Robert Morgan absentmindedly massaged his neck as he sat in his car waiting patiently for the light to change. "What is there left for me to go home to?" he asked himself.

His wife had kicked him out over three years ago. Called him lazy. Said he never did anything constructive around the house.

Through no fault of his own, he had lost his job. His wife had never let him forget it either. Every time they would get in an argument, she would let him know how disappointed she was in him.

"You lost a job that any moron with an IQ of sixty could have kept," she'd say. "You're going to put us in the poor house!"

Robert usually kept quiet, preferring to let his wife rant and rave until she got tired and eventually left him alone. But this time, something snapped. He couldn't take her insults any longer.

"If you'd quit running up the credit cards, maybe we could make it a bit better," he'd told her.

"If you'd get your ass out of the house once in awhile," she'd replied, "and look for another job, I could have what I need around here."

This angered him even more. "I have a job!" he shouted. "Went out and got one two days after I got laid off."

"Got fired, you mean," she sneered. "And I don't call sitting behind a desk all day long playing with a calculator a job. You're just lazy. That's all. Lazy!"

"I get a decent wage," he said. "We could get by real good if you'd quit spending so much money."

Robert coughed. "Your problem is that you try to satisfy your champagne appetite with a beer budget."

She slapped him hard across his left cheek. "How dare you talk to me like that!" She slapped him again.

"You want more money then go out and get a job yourself," he bellowed.

"Get out!" she cried. "Get out and don't come back."

"I do," he told her, "and you'll sure as hell have to get a job then."

"Think so?" she sneered. "Not with Jim Lathrop waiting in the wings," I don't."

Robert startled at the sound of a horn blowing behind him. Temporarily disoriented, he looked around him, trying to get his bearings. The horn sounded again. "Move your fucking car!" someone yelled.

Embarrassed, he stomped on the gas pedal and sped across the intersection

It wouldn't be so bad, he thought, but he really missed Lana, his daughter. His wife had refused to allow him to see his daughter, yet she had demanded c***d support payments. He had written his daughter on many occasions, but the letters had gone unanswered.

Lana's eighteenth birthday had come and gone. Unless she'd failed a grade and had to repeat it, she would be graduated by now. But Robert seriously doubted that. Lana was too bright a girl to let that happen. More than likely, she would soon be off to college somewhere out of state. Who knows when he'd see her again. If ever.

As Robert approached his house, he saw a taxi pull into his driveway. Interested and intrigued, he pulled to the curb in front of his house and shut the engine off. He exited his car and walked across his yard toward the taxi, intent upon finding out what was going on. Just then, the back door of the cab opened and a pair of well toned nylon clad legs swung to the side and the passenger's shoes hit the cement driveway.

"Damn!" he said to himself. "That sure looks good!"

Robert immediately chastised himself when he saw the rest of this raving beauty follow the legs. It was his daughter, Lana!

Daughter or not, he couldn't help but stare at her well formed body. Then he ran to her, embraced her, lifted her off the ground and spun her around before letting her stand on her own.

"Dad!" Lana said, breathlessly.

"Oh, baby!" he said through trembling lips. "I missed you terribly."

"I know, Dad. I missed you, too."

Robert collected her suitcases from the driver. "How much?" he asked.

"The lady's already paid," the driver told him.

Robert reached in his pocket, pulled out his wallet, extracted a twenty and gave it to the driver. "Take it," he said. "You've just made this the happiest day of my life!"

Once inside the house, Robert set his daughter's bags on the floor and hugged her again. She pushed her breasts against his chest and hugged him back. "I thought I'd never see you again," he said.

"I'm here, now, Dad," she whispered in his ear.

"For how long?"

"At least until I finish junior college," she replied. "That is, if you'll have me."

"Are you k**ding?" he said. "You can stay forever if you want!"

"Thanks, Dad," Lana said as she pulled free from his grip. "Right now, I'm thirsty. What you got to drink?"

"Water and soda. That's about it."

Lana took her dad by the hand and led him into the kitchen. She sat down at the table and waited for him to pour them both a glass of water. They sat down next to each other.

"I wrote you," he told her with a wistful look in his eye. "Wrote you a lot."

"I know," she said.

"Why didn't you answer them?"

"I didn't find out until about a week ago. Mom and I were arguing and she let it slip." She placed her hand on her dad's knee. "That's why I'm here."

Robert gulped. It had been too long since he'd been touched by a woman. His cock sprang to life and quickly became a hard throbbing tool of sensuous shame.

He rapidly assured himself that it was because of how long it had been since he'd been touched anywhere by a woman. Kind of like when he'd been in the war. He'd go for months without any female contact and then he'd come out of the field and just a sniff of perfume or a glance at a picture of a halfway good looking woman would cause his cock to get hard. He told himself it had nothing to do with having any lustful feelings towards his daughter.


Lana felt her dad's leg twitch when she touched his knee. Her gaze dipped quickly and, just as quickly, she raised her head, looked him in the eyes and smiled. She'd been surprised to see the lump in his pants.

She removed her hand and went to the refrigerator, opened the door and looked inside.

"Whatcha looking for, hon?" her dad asked.

She closed the door. "Nothing, really. Just a habit of mine."

"I know," Robert Morgan replied. "You've done that ever since you were young. What gives?"

"Nothing, Dad," Lana said, feeling a bit irritated and not understanding exactly why. "I guess I'm just tired out from my long flight."

"Wanna go lay down and rest for awhile?"

Suddenly, Lana's demeanor brightened considerably. Her face took on a happy glow. "No," she replied. "Got any good movies we can watch?"

"I rented 'Avatar' yesterday. Wanna watch it with me?"

"Not really what I was talking about, Dad. I mean a good movie. The kind you and Mom used to watch."


Robert Morgan was flustered. Watching his daughter's hips swaying loosely under her skirt as she moved to the refrigerator did nothing for him. Nothing but make his dick get harder.

What was he to do? He was lusting after his own daughter. Once again, he tried to convince himself that his present condition was only because of a prolonged lack of any sustained contact with someone of the opposite sex.

"You go on in the living room, baby," he told his daughter, "I'll be along shortly."

"You start without me," she said. "I need to pee."

Grateful for the reprieve, he gave his daughter directions to the bathroom. Once she was out of sight, he stood and adjusted his cock inside his shorts. He was sitting in his recliner with the TV remote in his hand when she entered the room.

Lana shuffled over to where he was sitting, climbed in his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and nestled her head into his shoulder. She wiggled her butt just a bit to get more comfortable.

Robert Morgan groaned. His cock sprang to life once more. Surely, she could feel that, he thought. She'd have to have lost all her nerve endings not to have.

"What's wrong, Daddy," Lana asked innocently. "Am I too heavy for you?"

"Uh...no," he murmured. "Not at all."

Lana slid her body along his leg toward his knee, causing his dick to stiffen even more. "I can go sit on the sofa if you'd like."

"No, baby. It's okay. Really."

"Okay, Daddy." She settled down into his lap.

Robert resumed his channel surfing, finally settling on a retro style movie channel. The movie, "Splendor in The Grass," was just beginning.

"Oh, goodie," Lana said. "I love those old movies. Don't you, Dad?"

Robert Morgan grunted. "They weren't that old when I was your age."

Lana reached up and kissed her dad on the cheek. "Are we getting a bit sensitive about our age?" she teased.

Robert pulled his daughter in close. He trembled as he spoke. "No, sweetheart," he said as he poked her lightly in the ribs. "But you could show a bit more respect for us older folks. You'll be gettin' there soon enough."

They watched the movie in silence. When the station cut to a commercial, Lana reached up and, once again, kissed her dad on the cheek. His discomfort (and his cock) grew even more.

"Rock me, Dad. Like you did when you were still married to Mom."

Robert Morgan could see no easy way out of his predicament. To rock him and his daughter in his recliner would be tantamount to masturbation. He hesitated, knowing full well that he was just postponing the inevitable.

"Come on, Dad," Lana cajoled. "Your baby girl needs you to rock her."


For the first time in a good while, Lana felt safe and secure. She pressed herself into her father's body, knowing full well what discomfort she was causing him. She could feel his hard cock rubbing against her hips when she made even the slightest move.

Though she had not gone all the way with any of the boys she dated, she had given her share of hand jobs and on a couple of occasions, she had used her mouth on them. A hard cock was something she had some knowledge about. She'd just never imagined that she could make her own father react in such a way.

Lana wasn't complaining. Far from it. She knew that her parents' breakup wasn't his fault and she felt a bit of empathy toward him. That shrew of a mother would have driven any man crazy.

Even Jim Lathrop couldn't take it more than a couple of months before leaving. She was glad to see him go. The bastard was constantly pawing her; grabbing at her breasts or pinching her bottom when her mother wasn't looking.

After Lathrop, there had been a steady stream of men in her mother's life, each one with a single purpose in life; getting laid. And most of them wanted her as much or more than they did her mother.

That's what had started the argument that led to her packing her bags and leaving for good. Her mother either didn't believe her when she complained about being touched by these men or she just didn't want to rock the boat for fear they would leave her high and dry.

"Doesn't matter now," she told herself. I'm safe here with Daddy."

He didn't say anything out of the way or touch her inappropriately and he probably wouldn't. Nevertheless, Lana could tell by the way her dad's cock strained against his pants that it'd been some time since he'd gotten any.

So, she reasoned, what was wrong with a little teasing? He would go to bed and most likely jerk off before he went to sl**p. That would be a good thing. Relieve some of the tension. After all, she was in control. She could stop it anytime she wanted.

Then something happened to change her reasoning. She was getting wet! She had to stop this while she could.

Lana quickly slid down off her dad, stood in front of him and yawned. "Suddenly, I'm sl**py," she announced. "Can you show me to my bed?"

She laughed silently as she watched her dad twisting and moving around, trying to hide his hard on. She conveniently turned around and grabbed her suitcase.


Relieved, but embarrassed, Robert Morgan struggled to his feet. "What's wrong with me?" he asked himself. "Getting hard over my daughter. My own flesh and bl**d!"

He took her suitcase from her. "Follow me," he told her as he led her to the spare bedroom. He set the bag down and kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodnight, baby," he told her and then kissed her again. "It's good to see you again."

"Same to you, Daddy. I missed you so much."

"Shower's down the hallway and to your left," he told her as he exited the room.

"Don't think I'll take one right now, Daddy. It was a short flight and the weather ain't exactly hot right now."

"Well, if you change your mind, you know where it is. I'm gonna be taking one in just a few. Then it's all yours."


Lana lay under the covers, thinking about her dad. Why had she gotten so wet? She'd not creamed in her panties like that even when Larry Mayfield had tried to screw her in the back seat of his car at the lake.

Remembrances of her dad's hard cock pressing against her ass just wouldn't go away. Without realizing it she'd began rubbing her pussy with the heel of her right hand.

Suddenly, her legs jerked and splayed out to the side. She let out a loud gasp and was immediately thankful that the sound of the running shower had masked her cry.

Lana moved her hand up, sandwiched her clit between the first knuckles of her first and second fingers and pressed them against her extended nub.

Slowly, at first, she rubbed that most sensitive piece of flesh, but soon picked up speed. Her breaths came in short bursts of expelled air. She knew it wasn't right, but all she could think about was her dad and his hard cock. Right or wrong, she was fast approaching the point of no return.

She gave in to her fantasy and began to wonder what it would be like to have her dad's cock thrust up inside her, breaking her hymen and planting his seed in her. She wished that he were here now and that it was his hands on her pussy, not hers.

Lana wanted him to taste her juices; wanted to feel his hot breath on her pussy. She wanted him to tease her and torture her clit with his tongue.

She grunted and gasped. "Unh! Unnnnh! Fuck me, Daddy. I need you to make me a woman!"

Lana's legs straightened and stiffened. Her chest rose and fell with each labored breath. Still caressing her clit, she turned over and cried her release into her pillow.


Robert Morgan stood immobile as the water cascaded over his body, angry and bewildered. How could he justify letting himself get carried away like he did? She was his daughter for Christ's sake. What right did he have to lust after his own c***d?

And his cock. It stood proud and erect, a constant reminder of his sinful urges. He could only think of two ways to deflate it. He could rush into Lana's room and f***e himself on her or he could take matters into his own hands right now, right here in the shower.

Robert grimaced when he thought fleetingly of a third way to handle his problem. He could cut the damned thing off. But that wasn't going to happen. Not on his watch, anyway.

He wrapped his right hand around his prick and pulled the foreskin back. He closed his eyes and moved his hand up his shaft. The feeling of ecstasy was over powering.

He repeated his movements. Over and over again, his fist stroked his cock ever so slowly. It had been such a long time since he'd given himself over to such sinful urges. It felt so good, but at the same time, it felt so wrong.

What was he going to do? It would be pure torture living under the same roof with his beautiful daughter. How long could he keep his hands to himself?

As his fist sped along his hot, burning shaft, Robert's thoughts turned to Lana, his daughter. What did she look like with no clothes on? Did she have any hair on her cunt or had she shaved it all off?

Waves of illicit pleasure surged through him as he envisioned himself with her legs curled up over his shoulders and his face buried in her sex, licking ah sucking on her young teenaged clit until she screamed with joy.

Suddenly, Robert's knees buckled, his hips clenched tightly and his pelvis thrust forward. His balls contracted and his white hot semen shot across the shower and hit the wall opposite him.

Four more strong spurts issued forth from his loins. Strong ones, they were, but not quite as strong as the first. They lost themselves in the swirling water and made their way down the drain.

Spent and nearly exhausted, Robert Morgan soaped his body and rinsed it off. He was hesitant to touch his cock for fear it would come back to life, but it had to be cleaned.

He left the bathroom sporting another boner, climbed into bed and pulled the covers over him. He spent three torturous and guilty hours trying unsuccessfully to go to sl**p.

When he realized that sl**p wasn't going to come very easily Robert got out of bed, went into the living room and laid down on the sofa. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. It took more than an hour of watching boring reruns of Gomer Pyle before he finally fell asl**p.


Lana's fitful sl**p was filled with visions of her father making love to her. Several times during the night, she woke up horny. Her guilt helped her to refrain from repeat performances of what she'd done just after going to bed. And, with a great bit of difficulty, would manage to go back to sl**p.

Around three in the morning, Lana woke up again. Horny, as usual. And thirsty. She plodded down the hallway towards the kitchen, passing the living room along the way. She saw her father asl**p on the sofa, a lamp with a low wattage bulb burning on the end table. An infomercial about male enhancement pills was showing on the TV.

Lana giggled to herself. As big as her father's cock felt earlier, she was sure he didn't need any of those things.

She moved quietly into the room so as not to wake him and turned off the TV. She turned around to go to the kitchen and was quickly assured that her assessment of her dad's cock was very accurate.

Daddy was laying on his back with his cock sticking straight out of the opening of his boxers! Her thirst forgotten, she moved closer, got down on her knees beside him and stared intently at his hard stick of flesh. It didn't look to be very long; not nearly as long as some she'd seen in the porn flicks she watched with her girlfriends. But it was thick; nearly as thick as her wrist!

She licked her lips nervously. "So that's what Daddy's cock looks like," she whispered to herself. "It looks every bit as hard as it felt earlier."

Lana fought against the urge to reach out and touch it. She knew that would be wrong. She knew she should leave, but she couldn't make herself move away from such a provocative scene. She was mesmerized.

Feeling as though she were somehow outside her body, looking down at herself, Lana watched helplessly as her arm extended slowly from her body and her hand approached her daddy's cock. Finally her fingers were touching the shaft of his erect penis just below the head.

She jerked her hand back as if she'd stuck it in a pan of hot, boiling water. She flexed her fingers and reached for his cock once more. She caressed the head with the palm of her hand, totally amazed that it could be so stiff, yet so pliant.

Lana's hand slid down the shaft as she closed her fist around it. She knew what she wanted to do. She'd done it several times for the boys she'd dated, but she was afraid he would wake up and catch her jerking him off.

Then the tingling began in her pussy. Her panties were getting wetter by the second. All rational thought and reasoning left her as her hand began moving up and down her daddy's cock.

He groaned and shifted about on the sofa. Lana stopped her movements, but still held his cock loosely in her hand, ready to jump and run at the slightest hint that he was waking up. With a long, drawn out sigh, he settled back down. Then he began to snore lightly.

Lana began to stroke her daddy's cock once more. She could feel it twitching in her hand. She was mildly shocked to feel it expand in her hand. She knew he was going to cum soon, but she wanted to see it shoot out of his prick.

Lana rose to her knees, stuck her free hand down into her panties and began to stroke her clit. Each hand had its own rhythm. She masturbated her daddy's cock with long, slow strokes while she rubbed her clit with rapid, short ones.

Her father grunted. Lana was panting, her entire body aflame with sinful, i****tuous desire. She could feel herself getting close. They were both getting close.

All rational thoughts completely gone, Lana's only goal was to cum at the same time as her daddy. Her fingers sped over her clit like a runaway train. Then she had her release.

She leaned over and filled her mouth with her father's cock. A second or two later and his load spewed into her mouth and down her throat.

She swallowed several times until the spurting stopped and then pulled herself away from his cock. She sat back on her heels; exhausted.

Lana looked at her father lying on the sofa, still asl**p, his penis now soft and getting softer. How she kept from waking him up, she didn't know. And she wasn't about to hang around for the answer.

Still spent, Lana crawled away from the sofa, unable to get to her feet. She reached the wall and used it for support as she tried to stand. She walked on nearly useless, wobbly legs back to her room and collapsed on the bed.


When Robert Morgan awoke the next morning, the first thing he noticed was that the TV had been turned off. He didn't remember doing it, so he figured his daughter, Lana had done it for him.

The second thing Robert Morgan noticed was that his cock was hanging out of the opening in his boxers. It was sticky with dried cum. Had he had a wet dream? If so, what happened to the rest of his load? There was precious little of it anywhere; mostly on the head of his dick.

"So," he reasoned aloud. "If Lana came in to turn off the TV, what did she see? What did she do?" He hurried into the bathroom, not wanting to believe that his own daughter had seen his cock hanging in the breeze; let alone believe that she'd helped him cum. It just didn't seem possible.

Robert Morgan took a quick shower, got dressed and went into the kitchen where he buttered a piece of toast and ate it on his way to the car. All day long, he couldn't shake the image of his daughter somehow helping him achieve orgasm.

He spent most of his day at his desk trying to hide his erection. His cock would get hard as soon as his thoughts touched on the subject. He knew it was wrong to be thinking the way he was about his daughter, but he couldn't help himself.

Towards the end of the day he found himself becoming more receptive to the idea of him and Lana loving each other in more than just a regular father/daughter relationship. But he was afraid to approach her in that way. He didn't know how she'd react. For now, he could only dream.


A couple hours later and Robert Morgan was home, sitting in his recliner watching the news when Lana burst through the door, crying. She immediately ran to him and sat in his lap.

"What's wrong, baby?" he asked.

"Just hold me, Daddy. Please."

He hugged his daughter and pulled her close. She wiggled and smiled trough her tears. Once again, his cock was threatening to burst through his pants.

Robert held his daughter tight, rocking her back and forth. When her crying turned into an occasional sniffle, he asked her once again, "What's wrong, baby? What happened to make you cry like that?"

She began slowly. "I got to thinking about Mom," she said, "while I was at the mall. I felt badly about the how things were when I left. I had barely said hello when she started cursing me."

He kissed Lana's forehead. He tasted the saltiness of her tears when he kissed her face. She continued, "Told me I was just like you and that I would never amount to anything. She said she never wanted to see me again and that she hoped I'd get in an accident and die!" She began sobbing all over again.

Robert Morgan was temporarily at a loss for words. He didn't know what to say so he did the only thing he could think of. He held her tightly in his embrace and rubbed her back. Pretty soon, Lana's tears stopped. She pulled back a bit and looked at him.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" she said. "I don't know what I would do without you. Things with Mother have been bad since before you left."

Morgan started to speak, but she silenced him with a kiss on the mouth. She wiggled against his hard on and, once again, his mind filled up with those same illicit i****tuous thoughts.

Lana kissed her father again, but this time she held it a lot longer. He felt her mouth open and her tongue press against his lips, demanding entrance.

"Don't give in!" he told himself. "This is so wrong!" He tried to break contact, but she pressed harder, forcing her tongue between his lips. Finally, his resistance broken, he allowed her entry.

Lana's tongue went wild inside his mouth, searching and probing everywhere. He kissed her back and let his hands slide downward.

Robert kneaded his daughter's hips and pulled her hard against his aching cock. At the same time he humped his penis against her ass.

Of her own volition, Lana bounced up and down on her father's rock hard rod as if she were trying to fuck him through their clothes. "I love you, Daddy," she said as she stopped kissing him and began nibbling on his earlobe.

Robert Morgan knew what they were doing was wrong. A voice deep within his soul told him so. But the voices he heard emanating from his cock was telling him a different story.

"I love you, too, baby," he gasped. "But...

"But, what, Daddy? I want you. I love you. What's wrong with that."

Robert Morgan put his hands on her hips in an effort to still her pumping, jerking hips and pelvis. "We have to stop, honey. We can't do this."

"Why, Daddy?"

"You're my daughter. What kind of father do you think I am? Taking advantage of my own baby girl?"

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a baby anymore."

Lana kissed her father, pushed her tongue inside his mouth and resumed her humping on his cock.

In that instant, Robert Morgan lost control of whatever sanity he had left. He took in a deep breath and sucked hard on his daughter's tongue. His hands still in place on her hips, he struggled to stand.

Lana, sensing that the time was at hand, put her arms around her father's neck, twisted her body around and, as he was standing, wrapped them around his waist.

It was slow going, but they made it to his bedroom without incident and without breaking their kiss. Bending at the knees, he placed his daughter in a sitting position on the bed.

Lana, her body now supported by the firm mattress, released her grip on her father's waist and neck and stood.

Robert, now overcome with his lust for his daughter, tore her blouse open. Buttons flew in every direction. He hurriedly pulled the blouse off her, unhooked her bra and threw it behind him.

"Hell's fire," he said as his gaze fell on her pert little breasts. He reached out and tweaked the nipple of her left breast.

He took a nipple in his mouth and teased it with the tip of his tongue.

"Like my titties, Daddy?"

"Fuck, yeah," he exclaimed as he moved to his daughter's other nipple.

He released her nipple and frantically went to his knees. He unbuttoned Lana's shorts and slid them to the floor. She stepped out of her sandals and kicked them and her shorts away. Robert slipped his fingers in the waistband of her boy shorts and slid them slowly off her hips. Seconds later he was staring lovingly at her exposed mound.

Lana's hair was neatly trimmed; cut into the shape of a small heart. Robert leaned forward and licked at the top of her slit while he continued to lower her panties. Damn, she tasted good.

Lana, trembling with excitement and nervous with anticipation, climbed backwards onto the bed and lay her head on her daddy's pillow.

Robert Morgan wasted no time getting undressed. He got on the bed with his daughter and began kissing her feet, bathing them in his saliva. He pushed her feet together and stuck both big toes in his mouth at the same time; licking them, kissing them, loving them.

Lana's father loved each of her toes with an almost perverse admiration. He licked around them and between them before his tongue blazed a trail up his daughter's left thigh.

Lana was breathing irregularly, grunting with each breath. Her head was tossing about wildly. When her father's tongue and lips reached her upper thigh, her legs parted like the Red Sea. Splayed widely, they strained to get even wider.

Robert buried his head between his daughter's legs. He placed his hands under her thighs, lifted her legs and placed them over his shoulders.

"Ohhhh," she groaned when he began to rim her wrinkled brown eye.

Her body jerked and spasmed as he trailed his tongue along her sk** plate and touched the bottom of her vagina.

Robert sucked on her outer labia, then ran his tongue up the outer side of each lip, pausing each time he reached the top to tongue and suck on his daughter's hooded clit.

He pushed his finger inside her virgin cunt to the first knuckle then took it out and pressed it against her anus. He pushed it inside at the same time the tip of his tongue found her clit.

"Daddy!" she screamed over and over again as her body trembled and shook. "Something's happening to me, Daddy. And it feels soooo good!"

Daddy knew what was happening to his baby girl. She was in the throes of one massive orgasm. Judging by the way she was talking, she'd never cum before.

Her cries gave Robert the impetus to increase his efforts to make her cum. He nearly doubled the speed of his tongue flicking over his daughter's sensitive bud. He captured it between his lips and tortured it even more. He worked his finger rapidly in and out of her ass, sending it deeper with each stroke until it was completely buried inside her clutching asshole.

Suddenly, Lana's legs stiffened as she pointed her toes toward the ceiling. "Aieeeeee!" she cried. "Help me!"

Her asshole tightened around his finger as if she were trying to break it off. She grabbed her daddy by the ears, burying his face in her juicing pussy.

Her pelvis jerked spasmodically as she experienced several mini orgasms. Still, her Father kept torturing her. Finally, it hit her; the big one.

Her feet dropped back down and she began pounding his back with her heels. Her legs tightened until his head was trapped between her thighs. Her pussy humped his face more rapidly now. She ground her mound against his mouth with more vigor than he thought humanly possible.

Lana screamed one last time; a long, loud scream that Robert thought could surely be heard in the next county. Her hands lost their grip and fell to her sides. Her thighs no longer functioning as a vise, slid off his shoulders and onto the bed. She ceased to move.

Robert Morgan lay with his head still between his daughter's thighs, listening to her heavy, labored breathing. Finally, she spoke.

Almost in tears, she told him, "I love you sooo much, daddy. So very, very much."

"I love you, too, Lana," he replied as he got to his knees. He moved toward the center of her sexual being, aimed his cock at the entrance to her vagina and pressed the head against her lips.

"Are you sure, baby?" he asked.

Somewhat recuperated, she wrapped her legs around her daddy's waist and dug her heels into his back. His cock lurched forward, burying the head inside her tight pussy.

"Take me, Daddy," she said, her voice husky with her i****tuous lust. "Take me and make me a woman."

She pushed again with her heels as he slid his thick cock even further inside her. He backed out a bit when he encountered her virginal barrier.

"Take me, Daddy!" she cried. "Take my virgin cunt!"

"It's going to hurt," he told her.

"Then hurt me, Daddy. I want your cock buried inside me!"

With one mighty shove, Robert Morgan broke through to the other side of her sexual heaven. His daughter screamed out, "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard!"

Despite her demands, Robert maintained a slow pace, partly because he didn't want to hurt his daughter any more than was necessary.

She was tight. He was thick. But his daughter was well lubricated from cumming while he was eating her pussy and reaming out her asshole with his finger.

"Are you okay?" he asked when he heard her grunting.

"It still hurts, Daddy," she said. "But not like before."

Robert pulled out of his daughter and lay on his back beside her.

"I didn't mean for you to stop, Daddy. It doesn't hurt that bad."

"I know, baby," he said. "I just thought you might like to try a position where you'd be more in control."

"What? How?"

"Get on top, honey. Ride me like you would ride a pony."

"That sounds so naughty," she said as she got on her knees and straddled his hips.

Robert grabbed his cock and aimed it upwards, waiting for her to wrap her near virgin lips around the head.

"That feels so good," his daughter sighed as her pussy slowly engulfed his prick.

He was amazed at how easily she impaled herself on his hard cock. In no time at all, he was once again buried inside her to his balls. He placed his hands on her hips.

"Slowly, baby," he whispered. "Don't hurt yourself."

"Your cock feels too good to ever hurt me again," she sighed. "Too good."

The tightness of his daughter's cunt was taking its toll on Robert's staying power. That, combined with the fact that he'd not had real sex for more than three years. He could feel his juices boiling.

Each time Lana's hot velvety cavern climbed up the shaft of his cock, she would pause for a micro second, twist her body so that the lips of her young cunny would caress the head and whatever length of his shaft was still inside her, causing him to tremble with the near unbearable sensation of a false cum.

Then the slick walls of her vaginal heaven would slam down around his shaft until he could feel his cock bottom out on her cervix.

Over and over, Robert's cock stretched his daughter's pussy. He thought for sure that he was going to rip her open, but she continued on with her assault on his hard, steel like rod of man flesh, grunting loudly - sometimes screaming - each time he bumped against her cervix.

Robert grasped his daughter's hips, held them tightly in his grip. "Stop, baby," he intoned.

Lana stopped riding her daddy's cock. She looked questioningly at him. Concern spread over her face. "What's wrong, Daddy?" she asked him, her voice husky with her i****tuous desire. "Why'd you stop?"

"The way you were screaming, I thought I'd hurt you."

Lana's concerned look disappeared, replaced by a smile. "No, Daddy. I was yelling from the pure joy of it all." She pulled up and slammed her cunt back down his pole. She grunted when his cock head hit her cervix.

"It's a bit uncomfortable," she said. "But it feels so damned good."

Satisfied with his daughter's explanation, Robert Morgan turned her over, and without breaking their i****tuous connection, rose above her and slammed his cock down her increasingly accommodating vagina.

"Take me, Daddy," she shouted. "Take me hard! Cum inside me! I don't care!"

Robert felt her slide her hand between their writhing bodies until her fingers were on her clit, rubbing it, caressing it, stroking it into a hard, inflamed nub of demanding desire.

She cried out suddenly; a sharp, soulful cry of release. "Don't stop, Daddy. Fuck me! Fuuuuuuckkkkk meeeee! I'm cumming again!"

Lana twisted about on the bed, almost throwing him off her. Her body stiffened as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him further into her depths. She cried out one last time and then lay still.

Robert remained still, his cock twitching inside of his daughter, waiting for her to come out of her orgasm induced c*** before continuing his quest for an orgasm of his own.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she stirred. "Oh, Daddy," she said softly as she rubbed her eyes. "That was so wonderful. I'm glad that it was you who made me into a woman."

Robert Morgan said nothing, his only response being a slow withdrawal and an even slower re-entry.

"That feels so wonderful," his daughter told him as she timed the movement of her hips to his thrusts and withdrawals.

Slowly, he picked up speed until his hips were contracting and sending his cock into her sexual receptacle at breakneck speed. Over and over again, he pounded her cervix into submission, until he could feel his testicles draw up into his body, signaling that the end was near.

As tempted as he was, Robert Morgan somehow summoned up the resolve not to cum inside his young, fertile daughter. He withdrew his cock and straddled Lana's body. He moved quickly, not stopping until his thick, hard cock was dangling above her mouth.

"Open your mouth," he growled as he furiously pumped his cock.

"Yes, Daddy," she squealed in obvious delight. "Take me. Take my mouth. I want to swallow your cum."

As if in a stupor, Robert watched his daughter's mouth open up and swallow half his cock in one gulp. He felt the end of his dick invade the tight confines of her throat.

Lana gagged and swallowed, not backing up one inch. She breathed through her nose as her father continued to skull fuck her with a vengeance.

Seconds later, he erupted, sending a copious load of sperm laden semen into her throat with each discharge. To his amazement, she continued to breath through her nose, swallowing every drop of his discharge.

When there was no more love juice left in him to give her, he pulled out of her mouth and lay down beside her.

Lana snuggled up to her father. "I've got a present for you," she told him.

Before he could ask her what it was she'd planted an open mouthed kiss on his lips. She shoved her tongue inside his mouth and let a dollop of his sperm trickle onto his twisting oral digit. He swallowed immediately.

She broke her oral contact with her daddy, but remained hovering over him, a dreamy, far away look in her eyes.

"I'm so glad I decided to move in with you," she told him. "I feel so much safer living with you than I did around Mom's boyfriends."

obert Mason looked over the top of his newspaper and smiled. His daughter, Lana, had just come home from school. Lana smiled back at her daddy and blew him a kiss on her way into the kitchen.

A cute young nubile followed behind her. Roberts eyes were glued to her chest. "Nice tits'" he said to himself. "Wouldn't mind honking her horns."

A bit taller than Lana's five feet, four inch frame, she looked at him and smiled. Robert could feel his cock responding to the visual stimulus the bodies of these two teenagers presented for him.

The girl's breasts were quite a bit larger than his daughter's. Not Dolly Parton big, but large enough to be noticed. Like Lana, she was slender, with firm looking legs.

"Who's your friend?" Robert asked just before Lana entered the kitchen.

Lana stopped and turned around. "I'm sorry, Dad," she told him. "This is Marsha. She's got the same birthday as mine. She's nineteen. Just a year older than me. Ain't that cool?"

Lana's dad smiled. "I can do the math," he teased.

Lana smiled back at him and stuck out her tongue at her dad. "I thought you might need some remedial training."

"Well, hello, Marsha," Robert said, unable to stop looking at her tits.

Marsha returned his greeting and followed Lana on into the kitchen. Both girls returned to the living room a few minutes later, a soda in one hand and a backpack in the other.

"We're going to my room to study," Lana told her dad.

Robert waved them on and pretended to be reading the newspaper. He licked his lips as he watched two perfect looking asses walking down the hallway.


Lana and Marsha dropped their backpacks on Lana's bed, sat down next to them and opened their sodas.

"Your dad was sure staring at my tits," Marsha said.

"Can you blame him?" Lana asked her friend.

Marsha pushed out her chest and caressed her breasts. "No, I guess not." She giggled. "Reckon I gave him a boner?"

"Marsha!" Lana exclaimed as she gave her friend a playful push.

"I bet I did," Marsha said. She grabbed Lana's right breast and gave it a squeeze. "I bet you've given him a few restless nights yourself."

Lana's breath momentarily caught in her throat. Despite, the slight discomfort of her friend's playful touch, it somehow stimulated her senses. She waited a second or two and then backed away from her Marsha's touch.

"We've got that anatomy test coming up this week," Lana said, her voice a little more high pitched than normal. "We need to study hard." She avoided her friend's gaze, thereby, not noticing the smoldering look in the other girl's eyes.

"Study, schmudy," Marsha said. "I already know the knee bone's connected to the thigh bone. What more do we need to know?"

"A lot," Lana replied. "A whole lot more."

The two friends read their prescribed chapters, studied their notes and queried each other about the contents of what they had just read.

"How many primary types of tissue are there in the human body?" Marsha asked Lana.


"Name them."

Lana's brow furrowed as she tried to recall what she'd been reading. "Uh...epithelial tissue; that's one." She paused. "Damn, you always ask the tough questions."

"How else you gonna learn, Lana, dear? Go on. Name the other three."

Suddenly, as if a light bulb had been lit inside her head, Lana's eyes brightened and her lips twisted into a smile. She spit out the rest of the answer in rapid fire order. "Connective tissue. Muscle tissue. And nerve tissue!"

Marsha hugged her newfound friend. Lana could feel Marsha's breasts against hers. Again, her body started tingling. She felt herself getting wet. "How can I feel this way about another female?" she asked herself. "I'm not a lesbian. Am I?"

Marsha, noticing her friend's discomfort, rubbed her breasts even harder against Lana's. She wrapped her arms around Lana and pulled her closer. Both girls' breathing became irregular and ragged.

"You ever done it with a girl before?" Marsha whispered in Lana's ear.

Lana, too afraid to speak, lest this ever increasing euphoric feeling would disappear, simply shook her head.

Marsha leaned in and gently kissed Lana on the lips. At first, Lana didn't respond. Then, as if she were under a spell, her tongue slipped out between her lips and pressed against Marsha's. Marsha's mouth parted slightly and she quickly sucked her friend's tongue inside.

Lana flushed at the sudden warmth that surrounded her tongue. Her hands moved upward until they were full of Marsha's breasts. Her tongue retreated as Marsha's went on the offensive.

Finally, they broke for air. Marsha reached for the buttons on Lana's blouse. Lana grabbed her by the wrist, halting her friend's advances. Marsha's hand remained a mere inch from the other girl's breast as their smoky gazes locked on each other's.

"It's okay," Marsha said soothingly. "I promise to be gentle.

"My dad," Lana sighed.

"He's watching TV, Lana. He's not paying any attention to us."

"Just the same, he might hear us."

Marsha leaned in and kissed Lana on the nose. "We'll just have to be quiet. Won't we?"

Lana nodded as she loosened her grip and let her hand fall to her side. She shivered with anticipation as goose bumps spread all over her upper body.

True to her word, Marsha took her time unbuttoning Lana's blouse. She didn't bother unhooking Lana's bra, opting, instead, to shove it up and over her breasts.

Lana's panties were soaked with her juices. She lay back on the bed and welcomed her friend into her arms.

Marsha kneeled over Lana, leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth, lavishing it adoringly with her tongue. Lana pressed her fist to her mouth, muting the sound of her lustful gasp. Her other hand slipped under Marsha's shirt and under her bra.

"Ummmh," Marsha moaned into Lana's breast. "You taste good," she said as she moved her mouth to Lana's other nipple.

Lana's chest heaved upwards, meeting her friend's advances with a determined desire for more of the other girl's oral attention.

Marsha grabbed the hem of Lana's skirt. Lana lifted her hips as Marsha bunched it up around her waist. Her legs splayed wide as Marsha ran her hand up Lana's thigh towards the center of her sexual consciousness.

They both moaned softly together as Marsha's hand made contact with Lana's wet, panty clad pussy. Lana's hips contracted and her pelvis lurched forward into Marsha's grasp.

Marsha cupped her friend's quivering quim through her panties. Her hand soaked with Lana's sexual arousal, she offered it to Lana.

"Lick my hand," she said. "Taste your juices."

Lana stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked at Marsha's palm. Surprised and excited at the taste of her own fluids, Lana licked the rest of her fluids from Marsha's hand.

Marsha moved down Lana's body until her face was mere inches above Lana's puffy mound. Sensuous bolts of electricity radiated from Lana's pussy as Marsha trapped her hood covered clit between her lips.

"Ohhhh," Lana grunted. She grabbed a fistful of Marsha's hair and pulled her face even closer to her sex.

Marsha pulled the crotch of her friend's panties aside and licked at the inflamed lips that guarded the opening to her heavenly delight. Slowly, softly, tenderly; her tongue caressed Lana's outer labia, her spittle quickly disappearing in the ever increasing flow of juices.

"Marsha," Lana cooed softly, "I never imagined it could be so good. So damned good."

Marsha found Lana's clit with the tip of her tongue and sucked it between her lips. Rapidly, from side to side and up and down, she licked and strummed the little button of bundled nerves.

Lana inserted her hands between her mound and Marsha's suctioning mouth and spread her vaginal lips wide, giving her friend better access to her clit.

Spastic, blistery flames of molten desire set Lana's body on fire. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to have congregated in her clitoris. Her body jerked and spasmed with each swipe of Marsha's tongue on her clit.

For a brief moment, Marsha came up for air, spotting her backpack as she breathed in deeply. She searched inside it for something she always carried with her; her vibrator. She grunted with lust when her hand closed around it.

Long and lean, it was curved slightly at the end. Marsha pressed it against Lana's clit and turned it on. The purple wand in her hand pulsed and twisted against Lana's hot button, heightening her senses a hundred fold.

"Fuck me," Lana uttered breathlessly over and over again. "Fuck me with that thing."

Marsha pushed the vibrator into Lana's clenching cunt, curved end facing up and slowly slid it in and out between those red, inflamed lips.

Lana pulled the pillow from under her head and pressed it against her face just seconds before her body went stiff, her muffled scream of sweet, tormenting release echoing in her ears.

Marsha pulled the vibrator out of her friend's vaginal oven and lay there grinning as she watched Lana's squirming, twisting body convulse in orgasmic bliss.

Lana finally lay still, unable to move. A house fire wouldn't have been enough to make her over stimulated body get up and run.

After what seemed like forever, Lana removed the pillow from her face and spoke, her breath still ragged and worn. "Fuck!" she exclaimed. "What in the fuck was that?"

Marsha laughed softly. "That was what they call the 'Big O'," she said as she kissed Lana's pussy.

"Thanks," Lana said. "I owe you one. And just as soon as I raise myself from the dead, I'll pay you back. In spades."

"Take your time," Marsha said. "We've got all night."

Marsha trailed the well lubricated still buzzing vibrator down between Lana's butt cheeks and nudged it against her rectal opening.

Lana jerked herself away from Marsha's toy. Her feeling of euphoria had suddenly vanished. "What are you doing?" she asked in a loud voice.

"Just trying to increase your pleasure, Lana. That's all."

"You ain't sticking that thing in my ass," Lana replied a bit louder.

"You shit turds bigger than this," Marsha cajoled.

"I don't care! Nothing bigger than my finger goes back there!"

"You mean you ain't never had someone fuck you in your back door?"

"No, and I ain't gonna, neither."

Marsha nudged Lana's asshole again. "You don't know what you're missing."

"I don't wanna know, neither. Get that thing away from me. Now!"


Robert folded his newspaper and set it on the end table, perturbed that the girls were making so much noise. The closed door muffled their voices, making it almost impossible to understand what they were saying. "Sounds like they're arguing about something," he muttered.

He stood and stretched, then walked down the hallway to Lana's room. "Get that thing away from me. Now!" he heard Lana scream as he twisted the knob and opened the door. He was not prepared for what he saw in front of him.

Lana sat cross-legged with her back against the headboard with her blouse open and her bra pushed up over her breasts. Her skirt was bunched up at her waist. Marsha lay on her stomach in front of his daughter, holding a long, slender, purple vibrator in her right hand.

"What in the hell's going on in here?" he demanded. "I thought you were supposed to be studying."

Marsha looked at Lana's dad and immediately sat up and dangled her legs over the bed, the vibrator still in her hand. She switched it off and dropped it behind her. Guilt and embarrassment spread quickly over her reddening face.

"We were, Mr. Morgan. We finished a while ago."

"A long while ago, looks like to me."

Robert Morgan turned his gaze upon his daughter, his cock responding to the visual stimulus in front of him. "And what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

Lana sat nearly immobile, unable, or unwilling, to speak.

"Tell me!" he demanded impatiently.

Tears flowed slowly down her cheeks as she told him, "She wants to put that damned thing in my ass and I don't want her to."

Lana's dad stood by the bed, silently pondering his next response. Finally, he spoke. "And what's wrong with that?" he asked as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What's wrong?" Lana cried. "What's wrong? It's nasty and vulgar. That's what's wrong."

"You didn't think it was nasty when I had my finger up your ass the other day."

Lana sniffled and rubbed her nose with the back of her hand. "Daddy!" she shrieked.

Marsha looked at Lana and then her dad and back at Lana, shock written all over her face. "Damn!" she muttered.

Now it was Robert's turn to be embarrassed. "I thought she already knew," he said. He pointed at Lana, acknowledging her near naked body. "I mean...after seeing you two like this."

Marsha looked up at Lana's dad, put her hand on his wrist. "That's okay, Mr. Morgan. Really. I wish my dad would fuck me."

Robert sat down on the bed between the two girls. He pulled Lana up against him and put an arm around each of them. "It's not so bad," he cajoled. "Your mother loves to have things stuck up her butt."

"Yeah, I know," Lana said. "I once caught Mr. Lathrop fucking her in the ass." She frowned. "It was nasty."

"You won't know what you're missing until you try it," he told her.

Lana smiled wanly. "That's what she said."

Robert caressed Lana's shoulder lightly. "Will you try it just once? For me?"

Lana closed her eyes and nestled her head into her father's shoulder. She sighed heavily, then looked up at him, her eyes twinkling. "Okay," she told him. "But under one condition."

"Name it," he said.

"We try it on you first."

Lana's dad and Marsha gasped simultaneously. "Whoa!" he exclaimed.

"Whatsamatter, Dad?" Lana mocked. "It's okay for me to take it up my poot chute, but not for you?"

Marsha placed her hand on his throbbing cock and gave it a slight squeeze. "Yeah, Mr. Morgan. You afraid we might think it might make you gay or something?"

Robert Morgan took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "It's not that. It's just..." He let his words hang in the air.

Lana turned and thrust her bare breasts against his arm. "Just what, Dad?" she asked accusingly.

Lana's dad hugged both girls and pulled them even closer to him. "Okay," he said haltingly. "But you have to go slow. I ain't never had anything stuck up my ass any bigger than the doctor's middle finger."

Both girls giggled. "And did he make you feel good?" Lana teased.

Robert let out a quiet titter. "It felt damned good," he said. "And, for the record, it was a she; not a he."

"No wonder you liked it so much," Lana said.

Marsha lightly rubbed the bulge in Mr. Morgan's pants as she nibbled on his earlobe. "Lana," she said. "I think your daddy likes your idea. His cock feels even harder than before."

Lana smiled and undid the button on her father's pants and quickly pulled his zipper down. He raised his hips and together, Lana and her friend pulled them down to his feet. He kicked off his shoes as they pulled his pants the rest of the way off him. Seconds later, he was naked between his daughter and her friend.

Robert watched, his mouth agape, as the girls hurriedly undressed themselves. He marveled at how much larger Marsha's breasts were than Lana's. Not that he minded. In just minutes he'd become the center filling of a naked sandwich.

Robert Morgan caressed Marsha's breasts. He held them in his hand as though he were trying to guess their weight.

Marsha leaned in and rubbed a nipple across his lips, but before he could open his mouth to suck it inside, she pushed him back onto the bed. He scooted up until his head was resting comfortably on his pillow. She then crawled up beside him and dangled her tits in his face.

Robert Morgan grabbed Marsha by the shoulders and pulled her down to him. He surrounded the medium sized nipple with his lips and licked hungrily at its rubbery tip.

"Oh, Mr. Morgan," Marsha sighed. "You have no idea how good that makes me feel."

Robert pulled his mouth away from Marsha's savory breast long enough to tell her, "Robert. It's Robert. Or Bob. Mister makes me feel like I'm your dad."

Marsha groaned loudly as he moved over to tend to her other nipple. "I wish my dad was here to do me also."

As soon as her father had begun sucking on her new friend's breast, Lana moved in behind her and wrapped one hand around the base of his pulsing shaft and cradled his nut sack in the other. She watched his pre cum spread slightly as she blew softly at his piss hole.

Lana replaced the hand on her dad's balls with her mouth, engulfing one and then the other in her oral cavity.

She then licked the underside of his bone hard cock from bottom to top and kissed her way down the side. She made this trip several times before stopping to wrap her lips around the crown.

Lana's tongue swirled one way and then the other around the head. Her dad pushed his pelvis up into her mouth and held it at the entrance to her throat. She gripped his cock tightly and backed away until, once again, only the head of his massive tool remained trapped inside her mouth.

She loosened her grip and slid her fist slowly up and down his shaft, occasionally dipping her head and letting his cock push against the opening to her throat.

Marsha reluctantly pulled herself away from Robert's suctioning mouth, turned around and lowered her hairless crotch into his face. She gripped Lana by her thighs and buried his face in her pussy.

Her body jerked with the sudden onslaught of Robert's tongue. He pushed his long nose deep inside her cunt and laid claim to Marsha's clitoris in much the same way he'd sucked on her nipples.

Robert's tongue traveled back and forth, up and down and around her clit, sucking it much like a baby would suck at its momma's tit.

The near overpowering, lustful sensations began at her cunt, traveling at light speed through her body, and transferred to Lana's trembling sex by way of Marsha's tongue. The three of them had become one. That three in one entity had only one purpose in mind; orgasm.

Overcome with the powerful bursts of electrical energy surging throughout her body, Lana, having temporarily forgotten about the vibrator, tried to bury her head into the bedding. She blinked several times, trying to focus her eyes on that long, cylindrical purple object in front of her. It was the vibrator. And, suddenly, she remembered her dad's promise.

Lana grasped the mechanical woman pleaser, raised her hips away from Marsha's stimulating tongue and mouth and inserted it into her vagina. Marsha was quick to catch on. She replaced Lana's hand with her own and switched the vibrator on. Like a slow moving piston, she repeatedly pumped that little magic wand in and out of her clutching, vice like love box. Just as Lana was beginning to respond to the thrusting of the vibrator, Marsha pulled it out.

Lana groaned, at first not understanding why Marsha had taken that beautiful toy away from her. Then she remembered her reason for inserting it into her sexual cavity.

With a reaching, clutching hand, Lana laid hold on the mechanical penis. Once again, she began sucking and licking on her father's cock. With one hand, she lifted his nut sack and gently pressed the rounded, curved end of the vibrator against his back-hole.

Robert tensed when the metal cock first made contact with his asshole. But with the combined sinful, i****tual sensations of his daughter sucking his cock and the equally immoral act he was performing on Marsha's pussy, he didn't have time to worry about it. He just accepted his fate and waited. With a bit of anticipation and a lot of nervousness, he waited for the insertion.

Lana rimmed her daddy's wrinkled little hole with the tip of the vibrator several times and then pressed against his shit hole once again.

Robert felt his sphincter muscle slowly give in to the advancing rod. Then it slid past the wrinkled ring of flesh and up inside his bowels. His dick lurched inside his daughter's mouth when he felt the curved end rubbing across his prostate. When Lana withdrew the vibrator about two thirds of the way out, Robert pushed back. He was surprised when he admitted to himself that he liked the feeling of his ass getting reamed by his own daughter. He was actually beginning to enjoy it.

Lana watched her dad's wrinkled ring of muscle tissue surrender to the advancing charge of her friend's vibrator, amazed that he was pushing back as if he couldn't get that thing far enough inside him. She felt his cock enlarge slightly. He was about to cum.

Thanks to Marsha's expertise at cunnilingus, Lana, herself, was on the verge of cumming right along with him.

Marsha's tongue was driving Lana crazy. Her clit felt like it was on fire. Every nerve ending, every sensation, every signal from her brain seemed concentrated in her shiny little bud of joy.

Then Marsha's tongue lost its rhythm. Her mouth lost its suction. Lana lifted her face from her daddy's cock. "Don't stop," she shouted. "I'm almost there." Then she let out a long, loud, mournful cry.

In the throes of her own orgasm, Marsha had somehow managed to continue her ministrations to her friend's over sensitive clit long enough for Lana to cum.

Lana, nearly out of her mind with her sinful lust, lost control of her motor skills and could no longer hold on to the vibrator. She lay with her head in her daddy's lap, his aching balls and his yearning cock a mere inch or two from her face.

At almost the same time as Lana's dam burst wide open, flooding her face with the juices of an i****tuous teenager, Marsha's own sweet release took control of her body. "Oh, fuuuuuck!<" she cried into Lana's cunny as her own wetness began spurted into Robert's mouth. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Robert clenched his hips, thereby tightening his anal hold on that purple invader his daughter had pushed into his ass. His pelvis lurched forward and, quite by accident, his hard, begging cock found his daughter's open mouth.

He shoved his aching rod into her mouth. The mushroom shaped head pushed past Lana's soft, malleable lips ans slid along her listless tongue and lodged in her throat. He pulled back and, again, pushed into her throat.

Push in and pull back. Push in and pull back. He repeated these movements several times before his semen filled balls f***ed him to give in to their demands.

By this time, Lana had recovered enough to be somewhat aware of what was happening to her. She swallowed quickly each time her father's tapered cock head stabbed into her throat, increasing his urgent need to cum. Lana grabbed the vibrator and did some pushing and pulling of her own.

Timing her movements to those of her dad's, Lana unknowingly moved the end of the vibrator over his prostate.

Robert mumbled something unintelligible and cried out loudly as his testicles finally decided to release their potent load of white hot jizz into his daughter's mouth. Robert pulled back and deposited eight loads of heavy gooey cum onto his daughter's tongue.

Lana swallowed some of it because of the sheer volume of the stuff, but managed to hold on to the majority of it. A small amount of the white, frothy fluid leaked out the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Her muscles, weakened by the ordeal, barely functioned as she struggled to turn herself around in bed. Slowly, she turned until she was face to face with her newfound friend.

"Save some of this for my dad," she whispered just before she planted an open mouthed kiss on Marsha's lips.

Marsha gladly accepted her friend's love offering and turned to face Robert. She quickly shoved her tongue in his mouth and gave him some of his own cum.

Robert rolled his discharge around in his mouth, savoring its taste for a couple of seconds before he swallowed.

"That is so sexy," Marsha whispered as she stroked his cheek. "To see a man who is not afraid of his own stuff."

Robert slid his arm under Marsha's neck and pulled her close. He beckoned for his daughter to join then.

They lay together on the bed, a beautiful and naked nubile coed on each side of the much older man, basking in the glow of their post orgasmic bliss, neither of them speaking. It was Robert who broke the silence.

"Now it's your turn to have that vibrator pushed up your ass," he told his daughter.

"Today?" Lana asked. "Now?"

"Maybe tomorrow," Robert replied. "Give you some time to rest."

"I would like to join you," Marsha said. "But I've got a stupid appointment with the dentist."

"We'll tell you all about it," Robert told her. "I promise."

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Fucking greeeeeaaat. It was a most delicious, conscious fantasy fuckfest, in my mind, until Marsha (daughte's frend) showed up. I'm evidently the jealous type.
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Fucking GREAT!!!!!!
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Vary hot I love a man that will swallow his own cum
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Absolutely incredible. I love having my ass fucked by a big vibrator.
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