Lauren stuck her head in the kitchen to let her mom know she was going to visit her best friend just down the street, and her mom called back that dinner would be ready in a couple of hours. Her reply was in vain, as Lauren was already out the back door and crossing the yard, headed toward the path through the woods to her friend’s house. Their house was actually the next house down the street, but there were a couple of empty lots in between that were still wooded and overgrown with brush, though the local k**s had worn a path through the woods between the houses.

She walked as calmly as she could across the yard, trying hard not to run, but once she was in the woods and out of sight of her house, Lauren flew down the path. About a hundred feet down the path, she cut off on a fainter trail to the side, and followed it as it twisted between the trees. Finally she came to a clearing at the base of an old oak tree, and saw Jimmy standing there waiting for her. Her heart began pounding a bit faster in anticipation as he looked up and saw her coming.

“Where you been?” he asked, and she started to explain she had wanted to dress up a bit for him, but he brushed her off. “Hurry up, I gotta be back home in thirty minutes to go to the store with my mom,” he told her, as he pulled his shorts and underwear down, his revealing his hard little dick.

Lauren, hurt that he hadn’t even said hello, got to her knees in front of him and began stroking his dick, watching as just a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip as she slid his foreskin back and forth over the head. She slid the foreskin back and lowered her face to his crotch, licking the pre-cum from the slit, then licking the head of his dick, just the way he liked. She stroked his dick with one hand as she kissed the tip of it, then took the head into her mouth and began to suck gently. Her other hand found his balls and squeezed them gently, and she began take more of his dick into her mouth, her lips encircling it and moving back and forth, taking it a bit deeper into her mouth each time.

Jimmy began to groan, his hands on the back of Lauren’s head as he thrust his dick toward her, trying to fuck her face. They soon had a rhythm established, and Jimmy would thrust forward into Lauren’s mouth as she sucked his cock in, and he would back off as she let his cock slip out a bit.

Jimmy began to groan even louder, and soon Lauren felt his cum spurting into her mouth. He was still trying to fuck her as he came, and in his excitement his dick slipped out of her mouth, and he shot a stream of cum onto her face. Lauren quickly got the wayward dick back into her mouth, and continued to suck him until he had finished shooting his load and began to go limp. She wanted to continue sucking his limp dick until it was hard again, and let him put it in her pussy, but Jimmy was really in a hurry. He took his dick from Lauren’s mouth, pulled his underwear and shorts back up, and told her he really had to go. He was off up the trail back to the path before she could protest.

She wiped his cum from her face with her fingers and licked it from them, and checked to be sure he hadn’t gotten any on her tank top. Damnit, she had really wanted him to fuck her, her pussy had been itching for his cock all day, and all he wanted was a fucking blowjob. Damn, damn, damn!

She walked back to her house thoroughly disappointed. She had given Jimmy his first blowjob just a few months ago, just before she turned twelve, on his twelfth birthday. Since then she had given him quite a few blowjobs, and her virginity on her twelfth birthday, just a couple of weeks after his. She had managed to get him to fuck her a few times since then, but it seemed like he was mainly interested in having his dick sucked, having his cum as quickly as he could, and had no interest in trying to please her afterwards. Even when he fucked her, as soon as he would cum again, it was all over. He wouldn’t kiss her after she had sucked him, and would never think of kissing her pussy, even before he fucked her, let alone after he had cum in her.

Lauren had found a few porn sites on her computer and managed to watch a few videos, and she knew there was more to sex than what she was getting out of it. It felt so good having Jimmy fuck her, but she had never had an orgasm like she saw in the videos. Even masturbating with her mom’s vibrator – though she mainly just used it as a dildo, except when she could sneak it out of the house, for fear someone would hear it – hadn’t been very satisfying.

She went back into the house and went to her room, replying that her friend hadn’t been home when her mom asked why she was back so soon. Her little s*s, Lee, was out running around somewhere, probably at a friend’s house, so Lauren quickly sneaked upstairs to her parent’s room, quickly found her mom’s vibrator, and slipped back down to her room. There she closed the door, took her shorts and panties off, and lay back on her bed and began masturbating herself.

She was furiously using the vibrator, power off, to fuck herself, when her younger s****r opened the door and walked into the room. She saw Lauren just as Lauren stopped, the vibrator buried deep in her pussy, and quickly closed the door. “Wha-?” she started to ask, but Lauren shushed her.

“What are you doing here?” Lauren asked, slipping the vibrator from her pussy. Lee was a year younger than she was, and the two girls had always been close, though lately they had spent a bit more time apart from each other as usual due to Lauren slipping away to see Jimmy.

“I was over at Jen’s and she had to go in for dinner,” Lee replied, leering at Lauren. “You having fun?”

“I’m trying to,” Lauren replied. She and Lee had often played around in their room at night, masturbating themselves and each other, and sharing their mom’s vibrator from time to time. Lauren slipped the vibrator back into her pussy and began thrusting it in and out again as Lee watched, but the mood was gone now. Damnit.

Lauren pulled her panties and shorts back on as Lee at down at their computer and turned it on. Lauren took the vibrator to the bathroom in the hall, wiped it down with a damp washcloth, and slipped it back into its rightful place in her mom’s nightstand. She decided to go back downstairs by way of the back staircase, which came out into a hallway by her Grampa’s room, at the other end of the house. As she got off the stairs and started down the hallway, she heard something as she passed her Grampa’s door, and stopped.

Her Grampa had been a long haul truck driver for thirty years, until he was in a near fatal wreck two years earlier. It had taken him months to recuperate, and since his wife had died many years before and he wasn’t able to take care of himself alone, his daughter – Lauren’s mom - and her husband had converted a large game room into a small efficiency apartment for him, with a kitchenette behind the built in bar, plenty of room for his bed, dresser and a desk, a closet, and a bathroom right across the hall that became his personal bathroom. The sliding glass doors on one wall opened out onto a brick patio, and he had bought an outdoor table and chair set to put out there. It was at the far end of the house from the other bedrooms, so he had privacy when he wanted it; in between his apartment and everyone else’s was the kitchen, dining room, living room and front entranceway.

Grampa had finally recovered, for the most part, but had been left with a limp, and had to use a cane sometimes to get around, but not always, though he always carried it just in case his knee went out. Since by then everything had been moved here out of his small apartment and his lease had been closed out, he simply stayed on. He had considered moving back out, but his daughter and her husband wouldn’t hear of it, so instead he paid them a very tidy sum to rent the room, despite their protests. He had plenty of privacy – Lauren and her s****r and their three younger b*****rs seldom ventured to this end of the house, and usually only saw him at mealtimes or whenever else he hobbled up the hallway to spend some time with the f****y.

This time, though, what Lauren heard as she passed his door stopped her dead in her tracks. Instead of a solid wood door, the door to the old game room – Grampa’s room – was made up of small slats, and Lauren could hear everything inside very clearly. Inside her Grampa’s room, she heard her mom moaning and crying out, the same way Lauren had heard her moan and cry out once when she had gone upstairs to her parent’s room and realized her mom and dad were ‘doing it’. She wondered why her mom and dad would be in Grampa’s room ‘doing it’, then remembered her dad and b*****rs had gone fishing and would be camping out overnight, just about the time she heard her Grampa’s voice telling her mom he was about to cum.

Lauren was dumbfounded, as she realized her mom was in there fucking her Grampa, her mother’s own father. She stood there listening as her mom’s cries grew louder, then she yelled, “Yesssss, oh God, yessssss!” and Lauren knew she was cumming as well. Lauren’s hand rubbed her pussy through her shorts, and she realized she was becoming wet, but damnit, she couldn’t tear herself away. She rubbed her little pussy furiously, listening to her mom and Grampa as they each climaxed, then as the moans grew softer and softer, until finally she could only hear muffled conversation. She did hear her mom say something about going to pick up dinner, and began to hear the rustling of clothes as she began to get dressed.

Lauren quickly ducked into a hall closet and hid there until her mom had come out of the room and gone by, heading for the kitchen to get her car keys and purse to go pick up dinner. A moment later, her Grampa came out of his room, wrapped in a towel, and stepped into the bathroom across the hall.

Lauren was still rubbing her pussy furiously, and decided that just wasn’t enough. She stepped out of the closet and closed the door behind her, then stood in front of the bathroom door, gathering her courage. She heard the water begin running in the shower, grasped the doorknob, and stepped inside.

Grampa was standing at the shower door, facing away from her, but he felt the cool air as she opened the door and stepped inside. “Did you forget something, hon…” he started to ask as he turned around, thinking it was his daughter, then stopped when he saw it was his granddaughter instead. “What are you doing here, baby girl?” he asked, using the pet name for her he had used since she was a baby.

He hadn’t grabbed for a towel, and stood there completely naked, and Lauren saw that his cock was beginning to grow hard as he looked at her standing there. “I know what you and Mom were doing,” Lauren said, still staring at his cock.

“And what was that, dear?” Grampa asked, finally covering himself with a towel.

Lauren looked him in the face, and took a deep breath. “I heard you and her doing it…you know, fucking…”

He looked back at her and grinned. “Are you sure?” he asked. “We could have been watching a movie…”

“No,” Lauren replied. “I heard you both very clearly, when you both began to…when you…” Damnit, she really wanted to get this out…

“When we came?” he asked, and she nodded. “Is that a problem for you?” he asked, “Me fucking your mother? I’ve been doing it for years, since long before you came along, since even before she got married, since…well, since just after her mom died.” Lauren was surprised by his complete candor about it, and thought to herself, Mom said Grandma died when she was just thirteen…

Looking him in the eyes, Lauren told him, “I want what you gave Mom.”
He looked right back at her, then asked, “What, my cock? Why would you want my old cock when you could probably have any boy your age you wanted?” Lauren was silent for a moment, thinking, and he took the opportunity to turn the shower taps off. “Look,” he said as he turned back around, “Why don’t we talk about this in my room?”

Once in his room, they sat on the bed and he asked her again why she would want him, instead of a boy her age. Lauren explained she had had a boy her age, and all he usually wanted to for her to suck his dick real quick, and when he fucked her, he didn’t last very long, and once he was finished, it was over, and she had never really felt satisfied, not like the women in the videos she had watched, not like her mom must have felt with him or her dad.

“Oh, I see,” Grampa said finally, “What you want is an orgasm. You want someone to take the time to make you cum, and you’ve decided it should be me, is that how it is?” Lauren nodded. “And what are you going to do if I don’t agree?”

Lauren had prepared for this. “I’ll tell Daddy what you’ve been doing with Mom,” she threatened.

“Now, that might be a problem,” Grampa replied, rubbing is chin. “Then your dad might get all upset and throw me out of the house, and maybe your mom too…Is that what you want?”

Lauren shook her head no, then said, “I want you to fuck me, and I want you to make me cum, or I will tell him. I promise.”

Grampa laughed. “There’s no need for that, baby girl,” he told her. “I’ll be more than happy to teach you about sex, and give you all the orgasms you want…but right now, your mom is going to be home with dinner in a few minutes, so it will have to wait.” He thought about it for a few seconds, then said, “Later tonight, after we go to bed…Give Lee time to get to sl**p, then slip on down here to my room. No one will bother us here. Can you do that without getting caught?” Lauren nodded her head yes, emphatically, and started to get up to leave, but he caught her arm and pulled her back.

“Not so fast, baby girl,” he told her as he removed the towel from his lap. “We’ve got a few minutes yet, just enough time for you to show me what you can do with this…” Lauren saw his cock was fully erect, and had just a drop of pre-cum on the tip, and took the shaft of his cock in one hand as she dropped to her knees in front of him.

She stroked his cock a couple of times, and the bead of pre-cum got a bit larger, then she licked it from the slit and looked up at him. He nodded at her and urged her on, and she put her lips over the head of his cock and kissed it, sliding his foreskin back as she did so. Her tongue circled the head of his cock, and she took it into her mouth, sucking lightly. He let her suck the head of his cock for a few seconds, then placed one hand on the back of her head and applied just a bit of pressure. She took the hint, and took a bit more of his cock into her mouth. He entwined his fingers in her hair and pulled back just a bit, and her lips slid back over the head of his cock. He went back and forth, gently pushing and pulling her head so that his cock went in and out of her mouth, slightly further in each time, and soon she picked up on the rhythm herself. His cock began to hit the back of her throat, and she was afraid she would gag, but he let her head go so she could decide on her own how far to go, and she bobbed her head up and down, his cock moving in and out of her lips faster now.

Grampa had her stop after a few minutes, and time to lick around the head of his cock, and up and down the shaft a few times. Lauren appreciated taking a bit of a break, as her jaw muscles were getting sore from sucking on his cock, and he told her she should stop and do that every once in a while just for that reason. Soon she was sucking him again, and Grampa lay back on the bed and urged her on. After a couple of minutes, she stopped and licked his shaft again, and he had her lick his balls as well, and asked if she could take one in her mouth. She did, barely, and sucked it a bit, then went back to working on his cock.

Moments later, Grampa warned her he was about to cum, but Lauren kept his cock firmly in her mouth, determined to show him she could swallow all his cum. After all, she normally did that for Jimmy, when he didn’t get over-excited and pull his dick out too soon, and despite the larger size of Grampa’s cock, she was sure she could handle it. He began to cum, spurting his load into her mouth , and she greedily sucked it all in, swallowing as she went, and continued sucking for a few minutes after he had finished cumming, until his cock was completely limp. She looked up at him as she let his cock slip from her lips, and the smile on his face told her all she needed to know.

Lauren could hardly sit still through dinner, and kept glancing over at her Grampa. Just thinking about him making her cum made her pussy so wet, she worried if she stood up, her mom and s*s might notice. She wasn’t sure she could wait a couple more hours until her s****r was asl**p so she could sneak down to his room. Grampa behaved as though nothing were going on, eating his dinner and bantering with Lauren’s mom and s****r, but Lauren ate quietly, her mind filled with thoughts of their promised late-night rendezvous.

She waited until her mom and s*s had gotten up from the table and gone into the kitchen before she got up, and was glad to see that the wetness she had felt had not made itself evident on her shorts, not yet anyway. She giggled at the thought, and on a whim, stopped and gave her Grampa a kiss on the cheek. She felt something brush the outside of her shorts over her pussy, and he slipped a finger up inside her shorts and rubbed her pussy through her wet panties. She thrilled at his touch, and just knew her shorts would be wet now, so she ran down the hall to her room before her mom and s*s could come back.

She was rubbing her naked pussy again for all she was worth when her s*s walked into the room. “Damn, you are horny today,” Lee commented, remembering she had caught Lauren masturbating with their mom’s vibrator earlier. “What is going on?”

Lauren continued to rub her pussy, then push a finger inside, then two. “Oh, God, I want to cum so bad,” she told her s*s, trying as hard as she could to make it happen for herself, but although she felt so good, she was sure she wasn’t cumming, not the way she had seen in the videos she and her s*s had found on the internet. Lee watched as her s****r masturbated, then slipped a hand down inside her own shorts and panties and began to finger her own pussy.

Lauren finally stopped, still short of her goal, and watched Lee playing with her own pussy, having now discarded her shorts and panties. Damnit, she thought, all she really wanted was a good cum, like her Grampa had given her mom that afternoon, she wanted to know what it really felt like to experience an orgasm. Her s*s finally stopped frigging herself and looked at Lauren, but Lauren’s thoughts were far away – well, not so far, just at the other end of the house.

“Lee, do me a favor,” Lauren said suddenly.

Lee looked at her suspiciously, and asked, “What?”

Lauren thought quickly, then said, “I’m going to slip out and see Jimmy after we go to bed…I was going to wait until you were asl**p, but I don’t know if I can wait that long, so I’m going to go as soon as we go to bed, just as soon as mom checks on us…Just don’t say anything, okay?”

Lee nodded and said, “Sure, but remember you owe me one,” and Lauren wanted to hug her. Instead, she went to get her shower and get ready for bed, and as soon as she was finished, Lee did the same. The girls put on clean panties and oversize t-shirts for bed, and had just finished when their mom came to tuck them in.

Their mom turned the light off and closed the door, and Lauren impatiently counted to thirty, as slow as she could make herself, to give her mom time to get up the stairs to her room. She slipped out of bed, paused to give Lee a hug and kiss to thank her, then slipped out the door and crept down the hall, leaving Lee to wonder why, if Lauren was going out to meet Jimmy, she hadn’t bothered to put some shorts on over her panties?

Lauren crept through the downstairs hallway, through the living room and dining room, then down the shorter hallway to her Grampa’s room. She stopped and debated whether to knock on the door, then decided to just go on in. She opened the door and stepped inside, to see her Grampa sitting in his easy chair, waiting for her, with nothing on but his boxer shorts.

Grampa stood and took Lauren in his arms, giving her a big hug and a kiss, this one on the lips instead of his usual kiss on the cheek. “Well, baby girl, are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, holding her at arms’ length.

Lauren looked him straight in the eyes. “Grampa, I’ve never wanted anything more,” she replied, and he hugged her close again.

“Okay, then, hop onto the bed, and let’s see what I can do for you,” he told her. Lauren jumped into the bed, and began to pull her panties off, but he stopped her. “No, let me do that,” he told her, lying in the bed beside her. “Just relax, and let me do all the work.”

Lauren just nodded, eager to get started. Grampa fondled her pussy through her panties, rubbing his finger up and down her slit through the material, and Lauren spread her legs wide for him. Within moments her panties, already damp, were soaking wet, and he slipped a finger inside the waistband and ran it up and down her pussy, barely inside the slit. He removed his wet finger from her panties and lifted his hand to her face, letting her smell her own pussy-scent on his finger, then gently placing his finger against her lips. “Open your mouth,” he told her, and as she did, he pushed his finger inside her lips. “Now suck it off,” he ordered, and she closed her lips around his finger and licked and sucked her own pussy juice off his finger. He removed his finger from her mouth, and kissed her, full on the lips, an open mouth kiss, his tongue probing her mouth, and she probed back with hers instinctively, never having been kissed like that before.

Grampa moved down so his face was even with her pussy, and slowly peeled her soaked panties off. He hadn’t gotten to see her pussy before, and was pleased to note she was just beginning to get a light patch of pubic hair. He fingered her pussy a bit more, then used the fingers on one hand to part her pussy lips ever so slightly as he lowered his face to her wet slit.

Lauren had practically begged Jimmy to lick her pussy like she had seen men do in the videos on the internet, but he had always refused. Grampa’s first lick at her pussy, from the bottom of her slit to the top, electrified her. He ran his tongue around her little clitty, careful not to touch it directly just yet, and licked back down her slit, then back up, several long, slow licks, his tongue working its way deeper into her pussy each time. Lauren had been so horny for so long, she let out a long moan as her climax rushed upon her after just a few minutes.

Grampa felt her shudder, and knew Lauren was getting what she wanted, her first ever orgasm, but he continued licking and sucking her pussy, bringing her to a peak and holding her there for several minutes. He licked around her little clitty again, then dragged his tongue slowly across it, then back, then flicked it with the tip of his tongue. Lauren’s moans grew louder, and she began to buck up against his tongue, her young pussy now the center of her universe. She became so very wet, and Grampa licked and sucked at her pussy, trying to keep up with the flow of juices from her sweet slit.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he eased off a bit, and let her gradually come down from her climax. Lauren hadn’t been sure she could stand it much longer, that intense pleasure, but oh, God, she wanted it again. Grampa gently kissed and sucked her pussy as she returned to earth, then moved up and lay down beside her, taking her in his arms and holding her tight.

“Is that what you were after, baby girl?” he asked, kissing her lightly on the lips.

Lauren snuggled into his arms, pressing her body into his hairy chest. “Mmmmm, yes, Grampa,” she replied, then slipped her hand into his boxers and grasped his cock. It was semi-erect, and she stroked it a few times, feeling it grow firmer in her hand.

“Would you like some of that?” Grampa asked, shifting so his cock now pressed against her pussy through the fabric of his boxers. Lauren thrilled at the thought of her Grampa’s cock inside her, something she had been craving all evening, unaware he could make her cum without it. She still wanted it inside her, and she wanted that feeling again, and she wanted to give it to Grampa too. She nodded, and he stood beside the bed and slipped his boxers off, allowing his now rock-hard cock to dangle in her face. She didn’t hesitate, and took it into her mouth, her beautiful eyes locked on his as she did so.

Grampa allowed Lauren to suck his cock for a few minutes, and saw she had remembered what he had showed her earlier. Pleased, he took his cock from her mouth, and turned her on the bed so her ass was on the edge, her legs hanging off over the side. He stepped between her legs as she spread them wide for him, and used one hand to rub the head of his cock up and down the slit of her pussy a few times, allowing it to barely penetrate her.

He could see the want in her eyes, her urgent desire to have him fuck her, and he gently slipped the head of his cock into her pussy. Lauren moaned in anticipation, and tried to hump up to get his cock inside her, but Grampa wasn’t going to be rushed. He drew back a bit as she humped at his cock, still managing to keep just the head of it inside her slit, and began to grind it around inside her pussy with one hand as the other one held her down.

“Do you want this?” he asked her, and Lauren nodded her head yes, furiously. “Tell me what you want,” he ordered, “Tell me exactly.”

The pleading look in Lauren’s eyes almost melted his heart. “I want you to fuck me, Grampa,” she replied. “I want to feel your cock inside me, and I want you to cum in me, and I want you to do everything to me that you ever did to Mom, or Grandma.”

Grampa could never resist a wish from his baby girl, and he began to gently push his cock into her tight pussy. Lauren groaned as his cock eased into her pussy, stretching her pussy lips, but not uncomfortably so. Once he was completely inside, he paused, working the muscles in his cock so she could feel it pulse inside her, get used to the feel of it – he certainly planned to make this a regular thing. He eased his cock out until just the head was inside her again, then pushed it back in, a little faster this time. He gradually increased the pace of his thrusts, and Lauren began to moan and hump back at him. He let her this time, and set up an easy rhythm for her to match, and she naturally began to match his strokes. Her moans grew louder and she began to buck against his cock, momentarily losing the rhythm, and he began to fuck her harder and faster, filling her pussy with his cock. Finally she began to climax again, though he was able to keep fucking for a couple more minutes before he, too, began to cum. He sank his shaft as deep into her pussy as he could, unloading his cum in great spurts, though she barely felt his throbbing cock for her own wild thrashing.

He was able to keep fucking her for a couple of minutes after her had cum, before his cock became too limp to continue. It slipped out of her pussy, and he knelt, painfully because of his bad knee, and began to lick the cum and pussy juice that flowed from swollen pussy lips. The pain in his knee was soon forgotten, as he licked and kissed his granddaughter to her third orgasm of the night, then lay down beside her and held her close as they fell asl**p.

Grampa woke very early, as he always had, and felt Lauren’s body pushed up against his chest, and his semi-rigid cock pressing into her buttocks. It had been years since he had awakened with someone in his arms, and he lay there enjoying the feeling for several minutes before he gently untangled himself from her, leaving her sl**ping soundly, as he got up and went to the bathroom. It was just after four in the morning, and he knew he would have to get her up and back to her own room before her mother got up around six. Probably wouldn’t hurt to make sure she got a shower first, as well – it wouldn’t do to have her come down for breakfast smelling like sex.

Back in his room, he tried to waken Lauren, but she was a sound sl**per. He uncovered her and saw she had the lower part of her nightshirt wadded up and stuffed around her pussy. He rolled her onto her back and moved her nightshirt up out of the way, and began to lick her pussy.

Her sparse pubic hair was matted with his cum and her juices from the night before, and there was dried cum all around her pubic area where it had seeped out. Grampa wasn’t deterred, and Lauren soon began to stir as his tongue lapped at her pussy. She moaned as she woke up, and Grampa licked and sucked her little clitty a bit, bringing her to full consciousness. Her moaning grew louder as he continued to lick her pussy, until finally she neared her climax.

Grampa stood at the edge of the bed between her legs, and slipped his cock gently inside her pussy lips. She gasped as he penetrated her, then pushed his cock all the way into her throbbing pussy. He began to fuck her slowly, taking his time, as she began to moan and writhe. Her climax built quickly, then overcame her as he began to slam his cock in and out of her. She stifled a scream of joy as her orgasm peaked, and Grampa kept thrusting his cock into her pussy, keeping her at the peak of her climax for several minutes before he began to cum himself. He thrust his cock deep inside her swollen pussy and pumped his cum into her, then continued fucking her until his cock was too limp to continue.

Lauren was coming down from her climax, getting her breath back, when Grampa again began licking her pussy, tasting his cum and hers, and building her quickly back to a second climax. This time he didn’t keep her at the peak quite as long, and eased off to let her drift back down, still licking her pussy but just enough to keep her aroused.

Finally he got back to his feet, and held one hand out to help her off the bed. “Come on, baby girl, you need to get a shower and get back to your own room before your mom wakes up,” he told her. She took his hand and he helped her to her feet, then hugged her close for several seconds as she hugged him back.

“Thank you, Grampa,” she whispered, her face pressed into his chest. “It was wonderful…”

Grampa leaned over and kissed her forehead. “It was a pleasure, baby girl. Anytime you would like some more, you let me know and we’ll make arrangements for it,” he told her. Taking her head in both hands, he lifted her face so she was looking at him. “Don’t just come on down here anytime you feel like it, though – let me know first. Sometimes I have other company here. Okay?”

Lauren knew he meant he didn’t want her to just walk in on him fucking her mom, and also knew Grampa sometimes had other women visit him. “Yes, Grampa.” Lauren hugged him again, and stood on tiptoe to kiss him on the lips. He lifted her off the floor, and held her up as he gave her a long, lingering open mouthed kiss. Finally he put her back on her feet.

“Now go on and get you a quick shower in my bathroom, baby girl,” he told her. “You need to get back to your room before your mom gets up.” Lauren smiled and ran off to get her shower, came back a few minutes later and grabbed her panties and nightshirt, gave Grampa another hug, and scampered off down the hall to her own room.

Grampa watched from his doorway as Lauren went down the hall and disappeared, still bare ass naked, and turned to go back in his room and close the door. A movement on the stairway caught his eye, and his daughter, Zoe, stepped out of the shadows.

“Was she good?” Zoe asked, her voice very even, not a hint of anger.

“She was excellent,” Grampa replied, motioning her into his room. “Very tasty, and a nice fuck as well,” he told her. Zoe wore a flimsy nightie with no panties underneath, an outfit which Grampa knew meant she had come down for a nice fuck before breakfast. She sat on his bed, and he sat beside her, still naked.
Zoe wanted to know what happened, and he told her, straight out, that Lauren had been having sex with one of the boys in the neighborhood for a few months now, and had given him her virginity on her birthday several weeks ago. She had also apparently been looking at sex sites on her computer, and knew something was missing. Then yesterday she had been outside the room while he and her mom had been fucking, and heard everything clearly through the slatted door. She had originally come back to try to blackmail him into having sex with her to give her the orgasm she craved, but blackmail hadn’t been needed.

His daughter sat and considered that a minute. Damn, she thought, this was going to be a big disappointment to her husband. He had been looking forward to Lauren’s next birthday, her thirteenth, when he had planned to deflower her himself. Oh, well…

“You’re going to need to get her on some sort of birth control,” Grampa told her, “Not for me – you know I’ve been clipped – but if she is out fucking other boys, she is going to need it. And you might as well see about Lee, as well. You know how close the girls are, and if Lauren is already fucking boys, Lee won’t be far behind.”

His daughter nodded. “I’ll take care of it. Damn, taking eleven and twelve year old girls to see the doctor about birth control…Lauren is just starting to get her period, and Lee…You’re right, though, better safe than sorry. I’m just wondering if I should tell Troy. He’s going to be really disappointed…”

Grampa shook his head. “He shouldn’t be too upset; he may have missed taking her little cherry, but now he can start fucking her much sooner, and she is already an incredible little fuck. I’m teaching her everything she needs to know.”

She laughed, snuggling over closer to him. “Yeah, I know, you dirty old bastard,” she grinned. “Just like you taught me after mom died…You’ll have her fucking like a pro in no time. I’ll leave her to you for a while longer, and hold off telling Troy. This way by the time he gets a turn, maybe her experience will make up for his missing a virgin fuck.” She slipped one hand down to his crotch and began fondling his cock, then lowered herself to the floor as she stroked it, feeling it begin to become erect in her hand. “And now, I have an itch that needs scratching…”she said, wrapping her lips around his cock.

Zoe slid his foreskin back and licked around the head of his semi-erect cock, then let the foreskin slide back over the head and worked her tongue between the foreskin and the head, licking around the head under the foreskin. She pumped his cock, and licked the pre-cum from the slit, then began to suck his cock in earnest as it grew more rigid.

Once he was fully erect, Grampa lay on his back on the bed as his daughter straddled him and positioned her pussy above his cock. As she lowered herself onto him, guiding his cock into her pussy with one hand, he reached up with both hands and slipped them underneath her nightie. He squeezed her breasts, then grasped both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and began to gently squeeze them. Zoe leaned forward as she began to ride his cock, and Grampa was pleased to see the look of sheer joy on her face as she fucked him. His lovely daughter, now grown and with k**s of her own, was riding his cock, and he was already fucking his oldest granddaughter as well, and looking forward to a lot of good times ahead.

Zoe sat back, loosening his grip on her nipples, and pulled the sheer nightie off over her head. He was close to cumming, and she sensed it, and simply sat there, impaled on his cock for a few minutes, wanting him to stay hard inside her for a while longer. Occasionally she would grind her hips a bit, and flex the muscles of her vaginal walls, squeezing his cock, then releasing the pressure. He moaned and shifted a bit on the bed, on the verge of cumming, but she held him there for several minutes before she granted him release. As she began to ride him again, faster now, she watched his face, loving that she was able to please her daddy so, and pleased that he was now fucking her own daughter as well, and looking forward to the time they might have a threesome, or better…

He came as she continued to ride him, moaning and grasping her hips, watching her breasts bouncing up and down as she fucked him hard. She rode him until his cock grew too limp to continue, then let it slip from her pussy, and quickly turned and straddled his head, lowering her pussy to his face. She was close to cumming herself, and knew he was more than willing to finish the job orally, as she took his slick, wet, limp cock into her mouth.

Lauren, meanwhile, had made her way to the room she shared with her s****r, and slipped inside the door, still naked, having dropped her cum-stained panties and nightshirt in hamper in the bathroom. Lee seemed to still be asl**p in the darkened room, and Lauren felt her way around to the dresser, to get a clean pair of panties and another nightshirt. As she eased the drawer open, trying not to make any noise, the light on Lee’s nightstand snapped on. Lauren turned and saw Lee looking back at her. “What are you doing?” Lee asked, seeing her s****r standing naked by the dresser. “Are you just getting back?” Lauren had told her the night before, when she slipped out, that she was going to meet up with her boyfriend.

“Yes,” Lauren replied, “And I just needed to get some clean clothes.”

It had rained the night before, starting just after Lauren had slipped out, and Lee had been worried she would be caught in the rain. Apparently she hadn’t, because here she was, looking as though she hadn’t even been out of the house. Lauren sat on the edge of her bed, directly across from Lee as the younger girl sat up herself. From just a couple of feet away, Lee thought her s****r smelled as though she had just gotten out of the shower. And she hadn’t gotten dressed before she slipped out, wearing only her panties and nightshirt…

“You didn’t go out to see Jimmy, did you?” Lee asked suddenly.

Lauren had slipped on her nightshirt and was starting pull on her fresh panties, and her head snapped up at Lee’s question. “Why would you think that?” she asked.

Lee leaned over closer to her and sniffed. “Well,” she began, “You were frigging yourself all evening, so I thought you were going to sneak out to fuck Jimmy. But you left without putting any clothes on, with just your panties and t-shirt. And it rained last night after you left, and you come back all nice and clean, like you just had a shower, so I don’t think you left the house.” Damn, Lauren thought, Lee was so smart for her age, she noticed every detail, but Lee wasn’t finished yet. “And it smells like you used Grampa’s soap to take a shower.”

Damnit, Lauren thought. “Okay, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?” Lee promised, and leaned forward to listen as Lauren told her what had happened.

“Grampa made you cum?” she asked incredulously as Lauren finished. “How did it feel?” she asked. “Was it like what we see on the internet?”

“Oh, yes,” Lauren replied. “It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had – even fucking Jimmy never felt that good.”

Lee began fingering her own little pussy as Lauren told her what Grampa had done, and pretty soon both girls were lying together on Lauren’s bed, panties off, fingering themselves. Lauren described how Grampa had kissed and licked her pussy until she had cum, and Lee said, “Oh, I wish someone would do that for me…”

Lauren quit fingering her pussy and rolled over, putting her face over her s****r’s pussy. She tried to remember what Grampa had done, and tentatively put out her tongue and licked Lee’s slit. Lee moaned, and Lauren moved her tongue up and down her slit, the tip of her tongue barely penetrating her s****r’s little pussy. Lee instinctively arched her back to push her pussy into Lauren’s face, and her older s****r used the finger of both hands to gently pull her pussy lips open. Lauren licked her younger s****r’s pussy furiously, then quite by accident ran her tongue over Lee’s little clitty. Lee moaned loudly, “Oh, yessssssss!”, and Lauren began to concentrate on licking around that spot. Lee tried to hump her pussy into Lauren’s face, and was soon bucking and writhing as her s****r gave her clitty quite a licking. Then Lee screamed, “Oh, God, oh, God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” and Lauren, afraid their mom would hear, stopped licking her pussy and reached up to put her hand over Lee’s mouth. Their mom, of course, was otherwise occupied at the other end of the house with Grampa, though they didn’t know that.

Lee calmed down, and Lauren began to giggle. “See what I mean?” she asked Lee. “It never felt that good playing with myself, and Jimmy sure didn’t do it for me.”

“It felt so wonderful!” Lee gasped, still slightly out of breath. Lauren looked down at her and smiled, then rolled over onto her back and spread her legs.

“Now it’s your turn to do me,” she said, guiding Lee’s face to her own pussy.

Lauren and her s****r, Lee, could hardly sit still through breakfast, both eager to hurry back to their room and continue their exploration of each other. They had masturbated together before, and even fingered each other or shared their mom’s vibrator, but had never considered oral sex with each other until Lauren had returned from her night with her Grampa, having finally experienced the orgasms she craved. She had to share that feeling with her s****r, and they had spent an hour before breakfast fumbling around, eating each other’s young pussies, and finding out what pleased them.
After breakfast, Lauren’s mom set about doing some light housekeeping and laundry, and Lauren and Lee helped bring in the laundry from the hampers in their room and their b*****rs’ room. Grampa took the Sunday paper to his room, where he made a pot of coffee, filled his cup, and went to sit on the patio to read the paper and smoke his pipe. As soon as they had finished their chores, Lauren and Lee disappeared to their room to continue their exploration of each other for a while.

Once their mom started bringing the clean laundry out, the girls had to put off any further exploration until later. Lee biked over to a friend’s house, and Lauren wandered around the house a bit, trying to decide what to do. She finally made up her mind to go visit her friend, Alli, and talk her into a swim in their pool. She changed into a bikini and grabbed a towel, then set off across the yard to the well worn path through the woods to her house. She turned and waved at Grampa as she crossed the yard, and he waved back from his table on the patio, noticing her skimpy bikini, and thinking how delicious she had been.

Shortly after Lauren left, Grampa saw his other daughter, Kristi, driving up to the house. She disappear d around the corner of the house as she parked her car, then walked around to the patio where he sat before she went inside. “Hi, daddy,” she said, leaning down to give him a kiss, her low cut blouse giving him a good look at her breasts as she bent down to him. Kristi was only 18 and had only recently moved out of the house and into town. She and her s****r had stayed with Grampa’s s****r after his wife had died and while he was on the road; Zoe had been thirteen, and Kristi just a newborn then. After Zoe got married, she and her husband had taken Kristi in, and she had still been living there when Grampa had his wreck and had to retire. Prior to that, when Kristi had turned thirteen, Grampa and Zoe had initiated her into their i****tuous relationship as well, then shared her with Zoe’s husband, Troy. Grampa had relished taking her virginity and teaching her about sex, as he had her older s****r.

“Zoe is just finishing the laundry,” Grampa told her, reaching up to fondle one of Kristi’s breasts. “I saw Lee headed out on her bike a while ago, and Lauren went to visit a friend, but I’m not sure when they’re coming back.”

Kristi knew he was hoping to get a chance to fuck his daughters before the girls came back, and Troy and the boys got back from their fishing trip. She looked at her watch and saw it was just after noon. “Let me go see if Zoe has any idea when they’ll be back, and help her finish up,” she said, kissing her father full on the lips, a lingering kiss. “Then we’ll see what we can do, okay?”

Grampa nodded and released her breast. Kristi went on into the house, and found her s****r in the laundry room, taking the last load out of the dryer. They chatted as they folded the clothes, and Kristi found out the girls weren’t expected back for a couple of hours. She also found out that Lauren had jumped the gun on them and begun fucking on her own, and had spent the night having sex with her Grampa as well. That little minx, Kristi thought, Troy was going to be disappointed not to be able to take his daughter’s virginity next year.

She and her s****r left the last load of folded laundry in the laundry room, and headed back down the hall to their dad’s room. As they began to undress, they called Grampa inside, and soon all three of them were naked on the bed.

Zoe, as was her wont, began sucking her father’s cock, while Kristi straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his waiting tongue, facing Zoe so she could watch her s****r suck their dad’s cock. Kristi’s shaven pussy was already soaking wet as her father began licking and kissing, pulling her closer and spreading her pussy lips gently with the fingers of one hand. He preferred a nice hairy pussy, like Zoe’s, but Kristi had decided she preferred to keep hers shaven, and he hadn’t complained. Grampa loved pussy, of all kinds; he loved eating pussy, and fingering it, and fucking it, and he certainly wasn’t going to complain over such a trivial matter. He especially loved his two girls’ pussies, and considered them the best he had ever had, except for his late wife. And now maybe Lauren – the thought of his young granddaughter’s pussy sent an almost electric shock through him.

Kristi ground her pussy onto his face, as Zoe straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his cock. Zoe began to ride his cock, bouncing up and down slightly, and Kristi began to do the same on his face, as the two women leaned toward each other and kissed, their hands exploring each other’s breasts. Grampa knew his two girls loved pleasuring each other, and that excited him even more. He managed to get Kristi off his face and lay her on the bed beside him, and Zoe was soon eagerly eating her younger s****r’s pussy, her hips in the air. Grampa entered her from behind, fucking her doggie style as she licked and kissed Kristi’s wet pussy.

Kristi began to cum first, the expert oral attention from her s****r quickly setting off her climax. Zoe began to cum very soon afterward, and the walls of her pussy tightened and relaxed around Grampa’s cock, setting off his own orgasm.

All three of them were cumming, each lost in their own incredible climax, when the sliding glass door to the patio slid open and Lauren stepped through the closed curtain into the room. She hadn’t stayed as long as she had planned at Alli’s, her mind full of thoughts of fucking her Grampa again, and had come home early. She hadn’t seen Kristi’s car in the driveway, and had forgotten Grampa’s warning not to come in unannounced. She was shocked to see Grampa pumping his cock in and out of her mom’s pussy, while her mom was sucking and kissing her Aunt Kristi’s pussy. Lauren blushed and knew she should leave, but she could only stand there and watch…

Grampa saw her first, as he was pumping the last of his cum into her mother. Still working his cock in and out of Zoe’s pussy, he waved Lauren over beside him. Zoe saw Lauren out of the corner of her eye, and looked up to see her daughter walking around the bed to stand beside Grampa, watching as his cock stroked in and out of Zoe’s pussy. He finally grew too limp to continue and let his cock slip out of Zoe’s pussy. As Zoe watched, and Kristi, now aware something was going on, looked up, Grampa offered his slick, wet cock to Lauren to suck.

Lauren, unsure, looked at her mom. Zoe nodded, and Lauren knelt down and took Grampa’s cock into her mouth, licking and kissing the head, like he had taught her. Kristi and Zoe watched, enthralled, as Lauren began working on Grampa’s cock, remembering everything he had told her the night before, and sucking his cock as though she had experience beyond her years.

Grampa, his cock beginning to grow stiff again, had Lauren stop as he lifted her onto the bed. He helped her slip her bikini bottom off, as her mother and aunt Kristi took her top off. Lauren expected Grampa to maybe eat her pussy a bit, or fuck her, and was shocked when Zoe, her own mother, took the first turn eating her pussy. Grampa and her aunt Kristi lay on either side of her, Grampa fingering her pussy and sucking one of Lauren’s budding titties, while Kristi played with the other one, circling the nipple with a finger, then rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Lauren gasped, quickly becoming extremely wet and rocketing toward a climax, absolutely astounded by the situation. She had known Grampa and her mom were fucking, but had never imagined herself being included with them. And her aunt Kristi – it was just so much all at once. She began to cum as her mother licked and kissed her pussy, and Grampa and Kristi sucked and licked her breasts.

Kristi quickly swapped places with her mom, and her practiced tongue kept Lauren right at the peak of her climax for several minutes while her mom spent some time sucking Grampa’s now rigid cock. Lauren could see them as she wriggled and bucked under the attention of Kristi’s tongue, and just as she thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, Kristi moved aside and Grampa lined his cock up on her pussy.

Lauren was thoroughly wet, incredibly ready for a fucking, and Grampa drove his cock deep inside her with the first thrust. He fucked her hard and fast, as her mother and Aunt Kristi sucked her breasts. Lauren had thought her climax couldn’t go any higher, but the feel of her Grampa’s cock pounding in and out of her pussy drove her to heights she had never imagined. Delirious, ecstatic, she never wanted this feeling to end, and fucked back at her Grampa as hard as she could, bucking her hips upward each time he thrust his cock into her. Zoe and Kristi sat back and watched, as the young girl received an incredible fucking.

Grampa finally fired his load of cum deep into Lauren, leaning into her to bury his cock as deep into her pussy as it would go. His cock twitched and jerked as it emptied his cum into her, and as it slowed, he began fucking her again, getting a few more strokes in before it grew too limp to continue. Finally he let it slip out of her, and stood aside as Zoe began to lick the cum from her daughter’s pussy.

Lauren saw that it was her own mother licking the cum from her young pussy, and saw her aunt Kristi take Grampa’s slick, wet cock into her mouth, greedily licking and sucking the juices from it. Her climax shook her again at the thought of what was happening, of being fucked by her Grampa and being licked clean by her own mom, and then Zoe and Kristi switched places, and Lauren watched her mom begin sucking her Grampa as her aunt began kissing and licking her pussy.

Grampa watched as Kristi gently let Lauren come back down from her climax, the young girl almost completely overwhelmed by what had happened. As she recovered, he lifted Zoe’s face from his cock, and told her it was time her daughter got a taste of pussy herself. Zoe smiled, nodding, and got back onto the bed, straddling Lauren’s head, and gently lowered her pussy to the girl’s face. Lauren didn’t hesitate, raising her head to bury it in her mom’s pussy, and began licking furiously at Zoe’s slit, still damp with cum from Grampa’s earlier fucking. Zoe began to grind her pussy on her daughter’s face, rubbing her wet hair and slit over Lauren’s cheeks and mouth, as Lauren’s tongue licked at her.

Kristi was still licking Lauren’s pussy as Grampa, once again erect, took a position behind her. He ran his cock into Kristi’s wet pussy several times, then used his fingers to spread some of her wetness over her ass hole. Finally he pressed the head of his cock against her puckered ass hole and began to push, and his cock easily entered her. He slowly eased his cock into her ass until it was completely inside, then began slowly fucking in and out. Kristi stopped sucking Lauren’s pussy and pushed back against Grampa’s cock, taking him deep into her ass with each stroke.

Zoe got up off Lauren’s face, then bento down and kissed the young girl on the lips, licking Lauren’s face to taste the juices from her own pussy. She helped Lauren sit up, and Lauren was able to now see what Grampa and Kristi were doing. Lauren and Lee had seen women getting fucked anally on the internet videos they had seen, but had never believed any woman could actually enjoy it, that the videos must be faked, but here she could plainly see her aunt Kristi was certainly enjoying it. Grampa was ramming his cock deep into her ass, and Kristi was pushing back to meet each stroke, as Lauren watched in awe.
Zoe kissed Lauren again, stroking her hair, and whispered to her that soon she would get a chance to have a cock in her ass as well. Lauren trembled, not sure she would be able to handle that, but her mother held her close and reassured her that yes, when the time came, Lauren would be able to take a cock in her ass as well, and she would love it.

It was almost mid-afternoon, and Zoe and Lauren got their clothes and left to clean up, leaving Grampa and Kristi to finish their fucking. Troy and the boys would be home soon, and Lee was due home any minute, and it was time to start getting things together for dinner.

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