I jumped when the phone rang. I wasn't used to getting calls and had been kind of napping on the couch.


"Uncle Chuck? It's me Stevie."

My niece, I hadn't heard from her in years. "Hey baby, how are you?"

"Great, I'm here in San Diego."

"Hey that's awesome, what are you doing here?"

At this Stevies's enthusiasm kind of diminished just a bit as she said "Well, I came down with a couple friends for spring break, but we're having a little problem."

Instantly my over protective uncle mode kicked in. "What problem? Are you alright? Where are you?"

"No, no, I'm O.K." She quickly exclaimed, trying to calm my fears. "We just have a problem with our room at the hotel my friend Jannie booked on-line." "They say they never got our reservation, and because it's spring break and all, the only room they had for us was a single. and they'll only let two people stay here and it's really small so three would be crazy anyways. So I thought of you and was kind of hoping I could crash at your place for the week." She said this last with her voice rising into a kind of plead.

"Absolutely sweetheart, I wish I knew you were coming, but that's O.K., I would love to spend some time with you. I just wish my place was bigger so I could let your friends stay too."

"That's cool Uncle Chuck, I'm sure they'd be happier here anyways. Oh my God that sounded horrible, look, I'll explain when I see you alright?"

"Sure baby doll, you need me to come get you?"

"Please? You know where the Point Loma Ramada is?"

"Yeah sure, I'll be there in like 20 minutes."

"Great, I'll wait out front for you."

I pulled up in front of the hotel, I didn't see my niece anywhere. I craned my neck around, saw a couple of Japanese tourists, complete with cameras around their necks and everything, and a hot looking blonde in blue jean shorts that showed off some wicked legs and a white wrap around top that tied in the back and had a slit in the front that revealed little peeks of some very sweet braless breasts. She was holding a large backpack and sitting on a suitcase. I reluctantly took my eyes off the beautiful girl as an airport shuttle pulled up discharging a whole van full of laughing teen boys. I shook my head at the horse play of the teens and then turned with them as they also checked out the hot blonde.

She had gotten to her feet and grabbed her suitcase and was rolling it right to my car. Holy crap, it was Stevie. I should of realized this as she looked a lot like my big s****r had at her age. Oh man, I had been ogling my niece.

I quickly got out of the car and Stevie let go of her suitcase, dropped her backpack and jumped into my arms and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then she nestled her face in the crook of my neck.

"It's so great to see you Uncle Chuck. Thanks for putting me up and everything. You shaved."

I laughed at that last and said "Well yeah this morning, probably need another one already though. It's great to see you too". She was warm and soft and I was liking holding her too much. "This all your luggage?" I asked as I disengaged from her hug, blushing a little for enjoying the feel of her nice body pressed against me.

"Yes, this is everything." She said, apparently not realizing the effect she was having on me she reluctantly let go.

I tossed both pieces into the back of my car and opened the door to let her into the passenger seat.

On the way back to my apartment Stevie explained that her coming was a last minute thing. She'd caught her boyfriend Duncan cheating on her the week before and her friends had insisted she come with them to get over the creep and have some fun. They had tried to change their room plans last minute, but obviously it hadn't worked.

"Jannie and Megan are like girlfriend girlfriends, if you know what I mean. So there was no way I could stay there with them and all. Thank you again so much for letting me stay with you."

I turned my head and smiled at her when she said this and quickly turned my eyes back to the road. The way the seatbelt pulled her top exposed her breast through the slit in front. She had amazing tit's. And I just saw one. Almost to the nipple. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Partially because this was my niece, and the extra taboo that was involved led to the hotness of it.

Man, I had to knock it off. I was getting hot for my niece. If my s****r ever found out I was having thoughts like this she would flay me alive. I tried to casually wiggle around in my seat to hide my arousal. It wasn't working. I just kept my eyes on the road and prayed Stevie wouldn't notice. Hell, I thought, there's no way she would be checking out my crotch anyways, so as long as I kept my mind from getting all wrapped up in her body and the nasty images it evoked, I could keep myself from getting a full boner and she should never notice.

The rest of the drive went quickly as Stevie told me about her break up with her long time boyfriend, with me injecting the timely, uh huhs and yeahs and what an assholes in all the right places.

"Baby if this idiot couldn't tell he had the most amazing girl in the world in his life and he blew it, then he wasn't good enough for you anyways." I said as I pulled up into my parking space outside of my apartment building.

"Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself." And she laughed a little sad heartbroken laugh.

I grabbed her gear and led her up to my one bedroom apartment. It was pretty small and could technically have been called a studio, but it had a stand alone closet that separated the living room and kitchen from the bedroom and bathroom. So it was like a one bedroom without a bedroom door.

I unlocked the front door and took her bags in and laid them on the bed, saying over my shoulder as I went. "You're going to sl**p in here, I'll camp out on the couch."

"No Uncle Chuck, I can sl**p on the couch. Really, I want to."

"No baby girl, I want you in here, besides, I sl**p on the couch all the time. Sometimes I don't even make it to the bed. So I will be fine and you will sl**p in here. Now go grab something to drink while I make some room for you."

I emptied a couple of drawers in the dresser and pushed my hanging clothes to one end, leaving her plenty of room for her stuff as I didn't really have a lot of clothes and had more space than I needed anyways.

When I turned around she handed me a glass filled with coke and ice. I said thanks and then choked on the first sip.

Stevie giggled and said "I found your rum." And then giggled again. It was a really cute giggle.

I almost balked before realizing Stevie was over 21. The last time I'd seen her she was a skinny thirteen year old with pigtails and braces. My s****r had come out with her on a short vacation and I had taken them to Disneyland. I spent the whole day walking around the park holding her hand and she even sat on my shoulders as we watched the parade. I was having a real hard time bringing her from thirteen to twenty two in my mind. Until she bent down to put her drink on the coffee table and showed me another shot of her luscious breast, and of course I couldn't stop myself from checking out what was a certifiable class "A" ass.. That helped bring the reality of her age to me fast. Lord this was going to be a long week if I couldn't shut my lust for my niece away. I'm such a pig.

I felt myself getting hard again and jammed my hands in my pockets and tented my pants a bit to hide the fact. Stevie walked by me and casually trailed her hand across my chest as she passed. My cock twitched at her touch and I nearly gasped. Her touch left a trail of fire. This was going to be a long week indeed.

I turned and leaned in the pseudo doorway and watched as she opened her suitcase and started putting her clothes into the drawers I'd left empty and open for her. As she stood at the end of the bed I saw her Devils Triangle. Lean, fit women standing with their legs together in form fitting pants or shorts have a triangle of space that you can actually see through, right between their thighs where their legs meet their ass. Few women have them because it only takes a few extra pounds in that area to cause the triangle to disappear. A friend of mine pointed it out to me years ago and said it was called the Devils Triangle because of the thoughts it evoked. And my niece's was evoking some real dangerous thoughts just then.

A few pair of shorts and some tee's and such went into one drawer. Then she lifted a green thong and casually folded it and dropped them into the other. My mind went numb. I instantly flashed on her wearing the tiny garment and had no choice but to turn away and head for the kitchen.

"You hungry?" I called back to her as I reached in to adjust my now almost fully erect penis.

"No, we ate at the hotel restaurant while they were trying to find us another room."

"O.K.." I opened and shut a few kitchen cabinets, not really looking for anything, just trying to stall and get my mind off my nieces panties and that damn triangle till my erection subsided. "Did you and your friends make plans for tonight?"

"Naw, we're all pretty spent from the plane ride. They're going to pick me up in the morning and we're going to the beach tomorrow. Want to come with us?"

"I'd love to sweetie but I have to work tomorrow. Besides you don't want your old uncle hanging around. Aren't you going to be scoping out the hot guys and trying to hook up and whatnot?"

Stevie gave a kind of half hearted laugh at that and said, "I am so not going to be scoping out any guys on this trip. I am like not even going to think about hooking up. And you are not OLD Uncle Chuck."

"Well that's nice of you to say, but we both know I am almost as old as your father."

As I said this I walked back out of the kitchen empty handed just in time to see Stevie slip a huge blue vibrator into the drawer with her panties. I almost had a heart attack right there and then. I pretended not to see anything and quickly jumped onto the couch as I felt my self getting hard again. God, I was a dead man. I figured I would need a lobotomy by the time Stevie went home.

She walked back into the living room and sat next to me on the couch. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said, "You are not old, and you look like half my dads age. You are in great shape and you are twice as handsome as most men I know. Do you remember when we went to Disneyland?"

Her change of subject threw me for a second as I was still trying to digest the compliments she had just paid me. I recovered quickly though and told her, "Of course I remember. We had a great time. In fact I was just thinking about how much you've grown since then."

She bent over to pick up her drink, and this time I was ready for it and was able to turn my eyes away so as not to see any more of her enticing flesh. I then cursed myself silently for a fool for not taking advantage of every chance I got to see her great tit's. Stevie leaned back on the couch and sipped her drink, she put it back down and then raised her arms above her head and stretched, thrusting her chest out as she did. This time I was not ready and she looked over in time to see my eyes grow big as I watched her blouse swell. With the top stretched taut her nipples showed through the light fabric. When I realized she'd caught me looking I could feel my face reddening.

Stevie gave me a very adult grin and almost purred, "I'm not a little girl anymore, am I?"

Now I am not a player or anything close, in fact it had been awhile since I had had a girlfriend, which explains the easy arousals, but I recognized a come on when I saw one and my niece had just come on to me big time. Of course as soon as I thought this I internally called myself an idiot and convinced myself that it was an innocent question after all.

"NO, you are definitely a grown up little girl."

"I'm not a little girl." Stevie gave an overly exasperated sigh and then that adorable little giggle again and reached over and tried to tickle me.

I jumped at her touch and leaped off the couch, pretending I was actually ticklish, trying to hide the effect her touch actually had on me.

"Enough of that little girl." And then I laughed when Stevie stuck her tongue out at my dig, "So what would you like to do tonight?"

"I'm pretty wiped out, can we just watch t.v. for awhile?"

"Sure, why don't you pick out a DVD and I'll make some popcorn and we'll watch a movie till you're ready for bed."

When I came out of the kitchen with a big bowl of piping hot popcorn, Stevie was sprawled on the couch. Apparently the few minutes I took to microwave our snack was enough time for her to have changed into a little lace negligee thing that had my heart in my throat and my dick once again stretching my pants. I gulped and blushed again and stood in the doorway of the kitchen like a fool with my mouth hanging open, trying to catch my breath.

I tried to play it off and act as casual as I could as I set the bowl next to our drinks, but I knew I wasn't fooling either of us. Stevie acted like nothing happened, which I was very grateful for, and held up the movie she had chosen. As I took the DVD from her hands I looked into her eyes, deep sexy blue gray eyes, and saw enough to know she was getting a rush out of the effect she was having on me.

I got up to insert the DVD and turned out all the lights to make more of a theater feel, and when I came back to the couch Stevie jumped up and grabbed both our glasses and headed for the kitchen. I heard ice hitting glass and she came out a minute later with our refreshed drinks. As she walked towards the couch again I tried very hard not to check out her incredible legs and when she bent down to set the glasses on the table I nearly swallowed my tongue. She then sat really close to me on the couch.

Christ, what was I gonna do? I was so damn hot for this sweet little girl. How was I going to survive a whole week of this.

The movie she picked out was "My Cousin Vinny" which I had seen many times. We munched popcorn and finished our drinks, laughed at all the great lines in the movie and basically enjoyed ourselves. Apparently she had seen this movie many times before as well because she kept saying, "This is my favorite part."

As the movie went on she slid closer and closer to me on the couch until she ended up leaning on me and I put my arm around her. This was too much for me. The closeness of her barely clad body. The warmth of her. The smell of her hair. Her hand lightly pressed on my chest, was melting my skin. I was afraid to move, and I hoped that with the only light being from the t.v. she wouldn't see the obvious bulge that now was beyond hiding.

Fortunately, she was wiped out from her long day and I heard her breathing become steady and deep. I was pretty sure she had fallen asl**p. I brought my arm down behind her back, scooped up her legs with my other arm, lifted her and carried her to the bed. As I walked she snuggled her face into my chest and I heard her take a deep sniff. I laid her on the bed, pulled the sheet and light blanket over her, kissed her on the forehead and whispered goodnight. She murmured something that sounded like goo nigh unka unk, rolled over and was instantly lost to oblivion.

I stared down at my niece and chastised myself again for lusting after this sweet little angel. Her long blond hair spilled over her face and for a second I saw that thirteen year old c***d again. I had to get a grip on myself. I had to remember who this was and stop wanting her.

I grabbed a blanket and pillow from the closet and went to make myself a bed on the couch. Then I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and thought about masturbating to try and take the edge off my lust. But I had settled down and I was afraid of making noises and waking Stevie so I just pee'd and then settled myself on the couch.

Around 2 A.M. I heard noise that instantly brought me awake. I am a light sl**per and had the ability to wake instantly without any grogginess at the slightest sound. I quickly discerned the noise was coming from the bedroom. Little gasps and moans and Stevie saying over and over, "No, no, no."

I jumped up from the couch and darted into the bedroom, it was very dark but the night lite from the bathroom allowed me to see Stevie thrashing around on the bed in the throes of a nightmare. I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her hair and whispered her name, trying to wake her without startling her. I said soothing it's o.k. baby and your alright, I'm here things to her until she calmed and eventually opened her eyes.

"You were having a nightmare."

"Oh my God, we were on the plane and I heard a loud noise and then the plane was falling and I started screaming NO,NO,NO. I didn't want to die." This all came out in a kind of mumbled rush. " I was so scared." This last was said in this little girl voice that tore at my heart strings.

"It's alright baby, I wont let anything happen to you. You're safe here. Go back to sl**p."

Then in that same baby voice, "Will you hold me for a little while?"

"Sure baby doll." And I slipped into bed with her and she cuddled up into my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. And even though I wore only boxer briefs and she was only half dressed, and the heat of her flesh touching mine was exquisite, her vulnerability and my last bit of parental morality kept me from turning into a raging testosterone machine and m*****ing my sweet niece.

She eventually calmed and fell back to sl**p and about an hour later rolled over on her other side, allowing me to disengage and take myself back to the couch.


The next morning I woke at my usual time and went in to shower, as I passed the bed I glanced in at Stevie, she was curled up and still asl**p. When I got out I dressed for work and then went into the kitchen to make coffee and toast, my usual breakfast. I sat at the kitchen table and read the paper and soon heard Stevie stir in the bedroom. She sauntered over and put her arm around me and kissed my freshly shaved cheek. When she did this I could feel her breast press up against my arm and just like that my cock sprang to life again. Oh man, this week was going to be torture. I asked if she wanted some coffee and she mumbled something, something shower something and disappeared into the bathroom.

I was washing up the few dirty dishes left in the sink when she walked back into the kitchen. She was wearing different shorts and a white tee shirt, and when she got close enough I could see a black bikini top underneath her shirt.

"Morning princess, you want some coffee or breakfast?" I asked her again.

"Coffee sounds great, thanks." As she said this there was a double honk outside and Stevie went, "Oh crap, they're here. I'll just grab some Starbucks or something." And she ran back in the bedroom and grabbed her backpack.

She stopped and gave me another kiss on the cheek and a hug and as she dashed to the door I called her back. "Here, your going to need this." And I handed her my spare house key. "Are you going to be home for dinner?"

"Thanks, I don't think so, Megan said something about a club, so I will probably be home late."

"O.K. have fun babe."

"I will, bye."

I got home from work that evening and couldn't believe how empty the place felt without her there. Man, she'd only been here for a day and it just felt like she belonged. I heated some leftover pizza and ate while I watched a Padre game. After watching them lose, again, I showered and then resisting the urge to rummage through her things I laid out on the couch and watched a movie and eventually fell asl**p.

I woke to the lock turning in the door. I didn't know what time it was but I was pretty certain it was late. I decided to just pretend to stay asl**p and with slightly slit eyes watched Stevie kind of sway into the room after relocking the door. She wasn't fall down d***k, but she was definitely a little tipsy. She was wearing this very short silky mini dress thing and when she got to the bedroom doorway she bent over to set her backpack down and I saw a lot of flesh. She was obviously wearing a thong. At least I hoped she was, she might have not had any panties on for all I could see.

She then came back into the living room and got down on her knees next to the couch. As she got closer I closed my eyes completely, but I could feel her breath on my face. The smell of liquor and cherries washed over me. I didn't move, and for a long time neither did she. I was grateful for the relative darkness of the room because sure enough her proximity was making me hard again.

After many long intense moments I felt her lean in and then was shocked when she pressed her lips to mine. Her lips were soft and cool and it took all my self control to not return the kiss. She kept those luscious things pressed to me for a long 4 or 5 seconds, then broke it off. I could still feel her presence though and knew she hadn't left yet. Finally she sighed and said, "Goodnight Uncle Hunk, I love you so much."

My eyes snapped open when I sensed her walk away, I was floored. I was surprised. What the hell was that? And what was up with this Uncle Hunk stuff. I kind of gave a mental shrug and closed my eyes again and tried to go back to sl**p.

I heard Stevie go into the bathroom and I heard water run for quite a while. And then I guess I did fall back to sl**p because later I didn't remember her coming back out of the bathroom. But then once again I heard moans that shot me out of bed and to the bedroom doorway again, certain she was having another of her nightmares. Only the thrashing she was doing tonight had nothing to do with bad dreams. I stood shocked and enthralled as I realized what my little princess was doing.

The bed sheet was tented into a position I knew all too well. Stevie's knees were bent and I could see the sheet flutter with every push of her hand. Without even consciously knowing I had done it, I had my cock out and was stroking it like a maddened fiend. I found myself matching her stroke for stroke, synchronizing my movements to hers.

In my minds eye I could see the big blue vibrator engulfed in her young tight hole. Her pushing it in and pulling it out. All I could see over her tented knees was her face. It was bent back almost harshly, her neck muscles straining and there was a stern mask of concentration and an almost painful look to her expression. Little quiet gasps and moans emanating from her pursed lips.

This was wrong, this was so wrong. I needed to turn away and give her the privacy she deserved. But this was my big s****rs baby girl. My young, hot, sexy niece, and I was mesmerized.

As I continued to pull and tug and squeeze myself, Stevie's moans took on an almost chanting quality. I realized she was repeating something over and over in an almost mantra like rhythm. As she neared orgasm her little chant got increasingly louder and louder until I finally grasped what she was saying. "Uncle Hunk, Uncle Hunk, Uncle Hunk."

When my mind finally registered her words I gave out a very loud audible gasp. Stevie's eyes flew open and locked on mine. When she glanced down to what I was holding in my hand I twirled around and headed back to the couch. Embarrassment doesn't even come close to what I was feeling right then. That and shock, and amazement that she had to have been thinking of me while she was getting off. She'd just called me Uncle Hunk no more than an hour earlier. I had no idea how I was going to be able to face her in the morning.

A few seconds later I understood that I was not going to have to, Stevie had turned on her bedroom lamp and I could hear her rummaging around in her pack. Apparently I was going to have to deal with this tonight as she walked into the living room and sat next to me on the couch. I dealt with the inevitable and rolled over and sat up and faced her. Her eyes bored into mine for a very long moment and the musky smell that poured off her body and into my nose threatened to undo me right then. Then to my dismay she glanced down to see my still full fledged hard-on trying desperately to get to my niece right through my thin blanket. With the most hungry lustful look I've ever seen on a woman's face she reached over and flung the blanket off me and exposed my engorged throbbing friend. I had jumped back under the blanket so fast and still so erect that I had never put him away.

I desperately tried to cover myself back up, but with speed and strength I didn't anticipate she locked her left hand on my wrist and pinned it and the blanket to my thigh. Then just as quickly reached out with her right and grabbed my hardness and lowered her mouth to it. I sat dumbstruck as I watched that beautiful blond hair d**** over my erection. Many devils battled Armageddon in my mind. When her soft, wet, warm lips met my flesh I almost cried. She moaned loud enough that I felt her mouth vibrate through my sensitive nerve endings. I instinctively arched my hips up trying to drive my cock as far into that sexy mouth as I could get it.

My cock was in my niece's mouth.

As soon as this thought flashed through my mind I screamed out "NO!" and whipped my hand down to try and pull my niece's hand off me. She just clamped on harder to the base of my shaft and mumbled "Yes." with her mouth still full of me.

"Stevie, please, this is wrong, so wrong, please stop." Still resisting my attempts to pull her hand off me and still holding tight to my other hand Stevie finally raised her head and looked me in the eyes again.

"No, this is not wrong, this is right. As right as anything else in life I know." With all I had seen these last two days and the look in her eyes as she said this I realized that this was not going to end with just a blow job. And that more than anything gave me the strength to pull away from her and free myself. I quickly yanked the blanket out of her hand and covered myself with it.

"Baby, I can't do this to you, I just can't"

When I had achieved my freedom from her grasp at last, Stevie kind of collapsed inwardly and the incredible lust that had dominated her face fell away. In an almost angry, definitely defiant voice she growled back at me, "Why not."

"Why not? Why not? Because you're my s****rs k**. Because my mother is your grandmother. Because the same bl**d pumps through both our hearts. Because the law says it's wrong. Because it IS wrong. Because you're obviously d***k and you don't know what you're doing. You're my niece for God's sake."

"I am not d***k and I don't care about any of that stuff." She pouted.

"But I do sweetie, I can't do this, and some day you'll realize I'm right."

Stevie's head now hung down, her hair d****d over her face. She took a loud gasping breath and her body shuddered and a tear fell from her eyes and landed on her bare thigh. "Don't you love me?" she asked in an anguished pitiful cry.

"Of course I do baby, don't even think that, I love you with all my heart. That's why I can't let this go further. If I did then I am afraid someday you will end up hating me. I won't let that happen."

At this she just shook her head back and forth. Her hair swishing across her face. I sat there frozen and broken hearted, not knowing what else to do.

Stevie wiped at her face with her sleeve and reached into the pocket of her shirt. As she did this I blinked in surprise as I finally noticed what she was wearing. As she pulled a mangled piece of paper from her pocket, I thought to myself, that's my shirt. I lost that thing years ago. But now was not the time to ask her where she got it from so I held my tongue.

Stevie handed me the piece of paper. Only it wasn't paper, it was an old picture. Of us. Stevie and I, and I saw as I looked at it that it was from that day at Disneyland. There I was wearing the shirt that was now all that covered my niece. I had my old hat on and a beard back then and my face looked all sweaty. And there was little thirteen year old Stevie, pigtails and braces and breasts that were a mere shadow of the magnificence they were to become. And looking closer I noticed the look of absolute adoration and an almost goofy grin on her face as she stared up at me. Of course I was oblivious and just looked straight ahead.

Very quietly with her head still bowed Stevie started talking.

"When you arrived to pick me and mom up at the hotel that morning I thought you were the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Wearing that hat and the beard and those sexy eyes of yours, I was instantly caught in my first crush. You and mom sat up front and you talked the whole way there, but you kept turning around and including me in the conversation. I was used to being ignored in the back seat and you made me feel like I mattered and you made me feel special. And you were so funny."

"While we were standing in line waiting to get tickets into the park, you reached out and put your arm around me and hugged me. My face got pressed up against your chest and I remember taking this big breath through my nose. I can't describe the way you smelled, and what it did to me. But it was incredible. I loved it. I couldn't get enough and when you let go and stepped up in line I felt like I had lost something."

"Walking through the park you kept holding my hand. I loved the feel of your strong hands enveloping my little fingers. I felt connected to you in a way I had never felt before, and I have never felt since. And you kept talking to me and you kept making me laugh. It was amazing. I had never been so happy."

"You took me on every ride I wanted to go on. You helped me hunt down every character in the park and took pictures of me with them with that camera you had. You bought me every thing I looked at for more than two seconds. I remember mom actually yelled at me later, when you went to the men's room, thinking I had asked you for all those things. She didn't believe me until I yelled back that she could throw them all away and I wouldn't care. But I would have, because all those things came from you. And I loved all of them."

"After you took a picture of me with Cinderella, you started calling me Steviella. Later I asked you why you called me that and you bent down and looked me right in the eyes and said, "Because you're ten times prettier than she is and I think you should have her job."

"You told me I was ten times prettier than the most beautiful princess in the world. I knew then that I was in love with you."

"I took every opportunity to hug you and lean against you, just so I could smell you some more. It was like a d**g to me. I couldn't get enough. And it was really hot that day, and you were sweating a lot, but that just made your odor stronger, and better, as far as I was concerned. And I absolutely loved the feel of your strong arms around me."

Stevie gave another little shudder as she said this. She was showing no animation when she spoke but her voice was full of emotion. I sat stunned as she revealed her version of this day to me.

"When it started to get dark we headed over to that street where they held the parade. But we got there late and there were a lot of people in front of us. When the parade started I was jumping up trying to see, but it was pointless so I just gave up and leaned into you again. You leaned down and whispered in my ear to give my shopping bags to mom. So I asked her to hold them and you stepped behind me and put your hat on my head and your hands under my armpits and lifted me over your head and sat me on your shoulders."

"When you grabbed me your fingers pressed into the sides of my boobs. I had just had my first period two weeks before and they had just recently started growing and were really sensitive to touch, and I felt my nipples grow hard. This was a new feeling to me and I was flushed and warm and I wanted you to touch them forever. But you lowered your hands and wrapped them around my knees. Your neck was really warm and I could feel the heat radiate through my shorts and heat my pussy. It was indescribable. It was incredible. The marching band was blaring and the parade went by and I don't remember any of it. All I could focus on was the warmth down there and how light headed I was and how much I loved you."

"I couldn't help myself as I started rubbing my pussy against your neck. I just rocked back and forth reveling in the sensation, the scr****g of my cotton underwear, the erotic stirrings that were so new and so unexpected. You must of thought I was just rocking to the music because you started swaying back and forth and doing this little shrugging thing with your shoulders and you let go of my knees and started to wave your arms around. I wanted to laugh but I couldn't because every time you flexed or moved you shot bolts of pleasure into me."

"Just then the first firework exploded like right above us. We both jerked our heads up and I lost my balance for a second and started to fall back. Faster then I had ever seen anyone move before, your hands flew to my thighs and you clamped on to me. When your fingers dug into my legs there, little bolts of lightning shot right up my thighs and straight to my clit. I moaned, loud, and I shuddered and went all tense and I squeezed your neck with my thighs and clenched in my very first little orgasm. I actually thought at the time that I had pee'd my pants. But it didn't feel like peeing. And it felt so good, so intense. I had no idea what had just happened, I'd never even heard of an orgasm or of girls cumming before. All I knew was that I liked it, no I loved it, and you made it happen."

"I know you didn't hear me moan, the music and fireworks were too loud, but you must have felt me quiver because you squeezed your hands and shouted up to me that it was alright, that you would never let me go. That was the most wonderful thing you could have said to me right then, because I didn't want you to ever let me go. I remember looking down at your hands on my legs and seeing that your fingers were just barely touching the lower edge of my shorts. I pleaded silently to you, trying to send my desire telepathically to you, to move your fingers up under my shorts. To just let them creep closer and closer to that incredible tingle I was feeling. I kept thinking, Please. Do it, touch me, touch me there. Touch my pussy. Please. Please."

Stevie stopped talking and buried her face in her hands. Little muffled sobs escaped from between her fingers. Each and every sob was like someone taking one of those spiky melon ball scoops and gouging a chunk out of my heart.

Listening to her tell her story had aroused me again and it had also aroused her, I could tell because I could smell her, so strong, so heady, so wonderful. Pheromones were bouncing off the walls all around us. If we had been a****ls the rutting would have been fait accompli. But we were not a****ls, and I refused to turn into one just to satisfy my sick desires, or hers either.

But at the same time my heart ached for my little princess. Involuntarily I reached out and stroked her back. Stevie jumped at my touch and flew off the couch and ran into the bathroom. This cut me, deeply, I understood now that no matter what I did, she was going to end up hating me.

She came out a couple minutes later, composed and holding a wad of tissue. She went straight into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of water from the fridge. She uncapped it and took a long draught. She sat down, set the water on the table, lowered her head again and continued.

"After the parade we left the park. You insisted on carrying all the bags and stuff and I was really bummed because you had your hands full and I couldn't hold your hand. When we got to the car you set all the bags on the ground, handed mom your keys and your camera and then took both my hands in yours. Then you said "Steviella, it is almost midnight and we have to dance before I turn into a frog." And you picked me up and spun me around and around all over the parking lot, and then you stopped twirling and kissed me. Right on the lips. My first kiss, it was magical. Then you said "Oops, now I 'm really going to turn into a frog." And then you set me down and we were laughing and I was so happy."

"We walked back to the car. That was when mom must have taken that picture. I don't remember her doing it, by that time the whole rest of the world could have disappeared and I wouldn't have noticed. I crawled into the backseat with all our stuff that mom had put back there and you reached in and grabbed a Grumpy t shirt that you had bought yourself out of one of the bags, and then stood up and took off your shirt. You used your shirt to wipe the sweat off your face and your chest, it was the sexiest thing I'd ever watched."

"Then you said "Wow, I really did turn into a frog, a stinky frog." And you threw the shirt at me and we both laughed. You put your t shirt on and got in the car and I remember mom saying something about she always did want two k**s. You laughed at that too. I held your shirt in my hands the whole drive back. And I kept holding it to my face and smelling it. God I love your smell. I knew I couldn't not keep it so I tucked your shirt into the princess backpack you'd bought me. I didn't think of it as stealing, I thought of it as a piece of you that I had to have."

"I was asl**p by the time we got back to the hotel and I never got to say goodbye or anything. The next day we went home. The first thing I did when we got home was write you a letter. I told you how much fun I had at Disneyland and how much I loved you and I asked if I could come live with you forever. I got a stamp and your address from mom and ran out in the middle of the night to put it in the mailbox because I wanted you to get it right away."

"When I went to bed that night I put your shirt on. It went down past my knees. I crawled into bed and pulled the shirt up over my nose and took a big whiff. And I felt, I mean really felt, your hands grab my thighs, and the tingling came back and I got wet again, just like that. I reached down and touched myself and kept sniffing your shirt and I was in heaven. I kept saying Uncle Hunk, Uncle Hunk."

I interrupted her for the first time then to ask where the Uncle Hunk came from.

"You don't remember?" She looked up at me when she asked this and I could tell it hurt that I didn't, but I would never lie to her.


"That day at lunch you had this ring of pineapple that came with your food, and you turned to me and asked if I wanted a hunk of pineapple. And I said, "Sure uncle, hunk me." And you laughed so loud that everyone in the restaurant was looking at us. And you turned to mom and said, "Hey s*s, she just called me Uncle Hunk." I loved that I could make you laugh like that and in my head that's how I've thought of you ever since."

"Anyways, I wore your shirt to bed every day for a week, and then one day I came home from school and it was gone. I panicked, I tore my room apart looking for it, I went through all the hampers in the house, through all the clothes in the laundry room. I finally found it in my dad's closet. Mom had washed it and must have thought it was one of his. The first thing I did was smell it and I just burst out crying. It was gone, it just smelled like a shirt."

"I was so mad at my mom, I ran into the kitchen and started yelling at her and told her I hated her and that I was going to run away and marry you. Then I ran into my room slammed the door and fell on my bed and cried into my pillow."

"Mom came in my room sat on my bed and asked me what that was all about. It took her about an hour to get the truth about the shirt and how I felt about you out of me. She then explained all about i****t and that we could never be together and that it was just a crush and I would get over it."

"I told her I didn't care, that it wasn't a crush. That I really, really loved you. And that they were stupid laws and I didn't care what anyone else thought. She just laughed and said I would get over you as soon as some boy kissed me. I hadn't told her about our kiss. But I wouldn't let it go. I yelled at her that I would always love you no matter what."

"She got mad then and said that I could never marry you. That it was impossible and besides to you I was only a little girl and that you had a real girlfriend and couldn't possibly feel the same way about me. And she said I had to send your shirt back to you. Then she told me not to worry, that this would all pass and someday I would forget all about you."

"I hid the shirt in the back of my closet, it was all I had of you. No way was I going to give it back. Apparently mom forgot because she never mentioned it again and I only pulled it out when I knew no one would see it."

"A day or two after my talk with mom your package came, addressed to me. I was so excited. I ran with it into my room and shut the door. It had a letter from you and a pack of pictures. I flipped through the pictures and was getting real upset that they were all of me and those characters and mom and the castles and then the very last one was this one. I remember I squealed like a pig. I loved it. I quickly hid it in the pocket of the shirt. And then I read your letter. I heard mom coming and I hid the letter. She stopped in the doorway and asked what you had sent. So I showed her the pictures. She looked at them and was asking if I remembered this one and that one. Finally she asked if she could have a few and I said sure. She took the ones she wanted and left. I took your letter out and read it again."

Stevie raised her head again and with moist eyes asked if I remembered what I wrote.

"No, sweetie, that was a long time ago. Sorry."

Still looking me in the eyes she said. "You said you loved me too. You said I could come live with you if I wanted, but I had to finish school and get a degree first. So I decided right then that that was what I was going to do."

"Whenever I knew I wouldn't get caught I would get undressed then put your shirt on. Every time I did I could feel your arms around me. I would stare at the picture and kiss it, and sometimes I would hold it to my breast and think of you kissing me there."

"When I started high school I took extra credits and extra classes. I wanted to get my degree as fast as I could. After awhile I had learned more about i****t and understood more of the implications of the act."

"Then one day when I was a sophomore, I was looking at the picture and I took my eyes off your face and for the first time I really looked at myself. I was a stupid goofy k**. And I realized then that mom was right. That you couldn't possibly have been falling in love with me while I was falling in love with you. I decided then that I had to get over you. I started going out with the boys that had been asking me out for like forever."

"I remember my second kiss. It was nothing like our kiss. I felt nothing. I felt nothing for any of the boys I went out with. And I wouldn't let any of them touch me. I started hearing rumors about what the boys were calling me, but I didn't care, because I didn't care about any of them at all."

"I met Duncan a couple years ago. He was really sweet, and patient, and he made me laugh. I finally went out with him, mostly because he reminded me of you. About a year ago I let him have sex with me. I hated it. I still felt nothing. I was so sad because I thought I would never feel the way you made me feel again. But I talked myself into trying again. I knew I had to get past this because I didn't want to be alone for the rest of my life."

"But it didn't matter, whenever we had sex I just laid there. After awhile Duncan understood that he was the only one getting any pleasure out of the act and it caused a rift in our relationship. Eventually we stopped having sex. He finally met someone else and I think we were both really relieved."

"Then the other day I heard Jannie and Megan talking about coming here and I knew what I had to do. I talked them into letting me come with them and got my ticket. I went back to mom's and dug out the princess backpack from the back of my closet and their was the shirt and picture, just where I had left them. I washed the shirt and packed it."

"I made up the story about the room, I had no intention of staying anywhere but here. I promised Jannie and Megan I would go with them today. But I planned on spending the rest of the week here. I had to see if I still felt the same. I had to see if you still made me feel the same. And I had to find out how you felt about me. I love you so much and the second I saw you all those feelings came back. When you hugged me outside the car at the hotel, I knew I wanted you. You and only you. And I know you want me too."

As she said this last line, she glanced down to my groin. I couldn't deny that I wanted her and she knew it.

"I graduated last month."

Realization of what she just said dawned on me slowly. I started shaking my head. "Stevie, we can't I'm sorry. I love you. I love you so much. And yes I want you, you are incredible. But I can not seduce my niece."

Stevie jumped up and loudly cried out, "But that's just it. You already seduced me. You seduced me nine years ago." And with great wracking sobs she ran into the bedroom and fell on the bed. I listened to her muffled crying for a good hour before she finally quieted and fell asl**p.


The next morning I got up and went into the bathroom.. Stevie's bikini was hanging over the shower rod and I had to move it to shower. Just touching it nearly drove me mad. I still had no idea how to handle any of this. I dressed in shorts and a tee, seeing that it was Saturday and I had the day off. I went into the kitchen and made coffee.

I heard Stevie jump in the shower and when she came out she was wearing the bikini. She looked like a goddess. Except when she got up close and I saw the red swollen eyes. It hurt so much to know that I had caused her this pain.

"What are your plans for today?"

"I'm just going to lay out by the pool. I called the airlines and reserved a seat on a flight out today at 5. Can you take me to the airport or should I call a taxi or something?" She said all this without ever looking me in the eyes.

"No, I'll take you. But you really don't have to go home baby. If you can't stay here I'll try and find you a room somewhere."

'No, there's no reason to stay anymore." And she walked out the door and to the apartment pool.

Less than twenty minutes later she walked back through the door crying. She rushed past me and my "What's wrong?", and headed for the bedroom.

"Stevie stop!"

She stopped in the bedroom doorway but didn't turn around. She didn't stop crying either. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. She stiffened at my touch. I kissed the back of her head. She stood frozen. At this point a little devil dude and a little angel dude appeared one each on my shoulders and commenced to fight world war three. But unlike in the cartoons, they didn't throw verbal jabs at each other. These suckers were using weapons of mass destruction. They threw everything they had at each other, and every salvo took a detour and pierced my heart on the way to it's target.

In the midst of my private battle I heard two little whispered words. "Please, Please."

Apparently the little angel dude heard those two words too, because his attention was diverted for just a second and his concentration waned. I heard the little devil dude cackle like a madman as he pummeled the little angel dude into submission. Those two words undid every last objection I had. Fuck the law. Fuck morality. Fuck convention. I didn't care if my s****r hated me or if society shunned me. I would move us somewhere where we weren't known, I would move the earth for this woman. I was in love. I was so madly in love. I bunched up Stevie's hair and laid it over her left shoulder, then I bent and kissed her exposed neck. Apparently she didn't hear the little angel dude get his ass kicked because she stiffened again. I whispered in her ear, "You ARE the most beautiful princess in the world." And then I reached up and untied the neck string of her bikini.

When her top fell forward and exposed her breasts, Stevie swooned. Her knees buckled and she started to collapse. I reached my arms around her and took all her weight. It made me stagger for a second until I could pull her up tight against me and steady us. I reached between us with one hand and undid the other string, then pulled her top away and let it fall.

I pulled her up tight against me again, put my lips to her ear and said, "I love you, I love you very much."

Stevie gave a great sob and said, 'I love you so much." And then she tried to turn around in my arms but I held her tight and wouldn't let her.

The feel of her firm fleshy ass cheeks, with her swimsuit doing little to impede, pressed against my burgeoning erection felt so good that I wanted to relish the sensation. She must have also liked the way it felt because she pushed her tight little bottom into me. I kissed her neck some more and with my left arm still pressing her to me I let my right arm slide down her stomach.

Stevie moaned and brought one arm up and wrapped it around my neck. Her other arm slid around behind her and she f***ed it between our bodies and rubbed me making me get harder. She then went after the button on my shorts.

I slowly slid my hand down till the tip of the middle finger fell into her belly button. I stopped there and slowly rimmed the outer skin with my fingertip. Then started sliding down again. I released my grip on her with my left arm and brought my hand up and rested it between her tits on her breast bone, not quite touching either breast.

Stevie was having a hard time with my shorts and I didn't help her any. She brought her right hand down off my neck and used it to help her left. After finally getting the button undone she pulled on my shorts and they fell to my thighs. I backed away from her a bit and wiggled out of them. One of Stevie's hands went to fondle my balls and the other grabbed my shaft. She was pushing down on it when I pulled her tight again and my cock went right through her legs. My cock now filled her Devils Triangle, It was a perfect fit.

We both looked down and we could see past my hand on her stomach the swollen red head of my cock sticking out from between her legs. Stevie let out a little mewl, let go of me and pressed her legs together. The sensation of her silky thighs on either side and her slightly moist on the outside, which meant very wet on the inside, bikini was very erotic. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, basically fucking her triangle.

Stevie's hands came around front and each found it's counterpart as she covered my hands with her own. My right was now down to the lip of her bikini. I loved the feel of her soft skin. Stevie tried to push my right hand down but I fought her. She gave a frustrated little cry and then tried to move my left hand to her right breast. I fought this action too. Stevie was breathing very hard.

While the fingers of our right hands slid just barely under her bikini bottoms I brought both of our left hands to Stevie's mouth and stuck a couple of each of our fingers in. She sucked them in and ran her tongue around and through them. Her hot, wet, silky tongue danced amongst the four fingers in her mouth, two of mine and two of hers.

I continued to rock back and forth with my hips and I swished our right hands back and forth under her bikini across her lower stomach, dropping them lower and lower with each pass. I removed our fingers from her mouth and lowered them to within a hair of her right breast. Again Stevie tried to f***e my hand onto her but I wouldn't let it happen. She was still trying to push my right hand down. She then tried to arch her chest out to make it come in contact with my hand but I anticipated the move and pulled our hands away. She finally understood that we were going to do this at my speed and she just relaxed. She placed each of her fingers directly over each of mine and just let me move them.

I stopped swishing our right hands and proceeded to descend again. I found nothing but smooth skin where there should have been pubic hair. So smooth, so sweet. I let my fingers barely touch her Labium Majora on the way down. Skimming over her mound.

I reached up with my mouth and sucked on her right earlobe, then let it go and whispered, "You are the most beautiful thing God and man have ever conspired to create."

I took the tip of the first fingers of our left hands, still wet with her saliva and pressed down on the upper outer rim of her very erect right nipple. Touching the nipple and nothing else, I pushed down on it. It stretched the nipple and contorted her breast until it finally popped off. I watched as her breast first bowed and then sprang back to form. Both of us let out simultaneous moans.

Our right hands now cupped her vagina, I didn't squeeze, just let them lay across her skin with minimum contact. I then brought our left first fingers back to the underside rim of her nipple and pulled upwards. The weight of her breast making it release faster than when going down. At the same time I slid our right hands up again but this time I let our middle fingers delve slightly into her crease. Stevie tried to crane her neck around to kiss me but I avoided her lips. As our right hands got to about half way up her slit Stevie totally caught me off guard and pushed hard with her middle finger, causing both of our middle fingers to slide into her sopping wet hole.

She had planned well because she instantly clamped down on our fingers with the muscles of her pussy, she then yanked her right hand out of herself and her bikini and reached down and grabbed my penis from between her legs and brought it up tight against her, effectively trapping my finger inside her.

She was so wet, so hot, I loved the feel of her hand squeezing my cock up against the smooth fabric of her suit. Stevie let out a satisfied little grunt and started grinding on my finger. I squeezed my hand which caused it to press down on her clitoris. Stevie started bucking faster. My left hand finally enfolded her breast. Stevie arched her back and shook with pleasure. She was getting too close, something I was not ready to let happen just yet so I pulled myself out and away from her. She practically tore the skin off my penis, not wanting to let go, but finally relinquished her hold on me. She then spun around with a guttural cry and pounced on me.

Her lips crashed into mine with a teeth jarring impact. Her arms reached up and around my neck as mine encircled her waist. Her breasts heaved against my chest. I was nearing the limits of restraint myself. She must have forgotten that she still had half her suit on because she tried to climb up my body and impale her self on my cock. I broke off our kiss and bent down and scooped her into my arms. I took the few steps to the bed and laid her down on it. I slowly pulled the rest of her bikini off and then whipped my shirt off as well.

Stevie's eyes locked on to my eight inch angry soldier. And I slowly swept my eyes down her body. I understood there would be no more foreplay. Stevie was pleading with her eyes and shaking and reaching for me. I took another few seconds to relish her perfection. Tanned skin, except for her suit lines. Lines that accentuated her breasts. Even laying down they remained full and heavy looking. A sprinkle of freckles dotted her chest. Her naked shaved pussy looked like a little girl's, but this time I didn't balk at that thought. Her pink butterfly had blossomed and sat open and inviting. She spread her legs wide and with a pleading whine reached for me again.

I joined her on the bed grabbed both of her hands and pinned them with one of mine above her head and poised myself over her. Stevie's hips were thrashing as she tried to get to me. With my other hand I held her still and pointed my penis to her folds. I left it sitting there just barely touching her, and stared deep into her eyes. Then once again she spoke those two little words that I knew now would forever get her anything she wanted from me. "Please, Please."

With one smooth stroke I entered her to the hilt. Stevie arched her back and cried out.

That was it, we had gone past the point of no return. We had committed i****t. I was fucking my niece. We were satisfying our sick desires, only they weren't sick, they were special. And she was right when she said earlier that this was more right than anything else in the world. I started thrusting and she bucked back with incredible intensity. Our hips mashed into each other and my balls slapped her ass. I once again crushed her lips in a hard passionate kiss. It was intense and physical and consuming. I roared and she cried out. She brought her head up and took a big sniff of my sweaty chest, then leaned back and arched her back again. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she started chanting. "Uncle Hunk, Uncle Hunk, Uncle HUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..."

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2 years ago
I enjoy every story that you put on your blog. Most of it are long but intresting and you are a great writer indeed.
2 years ago
Amazng writing...it was vry lng bt i dint fund it boring at all...awesome...
2 years ago
Amazng writing...it was vry lng bt i dint fund it boring at all...awesome...
2 years ago
Wow your a very talented writer!
3 years ago
this is your best yet! so hot. now i want uncle hunk!
3 years ago
HOT stuff!!
3 years ago
once again you set the bar.
3 years ago
Nice read...Hot to say the least.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good