“I don’t care what you do! Just make sure she understands that she’s NOT moving in with that bastard! I’d do it myself, but I have this damned meeting today and I can’t miss it. Just take care of it Jack!” And with that Sandra slammed the door to her car, backed out of the garage and was gone.

Jack stood staring as she backed out of the driveway and sped off to yet another “important meeting.” Sighing and taking a sip of his coffee he walked back into the house and sat down in his recliner.

“Just take care of it,” he muttered, “Seems I do a lot of that these days.” After about ten minutes he heard Alli’s alarm clock go off. Alli, his 19 year-old stepdaughter, was the source of his current dilemma. He had married Sandra when Alli was five years old and since Sandra’s ex-husband was nowhere to be found, Jack became Alli’s dad in every sense of the word. He had watched her grow from a kindergartner to a beautiful young woman and in the process had been caught between her and her mother on numerous occasions.

At the same time, he and Sandra had grown apart, particularly with regard to their sex life. Sandra was a dark-haired beauty, tall, long legs, nice breasts and at first, possessed a libido that wouldn’t quit. She loved sucking Jack’s cock, taking any opportunity, including rush hour traffic, to as she said, “…spend some time with my face between your legs.” She would fuck at the drop of a hat, and more than once her inability to control her needs had resulted in their almost being caught in some form of sexual activity in a public place.

Lately though, things had changed. Sandra’s enthusiasm for sex was matched by her drive to climb the corporate ladder. As is often the case in this type of situation, as the stress and demands of her job grew, her sex drive shrunk. They still loved each other madly and when Jack could get her away from work and relaxed, the old horny Sandra reemerged with a vengeance. Sadly, those days had become quite infrequent and more and more Jack depended on his right hand for sexual relief.

Had they been the same age, Alli would easily pass for Sandra’s twin. They were alike in so many ways it was uncanny. “Their problem is that they’re too damned much alike!” Jack often told others….And they were. Both beautiful, both incredibly intelligent, and both of the belief that their way was the only way. Over the years there had been the usual conflicts as Alli, like any typical teenager, tried to “stretch the envelope” with regard to her freedom and Jack and Sandra fought “holding actions” trying to keep her out of the many pitfalls awaiting the young and inexperienced. While they had been largely successful in the past, this latest conflict had gone on for about three months and came to a head last night.

It all centered around Alli’s boyfriend, Shane. Alli had been dating Shane off and on for about three years. He was two years older than she and had, as far as Jack could tell, taken Alli’s virginity when she was still sixteen. Sandra, being no fool, had made sure Alli was on birth control pills from the age of fifteen so pregnancy wasn’t an issue, but the fact was that Shane was pretty much a jerk and treated Alli more as property than a girlfriend. Until the previous month Shane had lived in an apartment with another guy, but the roommate had moved out and Alli announced that she was thinking about moving in with Shane.

There had been heated discussions “off and on” about this possible move until the previous night when Alli broached the subject once again and Sandra exploded in a rage, forbidding Alli from making the move. Alli, in typical form, made the statement that they would just have to “live with the fact” that she was moving in with Shane. There was some more general shouting and argument before each retreated to her respective bedroom. Jack tried to calm Sandra, but she tossed and turned all night. At the same time, he noted Alli’s bedroom light on well past midnight. Now, on his day off, he was left with the task of trying to keep Alli in the house.

He didn’t really want Alli moving in with Shane, but his feelings weren’t as strong as Sandra’s and it was difficult for him to argue with Alli with the intensity that Sandra did. What he did realize was that if he wasn’t successful keeping Alli in the house, his sex life would be as dry as a desert for a long time to come, a prospect he preferred not to explore.

As he sat pondering his problem, he heard Alli’s shower go on and his mind wandered to images of her body…More than once he had managed to place himself in the position of being able to see her nude. Their home was a one-story affair with numerous windows and being like most young girls, Alli was sometimes careless with the blinds as she changed and showered in the evenings. Since Sandra often traveled, Jack was free to step into the darkness outside and peep through his daughter’s bedroom window on occasion. In the past five years, he had watched her develop from a gangling f******n year-old into a gorgeous young woman. Only last week he had slipped into the summer night and watched through half opened blinds as she undressed for her shower.

Her beautiful face was accented by her dark brown eyes and full lips framed by shoulder length brown hair lightened by the summer sun. She was tall and slim with long legs, full hips and a round little ass. Her breasts were perfect, not too large, firm and high with dark brown nipples capping their upturned surface, and her flat belly rested over a chubby little pussy that she had kept shaved through the summer. She had spent a great deal of time in the swimming pool over the summer and since she had no tan lines, it was obvious that much of her time in the sun was spent without a bathing suit.

Shaking his head to clear it of that image, Jack reached into his jeans and rearranged his half-hard penis then tried to think of a solution to this latest dilemma. He wondered what Alli saw in Shane. He was dumb as a post and had an ego that wouldn’t fit into an airplane hangar. For the longest time, he thought that Alli’s attraction might be based on good sex, but that theory had been disproved one evening not long ago.

On that evening Shane had come to their house to “watch television,” a term Alli often used to explain Shane’s visits. On these visits, they would shut themselves in the TV room and stay there, coming out only for the occasional coke or snack. Jack and Sandra were sure that they were also waiting for Jack’s call of “Good night” each evening so that they could have sex.

On the evening in question, Sandra was out of town and Jack decided to test their theory. At his normal bedtime, he went to the TV room door and called “Goodnight!” After receiving the usual “Goodnight Daddy!’ from Alli, he went to his room and shut the door. After about ten minutes he heard Alli come into the kitchen and put glasses in the dishwasher. Again, this was a typical pattern of behavior and Jack figured that she was not so much cleaning dishes as checking to make sure he was in his bedroom.

As soon he heard the TV room door close again and he quickly slipped out of the door leading onto the back deck on the house and walked around the house to the TV room window. He smiled to himself as he saw that the blinds were not quite fully closed and turned to the “up” position so that he could stand and look down into the room without being noticed from the inside. He quietly stepped to the window and looked into the room. Because there was a lamp on in one corner and the television was casting a light, the room was well lit.

Jack scanned across the room to the sofa on the opposite side of the room and caught his breath as he saw his daughter and her boyfriend kissing passionately. Shane, wasting no time, had run his hand under her tee shirt and was roughly pawing her breasts. Alli in turn was stroking the front of his shorts and rubbing his back as she hugged him to her.

As the minutes passed she shed her tee and Shane bent to roughly suck her nipples into his mouth. Jack thought he saw his daughter grimace in discomfort as Shane suckled her nipples and he soon realized that Alli’s boyfriend was a total sexual klutz. Finally, Alli stood and stepped out of her shorts and thong, then kneeled in front of Shane and reached to pull his shorts and boxers off. Jack almost burst out laughing when Shane’s penis popped into view. It was only about four inches long and even fully erect had a tiny little red head resting on the tip of a slim stem.

Alli knelt with her back to the window and Jack gasped at the sight of her hips and ass over the split peach of her pussy that was exposed as she leaned forward to take Shane’s cock into her mouth. Although she attempted to go slowly and take her time with this foreplay, Shane soon had her head in his hands and was roughly pulling her face into his crotch. After just a few seconds of this he pulled her face away from his penis and stood, motioning for her to lay on the sofa. Alli did as he indicated and spread her legs, again causing Jack to gasp in desire at the sight of her waiting to be fucked.

Jack thought about how he would love to eat that soft little pussy only to realize that Shane had no intention of giving Alli any oral attention. Without pausing, he lay on top of her and slipped his cock into her. Jack was watching Alli’s face during this process and a feeling of abject sadness came over him as he realized that she was receiving absolutely no pleasure…Shane was merely using her. In fact, Jack noticed that as Shane clumsily humped away at his daughter, she was staring over his shoulder watching the television. Deeply saddened for his daughter, Jack turned away from the window and returned to his bedroom.

More than once since that evening, Jack had lost himself in the fantasy of seducing Alli…Repeatedly he concocted scenes where he utilized all of his sexual knowledge to seduce his daughter and bring her to peaks of sexual pleasure. He was sure that with some patience and judicious use of his eight-inch cock that he could show Alli “how it was supposed to be.” At the same time, he had never, in any form or fashion, acted on his fantasies,

Jack was brought back from his daydreaming by the sound of Alli’s hairdryer coming on. He focused on the problem he was facing, and decided that about all he could do was try to talk to her one more time. When he heard the hairdryer go off, he got up, walked back to Alli’s bedroom door, and knocked.

“Yes?” Alli responded somewhat angrily.

“Got a minute?” Jack called.

“Oh, Daddy, it’s you. Yeah, come on in” she answered.

He opened the door to see her standing in her bathroom. She was wearing only a tee and was bent forward brushing her hair….As he sat down on the end of her bed Jack gasped at the sight of the brown cheeks of her bare buttocks peeping from under the hem of the shirt.

“Just a minute Daddy” she chirped sweetly as she stood up and tossed her hair back. Again he gasped as she reached up over her head to complete the look she was after and in doing so revealed erect nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her tee. At the same time the hem of the tee shirt was pulled up and he could see the tender, pudgy flesh of her freshly shaved pussy reflected in the bathroom mirror.

Then she dropped her hands, took one last look in the mirror, and turned to give him a grin…”Sorry I sounded so bitchy just now,” she said bending to give him a peck on the cheek, "I thought you were Mom knocking.”

“Your Mom’s gone for the day,” Jack said, “Another meeting.”

“Oh, good,” she sighed in relief.

“But I have an assignment” he said, dropping his gaze from her face.

“And what’s that?” she questioned suspiciously, her brown eyes narrowing.

“I’m still supposed to convince you not to move out,” he said with a sigh.

Immediately she went rigid with anger and balling her fists exclaimed that she wouldn’t change her mind. The argument was on again.

In the end he had not even come close to convincing her to stay. At one point their argument had become so heated that she had gotten in the bed and under her sheet as if to protect herself from his words. He tried every argument he knew but in the end she was laying face down on her bed under her sheet and he was sitting beside her, both silent, both frustrated.

He reached out, lay his hand on her shoulder and said, ”I love you. You know that don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered without turning her head toward him.

Absently mindedly he began to move his hand, lightly massaging the tense muscles in her slim shoulders through the tee and sheet covering her body.

“M-m-m-m-m…” she groaned with a giggle, “That feels good!”

“Does it now?” he said with a smile.

Suddenly she turned so he could see her face, “Remember when you used to scratch my back before I went to sl**p every night?” she asked closing her eyes.

“Yeah, but then you decided you were too big for that kind of thing,” he said as he shifted on the bed so that he could use both hands and thumbs to work the tension out of the muscles.

Again she gave a groan of pleasure as he worked his way down her back, grasping her rib cage with his fingers and using his thumbs to massage the muscles on both sides of her spine. Sandra loved having her back massaged, a trait that Alli seemed to inherit. His sexual curiosity piqued, he wondered to himself how many things sexual that Sandra and Alli had in common.

“W-well,” she stuttered as he continued the massage, “I thought I was too big for that k-kind of thing.”

He released his grasp as he reached her waist. He was well aware of the hardening of his penis and didn’t want to do anything to upset his daughter.

“Oh, don’t stop!” Alli whined as she reached back to throw the sheet off her back, yet taking care to bundle it just above her hips, which Jack knew to be nude beneath the sheet.

Again he started massaging her upper back but she interrupted him…”No Daddy, do it under my shirt, the material folds and pinches my skin.”

Taking a deep breath Jack ran both hands under her tee and spreading his fingers toward her rib cage, started the massage once again. The sensation of her smooth skin was almost more than he could stand and his penis was soon in full erection. But as he started working his way down her back, the material of her shirt restricted the movement of his hands and she sighed in frustration.

“This isn’t working,” she grunted as she raised up on her elbows.

“Yeah, I know,” Jack replied guardedly, careful not to make any suggestion that might be perceived as untoward.

“Okay, I need to take this shirt off…Just look away for a minute Daddy,” she stated factually as she began to remove the shirt.

“O-okay,” Jack croaked through suddenly dry lips as he looked away, “Go ahead.”

There was some grunting and the bed shook with Alli’s efforts to remove the shirt while remaining on her belly. Then the tee flew past his head and landed on the floor and Alli sighed as she sank back down on the bed.

“Okay, Daddy. Now give it a try,” she said as she settled her body into the cool sheets.

Jack gasped as he turned and gaped at the nude form of Alli’s upper body. She had raised her hands so that they rested beside her head, thus exposing the sides of her breasts as they bulged from under her torso. In her struggling with the removal of her tee, the sheet the had been covering her ass and legs had slipped down so that Jack had full view of no only her bare back, but also the flair of her upper hips and the beginning of the cleavage between the cheeks of her ass.

Again he leaned over the prone form of his daughter and began the massage. He spent a long time on her shoulders and noticed that she groaned the same deep groan her mother did when her shoulders were massaged. Then, for the fourth time he started working his way down her spine, his erection throbbing more with every groan of pleasure coming from his daughter. As he reached the lower portion of her back, he remembered that Sandra was particularly sensitive right at the base of her spine…The simple act of placing both thumbs there and slowly massaging had a sexual effect similar to throwing an electrical switch…They laughingly referred to it as her “hot button.” He wondered if Alli had a similar “hot button.”

Taking care to make no sudden movements he slowly worked his thumbs down Alli’s spine until his fingers were now grasping the soft upper swell of her pelvis and his thumbs rested just at the top of the furrow of her ass crack. Standing and leaning forward, he slowly yet steadily increased both the movement and pressure of his thumbs at the base of her spine. Slowly working his thumbs in small circles, he pressed firmly then moved them down so that they separated the top of the cheeks of her ass and a smile crossed his face as he observed Alli’s reaction.

“U-n-n-n-g-h! S-s-s-s-s-s-a-a-a-h-h-h!” she gasped as his thumbs pressed firmly down on the tender skin lying at the very top of her ass furrow.

Almost by instinct she spread her legs apart and raised slightly on her knees so that her ass was in the air, as if seeking more.

“Oh, D-Daddy!,” she gasped, “T-that r-really feels wonderful!”

“I’m glad you like it,” Jack chuckled as he continued to stroke his thumbs around the sensitive area that Alli clearly inherited from her mother.

He slowly worked his way back up All’s back, taking time to not only work the muscles of her back but to both feel and take in visually the exquisite form of her young body. Once again he worked his way down to the base of her spine and once again he was rewarded with her groan of pleasure accompanied by the lifting her hips off the bed, only this time the sheet slid further down, exposing the smooth rounded surface of her buttocks even more. This time however, he f***ed himself to stop the massage. He removed his hands, and carefully moved the sheet back over Alli’s upturned buttocks. These actions were met with a groan of disappointment from Alli.

“Oh, no!” she whined, “Please don’t stop!”

“Um, baby,” Jack responded hesitantly, “I don’t think we should…”

But before he could complete his thought, she raised up on one elbow facing him, and looking directly into his eyes said, “Daddy, I know what’s going on here. Please don’t stop.”

Jack was torn between looking into her eyes and taking in the sight of her now exposed breasts. Clearly, she was sexually aroused…The paps of her nipples stood off her breasts as if begging for attention, another trait she apparently inherited from her mother, who used to proudly state that she had “hyperactive nipples.”

He tore his eyes from the sight of her breasts and stared into the brown pools of her eyes.

“You’re sure about this?” he asked seriously.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m sure,” she said firmly, “I do want to talk about some things, but not now. Right now I just want you to…Well, you know…Will you Daddy?”

Jack took a deep breath, “Well, if you’re sure….”

“I’m sure Daddy,” she smiled back at him.

“Okay,” he grinned, “Lay back down on your belly.”

Jack, shook his head in disbelief, then once again reached to resume the massage.

“Daddy?” Alli questioned without turning her head.

“Yeah?” he answered, holding his breath in fear that she was going to stop him.

“Don’t you need to get out of your clothes?” she stated simply.

“Um, yeah….I guess so,” Jack said, stunned at her directness.

He stood at the foot of her bed and quickly removed his clothing. She didn’t move to look at him, but instead lay quietly. He got on the bed from the end and reaching up, gently removed the sheet from Alli’s body. Once again he was stunned by her beauty and was frozen in place.

“Daddy?” she said breaking the spell.

“It’s okay baby,” he replied reaching forward, “I’m right here.

Knee walking forward he told her to spread her legs so he could get between them. As she complied he watched as her pussy came into view. The puffy outer edges blended into the darker fluted outer lips that slowly parted. He noticed that as her pussy lips parted they initially stuck together, then as they parted the pink surfaces on the inside were coated with the slick evidence of her arousal.

Resisting the urge to reach between her legs, he started once more at her shoulders and as she groaned in pleasure he worked his way slowly down to the base of her spine. This time though he proceeded to grasp the round globes of her buttocks and placing his thumbs just at the edge of the furrow between her upturned asscheeks, he continued to massage the firm muscles of her lithe body. As he worked the muscles in her buttocks she once again pulled her knees forward and lifted her ass as in offering it to him. Now he could see both the pink slit of her pussy, the erect fleshy nub of her clit and the crinkled brown rose of her anus. He also could smell the fresh scent of her arousal as it wafted up from between her legs. His cock was now rigidly erect and beginning to seep pre-cum.

“Oh, D-daddy!” she gasped as his thumbs reached between her ass cheeks and brushed across the tiny opening of her anus.

Again resisting the urge to penetrate her. He proceeded to push her legs further apart. Gradually, he worked his way to the insides of her thighs, taking plenty of time to massage all of the smooth flesh on the backs of the thighs and calves. Slowly, he worked his way up until he was grasping the large tendons at the top of her thighs, just below her now gaping pussy.

Alli had further pushed up on her knees so that her ass was now well elevated and her pussy easily within Jack’s reach. As he manipulated the tendons at the top of her legs, his knuckles would “accidentally” brush the surfaces of the now dripping lips of her pussy.

Each time Alli would gasp, “Ah-h-h-h, g-god, y-y-e-s-s-s-s!” then whimper in disappointment when he moved his hand away. Her need was so intense, so raw, that she was slowly humping her upraised buttocks as if to invite her penetration.

After about five minutes of this exquisite torture, Jack told Alli to roll over on her back. She groaned in a combination of pleasure and protest and rolled onto her back. For the first time she glanced down between his legs and her eyes widened at the sight of his raging hardon.

“Oh my god Daddy!” she exclaimed as she raised up on her elbows to get a better look, “You’re s-so b-big!”

Jack could only smile as she stared, then groan as she reached and wrapped her delicate fingers around the rigid shaft. Staring intently she slowly stroked up and down his penis, slowly running her hand over the velvety, plum sized head spreading his precum like lotion.

“O-okay!” Jack gasped, “That’s almost more than I can stand!” and he pulled away, simultaneously bending to suck one of her nipples in his mouth.

“A-h-h-h, y-y-e-s-s-s!” she gasped as his tongue flicked over the erect nub of each nipple until again she was working her hips in a needy fucking motion.

Slowly he licked his way down her body, taking time to caress the undersides of her breasts, swirl his tongue in her navel, and finally to trace wet patterns to the top of her pelvic swell.

Again, he moved between her legs and laying belly down on the bed, cupped the firm cheeks of her ass in his hands. As if by instinct, she lifted her legs and rested them over his shoulders and he began to softly caress the upper surfaces of her thighs with his tongue.

“N-n-n-n-g-g-g-g!” she whimpered in frustration as his tongue repeatedly approached then retreated from the dripping, hot, pink center of her pussy.

“P-p-please! D-daddy!” she begged, ”P-please t-touch me t-there!”

Finally, he extended the tip of his tongue and softly stroked it across the erect bud of her clit.

“Y-y-a-a-a-h-h-h! O-o-o-h-h-h! G-g-o-d, Yes-s-s-s-s-s!” Alli screamed as he increased the pressure of his tongue.

Glancing up he could see her pinching the erect points of her nipples and thrashing her head side to side in uncontrolled pleasure.

Sensing that she was on the verge of orgasm, he began to rapidly flick the roughness of his tongue across her clit, feeling her body jump at each stroke until finally her legs went straight and she pressed her pussy hard into his face.

“Y-e-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-s-s-s-s! Ah, g-god! Unh! Unh! Oh y-yes, p-please, oh yes, yes, oh god!…” she babbled as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her thin frame.

Jack waited until he felt her body begin to settle and then in one smooth motion he raised up, caught Alli’s legs so that her knees rested in the crooks of his elbows, thus spreading her legs and lifting her pelvis so that he could enter her.

Her eyes widened and she gasped in shocked pleasure as she felt the head of his cock brush over, then nestle between the widespread lips of her pussy.

Jack paused with the head of his cock just between her pussy lips.

“Ready?” he said staring into her eyes.

“Oh y-yes D-daddy! P-please fuck me. Please!” she begged.

And with that he stroked into her in one smooth motion, not stopping until his pubic hair ground into the smooth surface of her recently shaved pussy.

“A-h-h-h-h-h!,” he gasped in the surprise that always comes first stroke into any willing pussy, “God you’re tight!”

Then raising up he began thrusting in a slow, deliberate manner, each stroke pulling out to the point that only the head of his cock was inside his daughter, then thrusting forward until she was fully impaled on the rigid flesh of his cock.

As she felt the bulging head of his cock burrow into her, Alli closed her eyes and threw her head back in absolute, unadulterated pleasure. Arching her torso off the bed, she immediately bucked in a second, then third orgasm.

At first her vocalizations were characterized by words, gasps, curses, and cries, but soon she was simply panting and hanging onto Jack’s shoulders.

After a few minutes Jack’s thrusting slowed, the he stopped and slowly pulled out of her.

“Oh, n-o-o-o-o! Don’t stop!” she cried, holding onto his shoulders.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, “Roll over on your belly!”

Groaning in protest she did as he said, and then realized what he was up to. Without waiting for his instruction she spread her legs and raised her ass off the bed, offering herself to him.

With a growl of passion he was back inside her, but she recognized immediately that this was going to be different. Now he was humping furiously into her, the slap of his pelvis crashing into her upturned ass served to mark each stroke.

“Ah, p-please, oh y-yes D-daddy!!” she squealed as he gripped her hips and repeatedly thrust into her.

Eyes shut tight, a grimace of pleasure on her face, Alli raised up on all fours and her hands scrabbled across the bed finally grasping wads of sheet as she began to hump back against his thrusts. In this position, her upturned hips exposed her throbbing clit to the blows of his balls as they slapped against her with every in stroke.

“Oh-god-those-balls-fell-so-good!” she panted with each slap of his cum filled orbs against her defenseless clit.

Gradually their vocalizations ceased as Jack almost ruthlessly fucked his daughter. He was holding her ass in the position that gave him deepest penetration, thrusting so furiously that swear dripped off him onto the smooth surface of her ass.

She could only gasp and groan as orgasm after orgasm washed over her until finally she was looking straight ahead but not seeing, feeling only the thick meat of her father’s cock pounding into her time and again.

Then she noticed that his pace changed and with the change came an obvious swelling of the head of his cock.

“Oh, god baby! I-I’m almost t-there!” he gasped almost as if surprised.

And with those word he was pounding into her lithe frame so rapidly that her tits were swinging back and forth as if being pulled by some f***e and she was gasping with every stroke.

Suddenly, he slammed into her one last time, the head of his cock pressing against her now tender cervix and he began to squirt glob after glob of cum into her grasping pussy.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh god Alli!” he grunted as he pressed into her, squirting his load into her tender pussy.

“O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h, y-e-e-e-s-s-s-s D-a-a-a-d-d-y!” she squealed as she pressed her ass back against his pelvis, wriggling against him, all the while milking his continuously squirting cock for every drop of cum, and vibrating in her own orgasmic spasms.

Slowly, they relaxed, then Jack gathered Alli against his chest and they rolled onto their side, breathing slowing, relaxing. Tenderly, he caressed her breasts, then reached over her belly to lightly brush her clit until she had one final shuddering orgasm. They lay quietly then she whispered, “Thank you Daddy” and was asl**p.

They awoke an hour later and lay talking for a while. Alli admitted to never understanding that sex could be so good, and in exchange for her vow of silence, Jack promised her more on days when her mother was away.

He finally got out of bed, dressed and went out to mow the lawn. As he was coming back in he met Alli coming out of the house. She was dressed in shorts and a halter top, looking as sexy as ever.

“Where’re ya going?” he asked with a smile.

“Shane’s” she responded.

His frown was immediate, but she smiled and said, “To tell him I won’t be moving in, at least for now. Don’t worry Daddy. I’m not leaving. Not after today”

And she was gone.

He went in and showered, then got in the jacuzzi where he dozed off and on for quite a while. Just as he was getting out, he heard Sandra come into the house. She came in stripping off her business suit and gave him a pat on the ass as she walked to the closet.

“How was your day?” he questioned cautiously.

“Fine, the meeting was productive and we got a lot done…And yours?” she smiled as she stripped off her underwear and walked toward the shower.

“Good,” he replied puzzled by her good mood.

Just as she got to the shower door, she turned and asked, “And what about Alli?”

“She’s staying,” he said simply.

“Really!?” she stepped back out of the shower, “And how did you accomplish that? Promise her a new car?”

“No,” he said, “I just finally helped her understand why it would be best to stay here for a while.”

“Oh, really?” she said walking over to him and kissing him on the nose as she reached between his legs and enclosed his cock in the warmth of her hand.

“Yep,” he grinned, saying nothing more as he felt his cock start to harden as she lightly scuffed the head of his cock with the closed palm of her hand.

“Well, come here then,” she said as she turned and led him by the cock into their bedroom.

“Where are we going?” he questioned as she backed him up to an overstuffed bedroom chair and pushed him backwards until he sat down.

“Right here,” she said kneeling in front of him.

She put her hands on his knees and spread his legs, then leaned forward. The last thing he heard her say before she sucked the head of his now erect cock into her mouth was, “I need to spend some time with my face between your legs!”

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