Attending her best friend's s*******nth birthday party
in a blue dress, high heel and under her dress was blue
clothing. Her desires were to celebrate her friend
Debbie's birthday in a way she suddenly desired with
passion. Yet needed to find one she wanted to give her
love too after the loss of her virginity to stud muffin
Brent. Holly loved in her mind more than the reality of
life. How did she end up when she was older was the
question? (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, rom)


When one looks for a town or village that time seemed
to have forgotten, Swanson must meet that degree of
social lifestyle. The small town of 3,500 was populated
with friendly residents, but most weren't employed
within Swanson because there weren't enough jobs for
people in the small town. Work available in Swanson was
limited to low income positions, except for those
employed in agricultural related employment at some of
the large food processing plants.

Strolling at a lazy gate down the sidewalk of Main
Street from her job at the IGO Supermarket it was easy
to see why people enjoyed living in Swanson. Today she
had enjoyed seeing elder couples, widows or widowers or
those who were younger and had been grocery shopping
while others were at jobs or would be heading off to
work later. Many of the shoppers worked during second
or the midnight shifts at a job in Swanson's agri-
businesses. Some would drive up the highway to the
state capital for to earn a decent income.

Holly Anne Brooks felt lucky to be employed at the IGO
grocery store as a cashier. This provided the cute teen
a chance to see those she had known for her entire
s*******n years of life while residing in her hometown,
Swanson. After working for six hours - from nine in the
morning until three in the afternoon - Holly believed
she earned a nice income and didn't have to work at a
lesser paying job in the fast food industry.

Although some of her friends got great tips waiting
tables or serving ice cream at the local DQ, they also
had to work during evening and weekend hours instead of
being able to socialize. There was a hidden side to
Holly's life that only one other person knew about. She
kept her image as a young innocent virgin in the
forefront of all she did or said.

No one had any reason to consider the lovely teenager
wasn't the pure and innocent girl, she acted like and
presented herself to be. One person knew she was still
a virgin, but far from innocent and in fact initiated
sexual body contact with her favorite relative; Uncle

Uncle Roy had discovered the young girl enjoyed being
caressed when she would be alone with him for no more
than a couple of minutes. Holly found it convenient to
undress and expose her body to him. She learned by the
age of eight how to kiss and suck her favorite uncle's
large thing.

When she decided to get a job she knew Uncle Roy who
owned the IGO would hire her as she was his favorite
niece in many ways. During the time she was being
interviewed and seated on her Uncle Roy's lap, Holly
forgot about being the innocent girl she was any other
time. In fact she was only sexual when she and her
uncle were alone.

Feeling her uncle humping up against her hips as she
sat on his lap, Holly could feel the big hard thing
inside his pants. Having seen her uncle's penis Holly
knew she desired he do it to her. After being felt up
while seated on her uncle's lap, she tried on the
cashier's uniform she would be wearing. Making a silent
prayer, Holly thought how glad she was in wearing the
sexy bra and panties so her uncle would become excited
in seeing them on her.

When her uncle hugged her and eased his finger up
inside her sex, Holly's mind was such she believed it
wasn't happening. After all she was with her uncle and
if some boy should by chance be lucky enough to touch
her or whatever, she would tell him it was the first
time she'd ever been felt up.

Yet the teen knew her uncle had fondled and lovingly
stroked her tender body for several years and today she
hoped he would do her sexually and make her a woman.
Holly informed her uncle two days ago when she and her
parents were having dinner at his place, "Okay Uncle
Roy, when I come in for my interview, I want you to do
me in your office. I've thought how romantic that would
be - you will be my first. You have always been my
first and I remember how exciting you became the time I
undressed and you discovered for the first time that I
finally I had a dozen or so hairs on my fatty mound.
Remember? You kissed them... yeah, you were so happy
for me to finally become a woman."

Holly knew her mother's b*****r gave her the hours she
wished to work. She got special treatment when she
turned sixteen and commenced working at IGO, although
her first job was in a janitorial for one month.

Next Holly worked in receiving and stocking for two
months during the first year she was employed by her
favorite uncle.

Holly passed the cashier test with the store's highest
score ever and rated second in the time it took to
process customers through the checkout line. From then
it was assured the vivacious teen would become a
cashier the following day. Every other Saturday and
Sunday the cute teenager worked, but that was better
than the hours most of her friends worked. Besides she
never worked past eight in the evening as cashier.

Her eyes saw something sparkling in the grass between
the sidewalk and the street curb as she neared Drew
Street while walking toward the DQ a few blocks up Main
Street. When she got to the spot where the sunlight was
reflecting off something, Holly Anne about flipped out
as she leaned down and picked up the object.

"Good gosh," Holly exclaimed! It's the biggest diamond
on a ring I've ever seen. Can it be real? It's really a
big diamond? After studying the ring for a while Holly
looked inside the band and noted it read 18k P. W.J. -
L.K 1965 engraved inside the exceptionally wide ring
band. Holly knew 18k signified the gold was eighteen
karat, and the P reflected 'plumb' which meant the gold
was no less than eighteen karats, but could be more.

Removing the chain from around her neck with locket
from her parents on the thick gold chain, Holly slipped
the chain through the ring band and refastened the
necklace around her neck. "That should keep me from
losing the ring as someone else has done. Guess I best
not tell anyone about the ring until I show it to mom
and dad."

While enjoying a diet soft drink at the DQ with a
couple of friends, Holly listened as Debbie Harque told
about her date the past Saturday night with her steady
Brent Madison. For a moment Holly thought she hadn't
heard her friend correctly as she told about her and
Brent going to his aunt's cabin at Lake Louise. "You
serious Debbie, you let him...?" Before she could
finish her question, her friend interrupted her and
Holly could see the sixteen year old had tears in the
corner of her eyes.

"Darn it all to heck," Debbie remarked and then
continued saying, "...yeah he got me to undress, but
promised not to f***e me to do anything other than what
we did when we made out. Brent was kissing me and kept
asking I let him feel me up. Why wouldn't I finally let
him feel me up just once without clothes just once?
Dumb ass me, I believed him. After I undressed and was
nude, Brent touched me like we did with our clothes on.

When he asked me if I liked it better to be caressed
and loved with no clothes on, I admitted it was much
nicer. And honest it was nice to be nude when he was
touching me. I loved feeling his nude body against mine
as we lay side by side and I even touched his hard
erection for the first time. Not long after I undressed
Brent got pushy and the next thing I knew he was on top
of me and trying to f***e me to let him put it in me...
oh Holly, am I still a virgin?

"Did he push his thing in you, like inside you vagina
or just on the outside?" Holly asked her friend.

Speaking softly as if she was afraid to say what
happened Debbie eventually told Holly, "He rubbed it
all around on my thing and in the edge like and shot
his stuff all over me. I'm afraid some got inside me.
I'll never see Brent again and he's threatened to tell
everyone I let him do me. Now what shall I do Holly?"

For the next half hour Holly tried to console her
friend before they walked home together. Holly and
Debbie lived two doors from each other on Jeffers Park
Drive, which was the prime older street to live on in
Swanson. When they arrived at her house, Debbie looked
at her house and could see Brent's car in her driveway.

"Quick Holly let's go in your house. Brent's in my
drive and must be around back by the pool. I will call
mom and tell her to make him leave." Once they were
inside the house Debbie called her mother and said she
never wanted to see Brent again.

Her mother asked, "Why - did he do something bad...?"

"He's crude and rude mom." and listened as her mother
remarked, "Honey, I will tell him to leave and he isn't
to come again unless I'm advised by my daughter she
would see him again - is that what you wish for me to
say to Brent, Debbie?"

"Yeah mom... thanks for helping me out of this mess,"
After Debbie spoke with her mother; she hoped it
wouldn't be necessary to explain more of her problem to
her mother. During the next week Debbie received phone
calls from her friends telling her Brent was going
around town telling everyone he had sex with her.

Had he been smart Brent would have kept his mouth shut
as he was nineteen years old and Debbie only sixteen?
Word filtered back to Debbie's father, George Harque
who was sheriff of Harding County. Brent was
unknowingly facing some major problems and within the
next month had been cited four times for speeding,
twice for following too close and running a stop sign
by the Swanson Police.

The judge listened as the sheriff explained the
problems his daughter was having because of the 'lies'
Brent Madison was spreading about his lovely little
girl. When George Harque added to his comments, "Judge,
you and I grew up together and I must tell you, Brent
likely m*****ed your daughters Penny and Melody. Plus
there are rumors floating around our office about
twelve girls he has messed with. As you most likely are
aware, none of us wish to have our daughter's names
brought up, such as your two little daughters, so no
one wishes to file charges."

"Yes, that is all true and what else can you say that
might help us settle this some other way?" the judge

Shaking his head, the sheriff said, "After all, Swanson
is still a small town and everyone would know who the
girls are that would be involved. Plus everyone in the
county would be in the court room hearing the sexual
comments of what did or didn't happen. Either way, the
girls would be on the witness stand if a trial was held
when prosecuting Brent Madison and everyone would hear
how they permitted the boy to have sex with them...
even if they are u******e, they still allowed him to do

Smiling from behind the glasses he referred to as the
'Teddy Kennedy' look as nose piece was resting at the
end of his nose and consisted of only half frames he
used for reading, Judge Mark Hastings simply remarked,
"Justice will be served. Too bad we don't have a DUI
charge against that boy."

"Hell judge, old buddy, we do. I forgot about that one.
In fact he'd been in an accident when he was cited for
DUI and u******e consumption," George Harque stated.

"Ah yes, how sweet justice can be for those who desire
the best our criminal courts can provide. Leave it to
me my old buddy, leave it to me," and smiled as he

Holly called Debbie's father and he informed her she
needed to bring the ring to the jail and turn it in,
and if no one claimed it in ninety days it would belong
to her.

For the past few weeks since listening to her friend
Debbie tell how Brent assaulted her, Holly couldn't get
the circumstances from her mind. Having never permitted
a boy to even crop a feel of her legs, although a few
were lucky enough to have cupped her breasts through
her clothes, none had ever gotten overly personal in
the romantic department with Holly. Unless one counted
her Uncle Roy and he got more than lucky.

Having come home from work and it being Saturday, Holly
thought about the surprise s*******nth birthday party
Debbie's parents were holding for their daughter this
evening. Setting in the swirling bath water of the
Jacuzzi tub, Holly was resting with her legs straddling
the strong water jet that shot out from the bottom of
the tub.

Having discovered the stimulating water jet striking
against her sex, Holly would at times allow the strong
blast of water to strike her labia and clitoris until
it gave her sexual pleasures. Perhaps once or twice
every couple of months since her father installed the
Jacuzzi when she was thirteen; Holly allowed the jet
stream of water to act as the only means of
masturbation she engaged in.

With her parents out of the house and enjoying a rib
and corn on the cob meal at the Legion Post this
evening the teen felt excited being alone? Her parents
planned on staying for the dance later that evening, so
Holly knew she could enjoy the act of self sexual play
without being found out.

Her mind once again was thinking of what Debbie had
told her about Brent and her playing nude together.
After a few times of hearing the story of what Brent
had done, Debbie let it slip Brent had slipped his
thing inside her sex and moved it around in her until
he went in very deep and it hurt. Last week they had
spent Saturday night together at Debbie's and as they
lay together in her friend's bed, in the dark room,
Holly had asked, "So did you bleed after he did you...
what was it like when he took your virginity?"

Debbie suddenness in moving over and hugging her friend
and commence crying caught Holly off guard. As her
friend buried her face between Holly's neck and
shoulder, with her lips by her left ear, Debbie
confessed she had engaged in sex with Brent.

For Holly the confession was a complete surprise as her
best friend gave her the complete details of what had
taken place.

"I'm gonna' come clean. I can't stand lying to you any
longer. Holly when we arrived at Lake Lousie and
Brent's Aunt Shelby's cabin, it was my idea we undress
completely. We often messed around, but never allowed
him to touch inside my clothes or higher than half way
between my knees and my sex. This time I wanted
something different and loved Brent so much. When he
asked me... no he actually begged and pleaded with me
to let him touch inside my bra and panties. I was
confused as he leaned over and pushed my skirt up and
rested his face on my legs. Brent had done this in the
past, but this time he kissed my legs. Oh Holly when he
kissed the skin on the inside of my thighs I could only
think of what you and I'd discussed about letting some
boy kiss our things."

"You serious girlfriend... Holly mollies Debbie... oh
wow. He kissed your legs? Did it feel good?" Holly
asked in complete surprise and she curiously peaked and
reached down and eased her fingers inside her panties
as she lay in bed while her friend was pressed against
her body.

"T E R R I F I C! Oh wow was it terrific. I mean it was
terrific feeling a boy's lips kissing the skin on the
inside of my thighs. Holly, I let him kiss me all the
way up my legs until his lips were kissing the crotch
of my undies. When he kissed his way up my left leg, he
moved his lips to my ankle and after taking off my
sandals, Brent kissed my feet and sucked on my toes. He
licked them and all over and even between them."

Pausing for a moment as if she was trying to get the
facts exactly correct, Debbie continued with her story.
"Brent kissed his way up my right leg and I thought I'd
gone to heaven. The sensations were pleasantly warm and
wonderful. What seemed strange to me at the time I
remember was Brent never touched me with his hands...
not my breasts or legs, nor did he attempt to feel
inside my panties. This was something he always wanted
and tried to do previously when we made out. Don't ask
me what came over me that night as I have no idea, but
I wanted to be naked with him." Debbie said softly as
her lips were pressed tightly against Holly's ear.

"Oh Debbie, you make it sound so romantic. I must tell
you I'm so excited hearing you I'm touching my... my
sex. This is the first time I've every put my fingers
in me like this. Gosh girlfriend; tell me the rest if
you want," Holly whispered back to her friend and
wasn't embarrassed admitting she was stroking her 'Love
Nest' while lying next to her best friend.

"Yeah, well uh after some time passed my panties were
soaking wet and I took Brent's hand in mine. I slowly
placed it under my top and I wasn't wearing a bra, so
his hands were on my nude titty. Oh boy did I feel like
the night was perfect. In a minute or so Brent pulled
my panty over to one side and kissed the hair at the
top of my thing... then kissed the lips of my sex.
Holly I climaxed like a train hit me it was so strong.
I had gotten myself off a couple of times before when I
touched my thing, but this time it just rolled from
deep in my tummy and out through my sex. I got
extremely wet as I got off for what seemed liked

"You climaxed... a real orgasm? Jezz, oh you lucky
girl! Oh Debbie I wish it had been me," Holly exclaimed
as she continued easing her finger into her body for
the first time in her life.

Debbie kissed Holly's ear and asked, "You're still
touching your thing... aren't you? Anyway girlfriend
when we looked at each other, I asked Brent if we
should undress."

Brent replied, "We are to take our clothes off? Is that
what you're offering me sweetheart," and as he spoke I
stood and removed my top, skirt, and my panties. We
were in the living room of the cabin and Brent went
into another room and returned with a heavy quilt.
Brent placed the quilt on the floor and grabbed a
couple of pillows off the leather sofa. In moments we
lay down on the floor together."

"...and did you do it?" Holly asked as the first part
of her question was lost when her voice froze as her
finger brought down a small ripple of a climax.

Her voice became husky as Debbie said, "Oh Holly, I was
lying on my back and Brent moved on top of me and I
asked if he was going to make love to me. Instead of
replying I felt him push my legs apart as he moved on
top of me. I felt his hard thing pressing in the
entrance of my thing. He shoved in just a little ways
and it hurt like you wouldn't believe. I mean it hurt
so bad I must have passed out. Later I went to the
doctor I was told my hymen was overly thick and had
such a small opening it should have been surgically

"You're k**ding - gee I never heard of such a thing,"
Holly said with curiosity in her voice.

"Oh hell girlfriend, it hurt so badly and I asked Brent
to wait and maybe we could do it another night. I guess
he thought I was teasing him or something and he
shouted at me and said I was a 'CT' a true cock teaser.
Holly, he shoved his thing really hard up inside me and
continued pushing it up me until it split my virginity.
I cried out he was killing me and he'd no more got it
up me and he squirted off his stuff... you know what I
mean right?" the sobbing girl said.

Then Debbie ended her comments by saying, "He really
hurt me Holly. That is why I went to the doctor on
Monday, but never told my parents or anyone else. I was
so embarrassed and refused to even speak with Brent
after that."

Setting in the Jacuzzi and enjoying the effects of the
water masturbating her sex, Holly finally had enough of
the tingling sensations and wondered why it didn't get
her off like it had in the past. Using a new razor to
shave her underarms, her legs and lastly trimming the
hair growing on her legs next to her pubic area, but
not shaving any of the fine brown hairs on the lips of
her sex, Holly used the shower hose and rinsed off her
body after shaving. Running her hands up and down her
legs, Holly was finally satisfied that her legs were
perfectly smooth.

Going to her room and taking the package from her
closet with the blouse and shorts she had purchased for
girlfriend, Holly opened the gift wrap paper and
wrapped the gift. Moving to her dresser, she opened her
lingerie drawer and took out a matching blue lace bra
and panty set. Thinking how the set had looked when she
tried it on at Victoria's Secrets, Holly had a brief
thought of undressing until she was wearing only the

Picking up the lingerie and fitting the bra over her
breasts, she clipped the front clasp of the bra, moving
it until it fit snuggly. Slowly Holly stepped into the
matching panties and once the French cut was pulled
tightly up over her hips, looked in the mirror and
noted how they accented her buttocks.

Turning so she was standing and viewing her image in a
profile, Holly studied the panty from the back and
side. Oh I love how they cut across my buttocks and
shows how perfectly round my hips are. The attractive
and charming teen could see her hips curled under in a
smooth roll until they joined her upper legs; Holly
knew she looked like a movie start.

Holly slipped on the matching blue lace top thigh-high
stockings and black heels. She walked to her bathroom
to view her image in the full length wall mirrors.
Knowing the material of the blue satin dress she had
purchased to go with her lingerie would be perfect when
she met up with her friends at Debbie's birthday party.

Looking in the mirror Holly saw the fine hairs along
the edge of her labium were visible alongside the leg
openings on her high French cut panty. Once again the
thought of being alone with Brent Madison flashed
across her mind. Every since she listened to Debbie
tell the truth about what happened between she and
Brent the teen had wanted to get with Brent to just
have oral sex done to her.

Holly couldn't get her mind to stop visualizing she was
the girl ravished by the handsome Brent. Pretending
Brent was standing beside her as she looked in the
mirror, Holly spoke aloud, "So my darling Brent do I
appeal to you? Would you like to kiss me all over?
Perhaps you'd find immense pleasure making oral love to
me before capturing my virginity...let me say capturing
my cherry. Would it be something you would enjoy...
capturing my cherry and being the man who f***efully
tore it out of me... even harder than you did Debbie's
cherry? Would you enjoy giving me untold love while
busting my cherry?"

When the phone rang she realized how much she had been
involved in her fantasy of being made love to by Brent.
"I must be nuts," she thought as she ran to her room
and answered her phone.

"Hi - oh hello Debbie - yeah - yeah I'm about dressed -
the blue outfit I bought with the matching undies and
stockings. Sure, if we get the chance and you lock the
door to your room I'll take the dress off for you...
besides I'd like you to take some pics of me with my
digital camera - see you in a while," and as she hung
up the phone, Holly decided to walk to the party as it
was such a nice evening and after all she laughing told
herself, "It's only two doors away."

The party was fun and everyone loved the dress she
wore. Holly and Debbie were standing by the small bar
her father had built by the pool and her friend asked,
"What say we go look at your outfit and I will take
your pics for you."

Once they were in Debbie's room and her friend had
taken several photos of her, Holly unfastened the snap
on her dress and eased it over her head and laid it on
the bed. She listened to her girlfriend in a gentle
voice, "Holly you're beautiful. I don't suppose you'd
possibly consider my making love to you. Damn, how do
you keep from being jumped by every guy you date? Has
anyone ever seen you dressed like this?"

"Only one beside you right now - and he said about the
same as you. However, his opinion can't count as it was
my father. He had me put on a bikini for a photo spread
his company was working on. That was three months ago.
Guess the competition was tough as I never heard
anything," Holly replied.

"Yeah, but has your father ever seen you in a bra and
panty that allows the skin of your breasts to show
through the lace and the hair on you thing to be viewed
like I'm seeing in those terrific panties. Darn, but I
have to get me some like them. Like I said, I have
never been with a girl, but I could make an exception
with someone like you girlfriend. To bad I'm leaving
with mom and dad after the party for our trip. We are
flying to San Francisco in the morning at five, so we
are staying at the airport hotel tonight so we don't
have to drive there in the morning."

Hugging her friend as she thought of all things, Brent
Madison having enjoyed getting Debbie's virginity and
now she wants mine. Is that some kind of poetic
justice?" Holly asked her self and wished somehow she
could hook up with Brent tonight while wearing the blue
outfit. Kissing her friend on the cheek, Holly was
nearly breathless as she told her friend, "Perhaps when
you get back from your birthday holiday, you can have
the rest of your present... if you're certain you'd
enjoy doing to me what I think your want."

"Holly? You serious... oh yes. I would love that. I
will think of nothing else until I return and my lips
can capture you're... your virginity," the girl who was
celebrating her s*******nth birthday whispered as her
lips and tongue were kissing her friend.

Even Holly was surprised the French kiss was better
than she'd experienced with a boy. But could she truly
allow her friend to have oral sex with her? Will it
make me gay if I let Debbie kiss and lick my pussy?
Gee, if only Brent would ask me," were the thoughts
running like bolts of lightning passing across her

By 10:30 that evening the party was breaking up and
walking from Debbie's house, Holly decided to walk
around the block as it was so nice outside. Turning the
corner at the block and heading towards Main Street,
Holly saw a car slow down as it passed her and looking
across her shoulder saw it turn around and head back
towards her.

Thinking it was someone from the party, she walked
slower and thought it would be nice if her friends
should come by and they could head out on the
interstate to the truck stop for coffee and sit around
and talk.

When the car pulled up alongside her, Holly recognized
the voice as the deep bass voice asked, "Want a ride
good looking?"

Her legs became week and her mind nearly went blank as
she considered who was trying to pick her up. Then her
fantasies were in the forefront of her brain as she
reached out and opened the door of the car. Sliding
into the leather bucket seat of the sporty Corvette,
Holly allowed her voice to say nothing more than, "Hi
Brent... sure... why not."

For the next half hour they rode around and finally
Holly used her cell phone and called her parents on
their cell. From the background noise Holly knew her
father and mother were still at the Legion Post. When
she spoke to her mother she indicated she was with
friends and they were going to ride around and it might
be late before she got home.

"Okay honey... you going to be staying with friends
tonight? It is okay if you do as your father and I are
with your aunt and uncle and we might just go to their
place and spend the night. Your uncle is trying to
become post commander and a group of the members are
heading to his place and your aunt was us to spend the

Finally the time of truth came about as Brent asked,
"Would you like to ride out to my aunt's cabin at the
lake? Hey, I know Debbie is your friend, but it isn't
like she said..."

"Hush Brent... this is you and I tonight. I love your
car. Sure we can go to your aunts. Will anyone else be
there" the cute teen asked while hoping only the two of
them would be at the cabin.

"Just you, I and the lightning bugs. You want to drive
my car sweetheart?" and as he spoke pulled over to the
side of the road and got out of the Vette.

Brent walked around and opened the door for Holly and
reaching his hand out, helped her step from his car.
Walking her around to the driver's side, Brent held her
hand for a moment and as the moon was full could see
how attractive Holly looked in the blue dress.

While they stood by the door, Brent felt Holly squeeze
his hand and she moved until she was standing directly
against him. Tilting her face upward, she told him,
"Thank you. I wore it and what is under it just for you
my princes... are you truly enjoy my dress? Look at
this," Holly said in a sexy voice and eased the hem of
her dress upward until it was past the lace top of her

"Good gawd almighty! Shit Holly, you trying to get me
killed or trying to give me a heart attack. Damn! Damn,
I can't believe you. Your legs look perfect in this
moon light. Are you setting me up or playing games with
me? Be honest Holly." and pulled the lovely unresisting
girl's body against his own. His lips moved to kiss the
girl and found her tongue seeking his as their lips

A few minutes later Holly pulled the Vette into the
parking space next to the cabin and she waited until
Brent walked around and opened her door. This time she
had pulled the skirt of her dress up so it was up to
her waist and she knew it would display her legs up to
where her panty showed the side of her legs.

Once they were in the cabin, Brent showed her around
each of the rooms and Holly looked at the place on the
living room floor between the leather sofa and the
fireplace and tried to determine exactly where Debbie
had lost her virginity. "Will I have mine taken in the
same place before this night is over?" as the never
before boldness of her actions and thoughts took over
her body and soul.

They walked out the sliding back door of the cabin,
Holly saw they were standing on the dock and boat ramp
that was part of the boat house. Standing by the end of
the pier, Holly loved the view of the water as the full
moon illuminated it and the bright yellow of the moon
reflected its light on her and Brent.

Turning so she was facing the moon light as it passed
across Brent's shoulder, Holly slide her hand from the
handsome youth and told him, "Watch closely and before
speaking again, think what could make this become a
memorable night for both of us... you must be perfectly
honest or the spell shall end. Do you understand my

"Yes..." and then he said no more as he watched Holly
reach down and catch the hem of her dress in her hands.
He hadn't seen her unfasten the snap at the neck, but
his eyes took in the movement of the dress up her legs.
When the dress was at the level of the lace top
stockings, he shuddered at how perfect they looked in
the moonlight. Slowly the dressed moved up and bare
skin was showing above the lace and he wondered how far
this girl would go.

In all he knew of Holly Anne Brooks she was so virginal
no one even thought of having sex with her. What was
her game and was this some type of revenge because of
his nailing her best friend Debbie Harque. Brent saw
the center of her legs and the material of her panty
and knew she was wearing a pair of European underpants.
They were like some bathing suits cut high on the leg
with a small strip of material covered the sexual
center of a woman's body.

The dress continued to move up until it was above the
panty top, and then on upward until it passed the bra
encased breasts of the lovely vision of woman before
him. Finally he could stand it no longer as the dress
was completely removed from Holly's body.

"My gawd Holly... you are like a goddess rising in the
moonlight and I have never in my life viewed such a
lovely female. If you wish to know if I want you, I
must tell you that I do with all my soul. No other
woman could begin to compare with you. Holly, I know
you are a virgin and yes, yes I would love to be your
first... and only! Yes Holly, I could love you from
your head to your feet and start all over again. Will
you come to me," and he moved to where she stood;
picked her up in his arms and carried her to the cabin.

Inside the cabin, Holly told Brent, "I want you to
photograph me with my camera. When I'm nude I want the
photos to be nice, but explicit. Don't be afraid to
offend me. Brent tell me something... do you want my
virginity... my cherry... do you want to have me and
you be my first?"

"Holly... how could any man not want you?" and after
spending an hour of taking her photos in all kinds of
poses and in every room, they returned to the living
room and after lighting the fireplace and Holly posed
in various poses before the fire. Then she took the
camera and after Brent was nude took his penis in her
mouth and using the timer shot photos of her mouth
capturing his pens and bag of testicles. Photos of
Brent performing oral sex on her was done and finally
Holly was so heated she simply told the handsome male,
"Make love to me Brent... take my cherry if you want

After hearing Debbie tell her about how her hymen was
over thick, Holly had gone to her doctor and inquired
about her own virginity. Doctor Wiseman advised Holly,
"Honey you have an extremely thick hymen, which in
medical terms is referred to as a microperforate hymen.
The membrane like skin nearly covers the interior of
your vagina, although it does have a small hole that
permits your menstrual bl**d to flow from your body
since you reached puberty. However, before you commence
having sex I would recommend you consider having it
surgically cut to allow easy first time penetration."

Doctor Roberta Wiseman was a kind woman and her
mother's doctor who delivered Holly. Dr. Wiseman
provided Holly with an option if she so wished to have
such done and in the event she wished her hymen cut.

"Holly dear, we could leave some of the membrane so it
will give you the sensation of a normal hymen being
taken. If you choose to not have it cut by a doctor
you'll likely suffer a very difficult first time.
Perhaps the first couple of times after your initial
sex will also be difficult and painful."

Although it was a separate time, Holly loved feeling
Brent licking her feet and legs and then up across her
stomach and slowly feasting on her breasts. The hard
34-B cups of Holly's breasts were tipped with very
miniscule sized nipples. In fact they were no large
than they had been when she was a little first grader,
she thought after seeing a photo of her once when she
was not wearing a top and it was dated when she was a
first grade student.

Brent's mouth took the delightful glands into his mouth
and after enjoying them for several minutes, rolled the
lovely girl onto her back. Then he eased her onto her
stomach and kissed his way completely up and down her
back. After going down her left leg, he repeated the
oral attention to her right leg and when he was kissing
her right hip; his hands pulled her round buttocks
apart. Before she could even consider what was going to
occur, Holly felt Brent's lips and tongue pleasuring
her anus.

"Aughhhh Brent... you're kissing and licking my... my
b-butt! Doesn't that bother you my prince. Um. Oh Brent
your tongue is soft and sweet. You're enjoying doing
that to my butt; really? Be honest... have you ever
done this with any other girl?" and Holly felt her body
climaxing as Brent's fingers played with her clit.

"No you're the first I've ever licked like this
darling. Oh yeah Holly, I want to make you feel good,"
he exclaimed as his tongue probed her anus while
kissing, licking and sucking it at the same time.

After her climax, Brent moved up over the lovely young
girl and wanted to kiss her. He thought Holly might not
wish to have his tongue in her mouth after he had
licked her butt. "No my darling... I have never kissed
a girl like that before... you're so perfect. Holly,
are you certain you want me to kiss your lips after
where my tongue and lips have been?"

"If it was clean enough for you, then it is also clean
enough for me. Brent this sounds crazy but I love you.
Now make love to me... please my prince - put your
penis in me. Do it quick and hard and don't hold back
no matter what I might say or do... take me now! How do
you want me to lie?" and Holly became somewhat
frightened when she viewed the size of his penis up

Her desires were now to the point she couldn't hold
back any longer and as she took Brent's erection in her
hand she placed it in the entrance of her sex. Working
it up and down between her labium, Holly enjoyed
feeling the hard thing as it brushed her sex and
especially when bumping against her clitoris.

Suddenly the large penis moved deeper between her
labium and the head slipped inside and between the
inner labia minora, it was giving Holly a stretching
feeling in her sexual opening. The few moves in and
back out of her vagina felt pleasant and were easing
the needs Holly was experiencing. Suddenly the stiff
manhood struck against her virginity and the teen knew
what was happening. The memory of her visit to Doctor
Wiseman came to the forefront of her mind as the pain
become increasingly hard to accept.

"Oh my gawd Brent... be gentle... eyieeeeee, Brent it
hurts!" Suddenly the pain was so terrible Holly knew
she needed Brent to take her immediately, regardless of
the pain and suffering she would endure. It he didn't
take her right away Holly knew without a doubt she
would f***e him to stop. Else she'd need to go see her
doctor and plan being with Brent at another time.

"You ready baby... I'm gonna' pop you... do you want it
now?" and with a sudden hard and brutal shove Brent's
thick erection struck once, twice and then once again
before it tore the thick hymen apart.

Holly felt as if she was being ripped apart and the
sudden tearing of her virginity was so painful she
cried out, "Take it out! My gawd Brent - no more!
Aiyeeeeeeee, your killing me!" At that moment Holly
passed out from the pain she felt when her cherry was

A minute or so later Holly came around and felt her
body smothered under Brent's and his erection was
buried completely up into her body. She could feel him
making short jerking moves and knew he'd just finished
ejaculating his semen into her ruptured vagina.

Although she wanted the sensation of Brent taking her,
but when he pulled out of her and she saw the bl**d on
the boy who had made her a woman, Holly being to cry.
With her tears nearly cutting off the ability of her
words to be understood, Holly shuddered as she asked,
"You happy... Brent, you fucked me and it feels like
you killed me. Damn you - damn you Brent."

"Oh my darling Holly, I only did as you asked. Please
darling, I love you and want you forever," and as he
spoke, felt his erection again pointing out from his
body, he rolled over on top of the sobbing girl.

"My gawd Brent... oh not again, oh it burns and feels
like I'm torn inside my little pussy... do you really
want me forever? Holy shit Brent, it hurts." and as she
felt the boy stroking his thick bone back and forth in
her body, the s*******n year old beauty didn't consider
she was in the exact place of her monthly cycle that
might result in her becoming pregnant.

Two months later Holly suffered a planned miscarriage
at the Health Clinic on the outskirts of the city where
the state capital was located.

Neither Debbie nor Brent was ever given the chance to
enjoy her body after the night she lost her virginity.
When she did get with another male, it was someone she
had watched all her life and this time the pain was
missing and the sex complete. She looked in his eyes
after they had both enjoyed getting each other off.

Feeling the entry of the male object that was splitting
her sex open was entirely different than she
experienced with Brent. Now her little pussy was
stretched so wide it seemed it would tear at the top
and bottom of her opening. Holly could feel how large
the penis was that the man was forcing up into her

Within her mind the teen know that her sex would never
be happy to have a penis the size of Brent's, even
though he was large. No, Holly said to her self,
"Gawd... oh gawd he is twice the thickness of Brent and
he isn't all the way inside me. I swear he has gone
completely through my cervix and the thick head of his
thing is punching against my womb. He is so large and
finally he has shoved his entire thing into me.

With her voice sounding ragged in trying to say the
words she wanted to use in telling the man what she was
feeling, Holly breathed deeply as she spoke? "Oh yes...
lie - on - me - for - a - while. Ho boy you're so thick
and long...yeah, lie on top of me - until I get used -
- - to how large you are... you're so deep in me it
feels like it is in my tummy."

When the man begin to work his erection back and forth
in her sex Holly sobbed out, "Oh my gawd don't shove it
back in so hard! Ayieeee, you're going to kill me... oh
hell, you are fuc-fucking me... aarghhhh, oh yeah, but
not so deep. Aughhhh, oh yes! Good gawd Uncle Roy
you're killing me when you move your big c-cock so
deep, hard and fast in my pussy. Oh Uncle Roy, fuck me
and hurry. I'm ready, aughhhhhh, now Uncle Roy now!"

Hearing his niece cry out from his filling her young
body with his big cock gave the man untold pleasure.
Damn, I hate to think I just missed getting her cherry,
but I'm the second man to hump her. And to think that
that damn Brent knocked her up. No wonder my s****r
asked me to let Holly live with me for a while as her
father can't get over the fact his daughter let some
boy get with her and got her pregnant.

Holly asked in a soft young sounding voice, "You're
finally getting what you have wanted for a long time.
Am I right about that Uncle Roy? When I first started
working for you and we were in your office after my
interview about what I would be doing at the store, did
you like seeing me in only my bra and panties when I
undressed and put on my store uniform? I enjoyed your
unfastening my bra and kissing and sucking my nipples.
When you put your hand in my panties and played with my
maiden hair and pussy, I wanted you to do what you are
right now. You told me a few minutes ago you were
waiting until I was eighteen before having sex with me.
Why Uncle Roy, I told you when you were messing with me
that first day in your office I wanted you to do me

Working his hard cock back and forth in his niece, he
loved hearing her express about their relationship over
the years. Answering her question about not having sex
with her in his office, he explained, "All those years
I wanted you to be an eighteen year old virgin and
actually made plans on where and how I would take you
when you became eighteen. Things got kind of messed up,
but at last we're finishing what started when you
weren't even old enough to have boobs or hair on your
thing. Do you recall the times we played when you were
young? Did you ever tell anyone about us?"

Looking up at the man who was on top of her with his
large penis shoved up inside her, the pretty teen
replied, "No, oh no I never told anyone about you and I
doing things together from the time I was seven or
eight years old. Forget Brent as he only was with me
one time. Uncle Roy my body is yours whenever you want
me... you could have done this when I was ten. Do you
recall those days when we camped out in the Smokies?
Remember how we were naked in the tent and you put your
thing in the edge of my ...? Oh yes, work it like
that... ugh - ugh - gawd yes, come in - come with me -


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