Debi finished setting out food on the dining room
table. She wanted to make sure that everyone on the
f****y had plenty to eat if they wanted it. It was her
daughter's cumming out party and she wanted everything
to be perfect. She knew no one would be hungry for a
while, but they would work up an appetite. They always

She walked into the living room where the f****y was
gathered. Traditionally, the f****y waited for the
honored c***d to join them before they began enjoying
themselves - but they rarely made it that long. Chloe
was about ready, but various f****y members were
already horny and couldn't wait. Debi's b*****r, Mike,
sat on the couch with his long, thick cock jutting out.
His six-year-old daughter, Brittney, sucked greedily on
it. Frank's wife sat next to him and held the cock up
for her daughter as she watched adoringly.

Brittney was two years younger than Chloe, but her
cumming out had been month earlier. Every c***d was
different. There was no set age or date when a c***d
had their cumming out. Some of the cousins had waited
until their teens before they joined in the f****y's
sexual activities. Everyone understood that every one
was different, but eventually almost everyone joined
in. This was apparent by the house full of f****y that
had invaded Debi and Jeff's home.

Debi looked into the corner and saw her oldest
daughter, Ann. Ann was naked and as Debi watched, Ann
sat her 12-year old cunt down on her grandfather's
thick cock. There was already cum splattered across her
developing chest. Debi had no idea which of the men (or
boys) had cum all over Ann's face and chest. There were
already so many cocks out in the open.

God Ann looked hot, Debi thought, as she watched that
tight cunt slide up and down the ol' man's pecker. Ann
was loving every second of it. What a sweet little
whore. Debi's own cunt began to get wet as she watched.
She couldn't wait to watch Chloe become part of the
this i****tuous orgy.

Debi called for Chloe to come down and every one
cheered. Her sweet little brunette daughter descended
the stairs in her little white gown. It was the same
gown she had worn at her cumming out party. Debi had
been a bit younger than Chloe, but Chloe was always a
petite girl. Chloe walked into the f****y room with a
big smile on her face. Her bright, blue eyes sparkled
with anticipation. Debi knew how excited Chloe was. Her
little one had talked of nothing else for weeks.

Everyone was silent. Smiles of pride were on every
face. Chloe stepped into the middle of the room where
the cumming out bed was placed. The bed was about the
size and height of a doctor's examination table, but
wider to accommodate two to three people. It was also
adjustable so that a man could stand and fuck someone
on the table and the bed could be raised or lowered to
match his height. Chloe looked around the room and

"I want to welcome everyone to my cumming out," she
said sweetly, reciting the well known lines of the
f****y ritual. "You who are gathered here today are my
f****y. The ones I love. It would honor me deeply if
each of you would pleasure me and let me give you
pleasure in return."

With that, Chloe, lifted her gown above her head. Debi,
along with everyone else, held her breath in
anticipation. Chloe's precious body was revealed. She
wore white thigh-high stockings (a present from her
grandmother) and a silky lace garter belt (a present
Debi gave her). Otherwise, Chloe was naked. Once the
gown was completely removed the room erupted in cheers.

Debi approached and took the gown ceremoniously from
Chloe and helped her daughter up onto the cumming out
bed. Debi couldn't wait to see her little cherub fucked
in every conceivable way and covered in cum. She looked
forward to drinking cum from her darling daughter's

Chloe lay back and looked up at her mother. Pride
filled Debi as she leaned over to kiss her daughter. It
was a deep, wet kiss. Debi thrust her tongue into
Chloe's mouth and felt her baby's tongue touch hers. It
was like waves of electricity coursing through her body
and moving to her cunt, which dripped in response. She
loved the warmth and softness of her daughter's mouth.
Debi broke the kiss.

"Okay, baby." Debi said. "This is it. You can choose
any one you wish to be the first."

This part was more ceremony than anything else. In
generations past the cumming out was the first time the
f****y member had been penetrated, but that was rarely
the case these days. Usually the c***d had engaged in
sex with their own f****y for some time. The cumming
out was simply when the extended f****y were invited to
join in. This was the case with Chloe, who had been
fucking for a few years. To be honest, Debi didn't
remember exactly when. It was just a natural part of
their f****y activities.

Chloe chose her father to be the first to fuck her.
This was tradition, as well. Jeff stood up. He was
already naked and his paternal cock was rock hard. Debi
moved around between Chloe's legs and spread them wide.
In another traditional act, she was expected to
lubricate her daughter's cunt by licking it. Debi loved
Chloe's cunt. Her bare cunt lips were so precious. Her
tongue slid up the tender little slit.

Chloe didn't need her tongue lapping for lubrication -
the girl's pussy was absolutely sopping wet with
excitement. Debi took her time and enjoyed the flavor
of her daughter's sex on her tongue. She pressed the
tip of her tongue against the tight, wet hole of
Chloe's pussy and then slowly moved upwards. She
pressed her tongue flat against the swollen, p*****n

Chloe shuddered with pleasure as Debi moved her tongue
back and forth. She then reached up and spread Chloe's
pussy lips apart. Cunt juice dripped from her little
hole and Debi lapped it up greedily. She then swiftly
stood and bent down to kiss Chloe once again. Debi
thrust her tongue lustfully into Chloe's mouth and let
the girl taste her own cunt from her mother's tongue.
Chloe accepted Debi's tongue and they kissed

A moment later, Debi stepped away and moved around to
the head of the bed. She reached down and spread
Chloe's legs apart. Looking up at Jeff, she smiled and
fulfilled her part of the ritual. "She's ready to be

Jeff stepped forward and placed the head of his cock at
the tight entrance of his daughter's cunt. Chloe looked
up lovingly at her father. She smiled sweetly. "Fuck
me, Daddy!" she whispered. "Fuck me good!"

With that, Jeff pressed the head of his cock into the
hole and felt the walls of Chloe's cunt expand to
accept his cock. He pressed his cock deeper and Debi
pulled Chloe's legs further apart.

"That's it, Jeff." Debi urged. "Fuck our baby. Fill her
cunt with your cock!"

"Yes Daddy!" Chloe groaned as Jeff's cock thrust deeper
inside of her. "Fill my cunt!"

Another round of cheers erupted as Jeff's cock filled
Chloe to the hilt. With that, the ceremonial part of
the ritual was fulfilled. According to tradition,
everyone was now free to start the i****tuous orgy.
Debi looked up and watched as the f****y began to move
into various couplings and groups. Ann was still
fucking her grandfather's cock, but now a young cousin
moved up and thrust his cock in her face.

She accepted the stiff member eagerly. She looked
around to find her son, Brandon. Brandon was ten and
had a thing for his Aunt Sarah with her big tits. Sure
enough, Brandon was on his knees going down on Sarah.
Sarah had her hands wrapped around Brandon's head,
pulling her nephew's face into her pussy.

Debi looked down and watched Jeff's cock sliding faster
and faster into Chloe's snatch. In a moment he would
cum inside of her. It would be the first of countless
loads Chloe would experience this day. Everyone in the
f****y was expected to have Chloe in one way or
another. She would be fucked, sucked and licked in
every conceivable way before the day was over. She
would lick countless cunts and ass-holes hand have her
own cunt and asshole filled with cock, fingers, tongues
and the occasional strap-on dildo.

"Hey s*s," Debi heard as she felt a cock poking at her
from behind. "From the juice dripping down your thighs,
I'd guess that you're ready to be fucked!" Debi turned
to see her older b*****r, Greg. She smiled at him.

"Go ahead, big b*****r. Stick that cock of yours in
me!" she teased as she spread her legs. She turned back
to watch her husband fucking Chloe's cunt fast and hard
as she felt Greg's cock fill her from behind. The
situation filled with inexplicable lust. She stood
above her eight-year-old daughter as her husband fucked
the waif feverishly all the while relishing the intense
pleasure of her own b*****r's cock getting rammed into
her from behind.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" she groaned.

"ARRRRGGGHH" Jeff began to groan as the slick shaft of
his cock slid quickly in and out of Cloe's tight pussy.
Debi knew he was about to blow. Chloe did too.

"Fuck me daddy!" she cried. "Are you gonna cum in my

"That's it, Jeff," Debi added looking up at her
husband, "Fill our little baby's cunt with your cum!

"HERE YOU GO, CHLOE!" Jeff cried as he thrust his cock
with one final violent movement until he was buried
deep inside his little girl's cunt. Jeff's body
shuddered as his cum exploded.

Chloe felt the warmth filling her body and it sent her
into a powerful orgasm. Every nerve in her tiny body
seemed completely focused on her clit and she pressed
her hips forward, wanting to feel as much of her
daddy's cock and as much of his cum as she possibly
could. She felt her body convulse as pleasure rocketed
through her.

"That's it, Chloe. Take daddy's cum! Be a good slut and
cum with your daddy!" Debi groaned.

"She's such a cut little slut isn't she?" Greg said
from behind Debi, his cock now thrusting fast and deep
into her cunt.

"Yeah!" Debi answered, reaching down to diddle Chloe's
clit so her orgasm would last longer. At that moment
Jeff pulled his cock from Chloe's cunt. Right behind
him stood Jeff's s****r, Karen, who quickly knelt down
and began to suck Jeff's cum from Chloe's gaping pussy.
Jeff quickly moved around and presented Chloe with his
cock. It was absolutely coated with the leftovers of
their pleasure. Cum dripped from the head and shaft.

"Com on, baby. Suck our cum from Daddy's cock!" Jeff

"Yes, daddy!" Chloe grinned and greedily sucked his
still throbbing member into her mouth. Her little hands
reached up and began pumping the last drops of cum from
the shaft as her lips clamped around the cock head. She
drank deeply from her father's fount as Debi looked
down from above.

The sight of her sweet little daughter sucking Jeff's
cock like a wanton whore filled Debi with greater lust.
As Jeff pulled his cock away from Chloe's mouth, Debi
quickly leaned down to kiss Chloe deep on the mouth.
Her tongue raced into Chloe's mouth and tasted the
heady mixture of cum in her daughter's mouth. Chloe
began to cum once again from her Aunt Karen's oral
attentions. This only enflamed the youngster and Debi
felt Chloe respond by kissing her deeper and harder.

"That's awesome!" Greg said as he watched the scene -
still fucking Debi doggie-style. "Chloe likes the taste
of cum. What do you think, Deb? Would she like a little
spunk from her mother's ass?"

Debi looked back at her b*****r and gave him a knowing
grin. She then looked down at Chloe. "You tell me,
Chloe. Are you slut enough to suck my ass spunk from
Uncle Greg's cock?"

Chloe just grinned at Debi and then at her Uncle Greg.
"Yes! Stick your cock in mom's ass, Uncle Greg. Then
stick it in my mouth!"

"You're the guest of honor!" Greg laughed. With that he
pulled his cock from Debi's cunt. Debi immediately felt
the familiar presence of her b*****r's cock head poking
at her back door. Debi relaxed and reached back to
spread her ass cheeks. Greg grabbed her hips and
pressed his cock until it penetrated her sphincter. The
moment of discomfort quickly passed as Debi consciously
relaxed her ass muscles. Greg's cock was so coated with
her cunt juice that it felt like he had an entire tube
of KY on it. It slowly and steadily pressed into her

"Oh, s*s!" Greg groaned. "I've missed this. Your ass
has always been soooooo tight!"

"I've missed it, too! Come on, b*o. Stop being such a
nice guy and FUCK MY ASS!" Debi groaned and thrust her
ass backward in a quick, f***eful motion so that Greg's
cock was instantly impaled deep into her bowels.

"See what a wonderful slut your mother is, Chloe?" Greg
said. "You want to be just like her!"

"I will Uncle Greg!" Chloe chimed.

Aunt Karen quickly stood from between Chloe's legs and
moved around the bed to Chloe's face. Leaning over she
grabbed Chloe's chin and f***ed her mouth open. Karen's
face was coated with the cum and cunt juice from
Chloe's cunt. With her mouth hovering about six inches
directly above Chloe's, Karen let a mouthful of cum
drop slowly into Chloe's. It landed half in Chloe's
mouth and half on her cheek.

Chloe instinctively thrust her tongue out to get as
much of it as she could, but a generous portion slid
down her cheek onto her neck. Karen reached down with
her tongue and licked so that the cum slid back up
Chloe's cheek. Karen used her tongue to slide the cum
into Chloe's still open mouth and then gave her young
niece a deep French kiss. The two shared a very hot
kiss and Debi watched as she fucked her ass
passionately against Greg's cock.

Debi sensed movement to the right and she watched her
mother climbing onto the cumming out bed. Debi's mother
had one hand cupped against her shaved pussy and she
moved quickly until she was straddled over Chloe's
face. Karen quickly gave way, but stayed nearby to
watch what was about to happen.

"I just got good and fucked by your cousin, Justin,"
Chloe's grandmother said, "The boy shoots more cum than
two men combined. Now open your mouth and suck his cum
from Grammy's pussy!"

Chloe gleefully obeyed by opening her mouth. Grandma
spread her pussy lips apart and a huge, thick load of
cum dripped from her cunt onto Chloe's outstretched
tongue. More cum dripped out and Grandma moved so that
it fell all over Chloe's face. Debi and Karen then used
their hands and tongues to smear the gooey offering all
over Chloe's face before the three of them stuck out
their tongues and shared the salty jism.

"Out of the way!" Grandma then moaned. "Let my little
cherub suck Grammy's hot cunt!"

Karen and Debi moved away and Grandma reached down to
playfully grab a tuft of Chloe's hair. Grandma ground
her cunt into Chloe's face as she pulled Chloe's tight
against her. This sent the older woman into an
immediate orgasm and she fucked herself hard against
the eight-year-old. Debi looked back to see as
relatives lined up to have their turn with Chloe.
Brandon, Chloe's fifteen year old cousin had stepped
forward and plowed his cock hard and fast into Chloe's

"Oh god, Chloe!" Grandma was now groaning. "That's it!
Debi knew her mother was having one helluva climax and
decided to help out. Grandma's huge, matronly tits were
flopping right in front of her face. The large, thick
nipples were rock hard and jutting out. Debi took one
of the nipples into her mouth and sucked hard, letting
her teeth gently bite just enough for her mother to
feel it.

A memory quickly flitted through Debi's mind. She was
eight and her b*****r, Bryan was still a baby. Debi's
mother was getting fucked and Debi was watching. Her
mother quickly thrust one of her big nipples into
Debi's mouth and said, "Suck it, angel! Drink mommy's

She never forgot the wonderful sensation of filling her
mouth with her mother's tit-milk. The memory was sweet
and Debi sucked powerfully on her mother's tit as
though a flood of milk was imminent. This only
heightened Grandma's climax. Debi felt the shudders of
orgasmic pleasure rocking her mother's body. Her tongue
rolled around the rock hard nipple.

Slowly Grammy's climax subsided and the older woman
pulled herself off of Chloe's face. Debi looked down
and saw that Chloe's face was generously coated in
sexual splooge. Chloe gasped for air, having been
smothered by her grandmother's sloppy, cum-leaking

"Ohhhhhhhh baby!" Grammy groaned as she leaned over and
kissed Chloe. "Are you okay?"

Chloe gasped once again and then grinned, nodding her
head. Grammy lustfully licked some of the cum from
around Chloe's mouth and then winked at her
granddaughter. "Congratulations, baby. Grammy loves
you!" As Grammy rose to her knees she paused and gave
Debi a long, wet, passionate kiss. Debi opened her lips
and accepted her mother's tongue. It was coated with
cum and Debi let her tongue savor the heady flavor.

Grammy reached up and grasped Debi's hanging tits. Her
fingers found Debi's nipples and she gave them a
playful pinch. This sent shots of sexual electricity
through Debi's body. Greg was still pounding away,
shoving his cock with deep, f***eful thrusts into her
inviting ass. Debi felt her world begin to spin as her
first orgasm of the day built deep inside her.

Her mother instinctively knew this and only increased
the passion of her kiss and her tit play. Greg also
sensed the cum building in Debi. Her ass muscles began
to spasm, clamping down on his penetrating cock and
making her ass even tighter than before.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Debi could only groan, her mouth
filled with her mother's tongue.

"Come on, Deb!" Greg grunted. "CUM FOR US!"

The room began to spin and Debi's entire body tensed in
climax. The momentary paralysis that always accompanied
her strongest sexual peaks gave way to wave after wave
of orgasmic pleasure and her body rocked with each
wave. She rode the waves as long as she could,
relishing each second of the natural high - wanting to
make it last as long as possible. The waves slowly
subsided and Debi came out of the fog. As she became
aware of her surroundings several things happened at

"Oh YEAH! OHHHH FUCK!" Chloe was screaming as she
climaxed from her cousin's adolescent prick. Brandon
quickly pulled his cock out of Chloe's cunt and shot a
generous load of his sperm all over her little tummy.
Grammy immediately moved down to spread the spunk all
over Chloe's body and chest, paying special attention
to her pert little nipples. At the same moment Debi
felt Greg's cock throbbing in her ass.

"Okay, Deb," he growled, "get your little slut ready
for mommy's ass fuck cocktail!" He pulled his long,
thick member from her ass and moved around to the side
of the cumming out bed. Debi put a hand on either side
of Chloe's head and turned it to face Greg as he
pressed his spunk covered cock to Chloe's face. "Here
you go, Chloe!" he said, "suck your mommy's ass juice!"

Chloe opened her mouth and Debi watched as her young
lips pursed around the glistening, throbbing cock head.

"That's it, baby. Take it in, sweetie. Suck Uncle
Greg's cock! Taste mommy's ass!" Deb encouraged. As
Greg slowly slid his cock deep inside Chloe's mouth,
excess ass spunk gathered around Chloe's lips and slid
down her cheek. Greg quickly and f***efully fucked his
cock into Chloe's mouth, knowing his cum was ready to

Debi pressed Chloe's face towards Greg's penetrating
cock. "Relax your throat, baby! Let his cock slide all
the way down!" she urged. She was surprised to find
that Chloe naturally knew how to do this and she
watched as her young throat expanded to accommodate the
face fucking man cock. "Oh fuck that's hot, Chloe! Deep
throat him you sweet little whore! Suck mommy's ass
juice from your Uncle's cock!"

The sensation of his cock sliding down Chloe's tight
little throat sent Greg over the edge, but he wanted to
see his cum splatter all over the girls face. He
quickly withdrew his prick from her mouth. "I'm gonna
blow, Deb! Help me out!" he grunted.

Debi knelt down and grabbed her b*****r's engorged
prick. She quickly began to jack the shaft furiously as
she placed the head right in front of Chloe's open
mouth. "Open up, Chloe! Here's your reward!" Chloe
obeyed, her mouth opening and her tongue reaching out
to accept the sticky white load. The first jet of cum
landed in and streak across her tongue nose and
forehead. The second explosion splattered across her
forehead and into her hair. Debi moved Greg's cock to
make sure his cum coated Chloe's face.

"I've got some more!" a squeaky voice said from behind
Greg. Greg moved out of the way and Debi's nephew Ian
stepped up. Debi grinned at the cutie and his little
boy pecker. The little two inch cock was coated with
saliva, so someone had given him a blow job.

"Get up here, Ian! Blow your load in Chloe's mouth,
sweetie!" Debi said. Ian jacked his little cock
furiously as Chloe opened to accept it. In a moment the
little boy pecker spurted a few drops of clear seminal
fluid onto Chloes' tongue. Debi pressed Ian's ass
forward so that the boy's cock entered Chloe's mouth.
"Suck him dry, Chloe!" Debi said as she slid her finger
up between the cheeks of Ian's ass. Her fingers were
soaked with cum and saliva and she easily slid her
finger into Ian's tight little ass. His ass muscles
were contracting with his orgasm. Her penetrating
finger surprised the boy, but it also excited him.

"Oh FUCK!" he grunted as he bucked his hips in c***dish
abandon. Chloe sucked on his little cock and drank in
the offering of boy cum he gave her. Debi fucked her
finger in the boys ass until she felt his muscles relax
and she knew he was done. She then let her finger slide
out of his ass. When Ian stepped back, Debi took her
hand and slid it around Chloe's cum covered face,
enjoying the feel of the sticky, sexy gunge. She then
took the finger she had fucked Ian's ass with and slid
it into Chloe's mouth, letting her daughter suck the
boy's ass spunk from her finger.

"That's it, Chloe! Suck it!" Debi urged as she looked
down between Chloe's legs. Grammy was now holding
Chloe's cunt lips wide apart for Chloe's sixteen-year-
old cousin, Brandi. Brandi was eagerly sucking Chloe's
little cunt as she was being fucked doggie-style by her
father, Mark. Brandi was a beautiful blond with bright
blue eyes and perfectly proportioned young breasts.
Debi winked at Brandi and Brandi returned the favor,
looking lustfully at Debi's body.

"How's she taste, Brandi?" Debi asked.

"Yummy and cummy!" the teen said, reciting one of
Grammy's favorite sayings.

"Chloes' little asshole is yummy, too. In fact, it's
the only hole that hasn't been filled today. Why don't
you have a lick and then give the little puckered hole
a good fuck with your finger!"

Brandi reached up and lifted Chloe's legs so that she
had perfect access to the tight little rosebud of an
asshole. She then let her tongue slide down between
Chloe's pussy lips and continued to descend until the
tip of her tongue was probing Chloe's asshole.

"That's good!" Debi encouraged Brandi. She then looked
down at Chloe. "You want Brandi to fuck your ass, don't
you Chloe? Wouldn't it feel good to have Brandi give
you a good ass fuck with her finger while she sucks
your cunny?"

"Yeah! Fuck my ass, Brandi! Get it ready for a nice big
cock!" Chloe cheered.

Everyone around laughed.

"What a sweet little fuck!" Brandi said with a grin and
a shake of her head. With that she took her middle
finger and began to penetrate Chloe's backdoor.

Debi watched the sexy teen ass fucking her daughter. It
was such a sexy sight. She made a mental note of
hooking up with Brandi before the end of the day.

Jeff's youngest s****r, Megan, approached the cumming
out bed. She had her little baby boy, Zac, in her arms.
Zac was naked like everyone else in the room. Megan
smiled at Chloe as she approached. "Hey Chloe. The
tradition is that everyone in the f****y gets a turn.
That includes little Zac here!" With that, Megan held
Zac down to Chloe's face so that his tiny little baby
prick was in front of Chloe's mouth. Chloe just giggled
and took the little penis into her mouth, letting her
tongue roll around the tiny little head.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm" Chloe moaned, her mouth shut tightly
around the little dick.

"Isn't that sweet?" Debi whispered. "What an adorable
little cock!"

"I know, I love sucking on it!" Megan said. "I lay
around the house every morning and licking his little
cock and asshole. I can't wait until he's old enough to
fuck me. I told my husband we have to keep having
little boys because I never want to go without a little
boy's cock to suck on."

"Don't worry." Debi said. "With this f****y, you'll
always have a little boy cock to suck on!"

Chloe seemed to enjoy giving the infant a blow job.
Debi watched as her mouth worked lustfully on the baby
prick, rolling her tongue around the small shaft and
sucking the entire cock into her mouth. Zac cooed and
giggled as she did this. Debi and Megan looked at each
other and Debi noticed Megan's engorged tits. A drop of
mother's milk protruded off the end of one hard nipple.
Debi had a sudden, lustful urge.

"Megan? I think Chloe should get showered as a
celebration of her cumming out. What do you think?"

Megan instantly picked up on Debi's idea and
immediately handed Zac off to Grammy who exited off
into the crowd of fucking and sucking relatives. Megan
reached up and took a tit in each hand.

"Here you go, Chloe. Let's add some mother's milk to
all the cum on that pretty little face of yours!"

Squeezing the tits and pinching the nipples, two thick
jets of milk shot from her nipples. Megan quickly aimed
the stream at Chloe's face and milk splattered off her
nose. Another squeeze and the stream of sweet tit cream
filled her mouth and flowed out across her cheeks. Debi
leaned over and licked Chloe's face. She and Chloe then
let their outstretched tongues play together as Megan
shot a warm stream of milk so that it hit exactly where
their tongues met.

Megan continued to squirt her tits so that Chloe's
entire body was covered in her milk. She even shot a
stream on Chloe's bare little pussy as Brandi held it
open. One the little slit filled with Megan's tit milk,
Brandi leaned over and drank it all in. Megan then
leaned down and joined Debi and Chloe as the three of
their tongues shared the wonderful taste of Megan's
milk as it mixed with the sex juices that already
coated Chloe's face and mouth. Chloe began to shudder
again, an orgasm brought on by Brandi's ass fucking
finger and talented tongue.

"Okay, ladies! Out of the way!" Debi heard from behind
her. "Time for Chloe to get a little love from her

Debi turned around to see her father and her father-in-
law standing there with their thick erections sticking
out in front of them. Hands stroking their cocks and
shit-eating grins on their faces. They looked like they
were about ready to win the lottery. Debi smiled at the
sight. She always adored her father's cock. It was
average in size, but was perfectly proportioned with a
long, smooth shaft and gorgeous pink head. Jeff's
father, Hank, had a slightly shorter cock, but it was
nice and thick.

"Okay, Dad," Debi said. "Get in here and give your
granddaughter a good fucking."

"We thought since Brandi here has gotten Chloe's
asshole nice and stretched that we'd give Chloe her
first double!" Hank chimed with a wink.

Debi wasn't sure how Chloe's petite frame would take
two cocks at the same time, but she had to admit that
she wanted to see it. She wanted to witness her sweet
little baby's frame getting double fucked by her father
and father-in-law. She knew Chloe would want it too.

Chloe moved over on the cumming out bed and Debi's
father lay on his back. They figured that his cock
would go into Chloe's ass easier than Hank's thick
monster. Debi helped by holding her father's cock up
(of course she had to give it a few sucks for good
luck) and then aimed Chloe's asshole down on top of it.
Debi grabbed Chloe by the hips. "Relax, now Chloe. Just
let Grandpa's cock slide in!"

"I know!" Chloe said. "Just like Brandi's finger!"
Chloe closed her eyes and concentrated. Debi pulled
Chloe's hips downward and watched her father's prick
slowly enter the girl's asshole.

"That's it, Chloe. Let grandpa fuck your sweet little
ass!" Debi urged.

"Ohhhhhhhh Chloe! It's so tight, baby! Your little ass
feels so good on my cock!" grandpa added.

"Yessss!" Chloe groaned, "It feels great grandpa! I
love having your cock in my butt!"

"Oh FUCK, daddy!" Debi said. "Look at that! Look at
your gorgeous cock in her little ass! Isn't that the
most beautiful thing you've ever seen?" Debi continued
to alternately push and pull on Chloe's hips, helping
the cock to go deeper and deeper into the girl's body.
After about two minutes, Grandpa's cock was buried
inside the girl's small frame.

Debi hit a switch on the bed and the entire thing began
to lower. She watched as it slowly descended. When
Chloe's little pussy slit was perfectly lined up with
Hank's cock, she hit the switch again. Debi then
reached over and spread Chloe's pussy lips. She let her
tongue slide up between the bare little puffy folds and
could taste the mixture of cum, saliva and milk that
had already filled the hole. She let her tongue move
down and licked at the shaft of her father's cock right
where it entered Chloe's ass. She then leaned back and
looked up at Hank.

"Okay, Hank. The little slut is ready! Fuck my baby!"
Debi said.

Hank placed the thick head of her cock at the small
entrance and pushed. The head squeezed into the tight

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Chloe cried. "Mommy!"

"Take it, Chloe! Relax and take that cock into your
cunt!" Debi urged.

A look of determination came across Chloe's face.

"Come on Hank! FUCK HER!" Debi said.

Hank gave another shove and his cock inched forward.

"AARRRGGGGHHHH" Chloe grunted - feeling her body filled
completely with two cocks.

"That's it, baby!" Hank said. "Let me in!"

HER LITTLE CUNT!" Debi was now filled with and
incredible surge lust. She turned around to the room of
fucking, sucking f****y members. "I NEED SOMEONE TO
FUCK ME! RIGHT NOW!" She screamed.

One of her nephews, Jordan, quickly obliged, cumming up
behind her and thrusting his young, stiff cock into her
with one smooth motion. Debi groaned with pleasure as
she relished the feeling of having a nice hard cock
deep inside of her. Her nephew, a muscular k**, began
pounding Debi's cunt with hard, fast strokes.

"Is this what you want, Aunt Debi?" the teen asked.
"You want a good hard fuck?"

"That's good, Jordan. Just like that! Shove that cock
hard and fast in my cunt!"

"You got it!" the boy answered. He then grabbed Debi's
hips and began pulling her ass back to meet his
f***eful thrusts. Debi hadn't fucked Jordan for some
time. She was impressed with how the k** was growing
up. He was a good fuck.

"Come on, Chloe. Take our cocks, baby! What a sweet
FUCK!" Debi heard Hank moan. She turned around and
focused back on the double penetration of her daughter.
Chloe had her eyes closed and a look of intense
concentration on her eight-year-old face as her
grandfather's paternal cocks filled both her pussy and
asshole. Debi leaned over and took one of Chloe's hard
little nipples into her mouth and sucked greedily on
it, letting her tongue roll around the small hard tip!

"Ohhhhhh Mommy!" Chloe groaned. "Mommy!"

"You like that, Chloe? You like being stuffed full of
your grandpas' cocks?" Debi asked.

"Yeah! They're so BIG!"

"Isn't it good, baby? Do you like it?" Debi asked

"Yes, mommy! I love it! Oh god, mommy! I'm cumming! I'm
cumming so GOOD!" Chloe whimpered, her body beginning
to shudder.

"Of course she loves it!" Hank said, reaching down and
diddling her little clit as his cock moved with
increasing frequency into the tight p*****n cunt.
"She's a sweet little cum slut! Just like mommy!"

Chloe's body shook violently as a powerful orgasm
overtook her.

"That's it, baby! CUM! Milk the cum from those old
cocks!" Debi cried as she thrust herself back onto her
nephew's penetrating member. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK!
OHHHHHHHH FUCK!" she screamed as another climax rocked
her body.

She wasn't the only one. Chloe's orgasm had caused her
already tight holes to contract even more, sending
Debi's father over the edge. Thick streams of hot jizz
exploded deep inside Chloe's asshole. "Here you go,
Chloe! Grandpa can't hold it any longer!" he groaned.

"That's it, daddy!" Debi uttered lustfully, "Fill my
little baby's ass with your cum!"

Through the thin membrane between Chloe's ass and cunt,
Hank could feel the other cock throbbing. He felt the
warmth as the other grandfather's cock filled their
granddaughters ass with cum. The sensation was
incredibly erotic and he felt the cum welling up in his
balls. But he wanted to cum in Chloe's sweet little

Hank quickly pulled his short, thick cock from Chloe's
pussy, leaving it gaping wide. He quickly moved up on
the cumming out bed next to Chloe and grabbed the girl
by the back of the head. "Here you go, sweetie! Time to
swallow grandpa's cum!" he said. With one swift motion
he thrust his cock full into Chloe's mouth. She
struggled to relax her throat in time, and gagged a bit
as Hank began to pull her face into his pubic hair,
burying his tool deep in his little granddaughter's

"That's it! That's it! Ohhhhhh gaaawwwwwwwd!" Hank
muttered to himself as he pulled Chloe's face to him
and emptied his wad down her throat. "Take it! Take

When he pulled his cock out, it was thickly coated with
cum and saliva that fell in long strings across Chloe's
chin and chest. Chloe gasped for air, but quickly
recovered and reached up to pull the cock back into her
mouth to clean it off and suck the remaining cum from
it. Debi watched with pride, thinking about what an
utterly depraved act she was witnessing and how
incredibly hot it made her.

"I'm gonna cum, Aunt Debi!" her nephew said, still
thrusting his muscular teen cock into her. "Where do
you want it?"

Debi looked back at him and winked. "Get up here and
cum all over my baby. She needs more!"

Dutifully the teen pulled his cock from Debi's cunt and
moved around to where Chloe was still cleaning off her
grandpa Hank's cock with her mouth. The teen
immediately began to stroke the shaft of his cock and
cum erupted in long, thin strands of sticky white seed.
After the first explosion hit her across the cheek,
Chloe turned and opened her mouth, taking the next
eruption full on the tongue. The next hit her chin and
began to drip onto her chest.

Debi looked at her cum covered daughter - that sweet
mouth open - that little tongue outstretched in lustful
desire for more cum. Chloe took her cousin's spurting
cock into her mouth clamping her lips around the shaft
and sliding her mouth down. Debi took the opportunity
to spread her nephew's cum all over Chloe's face and
then take a lusty lick of the thick, salty jism.

"Okay, Chloe, are you ready for another tasty treat?"
Debi asked.

"Mm-hm!" Chloe moaned as her cousin dislodged his cock
from her mouth and with a quick kiss disappeared into
the orgiastic throng.

Chloe was still sitting on Debi's father's lap - his
cock still deeply buried in Chloe's ass.

"Stand up, little girl," Debi said, then helped Chloe
up. She turned Chloe around onto all fours so that
Chloe was looking down at her grandpa's sloppy cock.

"There you go, sweetie. Suck your ass spunk off of
Grandpa's cock!"

Chloe grabbed her grandfather's semi-erect penis and
quickly shoved it in her mouth.

"There you go!" Debi's father said. "Good girl. Suck my
cock, Chloe." He then looked up at Debi, his daughter.
"I think she likes it!"

"Of course she does!" Debi said. "She's just like her

Debi then winked at her father. The two shared a most
intimate, passionate kiss. Debi let her father's tongue
fill her mouth and welcomed his hands as they playfully
explored her tits and dripping cunt. Debi then thought
of her father's cum filling Chloe's ass and she pulled
away from her father, moving around to Chloe's ass as
it stuck up in the air.

Chloe's face was still buried in grandpa's lap, sucking
ass juice and cum from grandpa's prick. Debi spread
Chloe's little ass cheeks and looked at her daughter's
asshole, still stretched loose from the fucking it had
just received. Cum spilled out the opening and down
Chloe's ass crack - into the bare folds of her little
girl pussy. Debi pushed her tongue between the lips of
Chloe's cunt and let her tongue move slowly up her

The gooey splooge from the ass fucking pooled on her
tongue and she tasted the head mixture, savoring the
fact that she was drinking the evidence of i****tuous
sex between her own father and her own daughter. She
shoved her tongue as deep as she could into Chloe's
asshole and attempted to lick all the cum she could
from her baby girl's rectum. She could tell this
pleasured Chloe because the little ass wiggled with
excitement and pressed harder against her tongue.

"You like that, Debi?" her father asked. "You like
licking my cum from your daughter's ass hole?"

Debi moved around to where Chloe was licking Grandpa's
now flaccid cock. Chloe rolled over and opened her
mouth. Debi hovered over her and let her mouthful of
cum fall slowly from her mouth until it fell on Chloe's
outstretched tongue. Debi enjoyed watching her daughter
laying beneath her. Chloe's face and body were coated
in the evidence of their f****y orgy.

The eight-year old had been fucked in her pussy and her
ass. She had sucked cock and had been showered in cum
and had been sprayed with tit milk. Still, the little
cherub lay beneath Debi with her mouth open, a smile on
her face, a look of thrilled anticipation on her young
face as she waited for her mother to drop a load of her
grandfather's cum into her mouth - cum that had leaked
from her own well-fucked ass. Debi couldn't believe how
unbelievably hot this made her. She let the thick cum
fall from her mouth into Chloe's mouth.

"There you go, Chloe!" Grandpa moaned with pride.
"Drink Grandpa's cum!"

Chloe swallowed and Debi once again leaned over to give
her daughter a kiss, sucking the remnants of cum from
Chloe's little tongue.

"Hey everybody, look who I found!" Debi heard Jeff's
voice. She turned around and watched her naked husband,
his gorgeous cock sticking out straight in front of
him. Jeff brought two cute k**s with him. One in each
hand. This was Zac and Missy, their niece and nephew.
Zac was seven and Missy was just four. Their f****y had
just arrived at the party.

While most f****y members did not bring their younger
c***dren to cumming out parties, it was left to the
parents and their c***dren to decide. Everyone
respected their fellow f****y members to decide for
themselves. Zac and Missy were Debi's s****r's k**s and
there was no doubt that they were her favorites. The
two little blonde k**s were the cutest k**s she'd ever
seen with big blue eyes and perfect little features.
Zac and Missy gave Debi a big hug. She relished the
feeling of their naked little bodies pressed against
her naked tits.

"Can I fuck Missy?" Zac asked excitedly. Debi laughed,
knowing that he had probably been counting the days
until he could fuck his favorite cousin.

"Yeah! Come on!" Missy exclaimed, laying back on the
cumming out bed and spreading her legs. Zac climbed up
on the table. His two inch erection and naked little
balls were so adorable. Debi leaned over and gave the
little cock a good tongue bath to get it lubricated.
She just loved the feeling of little boy cock in her
mouth. She could feel Zac's heart pounding as his bl**d
pumped through the throbbing penis. She let her tongue
swirl around the tiny prick. Zac enjoyed the sensation
and thrust his hips forward fucking his boy cock into
her mouth.

Once his cock was nice and lubricated, Debi backed away
and let Zac lay down in the missionary position. Chloe
reached down and spread her pussy lips. "Come on, Zac!
Stick your cock in me!" she begged.

Zac gleefully thrust his stiff boy cock into Chloe's
cunt. "Oh yeah!" the boy cried. "this is great!"

"I know!" Chloe said. "I love to fuck!"

The two k**s began fucking hard and fast with each
other. Debi enjoyed watching the small prick sliding in
and out of Chloe's pussy. She then turned around. Jeff
was now sitting on the cumming out bed, leaned back.
Missy was on her knees beside him giving him a blow job
with her little four-year-old mouth. Debi leaned down
next to Missy and watched her joyfully sucking on the
head of Jeff's cock.

"You like sucking Uncle Jeff's cock, sweetie?" Debi

"Mm-hm!" Missy cooed.

"Can Aunt Debi lick your little cunt, baby?"

Missy's eyes lit up and she nodded her head as it
bobbed up and down on Jeff's cock.

Debi and Jeff both let their hands wander over the
toddler's body. Debi slid her hand down Missy's ass
crack, then leaned over and let her tongue poke at the
cute little puckered asshole. Her tongue then snaked
down between the puffy little pussy lips. She tasted
the little girl's pussy and poked her tongue at the
tight hole. Missy shook her ass in Debi's face. Debi

"Does that feel good?" she asked.

Missy just pressed her ass harder against Debi's
tongue. Over the top of Missy's soft ass cheeks she
watched as Missy's little mouth suckled Jeff's prick.
Debi knew how much Jeff loved little girls. The truth
was, little girls loved Jeff. He had a charisma that
just attracted them. They always take to him like a big
b*****r and he ate it up - actually he usually ended up
eating them up.

Debi didn't mind. Watching little girls sucking on
Jeff's gorgeous cock, watching him fucking their tiny
little cunts and assholes, watching him cum all over
their face and leave them begging for more - it made
Debi want to join in. Just as she was doing now.
Missy's little pussy and asshole her absolutely
delicious. She took her little finger and probed
through the soft folds of the toddler's cunt. Debi knew
that her s****r, Rachel, and Rachel's husband, Daniel,
had already been exercising their baby's little cunt.
Rachel and Debi regularly called each other to share
their i****tuous adventures. Often they sent video
tapes to one another.

Just a few weeks before, Rachel had sent a hot little
video that showed Missy sitting on Rachel's lap as
Rachel pulled Missy's legs wide open. First Zac licked
his little s****r's cunt and then Daniel followed.
Daniel then slid his cock across Missy's pussy lips
while Rachel sucked her son's little prick. The video
ended with Daniel blowing a huge load of cum across
Missy's cunt. Rachel then licked up the gooey mess and
shared a cum kiss with her little daughter while Zac
sucked his father's cock clean.

Debi and Jeff had fucked several times over the past
week as they watched the video. Now they had Missy in
person and she knew that Jeff was not going to last
long with that young mouth on his cock.

Debi pressed her finger into Missy's cunt and wiggled
it into the first knuckle. The little pussy was wet,
but that didn't surprise Debi. She remembered Missy
getting wet at an even younger age. Her finger sunk
into the first knuckle and Missy only pressed her ass
back for more.

"That's good, Missy! Fuck Aunt Debi's finger, sweetie!
That's a good little fuck!" Debi encouraged her young
niece. "Come on, baby. Make Uncle Jeff cum! I want to
see his cum all over your pretty face. Come on sweetie,
suck that big cock!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh god!" Jeff groaned.

"See that Missy? You've got him ready to cum! Keep
sucking. Suck harder! Suck that cock, baby!" Debi said.
Her finger was now almost completely buried in Missy's
little cunt and she was fucking her niece fast and hard
as her other hand worked furiously on her own clit.
"You like it, Jeff? You like a little girl's mouth on
your cock?"

"Oh, god, Deb! It's sooooo fucking good!" Jeff groaned.

"Are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna let me watch
you shoot your cum all over her pretty little face?"

"Yes! OH FUCK!"

"Cum on, Jeff! Cum for me! Cum all over Missy's face!"

Missy's mouth worked hard on the top quarter of Jeff's
cock as she wrapped both hands around her uncle's cock
shaft and pumped hard up and down. Debi knew her
parents had taught her well. Rachel told her that Missy
had an insatiable appetite for her daddy's cum and was
constantly pestering her daddy to let her blow him.

"Here I CUM!" Jeff groaned. "Take it, Missy! OHHHHHHHH

Debi watched as the girl's cheeks filled with cum. She
swallowed the first load, but then the cum began to
seep out of the corners of her mouth, dripping down the
shaft of Jeff's cock as she continued to stroke the
long shaft. When she pulled her mouth away a large
mouthful of cum fell from her four-year-old mouth and
dropped on Jeff's still throbbing cock.

"Oh my god that's beautiful!" Debi exclaimed just
before her climax hit "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSS!" Her body
shook and she pulled her finger from Missy's pussy,
immediately sticking it in her mouth and sucking
lustfully at her niece's pussy juice.

"Chloe! Chloe!" she heard a high pitched voice next to
her. She looked over to see Zac's body shaking as his
little cock thrust with quick strokes in Chloe's cunt!"

"Oh yeah, Zac! Cum! Oh yeah! I can feel your cock
throbbing! Oh FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Chloe cried as her own
orgasm hit. Debi knew that Zac's boy cock was not
producing cum. Nevertheless, she knew that he felt the
same pleasurable orgasm sensations. It was sweet to see
these young cousins enjoying each other.

At that moment Debi's mother walked up. Debi admired
how sexy she still looked at her age.

"Debi, honey, we need some help in the kitchen. We're
running out of sandwiches."

"I'm coming, Mom." Debi answered, beginning to get off
the cumming out bed.

Debi's mother reached down and let her finger slide
down between Debi's cunt lips. She kissed Debi

"Feels like you already did, dear!" Debi's mother said
with a wink.

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Such a naughty family!
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very very hot
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Epic story, splendid.
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Quite a story for sure.