It was a hot and sultry July day and it was a time in my life when I was able to relax, probably for the first time, having just completed my exams and looking forward to going off to university.

I had been off since late June, had become deeply bored and so had volunteered to play for the 2nd eleven each weekend. I was OK at cricket and that particular day we had been lucky enough to win comfortably.

And so it was that we had showered and changed and were heading up the gravel driveway to Simon's house at around 6 pm, the car wheels made a crunching sound against the shingle through the wide open windows as we pulled up behind his father's large blue Mercedes.

Simon, the captain and star player, had invited both myself and Norman, the pick of the other bowlers, back to his house for a celebratory BBQ in the summer house at the end of his father's garden.

Simon was athletically built, powerful and a good all rounder, tall and stocky with short dark hair. He was fiercely competitive and had lead the team really well, scored a few runs and taken three wickets -- you couldn't ask for more. Norman and I had cleared the rest up and so were proud of ourselves and high spirited as we drew up at the end of the long and secluded drive.

Simon's house was a large1930's detached, probably with four or five bedrooms. It was up a narrow and leafy lane adjacent to the golf course -- the back garden backed on to one of the fairways.

We didn't go into the house, we walked down the side and along a path lined on one side by a thick ash hedge, neatly clipped into a straight and tall barrier.

The house was on top of a ridge that overlooked the golf course, the garden fell away in a gentle slope and was levelled into three terraces, each with a lawn and trees forming a hedge.

Simon's father had recently re-married, his mother had died suddenly and tragically three or so years before. I remember how Simon had been cut up about his loss and now that his step mom was the former housekeeper he wasn't keen to talk about it. He took a pragmatic view saying that he would be away to university and out of it soon in any case.

The summer house was on the bottom terrace, in a secluded glade and not visible from the main house. It was cosy and set up as a den. It had power and running water. It even had a toilet and was quiet self contained. Made of stained wood it sported a fenced in wooden decked veranda, a row of six glass panelled doors at the entrance and a main lobby. Inside which, at the centre was a full sized pool table, over the doors, in the pitch of the roof, was a large flat screen television, connected to a DVD player behind the bar in the opposite corner. The bar was well set up, it had a row of four stools, a small fridge, sink, ice maker, a row of optics (all empty) and plenty of clean glasses behind the counter.

To the right there was comfortable and plush four seat corner settee which would double up as a bunk for Norman and I later. We dumped our sl**ping bags behind the L shaped couch and helped Simon to pull the gas BBQ outside and on to the lawn in front of the doors.

Simon lit the gas, went off to the house and returned a few minutes later with some meat, a large crate of beer, cool and ready to drink and a DVD tucked into his shorts. Simon placed the crate behind the bar and loaded the fridge with the cans Norman and I had bought with us earlier -- we were well set.

Norman was tall and gangly, his long legs looked thin and weedy in his tight shorts. He had a dark complexion, brown eyes and wore a figure hugging black tee shirt. He was a quiet lad but had a steely edge to his sporting performance, the ideal competitor.

For my part I was in denim shorts, cut off jeans that had frayed edges and a plain white tee shirt. I was the shortest of the gang, although still around the six foot mark. My dark hair was cut short but at least my torso was a match for Simon's, not that I had been working out but he did make me pump up every time he stood next to me.

Simon was warm and welcoming and put me at my ease. Norman for his part was a veteran of these bashes and took everything in his stride.

We ate, played pool in turns and drank. Simon put the DVD on and clutched the remote jealously.

"Just in case someone comes." He said pressing the button and looking up at the screen.

It was porn downloaded from the Internet. Simon and Norman grinned as a German title flashed across the screen. Simon turned the sound down and we continued our game.

Simon was intensely competitive, he hated losing at anything, cricket or pool and dominated in "winner stays on" at the table.

The view over the golf course from the summer house was stunning. At around ten PM the light was drawing in and the last of the golfers had made their way off the course, the mowers fell silent and the sheltered glade fell still. There was almost no breeze as the heat and humidity of the day lingered.

I was bending over the table when I heard a girl's voice from the darkness behind me, through the open doors.

"Boys night in I see." The short and stocky figure said as she slipped in almost silently, her hands behind her.

There was a second person approaching through the darkness. Simon fumbled with the remote, switching the television to fuzz.

"Its OK, we both know what you get up to down here." It was difficult to deny it when all of us were sporting large bulges in our shorts.

"Evening Paula." Simon said. "Everyone, this is Paula." He said bending to take his shot. "And this is Kerry, my s****r. Paula is my, er, um, step s****r, she moved in in June."

A statuesque vision entered the small wooden room. She was tall and athletic, a female version of Simon, although better looking and not so broad shouldered.

"Kerry is Simon's twin." Norman whispered to me as he passed me, studying the table for the ultimate shot.

"Hi, there." Kerry announced in a soft and genteel tone.

I looked up and into her deep brown eyes, dipping them to catch sight of her athletic and toned body. I learned later that she was into tennis and was equally as competitive as Simon. She had gone to the girl's grammar school whilst Simon, Norman and I had gone to the boy's school.

Her hair was the same colour as Simon's, almost jet black, cut straight to collar length, immaculately parted down the centre and with a deep and glossy shine. She sported a healthy tan and had amazingly sexy mouth with an enchanting smile.

Paula was considerably shorter than Kerry. She had dyed blonde hair with black roots and bushy black eyebrows. She was stocky, perhaps on the rotund side with a large frame, corpulent backside and hips. She had equally liberal boobs that bounced generously as she moved around the small timber lobby.

Although less stunning than Kerry, she had a pretty face, a pale complexion, clear blue eyes and high cheek bones dotted with a few freckles. She had gone to the local comprehensive and like us had just finished her exams, but unlike us wasn't going off to university.

She had a harsh voice and a deep local accent and sported a rather large chip on her shoulder -- definitely from the wrong side of the tracks!

Both girls were bare footed and bedecked in tight shorts and hugging tee shirts. I couldn't make out the tell tale shape of a bra on either but could barely tear my stare from Kerry's long and shapely legs.

Paula was a dominant with a strong personality. She had Kerry under her spell and there was obviously a power game afoot with Simon, as she circled the pool table where he was finishing his game.

"I'll play next." She said in an almost combative tone.

"Is that all you've got to drink?" She added disdainfully. "What a bunch of losers. Here!" She said slamming a bottle of tequila down on the bar top. Kerry approached and did the same with a bottle of vodka, both having been secreted out of the house.

Norman and I looked on in stunned silence.

Kerry went behind the bar and set up two rows of shot glasses.

"Come on then. I bet we can drink you lot under the table. What do you say, the winner breaks off?" Paula turned to Simon as he planted the black ball into the corner pocket.

"OK, game on." He grabbed the vodka and filled the eight glasses stacked in a neat row.

Norman counted Paula and Simon down. With two hands each they grabbed and downed the glasses. Paula narrowly beat Simon to the punch, his eyes almost glowed red as she broke off at the table.

Paula was like some kind of a she devil. She had some kind of a power over Kerry who simply and hypnotically followed her lead. Simon obviously didn't approve and the tension in the room was palpable.

Kerry lined up another row of glasses and took on Norman. Throughout the game each of the girls rook turns to take on one of us on with the shots - Paula with vodka and Kerry with tequila. By the end of the first game the spirit bottles were almost empty and each of the girls had opened a beer.

Paula was good at pool, almost as good as Simon and after a deft closing shot was hailed by Kerry as the champion.

"How's about boys versus girls?" Kerry suggested, trying to calm the atmosphere a little. "Losers pay a forfeit."

"What forfeit?" Simon demanded.

"We'll decide when we beat you hollow." Paula said confidently blowing chalk off the tip of her cue.

Norman and I stepped up to the plate. I was starting to feel the effects of the spirits as I stood for my first shot. The girls for their part played up, each trying to put us off our shots -- brushing passed us with their breasts, bending over, showing us both cleavage and ass -- generally having a lark. Simon was furious, he strutted around and branded them cheats.

"Sit down and chill." Kerry demanded.

Simon did as he was ordered and sat slumped on the sofa. Paula blew him a kiss and winked at him in a way that was designed to make his bl**d boil further. She and Kerry continued to distract us at the table with a mixture of verbal innuendo and physical suggestion. The inevitable happened - the girls won.

"I know a great forfeit." Paula said with a playful glint in her eye. "OK boys. Strip and do a lap of the glade naked."

After a few groans and threats we complied. Norman and I had been affected by the antics of the lasses and were, dare I say, less than flaccid.

Paula and Kerry giggled almost uncontrollably as we peeled down our shorts. Kerry stared open mouthed at Norman who was very well endowed. Paula's gaze was fixed on Simon, who had also been included in the dare and had been f***ed to strip.

We duly cavorted around the lawn for their pleasure and amusement. The noise of Norman's dick slapping against his flat stomach drew howls of laughter from the girls as he leaped and jumped about the glade bathed in the light from the small wooden building.

The girls were still chuckling as we came back in and returned to the spots where we had left our clothes. Of course they weren't there, the girls had hidden them.

"Who said you could get dressed again?" Paula teased as we continued the search. "Game for a re-match?" She asked in a tone that she knew would goad Simon into it.

Simon grabbed the cue from Kerry, "OK, you're on. Come on Norman." He said, recognising that pool wasn't my game.

The drink was really kicking in - I sat on the sofa watching the game in a kind of detached bubble.

I noticed that Paula kept standing behind Simon and Kerry behind Norman when each took their shot. The girls licked their lips suggestively and made the odd attempt to brush up against a naked butt but, by and large, were less off putting.

I am not sure what would have happened if Simon had lost but mercifully he didn't -- the boys won with a triumphant cheer as Norman sunk the black.

The girls seemed quieter and more thoughtful than before, perhaps the first signs of a different kind of tension that had crept in to the proceedings.

"OK you two. Strip for us and give us a real show." Simon demanded victoriously.

"We'll need some music." Paula said in a primative attempt to delay things.

Norman fumbled in his bag and produced his mobile phone. He pressed a few buttons and music rang out. The girls placed the butts of the cues in each corner pocket and proceeded to use them as poles.

They weren't bad, they swung, dipped and gyrated sexily in time with the music. We cheered as each stared to pull at their top, tantalising and teasing us by raising and lowering the thin material higher each time. At last Kerry's ample breast tumbled into view. I glanced across at Simon who had his eyes firmly fixed on Paula. He gasped openly as her larger and fuller breast fell into view.

Each girl peeled her tee shirt off, almost in perfect time as the first song finished.

Norman madly pressed more buttons until the music again flowed. Simon motioned with his finger for the girls to drop their shorts. The bent and provocatively sticking their asses into the air slowly pulled their tight shorts over their hips to reveal their smooth butt cheeks and the skimpiest set of matching thongs that I had ever seen.

The bulges of their clams were barely covered by the thin strip of material. Kerry's were yellow and Paula's were pale blue, each thin strip disappeared into the cleft of their ass as they continued to pull their shorts down their shapely thighs.

Kicking them off they spun around to show an equally revealing lack of material over their pubic regions. I am sure all of us lads there studied the edges for any tell tale signs of wispy pubes lurking beneath.

They started to put on a show for us, holding their breasts, gyrating and moving together, flamboyantly pouting and strutting in time with the rhythm.

They giggled as they accidently rubbed nipples, but each reacted in the same way -- springing to an erection. As had my cock - even in my d***ken state.

At last each rolled their thumbs into the thin waistband of their underwear. After a few teasing pulls they spun in tandem and pulled them down. They bent, trapping the thin string in their ass crack as long as they could before it sprang out and away. They both raised themselves up at that exact moment and hid their naked and exposed clams from our expectant and probing stare.

It was almost as if they had been practising, so perfect was their timing. Norman, Simon and I had long since stopped talking and all sat wide eyed, our gazes each fixed at a crotch awaiting the grand finale.

As the song faded they spun, cupping their hands over their muffs and with a final flurry pulled them away to reveal a pair of the most perfectly shaven and smooth cunts I had ever seen.

Kerry's slender and neat slit was puffing open as she gazed at the array of hard and ready cocks before her. Paula hid her more fleshy gash effectively, keeping her legs closer together and only allowing the merest of flash of anything but her smooth and pale pubic region.

"There." Said Paula. "Now you see 'em -- what next?" She said eyeing the obvious hard-ons we were all sporting. She licked her lips involuntarily.

"What about a decider?" Kerry suggested, her eyes fixed on Norman's huge member.

"OK then but we'll decide the forfeit and no backing out." Simon demanded as he gathered their clothes and tossed them behind the bar. "Fair's fair."

"OK." Paula nodded in acknowledgement, "But only if you win, but be prepared for anything, before, during and after." Paula retorted with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Kerry broke off for the naked contest. I studied her dangling tits intently as she leant over the table and took her shot. I hoped beyond hope that she would have a shot in front of me so that I could watch her ass as she bent over the table.

The girls were full of devilment, each targeting one of the players. They bent lavishly at the table, wiggling their bare butts with each shot. They rubbed and kneaded their exposed tits, pinched at their nipples and licked their lips provocatively as the game progressed.

They were giggling but must have been suffering from the booze as were we all. I noticed that Kerry's speech had become a little slurred but Paula seemed quite immune to it all, she seemed sharp and in control.

After a few poor shots things looked bad for the girls. Paula whispered something in Kerry's ear, she seemed shocked but giggled and nodded. They stood opposite from Norman as he lined up, each made a grab for the other's left breast and began to massage it sexily, heaving and acting out a pretend orgasm.

Norman missed -- this was their cue. At each shot the sexual interference became more extreme, innuendo had been replaced by flagrant sexual exhibitionism.

At Simon's next shot Paula bent in front of him and inserted a finger into her gash. Not content with that she withdrew, circled her asshole and thrust it in, right up to the knuckle. As the ball rebounded off the pocket and out she turned and sucked her finger clean with as innocent an expression as she could muster.

Norman found it hard to mount the table as his cock was at full attention, much to the girl's amusement. This time Kerry ran the cue butt along her cunt, then Paula knelt before Kerry, stuck her tongue out and made an imaginary pass at her cleanly shaven snatch. Gaining no reaction from him Kerry f***ed Paula's face to her groin, only their laughter was stopping the sexual tension boiling over.

Paula stood and made a grab for Kerry's cunt and ran a finger along the smooth slit.

"My God, you are wet." She said in surprise. Kerry blushed but took the bait, she spread her cunt lips wide open and flicked the exposed nub of her erect clit, directly in Norman's eye line.

Norman nearly fell off the table, but the ploy worked - they successfully called a foul as his rock hard dick brushed against a ball.

By now the girls were giggling so hard that neither could hit a barn door and Simon killed the game with a long shot. -- in spite of Paula's party piece -- sucking her own nipple.

The mood had changed - Kerry was sat on Norman's knee and was deep kissing him and Paula had a profound look of lust in her eyes every time she looked at Simon or rather at his rampant cock.

"What about the forfeit?" Simon said as he moved towards the bar. He grabbed the remote and demanded his prize, "What ever they do in the video you two must do now."

Simon knew exactly what he was doing, he pressed play and skipped to a part of the DVD he obviously knew well.

I am not sure at what point it had happened but the competition and the unashamed lust had over overtaken any sense of morality in the room. None of us took note or even cared at that moment as the video flickered into life above the open glass panelled doors.

I am no German speaking expert but I am sure the word "s****rs" flashed across the screen as the highlights as what would follow cut in.

"My God that is pervy - are you sure?" Paula questioned in astonishment.

The whole room fell silent, I think we all realised that Simon fantasised about his s****r and Paula getting it on.

"I've seen worse." Kerry blurted out. "In fact I can think of much dirtier things we could do for them." She said brazenly playing up to it.

Simon fast forwarded to a lesbian scene.

"OK then, give us a show." He said, looking straight at Paula, daring her to back out.

She gulped as she grabbed the back of Kerry's head. She planted a deep kiss on her lips and made a grab for her left breast. They each climbed on to the pool table locked in their embrace, brushing away the remaining balls as they fell together. Each girl looked up at the screen and tried to emulate the action.

The scene was the usual stuff, plenty of huff and puffing as two girls played at being lesbian on the screen. The two on the pool table were a little different. Paula sucked Kerry's tits with great skill and soon had her writhing and panting in ecstasy.

With a little reluctance she made her way to Kerry's open crack and gave oral homage. She delicately flicked her tongue over Kerry's clit, drawing audible gasps of delight. Then in went her fingers, first one, then two, finally three as she frigged her step s****r deeply, dipping occasionally to administer a few flicks of her wet and eager tongue on Kerry's hard and swollen clit.

We all ignored the screen as Kerry came in a series of loud pants, her body shook and her hips bucked madly against Paula's rapidly frigging hand.

The room fell silent except for the muffled wailings of the Germans on the screen and the sound of Kerry's breathing.

Paula looked up at the screen as the next scene started. This time one of the girls was at the mercy of two men, one with a huge cock, almost as big as Norman's.

"Come on then you fuckers." Paula turned to Norman and Simon and shouted in a belligerent tone. "I'll take you two bastards on now and let's see who comes first."

She was still on her knees still at Kerry's groin as Simon moved in to massage her ample backside.

"Don't just stand there -- stick it in." She demanded. "Norman get up here. " She barked as Kerry rolled off the table and staggered towards me on the sofa.

Kerry smelled of sex as she sat next to me. She was dead d***k, her look was almost fixed but her eyes burned with pure passion. Her cunt lips were hanging open and she virtually shook with excitement and anticipation. I made a vain attempt at stopping her but was soon brushed aside as her head fell into my lap and she took my cock into her hot mouth.

I sat and watched the show unfolding on the pool table before me. Simon was fucking Paula from behind as she thrust her hips up and backwards. Norman, now on the pool table, knelt before her and was getting sucked off, spit roast style.

Paula was accomplished at blowing, Kerry and I watched in awe as Norman's thick tool disappeared, inch by inch, deep into her throat. With a few gagging and slurping sounds she f***ed her head up and down and started to fuck him orally.

Kerry's hand strayed to her quim and she started stroking her clit in time with Paula's movements.

Norman didn't last long, his face twisted as he came with a deep and guttural roar. He thrust his hips wildly forward forcing his cock deep down Paula's gullet. She took it all, she grabbed and cupped his bare and clenching arse towards her yawning mouth as he pumped his thick come down her accepting throat.

Simon continued to pump into her from behind enjoying the show. He was on tip toe but then started to sway uncontrollably. He kept grabbing for Paula's rump and the table edge but kept slipping out. Eventually Paula jumped off the table and stood in frustration.

"Simon get on there and Norman you stand there." She rearranged them with Simon lying on his back on the table, his legs over the end and Norman standing to one side. She straddled Simon, mounted his cock and leaned across to take Norman back into her mouth, attempting to maintain his now failing hard on.

Simon had reached a state of near collapse. By his expression the booze had hit home and he was struggling to remain with it. His dick, however, remained defiantly hard as Paula continued to ride it hard and deep.

Norman too was struggling, he too swayed and made a grab for the table edge. His cock visibly withered as Paula struggled to maintain its stiffness. In desperation she started to jerk him off manually.

Paula increased her speed on Simon's dick, it was almost a blur as it sped in and out of her sopping snatch. I admired her dexterity as she continued to wank Norman off whilst her eyes were fixed, laser like, on Kerry sucking at my tool.

Kerry increased the speed of her frigging in time with Paula. She gave up my cock as her arousal mounted. I felt the heat of her breath as it spilled over my wet cock and balls.

"Come on you bastard, give it up for me. Come you bastard. Come...." She screamed throwing her head back.

Kerry's hand was almost a blur too, she stuttered as she came for a second time, her eyes fixed on her b*****r's cock being wanked off, deep into Paula's gripping and hairless pussy.

"Oh God!" Paula erupted as she drove hard down on Simon's thick cock. "I knew I could get you off first, you bastard." She called out proudly.

Glancing up at the screen she hopped off the table and stood in front of Norman. As if to offer proof she bent down and pulled at Simon's dick, she squeezed out the last globule of thick white fluid from his dilated eye and pointed it at Kerry.

"Come on then big boy, get it in there before you get too soft." She ordered Norman as she lent over to clean Simon's dick with her tongue.

Norman paused behind her.

"Too soft or don't like stirring the porridge?" She mocked. "OK then, try this hole." She made a grab for his tool with one hand and whilst splaying her ass cheek with the other guided it into what I assumed was her back passage. With a grunt of satisfaction she spun and dipped to re-administer oral pleasure on Simon's still hard tool.

I looked up at the screen to confirm that the Germans were indeed indulging in anal sex.

Kerry had noticed too as her hand moved to insert a finger or two into her own rectum. Her gaze was fixed on her compatriot being butt fucked and sucking off her b*****r simultaneously, her oral and digital movements echoed that of the action unfolding under the bright lights before us.

Paul began to extravagantly pull and draw at Simon's dick, sucking him deep and hard, drawing her cheeks in, almost vacuuming more sperm from his aching balls. Her gaze was fixed on Kerry doing the same to me.

Kerry shifted and replaced her left hand at her crotch. She moved her right to cup my balls and pull at the soft and tender flesh of my shaft, the cool wetness of her fingers providing extra sensations as she tugged at my straining manhood, echoing Paula's efforts a few feet away.

Paula was pumping Simon's tool madly as if in competition with Kerry now doing the same with mine. She paused only to acknowledge a deep thrust by Norman forcing his dick further into her arse behind her by furrowing her brow with a look of surprised pleasure. Apart from that she held a fixed and grim stare of concentration as she sucked and wanked Simon into her thin and puckered lips.

Kerry drew her lush and soft lips over my end as she accelerated the speed of her yanking on my tool.

I was on the verge and I raised my hips as I felt the sap rise. Kerry kept going as my cock thickened in her firm grip but Paula beat her to the punch. She threw her tongue forward and curled it around Simon's distended end as we watched it pump and ooze a fresh load of thick and salty fluid into her warm orifice.

Simon for his part lay motionless, barely able to participate and seemingly unaware of his part in this performance.

As Paula took Simon's come into her mouth I erupted into Kerry's. She gagged a little as I pumped my thick load in a series of throbbing jabs

Norman was straining too, he held the edge of the table tight as his face pulled into the contortions of erupting pleasure. With a few fierce thrusts he came with a loud groan collapsing over the back of Paula, her mouth fixed over Simon's still erect tool.

As Norman bucked her against the table edge Paula came, followed by Kerry, her hand still circling her tender clit.

Kerry sprang up and stumbled to the table. She threw herself at Paula and f***ed her tongue deep into her mouth. They mixed and exchanged the salty contents, opening them and showing us the thick streams held within.

Paula guided Kerry down on to the table still in their embrace, positioning her carefully over her b*****r still lying prone on the green felt. She moved from Kerry's mouth to her breasts as she lay on top of her b*****r, her back towards him.

Paula sucked and kneaded at Kerry's tits, maintaining her heightened state of arousal. Kerry for her part looked like she was past caring. She was at the mercy of Paula's oral attack, floating solely on an orgasmic high. She simple whimpered and moaned as she writhed under Paula's expert and tender machinations.

Paula looked up at me and motioned me forward to the table.

I looked up at the screen to see the German girl taking a DP and compared that to the scene before me. Kerry and her b*****r lying flat on the pool table with Paula now fondling her cunt and licking her tits with Norman standing behind her, his tool still embedded in her arse.

I stood in front of the table. Simon and Kerry's legs were wide open and dangling over the edge. Paula was alternating between massaging Simon's still hard cock and fingering Kerry's wide open and freely flowing gash.

Kerry simply lay there limp, engulfed in pleasure.

Paula looked at me and with a playful glint in her eye offered Simon's tool at Kerry's puckered arse. As if asking me she cocked her head, pulled his skin tight and f***ed the end into Kerry's back passage.

Kerry shuffled as the head popped in but Paula quickly returned her hand to her clit, prompting a sigh of reward as she circled it deftly. Alternating at Kerry's clit and thrusting fingers into her open cunt she again brought Kerry to the brink of orgasm.

With each lurch of her body Simon's dick slid further in to her rear end.

At that moment Norman's eyes closed and he fell sideways to the floor with a crash. Without even blinking Paula mounted the table.

I was not sure what to think, a line had been crossed -- a battle raged in my sub-conscious between my morals and my loins. But my cock gave away my inner most desires - I was rock hard as I stood before them.

Paula squatted over Kerry's facing away from me.

"Now lick Norman's come from my arse you fucking tart." She said as she lowered herself down and onto Kerry's open mouth.

Kerry's hands moved to her groin, she played with her clit and splayed her cunt lips wide open inviting my cock into her eagerly waiting snatch.

"Don't be a woos. Stick it in her." Paula insisted as she looked at me over her shoulder.

I moved in and placed my cock at her hot and wet entrance. It felt strange to brush up against Simon's balls as I pushed my cock home. I grabbed her shapely and taut thighs and lifted them high to get a better purchase.

I looked down and got the bird's eye view of Paula's gaping ass giving up Norman's thick jism as Kerry noisily slurped and sucked at her wide open snatch. I looked in awe as Paula swung her hips to allow Kerry's tongue to find her brown bud and begin to slurp at the sticky juice running down her cleft and away from it.

Kerry was in a constant state of orgasm, with each thrust her cunt gripped back at my invading tool. I achieved the correct angle and the strange feeling of butting Simon's embedded tool eased as I moved towards my own climax.

Paula was also coming over and over, riding Kerry's face as they both screamed in ecstasy, Kerry's shouts muffled by Paula's dripping gash.

There we were, three of us fucking Kerry and I was on the verge of coming in her twat when the most sobering experience of my life occurred.

"What the HELL is going on?" A loud and booming male voice came from behind me.

"Paula? What are you doing?" I heard in a shrieking female tenor.

I withdrew and spun around, my cock raging hard, twitching and glistening with Kerry's come. I looked straight into the eyes of Paula's mother. She was younger than I had imagined and prettier, almost a double for Paula but slimmer but more curvy in the right places.

"My God! I knew it! The strange noises...." The man, I assumed to be Kerry and Simon's father, said in disbelief and disappointment.

The woman, Paula's mother, stared back at my exposed and twitching cock in disbelief, her hand covering her mouth, tears welling in her eyes.

Simon's father looked beyond me towards the scene of debauchery at the table.

Slowly the melee unfolded in slow motion. Paula slid off the table and stood as Norman rose awkwardly to his feet. Kerry slid back and Simon's cock slipped out of her, covered in fresh come, with more globules oozing from her gaping asshole -- She had managed to bring him off again, in her ass.

"My God what is happening here?" Their father said in despair and incredulity. "Kerry, Simon, how could you?"

Simon was out of it, he opened an eye in acknowledgement but seemingly could not move.

Simon's dad turned to me and said. "I think you had better get your clothes and leave."

As Norman and I searched for our clothes he added, "I would be obliged if you didn't say anything about this as it is clearly a f****y matter. I will be in touch with you later when we have all had a chance to clear things up a little."

With that Norman and I grabbed our things and left. We walked back the two miles to the cricket pavilion in a sober and sombre silence. I did, however, manage to grab a few hours of fitful sl**p on the veranda of the club house.

I didn't see Simon after that. His father never called and the fine weather of the summer broke. In fact we only managed one or two more cricket matches after that, but Simon didn't turn out in either. I went off to university in the September.

I did see him once more, on my way home, on a train, last Christmas. He was already sat as I filtered past in a queue to get to my seat. He nodded in acknowledgement as I passed.

A few minutes later he came and squatted down next to me. I got the impression he was keen to explain himself. It turned out that his dad and Paula's mum had split soon after the events of that fateful night. He hadn't been long at university before returning to move in with Paula -- they now had a baby. He was sad as he spoke of his father and reading between the lines it would seem that his relationship with Paula was probably at the heart of their split.

I asked after Kerry,

"She's still at uni but stays with us too from time to time." Simon added with a knowing look in his eyes.

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