Where shall I begin?

I guess with my mother, who through no fault of her own became the main character of my little story of woe and exultation.

Mom's name is Myrna. She's an optometrist and has her own business. I guess that the first word that would come to if you just met her would be standoffish, but she really isn't. She just likes to keep her distance until she gets to know someone. Mom and I don't have one of those touchy-feely kind of mom-son relationships, but she's always been there for me when I needed her. Someone to kiss a boo-boo and make it all better, someone to give me a pat on the back when I needed it and someone to give me a good boot in the ass when I needed that too. I've never been afraid to come to her with a problem, and conversely I've tried to be the male figure in her life since dad passed away when I was ten years old.

Now mom is forty-four and in her stocking feet, she stands around five feet six or seven. In heels, which she wears all the time, she's close to six feet tall. She has short, auburn hair that she wears in a kind of modified page boy haircut with the tips just barely brushing her shoulders. Her pretty face wouldn't look out of place on the cover of any fashion magazine. I've never seen her breasts completely bare, but have seen them in a bikini on a few occasions and they would be considered large by any standard. Her waist, some would call waspish, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that. I would just say that she had a narrow waist and wide, c***d-bearing hips that gave her figure an hour-glass shape. Her long legs were well-toned by her stair-climber which she religiously used for thirty minutes a day. And while it toned up her legs, it also did a fine job of keeping her butt tight and firm at the same time.

Well, that's my mom in a hand basket.

What about me? My name is Timothy, I'm eighteen, six feet two, a senior at Ridgemont High School, and captain of the basketball team. I'm in the running for Homecoming King and I've been called handsome on more than one occasion. But all this doesn't really doesn't have a bearing on the story I'm about to tell you. I just thought you'd like to know.

It all began back in December when mom and I had planned a skiing weekend up at Squaw. There were predicting a snow storm, but mom wanted to be the first on the slopes after the storm and get to ski some powder, so off we went.

Everything was going along just fine until we were only a few miles from the cabin we'd rented for the weekend. It had begun to snow earlier and had only intensified as we drove along. By this time it was almost a blizzard outside and we could barely see twenty feet in front of us.

Then as we came around a corner, I felt the car begin to sk**. Mom whipped the wheel back the other way and we started to fishtail. The last thing I remembered was seeing the snow bank rushing toward the car and then everything just went black—

Where was I? My shoulders were aching and there was something digging into my wrists that wouldn't let me move my arms as the black slowly turned to gray around me. My head was throbbing so bad I was almost afraid to open my eyes. But when I did, I couldn't make sense of anything. It was like looking up through murky water as everything slowly came swimming into focus.

A spasm of shock fired off inside my throbbing head as I saw that I was bound to a chair. My arms were pulled behind the back of the chair and my wrists were bound together with what I assumed was a rope. And that chair was sitting at the foot of a bed where an almost-naked woman was lying. Oddly enough, the only thing the woman was wearing was a pair of high heels. Then I realized that I was naked, too. What the fuck was going on, I groggily wondered?

Studying the woman, I realized that it was MOM! She was lying on her back in the middle of the bed spread-eagled with her arms and legs bound to the bed by velvet ropes, and there was another rope stretched across her belly to keep her hips pressed down against the bed. Her head was resting on a pillow and she had a sc**** on her forehead. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be asl**p or u*********s as I watched her big, bare breasts rhythmically rising and falling. God, they were fucking gorgeous!

I knew that it was sick, but I couldn't keep my eyes away from the glistening, pink gash staring back at me from between her outstretched legs. HER PUSSY! It was Mom's pussy—her vagina—her cunt! There it was right out there in the open without a stitch of anything covering it. And to my amazement, it was shaved just as bald and smooth as a baby's butt. I would never have guessed that mom shaved her pussy. I felt a charge of electric excitement fire off down inside my cock. How could I, I asked myself? She was my MOM, I disgustedly told myself! Stop looking—

Just then, as I wallowed in self-hatred and revulsion, unable to tear my eyes away from her nakedness, I heard a soft, buzzing sound. Woozily turning my head, I looked over and to my horror I saw a naked man standing at a table with his back to us. Who was he? And what the fuck was he doing here? It looked like I wouldn't be finding that out any time soon as the man was wearing a ski mask. And I don't know if the blow to my head had affected my vision or what, but I couldn't see a single hair on him. His head, his back, his ass, and even his legs were all shaved as smooth and bald as a billiard ball.

Then as I gawked on in abject terror, the man slowly turned around to face us. When he did, my eyes were immediately drawn down to the grotesque thing jutting out of his hairless groin. It was huge, more like a fucking tree trunk than a cock. Maybe it was just the shock of seeing it but it looked like it was at least a foot long and the thick, round shaft of the thing had to be as big around as my wrist. It was hard and crisscrossed with ropy, blue bl**d vessels that were bulging out, filled with bl**d. The fact that the man's chest, belly, groin and balls were shaved, too, made the imposing weapon sticking up from the base of his belly even more gross and disgusting. And speaking of weapons, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a pistol lying on the table along with a couple of dildos, mom's purse and a few other things. And the hole in the end of the barrel of the gun looked big enough to drive a freight train through.

Then I saw the source of the buzzing sound. It was one of those foot-long, electric vibrators with a big, white ball on its tip.

"Well, howdy, there, podner—" the man said as he plodded across the floor toward us. "Bout time you woke up."

"Where—where are we?" I choked out, seeing that the vibrator was attached to an extension cord that snaked across the floor to a socket by the table. "Who are you? What are you doing? What's wrong with mom? Is she okay? Why is she naked?"

"Hold on, there. One question at a time, she's fine. Seems you folks had a little accident and she got a little bump on the head," he said, stepping up to the bed where mom lay. "I had to rescue you, so I just thought I'd get a little payback for all the trouble I went to."

"Don't-Don't touch her—" I told him, but knowing that there was nothing I could do to stop him. He had at least sixty pounds on me and although it was just starting to turn to flab, I knew that he could probably take me in a fight if he had to. Not to mention that I was somewhat at a bit of a disadvantage being tied to a chair and all.

"Oh, come on. Don't be a snot and ruin it for me," he complained, turning off the vibrator and pitching it down on the bed beside mom. "I get so few visitors up here . . . and none as pretty as your mom."

Then to my dismay, he stepped over to where I sat. Then I saw the wad of cloth in his hand.

"If you can't keep quiet, I guess I'll just have to gag you," he muttered, grabbing hold of my chin to hold it as he brought the wad up to my mouth and shoved it inside. I fought him but with my hands tied behind my back I didn't stand a chance and before I knew it, I had a gag in my mouth and another swatch of cloth wrapped around my head to hold it in place.

"There—now shut up—" he snarled walking back over to the bed.

Then I saw him reach down and pick up something off the nightstand beside the bed. When he leaned down over mom and reached down to her flattened breasts I saw that he was holding a little, gold nipple clamp between his thumb and finger.

What was he doing, I frantically wondered? Why was he going to put that on my mother's nipple? But even as harrowing as the circumstances were, I couldn't stop the sizzle of excitement from tickling through my cock as my eyes locked onto my mother's breast.

Everything inside my throbbing head was all jumbled up as I watched on while he pinched hold of mom's nipple, stretched it out away from her breast and attached the clamp to it. I was appalled; sickened by what he was doing to her, but at the same time I found it strangely exciting.

As the clamp closed down around mom's nipple, I saw her flinch and her eyes fluttered open.

"DON'T—" she gasped as she stared up at the man in wide-eyed shock then down to her clamped nipple. "Stop! Don't touch me! Get away—" she shrieked, her voice bordering on hysteria.

"Hey, that's no way to repay a fellow for rescuing you out of the snow," he laughed, leaning over her, his big prick nudging against her shoulder as he plucked hold of her other nipple and squeezed another clamp around it.

"Don't—don't do that—please don't—I'll pay you—how much do you want?" she begged, rolling her shoulders back and forth, trying to dislodge the clamps.

"Don't have to pay me. I'll just take what I want," the man said, picking up the vibrator again. "A little pussy will do fine."

"Oh—God—No—" she gasped, her eyes flicking over to me. I could see the panic and terror in them as she stared at me in wide-eyed shock. Then her eyes dropped down to my cock that was already half-hard, still lifting its shameful head higher and higher into the air. I couldn't decipher the look in her terrified eyes as she stared at my cock for a good four or five seconds before her eyes found mine again. What could I do? I couldn't stop my body's response to her nakedness and what was happening to her. I was only human.

"Oh, Timmy—" I heard her groan as the guy looked over at me and chuckled.

"Can't say as I blame you, dude. She'd make any man hard," he laughed, reaching down and jerking his hand up and down his monstrous cock. "See what she's done for me?" he snickered, letting go of his peter and picking up the vibrator again.

I was such a fucking perv, I told myself. Here we were God knows where with some naked guy fooling around with my mom and I was getting a frigging hard on. Somebody ought to just take me out and shoot me. It would save the world a lot of grief.

But there was nothing I could do to stop my cock's reaction to the bizarre scene playing out before me, or stop the guy from doing what he was doing to mom as I heard the vibrator start buzzing again.

"Please don't," I heard my mother beg as the bald guy lifted the humming toy up to one of my mother's big breasts and slowly circle it around the flattened mountain of quivering breast-flesh.

"Please . . ." mother pleaded as the man circled the vibrator around her breast again, but in a much tighter circle. Then again he went around it, this time only an inch or two from her clamped nipple.

"Why? Doesn't it feel good?" he mocked, rubbing the big, white ball across the jut of her trapped nipple.

"Please—please—not in front of him—" my mother whined as I saw her flinch when the vibrating ball touched her exposed, jutting nipple.

Instead of taking it away, the guy flicked the speed up a notch and held the buzzing ball against the big, purple nub.

"Please-oh, please, oh please," I heard my mother complain. But even as she protested, I could see that her nipple was swelling up under the humming ball.

"Oh, look at that," he laughed, pressing harder against her swollen pap. "If you don't want me to do it, why's your nipple getting hard?"

Mother had her eyes clenched shut so tight, tears were being squeezed out and trickling down her cheeks.

"Please stop—" she begged, but her futile protests only seemed to incense the man as he lifted the vibrator off the rock-hard nub and moved it over to her other nipple.

"Oh, no, don't—" she moaned, flinching again when the buzzing toy touched down on her nipple.

When I could look away from the drooling hole down between her legs, I could see the muscles in her belly were tightening, tensing as he held the vibrator against her nipple while it too swelled and hardened under the vibrating ball. The velvet ropes around her wrists were keeping her hands held down against the bed, but they couldn't stop her fingers from clawing at the air while the pervert teased and tormented her nipple with the vibrator.

"You don't like that?" he teased, pausing as he slowly moved the humming ball down over the curve of the underside of her big tit and down onto her straining tummy.

As the man spoke, he ran his other hand down to mom's pussy and spread the juice-covered lips apart to expose her poor, defenseless clit. "Maybe you want it down here."

"Oh, God, please—NO! Not there—" she groaned struggling to move her hips and avoid the man's probing finger. Unfortunately, the rope stretching across her belly prevented that and he found her clit with the tip of his stubby finger.

I saw her flinch again as the man's fingertip brushed across the exposed bundle of nerves as the vibrator crept ever closer to it.

"Please—Please—Please—" she begged as the man slowly dragged the implement of torture down over her hairless mons only to pause it just above her clit. "My Son—" mother cried out.

"What? You don't want him to watch you come?" Baldy laughed, looking over at me. "I bet he'd love to watch his mommy come—wouldn't you, boy?"

I couldn't speak, but I shook my head back and forth as hard as I could when I saw mom look over at me, too.

"Oh, come on, Dude, don't lie to me. That thing down between your leg's giving you away," he cackled, pointing down at my erect, rock-hard cock.

Sadly, he was right and there was nothing I could do about it as I saw my mother look down at my jutting penis.

"Oh, Tim—" mother wept, seemingly unable to take her eyes off the evil ogre sticking up out of my hairy groin.

With his fingers straddling my mother's clit, he peeled back the fleshy covering and totally exposed the pinkish-white nub.

"Please don't touch me there—" mom begged again as I heard the buzz kick up yet another notch. It had to be on high now as the grating buzz drowned out even the crackle of the fireplace. "Oh, God, no, not that much—" mother wept, trying to roll her hips and escape from the humming monstrosity.

"It'll feel great," the man cackled as I saw him touch the big, round ball down on mom's unprotected clit.

Trying to flinch away from the vibrating head, mother let out a choking gasp. "Nooooooooooo—" she wailed, but it did nothing to deter the man as he pressed down harder on the swollen nub.

I could only imagine what it felt like as I'd had some experience with vibrators and knew that if that thing had been pressed against my cockhead, I'd probably be coming in seconds.

Mother's long fingers were clawing at the air, her head was twisting back and forth her damp hair plastered to her head as sweat began to pour off her. The muscles in her legs had become steel bands and the ones in her tight belly were twitching from the assault. But the man wouldn't stop and held it against her clit, pressing down harder and harder.

"Oh, God, No, Can't—can't stop—can't stop—" mother sobbed as her hips began to jerk and shake. Then to my amazed shock, I saw the opening of her pussy begin to contract and dilate as thick, creamy gushes of juice spewed out onto the bed below her ass.

She was coming! My mother was having a fucking orgasm! It was unbelievable. But who could blame her? The fucking vibrator must be putting out a good thousand volts of tickling power.

"Don't look—Timmy—Don't look—" I heard my mother whimper as her whole body seemed to be writhing and twisting on the bed while she tried to escape from the binding ropes. It was like her muscles were convulsing as she shook and trembled while Baldy kept the humming vibrator shoved against her clit.

"Toooo much—Ohhhhhhh—" mother blubbered, her hands clawing at the bed sheets, her legs jerking and twitching like she was undergoing shock treatment or something.

I couldn't help but look. I'd never seen my mother lose control like this. This was a new and awesomely exciting thing. My mother was a woman, too. She wasn't just a mom! She wasn't just an optometrist as crazy as that sounded! My mom was a WOMAN! That stunning revelation did some crazy, weird things to my head. I looked at her in an entirely different light. But as amazing as that was, I found myself wondering what was going to happen to us when Baldy got through with mom?

Why was I naked? And what about the gun? What was he going to do with us? He had said that all he wanted was a little pussy for his troubles. Apparently he was going to fuck my mother.

Afraid of what lay in store for us, I could see that the muscles in mom's legs were finally softening as her body stopped jerking and twitching.

"Please . . ." she begged, trying to move away from the buzzing toy.

"That was a good 'un," the man said, lifting the vibrator away from mom's clit and turning it off before he pitched it down on the bed beside her. "Look at the mess you made. With all that stuff, you ought to be nice and slippery for old John Thomas, here," he laughed, grabbing hold of his cock and giving it a couple of jerks, then squeezing his hand tight around it and milking a big, pearly drop of prefuck out of the slit in the big, slime-covered head.

I was mesmerized by the drop as it left a long, stringy strand of prefuck behind it while it slowly dripped down onto the bed.

Finally able to tear my eyes off the drop, I looked down between mother's legs and saw that her inner thighs were glistening wetly with the juices that had been spewed out while she was coming. She was covered in the gooey stuff from her pussy almost all the way down to her knees.

"Well, Ma'am, I guess that it's time to pay the fiddler," Baldy chortled, lifting his knee up on the bed and starting to climb up on it.

He couldn't fuck her with that thing, I fumed. It was too fucking big. It would never fit inside her pussy. It would tear her in two.

"MMMMMoooooeeeee—" I gagged out into the gag, trying to get him to stop.

"Oh, shut up—" Baldy snickered, standing by the bed with one knee on it as he glanced over to where I sat. "You know she wants it, don't you, boy? But don't worry, I'll save a little piece for you."

"Oh, God, no, Please—Please—Not in front of my son! Please don't do it—" mom pleaded, her blue eyes darting over to me. As they did, I saw them drop down to my cock. Unfortunately it was now standing at full mast, jutting straight up in the air. I don't think I'd ever been as hard and stiff as I was right now. It was so hard, it was aching as it twitched and jerked in beat with the rhythm of my pounding heart.

Maybe he can pick up some pointers to use when it's his turn," the man laughed.

"His Turn?" mother gasped as the bed lurched and shook when the man crawled up on it. "What? What do you mean?" she asked him, her voice quavering and threatening to break.

"Wouldn't be neighborly of me not to let the boy take a turn too, now would it, you know, you being his mom and all?" Baldy snorted, looking over his shoulder at me. "And by the looks of his cock, I'd say that he was more than ready—"

"Timmmmm—" I heard mother whimper as the man turned back and crawled up between her bound legs.

"You want some of this, don't you, whore?" I heard him ask as he stood on his knees between her legs.

"Yes—yes—fuck me if you must," mother wept. "Do whatever you want to me, but please, please don't make him do that to me. Please—"

Did he mean he was going to let me, no, no make me fuck my mother? My frantic brain railed trying to rationalize it by saying I had no choice because he was going to make me fuck her.

All I could see now was the back of the man's bald head, his back, his butt, and the back of his legs as he dropped down over my mother blocking her from my view. Then he spread his legs apart and his big, hairless balls came into view dangling down just above my mother's wet, goo-covered cunt.

Then as he leaned over her, supporting himself on one hand, I saw his dick come into view as he bent it down toward the oozing hole between my mother's legs. I could see his stubby fingers wrapped around it, holding onto the thick shaft as he slowly rubbed the big, purple head up and down the juice-slathered slit between the meaty lips of my mother's weeping cunt.

"So big—" I heard my mother groan as the man coated the evil, barbed head of his prick with her slippery juices.

"I bet you like 'um big don't you, bitch?" Baldy cackled finally pushing his cock down and seating the rounded tip of its cockhead in the seeping slit where the lips met and joined at the very bottom of her pussy.

"Yessssss—" mother hissed.

My head was spinning. What was happening? Did mom really want him to fuck her with that disgusting thing? Why the sudden change? Was she just saying that she wanted it to keep him from letting, I mean making me fuck her?

Then I saw the muscles in the man's ass tighten as he leaned forward and slowly dipped his hips. As he did, I could see the huge, purple knob begin to spread mom open as the lips of her pussy closed down around the ugly thing.

"Sooooo biggggg—" I heard her gurgle as he continued to push and more of the vile thing disappeared down inside the fleshy opening.

"Damn it, Bitch, if you weren't so fucking tight, maybe it wouldn't seem so big. When's the last time you got laid? Been a while ain't it?" he muttered, the muscles in his ass clenching tighter as he pushed in deeper and deeper. Then I saw his fingers uncurl from around the thick, veined shaft as his hips dipped lower.

It seemed to take forever, but at last I saw his big, dangling balls nudge up against the cheeks of my mother's ass.

"Tooooooo Bigggggg—" I heard her whimper as their hairless groins ground together while the man strained against her trying to bury the grotesque monster deeper inside the tight clutch of her cunt.

He'd done it! He somehow had gotten every inch down inside mom's cunt. I couldn't believe it as I watched him push against her trying to push in deeper.

"Tightest damn cunt I ever fucked—" the man grunted and finally began to pull back dragging his juice-drenched prick back with him. As the monster reappeared, I could see that it covered in juice as the thick goo bubbled out around it and ran down into the crack of my mom's ass. "Wettest one, too," he snickered.

"So big," mom groaned while the man pulled back until only the evil, barbed tip of his cock remained inside her. I heard a loud grunt as the man's clenched ass jerked forward and his cock went sliding back down into the clinging pink gash between my mother's spread-eagled legs.

Then I heard a slap of flesh striking flesh and a whoof of air being expelled from mom's lungs as their groins slammed together for a second time.

"You like it that way, Bitch?" Baldy snarled, jerking back and ramming back into her again.

"Yesssssss—" I heard my mom hiss as another fleshy slap echoed off the walls of the cabin.

I felt like I was going to throw up, but I couldn't take my eyes off the foul, disgusting union of their bodies. But as sickened as I was by the gross spectacle, I was excited by it too. It was like a porn movie and I had a front-row seat. I couldn't help it, even if my mother was the star of the flick. And pretty soon, I would have a supporting role in it, too, I sickly told myself.

I saw beads of sweat beginning to form on the man's fat ass while it tirelessly bounded up and down above my mother. It seemed like it had been going on for hours, but I knew that it couldn't have been more than five or ten minutes as he methodically pumped into her.

"You gonna come again, Bitch?" I heard him pant as sweat rolled down his rocking ass, onto his flopping balls where it was being splattered all over my mother's ass.

"Yes, damn it, yesssss—" my mother cursed as I saw the muscles in her long, sweaty legs tightening, straining against the velvet ropes.

"Yeah, Whore, come—come on old Billy Bob's big cock, uh, whoops," he grunted, realizing that he had just given himself away.

"Fuck me, damn it, fuck me, make me come again you fat bastard—" I heard mother wheeze out as Baldy picked up the pace a notch. What had happened to my mother? Before she had been begging him not to fuck her and now she was pleading with him to fuck her harder! It didn't make sense, but what did I know about women? Not much, I sadly thought.

The bed was making an awful racket as the springs creaked and groaned while the headboard thumped against the log wall. But that cacophony of sounds played as a background for the slap of flesh against flesh, my mother's soft moans and the man's loud, vulgar grunts as he hammered into my mother with reckless abandon. I was in a rage seeing rivers of sweat pouring down his back, coalescing, running down the crack of his fat, hairless ass and onto his flopping balls as they slapped against my mother's ass.

I would never be able to outshine Baldy's performance. He had me beat in size, strength, and stamina and just about everything else, but I was her son, so maybe that would account for something.

I could hear my mother's whimpering pants growing louder and louder as her legs strained against the cords.

"Almost-almost-almost—" she wheezed as the man's fat ass became a pink blur.

It was like some sick, twisted symphony of sex building to a crescendo. I was stunned by the way my mother was acting. The initial revulsion and loathing for the man seemed to have changed into some kind of tolerance, maybe even craving the man's huge cock.

I could sense that mother was on the fiery edge as she dug her high heels down into the mattress and pushed up taking the giant penis up to the hilt on every pounding lunge.

All of a sudden, her legs began to tremble and twitch as she let out a long, choking gasp.

"Oh, my Godddd—" she gasped as I saw a gush of wet goo spew out around Baldy's cock.

It seemed to be what he was waiting for as he lunged into her driving in as deep as his cock would go as his big, sweaty balls slapped against her butt. Then the muscles in his fat ass began to clench and clench, then clench again and again.

"Fuck—fuck—fuck—fuck—" he growled out as the fat in his ass twitched and shook with every heaving jerk. It was gross! Then to make it even more vulgar, the thick, translucent juice leaking out around the shaft of his embedded cock became a creamy white. The cum-fouled goo coagulated on his big balls to run down them and drip onto the bed below. I'd never seen so much of the vile stuff as the muscles in his ass finally began to slowly relax and soften.

"That was fucking awesome—" he groaned and began to slowly back away from mom. He was done. Was it my turn now? Another spasm of expectant excitement fired off inside my rock-hard cock making it jerk and twitch.

"Get off me—" mother grimaced as I watch the man's sweat-drenched ass rise as he backed off her.

"No reason to get all huffy about it," he complained as his limp dick came slithering out of her cum-slathered cunt and flopped down on the bed between her legs. "But I can't say as I blame you. You're probably just in a hurry to get your son's cock stuffed down inside that tight, little pussy of yours," he snickered.

"No—not that, please," she whimpered as the man swung his legs off the bed and stood up beside it. Now that I could see my mother again, I saw that she was covered from the waist down to her knees with the creamy excess of their fucking. It was disgusting.

"I did what you wanted. Don't make him do it. It'll ruin everything. Do it to me again, if you want, but not him. Please," I heard mom beg, her voice quavering with emotion as she looked over at me, her eyes darting down to my obvious erection.

"Oh, Timmmy—" she sniffed, seemingly unable to take her eyes off the jutting evidence of my true feelings.

It was bizarre feeling. Excited, wanting her more than I'd ever wanted anything in my whole life. Wanting to show her that I still loved her no matter what she'd done. I didn't want to fuck her, like he'd done. I wanted to make love to her. But in a strange, sick way, I was hurt. Hurt that she didn't want to make love to me. It seemed inevitable, but even now, she was begging him to not let, no make me make love to her.

Turning my attention back to Baldy, I watched him plod back over to the table where I'd first seen him.

"What are you going to do?" my mother tearfully asked as we both saw him reach down and pick up the pistol.

"I think you know," he smirked, half-cocking the gun and spinning the cylinder.

"What are you going to do with the gun?" mother tremulously asked as he turned and walked over to where I sat cringing.

"Nothing . . . if everyone does just what I tell them," he calmly stated, stepping around behind my chair. "Did you hear that, boy?" he asked me as I felt the icy tip of the barrel press against the nape of my neck.

Goose bumps the size of goose eggs jumped up all over my body and my rock-hard erection began to wilt.

"Whoops, didn't mean to do that," he chortled as I felt the barrel move away from my neck. "You can't do no fucking with a limp dick, like that boy. Better get'ter hard again so you can fuck your mommy with it," he snickered.

Sticking a gun to a guy's head sure doesn't help that cause, I muttered to myself.

"Timmy, you can't—" I heard my mother whimper as she lay on the bed trussed up like a Christmas turkey looking at me with a helpless, pleading look on her face.

Then Baldy untied the rag that had been wrapped around my head and plucked out the gag.

"Okay, if you'll behave like a good, little boy, I'll untie you," I heard the man say as a wave of alcohol-tainted breath washed over me.

"I—I'll behave—" I told him. What other chance did I have? If we were going to escape, I had to have my hands free.

"Now any funny business and I promise you, I'll blow that fucking thing off. Got it?" he snarled as I felt his fingers on the knot on my wrist.

I felt like I was going to faint from all the excitement, fear, and anticipation swirling around inside my head as the man untied the knot in the rope that was cutting into my wrists. Then suddenly I was free.

"Now remember, I'm watching you so no funny business," he snarled as I brought my hands around in front of me. I felt like someone had stabbed two foot-long knifes in my shoulders as the pain made me almost afraid to move my arms.

It felt like someone was twisting the knives in my shoulders as rubbed the red welts on my wrists. My mouth was drier than the Sahara as I tried to speak.

"Water?" I croaked.

"Get it yourself—" he ordered me.

I didn't know if I would be able to walk or not as I pushed up onto my feet. Looking over at the sink, I took a tentative step and found that I could walk, if I took my time.

Step by step, I slowly made my way over to the sink. There was a glass sitting by it and I quickly filled it with water, drank the precious elixir down, filled the glass again, and glugged down another mouthful. With that need satisfied, I filled the glass one more time and turned to take it to my mother. As I did, I saw my mother sitting up in the bed, leaning over and untying the ropes that held her ankles bound. Baldy had apparently untied the ropes around her wrist and belly and now he sat in the chair at the foot of the bed, gun pointed in my direction as he watched us.

What was going to happen now, I fearfully wondered trudging back over to the bed where mother sat. Even in the dilemma I found us in, I couldn't help but admire the way her fabulous boobs were quivering and jiggling with every tiny movement she made while she untied the last rope. As they did, I saw that the nipple clamps had been removed and now lay on the nightstand by the bed.

Looking down, I saw that my cock had regained some of its recent plumpness but it stuck out, its disgraceful head bowed, pointing down to the floor.

Finishing untying the knot, mother turned toward me, her eyes quickly darting down to my slowly stiffening cock and then to the glass of water in my hand.

Holding out the glass of water to her, I didn't know what to say, what else to do.

"Thank you," I heard her murmur, her voice barely above a whisper as she took the glass from me and lifted it up to her lips.

Watching the muscles in her throat work as she swallowed down the water, I was torn with uncertainty. Would she really going to let me fuck her? What else could she do? Baldy had the gun, didn't he? What could we do? We had to do whatever he told us to, didn't we?

"More?" I asked her, reaching for the glass when she was finished drinking. I could see her questioning look as she stared into my eyes and slowly shook her head from side to side. Taking the glass from her, I set it down on the nightstand and turned back to her. Now what, I timidly wondered?

"Well, boy, you got anything you want to say to your mommy before you get down to business?" the man chuckled as I saw he was slowly stroking his hand up and down his cock with one hand while he pointed the gun in his other hand at us.

"Uh, I'm—I'm sorry, Mom—" I muttered, not knowing what else to say.

I could see the sadness in her eyes as she reached for my hand. I don't know if it was an accident, or on purpose, which I doubt, but her hand somehow brushed against my peter in the process. I felt a spark of excitement shoot up it from the brief encounter as mother's hand closed around my hand.

"Please don't make us do this," mother begged, giving my hand a soft squeeze as she looked over at the man. "You can do anything you want to me, but not this. It's so wrong."

"Wrong? What's wrong with it? Hell, my mom made me do it to her all the time. Wrong? Certainly didn't seem to be nothing wrong with it to me. I enjoyed the heck out of it," he snickered, flicking the gun, motioning for me to crawl up on the bed.

What could I do? Part of me, the sick, twisted part of me wanted to do it, but another part of me didn't. I almost felt like I had an angel on one aching shoulder and a devil on the other. "Do it, do it, come on and do it," the devil egged me on. "Don't, how can you?" warned the angel.

"Move it—" Baldy warned as the flick of the gun became more agitated. "You certainly wouldn't want to lose it because you wouldn't use it, would you?" he cackled.

"Mom?" I whimpered, wanting her to tell me what to do.

Turning back to me, she gave my hand another squeeze and let go of it. Then to my stunned amazement, she slowly scooted over to make room on the bed beside her.

"We don't have any choice . . ." I heard her whisper, taking hold of my hand again and softly pulling on it.

My poor brain was doing flip-flops, summersaults, and handstands as if lifted my knee up on the bed to climb on. While I was terrified of not pleasing her, I wanted more than anything to give her an orgasm. Somehow, if I could do that, it would make everything okay. That would make it right. I know that's crazy, but that's what I sickly thought.

"Lay down," she whispered.

I was frantic. I didn't know what to do, so I just did what she told me. Lying down on my back, I watched on in paralytic shock as she rolled over onto her side and reached for my cock. What was she going to do? Just the touch of her hand on my peter was almost enough to set me off as she curled her fingers around it and lifted it up off my heaving belly. I couldn't breathe! My heart was fluttering, threatening to stop beating at any second. My vision was growing dark around the edges, my brain starved from all the bl**d rushing down to my cock.

Then, my world as I knew it shuddered to a stop as I watched her bend down over my rapidly recharging cock. It felt like my brain was going to explode when I felt her soft, warm lips slowly engulf the head of throbbing dick. Gathering every ounce of strength I could muster, I strained to hold back the titanic eruption gathering down inside my aching balls. I couldn't come this way. I had to finish inside of her. I had to give her an orgasm. It couldn't end this way—

"Mother—" I gasped as the pressure inside my balls became unbearable.

"Hey, Lady, no cheating. Not that way—" I heard Baldy exclaim from his vantage point at the end of the bed.

Disappointed on the one hand that I wasn't going to get to come in her mouth, and yet, exultant on the other hand that I was going to fuck her, I was somehow thankful the he had stepped in and stopped her.

Mom's lips made a loud, wet pop as she backed off my prick and let it flop out of her mouth.

Now, not only was my cock harder and stiffer than it had ever been, it was also drenched in my mother's spit. I could see that it was glistening wetly in the glare of the light overhead. Easing my throbbing, primed prick back down on my belly, mother looked up at me and slowly rolled back over onto her back. I could see the pain in her eyes and wished that I didn't have to do this thing while at the same time I had to do it.

Still paralyzed by the sheer magnitude what was happening, I saw my mother spread her legs apart. Then she reached for my hand and gently led it down to the moist, weeping wetness that lay awaiting me down between her legs. An electric current arced up my arm as my fingers came in contact with the soft folds of slippery flesh of her womanhood. I was touching her! Touching her pussy! I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. I was going crazy—

Then I felt my mother gently pull on my hand.

"Come—" she softly whispered as her legs parted even wider. "Make love to me . . ."

If I live to be a million years old, I'll never know how I ended up lying on my belly between her outstretched legs. One second I was lying beside her and the next second I was between her legs, crouched over her, looking down into her beautiful blue eyes.

With my weight resting on my elbows, I could feel the head of my prick brushing against the moist softness between her legs. Then I felt mother's hand forcing its way between her belly and mine as she found me with her fingers. I felt her push down on me until the clinging warmth of her femininity closed down around the head of my cock.

"Push—" she whispered, her eyes fluttering shut as her fingers left me, leaving me to finish the defilement on my own.

Digging my toes into the mattress, I pushed off them and felt her clinging warmth envelop me. It was almost like being born again down inside her as I pushed in deeper and deeper. I'd never felt anything like it. It wasn't just the pleasurable sensation pulsating from my cock, it was everything about it. Me! Mother! Making love! The world no longer existed. There was nothing but us. The two of us locked in an i****tuous embrace, sharing a love so deep and profound nothing else mattered anymore.

Nothing would ever be the same again! My whole life changed in that split second our bodies touched and bonded into one. The reason for my existence was suddenly revealed. I was put on earth to bring pleasure to the beautiful, loving woman I was lying with.

I felt the very essence of my being leave my body and flow into my mother as our groins touched and we were totally immersed in the love flowing between us.

"Motherrrrrrrr—" was all I could think to say as I leaned down and crushed my lips against hers. The kiss was deep, frantic, soft, loving and completely overwhelming as we meshed into one. Nothing else mattered now. Not the storm, the man, the gun, the world—Nothing! If I didn't live another second, my life hadn't been wasted. I had my mother.

Mother's tongue brought me back from that ethereal plane I'd been on as it f***ed it way between my lips and into my mouth. Opening my mouth, I closed it around my mother's lips and drove my tongue into mouth as I thrust deeper into the clinging warmth of her cunt. Rolling my hips I ground myself against her, trying to get myself even deeper inside the suffocating tightness of her being.

Primal f***es took over my brain as my hips began to rock back and forth on their own. I couldn't have stopped myself even if I had wanted to which I unquestionably did not want to do. In and out, in and out, I drove into my mother with selfish indulgence, but she didn't offer even a token protest.

"Oh, yes, my Baby, oh, yes, yes, yes—" she babbled as our lips finally parted. Her hands were all over me, touching, clutching, urging me on while she thrust back at me taking me as deep as she could on every deep, thrusting stroke. Her earlier pleas for me not to fuck her were a thing of the past. A far, far thing of the past as she joined in the melee with an enthusiasm bordering on frenetic.

Then her inner thighs slapped up against my pile-driving hips as she d****d her legs across mine and hooked her ankles around the backs of my thighs. Now she was spurring me on with her hands and her legs as she pulled me against her, taking my cock all the way up to its hairy hilt on every pile-driving lunge.

I couldn't hold it back. My whole being suddenly erupted as thick, hot gobs of cum began to spurt out of my cock and spew out into the clinging emptiness between my mother's legs. I couldn't help it as my hips began to jerk and twitch while my cock spewed and sprayed out its noxious load of cum into her.

Then miraculously, I felt mother's pussy lock down around my cock as she let out a soft groan and her body stiffened under me. She was coming too! I'd done it! I made her come. I was euphoric. Fucking mom had been unimaginable, but making her orgasm? That was the cherry on top of it all.

"Mother—I love you—" I blathered out finding her lips with mine as we kissed deeply while our bodies groveled in i****tuous gratification.

"Mmmpfffff—" my mother groaned out into my mouth as our tongues twisted and fought for supremacy.

Then somewhere out on the periphery of my consciousness, I heard a door slam. What was that, I groggily asked myself?

Lifting my mouth off my mother's I twisted around, trying to look over my shoulder in the direction the sound had come from. As I did, I saw that Baldy was no longer sitting in the chair. Where was he? The stark terror of the unknown jolted me back to reality in a heartbeat.

Jerking back, I pulled out of my mother and rolled off her flinging expended cum everywhere as my softening cock slashed the air.

"Clarke—Honey—what?" mother gasped, looking over at me with saucer-sized eyes.

Rolling up onto my butt, I swung my head around from side to side looking for him. He was gone! But where, my muddled brain asked? Then, I heard an engine start up outside. What the fuck? My brain was refusing to cooperate as I staggered to my feet and stumbled across the cabin to the front door. Flinging it open, I peered out into the raging storm only to catch a glimpse of a red tail light disappearing off into the falling snow.

I'd never seen it snow so hard. I could barely see ten feet in front of me as I listened to the muffled growl of a snowmobile receding into the distance. It was crazy. Why had he done it? Well, he had gotten his rocks off hadn't he? And he'd done it with the most beautiful woman in the world. All in all, I would say that he'd scored a pretty big coup. But how? How had he found us? Where was our car? How had we gotten here? What was going to happen now?

Closing the door, I spun the knob to lock it, turned around and looked back over at the bed. When I did, I saw that mother was still lying there. Nothing had changed except she had the sheet pulled up under her chin hiding her nakedness.

"Is, uh, Is he gone?" I heard her timidly ask.

"Uh, yeah, I, I think so," I muttered, shamefully dropping my hand down hide my limp prick that was now lifelessly dangling down between my legs. There was a chill in the air as I looked over and saw that the fire in the fireplace was just about out. "I didn't see anything out there," I lied, clomping over to the pile of logs sitting by the fireplace.

Leaning down I picked out a couple of logs and put them in the fireplace.

"Is it still snowing?" I heard my mother ask.

"Harder—" I said, standing back up and turning around to face her. Momentarily forgetting that I was still naked, I u*********sly held my hands in back of me to warm them by the fire. As I did, I saw my mother's eyes drop down to my cock as it hung down between my legs.

"Sorry," I muttered, feeling a blush burn its way across my cheeks as I brought my hands back around in front to cover myself.

"That's okay," she smiled. I felt all funny and mixed up inside. I wanted her to know that I was sorry for what I'd done to her. But at the same time, I wanted her to know that I wanted to do it again . . . and again . . . and again. I loved her so much. But not like before. This was a different kind of love. A sick, deviant kind of love, but a love that was so strong it made me lightheaded with desire.

"Could you bring me my cell?" she asked me, pointing over to the table where her purse sat. "It's in my purse."

The guy had apparently thought of everything as I saw my mother's purse sitting by the dildo. And there were our clothes d****d across the back of one of the chairs sitting beside the table.

"Uh, sure," I mumbled, painfully aware of my nakedness as I plodded across the room toward the table. Should I put my pants on, I wondered? That would show a sense of decency and respect for my mother. But I didn't want to. I wanted her to see me. See that I wasn't a little boy anymore. I was a man now! Her man!

Pulling the cell out of her purse, I flicked it on as I walked back toward her. And there on the screen were the words "No Signal..."

"No signal," I told her, holding out the phone to her as she sat clutching the sheet to her throat. "Even if you could call someone, I don't think anyone could make it here through the snow outside. It looks like there's at least a foot on the ground and it's still coming down like a blizzard."

"I guess that were stuck here then," she said, turning the cell off and reaching over to set it on the nightstand by the bed. As she did, the sheet dropped down off her big, bare breasts exposing them to my leering eyes. They were perfect in every way. Big, round, sagging slightly because of their weight. They were spectacular! Even the areolas were perfectly round. About the size of silver dollars, the circles of darkened flesh were only slightly pebbled and served as a perfect backdrop for the plump, purple nipples sticking out of their centers. They looked so soft, so supple, I wanted to suck on them right now.

As mother turned back, she saw me looking down at her breasts as they softly jiggled and shook when she moved. Glancing down at them too, she modestly pulled the sheet back up to hide them from my eyes.

"Sorry . . ." she shyly murmured as a faint blush lit her cheek bones.

"Uh, yeah, uh, me, too," I muttered unable to check the shiver of excitement that tickled through my cock.

Turning, I walked back over to the fireplace and stood facing it, warming my hands to hide the evidence of my growing arousal.

"What are we going to do now?" I asked over my shoulder, almost feeling my mother's eyes studying my back, my ass, and my legs.

"I don't know," she softly answered. Then I heard the bed creak. Looking over my shoulder, I watched my mother stand up. Letting my covetous eyes wander up and down her naked body, I saw her lean down and pull the sheet off the bed and wrap it around her.

Listening to the soft clop of her heels on the bare, wood floor, I watched her step across the cabin to the window by the front door. She was holding the sheet clasped together with one hand as she pulled the curtain back and peered outside into the darkness.

"It's obvious we're not going anywhere soon," she said, letting the curtain fall back in place as she slowly turned to face me. "We wouldn't make it ten feet in that snow before we got lost."

"Yeah," I agreed with her. "It looks like we're gonna be stuck here for a while."

"I wonder if there's any food?" mother wondered out loud.

"I'll check," I nervously answered, afraid of what she would think if she saw that my cock was already sticking out in front of me and growing harder by the second.

Holding my hands in front of it to hide it from her, I awkwardly shuffled around and headed for what appeared to be a pantry by the back door. I couldn't help myself. I was a growing boy and my beautiful mom was naked under that sheet, I told myself. That was just the nature of things.

Reaching over to the back door, I made sure it was locked and then opened the pantry door, looked in and saw that there were several cans of beans and other kinds of vegetables lining the shelves. And there sitting on the top shelf were about ten or twenty bottles of wine. We wouldn't starve to death and the wine would certainly help pass the time away, I told myself, reaching up and taking down one of the bottles.

"There's beans and stuff, so I guess we won't starve to death," I told mom, turning around and holding out the bottle to show her. "And we've got wine," I grinned as I saw her eyes dart down to my half-hard cock that I'd neglected to cover back up when I turned back around.

"Oh, sorry—" I muttered ineptly trying to cover myself with my hands and the bottle of wine.

"This is so awkward—" I heard her say as she stood by the window, her fisted hand at her neck holding the sheet clutched together as another bright blush flushed across her cheeks.

"Do you want me to put my pants back on?" I asked her deciding to put everything out into the open and see how she really felt as I moved my hand away from my cock to let it flop back out into the open.

"If you want to," she said, her eyes dropping down to my cock as it continued to slowly firm up.

"Do you want me to?" I brazenly charged on, stepping over to the table and setting the bottle down on it.

"I don't know. This is all so confusing," she mumbled, seemingly unable to take her eyes off my peter. "It—it felt so right then, but now, now it feels so wrong, so dirty. It's i****t, Tim."

"No one will ever know, Mom, but him . . . and he'll never tell," I told her, turning and stepping over to the cabinet by the sink.

"But it's still wrong, Timmy. I'm your mother, Hon," she softly said as I dug around inside the drawer looking for a corkscrew or something to open the wine with. Finally spotting one, I picked it up and turned back around to face my mother.

"I thought you liked it, Mother" I complained as her eyes once again dropped down to my cock that was now in the final stages of erection. "I know I did. It was the most fantastic thing I've done in my whole life."

"Oh, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy—" mother wept, making her big tits jiggle and shake under the thin sheet. I could also see that this was affecting her too as her nipples were now tenting the thin material.

"Don't cry, Mother," I told her, setting the corkscrew down by the bottle of wine and stepping over to where my mother stood watching me with tears streaming down her cheeks. I could see the drops of tears wetting the sheet, making it almost transparent in spots where it clung to her quivering breasts. Oddly enough, one tear landed on one of her nipples as it tented the sheet and I could make out the darkened nub through the damp cloth.

Stepping up to her, I reached down and lifted my cock up against my belly so it wouldn't poke her in the belly as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me. "Don't cry, Mother, please—" I whispered, gently kissing her tear-stained cheek.

"Oh, Timmy—" she gushed, letting go of the sheet, wrapping her arms around me and returning my hug. Expecting the sheet to fall to the floor, I was disappointed when it didn't as it was trapped between us.

Then our lips touched as we softly kissed, holding onto each other so tightly it was hard for us to breathe. I could feel how hard and swollen her nipples were as her big, pillowy breasts were crushed against my bare chest. There was no hiding the hardness of my cock as it too was trapped between us digging into our bellies while we clung together. Finally our lips parted as both of us took in a deep breath of air. Then mother released her hold on me and stepped back a tiny bit. As she did, the sheet quickly went rustling down her body to land in a muddled pile at her feet.

Letting go of her, I took a step back and slowly ran my eyes down her stunning body.

"You're so beautiful . . ." I groaned as my eyes wandered down over her quivering breasts, over her flat tummy, down over her cleanly-shaven mons with the fleshy lips dangling down from it. Then down her strikingly-sculpted legs and then slowly back up to her face.

She didn't move. She just stood there looking back at me with a dazed, blank look on her pretty face.

"Timmy—" she whispered, her eyes darting down to my achingly-erect penis. This was the chance I'd been waiting for. Both of us naked, obviously aroused and smitten with each other and being swept up in the erupting passion of the moment. I couldn't stop myself as I leaned in and swept her off her feet.

As I stumbled toward the bed, I saw a brief panicky, tearful look in her eyes, but she held on tight so she wouldn't fall. Stopping at the bed, I leaned down and gently laid her down on the bed.

"You want me to stop?" I whispered, my voice cracking with the sheer magnitude of the moment. If we stepped over the line this time, there could never be any turning back. This time, we would be doing it because we wanted to do, not because we were f***ed to do it.

I could see that her lower lip was trembling as she looked up into my eyes while I breathlessly waited for her answer. Would she say yes and ruin my life? Or would she say no and our journey would begin? Embarking on a passage into a place where no son and mother should ever venture together. A place where no mother and son should ever go!

Holding my breath, I watched her trembling lips slowly part as I fearfully waited for the word that would define the rest of our lives.

"No . . ." she whispered as a big tear slowly trickled down her cheek and dropped onto the bed below. Her voice had been so low I could barely hear her but there was no doubt what she said. And yet, I had to be certain.

"Are you sure?" I asked her as another searing jolt of electric excitement ripped through my cock making it jerk and twitch.

"Yes, I'm sure—" she whispered, this time louder and more emphatic. "I want you to make love to me.

Lifting my knee up on the edge of the bed, I started to climb on it.

"Wait—" my mother warned, nervously looking over at the front door.

"What? Did you hear something?" I blurted out, frantically jerking around to look at the door.

"No. Did you lock the door?" she whispered. It was almost like she was trying not to be heard, afraid if she spoke too loud someone might hear her and know what a shameful thing we were planning.

"Yes—" I softly hissed, starting again to climb up on the bed.

"What about the back door?" she tremulously asked. I could see that she was stalling, seeming unsure about her decision.

"Yes, it's locked too. Mother, are you sure you want to do this?" I asked standing back up and taking my knee off the edge of the bed.

"Yes, I want to," she whimpered. "I just don't want him to sneak back and catch us, that's all. That would ruin it."

"He won't, Mother. Even if he wanted to, in this snow and the dark, I don't think he could find this place again," I reassured her.

"If you're sure," she mumbled, scooting over to make room for me beside her. "As sure as I can be," I mumbled slowly crawling up on the bed wondering if she would stop me again with some new excuse.

"I wanted to tell you how wonderful you made me feel the first time," she murmured as I eased down beside her. "But, well, you know, it all happened so fast and then he . . ." she stopped, rolling over onto her side and looking deep into my eyes. "I just want you to know what a wonderful lover you are," she whispered, kissing the tips of her fingers and pressing them against my lips. "I love you, Timmy—"

I was overwhelmed with love for her. My heart was pounding so hard I was afraid it might burst as her fingers slowly made their way down my chin following its outline and moving down onto my throat. It was so sensual and loving, her fingertips barely grazing my skin as they made their way down to one of my little nipples.

Pulling a pillow over, I shoved it under my head so I could watch her fingers. Then I felt my mother's soft, warm lips find my lips, softly grazing them as they kissed off them and followed the trail left by her fingertips seconds earlier.

As her fingers left my nipple, they were replaced by her lips. Softly sucking and pulling at the swollen little nub, she teased the tip of her tongue round and round the nipple as her fingers slowly trailed down my belly to my navel. There was something so intimate, so personal about her touching me there. Touching me where we had once been joined as one.

I could feel the bed shaking under me as mother's lips butterflied their way down to my navel. As she kissed lower and lower, her body was swiveling almost stretching out at a right angle to mine. I wanted her to take me in her mouth, but I wanted to please her too. Reaching out, I gently grasped hold of her thigh, just below the point where it joined the cheek of her delightful butt.

Gently pulling, I tried to pull her toward me. As I did, I saw my mother look up at me and smile. Then she pushed up onto her hands and knees and slowly moved around until her knees were resting on the bed beside my shoulder. Eagerly watching, I felt the bed jiggle as she lifted one leg, swung it over and dropped her knee down onto the bed on the other side of me.

Now she was straddling me, knees brushing my shoulders, her heavy, full breasts resting on my belly while her succulent, delectable pussy was floating in the air just above my impatient lips. It reminded me of a beautiful, pink-petaled rose covered with early morning dew as its provoking pungence washed over me. Cupping the rounded softness of her ass in the palms of my hands, I pulled the luscious, pink-lipped sweetmeat down onto my lips.

I was awash with her smell as I slowly ran my tongue around and over the silky soft folds of flesh encircling the opening of her sex. I had never felt anything so soft, so slippery smooth as the seeping wetness between her legs.

Then I felt her fingers curl around my cock and lift it up off my belly. Holding my breath, I waited for the touch of her lips. As the moist warmth enveloped the head of my cock, I felt her teeth graze the sensitive skin and her lips closed down around the shaft just below it. A soft, gentle suck and then her lips lifted off it. I could feel her bending my penis down as the tip of her tongue flicked back and forth across the arrowed cleft on the underside of the head.

Squeezing and massaging the firm, round cheeks of her ass, I twirled my tongue round and round in the fleshy folds of her sex. As I did, I felt her lips close back down around my cock as her hand began to work up and down it while she sucked. I had found heaven . . . and it was good—

Mother's hips were slowly rocking up and down as she painted my lips and face with her gooey abundance while her lips worked their magic on my primed cock.

Probing the slippery softness between her legs with my tongue, I searched for her clitoris. Her clit. The core of her femininity. Then I felt the round, hard nub of swollen flesh brush against my lips and the murmur that escaped out around my cock told me that I'd found it.

"Mmmmmmmmuhhhhh—" mother groaned, her breath warm and moist on my spit-drenched cock.

I could feel the pressure building down inside my balls as mother's fisted hand and lips jerked up and down on my cock. Trying to respond in like manner, I pulled her butt down, fluttering my tongue back and forth across her squiggly clit as fast as I could.

Then she stopped, letting my peter slither out from between her spit-covered lips. Holding onto my balls and the base of my cock with her hand, she slowly licked up the shaft to the head and sensually twirled her sinuous tongue around it. Then she rubbed it back and forth across her lips for a few seconds before she hungrily sucked me back inside her mouth.

The burn in my balls was growing hotter and hotter. Mother seemed to sense this as her hand squeezed tighter and worked up and down faster. I could hear her lips wetly slurping on my cock as she sucked harder. She was sucking so hard, it felt like she was trying to suck my balls up through my cock and I knew that with a matter of seconds she was going to achieve that feat. Or at least she was going to suck out their gooey contents.

"Mother—Mother—" I groaned out into her pussy, trying to warn her of the impending eruption, but instead of stopping, she only worked harder. Her head was bobbing up and down furiously as she pumped her fist, stroking me and coaxing me to give up my creamy load.

As much as I wanted to cum in her pussy, I couldn't hold it back.

"Mmmmooottthhh—Oh—oh—oh, God—" I gasped as I felt my balls explode. A spasm of pure, electric pleasure tore through me as my cock kicked and a giant gusher of superheated cum rushed up it and spewed out into my mother's mouth. Gripping my peter harder, she kept working her hand up and down me, coaxing out more and more of the creamy goo as a gush escaped her lips and ran down the shaft onto my convulsing balls.

Her lips and mouth never paused as she sucked my balls dry, swallowing my cum and trying to bring out even more of their gooey filling. I could feel the tension flowing out of my muscles. I was done! Finished! Mother had drained the essence right out of me.

Floating in the warm, happy afterglow of my orgasm, I became aware of the soft wetness pressing against my lips. Mother's pussy! In my own selfish indulgence I had forgotten about it. Suddenly, it became the most important thing in the world. I had to make her come, too. I had to repay her and bring her the same pleasure she had just brought me.

Wrapping my arms around mother's hips, I held onto her and clumsily rolled her over onto her back. Staring down into the abyss, I'd wanted to touch her everywhere. Show her there were no boundaries in my love for her. Lifting my arms up, I slipped the behind my mother's legs and gently pushed them up, tilting her hips and opening the entire sweep of her sex to my lips. Spreading the cheeks of her ass open with my tongue, I found the pucker of her tight, little asshole.

As I gently poked and probed the rubbery pucker with my tongue, I heard a murmur bubble out of my mother's mouth as her lips closed down around my empty, dangling balls. Slowly letting her legs ease back down onto the bed, I kissed my way off her asshole, down over the smooth expanse of bare skin between it and her wet, drooling pussy. Starting at the weeping opening of her sex, I kissed and licked up the fleshy groove, nibbling and sucking on the plump, puffy lips edging the slippery gash.

As I feasted on the moist succulence, I could feel my mother's fingers feverishly clutching and mauling my wilted manhood, trying to coax life back into while her swirling tongue was all over my spit-covered balls. I could feel the energy beginning to flow back into my cock as I found the hard, little nub of her clit bulging out of its fleshy sheath.

Another soft groan gurgled out around my balls as I roughly flicked my tongue across her vulnerable clit. Focusing all of my attention on the swollen kernel, I fluttered my tongue all over it, swirling, licking, sucking and licking it as fast and hard as I could.

I could feel my mother's legs trembling as her smooth, warm inner thighs pressed against my cheeks. Her whole body was straining up against me. Her hips were slowly rolling back and forth as she painted my lips and face with the succulent juice pouring from her pussy. I could taste the heady sweetness of the overflow on my tongue as I lashed her clit with it while my mother groveled under me.

The fleshy vice clamped against my cheeks was clenching tighter and tighter as the moans escaping out around my balls grew louder and louder. The quivering muscles in her legs were growing tighter and tighter as she fought ever closer to her release. As she rushed toward her finish, her back was arching up off the bed pressing her pillowy breasts against my belly as her clutching, pulling, plucking fingers frantically worked on my rapidly-hardening cock.

I could sense that her moment was at hand. And then suddenly, she gasped and her legs tightened around my head, squeezing so hard, I thought she might crush it as a flood of juice spewed out of her spasming cunt.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes—" she hissed as she spit out my balls and her hands found the back of my head. Pushing down with her fingers, she held me against her pussy as her hips jerked up and down rubbing her orgasming clit against my lashing tongue.

The bed shook and shivered under us as mother rode out her orgasmic seizure. Every muscle in her body was tensed into a knot, trembling and twitching as waves of pleasure washed over her while she climaxed.

The storm seemed to rage on for hours until finally her muscles couldn't take anymore. With a soft, whimpering sigh, she collapsed back down onto the bed a mass of limp flesh as she tried to catch her breath.

Her pawing hands had worked their magic on my fallen warrior and now he was proudly jutting out hard and ripe once again.

Throwing my leg off her, I scrambled around until we were once against face to face. Reaching down, I roughly shoved her legs apart to bare the oozing, juice-slathered gash between her legs as I moved up over her.

"Babbbbbieeeee—" she groaned out, her hands finding my jutting maleness and pushing it down toward her waiting sex. She was so wet and slippery I slid right in as I dipped my hips and lunged forward. The impetus of my thrust drove my cock down into her all the way up to its hairy hilt as our groins wetly slapped together.

I was back! Back where I belonged. Back inside the embracing warmth of her womanhood. Back inside the womb that had given me life, nurtured me, nourished me and now was bringing me the pleasure I so needed and craved. We were together again, as one, the way it was meant to be!

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2 years ago
I wasn't too thrilled with the story at first, rape tends to really tick me off, but I sensed that this story had more to offer. After "Baldy" left the story got very hot and exciting. This is a story to be proud of my friend.
3 years ago
Yes a mothers cunt is the best place for her boys cock.