Sasha laid in bed, having a feeling she’d had a many times lately. She was sixteen, and for the past two years she’d been getting tingles and warm fuzzy feelings all throughout her body. Soon after she started getting them she’d got a boyfriend as well, it didn’t start out like most relationships though, especially for their age, they were both f******n, and in one night they realized how deep a connection they shared, they had gone to school together their whole lives, and after that night, an amazing night of making love their connection got deeper than one could between any two people.
After that night, Sasha started feeling hot more and more, she would get wet sometimes for seemingly no reason, her boyfriend and her made love lots still, and spent time alone together every chance they got. But some nights he wasn’t there, and on those nights, she’d find a way to satisfy herself until the next time they were together. Of course it wasn’t as good as it was with him, it was like he knew her body, and how to bring her to her high just as much as he knew himself, and she felt the same about him.
Thinking about him made it worse, and just as she started to touch her breasts through her night shirt a loud clap of thunder came and lingered, dying down slowly. She looked across the room, checking to make sure her younger s****r was still asl**p. She didn’t like sharing a room with her little s****r, being that she was only thirteen and a light sl**per, not to mention she was scared of everything.
She determined that Sara was still asl**p and slid her hand up her shirt, gently kneading her own breast, her other hand joining it as she played with them, pretending it was her boyfriend. She lightly pinched her nipples, telling herself she couldn’t take it further incase Sara woke up, but she couldn’t help herself, the risk of getting caught made it hotter and drove her forward, her hand slowly sliding down her stomach, teasing herself. There was another clap of thunder as her hand reached her panties, as she touched her pussy through them she checked again to make sure her s****r was asl**p.
She saw her eyes closed, and began rubbing herself, watching her s****r, knowing at any moment she could wake up and shed be caught rubbing herself by her little s****r. It felt like it was getting hotter, she pushed her blanket down, leaving only her sheet, her panties getting wetter, her moans trying to escape. She was fighting a losing battle at keeping them inside. Her brain was telling her to stop, but her shaven pussy was commanding she keeping going and do more.
Thunder clapped louder than it had yet as Sasha pushed her hand under her panties, soft moans escaping her as she touched her very wet vagina. It felt like the storm was going with her pleasure, as she got faster, the thunder got louder and more frequent, she shut her eyes for a moment and just as she was about to cum she felt eyes upon her.
Sasha stopped. She knew what was happening, she was getting caught. She opened her eyes and saw her little thirteen year old s****r walking towards her bed. But she couldn’t retract her hand, her fingers still at the entrance of her pussy.
“Sissy,” her little s****rs cute voice said, “I’m ascared of the storm, do you think I can sl**p with you, at least until it’s over?”
Even in the lightning Sasha could see her s****r’s pouting lips and glazed over eyes, she knew her s****r was deeply frightened and hadn’t the heart to turn her away, no matter how close to orgasm she was. “Of course, Sara,” she replied, moving over, taking her hand out of her panties, and reaching for the blanket. As she grabbed the blanket she knew she’d have to pull it so the spot her wet fingers held were by her. She did so as her s****r got into the small twin bed with her.
“Will you hold me, s*s?” Sasha knew the risks of this, the only way to hold her was with the hand that had just been in her underwear. She kissed the back of her little s****r’s head and put her arm around her, her fingers on the bed, not on her s****r. Sasha also made sure to keep her vagina back from her s****r’s butt, she knew herself and knew she liked to hump things when she was aroused, and didn’t want to do that to her little s****r.
Her little s****r moved her butt back into Sasha’s pelvic bone, nearly causing Sasha to hump back and hump her little s****r’s little, soft, round butt until she came. But she resisted. Until her s****r pushed her butt back, she couldn’t help but to pull her s****r into her as she humped back and let out a soft moan.
Embarrassment took over, she felt like her cheeks were so red they’d be glowing. “What’s that?” her little s****r asked. Sasha didn’t know how to respond, she fumbled over words making no sense at all. Her s****r did it again and it drove Sasha insane. “That right there, that wet spot…and how come your fingers are wet sissy?”
A slight sigh of relief escaped Sasha’s lips, “That’s just milk, I spilt some earlier when I was reading, sorry sissy.”
She closed her eyes and a second later Sara said, “How come it’s just on two of your fingers though?”
“Okay, Sara…it’s not milk,” she knew she had to tell her s****r, she’d be asking about it sooner or later any ways. Sasha was Sara’s age when she first started getting sensations, and she didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. “Sometimes…when you’re feeling all…” she paused for a moment, searching for the words.
“Tingly?” her s****r finished for her. “Like, down there?”
“Yes, s*s, just that. How do you know, have you felt this way before?”
A slight, “Mmhmm,” was all that she got out of Sara. Without controlling it at all Sasha’s hand slowly crept down her s****r’s tummy. There were no words or actions from her s****r, and she couldn’t stop. She knew what she was doing, and what she was going to do, but just couldn’t stop. When she reached the waistline of Sara’s panties, Sara interrupted, “Ummm, sissy…what are you doing?”
“Do you want me to show you what I do when I get this feeling?” Sara just nodded. Her hand was shaking as it slid over the young girls panties and softly cupped the young pussy. “Have you ever touched yourself here?” The young girl simply shook her head no. “Has anyone?”
“No sissy, just you..” Sasha could tell that Sara was just as nervous as her. She’d never considered herself bi, or thought of any other girls at attractive at all, but she couldn’t stop, she wanted her s****r now, and she wouldn’t be rest until she got it. She began rubbing Sara’s little pussy slowly and gently, feeling it get wetter and hotter, turning her on more. With her free hand she pushed up the girl’s shirt and began kneading her breasts with her free hand, looking into her eyes. They were both trembling with nervousness.
“Do…do you like it little s*s?” Her s****r just nodded. Sasha didn’t know what came over her next, but she slowly closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Sara’s. It took Sara a moment to close hers and kiss back, soon they were locking lips as Sasha rubbed a little faster.
This was Sara’s first kiss, and it was with her s****r as she rubbed her. She knew her panties were soaking, but she had never felt this tingly. She moaned in the kiss, and even more as she felt her big s****r’s hand pull aside her panties and touch her bare pussy, at the same time her tongue slowly entered her mouth.
Sasha’s pussy felt like it was on fire as she touched her little s****r’s bare pussy lips, and felt their tongues dance together. She knew her s****r was a virgin, so didn’t dare enter her hole, but wanted to feel her shaking with excitement and ecstasy that go with a young girl’s first orgasm. Her finger slid between the young girls pussy lips as their kiss grew into a deep passionate loving kiss that only the deepest of lovers share. A kiss that she could only compare to the ones she shared with her boyfriend when they made love.
She moved her finger up and down her s****r’s hot, wet slit. Hearing and feeling her s****r moan as they kissed. She began humping her s****r’s leg, already knowing her panties were soaking from her juices. As she humped the young leg faster, she used just her finger tip to go up and down Sara’s slit faster.
Sara broke the kiss of her s****r, the pleasure being too great to kiss, needing to moan and let it out. The feeling of wetness on her leg brought about by her big s****r’s panties intensifying the whole thing. She knew something was going to happen, but didn’t know what. It felt sort of like she was going to pee, though she went right before bed and didn’t feel this way up until that moment. She was scared that she would, she knew she couldn’t hold it in any longer, her s****r was moving her finger up and down her slit way to fast.
Just as Sara thought she was gaining control over herself she felt Sasha’s lips lock onto her neck. She moaned loudly, her hands under her s****r’s shirt, gripping her back as she got closer and closer, moaning louder and louder. She had to let her s****r know, “Siiiiiiiis!” she moaned loudly, “Stooooop! I’m going to peeeee!”
Sasha heard her little s****r’s moans, but also felt her body, and knew she was about to cum not pee. She sucked her neck harder and went even faster with her finger. Feeling how wet her young pussy was, how hot it was, how soft it was, it drove her over the edge and the feeling of her clit grinding on Sara’s pussy, even through the fabric of her panties, caused her to cum at the same time as her s****r did. Both girls moaned loudly as they came.
Sara’s orgasm was particularly extreme; her back arched farther than Sasha had ever actually seen a person arch their back. She slowly took away her finger, and didn’t know why but felt the urge to put it in her own mouth. She obliged to her own ambitions and was rewarded with the most succulent taste she had ever known. Now her only concern was tasting her young s****r directly, but Sara had other plans.
For a young girl Sara was surprisingly strong, especially after cumming, but she managed to get her s****r onto her back, and was in the same position Sasha had been in just a moment before. “I want to do that to you s*s!” Sara said excitedly.
Sasha was in no position to argue as Sara pulled off her big s****r’s shirt and kneaded her breasts. Their lips attached again as Sara eagerly pushed her hand down Sasha’s panties, rubbing her pussy wildly. The big s****r wanted to tell her little one to slow down and teach her how to play, but that would have to wait, it was driving her insane. “Sara, with me…you can put a finger inside!!” Sasha exclaimed, immediately.
Instantly she felt her s****r’s fingers poking, trying to find an entrance. It may have hurt Sasha a bit, but the excitement and pleasure of her own younger s****r touching her vagina far outweighed any pain she could have imagined. She explored her little s****r’s bare back, and Sara latched onto her big s****rs neck, sucking hard.
Little, young fingers kept poking at her pussy, Sasha’ didn’t think Sara would ever find her entrance, but just when she was going to help she felt her little s****r’s middle finger on her left hand push quickly into her pussy, all the way, as deep as it could go. Sasha inhaled sharply and started moaning louder than ever.
Sara knew what to do, she began thrusting her finger in and out quickly, looking at her s****r, eyes shut, mouth agape as she moaned with pleasure. She felt her finger being clenched, like Sasha’s pussy was squeezing it, she knew her s****r was doing the same thing she just had. She went faster.
Sasha’s nails slightly dug into Sara’s back as she came, moaning louder than ever, back arching just as Sara’s had. She understood the intense feeling her s****r had. It was undoubtedly the best orgasm she’d ever had. And it didn’t seem to calm or slow down at all. As her s****r fingered more, she came more, until her s****r stopped, then her orgasm did too. She was sad but relieved, and suddenly overcome by a feeling of unearthly tired she’d never felt before either. Her s****r collapsed onto her, their eyes closed, a consensual feeling of completeness.
And as they drifted off to dream land, her s****r said something she had many times before, but for some reason it was completely different this time, “I love you, sissy.”
Sasha’s dreams were some of the most pleasant she’d ever had. They weren’t about any specific one thing, just a peaceful place at a peaceful time. For some reason she woke up, she glanced at the clock and saw it said it was only three in the morning. Then she felt someone in the bed with her. She looked down and saw her little s****r, resting her head on her breast. She smiled, remembering her boyfriend doing the same thing. Then Sasha remembered how Sara had told her that she loved her the night before. Sasha then realized the she loved her s****r in the same way, it was also the same way she loved her boyfriend.
As Sasha slipped her fingers through her younger s****r’s hair gently and rested her head back down in her pillow she felt something moving in her panties. She moaned softly as a little finger slipped between her lips, resting between them. She couldn’t help but hump against them a little bit.
Sara was sl**ping, unknowing that she was wiggling her fingers in her big s****r’s panties. “Little s*s…” she heard, though she didn’t respond, she was still in dream land. Sasha bent up and slid her panties down, giving the small, slender fingers more room to play with. All the moments of the night before starting playing over again her mind, the feel and taste of Sara’s pussy, the intense orgasm they gave each other.
As she lay back down, she felt a cool wetness overcome her nipple; she looked to see Sara’s lips gently wrapped around it. At the same time she felt a slender finger enter her pussy; she moaned softly, her baby s****r was playing with her in her sl**p. Sasha wondered what kind of dreams she was having. She knew she had to have her again, just like the night before.
A gentle shaking woke Sara she heard her big s****r calling her name softly. That’s when she realized she was sucking her breast and fingering her again, just like in her dream. She looked up at her s****r and smiled, she began fingering faster before Sasha stopped her. “Let me show you how to play baby s*s,” Sasha told her softly, before kissing her lips deeply. She put her hand onto of the Sara’s, rubbing it around her clit and pussy lips slowly and gently.
They kissed tenderly as Sasha guided Sara’s fingers over her pussy, slowly their kiss grew deeper, and their play faster. Sasha pushed one of Sara’s small fingers into her pussy with her own right next to it, moaning into their kiss softly. As they both fingered Sasha’s hole their kiss was broken, Sasha breathing to heavy.
Sara looked down at her s****r, glad to see the pleasure she was giving her lover. She instinctively curled her finger up inside her older s****r, noticing that when she did this Sasha’s back arched some. Sara loved making her feel like this so she continued, and got faster and faster. Eventually Sasha’s own finger fell out of herself; Sara quickly replaced it with another. The older girl’s back arched more and more, Sara bent down and took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking softly as she fingered her pussy. She learned the sensitive spots inside Sasha’s pussy quickly, hitting them faster as she moved her fingers in and out and up and down, all around inside her pussy. “Sara, Sara…Saraa!” her s****r was moaning louder and louder each time.
Sasha pulled her s****r’s head up to look deep into her eyes as she got close to her orgasm. They looked deep into each other’s eyes. Sara was smiling, and Sasha wanted to but couldn’t, her mouth open wide and breathing deep as she moaned loudly. Her younger s****r cupping her fingers inside her hot pussy, hitting her spot perfect sending her over the edge and into an orgasm more powerful than anything she’d ever experienced. It felt like an atomic bomb was going off inside her and she swore she was screaming louder than anything but neither of them heard any sound come out of her mouth.
Sara smiled and giggle out of joy as she saw the pleasure she was giving her bigger s****r. Slowly Sasha came down off her orgasm and kissed her s****r passionately, holding her hand deep inside her pussy as she still spasmd against it. When she finally came all the way down from her orgasm Sasha rolled over onto her s****r, taking the fingers out of her pussy and pointing them at the young girls mouth. She nodded and went down to suck Sara’s nipples softly; her eyes open as the young girl slowly sucked her fingers clean of her big s****r’s juices.
After a minute of sucking each other nipples, Sasha slowly kissed and licked down her s****r’s stomach. Sara started shaking, nervous, she had no idea what her s****r was doing, she was going to protest but when she looked down to see her big s****r’s eyes locked onto her own, with a look of pure want and sex, she couldn’t talk. She had become captivated by her eyes, she noticed her tongue rolling over her pubic bone, and Sasha’s hands pulling down her panties as her tongue got closer and closer to her young vagina. She watched eagerly and nearly screamed in pleasure when Sasha closed her eyes and kissed her pussy once.
Instantly bliss and lust overcame the young s****r. As Sasha’s fingers grazed her inner thighs and her tongue explored every fold and crevice in her pussy it was everything she had to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. After just a minute she had to grab a pillow and stick it in her mouth to keep her from screaming her big s****r’s name. With her tongue gliding into the entrance of her virgin vagina Sara lost all feeling in her body except how much her pussy felt like it was on fire.
The juices flowed from Sara’s pussy into Sasha’s mouth, driving Sasha mad. She had two fingers jammed in her own pussy, ready to cum again. The young girls taste was addictive and succulent. She couldn’t stop or slow down, she had to faster and taste more and more. She moaned on her pussy, licking all of it, tasting every drop of wetness that came from her younger s****r’s pussy. She pushed two fingers onto her clit with the hand she wasn’t using for herself. Rubbing her clit wildly as she ate her vagina like it was her last meal. Soon the little girl’s body was shaking madly, instantly Sasha felt the juices gush out of her pussy into her mouth. She gulped it down and moaned loudly as she came as well. She didn’t stop though, and Sara kept coming, crying loudly into the pillow. And finally when her orgasm subsided Sasha moved up and kissed her deeply, passing some of the cum her s****r put into her mouth back to her. As Sara tasted and swallowed her own juices she scratched and cried more into Sasha’s mouth. Slowly they drifted back asl**p, Sara’s face covered in dried tears of pure pleasure, and Sasha’s covered in her younger s****r’s dried pussy juice.

The next morning, Sasha woke up slowly, the first thing she noticed was how the room smelt like sex, then that her s****r was gone. She slowly rolled out of bed and got her clothes ready for school. Her eyes still half shut and mind still half asl**p. Taking a shower helped to waken her up, she noticed she could still taste the sweetness of her little s****r's cum on her lips. She smiled as she washed off and wore her towel back to their room.
By the look in Sara's eyes she knew she was going to try and play again, but after a quick, yet tender, kiss Sasha shook her head and said, “We have to go to school, and everyone is up, baby s*s. Maybe tonight.” Sara looked disappointed but quickly smiled and skipped out of the room and to the dinning room for breakfast.
When she was dressed she walked out to the dinning room, everyone else was already seated. Their f****y didn't always have dinner together, but they never missed a breakfast together. Their mother had made pancakes and bacon for them, Sasha took her seat next to her little s****r who smiled at her. Across from her sat her twin b*****r, Sam. He grinned at her and kicked her playfully in the shin. She kicked back a little harder and soon it was shaking the table. “Hey you two! Easy!” their mother shouted. They both just quieted down and went back to eating their food.
After breakfast their father got up to head off to work, he wished them all a good day and kissed their mother good bye. A few minutes later Sam got the keys and his twin and younger s****r followed him to the car for school. They always left early to drop off Sara at her school before heading to their own. They all made small talk along the way, and after Sara was dropped off they stopped in a parking lot of a local store, they still had a little while before their school started.
Sasha looked at her twin, as soon as they made eye contact she knew exactly what was on his mind, and the same was on hers. She quickly bent over the arm rest in the little car and began kissing her twin deeply. She knew they didn't have super long so she wanted to be quick. Both their hands made their way down each others stomachs as they made out. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans to take out his dick as his fingers did the same to hers, sliding under her panties rubbing her pussy.
Once she felt his hard dick in her hand she bent down to suck it. In an instant she was bobbing her head up and down, sucking on his dick, her hand following her mouth, squeezing and releasing. His finger found its way inside her wet pussy.
When Sasha could tell that her twin b*****r was getting closer to shooting in her mouth she bent down more to lick his balls as her hand flew up and down his shaft. And just before he started convulsing she wrapped her lips around his dick and slowly went all the way down his shaft, reaching the bottom as he stopped cumming. She pulled back, swallowed it all and smiled.
Just as soon as it had began it was over, they were zipping their jeans back up and on their way to school. That's when it hit Sasha, she was in love with her baby s****r just as much as her twin b*****r, and she knew eventually she'd have to tell Sara that her boyfriend was Sara's big b*****r, and tell Sam what she'd done with Sara. She didn't look forward to either conversation, but thought it best to put it off for at least the day.

Throughout her school day she didn't think much of what happened with Sam in the car that morning, things like that happened quite a bit and she had gotten used to it. What was on her mind was her little s****r, and the feeling of her silky pussy and taste of her sweet juices. She didn't regret it, but did have a bad feeling, she knew it was wrong to be so in love with her twin b*****r, but her little s****r too? She loved them both equally, she wanted them both, and wished she could have them both. But all her life she had been brought up with monogamy, but she had also been brought up not to sl**p with her b*****r or s****r. All day her thoughts swirled around in her head and she couldn't focus on any of her classes or even her friends at lunch.
After school she had to wait on her b*****r for a few extra minutes, he was talking to some of his friends as he usually did after school. As he was walking towards her they smiled at each other the way a couple does in their first few weeks of a relationship, but they had been doing this for two years. They both attributed their closeness to them being twins. They knew that twins were often extremely close, and had a bond that no two people could ever imagine understanding except for other twins. And all they did was take theirs a step further, and fell in love. And now she felt the same way about her younger s****r. Sasha's head began to hurt on the way home, she didn't know what to do, who to tell first or how to tell them.

That night their parents took Sara out for ice cream and mini-golfing because she got a one hundred on a test. Sasha elected to stay home, her head ache had been getting worse all day. Sam chose to stay with her and hoped a quiet movie and some cuddle time would make her feel better.
As Sasha lay there, her head resting on her twin b*****r's chest, his fingers gently caressing her hair she knew she had to tell him. “b*****r?” she said, getting red and shaking a little from nervousness. “b*****r, I have to tell you something,” she sat up next to him and looked at him.
He smiled and replied, “You can tell me anything, s*s.”
“Last night,” she began, “I slept with Sara.”
He didn't have the reaction he thought, he acted as though it was normal, “Okay? What's wrong with that? I'd imagine that happens a bit with it being storm season and shes scared of thunder.”
She shook her head, “No, I mean,” she pause, “I slept with her.” She looked him in the eye hoping to get her point across. She couldn't gauge his reaction from his eyes, he remained silent, and she could tell he was hurt and aroused at the same time. “I know it wasn't being faithful to you, but I couldn't help it, and now I,” she started to sob slightly. “Now I love her, just like I love you. I'm so sorry, b*****r.”
Tears flooded her eyes and fell down her cheeks. Sam didn't know what to say, he was hurt, he was mad, and he was turned on all at the same time. After a couple moments of not saying anything Sasha got up and ran to her room crying. He sat there for a few minutes more, still in awe. Before he got up he checked the clock and guessed he had another hour before their parents and little s****r got home.
He walked into his s****rs' room and saw Sasha on her bed, face buried in her pillow, crying hard. Sam didn't say anything as he laid next to her, gently caressing her hair, he decided he didn't care, that he still loved his twin, and he knew she still loved him just as much as before. As Sasha turned over and Sam wiped the tears from her cheeks he bent down to kiss her. He didn't intend for it to be a deep kiss but it quickly grew into just that. Her hands held onto his head as he slowly laid down on top of her.
Their tongues met midway between their lips. Slowly the kiss got deeper and hotter. His hand squeezed her breast through her shirt. His dick grew hard between them, he moaned as his jeans kept it contained. As their breathing got heavier he slid his hand up her shirt and under her bra, at the same time she started humping up against her crotch.
After a few seconds of her humping up against him he couldn't take it any more. He leaned back, on his knees, he took his shirt off quickly, her hands went to his stomach and slid down slowly, but eagerly. They reached his pants and undid his belt and pants, quickly freeing his hard member, which she began to eagerly stroke. He wiggled out of his jeans and boxers, making sure not to take his cock out of her reach. When he got out of them he started undoing her belt and pants, as he did she took off her shirt and bra.
He threw her pants aside and peeled back her panties, putting his head between them, he smelled her scent and knew she was wet. As soon as his lips touched her vagina she moaned loudly. “No, b*****r, there's no time...please just put it in me,” she begged. He couldn't argue his twin s****r's pleads, he licked up the middle of her stomach, sucked each nipple briefly, and as their lips met, his dick slid perfectly into his s****r. Instantly they were humping against each other in perfect unison. She would use the muscles of her vagina to squeeze his dick each time he started to pull out. When he pushed in she'd lift her hips to bring her vagina to meet him.
Their kiss didn't last long as they got lost in blissful lust. Sam never lasted to long, his twin always felt like a perfect fit for his dick, but he never stopped after cumming just once. Sasha latched her lips onto the perfect spot of Sam's neck to send him over the edge, she felt his dick throb inside her as he came hard, she kept moving her hips up and down and milking them. After a moment of rest she started kissing him again, and grazed her fingers over his back, knowing he was getting ready to start going again.
The second time was always the best, for the both of them, every time they seemed to cum at the exact same time, and it never got old. They looked deep into each other's eyes as they got faster and faster. He slid one hand down to grab her butt cheek and the other stayed on the side of her head. He positioned himself so his pubic bone would grind against her clit as he thrust into his s****r. She started moaning louder and louder, and when she threw her head back he bent down to suck her neck hard.
The hand kneading her butt cheek, the lips sucking her neck like a vampire, the perfectly sized dick thrusting in and our of her and her clit grinding on his bare pubic bone are sent her over the edge. And at the exact instant her pussy contracted and her body started to shake his body did the same. A huge load of cum shot from his hard dick deep into her pussy.

After a moment his dick slipped out of her pussy, they kissed lovingly. Then they noticed the clock, their s****r and parents would be home any minute. He quickly got up, grabbed his clothes, told Sasha he loved her and dashed out of her room. Sasha simply giggled and walked to her dresser, she took some wipes she got for wiping her vagina after they made love and wiped herself clean. She then put on some panties and a cami to sl**p in.
As she turned around she noticed her little s****r standing there, her cheeks soaked in tears, eyes red and puffy from crying. Sasha didn't know what to say, but she knew she had broken her little s****r's heart. She opened her mouth, but Sara just ran out of the room crying hard.

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