I had just returned from a long day at work. I sighed, putting down my briefcase and putting the oven on before making my way upstairs. I heard a voice break the silence.

"Daddy!" Cherie ran down the stairs and flung her arms around me, smiling happily.

"Good Afternoon, Sweetheart" I said, embracing her warmly. "Have a nice day?"

"Yes Dad, I got some important work done for my seminar today. I've just been practising"

"Good" I cuddled her. "Fancy some pizza and veggies?"

"Sounds perfect" she murmured, kissing me on the cheek, making her way down the stairs.

I love my daughter Cherie. She makes me smile. I love seeing her happy. Ever since her mother – my wife died she has been a vulnerable soul, but she was determined to succeed in the world. She didn't let anything stop her from studying hard. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, nothing. Cherie was assertive and bright.

My wife had died unexpectedly from bowel cancer. It had split me in two. I felt like a broken man. Had Cherie not existed I would have ended my life then and there the night I left the hospital. It had been a year. A long, arduous year that had left both Cherie and I longing for something else. How Cherie had coped I didn't like to think about. She cut her arms up after her mother died, sliced herself up with a razor blade. To see my daughter do that to herself had caused me so much pain. She did it a few times and then had stopped. She took to smoking for a while, then spent one month virtually in and out of the house whenever she felt like it, but eventually she stood by me. She had helped me to live, and gave me a reason for living when all I wanted was to die. To see her smile every day when I get up is the greatest gift I have. That was my reason to like life again, to hold onto what I had left and try to make a go of it. My Cherie was 19 now. So grown up. She was now a beautiful, slender young woman. She turned heads wherever we went, and like any other man I could see why. She was so pretty.

But something strange had happened between us. It happened gradually, which is why it took me a long time to see. Cherie had become very tactile with me. It had started with her hugging me for slightly longer than usual, kissing me, telling me how much she loved me. She would press herself up against me whenever we watched the television or read to each other and we sat together more like lovers than f****y, she even squeezed my thigh sometimes if she was really engrossed in something. She began to come to my bed late at night, and snuggle up next to me if she couldn't sl**p. I began wondering why she didn't date. Most girls her age have boyfriends, or girlfriends even. But not Cherie. I had heard her upstairs with a boy once and promptly threw him out. Ever since I had never seen her with anyone, only her friends. She goes to university close by so there was no need for her to move out or go anywhere. Yet she seemed satisfied just staying here with me.

"Dad?" I turned. Cherie stood in the doorway.

"Can we watch a film tonight please, I've got something I want to watch with you"

"Okay honey" I replied.

"Thanks, Dad!" she said with gusto, running back down the stairs. She was so bouncy and alive. I really don't know where she gets all that energy from.

I decided to ask her why she didn't date. It wasn't so strange to ask my daughter such a question.

"Darling, how come you don't date?" I asked her later, over dinner. She paused.

"Dad, I'm never going to find anyone as nice as you"

I looked at her curiously. I think my daughter is extremely intelligent, but sometimes I wonder if she has eyes.

"Maybe someone a couple of years younger than someone of my age, sweetie. I'm not having you bringing any real men home"

"You mean not old men then"

I paused. "Hey, who are you calling old?" I grabbed her and began to tickle her. She laughed involuntarily.

"Dad, stop it!" she yelled, laughing. I stopped after she tried to tickle me back. I hate being tickled!

"I knew that would set you off" she said, smiling. She wrapped her arms around my waist.

"'Because you're not old, are you Daddy?"

"I'm not ancient, honey but you aren't bringing any men home my age, I'm telling you that now"

She shrugged, grinning. "I don't want to, either, I've got you, haven't I?" she squeezed me.

"I just wondered why you don't want a boyfriend, that's all"

"Maybe having one man around is enough for me, Dad"

I left it at that. I thought, well, whatever little game she was playing she would pack it in soon enough.

But she didn't.

It became more intense. She slept beside me more often. She squeezed me every time we cuddled. She would whisper in my ear like a lover when she wanted to say something in the evenings if we were watching something.

Then one day something amazing happened.

I woke up in bed. I checked my alarm. It was 07:00AM. Cherie was snuggled up to me tight. She opened her eyes, as if she had already been awake.

"Cherie! What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"Dad, please give me a cuddle, I had a bad dream" she said sl**pily. I wrapped my arm around her and gave her a hug.

"What's up, Princess?"

"Nothing" she snuggled up to me.

I closed my eyes but the minute I did I felt soft lips on mine, and a hand on my chest. Shocked, I grabbed hold of her shoulder and pushed her away from me.

"Jesus, Cherie" I gasped. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I felt you get hard up against me when you were sl**ping Dad. I thought I might be able to help"

I stared at her and she gazed back at me solemnly. She meant it.

"Cherie, oh Cherie," I said, taking her hands in mine as I sat up. "You can't touch me like that darling, you're my daughter. I'm your Dad. Understand?"

She nodded but didn't look happy, staring down at her legs.

"I just want you to be happy" she confessed.

"But you do make me happy, sweetheart. I can't tell you enough" I stroked her face.

"I have to go to my lecture soon, Dad. I'll see you later" she said, kissing me on the cheek.

"Do you want me to drop you on my way to work?" I called.

"No Dad, it's okay. See you tonight"

After a few minutes I heard the front door slam shut.

A million things were running through my mind. Why had she kissed me like that? What did she think she was doing? Does she have a crush on me? Is that normal? Is she playing with me? She seemed sincere. I tried to push it out of my mind. I had to go to work.

The whole day I was at work my mind wandered back to what had happened that morning.

By the time I got home I couldn't wait to relax. I heard the familiar sound of Cherie on the stairs.

"Hello Dad!" She gave me a bear hug, squeezing me tight.

"Hi Sweetheart. What's cooking?" I joked.

"Popcorn. Want some?"

"Don't you want real food, young lady? I was thinking of making you something a bit more substantial than popcorn" I pressed as she wriggled in my arms.

"Yes, but we are going to watch a film, Dad! Come on!" She said, jumping on the sofa.

"Alright, but we eat later" I grumbled.

"Dad, please come and watch it with me" she got up to fetch her popcorn.

"What are we watching?"

"American Beauty"

Great, how original. I'd already seen it. But hey, she had to put up with avant garde and experimental cinema once a week, so I couldn't really complain.

I ran upstairs to get changed and came down in shorts and a t shirt. I popped into the kitchen to get a beer and Cherie was fussing about under the kitchen counter.

I sat down and Cherie returned from the kitchen with a bowl, plunked down on the sofa and leant on me.

"I'm not your personal armchair, you know" I complained teasingly. She just smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

After a while of watching the film it gets to this scene where the man is getting a root beer from the fridge and his daughter's best friend totally hits on him in this dream sequence. Anyway Cherie started being weird. She was watching me intently, gauging my reaction. I could feel her eyes on me. It was rather unnerving.

Finally the film came to an end.

"I thought that was so sad" Cherie said wistfully.

"Let's go and eat" I suggested. She smiled and nodded.

After dinner we were on the sofa and I was tickling her. She laughs so hard when I tickle her. All of a sudden she sat up.

"Dad, can I ask you something?"

"Of course" I replied.

"If you weren't my Dad, would you think that I am attractive?" she asked inquisitively.

"Sweetheart, you are attractive"

"No Dad, I mean that if I wasn't your daughter, would you find me attractive personally?"

I must have looked confused.

"What I mean is that would you want to date me if we weren't related?" she asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Why on earth do you ask such things?"

"Because I want to know"

I sighed. "Baby, you are stunning. Anyone would want to be with you"

She looked up at me. "Really?"


She leaned forward, so close I could feel her breath on my face.

"So you think I'm pretty?" she asked, perched on the edge of the sofa.

"Yes, I do. You're very pretty"

She stared at me a minute.

"Stay there and close your eyes"


"Stay there and close your eyes" she told me once again.

I closed my eyes. My daughter can be awfully strange sometimes.

All of a sudden I felt hot lips on mine, her tongue seeking out mine, her hand on the back of my head. I jerked my head back but she held me there, kissing me hungrily. Eventually I pushed her away.


She stared at me darkly. She went upstairs and I heard the door to her room shut behind her.

I was in shock. What had taken over my daughter? I had to find out the truth. I went upstairs and opened her bedroom door.

"Cherie.." I stopped, my mouth agape.

She was standing there with nothing more than a pair of French knickers covering her. She looked at me, silently. She walked toward me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Sit down" she whispered, motioning to her bed.

I didn't know what else to do. I thought she might listen to me if I just did what she wanted. I sat down on the bed. Cherie stood in front of me, her breasts in front of my face.

"Don't you like my body?" she asked, stroking my hair.

"We can't do this Sweetheart. It's wrong" I protested.

"I want to be the one that makes you happy. In every way possible" she said firmly.

"Cherie, put your clothes back on."

I had to stop this, now. I left the room. I heard her sobs behind me. I wasn't going back.

Hours later, into the night, I still heard her sobs echoing from her room. Good grief.

I decided I needed to think about this. I knew there was something between us that we hadn't talked about. I realised that I did have feelings for her that were probably wrong. I wondered if I had ever given her the wrong signals. I wondered if she had read too far into my affections. My daughter had grown into a beautiful young woman. She was the prettiest, the most attractive, and the sexiest. I had never let myself think about how I really felt about her. I wondered if it was time to be honest with myself. But what would that mean for her? Where would that take us?

I needed to talk to her.

I approached her door and knocked softly. I heard her voice through the door:

"Come in"

She heard me enter the room. I could see her trembling. She was really shaking.

"Dad, make love to me" she whispered.

I stood in the doorway for moment. Then I began to walk towards her. She wouldn't turn around. I realised that she was probably afraid. Afraid of being rejected by me once more, for me to deem her insane, perverted, lustful. A tear streamed down her cheek as she shut her eyes, she was whispering under her breath, silently pleading. I brought my hand up to caress her cheek, feeling it was wet. I gently leant over to kiss away the tear running down her face.

"Sweetheart", I whispered. "Oh sweetheart". She opened her eyes. I smiled at her beautiful face.

"Oh Daddy", she whispered, tearful.

"Shh" I spoke, holding up my hand to stroke her hair gently, running my fingers through her wavy hair. We looked at each other, Cherie's desire evident in her face, wanting more, too nervous to move her face closer to mine. I brought my lips to hers to kiss her, a real kiss. Cherie stared at me, wide eyed as I planted my lips on hers. I began to trace kisses along her jaw line, nuzzling into her hair, tickling her ear, making her shudder.

"Dad, I.." she stopped.

"..Yes?" I asked softly.

She brought her lips to mine and kissed me firmly, bringing her hand to the back of my head, her other arm wrapped around my waist. I let her kiss me before responding, my hands caressing her waist, moving down to cup her ass. She groaned and moved against me.

"Cherie, oh Cherie" I breathed, finding myself erotically charged by her lips and her body pressed up against mine.

"..Dad, I want you. I have wanted you for long enough now. I can't take it anymore, these feelings. I just need you. I can't fight it any longer. I want you to be mine. Please take me to bed".

I moaned inwardly as I heard those soft words spoken by her sweet lips.

"Come on baby, let's go to my room" I heard myself saying. I couldn't believe the effortlessness of our embrace, the sexual promise of Cherie's hips underneath my hands, my daughter was asking me to bed her! I took her hand and led her upstairs to my bedroom, opening the door for her. She walked in slowly, still extremely nervous but she seemed excited about what I was going to do to her, squeezing my hand, smiling at me.

"..Have you had sex before, Baby?" I asked her, worried as to whether I was going to be, in effect, causing any pain to my most precious daughter.

"Yes Dad, I have, but not like this, not how I want you. Boys paw at you, I want you to show me how a real man makes love to his woman" she said softly. I understood.

"..I was going to have sex with someone else recently but.. he wasn't you. No one is you" she looked up at me. It suddenly dawned on me.

"Have you been waiting for me?" I asked seriously.

"Yes, I have wanted to make my next time special, not like it was before. I want you to have me as if it was my first time. You are the one I really wanted. I think I knew that even then"

I was astonished by her words.

"Dad, am I going crazy?" her voice broke into my thoughts.

I looked at her wistfully. "No, Sweetheart, because I want it as much as you do. I would do anything for you. I just want to make you happy".

"..I..I want you to make it with me as if I were the most precious thing in the world to you" she said, looking at the floor. I lifted her head up with my hand.

"Cherie, you are the most precious thing in the world. I'll make love to you like no one has" I said gently. If anyone was going to make love to her, I wanted it to be me.

"I know you will," Cherie said, looking back into my eyes, "because you love me" she said simply. I brought his face to hers to kiss her again, this time not letting go, kissing her passionately, feeling her breast underneath her nightgown, her nipple hardening under my palm. I felt her kiss me back with equal intensity, moving her hand to my belt buckle.

She looked at me, my lust evident, finally realising just how far this was going to take us. She was going to have sex with her father. I wondered if we were really crossing a line that should not be violated, while also imagining how anything could possibly be the same again. I moved closer to the bed, never taking my eyes off her, wanting to be inside her. She lifted her arms up and I effortlessly removed her nightgown from over her head. Her nipples were beautifully pink and inviting. I removed my shirt and stepped closer to her, her nipples brushing across my chest. Cherie ran her hands up to grip my strong forearms. I brought my hands up to her breasts, grazing her nipples against my palms, stroking them with my thumbs. Cherie shuddered. I kissed her shoulders, nuzzling at the delicate skin at the nape of her neck. I felt goose bumps prickling her skin. She held me as I touched her, nibbling her, petting her as I felt the familiar stirring in my cock. I wanted her so much.

"Dad, I really want this, but I'm so nervous" she said, trembling.

"I'll look after you, I promise. You are my princess" I told her, kissing her forehead tenderly.

"Sit down on the bed"

Cherie sat, and I sat down next to her. I cupped her breasts in both palms. Leaning down, I began to lick her pink buds, feeling them harden under my tongue. I caressed her, hearing a soft moan escape her lips. I tongued her nipples until she was gasping, sucking on her hardened nibs, tugging on them lightly with my teeth as she ran her hands through my hair. All of a sudden I felt her hand on my cock through my pants. Not taking my mouth away from her nipple, I removed my pants in one swift motion, feeling her hand stray back to my stiff cock.

"Touch my pussy Daddy"

I complied, stroking my hand over her creamy thigh to between her legs. I ran a finger along her slit gently.

"You're wet" I said softly.

She just nodded, kissing me harder. It made me feel so hot. I wanted to take her then and there, but I wanted to take my time with my most precious daughter. I broke away, planting hot kisses down her trembling stomach. Kissing over her hips, kissing her thighs as I held her soft flesh under my hands. I could smell her arousal. I kissed all over her pussy as she opened her legs wider for me. She was completely open to my gaze. I could see her slick folds, her shiny pink clit peeking out at me from between her slightly parted lips. It was a sight I would remember for a very long time.

I licked all over her pussy before lapping at the entrance to her cunt, tasting her nectar as she moaned, feeling my tongue on her most sensitive area. I licked all over her inner labia before I sought out her most delicate pearl, circling her clit with my tongue.

"Oh Dad, that feels so good" she told me, looking down at me as I licked her.

I concentrated on stroking her clit, my hand drifting to between her thighs as I licked her, sliding a finger inside her. Her walls felt so smooth under my fingertip. I slid another finger inside her, stroking her insides as I heard her moan.

"Oh Dad, please, I think I'm going to come...Oh!" she told me urgently.

I lapped at her clit faster, feeling her muscles begin to contract as she clamped down on my fingers.

"Oh Dad!" she cried as she came, shuddering through her orgasm, her hands buried in my hair.

I slid my fingers out of her cunt and pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could, tasting her. She removed her hands from my hair, tilting my chin up to look at her.

"Dad, its time" she said softly. I knew what she meant.

"Are you sure baby?"

"Yes Dad, I want you."

I took her face in my hands and kissed her forehead, holding her close. She was giving me a very precious gift.

"I'll always love you no matter what, you know that don't you?"

She nodded.

I kissed her soft lips, feeling her respond. She wrapped her arms around my neck and slipped her tongue into my mouth. She felt so good under my hands.

"I love you baby" I murmured into her hair.

"I want you now. Please put it inside me. I've wanted this for so long you don't know how much"

She lay down and presented herself to me. I could see she was wet. Her shiny clit peeked out; her light pussy hair was no barrier to her pink insides. I could see everything. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds, begging for attention. I lay on top of her and began to kiss all over them as she gasped, thrusting her hips up at me. She still trembled, but I could feel her desire. It was under my fingertips when I stroked between her legs, under her skin when I touched her and rose goose pimples. It was in her eyes.


"I'll make love to you like that boy never did" I whispered.

I held my cock and stroked her clit with it.

"Mmm ... I'm ready now! She pleaded.

I thrust my cock into her slowly, she was so tight. She moaned when she felt me thrust all the way inside her. She writhed underneath me as I held onto her silky body. I began to make love to her, feeling her respond, moving her hips as I thrust into her over and over again. She gripped my shoulders, kissing them, running her tongue over my skin. She closed her eyes as I moved inside her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. That perfect smile.

"Yes, Dad, it feels so good"

"It sure does, sweetie. You like me inside you?"

"Mmm hmm"

It felt amazing to be inside her. This beautiful young woman that was mine and mine alone. I felt her walls contracting as I thrust inside her. I was so aroused by her body, her expression as I thrust into her, the little whimpers and moans that emanated from deep inside her throat. I made love to her slowly, feeling every inch of her under my palm, feeling her hips rise and fall.


"Yes?" I asked.

"I want it harder. I want you to come inside me"

I gazed at her pretty face. She looked into my eyes and smiled shyly.

"Are you sure?"

"I've wanted it for so long"

That was all the encouragement that I needed.

I thrust inside her faster, feeling her grip me as she moaned, feeling my cock reaching its climax. Her pussy felt amazing. I watched her face as she thrust back at me, throwing her head back, her soft cries spurring me on. I cried a deep, guttural moan as I felt myself coming, coming inside her as she held me.

"Yes, Daddy. Yes" she moaned.

"Oh, God" I felt the last emission of my semen being pumped into her body as she lay still, gripping me.

We stayed there, holding each other. As close as two lovers can be.

"Oh sweetheart, that was amazing. You are amazing"

"I love you" she told me.

"I love you too" I replied, kissing her all over her face. When I moved my face away I saw that she was crying.

"Are you alright?" I was so worried. Had I hurt her?

"No, Dad, it's alright," she continued, "I'm just so happy."

I kissed her deeply, holding her close as we shared in our joy.

Eventually I pulled out slowly and we lay next to each other, her hand on my chest as she snuggled up to me. I looked at her body, running my hands over her soft skin.

The next day we woke up next to each other. It was now Saturday morning. We had the whole weekend to share in our newfound love for each other.

"Come on," I told her, "Let's go downstairs and make breakfast"

We trundled downstairs and I made her fried eggs on toast. I loved watching her eat. Knowing that she was properly nourished made me happy.

We spent the whole morning and afternoon cuddling and watching romantic comedies on television. I read her some of my favourite poetry and she talked to me all about what she is studying and what she wants to do.

Later on we took a hot bath together and went downstairs in our towels. We lay on the sofa on top of our towels as we dried off. I removed my towel, pulling my trousers on. She put her panties on then put on her camisole top but I remembered something. She lay down, her head resting in my lap. I pulled her camisole top up to expose her stomach.

"You have a scar", I murmured, running my hand across her stomach. She had a flat, red scar that went from two ribs down from her breasts to the top of her belly button. She must have inflicted it upon herself almost a year ago now.

"It reminds me of how much we loved Mum" she whispered, emotion coursing through her voice.

"I loved your Mum so much," I said. "I love you, too. If you weren't here Cherie, I wouldn't be either".

"Don't say that" she said, trembling.

"It's true, love. Without you I would be nothing. What life would be worth living if I didn't have you?"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Do you really mean it when you kiss me? Do you love me like you loved Mum?" she asked.

"Yes, I do mean it. I love you. I ache to touch you, Cherie. You make me so happy. Even if you never let me touch you again, just you being here makes me happier than life itself ever could"

She sat up, moving closer to me, her eyes glistening with tears.

"Kiss me" she gulped. "Kiss me, Dad. I've wanted this for so long. I've been thinking of what it would be like to make love with you and now that I know, I don't want it to stop. Is that wrong?"

"Baby, nothing ever felt so right"

She leant forward, kissing me hard, her arms wrapped around my waist tightly. My hand drifted to her breast over her camisole top and I rubbed at her nipple under the thin fabric. She moaned and sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around me, my hardening cock rubbing up against her panties. She moaned and ground herself harder into me, sitting up so that there was space between us so that I could touch her.

"Oh Dad, this feels so good. I can't believe we are doing this"

I french kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth for her to suck on as she pulled her camisole down and pulled my hand back to her breast. I kneaded her breasts with both hands as she rocked her hips back and forth on my lap, her hair falling over her shoulder as she closed her eyes. She looked so beautiful, like a goddess. Her mouth was open as I watched her move, pressing herself harder into me.

"I think we are going to have to take this upstairs before I have any more trouble with these trousers!" I told her. She smiled at me coyly.

"Daddy lets go and fuck, I want to feel you inside me. Would you like that?"

"A tight, sweet pussy like yours, my dear? Ooh, I'll have to think about that one" I said in mock concentration. She grinned and ran upstairs.

"You've got to catch me first!"

I ran up the stairs as fast as I could in just enough time to see her run into her bedroom.

"You can't hide!" I said, walking into her room. I looked around.

She must be under the bed, I mused. She has to be under the bed. I kneeled down to look underneath the bed, but to my surprise, she wasn't there. I heard the wardrobe door roll back behind me and saw her dart out of the room. Why didn't I think of that?

I ran to catch up with her and cornered her in the bathroom. She smiled at me playfully. I had caught her. I grabbed her and began to tickle her.

"Daddy, Daddy stop! Please!" she said loudly, trying to dodge my hands, but I was too fast for her. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom.

"Now, my dear Cherie, it's my turn" I said, holding her tightly. She smiled at me, like a Cheshire cat grin.

"I was hoping you would say that" she whispered.

"You're a woman and you're getting far too old to play these games" I said, my eyebrow cocked.

"Well what are we going to do instead with all these years ahead of us, then hmm?" she asked slyly.

"Adult stuff" I replied, throwing her on the bed.

"Sounds promising"

"Only if you stay at home" I replied.

"I don't want a husband, Daddy, I want you"

I took down my pants and stood there, my erection growing visibly in front of her haunting gaze.

"Come here" she said, aroused.

I walked up to her and stood in front of her, she sat on the edge of the bed, taking my growing hardness in her hand. Never taking her eyes off mine, she began to lick along the underside of my cock, which felt so good.

"It's been so long, baby" I said wistfully. She nodded.

She took me into her mouth and began to suck on the length of my cock, moving her lips up and down my shaft, working her magic on me. I groaned, running my hands through my hair as she sucked my cock. I watched her as her hot mouth moved along my length faster. I thought about how sexy she looked as she worked me, she looked hungry for it. She wanted it.

"Baby, I'm going to come, I'm so close" she moved up and down on my cock faster, sucking me within an inch of her life, holding my ass as she moved her tight little mouth along my cock relentlessly.

"Ohh" I groaned as I began to come, my thick sperm shooting into her, filling her mouth with my cream. I held her head as I emptied myself down her throat. I felt her swallow as she closed her mouth around me tighter, hugging my cock between her lips. I pulled away and my dick fell limp from her mouth to rest on the top of my thigh.

"Jesus, Baby" I said, running my hand down her cheek. Some of my come had dribbled out of her mouth down her chin and I wiped it off with my finger and she took my digit into her mouth, licking off the last of my come. I stroked her face.

"Oh darling that was wonderful" I said, kissing her on the head.

"Dad, I'm hungry" she said. "I need to eat too you know!"

I burst out laughing. It was just the way she said it. She is such a funny little minx.

"Come on" I said, slapping her leg gently. "I'll make your favourite, stroganoff with white wine sauce?"

She gave me a hug. But it was no ordinary hug. It was an embrace full of sexual promise. She pressed herself up against me in such a way that was not that of a daughter's touch. I suddenly felt rather warm.

After dinner we sat down for a while to let our food digest, she was laying down on my lap, stretched out like a cat. I tickled her tummy and she smiled at me. I leant down and kissed her on the mouth firmly, enough to give her warning of my intentions. I moved my hand up under her top and she looked at me with a little half smile spread across her face. When I moved my hand up to cup the swell of her breast she put her hand over mine and squeezed it. I stroked her nipples until she started to squirm, pushing her hips up toward the ceiling.

"Dad" she breathed, closing her eyes, sticking her chest out further for my affections as I stroked her two soft mountains of flesh gently. I lifted her top up, moving it above her breasts. Her tits were hard and rosy. I leant down and took one of them into my mouth, hearing her gasp as I tongued her succulent peaks, switching from one to the other until she took my hand and moved it down, down to the waistband of her shorts. She opened her eyes and stared at me longingly.

"Please take me upstairs" she asked softly.

She got up off of my lap and took my hand. I followed her upstairs, watching how her butt cheeks moved with every step she took, her young skin so soft and tender. We stepped into my room and she turned to me, mouth slightly open, looking at me wide eyed. She unbuttoned my shirt and pressed her body up against my chest, her hands moving up my back. I put my hands through her hair and kissed her passionately and she responded, slipping her shorts off and moving towards the bed. She pushed me down and sat on my thigh, rubbing her pussy along my leg as she moved. It tickled a little and she smiled. I kissed her hard as she ground herself onto me and suddenly felt wetness on my thigh. She began pumping her hand up and down my cock as she pleasured herself on me. She was so wet. Her pussy was still rubbing against my now slippery thigh as she kissed me with a passion.

"Fuck me, Daddy" she asked insistently, moving off of my thigh.

"Lay down" She moved up onto the bed further, not taking her eyes off of me.

I got on the bed and lay on top of her, kissing her cheeks, her ears, her neck, her breasts, holding my cock and rubbing it up and down her slippery pussy.

"Do you want me, baby?"

"Yes" she moaned.

"Do you want it now?"

"Yes Daddy, please fuck me, please put it in" she writhed against me.

I thrust into her in one quick motion.

"Ahh!" she cried as she writhed against me, grabbing my strong arms as I held her.

"Be a good girl for Daddy" I whispered, "Your pussy feels so good baby"

She just moaned.

I thrust into her harder, establishing a rhythm, her hips thrusting up to meet mine as I nibbled her neck. She bit down into my shoulder gently as I fucked her, mewing and coaxing me, squeezing my cock inside her. She made my cock feel so good. I thrust inside her and felt her opening her legs wider, welcoming me in.

"Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy" she panted.

"Oh Baby, Daddy's coming" I gripped her tightly. I began to explode inside her. I came so hard. I felt her walls grip me tightly as I came inside her.

I pulled out. Her pussy was filled with my come. I felt between her legs and felt my come leaking out of her tight cunt. I stroked her clit with my wet finger coated with my own fluid and she gasped.

"Daddy, that felt so lovely. Can I come now?"

"Of course darling. Anything you want" I stroked circles around her clit, feeling her hips respond underneath my hand. Her pussy was like an inferno. She was so hot and wet.

"I need to come so bad" she said, her arm wrapped round my shoulder as I touched her.

I stroked her clit faster as she closed her eyes. I leant down and took her nipple between my lips, tugging on it gently.

"Ahh!" she cried as the combination took her over the edge.

She came, her hips bucking against my hand as she gripped me tightly.

She relaxed and I held her close to me, kissing her on head.

"That was wonderful Daddy, thank you" she whispered, kissing me passionately.

When she pulled away we were both breathless. I stared into her eyes.

"You have made my life worth living, Cherie, just for being you" I whispered. "Wherever you go in your life I'll always be with you in my mind."

"Dad, I'm not going anywhere" she replied. "I want to stay here with you. Today, tomorrow ... forever."

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Very hot made me jackoff and cum all over my stomach