trudy to reach climax. She stiffened, gasping and groaning as she crossed the threshold to ecstasy. Her body writhed as she was gripped in the throes of orgasm. Juice flooded Burt's mouth and face as her shuddering form savored the intense tingling pleasure of sexual release. For several seconds her body shook in uncontrollable spasms, consuming the pent-up sexual energy.

When her body quieted, he moved back and stood up. He loosened and removed his dress slacks and laid them on the recliner. Trudy's eyes were fixed on his crotch as he lowered the colored briefs and exposed his swollen penis. She moved to a kneeling position before him with cat-like quickness. Before he could kick the underpants off, her hot mouth was already taking him inside.

Burt carefully shifted his body and fell back onto the couch. His hands clutched the back of her head as his hips pumped into her wondrous mouth. He leaned back and enjoyed the tingling pressure in his balls and groin. Her wet mouth felt glorious on his pulsating organ. Thick seed oozed from the tip and filled her mouth with his salty, musk taste. Trudy's muffled groans sounded as her head bobbed back and forth at a furious rate. His sensitized head passed over her moving tongue, bumped at the back of her throat, and pushed beyond.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm getting close," he whispered as his seed began to rise.

As much as he loved her skilled mouth, Burt wanted to finish inside of her. As the wonderful pressure mounted, he approached the point of no return. His hands reluctantly pushed her head back. A web of pearl-like strings connected between her mouth and the head of his cock. She swiped a finger across and broke the thin webbing, eagerly licking the finger clean.

Trudy quickly got up from the floor and straddled her daddy's lap. Her right hand gripped the base of his cock as she moved his penis to the tiny opening. The smooth round tip stretched the resilient flesh walls of her canal as she shifted her weight down. Burt pulled down on her waist as he thrust in an upward motion. Trudy gasped as brief stinging pain signaled his entry. Burt's cock penetrated into his gorgeous girl.

Their rhythmic efforts slowly worked his throbbing erection into her juicy love chamber. Wetness coated the shaft as it speared deeper. Soft moans accompanied their fevered loving as flesh slapped against flesh. Leaking juice splattered onto their upper thighs. Burt fully extended himself into his girl and savored the feel of her fluttering canal so tightly wrapped around his stem. When Trudy's groans intensified he knew she was getting close.

As her body erupted in spasms of joy, a buzzer sounded from the kitchen. Burt heard footsteps, and the oven door opening and closing. It was followed by additional noises. From the sounds of it Judy was intentionally making a racket in there to communicate her anger. Burt chased the worry from his mind and concentrated on Trudy's shifting form and juicy canal.

"Dinner's ready," Judy shouted.

"She's being a bitch, daddy," Trudy complained in a weak and breathless voice. She flipped a middle finger in the direction of the kitchen doorway.

Trudy decided two could play at that game. "Oh, yes! Fuck me with your fat cock, daddy. You feel so good inside of me! Oh, my God, that's incredible! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Burt shook his head. By now all he wanted to do was finish, but their continuing spat was making that difficult. He finally grasped the back of Trudy's head with his left hand and pressed her mouth to his. Their heated tongue kissing silenced her erotic declarations and their outbursts fell silent.

He thrust upward into her incredible, hot chamber. Moments later his groin tightened and his balls pulled up to the base of his stiff cock. He enjoyed the pleasing tingling sensations as his semen rose from the sacs. He pumped into her harder, straining for maximum depth. He grunted in delight as he ejaculated several times, squirting thick wads of milky cum inside of her. When he was finished he pulled away from her mouth and leaned back.

"You two are going to drive me crazy," he decided. "Why must you two always fight? Can't you be the bigger person and let her be?"

"I'm sorry, daddy, but she just really pisses me off sometimes. She can be such a bitch."

Burt struggled to understand. "So in a small space of time she progressed from being your bitch to being an outright bitch. Do I have that right?"

Trudy realized how silly it sounded and broke out in laughter. "She'll always be my bitch, just like I'll always be hers. And we'll both always be yours, daddy."

"This is fun!" Judy shouted in declaration as the four-wheel drive SUV wildly bounced them all up and down.

Burt had cautioned them about the finicky Colorado weather with freak cold fronts, so they dressed in blue jeans and oversized maroon sweatshirts advertising the community college they attended. The twins' perky breasts visibly jumped with each rough jerk as the tires bounced over deep ridges that crossed the road and Burt failed to notice.

He hit the brakes and crept over another series of ruts. Since they left the airport the route to Nash's vacation home digressed from a four lane highway to a two lane country road, then to an unmarked gravel road, and to a mountain trail. It was now clear why Nash recommended a four wheel drive vehicle. Any other rental would not have had the ground clearance to make it over some of the holes.

Judy was sitting beside him, and Trudy was in back. A coin toss determined the seating arrangement, with the promise that it would be reversed on the trip back.

As they emerged from the thick trees and brush into a clearing, a large three-story split-level log home came into view. White smoke was rising from a chimney and stacks of cut wood lined the side of the large, beautiful house. They drove forward and approached what looked to be the back. A garage door was open and two SUVs were parked inside. He found a spot on the edge of the dirt road and parked their rental.

A slender, white-haired figure walked from around the side of the home. He didn't see them at first, but when the twins took off running toward him the sound of their approaching footsteps alerted him to their presence. As Burt walked in their direction he watched as the figure opened his arms and welcomed the girls. He kissed their mouths in turn. The sound of their voices drifted over and grew louder the closer Burt got.

"You did a wonderful job with my nieces," Uncle Nash announced. "They're adorable and as friendly as can be."

"I don't think we ever met. I'm Burt," he introduced himself. "I assume you've already met Judy and Trudy."

"Oh, so that's who I've been kissing," Nash replied with a wink. "Good to finally meet all of you. Come on inside."

The hands that he had around the twins' waists moved down to their tight asses as he led them through the open garage door and into the house. Burt watched as Nash openly squeezed and fondled their buttocks. He couldn't blame him one bit. Even when dressed in clothing that covered their bodies they were mighty hard to resist.

He led them through the kitchen and into a large living area, replete with a magnificent fireplace. Everything was made of highly polished wood, from the ceilings to the floors. A large white bearskin rug rested on the floor a short distance from the fireplace. The twins excitedly screamed and both dove on top of it. They ran their fingers through and pressed their faces against the incredibly soft fur.

"That's real, girls," Nash commented. "It's from a Polar bear and comes all the way from Alaska. You should feel it on your bare skin. It's absolutely amazing. You can still sense that magnificent strength."

Judy looked up at him with a naughty grin on her face. She shifted away from the couch where the men had settled, lifted up her sweatshirt, and shamelessly rubbed her bare breasts on the baby-soft rug. Her flesh tingled as it touched the remnants of the beautiful and powerful a****l. Her nipples swelled as the a****l skin emanated with wild energy. It was an amazing experience that elicited giggling moans.

"Oh, Trudy, you have to try this!"

Trudy rolled her eyes. "I don't think so."

As the twins played on the rug Burt inquired, "So how is all of this possible, Nash?"

Nash smiled. "When the law was onto me I was desperate. I contacted a few friends and looked into the possibilities. I'd saved some money and either had to hide it or risk its loss. So I helped finance a new company; just in time, as it turned out. I served ten years and found out I was rich when I was released. I enjoyed my newfound wealth but eventually wanted to rediscover my roots. There's nothing like f****y."

Burt smiled and concurred. "There's nothing like f****y."

A gorgeous young woman with wet, short blonde hair entered the room. Her slender twenty-something form was cloaked in a short terry-cloth robe. Burt noticed her lovely face, striking blue eyes, and slender legs.

"That's my daughter Amber. My marriage didn't last and her mom took her away, but when she turned eighteen she arrived on my doorstep and has been here ever since. That was four years ago."

Amber waved a hand toward Burt in greeting and glanced at the twins. She sat down on the edge of the rug and interacted with the girls. When Judy insisted that Amber rub her bare chest on the fur, the young woman eagerly opened up her robe and did just that.

Burt couldn't help but notice the beautiful breasts that were exposed. He quickly determined that it had to be in the f****y genes. Hers were larger than the twins, but every bit as firm. They proudly thrust out and were tipped with large brown nipples. Amber looked up at Burt wearing a sexy grin as she leaned down and provocatively brushed the swells upon the fur. The two relatives giggled as they shared their first of many experiences.

"It's hot in here," Trudy complained with a pouting expression on her face. "I knew we shouldn't have dressed in these heavy clothes!"

"Trudy Rose Williams! That's no way to act when you're a guest in someone's home!" Burt exclaimed in embarrassment. "I thought I raised you better than that!"

Nash silenced Burt with a gesture.

"My old bones can't take the cold mountain air for very long," Nash patiently explained. "It settles into my joints and gets them stiff."

At the mention of the word 'stiff', Amber giggled and glanced up at Burt's crotch. He could see where her mind was and exactly what she wanted. His cock briefly shifted inside his clothing.

Uncle Nash slowly stood up. "Tell you what, girls. Why don't the three of us walk out to the car and bring your things in. You can slip into something lighter and then we'll all be happy." He looked down at his daughter. "Amber, give your cousin Burt a tour of the house. I'll show the twins around once I get them settled in."

"When are Cousin Pete and Uncle Wilson coming?" Trudy asked excitedly as she got up off the rug.

"They'll be here," Nash assured her as he gathered the twins into his arms. "This isn't the easiest place to find. And he said they were driving, so there could be any number of reasons for their delay. You two just worry about getting to know your great-uncle better, okay?"

The twins readily shook their heads in agreement.

Amber sauntered up next to Burt and held his hand. She flashed him a coy smile. "We can start with my room."

She showed him down an adjacent stairway to the lower level, which contained six large bedrooms off an impressive and beautifully furnished den.

"This is my world," Amber announced. "Nash has the top floor with the master bedroom. Not that we don't associate when the need arises, but when we want our privacy we can practically go for days without seeing one another."

All of the six bedrooms were uniquely decorated. The last one she showed him had a lived-in look and he correctly guessed that it was hers. As he looked around she slipped out of the bathrobe and revealed herself to his gaze. Burt openly admired her sleek form. Her beautifully formed breasts proudly rested on her upper chest, tipped by two enlarged nipples. His eyes moved down over her smooth flat belly and observed a narrow rectangular patch of golden hair that flanked her pussy.

I do a lot of hiking," she mentioned, as if to explain her fit appearance.

"Should I get dressed?" Amber questioned, making it quite clear that she was available for the taking. She closed the distance between them and rubbed her boobs against his chest while giving him an inviting hug. "Or should I be undressing you?"

Burt smirked. He could tell that Amber was going to be a handful over the next several days. He silently wondered how often she called on Nash's company for sexual favors. When Burt felt a hand lightly caressing his crotch, he immediately swelled. She giggled c***dishly as her fingers traced the outline of his throbbing erection. The insistent touching aroused his interest.

"Being stuck on top of a mountain so far from civilization must be boring for a young lady like yourself," he assumed. "Do you get out much, or is it always just you and daddy Nash?"

Amber flashed him a coy smile. "Daddy Nash spoils me in many ways. But when I find myself getting anxious, I have other outlets. Town is only an hour's drive, and when I show up at the pool hall there's plenty of guys to flirt with."

"Flirt with?" he questioned.

"It's not lady-like to say 'fuck them silly', which I do, and on occasion even more than one at a time."

Her lips lightly kissed his mouth. "Your lips are nice and soft. I like that."

She kissed him again, harder this time. She gasped and anxiously pressed the tip of her tongue against his lips. When Burt's mouth parted her hot muscle moved inside, entwining with his. He enjoyed the fresh scent of her apple shampoo and the sweet taste of her lips. His arms embraced her naked form and fully savored the soft warmth of her lovely body. Amber's fingers continued teasing his hard cock, making sure he didn't lose interest in her. She was ready to be with somebody different. After all, variety was the spice of life.

"I've got toys," she tempted him in a sexy voice.

Burt laughed. "I imagine you do, and you've probably discovered a number of different ways to use them."

Amber playfully frowned. "Oh, come on, Uncle Burt. It's not that boring here. It's slow, but a person gets used to it."

"Maybe you should get dressed and finish the nickel tour," he suggested, getting her young mind focused on something other than sex. "I'll be here for three days. There's plenty of time for the other stuff."

Amber nodded her head in denial and kept rubbing on his swollen penis. Her mouth returned to his, tongue pushing inside. Her fingers found her zipper and started tugging it down. She was accustomed to getting what she wanted, and at the moment she wanted him.

* * * * *

"Ah!" Judy shrieked with a giggle as Uncle Nash pinched her shapely bottom on the way back from the car. "Oh, sure, pinch a defenseless girl. I'd kick your wrinkled ass if I had both hands free."

He laughed aloud. "You two have so much to learn. The first of which is, my ass isn't wrinkled. My cock and balls are so big, the sheer weight keeps my otherwise wrinkled ass taut."

"Oh, yuck!" the twins exclaimed in unison.

He showed them to his large master bedroom.

"Get out! Let us change!" Trudy exclaimed as the suitcases were placed on the king-sized bed.

Nash retreated from the bedroom but left the door open. The twins didn't bother closing it. He watched them change as he waited in the hallway. He looked, mesmerized, as the bulky clothing came off, revealing shapely bodies. Their athletic forms were beautifully bronzed. Manes of black hair reached all the way down to their incredible asses. Perky breasts jiggled as they dug through the suitcases. A prevalent cold draft that came from the large windows hardened their pink nipples.

He couldn't help but notice their pussies. One was completely shaven, void of all hair. The other was trimmed into a narrow rectangular patch of silky black curls. His penis stirred as he fantasized about loving both of them at the same time.

He returned to the bedroom prematurely. "Are you two done yet?"

The girls screeched and rushed to pull on a pair of thin gray workout shorts. He lunged at Judy, who in turn tried to scramble over his bed but wasn't quick enough for the surprisingly speedy man. Nash flipped her over onto her back and pinned her hands to the mattress. As she looked up he straddled her thighs. Judy was laughing, and her face was flushed red.

"You're a naughty uncle," Judy decided.

"You love it and you know it," he challenged. "You're just embarrassed because this old man is faster than you gave him credit."

Her bare chest heaved as she breathed in deeply. He glanced down at the gorgeous rising and falling mounds, noting the swollen tips. He was tempted to suck on one. Instead he shifted his attention to her beautiful face. He glanced into her adorable green eyes and was quickly lost in her gaze.

"Are you going to let me go?" she finally asked.

"You don't want that," he responded.

"Oh? Then what do I want?"

He crossed her wrists and pinned them both with his left hand. His right lightly cupped and caressed her soft face. He leaned down and kissed those sweet, soft lips. Judy groaned and opened her mouth, allowing his tongue inside. The wet muscles excitedly rubbed against one another. After a moment their passion ignited, and their kissing became frantic.

She felt his decidedly large erection throbbing against a thigh. Judy wanted to touch it, but her wrists were helplessly pinned to the bed above her head. The tenuous position added to the excitement. She liked the way Uncle Nash was taking control of the situation, leaving her vulnerable and subservient.

Their heated kissing briefly paused so they could catch their breath. A wide smile formed on Judy's lips as she looked up and whispered, "Are you making me your bitch?"

"Yeah, that's right," he replied, realizing she was enjoying the way he was dominating her.

He glanced over at Trudy, who had just finished dressing and waiting for the continuation of the tour which now appeared to be unavoidably delayed. She drifted through the open door and left the two alone.

Nash turned his full attention on his great-niece. He scooted her reclined form around and toward the headboard. Judy willingly shifted, wondering what he had in mind. Her lovely face beamed with excitement. As his left hand kept her arms pinned, his right reached to each side of the headboard and pulled two padded Velcro straps and chains from behind the bed. They were already anchored to the frame.

Judy giggled as one was firmly secured around each wrist. When he finished, she found herself lying beneath him, topless, her arms helplessly outstretched.

"Before I'm done, you'll be begging for my cock," he promised as he leaned over her gorgeous young body.

He roughly tilted her head to one side and moved his mouth down. Hot breath warmed an ear as his tongue teasingly traced the outlines of the grooved outer flesh. Judy cringed as the sensitive skin reacted to his attention. Her loins filled with tingling warmth as she quickly grew aroused. After his tongue moistened the outer ear with saliva, his lips and teeth nibbled on the lobe. The wet muscle intermittently stabbed inside the canal as hot breaths continued to warm the skin.

Judy shuddered and moaned as his mouth was heating her up. Her lower belly tingled excitedly and her pussy began to throb. After several moments Nash's mouth slowly moved down, kissing a glistening trail down the side of her neck.

"I tattoo my bitches so everybody knows they're my property," he whispered.

His mouth settled at the base of her neck. He started sucking on a small patch of soft skin. The flesh was pulled into his warm mouth against the front teeth. bl**d was slowly drawn to the surface. After a short time a small but very visible bruise formed that would take longer to fade away than the duration of her visit.

"You're my bitch now, and everybody will know."

A satisfied grin formed on her luscious mouth. Judy couldn't have been happier. His lips kissed a path down between her breasts. He gathered the perky swells in his hands and pressed them against his cheeks. He savored the silky warmth of the firm flesh that embraced his weathered face. He rubbed his wiry whiskers on the smooth skin as two fingers twisted the large, pulsating nipples.

Judy's back arched. Her moans grew louder as the tingling in her loins flared hotter. "Harder; make them sting."

Nash sharply pinched and tugged on the aching pink nubs. She gasped and twitched as stinging jolts of pain shot through her writhing form. Her head rocked from side to side as her moans transitioned into cries of painful delight. She could feel the juice leaking from her aroused center and moistening her pink slit in anticipation.

As his fingers continued abusing her right nipple, his wet mouth moved to the left. He took the tip and a portion of her breast into his hot mouth. The hard nub impatiently thumped against his lips and tongue as he bathed the flesh in saliva.

Judy squirmed in joy. Her hands tugged at her bindings in vain. She could feel his erect penis pressing against her lower belly, teasing her with its insistent vibration. Her cunt was wet. Her juicy core ached to be loved. She hungered for him and was desperate for his affection.

"Give it to me, Uncle Nash," she pleaded. "I'm so wet. I want your cock in me."

He chuckled. "That was quick, but we're just getting started. Lay back and enjoy. This white-haired old man is going to teach his new bitch a few things about patience."

His hands cupped and lifted her breasts. As his thumbs rubbed on the sore nipples, he licked and kissed the underside of her swells. When the globes were glistening with saliva his mouth returned to the tips. He briefly sucked each one, grinning as he watched her stimulated body squirming in torturous pleasure. Nash could the smell the aroma of her aroused sex as it juiced up and soaked through her clothing.

Her slender legs shifted apart. Her hips frantically gyrated, desperate to feel the pressure of his driving prick moving inside. Judy knew she was thoroughly soaked when she felt droplets of wetness running down between her ass cheeks.

"Oh please, Uncle Nash, fuck me now!"

"You're my bitch, I'm not yours," he reminded her. "I'll take you when I'm good and ready."

He lowered his body and buried his face in her wonderful flat belly. He loved the feel of her soft skin on his mouth and cheeks. He sucked and nibbled on her stomach as she urgently shuddered beneath him. Nash took his time, realizing that it was driving her wild with desire. He may not have teased her so viciously if she'd demonstrated some degree of patience. That was something all of his bitches needed to learn.

He changed position and lay between her quivering thighs with his face near her cloaked crotch. Nash could see the dark stain in her thin gray shorts and knew how miserable she must be. She lifted her ass off the bed and pumped her hips toward his mouth. Judy was hopeful that he would finally bring her relief, but his intentions were entirely different. A mischievous grin formed on his face.

Nash placed his hands on the top of her trembling thighs and pushed her back down on the mattress. He sniffed at the juice-soaked crotch and smelled her excitement. Heat emanated from her aroused center. Nash leaned forward and placed his mouth on her bare stomach. His mouth kissed and licked the skin along the top edge of her waistband as his hands held on and steadied her writhing form.

"Oh please, fuck me," Judy begged. "I need you so badly. Stick it in me."

He enjoyed watching her squirm. His mouth moved to her right inner thigh and gently kissed an indirect path up the supple skin to the leg of her shorts. The higher his lips climbed the more frantic her groans became. She actively struggled against his strong arms, desperately trying to rub her crotch against his face. Nash's strong arm muscles flexed as he kept her pinned into position.

His mouth shifted to her left thigh as his taunting worked Judy into a frenzy. The stain in her shorts continued spreading in size as her aching center oozed with essence. Perspiration formed on her shimmering skin as the tingling heat in her young loins intensified. She helplessly struggled against her bindings and his tenacious hold. Her luscious mounds jiggled as her chest rose and fell in an uneven pattern of gasps and groans.
His hands finally relinquished their hold. He arose to his knees and pulled the shorts down her sleek legs. She wasn't wearing panties, and once the wet crotch pulled away from her bald pussy he could see the glistening pink folds. Fresh juice was clinging to the lips like morning dew to the fragile petals of a beautiful flower. The close-up view of her center made his cock painfully twinge. He was almost ready to give her what they both needed.

Judy's head rose up as she looked down to see what next awaited her. Uncle Nash slipped off his shirt and revealed his broad, muscular chest and shoulders. Several black prison tattoos marked his front torso. Her eyes drifted down to the obvious bulge in his pants. Judy salivated as he loosened the buckle and lowered the zipper. He pushed them down over his buttocks, rolled back into a sitting position, and tugged them down his legs.

She stared open-mouthed at the large bulge in his red boxers. It strained against the front, smearing seeping semen through the fabric. It showed through the other side as a milky circle the size of a gold dollar coin. She salivated upon seeing it, hungering to experience the taste of him. When he saw Judy licking her lips, Nash knew exactly what she wanted. He smiled and removed the final garment of clothing.

Judy gasped as she laid eyes on his large cock and balls. She realized he hadn't been k**ding in the least when she thought he'd been exaggerating his physical wealth. He was even bigger than Daddy, and Daddy was no slouch in that department.

She trembled with nervous excitement as he got on all fours and crawled over her idle form. He straddled her chest and tempted her with his erect penis. He playfully slapped the seeping head against her lips and chin. Each time her head lifted in a failed attempt to capture the tip in her mouth. Several times her lips wrapped around the moving head but it easily slipped away from her grasp. Judy licked her cum-streaked lips, managing to detect a hint of his musk flavor.

Nash smiled down at her and slowly stroked his shaft from the base all the way to the very tip. The action squeezed a small amount of semen in his shaft and encouraged it to collect at the narrow slit in the purplish-pink tip. A thick creamy drop formed and grew heavy. She eagerly watched as the thick, milky pool swelled in size and threatened to break away from the opening. He dipped his hips down as her tongue extended. He allowed her to lick up the collection of cum and draw it into her mouth.

Judy closed her eyes and smiled as she smeared the drop throughout her mouth, savoring his salty musk taste. He watched as she finally swallowed it down. Her eyes reopened. The sparkling green orbs looked up at him, communicating her desperate need. His large hands gently cradled and lifted the back of her head, simultaneously filling her mouth with his cock. She anxiously embraced a surprising amount of his shaft. He groaned in delight as she began skillfully devouring his stem.

Uncle Nash quickly decided that Burt had done an incredible job with his twins. He couldn't believe how good her mouth felt as she deep-throated practically his entire penis. She wildly licked and sucked on the hard prick as her lips effortlessly glided up and down his long pole. He glistened with a mixture of semen and saliva as she coaxed the heavy seed from his large balls.

In less than two minutes he felt tingling pressure in his gut and enjoyed the pleasurable sensation of his rising semen. He delighted in the joyous stimulation for as long as he dared, then quickly withdrew from her mouth.

"Oh, my, you're very good," he commended her, his voice betraying his surprise.

Judy giggled c***dishly. "That's not the only thing I'm good at, Uncle Nash!"

He shifted down her body and settled between her eagerly parted thighs with his face at her crotch. His fingers tenderly separated the gorgeous folds and revealed the pink, juice-soaked slit. Nash's extended tongue licked her luscious pussy. It playfully poked at the tiny orifice, then moved up and teasingly prodded her enlarged clitoris. Judy shuddered and moaned in delight. Tingling warmth filled her lower belly as he feasted on her succulent flesh.

Judy felt a finger pressing against her orifice. It stretched and eased inside. Her flowing essence coated the welcome intruder. A second joined the first. Nash vigorously finger-fucked her pussy as his tongue insistently danced over and around the hooded nub. She groaned aloud as wondrous sensations of pleasure filled her form.

His driving fingers fucked her fast and hard. Juice seeped from her center, coating his fingers and glazing his face as he teased the swollen clitoris and licked the sloped walls of her valley. Her body twitched and writhed in growing delight. She closed her thighs around his head. Her hips thrust, frantically grinding her center against his mouth as climax approached. Essence leaked from her core and dripped from the vibrating folds.

"Oh! Oh, yes! I'm so close!" Judy breathlessly announced.

Uncle Nash finger-fucked her core a few seconds longer, moving her to the brink of orgasm. When he sensed she was about to climax he withdrew his fingers and mouth.

"No! Oh, no! Please!" she pleaded with him in desperation as she realized what he was doing.

He knelt and leaned over her frantically quivering body. Nash loosened the Velcro straps and released her wrists. He roughly rotated Judy onto her stomach, and then folded her knees beneath the body. He knelt behind her as his left hand pinned the back of her neck to the bed in an utterly helpless position that left him in ultimate control. Nash inched his knees forward until the head of his cock was resting against the juicy pink folds of her center.

Judy tested him, trying to squirm free. His strong fingers tightened around the back of her neck to the point of pain. She continued wriggling, resisting his control. Nash's fingers squeezed harder.

"You won't win this one, none of my bitches ever has," he warned her.

"Okay! Okay!" she finally relented and surrendered herself to him completely.

As his right hand supported the base of his shaft, he speared between the outer lips and into the glorious valley. The sight of Judy's tiny opening reminded him of Amber. When she showed up he took her virginity at the tender young age of eighteen and had been enjoying her several times weekly ever since. His cock shifted into position and stabbed at the entrance. She tensed and softly cried out as her walls were stretched wide. His penis flexed her juicy core further than ever before. Stinging pain marked his initial penetration as he finally slid inside.

"Ah!" Judy softly groaned in painful pleasure as his large stem pierced into her tight canal. She knew he was giving her exactly what she wanted, but she wasn't prepared for his size.

Hot, seeping juice coated his pulsating cock as it slowly pushed deeper into her canal. His hands grasped her narrow hips as he gently rocked back and forth. He fucked her with the head and first couple of inches until she loosened up a bit before venturing deeper. The walls of her cunt tightly embraced his sliding mass, vibrating around it. Semen was drawn from his laden balls and appeared as white rings around his shaft. Her moans of intense pleasure mixed with stinging jolts as her muscle widened to accept his cock.

And then it happened. Tingling heat erupted in her loins as the denied orgasm resurfaced. She listened to her own breathless groans as her body first stiffened, then violently quaked in powerful spasms of sexual release. His hold on her writhing form tightened as he kept her pinned down, thrusting ever deeper. A surge of fresh wetness engulfed his prick and trickled down her glistening slit. A moment later her wild gyrations dissipated.

When he deflowered Amber he remembered that it had taken awhile before he fully extended himself into her. He was being patient with Judy, as well. After several moments he finally sank balls-deep into her juicy pussy. It was an amazing sensation that was joined by his joyous peals. He pulled out almost completely and pushed back inside, parting her cunt like a hot knife slicing through a frozen stick of butter. She melted around his dagger as he filled her steamy canal with everything nature had bestowed upon him.

The initial stinging pain eased after several long strokes loosened the walls of her pussy. Delightful tingling sensations again intensified in Judy's loins. Now only groans of satisfaction were emitted. Her eyes closed as she moved her outstretched hands to her breasts, grasping the perky swells. Two fingers of each hand pinched the throbbing nipples as her palms squeezed the mounds. The self-induced stimulation added to her excitement.

Her sensitized pussy could feel the smooth rounded head as it moved, and every tiny ridge and groove of the shaft. She formed a mental image and could almost see him fucking her twitching body. The momentum of his thrusts slapped his swaying scrotum against the rise of her love mound, splattering her flowing juice upon their bare skin. It clung to his curls of white hair like pearls on a frosted bush. The sounds of mating filled the opulent room as skin met skin moistened with perspiration.

Her soft moans grew feverish as another orgasm drew near. Judy's eyes pinched closed as her face contorted into a sweaty grimace. Judy's luscious lips pulled back and she gritted white teeth as her body felt as if it was about to explode.

A ball of hot tingling pressure centered in her lower belly expanded with each stroke of his driving cock. Sweat rolled down her skin and dampened her silky black hair as the mane spilled over her face. His hips were pumping faster, pummeling her glorious chamber with all that he possessed.

Her form froze as she tensed in climax. It was followed by wave after wave of body-jarring jolts of powerful delight. She was gripped in the throes of ecstasy as if by a giant hand. Every muscle excitedly trembled as Nash struggled to cling to Judy's sweaty, quaking form. A brief flood of juice bathed her sex and dripped from the slick valley. The powerful climax left her tired and breathless.

"Now I'll really make you my bitch," he whispered.

He withdrew his penis from her spent pussy and slid it up to her anus. He could tell she'd never been taken this way before, but she'd practically been begging for it all along. Knowing he would be the first to break her in made it that much sweeter. For Nash, there was nothing more arousing than listening to the cries of a woman taking it up the ass.

"Oh!" Judy softly gasped in shock as she felt his throbbing cock head thumping at the doorway to her ass. "Uncle Nash..."

Her entire body tensed as the bulbous tip stretched the small hole. His cock was slick with a combination of pussy juice and leaking semen, slightly easing the pain of penetration. But the stinging sensations took her breath away as he squeezed the large pulsating tip of his prick upon the orifice that still refused him entry.

"Uh! Oh!" Judy cried out as she helplessly squirmed on the bed.

"You like taking it like a bitch?" he questioned in rhetoric as he felt his cock-head finally sinking into the tight opening. "You do, don't you?"

He sharply spanked her bare ass with a loud, satisfying slap. Her gorgeous slender form jerked as she emitted a sharp cry. Judy began shaking her hips to help him penetrate. She quickly discovered that it helped minimize the discomfort. He pulled out and immediately pressed the tip against her rectum. She softly cried out as he stretched it wide again and passed beyond the tight ring. He repeated the action several times, slowly loosening her up.

With his head pulsating just inside her ass, he released the back of her neck and pulled her up into a kneeling position, placing her hands on the headboard. As she clutched the decorative wooden frame his hands reached around and cupped her perky breasts. He squeezed the luscious swells in his palms and pinched on the erect nipples. As he fondled her soft boobs he thrust forward, working his hard prick deeper into her shapely bottom.

Her fingers tightly grasped the wood and her lithe body twitched as his stem slowly penetrated deeper. Not only was he hurting her ass, but his fingers were sharply pinching and twisting on her aching nubs. She was writhing with a combination of tingling joy and stinging pain. Her essence continued to flow, dripping from the outer folds of her hot cunt.

"Ahh! Ahhh!" her breathless whimpering continued, growing in frequency as Nash pushed the first couple of inches into her incredibly tight rectum. Thick seeping cum acted as a lubricant, accelerating his penetration.

"Yeah, that's right, take my stiff cock like the bitch you are," he whispered. He swallowed hard, further aroused by the demeaning talk.

"Fuck my ass and make me your bitch," she replied, sensing his growing excitement with his superior position.

Nash's hands abandoned her sore breasts and moved down over her smooth lower belly. His fingers briefly caressed the bare love mound before touching her juicy outer folds. Judy gasped and trembled as a finger pushed between the folds and descended into the hot slit. He rubbed on the enlarged clitoris, giving her the sexual attention she yearned for. As he fingered her, Nash rocked back and forth, slowly fucking her ass.

"Oh yeah... Oh, that feels so good," she groaned.

She could feel the tingling heat in her belly rising, warming her entire body. Tiny beads of perspiration formed on her flesh and grew larger before rolling down her shimmering golden skin. Her hips moved in rhythm with his forward thrusts, easing the bulbous tip of his spear ever deeper. The pain faded as his finger stroked her aching pussy, sending waves of delight through her body.

"You fuck real good for a new bitch," he whispered the compliment as he felt his tingling balls twitching, on the verge of exploding.

The rhythm changed and he was fucking her faster and harder. Their moans and groans filled the room. He swiftly fingered her juice-slick clitoris, working his grand-niece into a sexual frenzy. Her sharp, loud cries reverberated off the walls as she quaked in a fit of passion. The peals of pleasure and pain become one, each individually inseparable, filling her with an intense excitement.

"I'm going to fill your tight ass with my hot cum!"

He twitched and grunted aloud as he ejaculated. Nash kept fucking her, his strong body jerking in spasms of wondrous pleasure as he overfilled her hole with creamy seed. It seeped around his shaft and dripped down the crack of her perfect ass. He maintained the thrusts until his balls were drained, and then backed away.

A finger pushed inside her hot cunt. He finger-fucked her core with two fingers of one hand while stroking her clitoris with the fingers of his other. She groaned as her nude form wildly writhed, leaking juice from her pussy. Her cries became louder as climax approached.

Judy quaked with powerful spasms as an orgasm erupted deep inside. Judy breathlessly moaned as a flood of fresh essence soaked his probing fingers. It seemed to last longer than any other she'd ever had. When the joyous sexual release ended, she was dripping with sweat. She collapsed on the bed, thoroughly exhausted.

He lay down alongside her sleek body and rested. Uncle Nash pulled her into his arms and hugged her warmly.

"I'm sorry that I haven't been a very good uncle," he admitted in an apologetic tone. "I wish I'd gotten to know you two sooner. But I was a wild one and until recently, I never understood how important f****y is. I'm so glad Amber showed me everything I was missing. I'm so happy you came."

Tears formed in her soft green eyes. "I'm happy we came too."

Nash had every intention of nailing her twin. He promised himself that he'd make both of them his bitches before the reunion ended.

* * * * *

After leaving the bedroom, Trudy looked around the upper level rooms before returning to the main floor. She admired the expansive dining room and kitchen before wandering through the living room. When she saw the thick white bearskin rug before the fireplace, she stopped. Trudy recalled Judy's excitement as she joyously rubbed herself on the wondrous fur.

Noticing that everybody else appeared to be occupied in other areas of the home, Trudy cautiously removed her top and curled up on the rug chest down. Her eyes closed as she rubbed her firm breasts against the carpet. She quietly giggled upon realizing how thrilling it really was.

After her hands reached under the carpet, Trudy fondled the perky mounds with the fur. Her nipples swelled as her body filled with a rush of tingling heat. Her pussy started throbbing, moistening with essence. She eagerly caressed her chest, neck, and face with the spectacular a****l's skin while reveling in its intimidating softness.

She reluctantly arose from the rug, pulled on her shirt, and curiously walked down to the lower floor. Trudy followed the sounds of a woman's laughter to Amber's bedroom. She cautiously glanced through the open doorway and saw the naked blonde trying to get cozy with her daddy. Trudy cringed with jealousy upon seeing them.

"Come on, I know you're excited," Amber cooed as she reached the fingers of her right hand inside his unzipped pants. "Oh yeah, you're definitely ready to play."

Amber looked down as she carefully guided his swollen penis from the confines of his clothing. She grinned upon seeing the glistening head and impressive shaft. Amber fell to her knees and hungrily took it inside her mouth.

Trudy was overcome with a feeling of loneliness. Her eyes momentarily misted as she realized everyone was hooking up except her. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she started to back away from the doorway. The floor creaked. Amber didn't notice as she busily devoured Daddy's prick, but Burt did. He motioned for his daughter to join him.

She gestured no but he insisted. There was no denying the excitement that currently warmed her loins. Trudy was eager for affection. She relented and quietly stepped up to his side.

Trudy snuggled up to his left side as his left arm warmly embraced his loving girl. Their mouths anxiously met. She breathed in the scent of his cologne as her tongue entwined with his. The kiss started off soft and slow, but as the passion heightened their wet muscles became frantic.

Burt moved his right hand across his body and pushed it beneath Trudy's top. It cupped and squeezed a breast. She moaned into his mouth and thrust her breast tighter against his hand.

"Let's move this to bed," he suggested out loud so both girls heard.

Amber squealed in utter delight as she got her way. She grasped both of Trudy's hands and backed up to her bed with the relative in tow. As Burt slipped out of his clothing, Amber eagerly undressed Trudy. Both giggling girls fell onto the bed and immediately embraced. Burt joined them moments later. Amber encouraged Trudy to lie on her back in the center of the bed as she knelt at the foot. Amber buried her face against Trudy's crotch. Burt stood behind his niece, who had eagerly made herself an inviting target.

He could see that Trudy was engaged. She clutched her own perky breasts, roughly squeezing on the swells as her back intermittently arched, frantically thrusting her crotch against Amber's face. Soft moans communicated the delight she was enjoying from her cousin's loving attention.

Burt gripped Amber's ass cheeks and pushed his saliva-moistened penis between the outer folds. His head bottomed out in her juice-slick valley. He teased her with the pulsating tip, gliding up and down the length of the slit and rubbing over her swollen clitoris. Burt listened to her muffled moans and felt her lithe form anxiously vibrating. The teasing made him surge with desire as hot essence coated the tip. He pressed his head against the doorway to her hot cunt.
In a single thrust he stretched her pussy open and sank half his length into the wet, hot pussy. He pulled back and thrust again, feeling her taking his full size. The snug muscle wrapped around his invading prick, fluttering around the moving mass. He started with slow strokes, filling and refilling her juicy love canal.

"Oh, that feels so good," Trudy moaned in delight as Amber sucked and fingered her tight pussy.

Trudy's legs were fully outstretched, completely offering herself up to Amber's mouth. She reached both hands down and clutched the blonde-covered head, pulling her cousin's face against her aroused pussy. Trudy began frantically grinding her hips, rubbing herself hard on Amber's moving lips and tongue. When Amber worked a second finger into her cunt and finger-fucked her, Trudy's back arched. Her perky boobs jiggled invitingly.

"Ohhh! Oh, God, so good... Yeah, eat me..." Trudy's groans were loud and quickly getting louder.

There were loud slurping sounds as Amber readily lapped at Trudy's flowing juice. He watched the action below as he fucked the blonde's cunt. Watching his dark-haired girl wildly writhing in pleasure on the bed warmed his heart. He was so proud that everyone was getting along so well together.

The crescendo of intensifying groans and cries forewarned of impending orgasms. In an unlikely coincidence that was usually only a cliché used in a cheap sex novel, they all climaxed simultaneously.

Trudy's sweaty, writhing body erupted and sent a surge of juice over Amber's thrusting fingers. At the same time Amber's sexual needs were satisfied, and as her flesh quaked she drenched Burt's driving cock. As her cunt walls tightened in orgasm, the added stimulation triggered the rise of his seed. He grunted out loud as the pressure in his tingling balls ejaculated long, strong streams of cum.

When they were spent they lay alongside one another, touching and kissing as they became familiar.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Amber," Burt announced.

Amber grinned. "This reunion is going to be so wonderful!"

Trudy joined in. "Just wait until the others get here."

* * * * *

After a wonderful dinner consisting of steak, corn on the cob, and Rocky Mountain oysters, the united f****y settled in the darkened living room with a large fire roaring. The smell of wood smoke only added to the delightful atmosphere.

As Nash and Burt settled back on the couch sipping on the home-made whiskey Nash once distributed, they watched their three girls playing on the large white fur before them.

"It's so reassuring seeing them getting on so well," Burt commented as the female trio eagerly removed one another's clothes.

Nash loudly burped. "Yup, but I'm not surprised."

They lay down on their sides with Amber's face buried in Judy's cunt, Judy eating her twin, and Trudy returning the favor to Amber.

Nash motioned for Burt's glass. "I better refresh these before the good part comes."

Burt laughed. "Very punny."
"Good grief!" Wilson shouted out in frustration as the vehicle was again thrown violently from side to side, their bodies shaking like rag dolls.

Pete knew better than to say "I told you so", but he'd suggested that they hole up for the night and finish the trip in the morning. Nighttime was no time to venture out into such rugged territory with no familiarity of the terrain. But when Wilson balked, he quickly backed down.

"How much more of this is there?" the older man complained.

Several minutes later their truck topped a hill and the narrow opening in the trees widened. The headlights illuminated a large clearing, with a dark house in the distance.

"Looks empty," Wilson chirped in an unhappy tone as he shifted the transmission into Park. "Are you sure this is the right place?"

Pete sighed in aggravation as he tossed the map on the dashboard in front of him. "It's not like we had a choice of different places to turn. We followed the road and we're here. It's two in the morning; I'm sure everyone's asl**p."

Wilson shook his head uncertainly. "I don't know..."

Pete mentally dismissed his father and got out. He outstretched his arms, arched his back, and stretched his stiff body. He could just barely see the white condensation of his warm, humid breath in the dry, cool, early morning air. Moments later the passenger door slammed shut as Wilson finally relented and joined him.

"Well, I guess we at least need to check. Come on, Pete."

They walked to the back of the house and noticed the garage door was closed, but an entry door off to the right was unlocked. They carefully stepped inside and blindly groped for a light switch. Pete found it first and an overhead lamp turned on, briefly blinding their eyes. At the far end of the garage was another door, and something was taped to it. Wilson advanced with Pete following behind.

There was a tearing sound as Wilson pulled the tape from the door and began reading. "'Dear Uncle Wilson and Cousin Pete: I'm writing this just in case you get here after we're in bed. We're all so anxious to see you! I'm Amber, Nash's daughter, and I know we've never met but I'm so excited you're finally here! There are plenty of beds, take your pick of any one you want, and don't be shy! I made you a map on back so you can see where Nash and Judy, me and Burt, and Trudy are sl**ping. But you're welcome to sl**p anywhere you'd like."

Pete anxiously snatched the note from Wilson's hand. "Trudy!"

Wilson turned angry. "Hey, watch your manners, boy. I can still whip that ass!"

"I'm sorry, but I've missed Trudy so badly," he tried to explain. "I have to see her!"

"We can both wake her up," Wilson suggested with a sly grin on his face.

* * * * *

Trudy woke up feeling hot and kicked the blankets off her slender, athletic body. She had been lying on her left side but now shifted to her back. She felt a light sheen of perspiration coating her inner legs so she moved them wide apart, inviting the air to evaporate the wetness and cool her warm skin. She was on the verge of sl**p when the bedroom door creaked open.

A naughty grin appeared on her face as she silently wondered who was joining her. Was it Daddy? Judy? Amber? Or more likely Nash, who she knew wanted to get into her panties; Trudy felt that every time he looked at her.

But the noises she heard next confused her sl**p-muddled mind. Her ears heard the metallic sounds of two distinctly different belt buckles being loosened and zippers being lowered. The predictable rustling noise as clothes were quickly removed followed. And then it suddenly dawned on her; both Daddy and Nash were joining her! Trudy's smile widened in anticipation.

Fighting the urge to cry out in glee, she instead pretended to be sl**ping, curious as to how they might choose to wake her. She didn't have long to wait. The mattress at the foot of the bed sank as two bodies knelt down and inched up on all fours, settling down on either side of her body. Two hands lovingly massaged her feet as warm mouths sucked on her toes individually.

Trudy was sorely tempted to begin giggling as the sucking and flicking tongues tickled, especially when they licked between the toes. But it felt incredibly erotic as well, and triggered the familiar warmth of sexual arousal in her supple loins. After each toe had been given equal attention, the lips kissed a moist trail up the top of her feet to the ankles, and then up the insides of her shapely calves.

She balled her hands into tight fists and cringed. It was so hard to pretend to be sl**ping as her legs were quivering. The sensations created by their mouths shot up her limbs to her crotch, filling her lower belly with a delightful tingling. This intensified when their lips reached her knees and ever so slowly traveled up her inner thighs. Trudy was so glad she showered, shaved, and misted her body with perfume before bed while suspecting such a visit could occur.

The growing sensations were quickly driving her crazy. Her entire body was shuddering as the lips and teasing tongues closed in on her pussy, which had since awakened and anxiously throbbed. Trudy sensed she was beginning to get juicy down there. When their mouths were on the verge of touching the outer folds of her aroused cunt, she very nearly cried out in relief. But instead the lips and tongues returned to her weakened knees, repeating the erotic torture.

By the time their mouths reached her pussy a second time, Trudy couldn't take any more. Even she could smell the readily identifiable scent of her wet and eager cunt. Luckily the unseen men took mercy on her. The one on her left moved between her legs and, after peeling her lips apart, started feasting on her juice-coated slit.

"Ohhh!" she moaned out loud in grateful relief while desperately grinding her pussy against the mouth.

The person on her right kissed a moist, meandering trail up over her smooth, flat tummy. By this time there wasn't any belief that she was still sl**ping, so Trudy reached her hands down and gently cradled the back of the mystery person's head on the right. The mouth closed in on a bare breast and quickly attached to the erect nipple.

Her moans grew louder as two fingers slowly worked inside her wet canal. There were audible squishing, licking, and sucking sounds as the two digits fucked her cunt while lips and a tongue devoured her clitoris. The second mouth nibbled and bit on the swollen, aching tip of a breast. A hand cupped the other globe, squeezing on the firm mound while tweaking the hardened nub.

Trudy coiled her right arm around the head of the person sucking her boob and with her left anxiously pulled the mouth of the person eating her cunt even more tightly against her stimulated pussy. Her body was wildly writhing as she softly cried out. Her juice was flowing quite heavily and was dripping down the crack of her ass before soaking into the sheet below.

She didn't know or care who they were. Her mind was focused on the steadily increasing tingling heat in her pussy. The pressure of the thrusting fingers, the sensations triggered by the stimulation of her clit, and the wet, sucking lips on her sensitized nipple quickly had her on the verge of orgasm. The confluence of the different sources of attention had worked her into a sexual frenzy.

"Uh! Uhhh!" she cried out in sharp bursts while rapidly thrusting her cunt against the mouth.

At the same time, teeth bit down and fingers roughly pinched on her swollen nipples, generating unexpected jolts of sharp, stinging pain that seemed only to enhance her delight. As the joyous sensations filling her loins surged at once, an orgasm erupted.

Her already wildly writhing body was wet with perspiration. She clenched hard as the fire in her lower belly seemingly exploded. Tingling peals of pleasure radiated through her flesh like the flames of an immense fire, consuming her. Trudy gasped as her body was wracked with powerful, exhausting spasms of ecstasy. The intense, joyous waves of delight had her head spinning and closely flirting with the boundary of consciousness.

She wasn't sure how long her climax lasted but when it faded she was gasping for air, physically worn out, and drenched both with sweat and cunt juice. There was a noticeable puddle beneath her tight ass, as well.

The mouth sucking on her nipple retreated and then moved to her right ear. "I've missed you like crazy, cousin."

It took her a moment but the realization finally set in. "Cousin Pete!"

Overjoyed, she eagerly hugged his neck. Their mouths met in a kiss long overdue. Wet tongues hungrily entwined in a passionate embrace that warmed their hearts and rekindled the dormant desire they once shared.

"You two can catch up after I'm done," Uncle Wilson announced. "Get onto your hands and knees and scoot down a bit so I can get a feel of that juicy pussy of yours."

Trudy more than happily complied. She tugged on Pete's leg, encouraging him to join in as well. As the son knelt in front of Trudy's face, his father guided his stiff cock up to her cunt, grabbed her rounded hips, and eagerly thrust his prick inside. She wiggled her hips and pelvis as his strong thrusts allowed his prick to burrow deeper. His entire length was soon surrounded by the incredibly warm, wet, tight pleasure her body always so willingly provided to the f****y.

Once Trudy and her uncle had established a rhythmic motion, she blindly groped for Pete's cock and guided it to her lips. She eagerly smeared the leaking cum over her lips and licked the smooth head, delighting in the salty taste of his semen. It had been so long since she'd been able to do that and relished the opportunity. After focusing on the tip, her mouth eagerly devoured the rest of the shaft.

Pete gently held the sides of her head and began thrusting motions. Her body rocked back and forth, one cock pushing in as the other slid out. She licked and sucked enthusiastically on Pete's prick while uttering indiscernible groans of pleasure.

She still hadn't fully recovered from the earlier orgasm and fucked them both at a leisurely pace that never turned frantic. The slower movements were quite pleasing for all involved.

After the long dry spell Uncle Wilson was soon feeling the rising pleasure created by her amazing body. When he felt his balls drawing up against the base of his shaft he knew the time had come. As his muscled body strained in delight, his semen began its final ascent.

"Oh yeah! Uhnn! Uhnnn!" Wilson grunted aloud as his driving cock ejaculated a powerful filament of cum.

He kept pumping, his entire body stiffening with each successive squirt of seed. He emitted a loud gasp once he finished, and pulled out. He got off the bed and made a failed effort to reclaim his clothing in the dark room. He finally sighed in frustration and gave up altogether.

"You two have fun. I'll sl**p next door to give you two some privacy," Wilson finally announced, and let himself out after bumping quite hard into a dresser followed by a loud curse.

At this point Pete removed himself from Trudy's mouth and settled down alongside her.

"Goodnight, Uncle Wilson," her sweet voice called out.

Her words stopped him dead in his tracks. He turned towards the bed. "You too, darling; I'll see you in the morning."

After Wilson was gone and the door was closed Trudy cooed, "Only if you call mid-afternoon 'morning', because I'm about to wear out my cousin."

Although she couldn't see it, Trudy sensed Pete's wide grin.

He questioned, "Wear me out, huh?"

Trudy giggled playfully. "Hell, yeah! This is one Body by Britney that's going to get its money's worth tonight."

* * * * *

When Burt woke up the bedside clock was flashing 3:23 in bright red numbers. He got up, recovered his undershorts, and quietly slipped out of the room. He sl**pily walked up a flight of steps to the main level and wandered into the kitchen, aided by a series of evenly spaced night lights. A very large, black side-by-side refrigerator/freezer was surrounded by beautiful mahogany-faced cabinets.

Without being sure what it was he was hunting for, he opened cabinets and drawers until he'd located a beautiful china bowl and a tablespoon. When he opened the freezer light flooded the room, temporarily blinding his eyes. Once they recovered he looked through the large quantity of food and found an inviting bucket of ice cream. After removing it, Burt eagerly filled his bowl on the counter and returned the bucket to the freezer before sitting down at a table.

Feeling as if something was missing, he got up and peeked into the refrigerator. When his eyes spied a jar of strawberry topping, he snatched it up and sat back down. He glazed the frozen vanilla mountain with the sweet red topping and, as had been habit for as long as he could remember, used the bottom of the spoon to mash the ice cream and topping.

With a determined effort he kept mashing and mixing, mashing and mixing, until the ice cream had the consistency of a thick milkshake. Then, and only then, did he finally imbibe.

"It's better with Kahlua."

Burt's head turned toward the voice and saw Amber standing in the doorway, her body naked, and looking so damned sexy. "Kahlua?"

She slowly approached, making a sexy show as her hips swayed and full, firm breasts shifted. "Oh, yeah; vanilla ice cream and Kahlua is heaven on earth, and if you eat enough you catch a buzz to boot. It's the best of both worlds."

Burt slowly nodded his head from side to side in disbelief. For being so young, Amber sure had a firm grasp of what she liked. She sat down beside him and cuddled against his right side. He transferred the spoon handle to his left hand and moved his right arm around her shoulders, pulling her tightly against him.

"Why do you do that?" she wondered aloud as he subconsciously kept mashing and mixing.

Her question suspended his routine action. "Sorry, just an old habit, I guess."

"Can I have a bite?"

As he dipped the spoon into the quasi-solid confection she commented, "I think Uncle Wilson and Cousin Pete are here. They went into Trudy's room. I heard her moaning."

He guided the spoon to her mouth, where she made a sexy show of licking and sucking the vanilla-strawberry mixture before swallowing.

"They're not an uncle or cousin to you," he gently reminded her.

She shrugged her shoulders, exhibiting her care-free Colorado attitude. "So what? You're not my father, Nash is, but I feel like you're one to me. Judy and Trudy are cousins, but they've become my s****rs. Why put labels on people, anyway? Just live life and love who you want when you want, that's what I think."

Her beautiful eyes narrowed in a playfully challenging way, but he knew better than to bite on that bait and get his mouth hooked on the sharp hook attached.

Burt looked into her eyes with an intent look on his face. She cringed a little while expecting a tirade in retribution for her cavalier remarks, yet defiantly stood her ground.

His hardened look softened. She didn't know him well enough to know he'd been k**ding. "Does Nash have any Kahlua around here?"

Amber squealed in delight and went running off. Before Burt was able to swallow a third bite of mushy strawberry-vanilla ice cream she returned with a new, large bottle of the familiar liqueur with the recognizable dark yellow label attached. It was full to the brim with the treasured dark liqueur. There was a plastic zipping sound as the seal was broken.

"How big is that?" he asked in amazement.

"Enough to cover my body several times over," she squealed before excitedly running off.

Burt's eyes looked down at the perfectly formed semi-soft strawberry-vanilla mixture, and then next glanced toward the stairs leading to the lower level and her rapidly shaking ass. He picked up the bowl and ran in her direction

"Ahhh!" she squealed in utter delight, leading him back to their bed.

"I'm going to kick your ass!" Burt called out.

"I'd rather you fuck it!" she taunted him as her lovely form disappeared from view.

He bounded down the steps and made the turn at the bottom too quickly. His right side slammed against the wall, upending the icy cold bowl and spilling the contents all over his bare stomach. He cringed in response to the arctic blast that briefly shocked his system. After returning to Amber's bedroom he placed the nearly empty bowl on her dresser, slipped out of his undershorts, and secured the door before joining her.

"Eww! You're all cold!" she immediately complained as he pressed his body against hers.

"I had an accident."

She swiped the milky mess with a finger and sampled it. "Mmmm, a tasty mess. Roll onto your back and I'll take care of that."

Burt did, and Amber's lips and tongue eagerly cleaned his abdomen. He lay back and relaxed with his hands folded behind his head as her mouth attentively accounted for his accident. Once his belly was cleaned off, her tongue followed the milky trails where it had dripped down. Before he knew it her soft fingers were squeezing his scrotum and her mouth started sucking on his awakening penis.

"Oh, that feels wonderful," he softly groaned as his soft cock began hardening. Within a short time it was fully erect and anxiously throbbing.

Her mouth and hands retreated. He felt the mattress shifting as she sat up. The distinctive sound of glass scr****g against wood could be heard. Seconds later a thick liquid was being poured on top of his organ, which then dripped down the sides.

"Mmmm, the perfect late-night treat," Amber cooed as she put the bottle back on the bedside table and turned her attention to his manhood.

Her fingers resumed caressing his balls, ignoring the sticky syrup-like liqueur as it smeared all over them. She took his cock between her lips and deep-throated him, sliding her soft lips all the way down his shaft. He moved his hands to the sides of her head, guiding it up and down as his hips began fucking motions.

"You're amazing," he groaned in appreciation as the wet heat of her mouth had his balls tingling with life. Her muffled giggling could be heard in response.

She loved the sweet taste of Kahlua, enhanced even more by his salty musk flavor. Her mouth slowly bobbed up and down, sucking hard as her tongue swirled around his pulsating mass. Amber relaxed her throat as the bulbous tip briefly pushed down. Her lips pressed as far down his cock as they could go before sliding back up. The tremendous suction nearly lifted his body off the sheets.

Burt couldn't believe how good she was at sucking cock. All traces of sl**p had been cleared from his mind and his body was energized as never before. bl**d rushed to his penis and kept it throbbing with excitement. He shuddered in delight as her skilled mouth moved up and down his shaft. After several minutes of stimulation he felt his balls pulling tight against the base of his prick in preparation for ejaculation.

"Okay! Okay! That's enough," he piped up while reluctantly pushing her head away.

But Amber giggled and kept returning to his cock for another deep-throated taste. His hands found her shoulders and tried forcing her back, but she shrugged off his efforts to stall the orgasm. Finally he could no longer deny the powerful sensations of delight. He grasped her head and pulled down as his hips plunged his cock all the way into her throat.

His body tensed and convulsed, grunting aloud as he fired off a milky blast of hot semen. He took a breath and gasped again, ejaculating several more ribbons of thick cum into her mouth. He savored the wonderful spasms of ecstasy for as long as they lasted, and relaxed when his balls were drained. Only when Amber was certain she'd sucked him dry of every drop did her mouth finally release him.

She returned to his side, listening to his heavy breathing. He moved his right arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. "I was trying to make it last."
"I know, but I love the feeling of a man's body as he's cumming in my mouth, and you were so close it would've been a shame to miss out. Besides, your cum tastes too good to let the chance slip away."

She rolled onto her left side and placed the side of her face against his upper chest. The palm and fingers of her right hand lazily stroked his smooth stomach.

"But that just leaves you hanging and it's not right," he complained.

"That's fine, I'm tired anyway. Just lie still so I can go to sl**p."

He thought about it for a few moments, and then reached his left hand out while trying to feel for the bottle he knew was beside the bed. When his fingers tapped against it the bottle shifted, and the scr****g noise tipped her off.

"Are you trying to be sneaky?" she asked in a playfully accusing tone.

"Me? What on earth would give you that idea?" Burt innocently responded as he wrapped his fingers around the neck and pulled it towards them.

Amber giggled. "Oh, I don't know, maybe I'm just a suspicious person. You know, I think I might sl**p better if I lie on my back with my legs wide apart. You're not the kind of guy to take advantage of a girl in such a helpless position, are you?"

He played along. "No, of course not. You can trust me completely, I'm a perfect gentleman."

Her voice turned seductive. "Do you promise?"

Burt grinned and moved his lips to her left ear. "Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. I'm a man of my word. Do you really want that promise?"

She softly laughed. "I guess not."

"That's what I thought."

Burt sat up, uncapped the bottle, and got up on his knees. He blindly felt for her body and positioned himself above Amber, his knees between hers. He estimated her approximate position and began pouring from the center of her upper chest all the way down to her crotch.

When he heard the stream of liqueur hitting the sheets he quickly stopped, replaced the cap, and placed the bottle on the bed within arm's reach in case more was needed. He could hear her hands smearing the liqueur over her skin in preparation for what she knew was coming next.

He leaned over and rested his weight on his lower arms. His lips first found her mouth, and their tongues passionately entwined. Amber's mouth was laced with a unique blend of flavors; her usual taste, added with the salty remnants of his cum and the alcohol-tinged sweetness of the liqueur. Burt loved it, and kissed her for far longer than he'd intended. For several minutes their tongues eagerly wrestled, until he finally grew anxious to sample the rest of her lovely body.

Burt kissed a trail down the front of her neck and nuzzled the base. That was where he encountered the first drying glaze of syrupy liqueur. She softly giggled as his tongue licked at the skin, removing the flavorful confection. His mouth moved from side to side and lowered after each horizontal swath. He could feel her luscious body shuddering in delight as she enjoyed the stimulation his mouth was providing.

His mouth next zeroed in on a tempting breast. His tongue made large, lazy circles that slowly closed in on the erect nipple while lapping at the drying liqueur. Her body was shaking uncontrollably the closer his mouth got. The tip hardened and surged with excitement as he devoured the succulent swell. Amber's pussy throbbed with excitement and began leaking juice.

"Oh, God!" she moaned out loud as the swollen tip was sucked between his lips. She anxiously squirmed as his front teeth sc****d up and down the sensitive shaft.

Burt slid a hand between her legs. The fingers teased her cunt by ever so lightly brushing along the moistened outer lips. Her hips started thrusting in their direction, eager for the stimulating pressure which he continued to deny her. Amber was quickly worked into a sexual frenzy.

His mouth abandoned the nipple and traversed the valley between her mountains of flesh. He compressed her breasts against his cheeks, shamelessly delighting in their soft warmth. His lips and tongue climbed to the opposite peak, sucking clean the second nub. He smiled to himself as he felt her lithe body restlessly shuddering beneath his.

"Oh, yes... I'm so hot... Fuck my cunt..." she weakly groaned.

But Burt's fingers only teased her fragile petals. The ridged pads were dampened with her wetness. As badly as Amber wanted him to thrust his fingers inside of her canal, he denied her the simple pleasure. Her hips and pelvis anxiously shifted in an effort to convince him otherwise.

"Please, fuck me!" she pleaded in a desperate tone.

His wet tongue batted at the bottom portion of her breast and then ever so lazily began cleaning the liqueur off her smooth, flat belly. She squirmed like never before as her throbbing pussy ached for attention. Her hands pressed against the top of his head and pushed him down. Burt resisted, but her strength was surprising.

He quickly discovered his mouth was at the rise of her hairless love mound. He licked at the last remnants of drying Kahlua before pressing his lips upon her steamy cunt.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Eat my hot pussy!" Amber exclaimed, punctuated by loud gasps of wondrous delight. Her hands drew his face tightly against her thrusting pelvis. Burt pressed the folds open with his fingers while licking the length of her hot, juicy slit. Her body was crazily writhing as his wet muscle eagerly explored, savoring the tangy wetness. He finally intertwined two middle fingers of his right hand and pushed them into her canal. They sank into her wet flesh with an audible squishing sound.

"Yes! Oh, God! So good!" she frantically cried out.

Burt's lips encircled the enlarged clitoris as his fingers fucked her cunt. His tongue swirled around the sensitized nub as his left hand held onto her wildly thrusting hips. The two fingers, soaked with essence, pumped into her canal, twisting and wiggling to add to her pleasure.

Her words faded, replaced by breathless moaning. Her energized body quaked as it leaked juice and perspiration. He worked the fingers in and out of her love muscle while nibbling on the clit. Amber rotated her pelvis upwards and desperately rammed her sex against his mouth. Tingling warmth filled her loins and slowly began intensifying.

His left hand released her hip and reached up to a boob. His fingers squeezed and twisted hard on the erect nipple, sending jolts of stinging pain through her flesh that stole the breath from her lungs. The scr****g of his teeth on the tiny shaft of her clitoris was the final act that ushered in an orgasm.

Amber's body clenched hard as she climaxed. She curled up around his head and pulled his mouth tightly against her cunt while convulsing in strong spasms of ecstasy. Juice briefly flooded her pussy as her vibrating form radiated with sexual energy. Amber shook as she groaned, grinding her cunt upon his lips as joyous tingling heat rippled through her writhing body. For several glorious seconds all that mattered was her intense pleasure as Burt's face was glazed with leaking essence.

"Ohhh!" she sighed at the end as her body uncurled and lay back on the sweat-moistened sheets. A distinct puddle of wetness remained beneath her shapely ass.

Burt lapped at the tangy offering a few moments longer before retreating and lying alongside her.

"Thanks for that," she purred gratefully.

He pulled Amber's beautiful, warm body into his arms and spooned her. After kissing the side of her neck he whispered, "You're more than welcome."

* * * * *

Judy woke up early, vacated Nash's bed, pulled a blanket around her naked body, and slipped out of the room. Her ass was still sore. She couldn't believe how big Nash's cock was when he was sexually aroused, and he'd fucked her twice up the butt.

"But I'm his bitch now," she proudly announced to herself as she descended the steps to the main floor.

After nosing through the kitchen and realizing she was the first one up, Judy returned to the living room and knelt before the fireplace on the white bearskin rug. Only embers remained, but they still radiated a smoldering heat that chased away the early morning Colorado chill. Her fingers subconsciously rubbed on the dark hickey Nash had tattooed her with.

When Judy heard footsteps behind her she didn't bother looking. The unseen person sat down on the couch behind her.

"Good morning," she politely greeted the unseen relative.

"Good morning, darling," a man's voice responded.

Her head immediately turned around. When she recognized who it was she quickly got up and ran to him while joyously shouting out, "Uncle Wilson!"

Her hands let go of the blanket, which fluttered silently to the floor. She leapt onto his lap, landing on the couch on her knees, straddling his thighs. Judy's mouth immediately attached to his, her wet tongue excitedly snaking around his. After kissing deeply for several moments, Wilson separated his lips from hers.

"Whoa, give a guy a second to wake up," he pleaded with the exuberant niece.

"I can't believe you're finally here!" Judy exclaimed. "What took you so long?"

"The truck broke down," he quickly explained. "But we're here now, and that's what matters."

Judy was still beaming with excitement and coiled her arms tightly around his neck. "I've really missed you."

He hugged her back. "Believe me, I've missed you two girls like crazy. Thoughts of you twins are what get me through the lonely nights."

She leaned back and looked into his eyes. "The nights you spend here won't be lonely, I can promise you that!"

Wilson grinned. "I know, darling. Thanks."

"Does Trudy know you're here?"

He softly chuckled. "Oh, you could say I bumped into her a few times last night."

Judy was confused at first, but the playful smile illuminated his point. "How about bumping into me a few times?"

"How about you make your dear old uncle some coffee first?"

She eagerly backed off his lap and scurried, nude, into the kitchen. In her absence Wilson alternated between gazing out a large picture window at the gorgeous mountain countryside, and enjoying the sight of the glowing embers. Noticing the pile of wood neatly stacked beside the hearth, he added several logs and stoked the fire until yellow flames began licking around the dry wood.

Judy returned a short while later with a big mug of steaming hot coffee. His eyes narrowed with curiosity when he noticed her breasts were covered with a thick, yellowish paste.

"What on earth?" he questioned as she returned to his lap.

"I brought you some breakfast too," Judy explained. "It's pancake batter, and nicely warm. Could you try some?"

He accepted the cup of coffee and took several sips. "Oh, that's good. You still haven't forgotten how I like it. Okay, now I'll try a bite."

As he leaned forward Judy arched her back, pushing her breasts closer. His lips opened and tongue extended, slowly licking away a small patch on the sloping underside of a perky swell. Her voice softly moaned in appreciation.

"Hmm, that is good, and sweet," he announced.

"I mixed in some maple syrup. Keep eating."

Wilson did, clearing away the paste while saving the painted nipple for last. At the end he sucked the tip and a good portion of the mound into his mouth and nibbled on the luscious flesh. The stimulation soon had Judy squirming on his lap while she anxiously rubbed her awakening cunt against his crotch. It began seeping with wetness as her body grew aroused.

"Harder, Uncle, make it sting!"

His teeth roughly clamped down around the base of the erect nipple shaft, pulled back while stretching it, and then he allowed his front teeth to sc**** along the length. Judy twitched and cried out as stinging sensations jolted her flesh. The tingling heat in her pussy intensified with the slight pain. Her juice was readily flowing, dripping from the outer folds and onto the front of his gym shorts. Wilson was also growing aroused. She could feel the promise of his rising bulge.

His mouth shifted to the opposing breast and repeated the erotic meal. After eating away the sides of her swell his lips focused on the nipple. This time Judy didn't have to ask to make it sting. After devouring the sweetened batter, his teeth roughly chewed on the diamond-hard tip.

"Ohhh!" Judy cried out as sharp, powerful stinging jolts shocked her system. "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!"

His arms pulled her down as his pelvis rotated upward, grinding his bulge against her hot cunt. Even through the fabric he could feel the warmth. Leaking cum and oozing juice quickly soaked into the fabric.

"Ahhh!" her voice weakly groaned as his teeth abused the sore, aching nipple one last time.

"Fuck me, please, Uncle Wilson," Judy desperately pleaded. "I need you so bad!"

Her hands reached down, peeling the front of his shorts away and exposing his hard cock. Her fingers embraced the pulsating shaft and pulled up on it, sensing a heavy drop of cum forming at the tip. She wiped it away with a finger and anxiously licked it clean.

Wilson cupped his niece's face and kissed her delicious lips. Their tongues entwined in deep, passionate kisses. He slowly leaned her body to his left, where there was plenty of couch remaining. Judy held her right arm out and lowered her weight onto the limb for support. She quickly lay down on her back, legs fully apart. Wilson slipped out of the shorts and laid down on top, between her quivering thighs.

"It's been so long," she whispered, anxious to feel his cock fucking her horny pussy once more.

He pushed between the lips and slid the tip up and down her wet valley several times, moistening himself with hot juice before placing it at her opening. His hips thrust forward, forcing her tight cunt to stretch wide, and penetrated. She squirmed beneath him, vibrating her hips as he worked his cock deeper inside. She held onto his broad shoulders as his powerful motions pushed her into the cushions.

Judy rotated her pelvis up and gripped his waist between her thighs. She breathlessly moaned while fucking him back with all of the strength her small frame contained. Their bodies quickly overheated as the passion of their reunion continued to grow. Perspiration formed and rolled off their writhing bodies as they loved one another with the gorgeous Colorado Rockies in the background.

"So good..." she whispered. "Deeper..."

Wilson was really working his hips as his stiff cock burrowed further into her tight, shuddering cunt. He finally penetrated all the way, enjoying the glorious feeling of her tight, hot pussy wrapped around all of him. He pulled out nearly all the way and began fucking her with long, hard, driving thrusts. Her arms coiled around his neck and held on as he nailed her cunt with everything he had.

"Oh, God!" she cried out as a tingling ball of fire formed in her loins.

The orbs pulled up tightly against the base of his shaft as the head slid back and forth along the velvet-smooth walls of her wondrous canal. His niece felt so delightful that it very nearly brought tears of joyful relief to his eyes.

The squishing and slapping sounds of their meshing bodies grew louder the wetter they became. Footsteps sounded several times as others began to stir and passed through, oblivious as to what was happening on the couch. Wilson fucked Judy with rabbit-like speed, plunging into her core again and again. She lay beneath and did all that she could to maximize her own pleasure. After many minutes had elapsed, she felt orgasm rapidly approaching.

"Almost... Almost... So close.." she breathlessly announced.

And then it happened. Her entire body tightened around him with all the strength that remained. Arms and legs coiled around his body, and her pussy constricted around his cock like a vise. She weakly cried out as her form wildly twitched. The ball of concentrated tingling heat suddenly flared, sending powerful sensations of delight rushing through her. Juice surrounded his shaft and leaked down the crack of her ass as she climaxed.

Wilson couldn't take any more. He buried his penis as deeply as it would go and sighed with relief as he climaxed as well. His body clenched hard as the tingling pressure in his balls sent a brief stream of cum splattering deeply into her belly. He fucked her just a few more times, grunting in amazed delight with each ejaculation, filling her cunt with a heavy load. When his balls were finally empty he lifted his head and looked down at her sweaty, reddened face.

"That was wonderful."

She was radiantly beaming with happiness and grinned back. "I wanted to give you a special breakfast."

"You sure did, darling," he concurred. "Those were the best damned pancakes I ever had, hands down."

Judy giggled, feeling so glad that he appreciated her imagination. Their mouths softly kissed.

Before getting up Wilson admitted, "I can hardly wait to see what's for lunch."

* * * * *

Trudy woke up when she felt Pete's body moving. Peering through half-opened eyes she hugged his waist. "No, please don't leave me yet."

"We get up early on the farm, and I can't lie here any longer," he tried to explain. "Come on, get up with me and we'll see what we can find for breakfast. I'm sure some of the others are up by now as well."

She refused to let him go. "No, Pete. Come on. I treated you very well last night, didn't I?"

A wide grin appeared on his face. "Several times, but I've been lying here for an hour staring up at the ceiling. I want to get moving."

"No!" she loudly protested.

Pete knew better than to make any woman mad. He relented and returned to her side, briefly kissing those sweet lips.

"If you get up with me we can have something to eat and check out the woods," he tempted her in a sexy voice. "We can breathe in the fresh mountain air, smell the pine trees, and find ourselves a private place to fuck like a couple of wild a****ls."

Trudy tried to act annoyed but his words elicited her giggling. "Okay, I'll get up. But you better not be k**ding about the woods."

He hugged her tightly and pressed his lips to an ear. "I am so not k**ding."
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