Matty got up much earlier than usual for a Saturday morning. Slowly Matty stumbled into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. As she left the bathroom, she noticed Derrick was in the study on the computer. They were the only ones at home.
“Hey Derrick, where is everyone?” Matty’s voice surprised Derrick, she usually would still be asl**p for a few more hours.

Derrick smiled at his younger step s****r. What a beautiful and sexy woman she had grown to become. She was 20 and he was 22 and they had been together as a f****y for 5 years and known each other for seven. Derrick and Matty had a great relationship, as they had matured, they both had become very close and fond of each other. They had both just returned home for the summer from college in the past week.

“Mom’s out shopping and your dad is playing golf. Matty nodded and Derrick called her to come closer to the computer “C’mere a second, I want to show you something.” He opened up an e-mail joke that had been forwarded to him from a buddy and they both had a good laugh. As they were laughing a new email suddenly message flashed on the screen. Derrick was all of the sudden nervous working the mouse furiously trying to close the mail.

“Who’s that from?”

“Oh… umm…..it’s....it’s nothing..…just some spam.” But Matty is very observant and noticed the screen name was JuneRoberts before he was able to close it. June Roberts was married and she and her f****y lived about a block away. Matty wondered why she would be emailing Derrick. Derrick was acting very peculiarly and she could see that Derrick was not going to open it while she was there, so she casually walked out of the room, like nothing was going on. But she didn’t leave, she peaked back into the door to see Derrick eagerly reading the new email. Something was definitely up, she didn’t know what it was, but she was going to find out.

Derrick didn’t leave until later in the afternoon, he told Matty to tell the parents that he wouldn’t be home tonight. She watched him drive away and then ran into the study. She knew Derricks password, she had watched him type it in one day months ago when he wanted to show her something on the net. She had never before used it to pry into his personal doings or spy on his emails, but now she had to know what was going on, she just hoped he hadn’t changed the password or deleted the mail.

After a few keystrokes she was happy that the password still worked. In know time she was in his mailbox and opened the mail from JuneRoberts, she was shocked at what she read.

Hi Derrick, Welcome home!!! I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again, I think it’s going to be a very hot summer(wink). It seems like Spring Break was such a long time ago. I’ve been wet all week anticipating your return. I really need your big cock again and can’t wait to feel you inside me. I look so forward to touching you and taking you deep down my throat. My husband is taking our k**s camping this morning. He won’t be back until noon tomorrow.

I would like it if you could come over and maybe spend the night? Let me know if you can make it. Maybe we could play the teasing teacher/student game again? I’ll go out and get some nice steaks and a bottle of wine, and some new nylons, high heels, and lingerie…hope to see you!


Matty leaned back in the seat and sighed heavily. She had to reread it again to be sure she had just read what she thought she had just read. This was unbelievable, Derrick was fucking June Roberts?!? Matty started scrolling to see if she could find any more emails from JuneRoberts. She scrolled though a couple months worth of emails and finally found another one from June. It was a couple of months old and she recognized the date as being during spring break. She opened it.

Sorry to see that your break is over so soon, I hope you don’t mind that I took up so much of your time. This past week has been one of the best weeks of my life, God we had fun didn’t we? I must admit that I’m already looking forward to seeing you over summer break. Good luck in your studies and I know your social life will continue to be very active (lucky girls). I know you are leaving this afternoon, but if you get a chance why don’t you come by and I’ll give you a goodbye blowjob. I’d love to show you once again that I’m “good to the last drop”


Matty scrolled just a bit further up, a couple of days, and saw another message from June. The dates were in ascending order, Matty figured this out and knew this next note preceded the one she had just read.

Last night was absolutely incredible!! This morning I feel more like a woman than I ever have before in my life. I’ve never had so many orgasms in my life. Not only do you have the biggest and best cock I’ve ever seen, you are also a great lover. After all my orgasms I thought I’d be drained and tired this morning, but it’s just the opposite. I feel so alive and vibrant and if you were here right now I’d fuck and suck you dry!!! Can’t wait till Friday night!!


Matty looked for more emails from June, but there were no more. This was unbelievable. What a slut!! And she was ancient, she had to be 40. Matty sat back and thought about things for a minute. She knew that Derrick had always had a way with females. Evidently, he had a big cock to go along with his good looks, could this be why females always seemed to flock to him? Can a big cock really make a difference?

In the emails June raved over his cock, how big was he? she wondered. How come she had never had sex as good as June had described? Then Matty noticed something else, she was wet and horny. Matty printed out the emails, not really knowing why and she wondered if Derrick was over at June’s fucking her at that very moment.

Matty had always had a secret, yet strong crush on Derrick, the emails just made her desires resurface again. She thought back to the times when she would notice him checking her out. She loved to tease him sometimes and relished it when she had his attention. She played with herself until she achieved an orgasm on two different occasions that Saturday afternoon, but she was still horny. Thoughts of Derrick’s large, hard cock kept her juices flowing all night.


The next afternoon, Sunday, the parents asked Derrick to run to the store to get some items to make dinner. Matty told him she would go with him. On the way back home Matty slowly worked up enough nerve to ask Derrick about his affair. “So, did you have a lot of girlfriends this year?”

“I guess I had my share, why?”

“Just wondering. Can I ask you something personal?” She didn’t wait for his answer. “How old were you your first time?”

After a brief pause “14.”

“I wonder why you’ve always had so many girlfriends?”

“I’m not sure, just lucky I guess.”

“Yea right, you must have something they like……...” Derrick didn’t respond and he was wondering where Matty was going with this conversation. “…and whatever it is it sure seems to have made quite an impression on June Roberts!” Derrick was floored when he heard her say this.

“What are you talking about?”

“I know your fucking June Roberts, and I know she’s crazy about you.” Derrick became nervous and tense. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me big b*****r.” Derrick did not ask her how she knew, he figured that she must have noticed the email yesterday and put things together.

“Please don’t tell anyone, especially our parents.”

“I can’t believe you don’t know me better than that.” It was true, Matty and Derrick had become very good friends and could rely on each other. Derrick was a little nervous that someone knew, but at least he knew he could trust Matty.

“Let me just ask you one thing, why would you want a 40 year old woman?”

“Well………she loves sex, probably more than anyone I’ve ever met. And it’s only about sex, neither of us wants a relationship, we are not in love.”

“Then why do you go over there so much?”

“Her husband is terrible in bed and she’s always horny, and she’s willing to try and do just about anything, plus she’s pretty good looking.” Derrick was glad they were home and this conversation was over as they finally pulled into the driveway and went inside. He wondered if he had volunteered too much information. But he wanted Matty to understand that it was not an emotional affair.


That night Matty dreamed about nothing but sex. Tormenting dreams where Derrick was fucking all kinds of females, young and old, he took them all on. They kept coming to him because he could please them, and he pleased every single one of them while Matty watched. She had to watch as he pleased them one right after the other but in her dream Matty couldn’t be pleased, it was against the rules. He would fuck all these women, but because of their relationship he would not touch Matty. So Derrick fucked all these women with his big hard cock and Matty had to watch as they came over and over and over again. She had to listen to their loud moans and screams of ecstasy while she went totally without. Derrick fucked them in many different positions and never grew tired. Occasionally he would look over to Matty as the woman he would be fucking was crying out in orgasm and ask “Now do you know why women like me?”

In her dream, she was allowed to rub herself as she watched, but she just could not climax, that was not allowed. She was totally and completely frustrated. Then, right before she awoke, she had a dream that Derrick was fucking June Roberts doggy style. June was talking to him like a slut, telling him how good his cock felt and how much she loved fucking him. June looked at Matty as he slammed his hard cock in and out of her from behind……..“too bad you’ll never fuck him….. Oh God he’s got the best cock….Oh God Yes Derrick Fuck Me…..” June had a loud and explosive orgasm, then turned around and swallowed him deep into her throat. This caused him to explode in her throat and mouth, June had no problem swallowing every bit of his orgasm…Derrick and June both looked at Matty and smiled after he was finished, and June said.. “Good to the last drop.”

Isn’t it strange how your mind can make you think that a dream was real? Matty awoke in that state, she just knew these things had happened. She was out of breath and gasping for air. After a few moments she came to her senses and she realized she had been dreaming. She was sweating and she noticed her panties were soaking wet, that combined with her sweat had made her damp and cold on the outside, but more than that, on the inside she was on fire. Matty was as horny as she could ever remember being and she was horny for Derrick. She was getting ready to masturbate and have a much needed orgasm when she heard Derrick closing the bathroom door and walking down the hallway to his room.

Matty mind was now wide awake and clicking at full speed. She needed to be fucked, and she needed to be fucked by Derrick! She felt she must act quickly so she could use her horniness to help her to have the nerve to seduce him. She quickly discarded her panties and replaced her damp night shirt with another oversized night shirt. She quietly tiptoed down the hall. Derricks door was slightly ajar and she peaked in the crack. The Monday morning sun was shining brightly in his window. He was at his dresser, pulling out underwear and shorts to start his day. His hair was wet, he had obviously just taken a shower and only a towel around the waist covered him. He quickly turned after getting his clothes and noticed Matty peaking in. “What are you doing?”

Matty entered the room and stood at just inside doorway. “Nothing, just wondering if we could talk for a minute.”

“Ok, but make it quick, I’m in a hurry.” Matty knew he didn’t have to work, he didn’t start until the next week.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve got an appointment.” She was pretty sure he was going to see a female.

“Are you going to see June?”

“No, not today.” He said with a tone that let her know he wished she hadn’t asked that.

“Good, then why don’t you stay home and fuck me?” Matty had always been straight forward, but even as she asked this question she was surprised that she was being so blunt.

Derrick was caught just a little off guard and thought about his response carefully. So often he had often entertained thoughts of having her, Matty was very attractive and many times she would prance around the house showing off wearing skimpy outfits. She had been the cause for Derrick to jack off on many occasions. But where Matty was always outspoken and quick to talk, Derrick was more reserved and liked to think before making a statement.

He had often thought about how he would handle this situation should it arise. Derrick was mature and smart and he knew that if lust got the best of either of them, and this explosive situation came up, it must be defused. They were both attracted to each other, that was obvious, but the complications that could be caused by an affair with Matty were undeniable. So he answered her the way he had practiced “As much as I’d like to, and believe me I do want too, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea.” Despite being so horny, Matty understood his reply and didn’t want him to feel like she would f***e the issue. But she simply had to cum, she had to have something.

“Derrick, I’m sorry I asked, but I’m so horny…….. can you at least just let me see it? Let me just see your cock one time……that’s all I’m asking….let me see why women like you so much…….please.”

Derrick again thought carefully. He wanted to grab her and throw her on his bed and pound her tight pussy until she cried out for him to stop. He wanted to hear her scream and yell as he drilled her, but maybe this was a chance to end this before it ever started, and that would surely be better for both of them. “Ok, If I agree to let you see me this one time, will you understand that we cannot take this any farther, we just can’t do anything together, ever….ok”

“I promise, I’ll never ask you again.”

“All right then……here goes.” With that Derrick pulled the towel off and let it drop to the floor. Electric pulses ran through Matty’s body as for the first time she gazed at her step b*****rs manhood. His did indeed seem to be the perfect cock, a cock that could make any woman want him. From all this talk Derrick had started to get excited and he was in the very first stages of becoming erect. Matty’s eyes were locked on the magnificent sight in front of her, what a great body he had, and his manhood had more than met her expectations. The base of his meaty cock came straight out, then the heavy cock curved downward, following the contour of his balls, and the head was large and smooth and perfectly shaped. Matty was speechless as she watched this remarkable tool slowly fill with bl**d and get thicker and slowly start growing upward, pulling away from his balls.

After a few moments of silent staring, Derrick’s cock was straight out, perpendicular to his body. It was still only a bit over half hard and Matty’s pussy was so wet she could feel juices ready to leak out. Derrick started to bend over to pick up the towel. “No…please, God you look so good, your so perfect, please let me just watch it until it finishes getting hard.” This was hard for Derrick, it took all he had to just stand there and let his beautiful step s****r watch his cock grow. He knew that as soon as she left the room he would violently jack off and shoot a tremendous load into the air. His cock was now a little above level, not fully hard, but it had stopped growing. Maybe now she’d leave and end this sexual torment.

Matty didn’t leave. She leaned back against the wall, pulled up her shirt. Derrick saw her neatly trimmed pussy for the first time, he could see how wet she had become as she spread her folds. Matty started playing with her pussy. “Let me just cum, it won’t take but a second…please let me look at you just until I cum” Derrick watched as Matty rolled her finger in rapid motion over her swollen clit. She never took her eyes off of him and the excitement caused his cock to quickly grow to full power.

Now his cock was as hard as it could possibly get, and sticking straight up, in fact the head was hitting against his belly. Matty was quickly building to a monumental orgasm and she was amazed at how accurately her dream had portrayed his breathtaking member. “God your so fucking HOT….why do we have to be related……oh GOD DERRICK LOOK WHAT YOUR DOING TO ME….” Derrick and Matty both noticed that precum had puddled on the tip of his cock and it had started oozing down the head. He also had a wet spot on his belly, about an inch or two above his belly button where his leaking cock had hit a few times. Seeing this sent her into her shattering orgasm.

Her legs trembled and almost gave way, she held her breath until she could hold it no longer, then she exploded “AAAHHHHHHHHhhhhh.” Matty came so hard that juices started running out freely, all over her finers and down her thighs. “OH GOD DERRICK FUCK ME…OH GOD….PLEASE…..PLEASE FUCK ME DERRICK…” Derrick could take no more. As he walked toward his step s****r she saw a “Damn right I’m going to fuck you” look in his eyes.

“That’s right baby, come here and fuck me.”

Derrick took his arm and picked up her right leg, behind the knee, in the bend of his elbow. They kissed very passionately. The smell of sex filled the room as he lifted her leg up and backed her against the wall again. As they continued kissing he took the other leg in his arm and lifted it up also. The bends of Matty’s legs were in the bends of Derrick’s arms, her back against the wall and her pussy exposed and she was ready. It seemed to take an eternity before she finally felt the large head ready to invade her.

Derrick thrust his hard cock in her like a dagger. Matty was so wet he easily penetrated and bottomed out fully in one swift motion. Her hot pussy felt good as it wrapped around his meat as he held his cock deep inside her for just a few seconds. Matty had never had a man fill her so completely and the feeling was beyond comprehension. After the initial attack Derrick started pounding his step s****r furiously, rolling up on the balls of his feet to get the maximum penetration. Each time he thrust in her, the lower part of her back hit the wall, making a thumping sound. Each time her back hit the wall it f***ed the breath out of her with a loud “AH.”

Matty was getting close to another orgasm and was now moaning and screaming loudly like the women in her dreams. “OH GOD YES FUCK ME BABY…..OH GOD YES……OH GOD……OH GOD…” As she started her orgasm Derrick was pounding her relentlessly. The thumping sound against the wall now sounded more like a drum as Derrick was determined to nail her right through the wall. Derrick could not hold back any longer. As Matty’s orgasm slowed, his started and he filled her. His orgasm was long and very intense. Matty felt the warmth of his seed filling the depths of her womb and she started kissing and sucking his neck. She hoped his orgasm would never stop, she had never wanted to please a man this badly before. Derrick grunted with each burst and both were amazed at how much he came.

Derrick continued holding Matty up against the wall until they both were able to catch their breath. They looked each other in the eyes and both shared the same feelings that what they had just done was not wrong, but that it was very special.

Without saying a word, Derrick wrapped his arms around her waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he carried her to the bed. He was still hard and he made sure they remained joined. He gently laid her on the bed and started grinding himself tenderly, yet with determination, inside her, exploring her depths with his large, probing tool. They had just fucked, now he was making love to her. They looked in each others eyes enjoying the special moment. Matty reached her hands up to his face and ran her fingers through his dark hair while he continued rolling his meat around inside her. “I love you Derrick…….Oh God I Love You So Much….” Matty started grinding back against his movements. She grabbed the back of his ass and dug her nails in slightly. “This can never be the last time baby………It’s too good…….Please tell me you’ll fuck me again…please…”
“Oh baby I’ll fuck you again……and again………and again.” he said gently. Then they climaxed together.

Derrick finally pulled out of her and laid beside her. A flood of jism ran out of her and she got up to clean herself. “Not yet, lay here with me.”

“But you bedspread will be a mess.”

“It can be washed later.” He pulled her back to him. And they laid in each others arms in silence for awhile.

“My God, your incredible.” She finally whispered.

“Correction, we’re incredible together.” He said. She smiled, she was happier now than she could ever remember. She knew they were in love.


The following year at the beginning of summer break Matty and Derrick told their parents about their relationship. It was very hard on all four of them. The parents would not let them live in their house under these circumstances. Since they would not promise that they would not sl**p together, they moved out and got an apartment together for the summer. There was a period of crying, anger, and harsh comments from both sides for a short while. But in time, the parents saw that their love was genuine, and accepted that this was their fate. Now they are proud and loving grandparents.

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