When she had finished rubbing in her fresh load of 'moisturizer' we unloaded the truck and set up lunch on a nearby pick-nick table. Lunch was a fun and fresh change of scene. We talked and joked about all kinds of things and I felt like we got to connect on a level that I felt like I had missed. I hadn't been able to spend time like this with my daughter in a long time because of working two jobs and her busy school life.

All through lunch she sat next to me and almost the whole time her hand was on my lap caressing my cock through the fabric of my shorts. She kept rubbing against me and hugging me in a way that seemed innocent and loving but I could tell wasn't because every time she did so I could feel her erect little nipples poking into me and her hand would grasp my cock tight and stroke it lovingly. When we got done eating she insisted that we go for a walk through the park so I agreed and we set out on a trail. I walked along behind her admiring her shapely legs and imagined her cute little ass as it swayed slightly with her steps. Every so often she would bend over to pick up a rock or twig to examine and eventually throw at a nearby tree, but as she bent over I would get a nice glimpse of her ass as her skirt rode up. She was doing it on purpose, and she was enjoying teasing me a lot I could tell. After she would bend over to pick something up she would glance back over her shoulder at me to make sure I enjoyed the sneak peak. After a few times of doing this I picked up my pace to catch up to her and wrapped my arms around her in the rouse of giving her a big hug, but in reality I wrapped my arms around her front and let my hand fall on her small breast and gave them a good squeeze while teasing her nipples a little between my fingers. By this time I had a pretty solid erection that was now pressing into her back. She grabbed my arms, preventing me from letting go and motioned off to the right that there was a bit of an overgrown trail that she wanted to explore. I knew where this was going and I had no intention of stopping her, I wanted the same thing right now.

After a few minutes of exploring down this little path and many gropes and grazes along the way a little clearing in a tight cluster of trees just big enough for a person to lay in, or have sex in. As soon as Roxy stepped into the clearing she turned around and grabbed for my belt and undid my shorts. She had my shorts off and my cock slurped into her eager little mouth before I really realized what was going on. She was greedily sucking at my cock and moaning erotically all the while I realized she had her hand up her skirt and she was playing with her tight little pussy.

"That's not fair," I said to her. She looked up at me questioningly. "I wanna taste." She offered up her freshly soaked hand to my lips and I gladly took her fingers in my mouth and sucked the juices from them. "That's not what I meant baby, lay down so daddy can taste his little girls pussy."

"Oh, daddy, you like the way I taste?" she asked as she laid down and drew her skirt up to give me access to her young juicy cunt.

"You know I do," I said as i knelt over her in the 69 position and began teasing her little lips with my tongue. I continued to eat my daughters lovely little pussy as she reached up and started sucking on my erection. I could hear her moaning as I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and penetrate her deeper with my tongue. I ran my fingers up and down her lips and licked and sucked at her perky little clit then drove two fingers deep into her hot little hole and started furiously fingering her tight little pussy as she sucked my cock deep into her throat. I was glad my cock was in her mouth to muffle her moans and groans of ecstasy, because I was afraid nearby hikers would hear her and come to investigate.

A few minutes went by and she was heaving under me and moaning loudly around my cock. She pulled my cock from her mouth and said "OH, god daddy, I want you inside me. Please fuck me daddy."

I was happy to oblige so i got up and turned around so that she was under me. "Take your shirt off baby, I wanna see you little titties while I fuck you." She complied and I knelt down between her legs and positioned the head of my dick at the entrance to my little girls cunt and teased her pussy lips with the head of my dick.

"Oh daddy, don't tease me, I need your cock inside me, Please Dadddy? Fuck your baby girl please" she begged. I loved it when she begged like that, so without further ado i rammed my rock hard cock into her tight thirteen year old pussy and started pounding away at it. "OH yess daddy, Fuck me hard. Ohh, I love the way your cock feels in my tight little hole. OOohh Dadddy..."

At this point I didn't care if the whole park heard her, I was loving every second of her bliss and the awesome feeling of my dick inside my daughters little cunt. I was pounding away at her pussy and starting to get the familiar feeling, and apparently she could sense it because she let out with "Cum in my pussy daddy, shoot your seed in my fertile young twat.'

I couldn't hold back any longer. I gave in to her wishes without a second thought and let loose a torrent of semen into her young accepting pussy with a deep guttural growl. As soon as I let loose my seed I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as her whole body went rigid under me in an intense orgasm of her own. "Oh DADDY!! I can feel your cum pumping into me, Oooooohhh..."

After the climaxes wore off I sat up and looked at her lovingly just admiring her body in the afterglow of sex.

"Wow Daddy, you pumped my pussy full of cum, I hope you got me pregnant, I'd love to have your baby"...

It had been a few days since Daddy and I had been able to fool around. I was so horny for him that I wanted to **** him every time I saw him, but Mom was usually around and I know she would freak out at the minimum if she knew what we did. I did take every opportunity to tease him though. One day we were all making dinner together and I made sure to rub against him a little every time we passed each other and I rubbed his crotch with my hand a couple of times when I was sure Mom wasn't looking. One day while he was watching TV and mom was in the office working on something for work I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand and slid it up my skirt and let him play with my naked little pussy while I stroked him through his jeans. He managed to work one of his thick fingers up my juicy hole and fingered my wet cunt. It felt great, I continued to rub his cock back and forth while he shoved his finger in and out of me on the couch. I came so good it was hard to stay quiet and not scream out so that Mom might hear.

As soon as I came down from my climax I heard Mom stirring from the other room and quickly got up and headed to my room without being able make Daddy cum. I heard her talking to Daddy as I was walking off and I thought she was telling him she was going to bed. I got to my room and flopped into my chair and pulled something up on the computer to occupy my time. I had just pulled open the web browser when my Mom poked her head in and told me she was off to bed. I replied with a nod and she told me she loved me and headed to her room. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go back to the living room and play with Daddy some more, but I didn't wanna chance Mom waking up and seeing us or something. I decided to catch up on Facebook and waste some time while I thought and let Mom get into a deeper sl**p.

After about forty-five minutes I was all caught up and didn't hear anything in the house but the TV. I poked my head out of my room and listened in the direction of my parents room and I heard the sounds of my Mom sl**ping soundly, then I heard a snort and grunt from the living room along with the quite sounds coming from the TV.

I quietly tip-toed into the living room and found my dad asl**p on the sofa in front of the TV. I glance down and noticed that he had a huge hard-on. He rocked and snorted again and then rubbed his hand down his crotch and along his erection and muttered "Rosie ugghnn". I couldn't stop myself, I moved his hand gently aside and unbuttoned and zipped his pants and freed his erection and slowly started stroking it up and down with my small hand and with the other I caressed his heavy balls then leaned forward and started kissing and sucking them into my mouth and rolling them on my tongue. I started kissing up his shaft and then when I got to the head I impaled my mouth with his thick meat smoothly. I began bobbing my head up and down on his shaft while I continued to caress and tease his balls with my other hand and he started moaning and stirring a little.

"Aahh, Rosie" I heard and I looked up and he was looking down at me watching as I sensually sucked his cock in and out of my mouth. "You were such a tease earlier, that wasn't nice."

I pulled his cock from my mouth and began stroking it and said "I know Daddy, I'm sorry, but I was just so horny. I'm making it up to you now though aren't I?" Then I started licking and sucking his balls for him again.

"Well it's a start, but what if I want something else?"

"What is it that you want Daddy? I'll give you whatever you want you know."

"That's a good girl. I think I want more of that sweet little pussy of yours. You wanna come up here and ride Daddy's cock?"

"You know I love your cock inside me, but what if Mom wakes up."

"She's out, she said she was taking some PM medicine for a headache she got in the office, so she won't be up till the morning," he said and then he grabbed me by my shoulders and hoisted me up. "Now come up here and sit on Daddy's lap, I wanna fuck my baby's wet little pussy."

"Ooh Daddy," I cooed and grabbed hold of his cock and lined it up with my dripping cunt while i lowered myself down onto him.

I braced myself on his strong shoulders while I bounced up and down on his cock and ground it deep into my young little hole. He filled me up so completely that every inch of my little pussy was being stimulated by his rigid meat. He reached up and started pinching and teasing my little nipples with one hand while the other was cupping my ass and toying with my puckered little asshole.

He leaned me back and bent over and took one of my nipples in his mouth and teased it was his tongue and shoved a finger a little ways into my ass and sent me over the edge again. I ground down onto Daddy and moaned deeply into his neck to try to keep quiet.

In one fluid motion he stood up carrying me up with him and spun around to lay me on my back on the couch with him over me and started pounding away at my tender little cunt. He was about to cum and I could tell it was gonna be a good one, so I wanted to see if I could get off with him.

"Oh yeah, fuck me Daddy. Ram you cock deep into my little cunt and fuck your daughter good... Ooh Daddy," I cooed into his ear. I could feel his cock swelling with his building orgasm and it sent a rush through my body as I felt yet another one building within my pussy. "Fuck me Daddy, cum deep inside me and make me cum. Fill my young pussy with you sperm Daddy, Oh fuck me and don't stop......" I felt his cock erupt with cum and I felt myself pushed out of my body with the intense climax surging through me as my Daddy flooded my pussy with his sperm.

"Wow Daddy, that was amazing. I think your leaking out of me, you came so much."

"I know. We better go clean up and you need to get to bed."

"Yes sir," I said with a pout and got up and headed to my room while he followed behind me to his bathroom.
A few days had passed since my daughter and I's fuck on the couch. Thinking about that still gave me wood. sometimes when I was working on a car I would be laying under it and remembered how she rode my cock and playing with her small tits while ground up and down on my shaft.

I didn't work tonight so my wife asked me to go pick up Rosie from cheer-leading practice while she cooked dinner. Usually when I'm off I do the cooking, but tonight she offered to so I wasn't going to argue, plus it gave me some alone time with my daughter and she looked so good in that little cheerleader outfit. I grabbed my keys and headed off to the middle school practice field to go pick her up. I got there just a little before they got done so I found a spot kinda close to park and sat and watched them finish up. After about ten minutes or so of watching Rosie get tossed around and doing flips they all filed out to there perspective rides and said bye to each other.

Rosie lit up when she saw me and ran the rest of the way to the car. She ran around to the passenger side and flew in the car and gave me a big hug then kissed me a little to passionately for being in public. I quickly pulled her off and looked around. Everyone else sitting around was to preoccupied loading there c***dren in the car and trying to leave so no one noticed. As soon as I made sure we weren't spotted I felt her flop into the seat next to me and her hand starts rubbing its way up my thigh to my crotch. "I've missed you Daddy. I hoped you'd make some time to see me before to long."

"Ok baby, I missed you too, but you need to calm down before someone sees us and I get into trouble for m*****ing my own daughter."

"Oh Daddy, no ones paying attention to us. All the mom's are in too much of a rush to get home to pay attention and most of the dad's are trying not to get caught checking out there own daughters." She said while she started trying to unbutton my jeans.

"Whoa baby, at least let me get us out of the parking lot. Scoot over to your seat and put your seatbelt on." I tried not to yell at her but I was really worried about getting caught on school grounds. She slid to her own seat and buckled up and I made my way out of the parking lot and on the road. When I got on the road I looked over at her and she had slid her bloomers and panties down and was slowly fingering her tight little pussy while watching me drive.

"I want you Daddy, I wanna feel you inside of me."

"Oh, you naughty little slut. Fine, get over here but stay low so no one sees you." She quickly yanked her seatbelt off and dove into my lap and immediately had my pants undone and my cock out and in her mouth. She was laying on her belly across the front seat and her skirt was still up around her waist from her playing with her pussy so I could now see her tight perky little ass hanging out. I took the steering with with my left hand and reached my right over and started massaging her ass and sliding my finger up and down the crack of it and around to her wet little cunt. I dug my finger into her pussy and she moaned on my cock. I started fingering her with my middle finger getting her good and wet, then I slid my finger back out and up around her anus then back to her pussy. I kept this up getting her asshole wet and lubricated then took my middle finger and started poking it into hers tight ass. When I got it in about to the first knuckle she let out a deep moan and started sucking on my balls while furiously jerking my cock with her left hand. I shoved my finger into the second knuckle and she let out a little squeal and her body shuttered. I think she was enjoying this. I pulled it out and dunked it deep into her pussy one more time then plunged it as deep as it would go into my daughters tight asshole.

"OH fuck Daddy, that feels soo good. Finger my ass, but find somewhere to park because I need you. My little pussy has been aching for you Daddy. It needs a good fucking."

"Way ahead of you baby-girl," I told her as I was making the exit to a nice little park where we could have some privacy. I kept pumping my finger in and out of her ass as she kept greedily sucking on my cock and playing with my balls. I pulled my finger out of her ass and pulled her skirt down as we pulled into the park so no one would see her ass through the window. I wasn't really worried since my truck is pretty tall anyway, which is part of the reason why I didn't stop her assault on my cock with her mouth. Plus, it felt really great. I got around the park and finally found a deserted section of parking and pulled my truck into a spot. As soon as I turned off the engine Rosie popped up and straddled me, lining her young pussy entrance to my fully erect cock and lowers herself down onto me. We both let out a moan when she sunk herself down onto me then she started bouncing up and down wasting no time fucking me deep and hard.

"Oh Daddy, I missed your cock. Oh it feels so good inside me, I love fucking your big dick Daddy, Ahhh..." She almost yelled out at me as she continued to fuck herself with my cock. I reached my right hand around and started playing with her asshole while she fucked me while other slid up her shirt and began fondling her little tits. "OH yeah Daddy, stick you finger up my ass while I fuck you." To which I complied. I rammed my middle finger all the way back up her ass and started working it in and out as she ground down on my cock hard. "OH Daddy, I'm cumming for you. Oh, yyeaahhhh..." She wailed as she was overcome with and intense orgasm. I felt her body go rigid against me and her pussy walls clenched down around my cock and that sent me over the edge. I let loose a massive load of cum deep into her little hole. "OH I can feel you filling me up with you cum Daddy, Yes, dump your cum inside me Daddy, it feels so good" she said as she continued to twitch from her orgasm and I twitched inside her.

I awoke bright and early one Saturday morning to the wonderful sensation of a morning blow-job. It wasn't like my wife to give me head, but every now and then she did surprise me in this fashion when she woke up in a rather frisky mood. I enjoyed the sensation of the wet lips gliding up and down my pole and the hand fondling my balls, the hand felt familiar and not like my wife's so I finished rubbing my eyes and looked down to find my daughter Rosie lovingly handling me.

"Don't worry Daddy, Mom left for her work thing already this morning and won't be back till Sunday afternoon or evening," she said as if sensing my concern. As soon as she said it I remembered all the details. She had told me earlier that she was staying out of town overnight for a six month training seminar or something or other for her job.

As I was remembering the details my wife left me with for the weekend Rosie was climbing up on me and positioning her tight young pussy up on my shaft and began to ease herself down onto me. We both let out a moan at the sensation of my cock sliding up into my young teen daughters wet little pussy.

"I swear I will never get used to your cock Daddy, it's just so big and fills me so well," she said as she started riding my cock up and down. "It just feels so good inside me." She laid down against me and I felt her hard little nipples brush back and forth as she ground herself around on my cock. She was really working hard and already breathing hard too. She wanted to cum bad and I think I knew what to set her over the edge. I reached my hand around and grabbed her butt and started stroking my finger along her ass. She let out a moan and ground down onto me harder. I took the hint and started teasing her asshole while she fucked me. "Oh, yes, shove a finger up my ass Daddy, I wanna cum for you hard."

I licked my finger to give it a good amount of lubrication and eased my finger into her tight ass. She let out a squeal and rocked back onto my cock and finger forcing as much of me into her as she could fit. "Oh I'm cumming Daddy, oh it feels so good, Oh Daddy, cum with me, cum in me Daddy, Shoot your cum deep into my pussy." At that point I did just that. Her orgasm sent me over the edge and bucked up into her and shot a load deep into her tight little pussy with a loud guttural moan.

We both just collapsed after our mutual orgasm. My cock still twitching inside her pussy and my arm wrapped around her with a finger rammed up her ass. After a minute of catching our breath I slowly pulled my finger from her ass wrapped my arms around her and held her close while kissing the top of her head. She propped herself up and kissed me on the lips and told me she loved me then began climbing off of me. As she worked her way off the bed she slid past my cock and sucked it into her mouth and carefully licked and sucked all our juices off.

"You need to stop that or we'll never get out of bed today," I told her.

"And what would be the problem with that Daddy?"

"Well I guess we could if you want, but I figured you'd want to do something else."

"That's true, I actually came in here to ask you if I could invite a couple of girls over tonight and maybe have Amber spend the night with me."

"So you were just bribing me with all this then?" I said as I motioned to the wrecked sheets from us having sex.

"Oh, no, I just walked in here and you had such an amazing erection and Mom had already left so I decided it was too good to go to waste, plus I was horny this morning too." She explained. "So can I?"

"Amber is fine, who else did you want to invite?" I knew Amber already, her and Rosie had actually been friends since first or second grade. I knew her parents too, well, her Mom anyway, because that's who she lived with now. I knew her dad before he left too, but they got divorced and he moved out of state and hardly visited Amber anymore.

"Jessica and Tiffany. They're on the cheer squad with me. I don't really want them to spend the night but they might be cool to get to know."

"I suppose, go make the phone calls and make sure everyone's parents are okay with it and then we'll go pick up Amber." I say it that way because over the course of Rosie and Amber's friendship I became almost a second father to Amber and her mom knew me and trusted us as parents so she never had a problem letting Amber come over.

After all the planning and squealing subsided we headed over to Amber's to pick her up and then went out shopping because they had to have supplies for tonight. After hitting a few more stores than I would have liked we finally got back home and the girls ran off to Rosie's room to set things up I guess. I sat down on the sofa and tried to figure out what to do. As the other two girls showed up I had just picked out a movie. I didn't hardly get out of my seat before I heard the door open. Rosie and Amber already yelling out that they had it then I heard footsteps excitedly moving down the hall. I finished getting up and went to the door to watch the other parents drive off through the window. I figured they would have said hi, but I guess life is to busy for some people. I made sure the door was locked and eased myself back into my movie.

Most of the night they stayed in Rosie's room, but later they decided they wanted to end the night with a movie and all piled into the living room and took over the TV. Well, I told them they could, as long as they picked something I would watch too. They put the movie in and all got situated. Rosie by my feet and Amber sat next to me on the couch with Jessica on the other end of the couch and Tiffany in the chair.

I put my arm around Amber and hugged her as she settled in next to me. It had been awhile since I'd seen her and she'd grown up a bit. As I hugged her I could feel her perky boobs press into my side. She smiled up at me and I noticed her face had grown up a little too. Her chubby cheeks were starting to even out and her jawline had become more defined.

The movie played on and Rosie somehow wrapped herself around my legs and Amber went from sitting next to me to leaning on me to laying her head in my lap. The movie they picked was a chick flick drama but it had a couple of scenes in it that were pretty sexy. One scene was a lovemaking scene and the girl was riding the guy and grinding down onto him, of course you couldn't see anything but it reminded me of this mornings session with Rosie and I felt my cock twitch with arousal and start to grow. The problem was that Amber's head was about an inch from my dick so if it grew much more I was gonna start bumping her int he head with my erection, but for some reason I couldn't get the image of Rosie deeply impaled on my cock and grinding down on it out of my head. Then, to my dismal, Amber lifted her head only to rearrange herself and lay her head further back.

Now her head was right on my cock, but she didn't make any movements or say anything to indicate she felt it so I just let it go. Just as I thought it was finally going away Amber nuzzled her head into my crotch and rubbed my cock back to life.

Finally the movie ended and the girls went to collect there stuff so there parents could come pick them up. After Tiffany and Jessica left Rosie and Amber went back to Rosie's room declaring that they wouldn't be out till morning, even though I knew at least one of them was gonna sneak to the kitchen later for a snack or something. I told them I was gonna watch another movie or something.

A while later the movie had ended and woke up to someone rubbing my crotch through my clothes. I looked through dim lights from the other room and could just make out Amber next to me on the couch with one hand wrapped around my crotch and the other hand rubbing her pussy with her panties pulled to the side so I could see her wet hole. She could tell I was awake but she didn't stop or acknowledge it at all, she just kept rubbing me, then she went for my zipper and belt to try to free my cock.

I didn't know what to do, I was kinda in shock because I hadn't thought of Amber as being sexual, but then I didn't know about my own daughter either. She managed to get my pants undone without me moving, apparently she was determined. She released my cock and stroked it hard and slow then leaned over and shoved it all the way down her throat, something Rosie couldn't handle yet. She bobbed up and down on my cock and continued to play with herself with her other hand.

Without much ado she stood up and turned around and aimed her pussy up with my cock and began to lower herself down onto me backwards. I adjusted myself to make it easier, and then felt her wetness wrap around my shaft. She bounced up and down on my dick while she pinched her nipples. She kept this up at a vigorous rate and in no time she was breathing heavy and panting with an oncoming orgasm. She Slammed herself down onto my cock with a hard grinding drive and let out a low moan then slid down off my cock onto her knees and once again impaled her mouth on my cock driving it down her throat to the hilt then started fucking her face with my cock. A few seconds of her assaulting my cock in this manner and I felt the surge of an orgasm come on. I moaned as she reached up and cupped my balls in her hand and massaged them for me then let out a thick rope up cum straight down her throat. She came up for air and the second and third strands she caught on her tongue and the last one dribble on her lower lip a little. She sucked her lip in and cleaned off the cum then swirled it around in her mouth once with the puddle on her tongue and swallowed it all in one big gulp.

"Don't worry Mr. D. our little secret, k?" The only words spoken. I just smiled back at her and watched her walk back to Rosie's room.
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5 months ago
good story but it needs at least one more chapter.
1 year ago
read part 1 also. hope Mom catches them and we find out she's bi and loves her daughter's cum filled pussy.
2 years ago
very good