I had missed you since you went away after high school, my sweet babygirl. Now that you have moved back home, I found myself wanting you like never before. I am glad now that your mom divorced me, for now I have you here to myself.

You were finally alone. You double checked to make certain I was gone and when you were sure, you rushed to your room. You were tired after shopping and bored and now you mase yourself comfortable.

You closed your eyes and imagined the football players in their shorts. You knew the cups disquise the shape and size of their cocks, but your mind filled in the details. You rubbed your nipples through your sweater and slid down in the chair.

You fantasized about sneaking into their shower and in the shroud of steam, feeling their cocks and letting them feel your cute ass and even rub your pussy through your little white panties.]

The images were clear in your mind as one hand trailed down from your breasts and felt between your legs.

You love those moments alone. You know the touches that speed you along to orgasms and you know how to prolong the pleasure as well. In the last three years, you have come to know your pussy well and you know the thrill of showing your body on cam.

You started the cam and when it booted up, you sat facing it and started to play. You caressed and teased your pussy, relishing the way it tingles under your touch.

You love the queasy feeling in your stomach, knowing that when you feel under your panties, you will feel the wetness you love to taste on your fingers.

All of these heady thoughts filled your mind and mixed with the images of all of your viewers with hard cocks surrounding you.

You pressed your fingers deeper into your pussy and shifted in your chair. You raised your legs up on the desk and chair back so you didn't have to concentrate on holding them up.

You needed to touch that hot pussy and you moved your other hand down to join the first and pulled your panty tights over and slid your hand under the elastic leg band. You felt the hot wetness that oozed from your cunt.

Your fingers went right between your lips and probed inside. You cooed as you feel the softness of your pussy lips against your fingers.

Your fingers dived into their mission and you leaned back with your mind full of hard cock and steamy touches. Your mind's hands stroked the cocks as your real hands flailed against your cunt.

Pressing deeper and deeper into your flowing cunt, you plied your fingers as you thrashed in your chair. Your mouth opened as you sucked the imaginary cocks, relishing the sweaty taste and the hot throbbing meat that filled your mouth.

You felt so vulnerable, yet in control as the men in your fantasy moved closer and closer. Soon you knelt and submitted to their needs.

Your mind was in control then and it let them fuck your mouth and rub their cocks on your hot, wet body.

Your fingers were frantic as they tried to keep up with your mind.

Moans flew from your lips, but you did't hear, for your mind had shut down all unnecessary sensors to focus on the pictures flying through your mind and the fires that burned in your cunt.

Thus involved, you didn't hear me as I opened the door. I got off work early and I thought I'd pick you up so we could get a pizza before we went to the grocery as we had planned. I knew you were home because I parked behind your car.

When you didn't answer, I opened the door and called to you, but there was no answer. I went toward your room and I heard strange sounds coming from it. I froze to listen.

I crept closer as quietly as possible and when I stood outside your door, I could clearly hear your moans. I slowly opened the door just a crack. I couldn't believe what I saw. You were sitting with your legs spread, your panties pulled aside.

Your skirt was up to your waist and you moaned as you fingered your cunt. It was pink and spread open as your fingers jammed into it. I had never seen anything so disgusting. I flung the door open and rushed into the room. I was infuriated.

You looked up to see me coming toward you and struggled to pull your panties over your soaking cunt and straighten your legs. You sat up in your chair and pulled your skirt down and tried to shut the cam off and hide it, but it was too late.

"Why didn't you knock?"

You were very embarassed.

I paced around you in a rage.

"What the fuck were you doing? I can't believe you were doing that. You looked like a fucking whore. Is that what you really are, a slutty whore? Do you finger yourself all the time. I bet you aren't a virgin either. What were you doing with that cam on the desk?"

"All of your talk about staying a virgin till you're married is just bullshit. I can't believe I was so goddamn stupid. I should have been fucking you all this time."

"Daddy, I am a virgin. I didn't expect anyone. Please don't be mad. I was just so horny and I couldn't stand it anymore, and I was thinking about you when I played with myself."

You tried to placate me, but I was too angry. I don't know why I was angry, because I had imagined you naked many times.

I had been very careful since you moved back home not to get too carried away by my increasing desire for you.

I had controlled myself even though I was very frustrated. I usually jacked off in my bedroom when I couldn't stand it any longer.

Now I stared at you and despite being so pissed, as I calmed down I also found myself very aroused. I went up to you.

"Raise your skirt and let me see your cunt, whore."

"No Daddy please. Don't."

"Do it, goddamn it."

You hesitated and I grabbed your skirt and pulled it up. You fought me as you tried to hold your skirt down. I grabbed your hair and looked into your eyes.

"Be still bitch. I am going to see if you are still a virgin. Are you afraid I will find out you are a fucking whore?"

You started to cry as I grabbed your panties and jerked them off of you. I pushed your legs apart and jammed a finger into your cunt. I had no idea how to tell if you were a virgin, and I guess I expected to feel some sort of wall or tissue that would prevent my fingers from going very far inside.

The only thing that prevented my fingers from probing deep into you was the tightness of your cunt around my fingers.

I felt around inside you for a few seconds and then pulled my fingers out, soaked with your juices. I wiped the sticky wetness on your skirt and looked at you with disgust.

"So you like your cunt worked over do you?"

You looked away. I grabbed your face in my hand and f***ed you to look at me.

"Well, come with me whore."

I grabbed your hair and started to walk away. You screamed and scrambled to follow me.

"Please don't hurt me Daddy. Why are you so mad? Can't you see how much I want to make love to you. That's all I was doing, imagining you making love to me. Can't we do that now, please?"

"Shut the fuck up."

I d**g you down the stairs into the basement and took you to the pool table. I pushed you onto it and I looked around. You sat on the edge of the table and tried to decide whether to run for th door or to cooperate with whatever I had in mind.

I took the cotton rope down that your mom had strung as a temporary clothes line and cut it into four pieces. I looked at you and pushed you down onto your back on the table, then grabbed your legs and pulled you to the end of the table so that your legs hung off the end of the table.

I looped the cord around your wrists. You sat up and started to get up. I pushed you back down. You struggled against me until I climbed on top of you. My knees held your arms down as I finished tying the cords to your wrists.

"Don't you dare move. I just want to play a little game with you. It's called "fuck the slut". Do you like the name? I just made it up."

I laughed manically at your frightened look. You lay still and let me tie the ends of the rope to the legs of the table. I moved to the other end of the table and tied your legs to the table legs there. I walked around you and tested the tightness of the ropes.

"Ok, that's all I wanted, just to see if you trusted me, let's go. Get up and let's go shopping."

You looked relieved and started to get up, but couldn't move. You jerked at the cords and found they were really secured. After a few seconds of fighting against the bonds, you collapsed down on the table and began to sob.

"Please let me up. Why are you doing this to me. I thought you loved me Daddy."

"I do love you baby. I love your whorey cunt."

I unzipped my jeans and dropped them to the floor. I went to the end of the table and pulled your skirt up and tucked it into your waistband. Your cunt was exposed in the light.

I could see your lips gaping apart and the wetness of your legs and inside your pink cunt. I roughly rubbed your cunt and jammed my fingers inside you, m*****ing your cunt and abusing it for my amusement.

Your sobs grew in intensity as I worked your cunt over. I laughed at your shame and misery. I had never been as excited before. I stroked my cock and jacked it so that the head struck your cunt lips with each stroke.

I moved closer and rammed my cock all the way into you in one thrust. Your cunt squeezed tight around my cock and I tought I would cum immediatley from the sensation which I had dreamed of so many times.

My cock was now buried in your cunt as I had desired many times. Not in the simple pure act of making love to you, but in the act of taking your sex by f***e.

I don't know if it was the friction and actual sensation that was so exciting or the idea that I was fucking you against your will, but I began to slam my cock into you as hard as I could.

I wanted to punish you and use you and break you, but the harder I fucked you, the more I calmed down and I started to regret tying you down.

I wished you could reach for me and kiss me, but it was too late to change that, so I kept fucking you for a few minutes until I couldn't wait any longer and I shot my cum into you.

You moaned as I spurted in you and I was shocked back to the reality that had shocked me as you spoke.

"Yes Daddy cum in my cunt. Fuck me good. Give me all you have. I've waited so long, my sweet Daddy lover."

My balls emptied in you and I stood there looking at you with new eyes. I saw you now, spread out, my cum running out of your cunt.

Your face was flushed and your eyes wet. You did look like a whore, not my sweet innocent daughter. I wiped my cock off on your skirt and put it back in my jeans.

I looked at you with disgust as I started to the stairs.

"Where are you going? Come back and untie me. Please...Please....please.."

I didn't stop, but went upstairs. I am not sure what I had in mind. I think I just wanted to get away and not deal with you then.

I went outside for a smoke.

I saw my neighbor outside raking leaves. He is about 70 and a widower. He is a nice man, a retired military officer.

"Hey, Herb, would you mind helping me with a project?"

I smiled to myself as he replied.


"Come over to the house in about 10 minutes, OK?"

He smiled and went back to his chores. I walked to the house across the street and knocked. Ed opened the door.

"Hey Ed, is Wilma home?"


"Good, come to my house in a few minutes. I have something to show you."

"What is it, a new camera?"

"Nope, something you can enjoy."

Ed is a supervisor of the transit system and is retiring in a few weeks.

I walked to the house on the east side of Ed's and saw Jerry carrying out some trash. Jerry and Mable were divorced last year and I knew he had not had sex for a long time. At 75, he is still able to perform, I thought.

"Hey Jerry, come over to my house. I have something to give you."

" right there."

I went back to the house and soon they all came over together. I heard the knock and when I opened it, I let them in, then I went to my car and retrieved my video cam. I didn't tell them what they were about to see.

We all went down the stairs. You heard the door open and us as we laughed. You trembled as you realized I had brought others back with me and in a few seconds they were going to see you spread out on the table in that position.

You were nauseous and thought you would throw up as the voices grew closer.

When we turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs, they were stunned. They stood there unsure what to do or say. I saw your eyes were clinched shut as if that would make everything go away.

I walked to the end of the table and stuck my fingers into your cunt, covering them with cum. I held them up and let the sticky fluid drip off onto your belly.

"See guys, I have my own private whore. She likes to be fucked and used like this. It makes her cunt really wet. But she needs a lot of guys to fuck her. I am her manager now.......ha ha ha her pimp."

I laughed hysterically as they all stood there uneasily and unsure.

"Come here guys and check her cunt out. It's actually sort of pretty, but she's pretty punched out and sloppy. I guess I can't charge much to fuck her. How about $3.00?"

You opened your eyes and glared at me. I kissed your cheek in mock devotion.

"Yep, she thinks that's a good deal. Who's first?"

No one moved.

"OK, I'll show you what to do."

I handed the camera to one of them and he started filming.

I jammed my fingers into your cunt and felt you as I stirred the cum up in you. I felt your thighs move as you responded instinctively. I pulled your lips apart and watched as they contracted and closed. I spanked your cunt with my hand.

"Bad pussy....bad pussy."

I laughed and motioned for them to join me. They walked over and soon stood near as I played with you. One of them reached down and rubbed across your pussy, feeling it curiously.

He soon stuck his fingers inside you, then began copying what I had done. The others joined him and they groped your cunt, feeling and teasing, pulling, spanking and cramming as many fingers as they could into you.

I walked to your side and pulled my cock out. I pulled your sweater up over your tits and pulled your bra away. Your pink nipples were erect and gave you away. I slapped your tits with my cock and rubbed it across your nipples. Your eyes closed as you began to lose your control.

"Why don't you guys fuck her."

"You first. She's your daughter."

"No she was my daughter. Now she's my slutty whore."

They moved aside when I went to the end of the table. They crowded around as I pushed my cock into your cunt and began to fuck you. My cock pistoned into you and slammed your ass against the felt of the table.

You slid back and forth as I thrust into you. Having cum a few minutes ago, my immediate need was sated, so I settled in fot a long fuck. I amused myself as I drove on by pinching your nipples and slapping your tits.

I rubbed your clit and pulled your shroud flesh back to aggravate your clit and expose it. They began to feel your tits and run their hands all over you and soon they had their cocks out and began to stroke them.

You raised your head up and watched as I plowed my cock into you. You lost that last bit of retraint you possessed and I heard small stifled moans choking from your mouth.

"Line up guys. Come gang bang this whore. Give her all the cock she dreams about so she doesn't have to finger fuck herself again."

They came to the end of the table and stood there in a line watching as I finished. I pulled out at the last second and jerked my cock to shoot my cum all over your belly.

They laughed at that. One of them moved between your legs and started to fuck you. His cock was bigger than mine, and I saw your eyes widen as he slammed it into you.

"This pussy is tight. I like your whore D. She feels like a cherry."

"Good, fuck her harder then. She needs to be broken in. You guys can come over and use her anytime you want."

You flinched every time his cock drove into you. I took the camera and moved around you as I filmed the scene.

You raised your head up and tried to watch them as he fucked you. You couldn't stand it any longer and you began to look at his eyes as he fucked you and that caused him to fuck you faster and more violently and within a couple of minutes he shot all over you and moved away.

"Suck my cock, you fucking slut"

"Let me fuck that little cunt next"

They were frantic as they took you over and used you like an alley whore, fucking your cunt and your mouth, slapping and spitting on you and pulling your titties until you cried. They simply laughed and slapped your face.

"Stop crying you stupid bitch. You love this, I know. I have seen sluts before and this is how we treat them."

The old men fucked you in turn and by the time the last one had mounted you, you were encouraging them.

"Yes...yes ..that feels good...god yes...don't stop....oohh....uummmmm.....uummrpppprhhh..."

When they finished, you were covered with cum. I walked around you capturing every detail on video...the cum drying on your belly...the cum running down your ass...your nipples red and your breasts flushed...your gaping cunt red and swollen... your face with make up smeared. I figured you'd like it for your memory book.

"Wait just a minutes fellows. I have to clean this cunt up. She is covered with cum and looks like a fuck pig."

They laughed as I took my cock in my hand and walked to you. I started a piss stream on your pussy and sprayed up your belly on your chest and tits and then you closed your eyes as I pissed on your beautiful face.

They were cheering as you rolled, trying to get free and begging me to stop. I wiped my cock off with your hair.

"Come back tomorrow and we'll bend her over and take turns in her cherry ass."

They walked by you and pinched your tits or spanked your pussy as they left. Soon we were alone

I untied you and helped you up. I got a couple of beers from the kitchen. You drank with me without straightening your clothes. I looked at you and got up to leave.

"You really are a whore, you know."

"Yes, I know."

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