The idea of a weekend with the in-laws didn't rank high on my list of things for a fun weekend. Julie and I had been married two years and I had avoided most of those obligations. Her parents lived outside the country since her father worked overseas for most of his career. His company moved him and his f****y wherever they needed his talents.

Now after an early retirement her parents had moved back to the U.S. and bought a home on a small acreage near the west coast. Their new home was a couple hundred miles away from us in a resort community. The weekend trip was a small compromise and I was learning to handle those trade-offs in our marriage.

Julie agreed to drive and picked me up at the office on Friday afternoon. She stopped by the curb and greeted me with her teasing line, "Do you need a ride stranger? I'm going as far as you want to go."

Climbing into the passenger seat, I laughed and tossed the playful banter back to her. "Oh girl you have no idea how far that is. We'll go places you've never imagined. Then again, maybe you're going that way already." We leaned close and kissed before pulling away from the curb.

After merging into traffic she looked at me. "Thanks for doing this with me. It means a lot and my parents really want to know you better. You've only really spent a few short days with them in the time we've been together. They are a lot of fun once you get to know them."

The drive was relaxing as the countryside rolled past. Julie drove the car and I watched the scenery. Like many men I sometimes look at other women in a passing appreciation of their beauty. Julie had caught me looking often enough, and rather than becoming angry or spiteful about it, she'd laughed it off knowing it was nothing more than a passing look.

Julie was true beauty in her own right. Her light brown hair, olive skin, and slender athletic build made most other guys drool when they saw her. Those lucky enough to know her were even more attracted by her charm and wit. She was a 10, and she knew it. I knew it. She wasn't threatened by my passing glances at a stranger. In her playful way she'd started letting me know when I was busted on those trespasses. She'd comment "I bet she'd rock your world" after she caught me in the middle of a hungry stare. Eventually the phrase was shortened to simply "rocking" so it would be our private joke in mixed company.

After an hour on the road we came along side a red Mercedes convertible. The car caught my eye and I was looking it over. We pulled along side it and the two occupants were beautiful blondes. They glanced over and smiled and waved at me as we rolled down the road. We drove side by side and I was unaware that Julie was watching me and holding her speed steady with the Mercedes.

Finally she giggled and said "rocking" to break the silence, and then passed the other car, leaving the two blondes behind us. "Is that drool on your chin or just car envy? Maybe we should pull over someplace to help you get over that car."

We both knew I was caught and she teased more by tugging at her top blouse buttons to make the point. Her fingers worked on the buttons and her smooth silky skin was exposed showing the curve of her 34C breasts. My cock twitched with her seductive tease. She reached over stroking my eager cock through my pants to make her point. With a throbbing hard-on, I was ready to pull the car over and screw her on the side of the highway. It was only the bad timing of a passing highway patrol car that put our minds back on the driving.

Julie was in a teasing mood and she pressed the point after a few more miles. We often had fun debates while on road trips or sitting at home. Her years growing up in Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, London, and Paris had given her a diverse education and perspective on many things. She could discuss philosophy or psychology in three languages.

She was usually kind and generous but her mind was like a steel trap when she wanted to attack an idea. And now she was going to grill me about my wandering thoughts. "What was it about those two blondes that caught your eye?" she asked.

Trying to avoid her grilling, "It was the car really, and I was only wondering if they were s****rs or friends that looked alike. You've got to admit they did look alike."

After a moment she looked at me. "That was an awful long stare to consider that small fact. You must have thought something else about them. After all, you really don't know anything about them. You never can really tell about people without knowing all their secrets. They could be saints or sinners, debutantes or poor working girls that are credit card payment slaves. For all you know they might have been hookers on their way to a party, or s****rs on their way to church. Come on tell me big boy. What was going through your mysterious mind?"

I wasn't taking her bait and tossed it all back at her. To tell you the truth I was thinking all that. "They looked like s****rs, with a lot of credit card debt on their way to a party to find a sugar daddy to bail them out of their predicament."

Julie laughed, "oh and I suppose you were the good looking rich stud that was going to be their knight in shinning armor. Were you going to save both of them or did you have your eye on just one of those s****rs?"

Groaning in mock agony "Ahh, I have to make the tough choices all day long at work and now you want me to make more choices".

Julie pressed on. "So you're saying you'd take both s****rs. Aren't you the wild one? I better turn up the heat a notch or two in the bedroom to keep you under control"

I countered, "Yeah, line them up for me baby. I am a stud muffin sex machine ready for all you can give me. Turn up the heat all you want girl."

Her smirk grew wider. "That sounds like you're into i****t. What wicked fun were you and those s****rs getting into with your i****t fantasy. You're just full of secrets and surprises. It seems there are more than a few impure thoughts under your proper exterior" she jeered. We laughed at her teasing and continued down the road.

We drove on as darkness covered the countryside and arrived at her parent's house around 10pm. They greeted us warmly and Julie ran to her father and jumped into his arms. She buried her face in his neck and wrapped hers legs around him as he lifted her off the ground. His arms wrapped around her waist and then his hands slid down her back and cupped her ass while he lifted her off the ground.

Before their embrace ended her mother joined in the hugging and kissing. I was surprised to see her kiss them both on the lips but shrugged it off as cultural. They held each other close for the longest time before turning to welcome me. Elle was warm and hugged me with enthusiasm. Her touch was inviting as her body pressed tightly against mine. She had on a perfume that made me want another whiff of her scent. Dick was robust and gripped my hand tight while slapping my back like an old friend. Elle wrapped her arms around Julies' and my waist as she e****ted us into the house.

Richard and Elaine, or Dick and Elle as they liked to be called were fit and tanned and well relaxed from their new found free time in early retirement. Both of them could be mistaken for a couple in their 40's even though Dick was 53 and Elle was 51. The retirement package Dick was given ensured they didn't have to worry about money. They were now free to pursue the things they enjoyed. Dick was an avid cyclist and Elle was a runner and a fanatic about yoga. They both enjoyed golf, swimming, and hiking.

Once inside the house they began showing off their new place. It was spacious for the two of them. Elle offered to show us around to which Dick laughed and said "Elle will give you the twenty-five cent peep show and I'll get everyone a drink."

Julie chimed in. "Make sure that Mike's is a double. He had to work all day and he's been "rockin" all the way here and needs to unwind." She grinned at me wickedly and then took her mothers arm to walk up the stairs. I watched in uneasy silence as they wiggled up the stairs.

Their home was in a private setting perched on a hill overlooking the valley and a lake. It came with a pool and fitness room. The acreage had the start of a small vineyard that intrigued Dick. He joked the house was the fruit of his labors, Julie was the fruit of his loins, and g****s would be the fruit of his vines.

We toured the house while Elle and Julie talked. They shared so many similar mannerisms and gestures that a casual observer might think they were s****rs. There was no mistaking they were related. Julie moved lighter on her feet and had an eager playful mood. Although normally calm and witty, if not graceful, now less than 15 minutes in her parents' house she was bouncing around like an energetic teen. Her giggles and playful ways seemed nymph-like when she spoke with her father. There was an obvious spark of electricity between them.

Seeing their photos and personal decorations gave me a new perspective on my in-laws and my wife. There are some things you never learn about your spouse unless you spend time with their f****y. Pictures of f****y skiing trips in Europe, hiking in some rain forest, and sail boating in the Mediterranean filled one wall. The photos of Elle on a beach in France made me take a second glance. She'd accepted the European custom of topless and nude beaches and didn't mind showing a few photos of herself, Julie, and her twin s****r and b*****r from years past. Other pictures told the story of an adventurous life filled with enjoyment.

As I stared at the naked photos of Elle, Dick walked up behind me. "They were the sexiest girls on the beach that day, and they still are" he said with a tone of pride. I nodded in agreement and we laughed and then followed the girls down the hallway toward our guest bedroom.

The upper floor was split by a staircase and sitting area with a hallway going to each side. The master suite was on one side of the house and two guest rooms were on the other side. The hallways each had glass doors to close them from the rest of the house. The guest room was spacious and comfortable with a view of the pool area and the valley below. The bed looked inviting and I commented how it had been a long week.

Without further prompting Elle placed her hand on mine and said "Don't let us keep you up dear. We'll have plenty of time to talk in the morning. If you need anything at all you just come and ask me. Julie will probably chatter on for a while with us if you don't mind.

Dick chimed in "you won't mind if I keep Julie for myself for a while, do you Mike?" We chuckled at his comment and I turned in for the night.

sl**p came easily and I was sound asl**p minutes after hitting the pillow. Waking sometime in the middle of the night I was alone in the bed. Without a second thought, I rolled over and drifted off again until the morning light spilled through the window. The sounds of birds and crickets were a relaxing change from the urban sounds of sirens and car engines that often woke us at home. Julie was smiling softly and content in her deep slumber. I slipped out of the bedroom into the quiet house.

Making my way down the stairs without a sound, I was surprised to see Elle standing in the kitchen. Her back was to me. She wore a short silk robe that barely covered her behind. When she reached for a dish on a high shelf, her tanned naked ass was exposed. Her muff peeked out from between her legs as she stood on her tiptoes and leaned forward to reach a high shelf. Startled and with an eyeful, I stepped back around the corner. Making a few noises at the bottom of the stairs, I once again entered the kitchen.

Elle turned to greet me and smiled warmly. Her short robe was tied loosely around her waist and her tempting cleavage, shapely legs, and toned ass were there for the peeking. She wasn't at all concerned about her skimpy attire. I struggled to maintain eye contact with her as she leaned forward to pour my coffee and her robe spilled open. She was charming and began making breakfast. Her tanned and toned body was on display as she worked in the kitchen. The morning sun shone through the thin material outlining her body. I sat watching her every move and talking casually with her.

"We didn't keep you awake last night did we?" she asked tentatively. Julie said you could sl**p through anything and never wake. We stayed up late even though Dick set a tee time for us to play golf today. He's really excited about getting you and Julie out and cutting loose. He always complains the local stiffs are too uptight to have a good time.

Before I could respond, Dick's voice boomed out from behind me. "You bet your sweet ass they're a bunch of uptight pricks. You'd think they were playing for the pro tour the way they get all fussy about the rules. Me, I just want to enjoy a good time with some friends and we can bend the rules as we please. You're not going to go heavy on the rule book on me today are you Mike?" Elle looked at her husband with a smile that had a look indicating she would have a word with him at some later time.

Before she could say anything, I replied "Dick, it's your house, your tee time, and we'll play by your rules. Whatever you want to play is ok by me. Scramble, best ball, handicap, or hack and cuss is all good for me. Just promise I won't go home $1,000 bucks poorer."

He laughed and slapped my back in a jovial way. "Hey I won't take your wallet but you might be dancing naked on the 18th green if I win by more than five shots. Just to keep it fun, let's have the losers make dinner for the winners. We'll switch partners to keep it interesting. You and Elle can play against me and Julie. She's got a sweet stroke but I'll warn you in advance though, don't let her get you in the deep rough looking for balls. You might lose your pants!" Amused with his own joke he chuckled and poured another cup of coffee. Dick was a full time joker and always looking for a way to turn the conversation bawdy if not sexually suggestive.

As we talked, the water upstairs started running. Julie was in the shower. She bounced downstairs after a few minutes and came into the kitchen. She was glowing and radiant, and hadn't looked this relaxed in a long time. She wore a sleeveless blouse and tight shorts that hugged her perfect ass. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail with a visor perched on her head to shade her pretty face. She was the vision of a playful sexy sports girl.

Julie kissed me and I noticed the way her parents looked her over. It seemed like Dick was checking her out with something more than parental pride. We ate breakfast and Elle stood around playing the perfect hostess with her cleavage on display and most of her body showing. Several times Julie caught me looking at her barely clad mother and each time she smiled slyly at me and winked.

After a leisurely morning we drove two cars to the golf course. Elle rode with me while Julie jumped in with her dad. The weekend was turning out to be fun. It was almost like spending a weekend with old college buddies rather than my in-laws. The way they joked and teased made me loosen up and I was soon returning some of their suggestive remarks with a joke or two of my own.

The game was rowdy fun and in spite of all Dick's jokes he was a solid player. He had a competitive streak that was masked by his joking loose attitude. Dick was a joker about most things and golf was no different. He had a work hard and play hard attitude, and now that he was retired his playing was even harder. By the 15th hole Dick and Julie were beating us by 7 strokes. The teasing increased and he and Julie suggested Elle and I should both dance naked on the 18th green.

Elle laughed and shot back at him. "Dick honey you forget I have the young stud on my team and he can go the distance. You better save your energy for the 19th. Mike has been going easy on you and I think he's got a lot more game in him. Besides, I might not be able to control myself with this handsome young stud if we are both naked." With that reply Elle patted me on the ass. "Break out that big driver of yours with the extra stiff shaft and show that old goat who can go the distance."

Elle and I closed the gap but we still lost the match by two strokes. As agreed we were going to cook dinner for everyone. After a couple drinks at the clubhouse, Elle and I left and went on home to start dinner. Dick and Julie ordered another round for themselves as we got up to leave.

They were happily taunting us. "You two kitchen slaves run along and prepare to feed and entertain the victors." They traded high five hand slaps and clinked their glasses in a toast as we left the club.

The hot sun and the drinks were having an effect on me. It was also showing on Elle and she was giggling and tipsy. We pulled into the driveway and as I unloaded the car my ankle turned on the abrupt edge of the driveway. Losing my balance I fell into the rose bushes. The sharp thorns scratched and pierced my legs. "Fuck me!" I cursed without thinking; laying there in the dirt. Looking up at Elle I realized my mistake and apologized.

"Oh, there's no need for apologizing. I've said the same thing myself on a number of occasions" she said grinning. "Are you all right? I've been after Dick to fix that since we moved in." Rising from the ground Elle brushed the dirt and bl**d off my leg and said "you better grab a shower and clean up. Come on let's go inside."

The hot shower pounded down on my body and refreshed me. The thorns had both scratched and sent slivers into my thigh. I needed to remove them before getting dressed. Sitting on the bed with only the bath towel wrapped around me I picked at the thorns with my fingertips unaware that Elle had entered the room behind me.

I was startled as her hand touched my shoulder. Again she asked "Are you all right Mike? Those are some nasty sc****s. You'll need this tweezers to get those thorns out."

She looked down at my bare thigh and stepped around in front of me. Without another word Elle knelt down and began removing the thorns from my thigh. Calm and softly she worked. Her body pressed close against me. One hand rested on my thigh and her other arm lay across my crotch and pressed on my cock through the towel. Her soft breast pressed against my leg. The sight of her kneeling between my legs was strangely exciting. My cock twitched and began to pulse. Her hands worked gently on my thigh. Her arm brushed against my crotch with just enough f***e to fuel my guilty thoughts. My heart raced as I knew my cock could peek out from under the towel if it kept twitching and swelling.

Elle nudged the towel up higher following the scratch running up my leg. She leaned in closer so her hair was brushing against my chest. The towel was opening and her arm brushed the bare skin of my cock. The touch was electrifying and it made my cock throb and swell. Feelings of guilty lust raced through my head. I wanted to jump up before I embarrassed myself with her.

She lowered her head for a closer look at the wound as she worked intently on pulling the final thorn. Satisfied she had removed all of them Elle set the tweezers aside and looked at my growing cock sticking out from under the towel. After a brief pause she ran her hand over the head and down the shaft. It twitched and throbbed and grew harder with her touch. My head was spinning as she continued touching my pulsing flesh. Slowly and deliberately her hand slid up and down the shaft and then rolled over the purple head with her soft palm. My pulse quickened, and I was losing all thoughts of stopping this before it went any further.

Elle looked up at me from between my legs and smiled sweetly. She held my hard cock in her hand and stroked it slowly as our eyes locked. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and she held my gaze as my cock touched her wet lips. The swollen purple head slipped into her mouth with our eyes still locked. I groaned when her tongue slid around the shaft. She stroked and sucked it deep in her soft wet mouth. My hips began to rise and fall on the bed as my cock sunk deep into her willing mouth.

I was delirious as she sucked and stroked and licked my stiff cock. Elle unbuttoned her blouse and was tugging on her nipples and playing with her breasts as she devoured my shaft. Harder and faster she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Swirling her tongue around the head and licking the shaft as it slid back in. She was giving one of the most incredible blow jobs of my life. My mother-in-law was sucking my cock like a porn star.

After several minutes the tingle started building in my toes and legs and the tightness in my balls signaled a nearing orgasm. Elle showed no sign of slowing down or stopping and she was intent on finishing what she started. I was going to let her have it. She was going to have my entire load. My breathing was slow and deep. My hips thrust forward and then relaxed as she milked my hard cock with her mouth. My cum was building and it was going to fill her mouth.

Moans and gasps became louder and I was pounding hard cock into her face. Faster and harder I pumped and she sucked until a long stream of hot cum splashed in her mouth. I groaned and clutched her head as stars exploded behind my eyes. She stroked my shaft a few more times and another stream exploded on her tongue and dribbled out the side of her mouth. I was breathless and numb with pleasure.

As quickly as it began it was over. I was tingling with orgasmic bliss as Elle suckled the last drops of cum and licked my shaft clean. She cooed softly and then stood up with a sweet wicked smile that reminded me of Julie. "Well, it seems we are getting to know each other very well. I can see why my Julie is so happy with you. You know she's a special girl with her needs and desires, and she's never been one to ask for things. We all want her to be as happy as she can be, and I know you're the one who understands what makes her happy."

Then she turned and walked toward the door saying she needed to freshen up and start dinner. My cock was becoming limp and rational thoughts started leaking back into my head. What hellish torture had I just gotten myself into? What have I done? Elle is going to hold this over me from now to eternity. I could never talk my way out of this with Julie if she found out. I am so screwed.

Washing Elle's lipstick off my cock and slipping into my clothes were done with little time to spare. Julie and her dad pulled up in the driveway just as I made my way into the kitchen and opened a beer. I dreaded seeing her knowing my face would be filled with guilt. I was busying myself with chores in the kitchen and avoided them as they walked upstairs laughing at one of Dick's jokes.

I was outside tending to the grill and prepping the steaks when Julie and her parents entered the kitchen. They were laughing and Dick was pouring drinks for everyone. I tensed as Julie came bouncing outside. Her eyes were fixed on my scratched leg.

"Mom told me what happened." Taking another gulp of beer I braced myself thinking I am so fucking dead now. I avoided eye contact with her

"Oh what did she say?" I replied waiting for the noose to tighten around my neck. Her hand ran down my leg as she examined my scratches.

"She said you nearly broke your neck with a nasty fall into the rose bushes." She set down a glass of wine for me and rubbed my shoulders.

I shrugged "Its nothing honey, really. I turned my ankle and fell over." I tended to the grill avoiding her gaze. Every nerve tingled as I expected her to strike with more news from her mother.

After what seemed to be an eternity she slapped my ass playfully. "As long as you can pay your debts big boy. Make sure my meat is thick and juicy and hot. I am hungry tonight. We worked up quite an appetite beating you today."

Elle joined us on the patio. "Julie he was a brave patient, and took his medicine without complaining. We better keep him overnight for observation just to make sure he's fully functional."

Julie giggled at her mothers' joke and replied. "Where is my nurse's costume when I need it?"

Dick joined in the conversation. "Hey what's this I hear about you trying to weasel out of paying your debts with an injury? You'll need more than a skinned knee to get my sympathy. Here, have another drink. You'll feel better." Dick handed me a tall glass and jokingly cautioned to keep it away from the flames of the grill. "Drink up sport! Those are doctor's orders"

We ate dinner and the joking and drinking continued. Dick was the master of ceremonies and he told stories and dirty jokes without pause. He was enjoying the attention of Julie and Elle. I was laughing and encouraging him to continue with more stories.

Elle talked with Julie and she never taunted me with an indication she was going to say anything about our afternoon encounter. Each time we made eye contact I expected some signal from her. All I could feel was a pang of guilt that I tried to drown with more drinks. As the night wore on the impact of Dick's doctor's special drinks started to hit me. I was d***k and staggered upstairs after bidding everyone a goodnight. Elle and Julie yelled a parting tease at me about my appointment with the nurse later that night.

I woke in the darkness and the clock beside the bed glowed dimly. It was 1:00am and my head was pounding. I needed ice-water and aspirin. Julie wasn't in the bed and I walked downstairs for a tall drink of ice-water. The house was dark and Julie wasn't up watching television or anywhere in sight. The fog on my brain was thick and started to clear. I looked around the pool and other rooms on the first floor. Breathing in the fresh night air helped with the headache. A dim light was visible through the window in Dick and Elle's bedroom.

Climbing the stairs I wondered where the hell Julie had gone in the middle of the night. Did she go for a walk? The French doors that led down the hallway to Dick and Elle's bedroom were closed. Their bedroom door at the end of the hallway was opened slightly and the dim light spilled into the hall. My hand rested on the door knob briefly as I considered my next move.

Curiosity is a strange thing and it makes people do the craziest things. And so, I opened the door and tiptoed down the hallway toward my in-laws bedroom. I stopped a few steps away and listened for voices. A low muffled voice trailed into the hall. Their movements could be heard on the bed. A low whimpering moan was punctuated with squeaky pleas of yes, yes, yes. My hands trembled and my heart raced. The steady rhythm of bodies slapping together filled my ears. Curiosity made me inch closer to the narrow opening so I could peek inside their bedroom.

There was a limited view through the door opening. Part of the bed was visible from the side and back. Dick was naked and kneeling on the bed. His hands were gripping the taught cheeks of a shapely upturned ass. Her body was mostly blocked from view. Glimpses of an arched back were visible with a chest and face pressed into the bed. Her legs spread wide and she was completely submissive to him. Dick pounded her doggie style with a deliberate pace that made her whimper and coo. His strong thighs slapped against her body on each stroke and the moans escaped from her face buried in pillows and blankets.

Feelings of guilt shot through me as I watched my in-laws in their most intimate act. I should have turned and left but an erotic thrill held me in place and my excitement grew from watching them fuck. Glimpses of her naked body teased my lust and I wanted to see more. The memory of Elle sucking my cock overpowered my feelings of guilt as I watched.

A floorboard creaked as I moved closer for a better look. Breathless and with heart racing I froze in the darkness. Then Elle's naked form came into view. She walked alongside the bed. The fear of being discovered swirled in my head with the confusing sight before me. Elle sat on the bed. She began stroking and touching the other woman with a vibrating dildo. She purred and kissed them as they continued to fuck. The fog in my mind cleared and it hit me like a truck. That was my Julie. That lovely body that Dick gripped in his hands wasn't Elle, it was Julie.

I was dizzy and stepped back. The floor creaked again. Elle looked up from nibbling on Julie's body at the noise. Our eyes locked as she peered through the narrow door opening at me. The sly smile she flashed at me earlier in the day returned to her face. She rose from the bed holding a finger to her lips in a conspiratorial shush gesture and walked toward me in silence. Dick and Julie were unaware of my presence and continued fucking.

Elle pressed her finger to my lips urging I remain silent. She took my hand and quietly led me away from the doorway. My thoughts were a confused tangle of fear, anger, shock, betrayal, guilt, and lust. We sat on a sofa and Elle looked at me intently with her sparkling eyes. Her naked body was pressed against mine. Her hard nipples traced against my skin as she moved.

"Are you feeling left out? I know this a shock to you, but some things are better experienced rather than explained. Some things can't be explained just now. There will be time to talk later. You didn't mind our little adventure this afternoon and this isn't all that much different. Would you like to continue the adventure? Its ok, trust me. If you can't trust your f****y who can you trust?"

As Elle spoke her hand petted my cock. It throbbed and pulsed with her touch and my confusion and anger began turning to a powerful lust. I wanted to run from the house and scream into the night, but something deep and primitive inside me f***ed me to stay. Elle started saying something and in that instant my decision was made.

Without waiting to hear what she was saying my mouth covered hers in a deep kiss. Our tongues pushed and probed hungrily. My hands explored her naked willing body. She was soaking wet and her swollen clit throbbed with every touch of my fingers. Elle pumped my cock feverishly in her hand until it was fully hard. Not waiting another second I lifted her on my lap. She faced me as her legs straddled my hips. She pressed her aching nipples to my mouth to be suckled. My tongue swirled around each of her stiff pink nipples making her moan with pleasure.

In a deep throaty whisper she moaned. "Yes fuck my hot cunt. Shove that hard cock of yours in my cunt and fuck me now. Come on, give it to me! Fuck me, use me. Do you want to cum on my tits and fuck my ass? We can do whatever you want! I am a very naughty mom and you need to fuck me big boy."

Elle was in heat and so was I. Pressing my cock into her wet slit I teased it back and forth feeling her slick heat. Then I slammed my cock deep into her wet pussy with a single thrust. Our hips rocked and she rode up and down on my cock. Her clit rubbed against my shaft on each stroke and our bodies moved in a heated frenzy. I licked and nibbled on her nipples and then rolled them between my fingers. Elle threw her head back in delirious pleasure and moaned loudly.

All my emotions were funneled into this act of fucking. I was focused on holding back my cum and I wanted to fuck her for hours. I was angry and confused and wanted to make her whimper and confess all the dirty f****y secrets. I wanted to use her in every way for having my Julie in her bed. I lay back and urged Elle to ride my cock.

Gripping her hips I rocked her in a tempo I could maintain for a long time. Raising and lowering her body on mine she kept riding my shaft. Her thighs were tensing and relaxing as she lifted and fell on my cock. It sunk deep into her wet pussy on each stroke. She was close to cumming. Her face clenched with every shiver of pleasure and I began to toy with her.

"Elle you are a very naughty mom. Are you a dirty little cocksucking slut that likes to help fuck your daughter? Do you cum harder watching your daughter fucking her daddy? Maybe I should just cum on your tits and watch you lick them clean for me." She groaned and gurgled a****l sounds of agreement as an orgasm washed through her body.

Her pussy clenched and quivered around my hard cock and in a breathless whisper she said. "Stop Mike, stop, please don't cum yet! We can do all of those things." She was breathless and panted but held her body still. Our bodies were locked together and motionless. Without another word she stood up and my raging hard cock slid out from deep inside her warm velvet slit. She took my hand and we walked toward her bedroom.

In the bedroom father and daughter continued their coupling. In a slow deliberate motion my Julie lifted her hips and rolled from side to side moaning with ecstasy. She now lay on her back with her legs spread wide with her arms flung above her head. Dick was teasing her body with the vibrator by running it around her nipples and down over her belly. He nudged it into her pussy and pressed it against her clit until she shrieked with delight. "Oh daddy, make me cum again. Fuck me good with that dildo daddy. His own stiff cock nuzzled and rubbed along her inner thighs as she lay back enjoying his attention.

Elle walked in and nibbled on Dicks' ear. She whispered to her husband. He lifted an eyebrow and turned toward me without stopping the erotic massage of his daughter. He motioned me into the room casually like I was cutting in on his dance partner. I walked in nervously and looked down at my wife. There she was on her fathers' bed with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was puffy and swollen with her labia in full bloom. Julie was naked and wearing an eye mask for sl**ping with a strange pink bowtie around her neck. The bow tie was a soft velvet cloth with a pink electronic glow. Her face was radiant and she was lost in her pleasure.

Elle lay beside her and began stroking her body once again. This time I would be part of the fun and I moved toward the bed. Elle quietly motioned for me to wait. She began teasing her daughters' nipples by tugging on them and pinching them until she shivered in delight. Julie responded by rolling her hips and thrusting herself up and down on the bed. It was obvious Elle and Dick knew all of their daughters' sexual buttons. I watched the three of them and my jealousy and anger was consumed by a deeper lust.

Elle took the rubber vibrating cock from her husband's hand. She stroked Julies' hair and told her she needed to do something. "Warm it up for your mom dear. Make it warm and wet and slick for me so I can fuck this hot rubber cock while your daddy fucks your pussy." She eased one of her fingers into Julie's mouth. Eagerly my sweet Julie began sucking and licking the digit.

Dick gripped her hips in his hands and coaxed her to turn over on her knees again. She moved fluidly with their touch and rested on her elbows. Lifting her hips and arching her back, she offered her pussy to her daddy and started sucking the rubber phallus. She eagerly bobbed her head up and down on the cock as her mother winked at me.

I eased on the bed beside her as Elle praised her daughter. "Oh yes that's so good baby, you've made my rubber cock so warm and wet for me to play with now." She gently pulled the cock from her mouth and lay back on the bed and plunged it into her wet cunt. Moaning and rocking her hips without pause, she pleasured herself with the vibrating dildo.

We both watched Dick once again drive his cock inside Julie. It tortured and excited me to watch my Julie being penetrated. I moved between mother and daughter. My stiff cock still needed a release. I wanted to fuck my confusion and anger into oblivion. Elle stroked my shaft and continued plunging the dildo in her cunt with her other hand.

She sat up and leaned over my shoulder. "Oh baby, mom needs you to suck on my fuck toy again. Go ahead and suck it good baby. Swallow this cock while your daddy fucks you so good."

Again Julie responded by opening her mouth. This time Julies' warm wet lips slide down the length of my hard cock rather than the rubber dildo. I watched her for a reaction of shock or surprise as she felt it was a real cock sliding into her mouth. She moaned a low guttural sound and sucked on my cock greedily and made no effort to lift her eye mask and see who was now with her on the bed. She only became more aroused.

Her hips thrashed wildly and she thrust her body back, and drove her fathers cock deeper into her pussy and then rocked forward ramming my cock down her throat. Elle continued urging her on. "That's it baby, suck that hard cock. You like it when daddy fucks your pussy and you can suck cock. Be good for daddy and milk his cock." Elle teased herself with the rubber cock and petted Julies' hair.

Elle moved around to my side and she began licking my shaft as it slid out of Julies' mouth. The two of them licked and sucked my cock and I was close to blowing my load. I stopped myself from cumming and pulled out of Julies' mouth. After gaining control I moved Elle on top of me.

She spread her legs wide and straddled my hips. We faced Julie. My cock sunk into Elle's dripping wet pussy again and I whispered in her ear. "She needs to suck my balls and lick your clit while I fuck your hot cunt. You're such a naughty mom. You want her to lick your clit and my cock while you watch her daddy fuck her tight pussy."

Elle pulled her daughters face closer to her throbbing clit and moaned when Julies' tongue flicked over her clit again and again. Julies' tongue was sliding up and down my shaft as I pumped in and out of her mother.

The four us fucked, and licked, and kissed and sucked indulging all our frenzied passion. I was consumed in the lust and surreal pleasure and lost focus of everything other than sex and fucking until Julie began to moan and shake as she started cumming. She licked my cock and also swirled it around her mother's hard clit as her father pushed her over the edge with his stiff shaft. Elle also began to moan and quiver with another orgasm. I controlled my building orgasm with every bit of concentration I could gather.

I whispered in Elle's ear, "Its time you return the favor to your special girl. She has so many needs." I slipped my cock out of Elle and then lay her on her back. I straddled her chest and my balls rested between her breasts. I then turned Julie around and she kneeled with her legs straddling her mother's head. She lowered her hips until Elle's mouth began suckling at her daughter's throbbing clit. I thrust my hard cock into Julie and began fucking her with a fevered passion. I shook her body with powerful strokes.

Her open mouth accepted her daddy's cock and she sucked him eagerly. She whimpered and moaned and let out muffled cries of pleasure from between his legs. "Give it to me daddy give me your hot jizz. Cum for me daddy! I want your hot cum in my mouth!"

She jacked his shaft with one hand and sucked it and eagerly coaxing his cum. All my energy was focused on fucking Julie. I wanted to make her cum harder than she ever had cum before. I wanted her to explode on my shaft and drip our cum juices all over her mothers hungry mouth. I wanted her to swallow her daddy's cum. I wanted to explode inside her and spray my anger and lust and confusion deep inside her pussy. She had her special needs she could never ask me for, and I was going to let her enjoy all of them.

Sweat covered my body and I was hammering her cunt like a wild a****l. She rocked back and forth between sucking and fucking. Her body was filled with hard cock from her father and husband. Julie was approaching another orgasm when she started gulping her daddy's load. Dick jammed his cock deep in her throat and sprayed his cum in her throat while gripping her hair tightly. His strong hands froze her in place and her pussy quivered and gripped my cock deep inside her. She was breathless and panting as his spent shaft slid from her lips. I pounded her harder and faster. Elle's tongue swirled around her clit and her tongue washed over my balls.

All of the confusion and anger and betrayal and shock welled up from inside me and suddenly exploded with a powerful blast of jizz that filled Julie's pussy. I moaned and yelled without holding anything back. It felt like my balls were shooting out of my cock. I had never cum that hard before. Julie exploded with another orgasm and her pussy clenched tightly around me. She moaned and purred as the pleasure rippled through her body. Our sweaty bodies collapsed together on the bed in exhaustion and we fell into a deep slumber.

The morning light streamed through the window. I woke and looked around in a daze. Dried cum was stuck to my legs. Julie lay beside me naked and curled up spooning. We were still in her parents' bedroom. I started sifting through the fog of the previous night. Holy fucking shit! What the fuck happened? I thought. Lying there quietly, I recalled the night as my eyes darted around the room trying to confirm if it was real or a dream.

Julie stirred in my arms and then leaned up on one elbow. She lifted her eye mask and let out a low anxious sigh as she looked around her parents' bedroom. Then she turned to look at me. Her look was nervous and unsure. The relaxed contentment on her face was there again and it made me smile. Her eyes sparkled when I leaned over to kiss her shoulder.

We looked at each other in silence for a few minutes until I flicked the end of her nose playfully with my fingertip. "Now who's rocking?" I whispered. We lay there naked and our hands began stroking over each other. Unsure of what to say, our hands spoke in reassuring ways. After several minutes of nervous silence I asked "Julie, what happened last night? It was incredible and such a shock, but we need to talk."

Julie fumbled for the right words as Elle walked into the room carrying a tray of coffee, juice, and fruit slices. She wore the same short robe she had on yesterday. This time she hadn't bothered to tie it closed and her body glided by in a tempting pose. Her breasts swayed and jiggled.

"Good morning to you k**s. We thought you might sl**p all day long after last night. The sun is so warm already you might want to wake up with a dip in the pool. Is there anything special you'd like to do today?" She winked at us and laughed softly. We can play golf again or we can relax by the pool. Did the doctor order more bed rest for my patient" she asked looking for some reaction.

Elle set the tray down on the night stand and then sat on the bed with us. She stroked Julies' cheek and leaned down to kiss us both. "Maybe you have other ideas to get your bl**d moving this morning." Her eyes wandered over our naked bodies in an expectant way. "You two take your time. Dick and I are downstairs making plans for this summer when your s****r and b*****r come to see us."

I watched as Elle walked toward the door and left us laying there in her bed. The way her hips swayed from side to side made my cock stir. As she turned the corner and was out of sight, I looked back at Julie only to be greeted with her phrase "uhh huh, rocking! And yes we do need to talk."

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