The sun shone weakly as it prepared to set when oil exploration geologist Ted Murphy arrived home from his final foreign contract. He'd soon start work as a lecturer at his old university.

As the train began moving off, the lone figure on the sole platform of the rail station of the nondescript town waved and he waved back at his s****r Jenna.

The k** stayed where she was, and that puzzled Ted.

Usually she'd come running, as fast as most teens her age. She'd leap into his arms and excitedly smother him in kisses and yell to be kissed.

Ted strode toward her with a backpack and a carry bag. All of his other possessions had been freight-forwarded to the university. As he closed in, the first thing he noticed was the blonde hair of the eighteen-year old. It was now cut short and appeared curly. She had filled out and then he really focused on a pair of great looking tits.

Oh my. His little s****r he'd not seen for three years was all grown up.

She said hi and made no effort to re-connect physically. So he dropped his bag and, scooping behind her knees, picked her up and kissed her.

"Put me down," she commanded but was ignored.

Ted asked, "Are you still sore at catching me with my hand up mom's dress?"

"Well a little I guess. It really shocked me at the time."

"Your mom was horny. Don't you ever get horny?"

Jenna looked away and said yes of course.

He grinned and placed her back on her feet and continued to hold her waist. He said they had a sexy mom. For some years Carol had got him to rub her off when everything began to get out of control for her, that it just wasn't as intense when she did it.

He eyed his s****r. "You know she's eleven years younger than dad? I would make her wet, that's all. I've never fucked her if that's what had you worried."

She said it wasn't natural but she sounded less than convincing.

He joked, "Ah you're jealous" and she turned away again, making it impossible to read her expression. So he played big b*****r and said, "I suggest you carve through some of society's stupid social rules and you'd be surprised how little about human behavior is not natural."

She snorted and said rules and mores were necessary for a smoothly running society where respect for each other and other people's property allowed society to function in an orderly manner.

He mocked, "Oh you've been receiving an education since I last saw you?"

At last she smiled and she apologized for having misjudged him because she hadn't possessed the information to make a valid judgment.

"Thanks for that Jenna but please understand what I was doing was and should remain a confidential matter between our mother and me."

"I can accept that," she smiled. "Mom also asks me to keep some things confidential. Here let me kiss you properly."

The kiss was slow and sweet.

"Are you still a virgin?"

She snorted "Ted" and pulled away and sighed and said no.

"Were those encounters enjoyable?"

Grimacing she said no and waited for the embarrassing comment to arrive. But she was caught flat-footed because all he said was shall they go and picked up his bag and had taken a couple of steps before she cried to wait for her.

"I was waiting for you to ask did I think it was my fault sex was usually unrewarding, or that if I wanted a decent experience I should try you."

"Jenna," he said, pretending to be shocked.

She turned pink and flustered, "Why are you keeping me off-balance like this?"

Looking innocent he asked, "What do you mean?"

She frowned and said she'd explained herself sufficiently.

Smiling and eyeing her breasts, he said in the three years since they'd last been together she'd changed to become a young woman. "You'll be nineteen in three weeks."

Miss Pink Face looked surprised and asked did he know and remember everything.

"Only things that are important to me."

"Meaning that...?"

She hesitated,

He said, "Not only are you f****y Jenna but you are my only sibling."

She nodded. "Dad has never really been fond of me like he was of you and in mid-teen years mom and were somewhat off each other."

He reached out and she took his hand and came right up beside him.

He blew into her hair and she laughed and relaxed to look at him almost coquettishly and listened attentively as big b*****r, nine years her senior, said, "Some of those years from when you were thirteen would have been difficult years for mom and now she'll see you as a competitor. We both know just how competitive she can be and she'll know her beauty is fading and her figure has lost its elegance. In reality any tension between you two probably won't really ease till your become pregnant."

"Why's that?"

"You wait till when you're told you are to be a grandmother. That will f***e you to act your age. In mom's case he'll see you as a deliverer of grandc***dren and forget that crap about your being a competitor."

"Are you sure about this?"

"No but I read a lot and it sure sounds like good theory to me."

"God you are impossible," she giggled and crooked her arm into his and squeezed affectionately. "You are still a fucking tease. The truth is what you said about me and mom being competitors is way off beam."

He looked shocked and said her name sharply.


"Your use of the F-word has shattered my belief that you'd become a young lady."

She smiled and that switched to a frown.

"Mom and dad apologize for not being here. They've gone to the funeral of the woman who was mom's chief bridesmaid."

"Sara Bennett."

"God why is it you remember her?"

"Until she and her f****y moved from here when you were about nine she and mom were practically inseparable. Sara's older daughter is called Gwyneth after mom and Sara was the only person mom ever wrote to. All their lives those two wrote to each other every Sunday night. I remember we arriving home late from holidays on Sunday night and mom would immediately go off to write and the letter would be on the table next morning ready for dad to post on the way to work."

"Omigod you have a sensitive side to you."

"Yeah well you'll learn sooner or latter even the most nondescript people can surprise you. When's the funeral?" he asked as they reached their mom's fully restored dark blue 1973 Triumph GT6 Mk3.

"Tomorrow at 1:00."

"Right I'm going."

"What in this old heap."

He smiled and said if it got their mom the five miles to her office each workday then it would get him 450 miles to Ludlow.

"But why, Mrs Bennett is not a relative?"

"Yeah well mom would appreciate some support because dad is shallow emotionally so will just hang about, standing one pace behind her. But the real reason is Sara Bennett gave me a tricycle for my fourth birthday. It was blue and had a bell that dad disabled because I rang it incessantly. It had a metal plate over the back axle and I learned I could place one foot on that and operate my trike like a scooter."

"Omigod. I know what happened. Being an only c***d at that stage, that gift removed the loneliness from your life."

Her b*****r looked away and muttered he only came to appreciate that fact years later.

Tears in her eyes, Jenna said she would go with him.


"Because only now am I really learning who you are."

He frowned and said she might be disappointed and she just smiled and gave him the keys and said she needed to go home and pack a few things including her black dress.

"Wear light blue."


"No way was Sara Bennett a black depressive."

"Very well. I have a mid-blue dress but it's very short."

"Then wear leggings."

Ted and Jenna drove north until 10:00 when they stopped for a meal.

She ate lightly; he had a steak with all the trimmings.

"Are you driving there non-stop?"


"Why not stop here for the night," she said. "This traveler's hotel looks very comfortable."

He frowned and said he always liked pushing on.

"I don't see the point in this instance. We've made good progress so why arrive deprived of sl**p?"


"So it's just okay, no argument?"

Ted eyed her over his glass of red wine. "I'm bowing to superior logic. You are very beautiful."

She flushed and cupped a breast and wobbled it and said she thought his entire focus was on her breasts.

"Oh I just glanced at them in passing."

She giggled.

As they left the hotel restaurant she said, "Take a double room and save money."

"Are you sure?"

"Go on."

They entered the room and saw there was only a double bed rather than two single beds.

"I'll get this changed."

Jenna said, "No it's fine. We are only here to sl**p. Touch me and I'll kick out your teeth."

He grinned approvingly and said the Young Lady had developed some backbone.

"Undress me."

Ted's grin faded when he realized she appeared to mean that.


She flared. "Have you ever undressed mom?"

He looked away.

"I knew it. I knew there was something secretive between you two... your little smiles, those really something looks. I want the truth."

"Yes I did but not in recent years."

"How many times?"

"A few."

She snorted. "I want the truth Edward Murphy. You appear to have a dazzling memory when it suits you."

"I never counted and mom probably doesn't know. Probably 200 times."

Jenna sat on the bed in shock. "Two hundred times?"

"I really have no idea. It could have been 400 times. It began on the night of my nineteenth birthday when she arrived in my bedroom in her nightdress."

"Omigod, mom initiated it?"

"Hell yes."

"And she made you finger her?"

"Well actually she asked me to lick her."

Jenna said calmly, "And then she licked you and then you fucked."

"No not fucked. We've never went that far."

"Jesus Ted, I bet you wished you had banged her?"

"Yes I often did, especially in the beginning because being whacked off wasn't enough. But on that first night when she hosed me over her tits mom made me promise I'd never push into her, not matter how hard she pleaded for it."

"How much she pleaded? Omigod this is sounded like super-heated porn."

"So you see it was a period in my life now behind me and the last couple of times I was home much to my relief mom showed no signs of wanting to pick up on our immoral ways again."

"Is that why you haven't married? You are afraid what the mother-in-law will ask you to do to her?"

"No at twenty-seven I feel I'm too young to marry. About thirty-two plus appears right in my mind."

Jenna stood and said, "Undress me please."

"No Jenna."

She snorted, "I said undress me."

They locked stares and when she said she wasn't his mother, Ted looked away and swore.

"Coward. Scared of what you might find?"

Ted turned back and grinned at Jenna. "You see yourself as a hot number do you?"

She just looked at him and held up her arms.


Although knowing he'd do it and would go as far as Jenna required, Ted still sweated on this. It was akin to opening a new chapter in life he'd rather do without. Jenna was not yet twenty whereas his mom had been forty, a mature adult, when she started on him.

He'd found out later that was the time when his mom had found out his father was having it off with his personal assistant at the office. His parent's relationship would later normalize but he knew something had been lost from it as a result of his father's infidelity and, no doubt, because of his mother's guilt that she'd carried on with him and found herself unable to stop. His mom had fallen in love with him because he'd returned emotion, Ted had been quite sure of that.

Even today he remembered clearly that first time with his mom and watching in disbelief when she squirted his juice over her tits and after scooping some of it into her mouth and smiled beautifully at him while she rubbed the stuff into her chest. He'd since had a number of women who'd rubbed his semen into their tits but none had ever matched the glowing delight he'd remembered his mom displaying.

Jenna was still immature. Becoming sexually engaged with her b*****r, at whatever level, might blight her in some way. There was a danger of that happening but perhaps she was just becoming competitive and focused like their mom. In just the few hours he'd reunited with his s****r he'd seen flashes of aggression never evident before from her other than in tantrums. Suggesting to himself that perhaps she could benefit being rubbed up by her b*****r surely was feeble-ass thinking to justify to himself what he was about to do with her.

"Right Jenna I'll undress you but only this once."

"Of course. Why would I want repeats?"

Yeah right. Their mom used deceptive tactics like that.

Ted knew he had to knock any sense of romantic thinking out of her.

"I'll only do it so I can get a good look at your tits."

He waited for her to snort something like, 'You guys are all the same' but instead she surprised him when she looked at him calmly and said, "Liar."

God she was tough. Where had the cry baby gone?

"Kiss me first."

He kissed her sweetly.

"No like this."

She kissed him passionately with wet lips. It must have been passionately because when she pulled away her tits were heaving. Gee there was quite a lot of tit there. Oh no, his dick was on the move.

"More kisses," she purred and came into him for more.

He bent his ass out from her but in vain because she bent into him for wall-to-wall contact and when she felt his bulge on her lower stomach she waggled her groin over it and his undisciplined dick rose to the occasion.

Aw shit.

"You have a large one," she cooed and had a hand on it.

"I'll undress you," Ted wheezed.

She countered and asked for more kisses. "My tits and pussy can wait for your adoration."

"Pull your arms up," he ordered and she obeyed and of course that only served to emphasis her tits.

Ted groaned.

"Getting sexy huh? Good boy."

Ted decided to rip her clothes off and then grab a pillow and go to the bathroom and lock the door. If she wanted a pee she could go to public toilets. She'd had two glasses of red wine and obviously was out of control.

He jerked off her top and looked down in wonderment. Her skin was tanned and his little s****r had a magnificent cleavage disappearing into her eggshell blue lace and satin bra.

Oh amazing. She'd be a great tit fuck.

His s****r?

Oh... well yeah.

"Do you know how to undo a bra or have you managed to gain experience?" she cooed.

He completely forgot he'd decided to hive off.

"If I manage to get the bra off may I lick them?"

She smiled and said yes.

From experience he figured it was a two-clip bra and reached around her and pushed inwards and twisted and dragged it off her arms and tossed it away.

"Good heavens," she gaped. "That's much quicker than I can get it off."

Behaving like a good girl she held up a medium c-sized breast for him to lick, smiling beautifully.

He circled the areola with his tongue and then wet-licked over the nipple and pulled away.

"Do it properly please," she smiled still holding it out for him.

Ted had no reason to argue. He attacked.

His s****r dropped the breast and then held that hand behind his head, either in encouragement or to stop him pulling away, or perhaps both.

Soon she was groaning.

He pulled away and she said thanks, that she was almost wetting her panties.

Jenna's manly b*****r, no longer attempting to conceal the shape of his erection, dropped her skirt and Jenna stepped out of it and kicked off her shoes.

Ted knelt and she cooperated as he removed her ankle socks and said she had very shapely legs.

"I know that. Tell me what you think of my pussy."

Ted stuck his thumbs in behind the tops of her high-cut panties.

"Are you sure?"

She didn't reply. He looked up and saw the delicious overhanging orbs and swallowed and slowly pulled down the eggshell blue panties.

"The smell is quite inoffensive. I see no hair. Everything appears remarkably clear with no evidence of sexually transmittable disease. The slit doesn't appear to be over-stretched from fisting or admission of over-sized objects such as a baseball bat. I give it a top pass mark."

Jenna was giggling. "Jesus you're a horrible man. Disease, fisting? What do you think I am?"

"A thoroughly modern young woman exposed to everything from lily-white romance to ugly extreme sex?"

"Well yes, you're right about that. Now let me undress you."

"Um I'm sporting an erection."

"Yes and have done so for almost half an hour to my knowledge. I'm pleased to know I have that effect on you."

Jenna calmly undressed her b*****r, chatting about his body and what he did to keep looking so fit. As soon as she worked him out of his jeans and briefs she held his erection and licked it wetly from its tip to his balls and back up again.

"That will do for the moment. I need a pee. Come and watch."

Ted followed her dumbly. He couldn't imagine anything more unsexy than watching a woman sit on a toilet and pee out of sight and possible fart as well.

But it didn't happen like that. Jenna climbed into the far end of, turned and lifting a breast and sucking it spread her legs and bending back from the knees urinated in a streaming arch.

Ted's erection went so stiff that he winced. Not sexy? Dumbo knew he didn't need another opinion to tell him how wrong he was about that.

He helped her from the bath and she held on to him and asked, "Well?"

"Baby I guess because I didn't walk into that cold and had a hard on, I thought that was really sexy."

"My girlfriends and I have done that together and we thought it looked sexy."

Ted's hand automatically dropped on to his dick ready to stroke it but there was intervention.

"Come to bed and suck me off."

"Okay but I'm not going..."

She eyed him once they were through the doorway.

"I never want you to enter me, not matter how hard I plead."

He eyed her. "Does that include the butt?"

"God you are disgusting," she said, pulling him to the bed.

That left Ted hanging. Was her comment a yes or a no?

Jenna sprawled on her back and opened her legs for him but Ted dragged her back by the ankles until her hipbones were at the edge of the bed and then held her legs out wide and remained stationary until Jenna realized what was required and grasped and held her own legs. He dropped to his knees and aimed his dripping tongue at his s****r's hairless cunt.

This was charting new territory. Would it be a single visitation or would there be many returns? Ted had no idea and he though neither would she. Well there would be no need to have him return because she would have access to other cunt lickers without fear of guilt or detection of i****tuous behavior.

Ted recalled the twice he'd come perilously close to entering his mother. The first time he'd been behind her, dry humping when she'd cried out and creamed and in his excitement he'd almost slip into gaping and oozing pussy she'd been violently fingering. On the second occasion he'd looked down at her oozing pussy and thought fuck it, he'd slide in and to hell with the objections. But as he closed in the excitement because too much and he'd creamed over her pussy and thighs and she'd yelled what the hell was he doing.

Well they wouldn't be the same excitement and temptation with an 18-year old's infrequently reamed pussy.

The skin felt wonderfully soft against his jaw and at the bridge of his nose as Ted's tongue worked open the slit between the swollen lips.

"Oh shit, that's incredibly heavenly."

He grinned at her mix of words. Shit seemed so much out of place, but then again who was being rational in this erotic, i****tuous situation? His tongue sank in.

There was no off-putting odor that often was encountered until being sluiced away by the flow of sexual stimulated release of lubricant and possibly other fluids. Obviously his s****r had high standards of personal hygiene.

Ted cringed. He'd showered that morning and then the panic eased as he thought yes, he'd definitely used talc before he dressed. At least that was something.

Jenna squirmed. Oh yikes, he was supposed to be stimulating her sexually. He circled his tongue and inserted a finger and picked up the pace.

She gripped hair and his ears in both hands.

He could hear her short gasps and the flicking of her tongue like a kitten lapping.

Well he must be doing something right.

Ted pulled one of her legs from her hold and placed that over this shoulder and then shouldered the other leg.

She groaned as his tongue sank even deeper.

Jenna groaned again as he pushed in a second finger and she gasped again as he cupped his fingers and slid in a third.

"Fist me."

"What? Now way would he attempt to first his baby s****r, er his teenage s****r. Yeah teenage, she wasn't yet nineteen. No way did he want to risk permanently stretching his s****r's cunt.

She was leaking profusely and he ran -- no slid -- a finger over her rosebud and she moaned wantonly.


He picked up the pace and she groaned into a heavy discharge that gave him sufficient warning to get his mouth clear.

She groaned as he rubbed the leaking fluids on to her belly and into her thighs.

Jenna wanted to suck him but he said no, just a jerk would do.

She began jerking him but before he knew it she was also sucking the tip with such expertise that alarmed him. Surely his s****r wasn't a street whore?

He calmed and rationalized perhaps her age group, as his had assumed, believe they'd taken sexual promiscuity to the edge of a new frontier in permissiveness?

Ted's sudden and unlikely picture of having his right arm up to the elbow in his s****r's cunt triggered him into a massive explosion.

Jenna must have felt it coming and got her head clear just in time but was doused over her face and hair.

"My eyes," she yelled.

"Wait," he yelled and raced to the bathroom for a facecloth and towels.

"Jesus when did you last have a fuck or jerk off?" asked his supposedly innocent s****r."

"I jerked when I went to the men's room during dinner," he confessed. "I couldn't stop thinking about your tits and cunt."

She giggled and said naughty boy.

He loved her for the tenderness expressed when she said that.

They only cuddled in the morning. She said she'd have a bath. He showered and went down to read a newspaper after they agreed to meet in the dining room in thirty minutes.

During breakfast Jenna said, "How was that for your last night?"

"Oh okay."

She said it had been the best sexual encounter of her entire life.

That shamed Ted but he was up to it. "Do you want the truth?"

"Yes," she said calmly, buttering a piece of toast.

"It was unbelievable. Yours was the sweetest cunt I've every eaten..."

"Ted," said his very red-faced s****r. "Keep your voice down."

"Right," he whispered. "It was like taking a new car for a test drive."

She boggled but caught sincerity in his expression and smiled fulsomely and patted his hand.

Ted beamed at her and by the look on Jenna's face she must have come close to having a sexual release.


Their mom had given Jenna details of their hotel so the new arrivals enquired at the desk for the room number and went up, Jenna telling the receptionist there was no need to announce them because the Murphy's were their parents.

Gwyneth answered Ted's knock and screamed in delight when she focused on who it was and dragged him into the room in a hug. Mike rushed over and slapped his son on the back and then hugged Jenna and said softly, "Thanks baby. You couldn't have done anything nicer."

They ordered lunch to be served in the room and got through two bottles of wine.

"Oh I'm so sad I've lost my best friend," Gwyneth wept.

"Buck up mom," Ted said. "You've not seen her more than twice a year in recent years. Just think of her as having gone further away from her."

"W-what about letter writing?"

"Something has to give mom," he said. "Just accept you are free to think of her whenever you wish."

"You guys are such a comfort to me, Gwyneth said diplomatically, especially you Ted. It's so lovely having you home for good."

"Mom I'll be living at the university."

"I know. I meant living back in the country. It's safer here than most places."

Jenna took Ted's arm as they walked into the church behind their parents. Jenna stopped to adjust her small hat and Ted looked ahead and said, "God who's the chick hugging mom?"

"Gwyneth Bennett I think. She was blonde. God she's grown into a real beauty. Down boy, she's married."

They caught up and their mom introduced them to Keith and his c***dren, Gwyneth, Rick and the much younger Liz.

"I remember you when we were k**s, you pulled my hair," Gwyneth smiled at Ted after he'd hugged her and said he was sorry about her loss.

"That must have stimulated the blow flow because you've developed the most beautiful head of hair I've seen in many a day."

She laughed and whispered, "You flirt." And then her attention was drawn away as someone else was being introduced to the bereaved f****y.

Jenna sat between her parents and Ted sat on the other side of his mom.

His mom said, "Gwyneth was quite taken by you."

"Yeah, too bad she's married."

"Her husband was killed in an industrial accident at his workplace last year."

"Oh that's sad," Ted said, wondering why Jenna hadn't told him that.

The clergyman said please stand, and the service was underway with the singing of the first hymn.

Ted and f****y left for the brief internment at the graveside and then returned to join others at afternoon tea in the church hall. Ted said to his mom, "We were the only non-f****y members at the internment."

"Yes, his mom said. "We were treated much like extended f****y. Gwyneth and I were bridesmaids at each other's wedding. Keith has invited us to join them for dinner tonight and late breakfast in the morning. I mentioned you two weren't booked in at a hotel and Gwyneth has invited you and Jenna to stay with her."

"So she retained the marital home."

"No she sold that and purchased another. She received a big insurance payout as well as receiving a big court-ordered compensation payout after her husband's company was found to have been substantially responsible for his death by removing guard rails that were placed there to prevent anyone whose clothes were caught being dragged into the machine."

"The poor guy."

"Yes it was horrible. But getting out of that house was the best thing she could have done. What do you two wish to do?

"Well it's up to Jenna. If she wishes to head back now then "fine."

Jenna decided to stay because she and Liz were getting on really well.

Liz invited Jenna to stay at her place and Ted learned that would be okay because Gwyneth's aunt and uncle were also staying at her house.

"I hear you are to sl**p with me tonight," Gwyneth said to Ted, biting into a sandwich. "That's nice."


She laughed and whispered she was a born tease. "Unfortunately we won't be alone in the house. I'd like to get to know you better. You're a real hunk. You father told me there's no girlfriend attached to you."

"Someone said you have a boyfriend."

"Yes but I have no plans for him. I have had no plans for my future but along you came and now I'm not quite so sure."

"That will pass."

"Do you think so?"

Concerned that Gwyneth might be out of control emotionally, Ted said emphatically yet he thought so.

"Robert this is Ted Murphy, the son of mom's best friend. I knew Ted when we were young. Talk to him please. I'm off to circulate. So many kind people have come to pay their respects."

"Hi buddy, what do you do?"

"I'm a geologist. What about you?"

"I'm a top car salesman. I sold Gwyneth her new Alfa."

"What top of the line?"

"No Gwyneth could easily afford it but she'd not ostentatious. But she knows what she wants. She's attached to me for one thing but enough said. Do you look for new gold mines?"

"I've just ended a three-year contract with the Queensland and Western Australian Governments working in a team plotting old river courses that could be used for future natural water reticulation and we also mapped flood plains throughout those two states where no new buildings of any nature will be allowed and their own planners will now grade developments on those flood plains and set timetables when existing buildings probably will be required to be cleared under the authority of new empowering legislation. People love building where land is flat without thinking why that land is flat until in times of abnormal rainfall floodwaters overflow and people realize they've built on ancient flood plains."

"Jesus I'll occupy the high ground in future."

"Good thinking but don't overlook possible effects of earthquakes, volcanic action or landslides."

"Jesus. Let's find another drink and talk about something more cheerful."

The younger Gwyneth found Ted later and said excitedly, "Robert tells me you're a geologist and scared the crap out of him talking about recklessly building on ancient floodplains or in the path of possible landslides."

"Well he asked me what I did. What should it interest you?"

"I teach geography at middle school. I return to school tomorrow at lunchtime. Could you come and address my classes early tomorrow afternoon before you return home."


"Because I want you to, that's why."

"Oh that's a compelling reason. Yes I'll be happy to do that."

"You have spoken to groups of c***dren previously?"

"I have many times and adult groups and even a couple of geographical societies."

"Oh that's wonderful Ted. You are a guy with real depth. How old are you?"

"I'm almost twenty-eight."

"Oh, a year older than me. Little wonder I feel a kindred spirit."

"You knew me in earlier times."

"Yes a kindred spirit with a history. Is there any chance of knowing you more intimately?"

"I'll have my s****r with me."

"She's staying tonight with Liz."

"Oh I'd forgotten that."


Ted grinned. "You are really something Gwyneth. I suppose your mom told you to carry on with your chin up and to remember you have a life to live."

"Yes as a matter of fact after we buried my husband and then again a few days ago when found her own death was nigh."

"Omigod Gwyneth, I didn't think. I..."

"Shut up Ted. You were accurate in what you said and expressed with sufficient feeling that no way I could take offence. Your mother would have told you my mother was a pragmatist and yet had a great love of life."

"More or less in those words; Sara's death hit her hard. I'll always remember the awesome friendship that existed between Gwyneth and Sara. I've never had a friendship approaching that level with anyone."

"You call my mother Sara rather than Mrs Bennett. Why is that?"

"For most of my life I heard my mother call her Sara, not Mrs Bennett. Yesterday I arrived on a direct flight from South Africa, caught a train home two hours later and was met by Jenna and she told me my parents had gone to be at your mother's funeral. I knew Sara was f****y to us and to my delight Jenna knew what I meant and so we shot home to get her things and drove through the night till a midway overnight stop. We knew we should be here with our mom and you guys."

"I'm going to cry," Gwyneth sniffed. "Please hold me."

"There's no need to cry unless you want to. It's possible to cope appropriately with sadness without tears. But cry if you feel it will benefit you to cry."

"No I'm fine now you are holding me."

"You smell divinely and feel so feminine to hold."

Gwyneth obviously liked hearing that but she said, "You better let me go before I consume you Ted Murphy."

He laughed and released her and watched her dab her eyes and then she smiled at him, wonderfully.

Ted checked on his mom and she was red-eyed but said she was coping. He kissed her and went off to find Jenna.

She introduced him again to the very attractive Liz as her cute b*****r and Liz whispered, "Cute is right, my s****r has taken a big interest in you. I've been watching you two."

Ted said manfully, "She just welcomes being comforted that's all."

Both girls eyed him as if he were a liar.

"She's extremely nice."

Liz and Jenna exchanged grins.

"Jenna do you mind if we don't set out for home till late tomorrow afternoon? Gwyneth is returning to school after lunch tomorrow and has invited me to address her classes. She teaches geography at middle school."

"Yes providing we don't drive all night."

Ted thought you little weasel and said yeah okay.

After dinner that evening he left with Hal and Betty Masters. Hal was the late Sara's much older b*****r.

"My eyes are not great for night driving Ted. I'll appreciate you taking the wheel."

Gwyneth had given Hal the key and she came half an hour later. She found Ted in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"You boyfriend told me you have a new Alfa Romeo. What model did you get?"

"The standard 159. Will you sl**p with me tonight?"

Ted saw a problem in that. "Gwyneth, the risk of discovery could harm you."

She smiled and said she didn't think so.

"My aunt is razor sharp. She asked me would I be sl**ping with you and I said yes. She smiled and said so would she had she been in my position."

"Okay yes but I don't have condoms."

"Are you thinking butt?"


"Then provide you believe you are clean we won't need ten condoms."


"I'm no bunny my fit-looking young lover."

They went to the bedroom and Gwyneth locked the door.

They kissed, lustily.

When she broke away he said, "Let's go to the bathroom. I'd like to see you pee."

She looked at him carefully.

"Are you sure? It might become ugly."

"Yes I'm happy about the prospect."

She told him to strip.

She stripped too and displayed a good figure although her breast looked slightly floppy but not to worry.

In the bathroom she folded a towel and told him to rest his head on it.

"What you mean lie down on it?"

"Yes unless you'd prefer to do a headstand."

He lay down on the cold tiles. She straddled him and began pissing over his slack dick and worked up his body.


Ted closed his eyes but she finished at his neck.

"Lick away my dribbles."


He lifted up and licked her slightly pouty cunt.


He swallowed and said that was unbelievable.

"I bet it was. You expected to see me lift so you could watch me pee into the bowl."

He said er yes.

"I thought so. That's why I decided to give you a big thrill."

Big thrill? He couldn't describe the shock as that but she must have got a thrill because her tits were now swollen and all signs of slight sag had gone.


The sex was less than memorable. She said she really was too tired. She said he was too rough. She then apologized for climaxing very early and then apologized for telling him to hurry up.

Ted could see she was exhausted and probably emotionally drained. He kissed her and said he'd find another place to sl**p and left thinking even when at her best sexually Gwyneth might still be a sub par performer. She called him back.

"Do you mind if you don't speak to my students tomorrow? I've decided to sl**p in all day."

"Not at all. Goodnight."

There was no reply.

Out in the kitchen Ted found the number on a short list on the wall for a local cab company and called for one, pleased he'd remembered seeing the name of the street but he'd not seen the number. He told the auto-dispatcher it was a fairly short street. He'd stand out on the road and wave.

Remarkably it worked perfectly. A cab turned into the street less that 15 minutes later and the driver flicked his lights when spotting Ted waving 200 yards away.

He was delivered to the bus station and found the only bus leaving that night in the direction he required service was a freight plus eight-passenger bus that would leave the station in forty minutes' time. The vehicle would branch off on another highway two miles from the town where Ted and Jenna had stayed two nights earlier. He decided he could walk two miles no problem.

There were only two other passengers and during a coffee stop just after midnight the driver asked why was Ted getting off at the junction and he told the driver.

When the other two passengers left the bus twenty minutes later the driver said, "I'll drop you off at the hotel pal. But don't tell anyone because it's against company regulations to go off-route.

The cheerful driver didn't want a tip so Ted tossed him twenty bucks and told him to either buy a few beers or donate it to charity.

He took the room for two nights and in the morning called Jenna. She was in the shower and Liz answered.

"Oh hi. Gwyneth called to apologize to you. She told me it hadn't worked out between you too, she thought because she's in an emotional mess."

"Yeah but no problem."

"Do you wish to try again?"


"Oh. Well I was worried about where you where but Jenna said you were used to coping out in the wilds in foreign countries and it figured civilization would pose no problem for you."

Ted said yeah right and told Liz where he was and said to tell Jenna to come when she was ready, that he'd book in for tomorrow night as well. She offered to take the phone to Jenna but he said no he considered her to be a reliable messenger.

Jenna found him beside the pool just after two, talking to a 40-plus blonde who melted away when Ted said, "Oh Lillian, here comes my wife."

They kissed, like husband and wife.

"I have two messages for you. Gwyneth called to find if we'd heard from you and she apologized and said she'd been a big disappointment in sex to most men apart from her late-husband and her current boyfriend who really only wanted to push it in and leave it to soak while they rubbed her breasts. The other message is from Liz who said if you were interested in a good fuck she's available."

He grinned and beckoned to a passing drink server and ordered a bottle of light white wine and two glasses.

"Listen to me Ted," Jenna gritted, when the woman walked off with their order. "I want us to rescind that ridiculous ban on you pushing into me. If anyone is to fuck you it will be me and..."

"Okay, agreed."

She beamed and said, "Lean over me lover and squeeze a tittie."

Ninety minutes later they left the empty bottle and the late summer heat behind them and went to their room.

He only had his shorts to be removed. From Jenna he removed similar clothing she wore at their first sexual encounter.

"Let me shower first," she said. "I'm hot from driving and sitting out their under that umbrella in more heat."

"First we'll try something else," he said and in the bathroom made a pillow with a towel and invited his s****r to rest her head on it.

He then straddled her and began pissing over it and she was reduced to a laughing slab of jelly. She was so far gone she couldn't even raise an arm to cover her nose and eyes but the stream went no farther than her neck and it petered out when splattering her nipples again.

Ted kindly went to the shower and pulled the flexible shower hose to the door and hosed her off. Jenna rose and sat on the edge of the bath, her wild giggling finally subsiding and she watched as Ted hosed the floor thoroughly, the water running into the bathroom floor overflow drain.

They both showered and hurried to bed.


Since both Jenna and Ted had flopped on to the bed, both obviously wanting action, Jenna took the initiative and set them up for a sixty-nine. She straddled Ted's chest and slid down to land her mouth over his erection and she pushed back her pussy until it was stopped by Ted's chin.

"Goodness, you've shaved your balls."

"Yeah well I was bored this morning without you being with me and remembered last time seeing you pull a hair from between your teeth."

He winced nervously as Jenna rolled a testicle into her mouth but she was careful and he had a brief chew of her clit that almost sent her to the ceiling.

As if by agreement, they both settled down and the foreplay proceeded serenely until fifteen minutes later Ted pushed his wet middle finger into her anus. It went in relatively easily, so easily and without objection from his s****r he wondered what she and Liz had been playing at.

He waggled the finger and she climaxed excitedly and then tried unsuccessfully to ram the tip of her tongue into his meatus (urethral opening)"



They got each other off and after a short rest he rolled her away from him on to her side and held her upper leg up and fingered her pussy in preparation for the rear entry when she said quietly, "Ted fuck me stupid."

Well was that supreme encouragement or not? He drove in and she immediately began pushing back, catching his rhythm.

"Don't take too long; I like it often and in short bursts."

Jesus the 18-year old k** sounded like a veteran and he felt ridiculous having worried about possibly not possessing the patience to cope with a probable novice. It hadn't occurred to him she would be experienced.

"Have you had a big year sexually?"

Handling the light pounding with ease, she replied well only over the past six to eight months and especially since finishing high school.

"Um near the start of summer break I spent a weekend away with Ross Cootes at his parent's cabin and the Beatty b*****rs came and only Owen had a girl with him. We decided to share and... well that rather accelerated my experience because it was too wet for roaming about in the forest and there was not TV, no radio and nothing much to read."

Ted came, filling his s****r's cunt.

"Gee I never had weekends like that at your age."

"The world has changed since you left high school," she smiled and said yuck when she moved and semen flowed out of her.

As she went to the bathroom Ted lay back with an arm over his eyes worrying was it right to be fucking his own s****r. He'd never fucked his mom because of their belief it wouldn't be right, so had the world changed in that short time making it okay for a guy to fuck his s****r?

Well he knew one thing: he'd gone to bed with his s****r with their clear objective to had full-on sex. He now had serious questions about his undeveloped thinking in respect to personal morality. He did live by some sort of code and was quick to have an opinion about other people's sense of morality but did he truly believe fucking one's s****r was okay? Or was it morally wrong? He'd have to think about that... sometime.

Jenna returned from the bathroom with cheeks aglow, displaying that I've-just-been-fuck appearance.

She said brightly, do you want another short session or should be eat and come back for a series? I noticed a condom-dispensing machine in the women's toilet at the restaurant. I'll get a couple and we could resume with anal."

"Um let's eat," Ted said, shocked by the sexual permissiveness of his k** s****r.

There were only two other couples in the restaurant so they had a corner to themselves.

"Let's have more wine," Jenna said. "I find I fuck with more conviction when I've had a load of liquor."

Ted ordered a bottle although thinking was she becoming depraved. He thought surely not.

Towards the end of the meal, Jenna whose face was now flushed by alcohol, and looking lovely in white shorts and a short blue top that left her flat belly exposed, said, "I have a confession to make."

Ah so she was about to declare she'd never had experienced anal sex and didn't believe this was the right time to experiment?

"In the past few months mom and I have begun fooling around in bed."

Ted's brain appeared to stall. Momentarily he was unable to think or react and Jenna's face appeared to have blurred. But then suddenly everything appeared to be working again although his cock felt as if it had shriveled.

"Oh no," he gasped.

"What's so wrong with that; you and mom practically were having it off?"

Ted rallied to cool his temper and to say with authority, "Oh but with mom and me that was different."

"Please explain that apparently contradictory statement because I'm struggling to delay thinking my b*****r is a hypocrite."


"Um I was older than you and I was there for mom in her time of need."

"Oh and I wasn't? And it was mom who hit on me, not the other way round. And you do accept that women over thirty continue to have sex and enjoy it?"

Ted said he didn't know what to think because her disclosure had come as a huge shock to him. "But this I know and this is an ultimatum: choose me or mom."

"That's barbaric thinking b*****r."

"Call it what you wish. If you wish to have me continuing to fuck you I forbid you to continue your sexual association with mom."

"This is crazy. I can fuck whoever I wish."

Ted gritted, "Well you now have an ultimatum to consider."

"Very well, I choose mom over you because you leave us soon."

"That's fine. And presumably that ends this conversation?"

"Absolutely," Jenna said. "We may as well drive home tonight. I couldn't sl**p with you without wanting to be fucked."

"Jesus; very well then. I'll have to pay for the room for tonight but that's okay. The probably won't charge for tomorrow night."

"Excellent but stay here conversing because I'd like dessert and I best finish the wine because you'll be driving."

Jenna slept the whole way home and that was a relief for Ted because understandably there was tension between them although they had remained reasonable pleasant to each other.

They arrived home at 2:30 and she kissed him goodnight and went to bed. Their parents wouldn't be home for another two days because they were calling in to visit old friends, taking a longer route home.

Ted fumed, wondering what to do.

He slept till his phone alarm went at 6:00. After dressing he called a cab and made coffee and wrote a note and left it under the edge of the toaster. He took the first train out and later changed for a train that landed him at his university town.

There was no problem arriving eight days early because his redecoration of his apartment had been completed. All of his possessions had arrived and he busied himself unpacking.

Jenna called him at 10:00.

"I'm sorry."

He laughed and said no, it was quite okay. It was he who'd acted like a baby that had dropped his teething ring. "I think I was consumed by jealousy."

Jenna said she could understand that; her information must have come as quite a shock. But she accepted he had the right to make his demand.

"Thanks sweetie and you made the choice that suited you, and that's how it should be. You know I'm glad mom has you; everyone needs someone."

Jenna startled Ted when she said she hoped before leaving for college to convince her mom to find a male lover and enjoy real sex again.

They chatted for twenty minutes and ended the call making kissing sounds.

Later that day he posted Jenna a check for a thousand bucks to help her settle into college life. He felt very good about doing that. That's what older b*****rs were for; not for that other thing.

Three days later there was a knock on his door. Ah perhaps it was a good-looking female lecturer arriving next door and wishing to say hi. The other two already in residence, and like him preparing their course for the first semester, were sexually uninspiring and demonstrated a willingness to shun him.

Fucking lesbians.

He grinned. He really must get his thinking about sex and morality sorted. It appeared to have halted at mid-teenager stage.

He opened the door and gasped and finally managed to say, "Hi, what a surprise. Please come in."

His visitor was Liz Bennett, Gwyneth's young s****r.

"Please excuse me dropping in like this without notice but a couple of days ago when I was talking to Jenna I mentioned I was dissatisfied with my college and she suggested I talk to you about transferring to this university. I've done my research and made enquiries and it appears a transfer might be accepted. It certainly does appear to be a classier establishment than dad's old college where I attend. He's told me to do what I wish providing I remain happy."

"Well that's great. I probably can help, well at least show you around. Let's have a drink."

"Um Ted please do not misunderstand my intentions. I admit having a bit of a crush on you but I'm not here for um... here for..."


She flushed and said yes and managed to keep her gaze steady.

"Of course you're not. When I said drink I meant a social drink. I had no intention of getting a half bottle into you and then getting your panties off you."

"Er Ted."

"Whoops. Okay here are two confessions. I tend to focus a lot on sex and become a little exuberant when talking about it. The second confession is that my much younger s****r has convinced me I ought to pull my horns in and think and act in a more mature fashion about sex."

"Yes that's more or less what Jenna told me. She went further and said it's possible I could have a calming influence on you."

"She did?"


He thought he should send another thousand bucks to Jenna later in the year if something worked out between him and Liz.

"And you being here suggests you are here to reform me?"

She smiled and said "And to complete me education."

"Wow, are you a virgin Liz?"

"Is that really something you should ask someone who is practically a stranger?"

"Oh god, there I go again. No it's definitely not. I apologize Liz. You may kick my butt."

"I'd rather kiss it."


" Ted I'm about to begin my third year at college and so I've been around. But I'm shy about sex and, well am actually shy in the company of men. I suspect you are so over the top that being with you I'll not have a chance of being shy and will learn everything that is foul and lovely about sex."

Ted gaped.

"Yes Ted, my mission is to pull you down while you pull me up and when we reach about the middle we ought to be bother sexually well-adjusted."


"I know what I'm saying is a shock for you Ted and I have the advantage of having had plenty of time to think about it. You don't have to accept me as your pacifier, in fact you can tell me to leave right now, or as you probably would say, to fuck off."

"Er no."

"Er no what?"

"I want you to stay. Become a student here but you cannot live with me although you would be free to visit without breaking any rule providing we observe the 11:00 pm curfew."

"When may morning visitations occur?"

Ted said from 7:00. He asked what was her degree.

"I'm after a masters in psychology."

"Oh Christ."

They laughed. Liz said at her end-of-year interview, her assistant professor said she thought Liz could significantly improve her marks and become a top student if she could display more aggression and learn to control it and apply it.

"She obviously was referring to my shyness that gives me a tendency to back off. That's how you came up when I told Jenna about that. She said you'd be one person who could put steam into my boiler."

"That's an old-fashion adage."

"Yes but does it matter?"

"No. And you'd like to learn to exhibit more aggression when having regular sex?"

Despite turning the color of beetroot, Liz continued to look beautiful. "Um first things first I say. We are talking about academics."

"Oh yes I accept that reprimand."

"But I really can't reprimand. I'm too, well too timid."

"I felt reprimanded."

"Oh really?"

Ted scowled, "Yeah and you don't feel apologetic and apologize when you reprimand someone fairly."


Halfway through the second wine Liz fluttered a hand in front of her face and said it was warm in the room.

"Remove your shirt."

"Excuse me."

"Take your shirt off and you'll feel cooler."

"Oh. But you'll see..." She hesitated.

"Of course I will. But that doesn't mean I'll fuck you."

"Ted please, back off. Now I'm perspiring thanks to you."

Ted strode over and squatted in front of Liz.

"No," she said, as he went to unbutton her shirtfront.

"Yes," said Ted and brushed her hands aside. "I'm only removing your shirt to help you cool down."

"You're exciting me and that's making me feel hot."

"Removing a shirt shouldn't make anyone hot."


"You'd not becoming sexy are you?"

"Who me?"

He grinned and she blushed but allowed him to fiddle with the buttons.

He removed the shirt and said, "Now the skirt."

"But you said just the shirt."

"And you've said you've become hotter."

He held out a hand and pulled her up.

"I can do it," she said, undoing the button over the top of the side zip. "You are setting out to have sex with me, aren't you?"

"Why do you think that?"

"I can sense your manliness."

He grinned and said thank god something was working for her and she giggled and stroked down the side of his upper arm. He thought that was promising. He bent and held the skirt down low and she stepped out of it, using his back for support.

Ted straightened and kissed her. They both kissed with their eyes opened and that was so sexy that Ted's dick began to firm.

He stepped back and folded the skirt neatly and placed it on the table.

"Let me look at you."

She eyed him steadily and he took in the modest boobs, the flat gut, small bulge at the base of her panties and really great legs.

"I can't understand why I've allowed you to do this to me."

He smiled and said it was because she was being driven by sex.

"So we are going to have sex?"

"No," he said moving back to his chair and emptying his wine glass.

"But what if I...?"

"Finish what you were saying."

"What if I want to have sex with you?"

He said sternly, "Then I will reconsider."

She said please reconsider and he said to open her legs and spread her pussy for him.

"Is this meant to be humiliation?"

"Hell no. I'm hoping I can adore what you show."

She stood, removed her panties and then leaning back a bit on spread legs, pulled the lips of her pussy apart.

"Omigod," he said in an exaggerated voice to hopefully bolster her confidence. He watched the blush spread almost to her bra.

"Now unleash those cute titties."

"Um please drop your pants first. Gwyneth said you had a really big one."

"Oh did she now," he said, unbuckling.

"Omigod, I had no intention of mentioning that."

"I thank you for not withholding such interesting information Liz. I feel I can trust you."

"You trust me? I'm the one expecting to be trusting in allowing you to penetrate me."


"Because I will allow you to reach my inner core."

"Liz please. It's only a fuck, not a visitation to a hallowed place. So long as you are confident I'll not impregnate you or leave you with a STD, there's no other reason for you to trust me."

"Well that's how I am asshole. Omigod, what did I just say?"

"You allowed aggression to leak out baby. Congratulations. I thought if I goaded you sufficiently you might crack. Of course you need to trust any guy if he is to have sex with you. Your offer of sex is one of the most intimate things you can give."

"Agreed and what is the most precious of all things?"

"Religious people would probably say love. But being a pragmatist I say the most previous thing is a person's innermost thoughts and of course that can include their ideals about love."

"Oh my, you really do know things. Well so you should, coming here as a university tutor."

"Thanks and now say, "Fuck me."


"Why not."

"Because it's not my style." She held out her arms and said, "Come to me Ted."

He wandered over to her, his dick out like a medieval pike.

After they hugged and kissed and he bent to chew a nipple she fiddled in her handbag and pulled out a condom.

When Ted saw what she was holding he was most impressed.

"Climb on to the table darling."

She appeared startled and asked didn't he want her on her back?

"No I'll stand and chew your cunt and lick your ass."


The scream suggested he'd blown it.

He waited until her cheeks were no longer puffed out and said, "All right we'll do it your way."

Ted thought it was still touch or do whether she'd stay. But she surprised him.

"All right, let's do it your way. But be gentle because this is new territory for me."

He licked and fingered her pussy until she was warmed up. Her vulva was lightly hairy and untrimmed but wasn't a problem for him. He then began lightly chewing her ass and could tell with her repulsion was fighting fascination. And them she began gurgling and actually muttered "That's so lovely" and then she yelled she was coming and creamed. He sucked up some of that.

"Omigod," she said, looking down and under her smallish hanging tits, "you are drinking my discharge."

He smacked his lips in what he thought was a revolting manner.

"Yeah great stuff. You taste swell."

"I do?"

"Yeah. Don't you ever taste yourself?"

"Yes all the time but I didn't know if a guy would like the taste although they do burrow into my pussy but front on."

Ted wondered if she was a churchgoer and only had sex with single males of the congregation. Or was that him displaying an immature and ill-founded prejudice again?

Later he burrowed into the tight pussy and snap! He almost erupted.

"Fuck, why did you do that? I almost shot my load."

"Do what?"

"You must know."

"Look Ted, I have no idea what you are on about. Can we get on with it? It's some time since I've had an enjoyable fuck."

Wow, who said she lacked confidence? "You pushed down with your muscle and almost tore off the head of my dick."

Liz laughed and said he must be exaggerating and he said well only a little.

"I have developed all sorts of muscles and muscle control," she explained. "I trained and later competed as a gymnast from the age of six and retired when I turned s*******n when deciding I wished to date guys rather than grind away training."

"Well you can now train away at grinding me, ensuring you don't rip the head of my dick off or take me over the top into my climax too early."

He picked up his stroke rate and thought at last he'd found his perfect woman. There appeared to be no complications that he could see. Er other than f***ed premature ejaculation.


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1 year ago
A perfectly great, and all around tender story. It's a shame that Ted and his sister did't work out but his sister still has growing to do. Liz seems to be the most likely choice, a very nice one at that.

The story is very well written, detailed and well described, it has sensual tones with lust scattered about.