I am one of those women who are designated by others as being "pleasingly plump." I have just passed my twentieth birthday, my name is Allison Porter, and I live in Destin, Florida. My parents are normal, wonderful people who live in Texas and who I thought to be the dumbest inhabitants of the planet until I had an opportunity to get out in the world and discover what real flakes and nuts are like.

Early on, that being the seventh grade, I had to face the fact that genes had more impact on my appearance than anything else. At that stage in life no matter how attractive anyone is, all your friends grab that one thing that's odd or different about you and play on it till they drive you away or make you crack. Mine was being heavier or 'plump.'

Well, I didn't break under peer pressure. As I stare at myself in the mirror I see a young woman five feet and seven inches tall, weighing around 150 pounds, with short, curly black hair and living inside what they call an hourglass figure. Once I hated this body; now I love it. I'm not really fat anywhere, just nice and...well...plump. My arms are full but not pudgy, my hips are broad and sexy, and my legs are big but again, not outsized. My thighs are pretty, firm, and my calves are curved and shapely, coordinated with the rest of my body. You could say that I've got really powerful legs.

I really have fun with my breasts. I'm what they call a BBW, a big-breasted woman. Yeah...I love 'em, too! My boobs don't stand out high on my chest like I once wished they did. They're big and heavy and full; I've got pretty cleavage because my boobs are close together, but they round out to the side so that they touch my arms. My nipples are large and very dark brown. Details? Okay, my bra size is a 34EE. Happy now?

Guess I'm a little bit odd, too, since I have facial hair that starts its growth about halfway between my mouth and my ears and grows longer until it pretty much covers my ears. I really enjoy it. It creates a different and intriguing appearance to my face. And you might as well know, too, that about three years ago I started letting the hair grow under my arms. Just wanted to see what it looked and felt like.

I'm glad I did. It feels and looks so sexy to me. It's long and dark black and heavy like the fur on my face, and since I have good posture it shows in front of my arms when I wear sleeveless blouses and sweaters. I did have trouble in high school, but I just covered it whenever possible. I had an okay dating schedule, and there were some boys who liked it. When I went out with them on dates I let them play with it...and with other things. Who would ever have thought that would make my dates happy? The underarm foliage, I mean. Still, I thought I resembled a hog and whatever enjoyment I could have had during those years...well, I had conned myself out of it.

Yes, to answer your questions ahead of time, now I look good in shorts and I wear them often. Yes, I have shaved my bush partially, sorta like a crew cut down there; the fur on my lips is short and I manicure it in the same fashion to about three inches above my pussy. And yes, I do have what my dates have called a "delicious little roll" around my middle when I wear a cut-off blouse and jeans or short shorts.

My navel has that plump look around its edges, and that gets me excited, too. Since last year when I had it pierced and a ring inserted, I usually wear a pendant there. I like the feel of the pendant swinging across my skin, and on dates I enjoy having my friends play with it if they want to.

But this is out of order. Here I am happy and enjoying me when that's so different from how I once was. And you don't even know what happened.

My mother and dad understood my unhappiness and realized two things: I needed a dose of reality about myself, and that couldn't happen around our home in Galveston. Mom had a s****r, Jeannette Wilder who is about ten years younger than she at fifty. She and her husband Adrian live here in Destin, they are really neat people, and she and Dad thought that I needed to come live here. My aunt and uncle had been urging me to come visit, anyhow, so they talked and I was shipped off to Destin here.

Best thing that could have happened to me.

My aunt and uncle are not exactly your average pair of wings, if you get what I mean. I had always liked them, but when I got here I was testy and acting as if they were going to offer me up as a sacrifice to some odd sun-and-sand god.

When I arrived at the Mobile airport Jeannette was the first one I saw, and I thought I'd fall over. She wasn't nude or anything... actually, she was wearing a sleeveless blue denim blouse and tight white jeans with black high-heel western boots. She had no bra on and had fastened only the two shirt buttons just above her belt; she had rather small breasts but her blouse kept opening and I could see her tanned curves and pretty nipples. Uncle Adrian wore a golf shirt and walking shorts, and it was obvious that he exercised regularly. He had a pretty body.

I was acting like I had a case of the hives, so after a few efforts to make me feel at home Adrian smiled at her, then me, and started in on my reverse training.

"'Nette," he said, addressing my aunt, "Allison obviously has a case of the red ass. Best thing for us to do is head on out. Allison," he said sort of absentmindedly, "you follow along if you want to. Here's our address if you get lost before we get to the car."

He smiled at me as if he'd discovered a secret he could not wait to see on the 5 o'clock news. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"You oughta know, however, that taxis are very expensive here. It's going to be cheaper if you ride with us."

With that, he turned toward Jeannette, they giggled as if somebody'd told a joke, he stuck his hand inside her blouse and cupped her breast right there on the concourse, she kissed him, and......they walked off.

As if I was a potted plant!

I trailed along through the airport hating every second of this and absolutely certain that before I could find a way to get back home I would be dead. Life, I was certain, is that unjust.

The short version of this is that they showed me my room where I thought I'd be sentenced to serve out the coming three months of summer. Was I ever wrong, and I'm hardly ever wrong! It was a lovely room opening onto a broad deck that stepped down to a large swimming pool.

My aunt and uncle were already outside getting undressed for the afternoon. And nobody said anything to me. I was really mad. Then in a blaze of intellectual glory I realized that so far being mad had gotten me exactly nothing. I still felt rotten about myself, I still felt like an inflated turkey and they were outside having fun while I was inside having none.

I put on a pair of shorts, a tank top and flip-flops, grabbed a towel and went outside. They waved at me as if nothing had happened and they'd been expecting me.

"Come on in," Jeannette shouted.

"Hasten, O beautiful woman," followed Adrian.

I started thinking up twenty new and different reasons for not doing what every teenager in that part of the country would do, jump in the water. About that time my aunt who had worn a yellow halter top and hotpants untied her top and tossed it to one side. I thought she had lovely breasts but I hadn't anticipated this. My uncle clapped and cheered. Then he pulled his tank top over his head, leaving on his jeans.

They looked at me as if they were expecting me to drop something. Like we were playing strip poker.

I did nothing. Without missing a beat my aunt pulled off her yellow hotpants and stood there naked. She had a lovely tan and it was obvious that she did it nude; she had no tan lines. She turned to my uncle and pointed.

"Okay, gorgeous man, off with your pants, or your head, or something like that!"

He laughed, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. He wasn't nude, but he wasn't far from it, either. He was wearing a white thong made of an elastic waistband and a gold ring in front that suspended a tight, small see-through pouch. His body was beautifully smooth, devoid of any hair on his abdomen, balls and thighs. And I could see clearly his cock. He was not hardened, and that surprised me. I hated myself again because my first thought was, "O lord, yum-ymmmm-yummm!" I desperately wanted to be properly angry and instead I was getting steamy.

"All right, Allison. You've gotta do something, Honey," shouted my aunt as she walked down the steps into the pool, her cute tits jiggling. I saw then that she had two nipple rings, and they were flipping around. When she bent over they fell downward. It really looked sexy. I was simultaneously pleased and mad at myself for being pleased with her pretty boobs.

This was about as much fun as a cold bath in winter, and I'd actually had several of those way back when. I kicked off my flip-flops. They refused to settle for that and stood waiting. By now I was embarrassed and even at my age I was so frustrated and miserable ...I was ready to cry. My aunt knew very well what was going on and as I think back on it, she could have planned this situation. Ah, who knows? It worked.

"Allison," said this sexy nude as she walked over to me, "I want to show you something. It may sound dumb and tacky to you at first, but humor your ageing aunt. Adrian is a handsome man, don't you think?"

"Uh, huh," I grunted suspiciously. Inside I thought he was a doll. I could have eaten him.

"He has very few inhibitions. So, he's going to take off that thong-that-covers-nothing. Baby, take off your thong."

Her husband removed his thong and I was right; he tanned nude, also. Adrian had a gorgeous cock with a pretty ball sac and he had no hair at all. He was beautifully smooth. And he was soft, not excited. If I was a guy and had a woman like my aunt standing there naked, and I had the lovely body he did, I'd be hard as a rock. He was soft.

"Okay, Allison. You think I don't know some things about you. One of those is that you believe you don't look very nice. He and I are here to tell you that you are a real looker, you are a traffic-stopper, and you don't even know it.

"I want to do an experiment, and if I'm wrong then you can laugh me off for the rest of the trip. But if I'm correct, then you and I are going to do some serious talking and take action."

At least she was interesting. And so sexy. As I stood there I noticed how really pretty were her breasts and nipples. Her rings were loose and bounced about. Her pussy bush was a sweet puff of blonde hair above her clit hood. Her lips were smooth. Suddenly I had a desire to touch her sexually, something I'd never experienced. She walked over to me as my uncle stood there naked and sensual.

"I want you to begin taking off your clothes as I touch you, Allison. Very casually. Nothing hurried. And I want you to watch carefully my husband's reaction. He's not aroused now. See what happens when you undress, Baby."

By this time my reserve was cracking. Here were two gorgeous people who wanted me to get out of my clothes. It was beginning to look like fun.

My aunt stood in front of me and whispered, "Please, trust us. I believe you'll be quite surprised." Then she kissed me on my mouth...and I really liked that. It caused a jet of electricity to shoot through me as if I'd stuck my finger into a power socket on the wall.

So, I started to pull off my tank top and I realized that Jeannette had moved behind me. As I raised my arms I felt her hands touching my waist, then scrambling up my body to my armpits. She very gently pulled my underarm fur as I tossed away the top. Her hands lightly skittered around to my back where she opened the hooks to my bra. I shivered with pleasure.

I glanced at my uncle and saw that when my aunt played with my underarm hair he began to harden very slightly. As he stood there smiling with his arms crossed, his lovely cock got thicker.

As I shrugged off the straps of my bra my aunt's hands slid in onto my breasts. Oh, my, but that felt delicious! She feathered my nipples and they sprang to life; big, dark areoles, hard knobs on top of those dark circles. My entire body tingled as she fondled my breasts.

"Honey, you are so big and so beautiful. Be still and let me play for a while. And watch my husband."

He was gorgeous. Adrian now was seriously aroused. His cock moved out before his thighs, hardening and becoming shiny as it swelled. Its tanned crown was pointed and fat, and I could easily distinguish the ridge around his cock above his hot spot. I could also see those bl**d vessels I always thought were so sexy on men. He stared at me and smiled gently.

"Look at your beautiful breasts, Allison. They are huge for your size and age. Your veins are barely visible around each breast, near each nipple, and they are so pretty. Think of me sucking on each one as my husband watches. Look at him swelling and hardening... so lovely and beautiful.... Allison, you are so sexy and so exciting. You have no idea how desirable you are."

As her hands played with my breasts, and more lovingly and skillfully than any boy ever had, I thought of what she had said. She thought I was sexy and attractive.

"Jeannette, I am too heavy. People don't like women like me."

"Allison, there is a whole part of society out there, starting right here, who think your type of woman is gorgeous and doesn't want anyone else. I am slender, like you think is the perfect model. But you are one of the sexiest women I know, Allison Porter. I think you are...luscious, sensual, delicious, desirable. And I am talking about those pretty rounded arms. I'm talking about your sexy hips and that flesh around your tummy that you think is fat. I call it your 'hunger index.' I'm talking about the smooth way your delicious boobs are firm yet somewhat pendulous and they bounce so damned wonderfully. And I'm talking about the way your shapely but plump waist widens into those lovely hips and thighs with those sexy powerful calves.

"Good heavens, girl! You would stop traffic and you don't even know it!" She removed my shorts and my panties.

Nobody had ever talked to me like this. And all the time this naked woman was touching me, going everywhere on my body. Her hands played over my tummy, pulling my navel ring, caressing my hips and my thighs. She even knelt and caressed my calves. Then she ran her finger between the cheeks of my butt and touched my tight little hole. That was so intimate that I gasped.

I was also watching Adrian as his beautiful body responded to the more and more of me that she revealed. He stared at me with longing. I could tell. He wanted me, and that was a wonderful sensation for me. I was in a dream world.

He was becoming hard, hard, hard. As he stared at me his precious cock stood out before him as if it were some hard rod. He must have had seven or more inches of exquisite manhood. Could I really be this attractive, this sexy? These two adults were showing me that I had missed so much of myself.

But as I discovered very soon, they had not even begun to prove things to me.

"Allison, my husband is hard as a brick for you. You've watched him become aroused and not by me. By you, Dear. Let's get in the pool for a while, then we'll go inside."

She and her husband each put their arm around me and we walked down the steps. Adrian brushed against me with that beautiful cock, and it felt as if I'd been lashed with a white hot poker.

When we were in the water Jeannette kissed me and shot her tongue deep into my mouth. Her saliva poured in, something I'd not experienced before. But now it was delicious, sensual and intimate like her caress of my hole a few moments before. I had to swallow quickly, and in contrast to what I might have thought of this beforehand, receiving juices from her mouth was extremely sexy to me. Her husband had one hand on my abdomen, caressing it as he tugged at my hairy armpit. Then he felt for my pussy.

I could hardly breathe. His fingers touched my clit, then entered my lips. In spite of being under water, it was obvious that I was sticky with excitement. He smiled tenderly and whispered into my ear.

"Allison, enjoy our affections. There's lots more to come, and I mean that in two ways. I do believe my wife has designs on you."

My aunt bent, lifted each of my breasts to her mouth and sucked my nipples as she bounced it. Her nipples were hard with excitement. Figuratively speaking, my body was as limp as a piece of spaghetti. I was so aroused, so in a fog of desire, I could not speak. This was my introduction to a lesbian experience, and I was her prisoner.

I felt the warm sun on my skin, just as Adrian whispered to me once more.

"Allison, do you have any idea how beautiful your skin is? It is perfect. Your arms and chest and hips and legs are shapely, full and smooth. Your skin is flawless. It is so creamy. Makes me hungry. You really don't have any idea how sexy you are!"

My uncle gazed at me quizzically even as he delicately fingered my pussy. I was so hot after his remarks about my body and skin and my aunt suckling my breasts. Then he surprised me once more.

He grasped my waist and turned me to face him in the water. Given where we were standing in the pool, it was just about waist level and with little effort I could float. He told me to wrap my legs around his waist which I did. He then pressed me backward until, with my legs locked about him, Jeannette caught my arms and head, helping to suspend me in the water. Adrian parted my thighs momentarily; I was not at all prepared for what happened next.

My uncle very slowly, very deliberately entered my body, inserting that lovely golden rod into my pussy and pressing steadily until he struck my base. I cried out with joy and surprise at the exquisitely sensual feelings roaring through my body. My aunt whispered to me, "Enjoy this now, Baby. My precious man is yours."

I simply had no words for the ecstasy I was experiencing.

"Think of my man inside you, Allison. You know he is lovely. He is so smooth that his skin feels like silk. His muscles are attractive... he is so strong. He is hard and he has inserted his cock into your wet pussy. Now he is at home inside of you. Feel him move? You are wet and sticky and excited and you've never experienced something erotic like this before."

She played with my underarm fur as Adrian thrust and withdrew so tenderly, so insistently, so skillfully. My mouth seemed to be filled with a luscious sweet, thick cream though there was nothing of the sort in it. Thoughts of this man and his wife making love to me fuelled a growing fire. I had nothing with which to compare this wonder.

"Look at that lovely, smooth, hourglass-shaped body, Jeannette," he said, taking a deep breath as a forerunner of his orgasm tickled him within.

"Look at that tanned, beautiful skin, Jeannette, those full arms with dimples at her elbows and those sexy boobs! I see rings in those big, dark nipples, don't you, Baby?" He smiled softly at me as my aunt nodded with a look of desire all over her face.

Smooth, possessive movements between my thighs. His hands gripping my buns rather than my waist. My pussy swollen and sticky and... oh, help! Oh, heavens... here I came! I cried out, I shouted, I laughed as my body, wracked by convulsions, was possessed with electricity and responded lovingly.

I felt my pussy fill with sticky fluid. Adrian looked down at our union, then smiled once more to me and said, "You are so wet that it's coming out into the water."

My aunt bent to suck my nipples, already hardened to cherry size with my arousal. A second less gripping but more delicious climax overcame me. I moaned and would have thrashed about but my aunt and uncle would not allow it. I could touch nothing, could hold nothing, and this also sent my passion rocketing upward.

Then I felt him stiffen within me. I saw him glance at his wife who laughed and nodded.

"You're coming, aren't you? Let it flow, my pretty boy. Put it deep into her. Caress the bottom of her throat, Darling!"

And he was. It really was as if the base of my throat were being stroked, touched, fondled, petted. With a mighty thrust and a cry, my lover drove deeply into me as the first thick ribbon of cum spooled out into the heated folds of my pussy. I felt that heavy, gummy semen spread into my body, making every surface silky with part of himself.

He was bare within me, flooding my insides with his juices. I sensed every movement of his penis, unrelenting in it's assault. Smaller jets of cream spurted into me. Wet. Sticky. Possessed by him. Touched as if I were the most beautiful of created gifts for a great king and his queen.

"Your inner lips are long, pretty woman," he whispered. "Now that I've conquered you, they are outside of your pussy and swollen with excitement. I think it's a lovely sight."

The two of them overloaded my senses. I never knew that extreme and multiple sensory experiences can actually block each other. As I was abandoning myself to Adrian's cock and his orgasm, I tried to deliberately enjoy my aunt's deep kissing, the touch of her nipples on mine and the delicious feel of her playing with my underarm fur. But for the life of me I could not get a grasp of all of it.

Then I realized that they already knew this. They had planned that each of them would have me later because I would long for what they were doing to and with me. They already knew that I would willingly respond to their advances during the coming days.

Oh, how right they were!

I had to have her husband again; he was a dream with his love-making. Not ugly, not assuming of me, not pompous as if I should want him just because he was some sort of treasure to the nation. But strong, powerful, so very large. He was able to talk with my body.

I was even more excited by the fact that my aunt was watching her husband making love, very deep and hot love, with another woman and wanted him to do it! For some reason that was so erotic to me.

And I had to explore the lesbian affections of my aunt. Jeannette, I realized, had things to teach me, knowledge and skills I wanted desperately to possess. With her capable techniques in the pool arousing me as she did, I knew that she must have had other girlfriends. With tiny flickers of internal fire I began to desire the same.

The remainder of that day was an erotic haze. What is clear is that we left the pool and showered. Adrian dried off, then pulled on his jeans and wore those for the rest of the day. My aunt squeezed into a pair of gray flannel workout shorts so short and so tight that everything she had was visible and a sleeveless white blouse with no buttons. She was so proud of those small, bouncy little tits.

I put on a sleeveless blue micro-dress that fell no lower than the middle of my hips. My pussy and ass were bare and it felt so erotic. For the first time in my life I wanted others to see me dressed like this.

Both kept staring at my arms and hips and thighs and calves. I felt tiny wisps of summer breeze cool my bare ass and my pussy. I cannot describe to you the sensation of being partially covered like that, of having on a summer dress that covered only half of my bottom and none of my pussy. So help me, if they had said, "Let's go to a party!" I would have done it.

Several times as I walked around the back yard, they would stand off and look at me and talk together. Once I saw Adrian, after he had been watching me walk, take his cock in his hand and stroke himself. My aunt smiled at what he was doing, then bent to kiss his left nipple.

Later, Jeannette stood before a mirror with me, her arm hooked in mine, and said admiringly, "Look at your waist and beautiful hips and those powerful thighs, Honey. See how your thighs slope gradually into pretty knees and then flare out into those sexy calves? You do not want to lose that appearance. You make me hungry, Allison!"

I hoped she would softly touch my pussy lips, for I was wet once more. But she just stared at my naked base and legs, and said, " You are going to wear this on a beach or at a party very soon, m'dear. You'll be lucky if five women don't attack you at the same time."

We ate a light supper, then the three of us went to bed together. All I can recall is that my sweet, sensuous uncle penetrated me twice more, once from in front and later from behind. The rest of the time, Jeannette was all over me. I was so exhausted that I slept until noon the following day.


I rose and showered without first going out to see my two relatives who had so wonderfully captured me the day before. As I bathed I thought over what had happened. My aunt had introduced me to my first lesbian experience; that was lovely and sensual, and I wanted more. My uncle had made love to me in a fashion so beautiful and all-consuming that it left me speechless.

There had been a subtle but definite change in my view of myself. Yes, in one day it had happened. I really felt sensuous, sexy, attractive. For the first time in my life I wanted to display myself in erotic ways. I actually enjoy being me, and while that has many overtones the sensuality of it is thrilling.

Something in my rearing and in the influence of people I met later on, Marla Holton for example, kept me from...what?...'lording it over people' or just trying to show off in a tacky and juvenile manner. My relatives, Marla and others helped me to see the excitement and pleasure of being sexy in natural ways, of exposing my big breasts with low-cut or unbuttoned tops, emphasizing my legs with short skirts and not 'trying' to look risqué or checking to see if others are watching.

All right, do I enjoy being naked? You bet I do! I'm just learning how to get the most enjoyment out of being me by focusing on being normal.

At any rate, I dressed and went to where the noise was, back by the pool. Someone else was there. She must have been in her late forties if not fifty. She had a pretty honey colored tan and the most striking long white hair I had ever seen. It was gorgeous. Thick, rippling waves fell about her shoulders and down her back, framing a face with small lines at the edges of her eyes, sexy lines. And absolutely stunning violet eyes. She had those attractive lines in a woman's face that tell she is middle age and that I think are so arousing.

She had to have been some kind of exercise director for her body was muscular and beautiful. Her arms and legs rippled with power. She wore the tiniest white halter and a marvelously tight pair of short shorts. I heard my aunt call her Marla. Marla had hard nipples that stuck out through her miniature top like two rods.

Already I could see that it was going to be another one of those delicious days. I touched my left breast beneath my stringy tank top and its nipple hardened. I giggled as I wet myself between my thighs, and I was a mere fifteen minutes out of the shower! Good thing I had put on black shorts, or my cum would have shown through. I walked out into the sun.

"Allison! I'm so happy you are here!" yelled my aunt. "Come meet my friend."

The gorgeous woman with the white hair studied me as I walked toward her and my aunt. Her gaze was not offensive; rather, it was one that read me, that expressed an interest in me yet did so in a classy and silent fashion. As I neared the two I could tell that Marla may be near fifty but her body didn't know it.

Is there anybody here that I don't want to have screw my legs off, I wondered.

"Hello, Allison. I am Marla Holton. Your aunt and uncle have been telling me about you. None of it does you justice."

She put out her hand in an unassuming way and I reached out with mine. It was then that I noticed her nails. Incredibly long, perfectly curved and rounded hooks that brushed my hand before we actually clasped. Even when we squeezed lightly I could feel those gorgeous claws brushing the back of my wrist.

"I...I'm Allison," I stuttered, much to my embarrassment. I simply could not get over the aura of sensuality that enveloped this middle-age beauty. That mane of white hair, those violet eyes and tiny wrinkles at each edge, muscles that rippled delicately as she moved, those amazing nails that easily were three inches or longer. The first thing that crossed my mind was that I wanted her. The second was mortification that I could think of nothing else in the first place!

Without being uncomfortable at all with a much younger woman, she put her left arm around my shoulder and the two of us walked away from Jeannette and Adrian, around the yard. For some reason it seemed to me like the most normal thing to do. And I was still in the grip of the sexual f***e of this woman. This was all new to me.

Talking with her seemed the easiest thing in the world. Usually I don't like to get too close to many adults; I've always thought they were stuffy or something. But I enjoyed the feel of her hand around my waist, and I kept staring at her breasts. Whatever her age, they were full and round. And they didn't have the look of being false, either.

She had all that gorgeous white hair and the cutest little round ass. Her pants, though they covered all of her sweet butt, actually concealed nothing. They were so tight they drew into the cleft of her pussy and all the way up her anal cleft. I could easily make out the shape of two pussy rings through the fabric.

She talked with me as if she'd known me for several years, putting me at ease. Then she really hit me over the head with a surprise.

"Allison, I run a company here in Florida called Prism Designs. We make sexy, attractive and affordable clothing for men and women. My associates and I are always on the prowl for attractive, capable people whom we can hire as models, staff members, and advisors."

She could see that I was puzzled, for I'm sure my forehead was scrunched up as I tried to follow her thinking.

"We've discovered that our line of clothing is missing an important area, sensuous clothing for what I call 'deliciously shaped' women. You are in that category, Allison, and it is a beautiful thing, indeed. Most people think in terms of slender and too-heavy. It's a completely false notion. Most people fit somewhere in between, but when it comes to sexy clothing there's not a whole lot out there for them. You may very well be a significant part of our answer to the need."

"What exactly are you thinking, Mrs. ....? I started to ask before she cut me off with a laugh.

"Allison, all of my people know me as Marla. I want you to call me that, too. Would you like to come to talk us in Palm Beach? If you are interested in our work, I would put you in the care of one of my designers who would both train you to develop designs and use you to model our new line."

"Marla, that really is exciting. But I'm not even halfway through college. I had planned to complete that somewhere. I know that without something else, my usability is going to be limited in some respects."

"You're right in your thinking, Allison," she responded carefully. "What we want to do is get you started in modeling...you have a beautiful, luscious figure...while we assist you in continuing your college work. We want you to give us three years after college during which time we'll increase your responsibility if you show promise, and I have no doubt that you will. Are you interested?"

She stared at me with those lovely violet eyes. I felt her hand on my arm and those incredible nails that felt like delicate claws on my skin. It was one of the most sensuous experiences I can recall. I tried to not act like I was three years old.

"Yes! Marla,I really am interested. I mean...well, YES! YES!"

That excited three-year-old in me scrambled out, anyway.

"Wonderful! I know you'll find us interesting, probably quite different from anything you've worked at before. And I can guarantee you'll meet some remarkable and very special people."

Her eyes glowed with a light that I could not possibly understand at the time. I had no idea of the exciting and challenging experiences ahead of me. But I knew that as a big girl I was also a very happy one. And others felt the same way about me. I'll tell you what happened next, but at another time.

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Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.