*** For all the naysayers who do not believe today's men in their 60's-70's and even 80's could be as handsome and distinguished and virile as the men depicted in these stories please suspend belief, or copy and paste and covert them into an age that seems more fitting. BUT,IF YOU ARE A TEENAGE GIRL WHO WORKS IN A LARGE CORPORATION, YOU CAN NOW IMAGING YOUSELF WITH THE BOSS, WHO YOU KNOW IS EVERY BIT THE MAN DESCRIBED IN THIS STORY! THESE ARE HIGH-POWERED MEN THAT RETAIN INCREDIBLE PHYSIQUES AND CAN OUT-PERFORM THE AVERAGE 20 YEAR OLD TODAY....IN EVERY ASPECT...AS YOU WELL KNOW.

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Kate. 18 years old and her father, Mr. Travers


Allison. 18 years old and Mr. Travers. 68 years old. Wealthy,powerful,handsome and very endowed.

KATE and BOBBIE-(b*****r & s****r)

Twins. Son and daughter of Mr. Travers. Both 18.


The early part of growing up I was a flat chested, geeky pimple faced teen, up until I turned 15, when my body literally transformed into the shape of a smoking hot bikini model. Once I turned 15, I was totally developed. I stood 5'7" tall and weighed 110 pounds, with eye-popping measurements that were exactly like they are now, 34D-21-33. I've been told that I look exactly like the nude glamour model Raylene Richards. With thick blond hair, big suckable round tits and a narrow waist, incredible legs, and an absolutely perfect ass, I turned into the ultimate male fantasy.

Although I have had a steady boyfriend Bobbie for the past 5 years, since I was 14, I really blossomed sexually when I turned 18, right before I went away to college and then in college, where I experienced the most incredible, life-changing sexual experiences.

The summer before leaving for college I entered the local beauty contest. I had just turned 18 and the contest was sponsored by the bank my boyfriend Bobbie's father owned. My boyfriend has a twin s****r Kate, who is my best friend. She is a cheerleader with me and in a lot of my classes. Their father, Mr. Travers is the owner and bank president. At 68 he is an extremely good-looking and very distinguished man, who is plugged into every part of the high-society, social and business community.

He married my boyfriends mother late in life when she 'accidently' got pregnant with the twins. They divorced shortly after and he immediately got a vasectomy to avoid any future accidents. Divorced for over 15 years Mr. Travers is living life to the fullest, enjoying his confirmed bachelor life, always in the company of younger females 18-to 20 and always dating regularly. Mrs. Travers remarried a year after the divorce when she turned 20.

Through the years I have been at Mr. Travers house with my boyfriend or his s****r and was always impressed with his knowledge of my different subjects, including international politics, which was of interest to me, because of my aspiration to become an on-air newscaster. While at his pool it was hard not to notice his remarkable physical condition. His body is slim and well defined, without an ounce of fat, and his white hair gives him a very sexy quality and adds to his distinguished characteristics.

After turning 18 the last week of High School I noticed Mr. Travers taking in more than just a glance when I was went out with his son and daughter and friends dressed real hot in a mini dress and high heels or if I was at the pool in my bikini and heels (which I intentionally wore to catch his eye). I have to admit that when I found out Mr. Travers was going to be home I always wore something that was real sexy, hoping he would notice.

My dresses were always shorter and my bikini's were always a lot more reveling, especially the tiny thong that exposed my entire ass, when I knew was home. My boyfriend Bobbie always thought I was wearing the hot bikini for him, but it was really his father I wanted to turn on. To further excite Mr. Travers I would always wear a pair of high heel pumps at the pool. I loved watching him watch me when I'd slip my pumps off when I walked to the edge of the pool then back on when I got out and walked back to my lounge chair to be with my boyfriend or his s****r. As I walked back to the chair I could feel his eyes riveted to my body. Every time he was home, I wished my boyfriend or his s****r were out. I secretly wished it was just Mr. Travers and I home alone.

I found myself fantasizing more and more about Mr. Travers and I together, kissing and fucking, and playing with each other like lovers. The fact that he was 50 years older than me turned me on like crazy. Like the slew of young girls he frequently dated I was attracted to his handsome features, combined with his confidence, and assertiveness. He wasn't timid like my boyfriend or other guys my age. Mr. Travers reeked of power, and that quality is was an incredible turn on to me.

By the time summer started Kate and I were both 18, her birthday is a few days after mine. She was entering the beauty contest and encouraged me to join, saying it would be fun and with my looks and my I'd be a shoo-in, certain to win. When I learned her father was going to be at all the rehearsals I immediately signed up. I had to admit the rehearsals were fun, but the best part was seeing Mr. Travers there, although I didn't like that all the girls were vying for his attention. The girls were always remarking about how sexy he was while were changing costumes from our gowns to our swimsuits.

During the swimsuit rehearsal I was excited to see his eyes all over my body as I walked on the stage with my high heels clicking to the beat of a rock song, as my big tits bounced with each step. As I smiled at him I saw him nod his head then wink at me in a way that made me think he thought I was sexy and maybe even hungry to fuck me. After I left the stage I went over to him to say hello. Even though he was with a young Asian teen his eyes were all over me.

She had just turned 18 that day and he was taking her out to dinner than to a show to celebrate her birthday. She was the daughter of one of his business associates in China and she was visiting America for the summer. She was dressed in the shortest, black mini dress which barely covered her ass. She stood about my height, 5'7", 5'10" with the high heel pumps she was wearing, and had a slender body. Her tits were small and looked to be about 32A or 32B, and her nipples seemed to be pushing though the material of her bra and dress which made me think they were big. Her legs were her best feature, and in her black stockings and black high heel pumps, they really stood out.

"Very sexy Allison," he said looking over my body slowly and purposely, which made me real hot as I stood in front of him in my bikini and high heels.

"Thanks Mr. Travers. I wanted to come and say hello before all the girls come over and start flocking you," I said in a teasing voice, even though it was totally true, as I watched his eyes roam all over me.

"I've got to fuck her," he thought to himself as he took in the sight of his son's incredible girlfriend standing in front of him in an amazing bikini with white high heel pumps on." She's 18, and more than ready for my big dick," he thought to himself with a confident arrogance, that he knew would happen. "I'll call her tomorrow. Dinner, then back to my house for a night of fucking," he thought to himself confidently.

"Well what can I say Allison. Some girls your age seem to really enjoy the company of an older man," he said leaning in and kissing the Asian teen standing next to him.

They kissed for a few seconds, and I even saw the tip of her tongue come out and slip into his mouth, then heard her clearly groan softly, "Ummmm."

"I can totally understand why they all like you Mr. Travers," I said with a sly grin as I looked into his deep, penetrating eyes, wishing it was me he was kissing and taking out that night, and I'm sure fucking before the night was through. "I'm jealous myself," I said in a serious voice that I hoped he pick up on. Although the Asian girl shot me a "If looks could kill" look Mr. Travers grinned, which told me he got the message.

Right after I said it eight girls came running, almost tripping over each other to say hi to him. Like me, they were dressed in their bikini's and high heels and I have no doubt that they all wished they were the one's on his arm too. As the girls were all cooing over him I noticed his eyes look up at the stage and when I looked back to see who or what he was looking at I saw Kate on the stage walking towards us, in her bikini and high heels, with a sly grin on her face.

When I waved to her it was as if she didn't even notice me as her eyes were locked onto her father in a way that seemed like she was enjoying the way he was leering at her in her bikini and high heels. I actually saw her run the tip of her tongue over her upper lip as she looked right at him while she grinned at him slyly. I just wrote it off that she was playing with her father, because I knew how she was at k**ding, even when she used to tell me she loved teasing her father about all the girls he dated that were her age. When she came over she gave him a hug and he then put his arm around her. He told her in front of all of us that she looked really sexy and then whispered something in her ear that seemed to make her nipples get really hard.


When I went to my father in my bikini and high heels I was happy to see his eyes glued to me, running from my white high heel pumps, up my long legs to my flat 29AA chest and tiny tits. My nipples were rock-hard as I watched him scan my body. I saw his 'new' fuck of the day standing next to him. She was Korean, real sexy, real leggy, real young, and I was sure, because she was with my handsome father, real horny.

"How fitting that today is her 18th birthday," I thought to myself. "What better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than with a handsome older man who is rich, successful, powerful and has a huge 10 inch cock that is fatter around than a beer can that could fuck all night and cum in buckets," I said to myself. " Fuck, I'm jealous that it isn't me by his side, wearing my mini dress, high heels and thigh high stockings and ending up in his bed like she will be that night, kissing, fucking and cumming all night long, because of his huge fucking cock."

My parents divorced right after my twin b*****r and I were born. They were only married for a short time, because we were an accident. My father is 30 years older than my mother, and because of him traveling between Europe and LA on business it didn't work out. Although my father always supported my b*****r and I and my mother, because he came from a very wealthy upbringing, we really saw him while we grew up. My mother re-married within a year, so all we really knew as a father was our stepfather.

When we turned 17 last year my b*****r and I reacquainted with our father. He lives in a very up-scale part of Beverley Hills, and lives a very up-scale lifestyle. During the year he remodeled rooms in his house for my b*****r and I and we began to visit a lot more and even stay over. We even brought friends and our boyfriends and girlfriends over. He had an amazing swimming pool and we were allowed to have our parties there. My father is a wealthy owner of many U.S and International banks and an incredibly handsome man. He dates constantly, four or five nights a week and always with girls my age or a little older, between 18 and 20.

It was easy to see their attraction to my father. He sands 6' tall and had a slender build weighing 165 pounds with a well toned body from working out daily. When I saw him at the pool in his bathing suit I could not believe how amazing he looked. Even my girlfriends and my best friend Allison, my b*****rs girlfriend always commented on how sexy my father was and how in great shape he was.

At 68 he is in better shape than most guys my age. He always had a hot 18 year old teen by his side, sometimes even two, and I had a real good idea he fucked everyone of them, and that they were more than happy to be fucked by him. All the girls were daughters or granddaughters of prominent business associates or politicians who he contributed millions of dollars to their campaign.

As I walked on stage our eyes locked onto each others, and images of what happened between my father an I two days ago suddenly flashed through my mind, making my nipples ache and my pussy get real damp. I was shopping for some new dresses and got distracted when three of the girls from the pageant came out of the dressing room and we started talking.

The conversation, as with all of my friends shifted to my father about how handsome he was and if he was available. They asked because he always came to the rehearsals with a different girl our age. I was used to hearing how every 18 year old wanted to date him, and had to admit he had all the qualities a girl could want. Money, power and incredibly handsome features.

With all the talking I forgot to let my father know I was coming by to use the pool before I went to pageant rehearsal. I parked my BMW on the side of the lot where the pool is and used my key to get in. I went into the house and left my dress in the kitchen then changed into my bikini and went back out to the pool. After my swim I showered than went to my room to change into my new dress.

I had a date that night with a new guy I met at the pageant. He was 40 years old and wanted to look real sexy, especially if we fucked, so I decided to wear a pair of thigh high stockings to add excitement to my mini dress and tiny thong.

After doing my makeup then rolling up my tan thigh high stockings and putting on my thong then stepping into my high heel pumps I realized that I had left my dress in the kitchen, so I walked out of my room with what I had on to get the dress. I didn't bother putting on a robe, because I knew I was alone in my father's house.

When I walked past the mirror in the hallway I stopped to admire my body. I had to admit that I looked real hot, the thigh high stockings and heels were a sexy contrast to my pale, freckled body. I looked naughty and felt naughty. I even turned to admire my ass, which is so small the thin black material of the thong could be seen right in my crack.

I had no idea that my father had come home when I was changing in the bedroom. Coincidently, he had no idea I was there because my car wasn't in the driveway, because of where I parked it on the other side of the house by the pool. He had come home early from work while I was in the shower and had know idea I was there. Also, because I forgot to call or text him, he had no way of knowing I was at his house.

He came home early because he wanted to take in a swim before he came by the rehearsal and before he went out that night with a date he had with an 18 year old granddaughter of an old friend who was looking for a summer job as an intern. Just as I was walking down the hall my father came out of his bedroom without any cloths on, holding his bathing suit in his hand.

Seeing him completely nude and me in thigh high stockings, thong and high heel pumps triggered a reaction in both of us that would have been considered shameful or immoral by most people. Instead of screaming or being mortified, my father and I stood there for what seemed like a few minutes, gazing hungrily at each other. As my eyes took in the sight of my fathers incredible physique, slender, tight and well defined without an ounce of fat, my eyes instantly drifted to the biggest cock I had ever seen, and ironically the fattest part of his body.

The week before I had fucked my b*****r Bobbie on a dare from Allison while the three of us were at my fathers pool. My b*****r has a real big cock, 10 inches, but I looked in disbelief at how huge my fathers cock was. My fathers cock easily dwarfed my b*****rs. My father's cock is 10 inches long too, but is easily 5 times thinker, wider than a beer can, with rows and rows of big, thick veins that run along the sides, which make it look almost terrifying.

As I looked at my fathers giant cock in disbelief, I was thrilled to see it start to balloon out and throb at the sight of me. I was never more happy to be standing in just my pumps, stockings and thong, without a bra or my dress on. Seeing his eyes go from my high heels, up my long stocking covered legs to my braless tits with a smug grin on his face had me so turned on, and I could feel my pussy get instantly wet. Growing up, I had only seen my father a handful of times, so it was real easy to put aside the fact that I was his daughter. This year I had seen him with so many sexy, young teens that I felt just like one of them.

"Very sexy Kate," my father said in a deep, penetrating voice as he walked towards me, his gigantic cock bouncing in a sinister way from knee to knee. As he walked towards me in what seemed like slow-motion, my eyes were glued to his enormous cock, trying to comprehend it's actual size, knowing it looked longer than my arm and easily five times wider. "What a pleasant and unexpected surprise Kate," he said, looking at me with a hunger that had my pussy itching.

"Fuck, I'll say," I said in a throaty voice, as I watched his huge cock swell up completely, curving to the left against his knee, long and as fat around as a baseball bat, as he walked towards me. "N wonder you have a different girl every night," I said in my throaty voice as I looked in toal disbelief at my fathers freakish cock. " that the big present you forgot to give me last week for my 18th birthday," I said disbelieving the freakish of my fathers enormous cock.

"It's your present if you want it Kate," he said in his sexy deep voice as he continued walking towards me.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, feeling my big nipples ache at the thought of fucking something so huge.

"You look as if you were going to fuck tonight Kate?" he asked with a sly grin as he as he continued running his eyes up and down my high heels and my stockings.

"Oh I'm definitely going to fuck tonight, but now with a lot bigger cock," I said in disbelief, as I starred at the biggest cock I've ever seen. " I think we should stay home tonight and cancel our dates for the night. Don't you" I asked looking at my father slyly.

"Wonderful idea," he said in a deep resonant voice, as his eyes scanned my body hungrily. "Maybe we should cancel all our plans this week," he said with a hunger in his voice.

"Umm. I really like the sound of that," I cooed as I watched his huge cock bounce off his knee, like a giant log.

Reaching me, he kissed and sucked on my aching nipples for a few minutes which drove me crazy as I threw my head back and groaned.

"Oh fuck," I groaned out loud as chewed on each of my big nipples. They were aching and needed to be sucked and he was driving me crazy by the way he flicked his tongue over each one then kissed and sucked them.

After a few minutes, just as I was about to cum he pulled me to him and we kissed hotly for 20 minutes, as our hands busily explored each other bodies with a hunger rooted in pleasing each other. I was going wild, groaning as we kissed like lovers, as our tongues darted across each others inside, and outside our mouths, wild, and untamed. As we kissed I lifted his mammoth cock to the side of my stocking covered thigh, feeling the startlingly heaviness of it as I began pumping it adoringly with my outstretched palm.

"So fucking huge, and so heavy," I groaned as we kissed.

"It's big for you Kate," he said letting me know he wanted to fuck me.

Feeling my fathers hands travel up my stockings to my firm, ass then to my long, extended nipples had my pussy bursting into flames. He then went from kissing me back to sucking my inch long nipples. His mouth on my sensitive nipples drove me crazy, as they responded by sending shock-waves into my pussy.

"Oh fuck, you're driving me crazy," I cried out throwing my head back as the excitement was building inside my pussy by the second.

"Big nipples on such a flat chest.... Wonderful," he said as he sucked on my almost non-existent tits, pulling the flesh off my chest, until he released my tit then kissed and bit each of my nipples which caused me to moan. He then pulled each of my nipples far off my chest, sending shock-waves way- up into my pussy. "I love these tiny tits Kate," he snarled as he kissed around the edges of my big nipples, driving me insane.

As he was biting and stretching out my nipples he skillfully pushed my thong to the side and sent his fingers up into my pussy, which was already soaking wet from being so turned on.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, as I threw my head back from the incredible feeling of being finger fucked by my sexy father. "God, he's so confident and knows just what to do to turn me on," I thought to myself as I went back to kissing him as he fucked me, with his probing fingers.

"Umm, already wet," he said the instant his fingers went into my pussy.

"Wet for you baby," I said hoarsely, playing off his response about his huge cock being big for me. Suddenly, I felt my body start to convulse and knew I was going to cum. I lifted my heels out of the backs of my pumps and came in a hard flood all over his fingers.

As I came over his fingers I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my outstretched palm and felt the heavy liquid of pre-cum start to flow out of his baseball sized cockhead. As I came I kept pumping him faster and faster, wanting to jerk him off with me. After I came we kissed as my body seemed to go limp from the explosive climax.

"Let me take the edge off this great, big fucking cock baby. I wanna suck you off," I said hotly as I instantly squatted on my pumps and proceeded to lick every inch of his tremendous cock. When I squatted, I felt the back of my feet come out of my pumps, as my toes pushed down into the front of my high heels. My high heels never left my feet throughout me blowing him an fucking him, the entire time. His cock was so huge and heavy that it had to rest against his knee for support. It was way too big to stick straight out like my boyfriend or all the other guys I fucked. I put my palm at the base and hefted it to my mouth. It was so sexy to have to control over such a massive cock.

I started by just kissing the huge head and licking it wildly, flicking my tongue across the giant crown as I looked at him slyly. I then ran my tongue across one side, feeling sparks in my pussy from the powerful veins that crisscrossed like a giant spider web and ran along the length of his shaft, than to the tip and back down the other side.

At times I would stab his huge cock with my tongue which made it thump off his knee and bounce to the other side. My fathers huge cock was like a giant magnet, drawing my tongue to it, and sending sparks into my pussy every time I flicked at it. He groaned which sent a signal that he liked the way I was playing with his great, big cock.

"Nice baby," he moaned looking at me while I basked in the sexy play with his huge cock.

When I brought it to my mouth I realized that I would never get more than the huge, baseball shaped cockhead inside, so I knew my hands and tongue were what was going to please it. My fathers cock was so huge it was impossible to suck like my boyfriends or other guys I fucked. What my fathers huge cock needed was to be played with and worshiped, and I was more than eager to do both.

"Spit on it baby," he commanded as I looked up and grinned slyly.

"Umm, you know just what you like," I said, looking up at him slyly. "With this huge cock, anything you want baby," I said in a voice I didn't recognize, astonished by his staggering cock. I was so turned on by my fathers confidence, I instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his shaft, and began pumping it through my palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls. His huge, hanging balls, the size of g****fruits, seemed perfectly matched for his giant cock and something inside me told me he could store up and shoot a real big load of cum.

"That's perfect Kate," he said which made me real happy and real hot. There was something about the way he said my name that turned me on and almost made me cum. It made me feel so sexy, and made me forget that I was his daughter. Calling me by my name made me feel more like one of his many 18 year old fucks, and that drove me wild.

Mesmerized by the size of his cock, and his huge, hanging balls, I lifted it against his tight stomach and pressed it in place with my palm. His cock was so heavy and so huge that it went a good 6 inches above his navel. It was such a powerful and staggering sight that it made me so eager to please him. I began licking all over his huge balls. They were each the size of a baseball and his sack hung down almost 10 inches.

His huge ball sack added to making his cock look terrifying. I went wild with my tongue licking his hanging sack and lifting each of his huge balls with my tongue. When I looked up I was happy to see my father looking at me with lust in his eyes. I grinned at him slyly.

"That's real nice Kate. Suck my balls just like that baby," he said as I took one in my mouth and pulled on his ball sack, stretching it out almost a foot. "Oh naughty Kate," he groaned in a deep resonant voice, as I grinned at him slyly.

" Ummm. the biggest pair of balls, loaded with hot cum for me I hope," I said in my throaty voice, as I went back to licking all over his towering shaft as I held it in my palm.

"Lot's of cum for you Kate. Lots of cum," he snarled as I let go of his huge cock, as it bounced to his knee and continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it.

"What's it like to have a different mouth and pussy on this great, big cock every night baby," I looked at him slyly than ran the tip of my tongue over his huge crown than down the left side and back up and over the right side. He didn't respond, but groaned as he watched me tease his huge cock with my tongue.

After I bathed his huge cock in my hot saliva I mischievously flicked the tip of my tongue, over the crown of his big cockhead, like a snake.

"Umm, I like a real naughty girl," he said as I kept flicking my tongue against his cockhead, then kissed it as I looked into his piercing eyes with the slyest of grins.

"Oh trust me, I am real naughty baby, and with this great, big cock, I'm going to be naughtier than ever," I said teasingly, looking up at him with a sly grin that caused him to grin back. I then spit on his huge shaft again and took the flow of pre-cum in my palm and messaged it into his thick, veined shaft, mixing it with my hot saliva.

Abruptly, he took his huge shaft in his hand and started rubbing it against my throbbing nipples. I was delirious from the friction his massive shaft caused as it ran over my nipples, crushing the rock hard tips, bending them almost flat to my chest. I was going wild from the sensation of his big, maze of veins that ran off the sides of his giant cock.

"Oh fuck, that's so fucking hot," I moaned out loud, feeling my big, sensitive nipples go crazy from the incredible sensation of being rubbed by his huge cock. As his huge veins traveled over my nipples I felt my pussy reach the boiling point and knew his huge cock was going to make me cum, and he knew it too.

"Cum baby," he snarled. "Let those big nipples cum Kate," he said in a commanding voice. That did it. For the next minute I came like a faucet all over his huge shaft as he continued to rub it against my aching nipples.

A few seconds later his breathing got deeper and his moaning heavier. His huge balls began to slide-up into his massive shaft and it began to expand so wide that I thought it was going to fall out of my hand. I knew he was going to cum, and was going wild in anticipation of watching it explode, but I was also wondering if I should stop him and go to his room and fuck. Although my father was in great shape, he was 68 years old, and I wasn't sure if he'd recover after cumming, and all I knew was that I wanted my pussy wrapped around that great, big cock in the worst way. Sensing what I was thinking he said in a confident tone,

"Don't worry Kate. I'm going to fuck you all night.

I looked up at him slyly and grinned at the thought of him fucking me all night. Something inside me told me he wasn't lying, and I was about to find out that he could have easily fucked me for days without tiring or loosing interest.

"Oh god, I can't wait baby," I said hotly as he kept rubbing his giant cock across my aching tits.

He was moaning like crazy, and his cock was throbbing uncontrollably.

"That's it baby. Let that great, big cock explode. I know you want to cum," I chanted hotly. It was so hot knowing I was bringing my father off. The control I had over such a huge cock was so hot that I felt my own pussy begin to spasm.

"Gonna cum baby," he snarled.

"I wanna watch it. Cum for me baby. I wanna see that huge cock explode," I groaned, and grabbed his cock and pumped fiercely and for the next two minutes four foot long ropes of hot, white liquid flew out of his great big cockhead, over my shoulder, hitting the wall ten feet away.

It was the wildest and most powerful sight I ever saw, and as he shot-off I kept pumping him wondering when and if he was ever going to stop. It was as if I was siphoning his huge cock, and that he had an inexhaustible reservoir of cum. The sounds of cum splashing against the wall triggered my pussy and as I squatted on my pumps I rolled my eyes back and came in a violent rush. After he finally finished I continued to worship his cock, licking all over it and messaging it with my outstretched palm.

"I guess you didn't fuck today," I teased, looking at the staggering amount of cum that shot out from his huge cock.

"Not yet baby," he said hotly, which caused me to groan and my pussy to twitch, while he pulled me up to him.

We instantly started kissing and I was shocked to feel his huge cock throb and expand again. I could not believe that a cock so huge could recover so fast especially after just cumming so hard and for over two minutes, and for him being 68 years old. Even my b*****r who was out-of-his mind horny for me last week when we fucked didn't recover like this, and he's 18. I was about to find out that my father had incredible staying power, with the ability to fuck for hours and could cum again and again at will, rebounding within minutes of cumming, or if he was inside my pussy fucking, would stay rock hard.

" My bedroom or yours," I said hotly, looking at his huge cock again, already dripping pre-cum.

"Let's fuck in mine baby," he said with authority. Hearing my distinguished father use the word 'fuck' sent sparks in my burning pussy. I was so turned on by his confidence and his power. I loved the idea that I was with a man who knew what he wanted and always got what he wanted. He was so different from my boyfriend or the wimpy boys I fucked and even my b*****r. My father had a confidence that came from years of aggressive business deals and years of fucking, and knowing he had a huge cock.

"First let's get this sexy thong off. I have to get a taste of this sexy, wet pussy of yours," he said sternly, as he squatted down behind me and pulled down my thong over my ass then over my pumps, as I lifted each one automatically for him. Once my thong was over my pumps he threw it to the side and put his hand on my back to make me lean forward.

He than grabbed me by my hips and for a few minutes just kept spreading my ass wide than releasing it. I was groaning like crazy, knowing he was spreading my ass wide so that he could look at my open pussy.

" Beautiful pussy Kate," he said in a hot breath as he held my ass apart than ran his tongue across my throbbing clit and right between my open fuck lips.

"Oh god! You're making me so fucking hot," I moaned out loud as he worked his tongue across and into my pussy than around the rim of my ass hole. "Oh fuck that's so hot," I moaned never having felt a guys tongue on my ass hole before.

"A sexy pussy and a beautiful ass hole Kate," he said in a deep, raspy voice.

He than started running his tongue deeper into my ass hole as he pried my ass apart with his hands. My ass was on fire from being fucked this way. I was loving the sensations that flowed from my ass into my pussy and knew I could easily cum like this. My father than ran his tongue deep inside my ass than deep inside my pussy.

"Oh god, you've got me so fucked up," I howled.

Balancing on my pumps he guided my hips back and forth onto his probing tongue, making me wetter and hotter by the second. I was delirious as my father had my pussy bouncing off the walls from the way his tongue fucked way up inside me.

"Fuck, you really know how to eat a pussy, "I snarled as he guided my ass over his tongue.

"Especially one as sexy as yours baby," he said in a deep voice that sent a chill up my spine. "You have a very sexy pussy Kate," he said as he kissed all over it, filling the air with popping sounds that had me squirming. "Such a delicious pussy too," he added in a deep smoky voice, as he snaked his tongue deep inside my boiling cunt.

"Oh fuck that's gonna make me cum," I groaned as I felt my pussy and ass devoured by my fathers skilled mouth.

"A beautiful pussy and ass Kate, both with an incredible taste," he said driving me insane when he used my name. I was so turned on I started pulling on my nipples as a sudden surge erupted from deep inside my boiling cunt. "Let it go baby," he moaned as he tunneled his tongue into my pussy than into my ass.

"Ohhhh fuck," I groaned outloud,as my pussy exploded all over my fathers tongue and his mouth. Just as I was cuming he held my pussy tight to his mouth with one hand on my hip than brought his other hand to my engorged clit which sent me into a second, even harder climax.

"That's right. Let it go baby," he said out loud, feeling my pussy clamp down on his tongue as I exploded fiercely. "That's it. Let this sexy pussy cum Kate. Keep it cumming baby," he said firmly, as my legs shook uncontrollably and my high heels began bouncing wildly, as my pussy kept popping off one wild orgasm after the other, firing in rapid burst. After I came we kissed heatedly as I tasted my pussy all over his mouth. the taste of my own pussy made me real hot.

"My bedroom baby," he said in a Commanding voice that was more telling me than asking me as he took my hand and lead me to his bedroom.

"Oh fuck yeah," I moaned as we walked down the long hallway to his bedroom, my high heels clicking advertised that it was going to an incredible fuck. As we walked my heart pounded in rhythm to the clicking sounds of my high heel pumps against the wood floor. The sound of my high heels clicking on the wood floor mixed with my deep breathing, filled the air with lust. I was so turned at the thought of fucking my father and his huge, popular cock.

When we walked past the hall mirror it was the sexiest and naughtiest sight imaginable. Seeing my father, nude, with his thick white hair and his incredibly fit, slender physique, and his huge, menacing cock bouncing from knee to knee as I walked in my high heel pumps and thigh high stockings almost made me cum. He than stopped and stood behind me. It was the sexiest sight. A man 50 years older than me, in amazing physical shape and with the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I was never more turned on in my life.

"Look how sexy you are Kate, he said as he kissed my neck and played with my aching nipples. "Dressed for fucking," he added in his hot breath, taking in the sight of me in my heels and stockings while kissing my neck, which sent sparks deep into my pussy.

"Oh god I can't wait to fuck you, and that huge assed cock of yours. It's so fucking big," I moaned out loud looking at his giant cock in the mirror as it bounced, angrily from knee to knee, looking like a giant log as we continued walking to his bedroom. "Look at you. So proud to have such a huge cock," I said hotly. " This great, big cock gets you so much teen pussy. And now mine too," I said in a hot breath then bent at the waist to kiss and lick it.

" Oh fuck," he groaned as he watched me lift his huge cock than run my tongue along the sides than flick the head with the tip real fast.

" So huge....So heavy......Great big proud cock," I moaned as I as I kissed his g****fruit sized cockhead. When I released it, it smacked against his knee making a loud thud. We than kissed for a few minutes which had my pussy dripping. "Oh god, lets fuck. I need that huge, proud cock of yours in my pussy so bad," I moaned.

"Yes Kate, I do realize that I am blessed to have such a big cock, and that it is very popular with young teens., who like yourself love to look sexy and love to fuck," he said with such a confident air. " And now I'm looking forward to getting it inside your sexy 18 year old pussy," he said as he lifted me up effortlessly and took me to his bedroom, kissing me the entire way.

We never made it to the pageant rehearsal that day, both canceling our dates, and spent the next eight hours kissing and fucking in every position in his bedroom and throughout the house, as his huge cock spread me wider than it was ever designed for. My fathers huge cock reshaped my pussy and made me cum harder than I ever have. The first two hours were spent fucking really slow, like we were passionate lovers, but it was so I could adjust to the enormous length and especially his beer-can like girth of his cock.

We started our fuck with him sitting in a high backed cushioned chair with me facing him, kissing like lovers as I rested my hands on his shoulders. Pushing off my high heels I lifted my pussy right to the head of his monstrous cock and slowly dropped down on it as I spiraled my ass around, to help widen my opening.

" Fuck, that's a big, assed cock," I moaned as my pussy began letting him in.

"Take your time Kate. Let your pussy adjust real slow to every inch of this big cock," he said while holding it at the base then kissed me. "Take your time baby. Let your tight pussy adjust to it first, than I'll really fuck you," he said in a voice that sent a chill down my spine.

As soon as his huge cockhead went past the mouth of my pussy I came in a flood. I already felt so overstuffed with just the head inside me, but I knew I wanted every inch. I also knew that my father was going to want a lot more than just the head inside me. I knew by him saying, 'I'll really fuck you," that this slow fuck introduction was the calm before the storm. I knew that once he bottomed out he was going to fuck me the way he wanted, and that turned me on like crazy. I wanted to experience the same fucking he gave all his 18 year old fucks.

After almost two hours passed I had finally reached the base of his cock. During that time I would jump off his huge cock and lick him and pump him and kiss him. This time kept us really turned on and gave my pussy a brief rest. Everytime I took in another inch I would explode violently, as we kissed hard and he pinched my inch, long nipples. When I got to the base of his huge cock I groaned wildly as I saw stars and squirted all over his shaft in a violent orgasm. I was so thrilled when I reached bottom and was able to take his entire cock inside me. As I came I felt his rhythm increase and I instinctually matched his fucking with mine. He was beginning to fuck more f***efully, the way he wanted and I felt his huge cock expand which almost made me pass out. I kept spiraling my ass around his cock telling him to cum, which caused him to groan.

"Gonna cum baby. Your pussy's too fucking good baby," he snarled and for the next two minutes erupted deep inside me.

He came so hard and for so long I thought a dam broke. His hot cum was flowing out of me like a river and dripped to the floor right beside my pumps. He then lifted my ass right to his crown and began fucking me. I was stunned that my father was still rock hard, especially after just cumming so hard inside me. All the other guys I fucked, including my boyfriend and my b*****r didn't recover this fast.

"Let me fuck you baby," he commanded, and began thrusting his huge, throbbing cock way up into my pussy, as he held my ass cheeks in his hands. I was going crazy form the pounding of his giant shaft, feeling his huge balls smack against my ass as he lifted his ass off the chair and thrust into me like a jackhammer.

"Oh fuck," I snarled as I came with each pounding thrust. I now knew that this was the type of fucking my father liked, and my pussy was cumming harder than I ever have.

It was all about him pleasing his huge cock, and I was more than happy to let him use my pussy any way he wanted and as much as he wanted. He pounded his huge cock into me like a wild man, as my pussy squirted all over his squirted all over his fat shaft and filled the room with slushy sounds that reeked of lust.

"Fuck it baby. Fuck it just the way you want and need," I groaned, biting my lower lip as I came in a flood, coating his huge cock in my hot liquid, which allowed him to fuck even harder. After I came I fell into him, and kissed him hard as his massive cock lodged inside my cunt, hard and throbbing, in need of a lot more of my pussy.

He then pushed me onto the rug, so that my back was on the rug and my high heels were on the edge of the chair. My pussy was so exposed and so defenseless as he squatted over my pussy and lined his huge cock up to the open mouth. He than began slamming his huge cock straight down into my open fuck hole, as he did these deep squats. I was amazed at his strength and endurance and kept yelling out loud from the f***e of being pried apart from such a huge cock.

"Oh fuck, you really know what you want," I snarled out loud as he sent his huge cock burrowing deep into the center of my fuck hole.

"So fucking good," he mumbled almost incoherently as he fucked me like a man overcome by the devil. After a good fifteen minutes of punishing my pussy he lifted me back up on the chair and we kissed in a the most frenzied and untamed way, as our tongues sk**ded over each others.

After I came he had me climb on top of him with my back against his chest.

"Put your high heels on the edge of the chair," he commanded as I sat on top of him. "Fuck that big cock," he snarled as he put his hands around my thin waist and I reached for his huge hard-on and lined it up with my smoking pussy.

For the next half hour I rode up and down his massive shaft as he lifted me at the waist and I pushed against my pumps. I was delirious as my defenseless pussy was being impaled on his huge cock. I came again and again, coating his monster cock with a clear froth that made him explode from being bathed in my cum.

"Lets fuck on the bed baby," he said after a half hour of this relentless pummeling and cumming really hard. On the bed we kissed and played with each other until he fucked me from behind. As he fucked me he pulled on my hips as my wet pussy slid down the length of his huge shaft, coming to a stop when my wild ass met his tight stomach. I began to fuck harder, matching my pussy to the rhythm of his hard, deep thrusts. I was cumming like crazy from the solid pounding and even bit the pillow when I exploded all over his huge cock.

After I came he pushed on my back and I went down on my stomach. He took my left high heel pump in his hand and lifted my leg kept fucking into me a little slower. he slow fucked me like this for almost an hour. It was the most exquisite feeling I ever experienced. My pussy was so stuffed and I closed my eyes and sucked my finger as I imagined my father behind me fucking his huge, tireless cock into me with long, deep, slow strokes. I went wild feeling his free hand roam over my ass and up my back

"You have a beautiful little ass Kate," he said in a deep resonant voice as he slow fucked into me. "Such a sexy little ass," he said in his deep voice, as he fucked me slow and deep. Deeper than I've ever felt any cock. He had my pussy right on the brink of cumming and he knew it. This slow fucking was his way to build up my cum. It was sexy torture and had me squirming. He than let go of my high heel and leaned over me as he continued fucking his huge cock into me, and started kissing my neck and shoulders.

"Such a sexy young girl Kate. With a beautiful pussy and sexy little ass, and an amazing pair of big nipples, he said in his deep voice as he slow fucked into me taking almost a minute to go from his cockhead to the base of his massive shaft.

"Oh god. You have me so turned on. So fucked up," I moaned than turned my head and met his tongue in a kiss, that sent sparks into my boiling cunt. "Oh god. Make me cum. Your great, big cock has me so fucked up. Please baby,let me cum all over that great, big cock," I moaned needing to explode all over his massive slow fucking cock.

"Let it go Kate," he said, almost as if he was giving me permission, than held his huge cock steady once he bottomed out.

OH FUCK," I snarled, as my pussy kept firing over and over his huge cock as he held it steady, and buried deep inside me without moving a mussel.

It was like having a giant log was wedged inside my pussy and I kept cumming all over him. As I came he rolled on his side and we side fucked for an hour. We were kissing like two wild lovers as he held my left leg up and fucked his huge cock deep inside me, making me cum in ways I've never experienced. After cumming I was crazed to fuck him.

"Let me fuck you baby," I snarled as I pushed back and went to my knees. "Don't fucking move. Let me use your great big cock. I want to fuck you now," I snarled and began thrusting my ass all the way down the length of his huge shaft. I felt so empowered to be fucking him. I wanted to get him off like he did me and by the way he was moaning and the way his cock was inflating inside me I knew I had him

"That's incredible baby. You have an amazing pussy," he howled as I thrust back and forth on his mammoth cock.

"I'm glad you like that pussy baby. It's yours anytime you want it," I howled in a hot, throaty voice.

"Oh fuck. You are such an amazing fuck Kate. "I had no idea you'd be this fucking good baby. Such a good fuck," he snarled as his cock began to twitch deep inside me.

"And I had no idea you had such a huge cock," I screamed as I came all over him again. "Fucking cum baby," I shouted as he began to fire inside me.

For the next five minutes I kept fucking like a wild teenager back and forth over his giant cock until he pushed me forward and his huge cock popped out and the remaining cum spilled onto my ass. He laid beside me and we kissed for an hour, telling each other how much we loved fucking each other.

As we kissed I ran my hand across his massive rubbery cock. even soft it was 10 times bigger than my boyfriend and all the guys I fucked and twice as big as my b*****rs. His hands were making me hot as he ran them over my stockings and over my flat chest and big nipples.

My father and I fucked in and out of the bed, with him leading me from position to position, with a self-assuredness that drove me and my sex starved pussy crazy. In the bed he would fuck his massive cock into me from behind and even squat on his feet while leaning over me, grabbing my big nipples and pulling my hair and kissing me hard and making me cum all over his enormous shaft. He had incredible endurance, and strength to fuck in positions like this for long periods at a time. His huge cock hit my pussy at so many different angels, that I never felt before.

At one point he was standing off the bed, fucking his huge cock into me as he wrapped his hands around my legs, pulling me to his huge cock with every thrust. As he pulled me to him he pounded his huge cock into me, making me see stars as I exploded all over his giant shaft, as his giant hanging balls slapped against the bottom of my ass. Each time I came my pussy coated his fat shaft and allowed him to pound into me just the way he wanted.

"You cum real good baby," he snarled. "I love the way your pussy coats this big cock, " he said in a deep rasp as he thrust it deep, up into the back of my pussy.

"Oh fuck I love cumming all over your great, big cock. I've never felt so stuffed," I moaned back, as I felt my pussy build to another climax. As he was fucking me I started to cum and he instantly pulled out and lifted my legs behind my ankles which angled my pussy straight up in the air. He than went down on me, eating my cunt as I came violently. He than inserted two fingers in my cunt and two in my ass, and fucked me f***efully.

"Keep fucking cumming baby," he snarled as he fucked me like a mad-man using his four fingers.

"OH FUCK,"I yelled as my pussy and ass came hard. I was so delirious, and came over and over in a tsunami, because my father knew just what he wanted to do to get me off.

"Oh god, you really know how to fuck," I moaned as an intense orgasm washed over my trembling body. I was so glad that he was fucking me just like all his other teen fucks, instead of being timid like by boyfriend or some of the other guys I've fucked. The way he was fucking me and making me fuck him was the farthest thing from being father & daughter. I was so turned on to being one of his fucks, one of his best fucks.

As I was cumming he went back down and kept eating me, holding my legs so that my pussy was attached to his mouth. "Oh fuck, I can't stop cumming," I shouted as I exploded all over his face. After I came he pulled me off the bed and kissed me hard. At one point I was on the bed, squatting over his monster cock, bouncing up and down it as my pumps anchored to the bed. As I was fucking him a need to suck his cock and pump him off overcame me.

"I want to suck you off. I need to see that great big cock explode again," I said out loud as I hopped off his huge cock, causing a loud pop to sound when it left my pussy. The second my tight pussy released his huge cock, it bounced off his stomach with a loud thud and before it slap back I scooped it up in my palm and began pumping it as I spit all over it. I flicked my tongue over his huge crown which caused him to roll his eyes and groan.

"You're so naughty baby, he said in a raspy voice as my tongue worked over every inch of his giant shaft.

" Let me see it pop again baby," I said in a hot voice as I felt it expand in my palm. I angled his huge cock to the side, just in case he shot another big load, and so that I could watch it in the mirror too.

"Oh fuck here it comes baby, " he moaned and a second later blast after blast shot up way over my back onto the floor.

"Oh fuck you shoot so fucking hard," I cried out as cum flew out of his cock with an incredible f***e, in long, thick ropes.

" Keep pumping it," he said in a demanding voice as I kept sliding my palm over his shaft, watching in stunned amazement as it kept spitting out thick, white ropes of cum so much that it formed a puddle on the floor.

Out of the bed he would pull me to his chest and lift me by my ankles and with one hand would reach for his huge cock and fuck it into me as he tilted my pussy to the angel he wanted and fucked straight into me.

He held me like I was a feather, as I turned my head to kiss his outstretched tongue. In this position he thrust his huge cock so far up inside me that I came all so hard , it traveled onto his legs and splattered to the floor. At one point he turned me as if he was carrying me with one hand behind my neck and the other behind my knees, and fucked his huge cock into me as we kissed hard.

"You like this pussy baby," I said as we kissed. "I know this huge cock gets so much pussy," I moaned as he fucked way up inside me.

"You're one of the best fucks I've had baby," he growled as I felt his huge cock expand inside me, thrilled to be driving him crazy. Hearing him say I was one of his best fucks turned me on like mad. He fucked all the time, with some of the sexiest teens I've ever seen, and to hear him say I was one of his best fucks meant everything to me.

"Oh god, I know you fuck all the time baby. I love pleasing your great, big cock," I moaned as I felt my pussy being stuffed so full. "Cum baby. Fill my cunt with another of your huge, fucking loads. Cum for me baby," I moaned hotly. He was rolling my body onto his cock, feeding it deep inside me when he exploded inside me, filling me with so much cum it splashed out into the floor.

Amazingly he kept fucking through his explosive orgasm and put me down and bent me over his desk and kept pounding into me without breaking his rhythm. I was so horny for my fathers huge cock. All I wanted to do was kiss and fuck and please every inch of his great, big, popular cock. As the hours passed, the hunger to fuck each other grew inside both of us, like the intensity of an out-of-control forest fire that couldn't be extinguished.

Although our fucking was untamed and hungry, there were moments where we would just lay beside each other and kiss like two lovers deep in passion. It was so sexy to lie next to each other as his fingers played with my pussy and I pumped up an down his massive shaft lovingly as our tongues twisted in a sexy kiss.

My father was an amazing kisser and had me so turned on with the way he used his lips and tongue. He had an incredible mouth Just the way he kissed made me so hot and horny to fuck him. Our torrid fuck lead us to the pool around 4 in the morning. As I walked out in my thigh high stockings and high heels the clicking sound of my high heels fueled our arousal causing us to stop every few feet to kiss along the way. I would always break away from our kiss to bend at the waist and lick all over his huge cock. We had fucked through the whole night, just like he said we would. As the hours passed, our lust to fuck and please each other grew to the most intense level.

We continued our intense fuck by the pool. As the sun came up my father was hammering his huge cock into me savagely while I laid back on the futon couch under the canopy, with my pumps wrapped around his muscular back, kissing him passionately until he roared and filled my pussy with one last load of cum. His burst was so hot, I felt it boiling inside me, and triggered my spasming cunt to instantly clamp down on him, desperate to drain every last drop of cum out of his mammoth cock.

Taking off my pumps and stockings we went into the pool and kissed and played with each other for almost an hour. He even lifted me onto the diving board and ate my pussy with his incredible mouth and tongue until I came violently all over his mouth and tongue. When I got out of the pool we dried off as we kissed each other. After I dried off I stepped back into my pumps and walked arm-in-arm with him to his bed where we slept for a few hours then started our heated fuck all over again.

During that fuck my pussy never stopped cumming, as my father's massive cock exploded nine different times, in the most powerful orgasms that lasted minutes at a time. My father, at 68 was inexhaustible, and fucked with a confidence I never experienced before. He lead me from position to position, fucking me just the way he wanted. He knew how he wanted his cock to be pleased and I was so turned to let him use my pussy anyway he wanted. I was sure all teens he fucked felt the same way. His handsome looks, his confidence and his huge, inexhaustible cock drove every teen and myself insane with lust, and insane to please it.

I found out later that he fucked four of the girls from the pageant. One was Asian, one was black and one was white. I also learned by my best friend Allison that she fucked him too. The white girl was Stacy. She was a cheerleader with me and Allison. At the pageant Stacy was always coming onto my father, and she was the one who arranged the foursome. The three girls went on his 165 foot yacht for a weekend, and from what I heard from another girl in the pageant, who could resist telling me, was that the girls told her my father had an enormous cock(new flash--NOT) and that he exhausted them all.

She couldn't resist telling me that each of the girls went crazy when they saw his huge cock and how hard and how much cum he had. She was also the one who told me about Allison, and re-capped all the details. When I confronted Allison she admitted fucking my father and said it was the wildest experience in her life. I was pissed, but she also said that she knew he was fucking me and that he had told her how much he loved the way I fucked. Although I was a little jealous of the three girls, and a little pissed about my best friend Allison fucking him, I understood that my father liked variety, and that he fucked all the time. I also knew that he loved my pussy, and as long as I was getting fucked by his huge cock, I was totally ok with him fucking other teens.

One weekend I had an argument with my boyfriend and decided to go stay at my fathers and use the pool. As I walked to the pool area I heard the voices of girls moaning and groaning. I wasn't surprised that my father was fucking, but I was surprised to find my him lying on the large futon, surrounded by Stacy and two of the girls from the pageant. These were the same three girls that were on his yacht. All three were all dressed in sexy lingerie, complete with thigh high stockings, high heels and the sexiest transparent thongs and lace bras. The black teen, Traci had on a sexy white garter belt attached to white thigh high stockings. They were all in a trance, kneeling on the futon and licking all over my fathers huge cock.

" Why don't you join us Kate," my father said seeing me. The girls were so into licking all over his huge cock, they didn't even look up.

The air around my fathers huge cock was filled with deep moans about how huge he was and how bad they each wanted to fuck him. They were each desperate to please him, all desperate to fuck him.

"Let me go change into something sexy," I said in a hot voice as I bent over to kiss him. I came back wearing a pink lace bra and thong with a matching garter set. I wore a pair of pink thigh high stockings and pink high heel pumps.

When I came out the Asian teen Kim was squatting over his huge cock, riding it up and down moaning about how fucking huge he was. Her pussy only went down half way before she bounced back up. When she went don his shaft it actually bent in the center in an L shape, because she could only take half of him. The white girl Claire was sucking my fathers huge balls and licking Kim's pussy while Traci was licking her big, Asian nipples and kissing her. When I came into the hot action I dropped my pussy down on my fathers face and instantly came as he sent his incredible tongue into my tight fuck hole and my ass.

We all got our share of his huge cock throughout the night, each impatiently waiting our turn to fuck him, but being so stuffed, and cumming so hard when we did. At one point we stroked him off, and made him cum all over the cement patio. We had four sets of hands on his monster cock, all stroking him to a steady rhythm until he bust all over the patio. When the three girls finally drove home in his personal limousine at 5am I was on my hands and knees on the futon getting fucked from behind by my fathers huge, tireless cock.

I learned so many things about my father during our hot fuck. The main thing was that he fucked real hard, and could literally pound like a jackhammer without stopping for hours at a time. A huge cock that could fuck really hard was like no other experience imaginable, making my orgasms the most powerful I have ever experienced. I never in my life ever got off so good as when I was fucked by my fathers great, big cock. I didn't even get off half as good when I fucked my b*****r, and him and I went at it all day too.

"I can't wait till I'm fucking you next week baby," my father whispered into my ear as I stood next to him with all the girls in the pageant surrounding him.

"I'm so fucking horny for you now baby," I whispered back in his ear. "Get rid of her and I'll get rid of my date tonight. I want your huge cock inside me so bad baby," I said softly biting his ear lob.

"Be in my bed when I get home. Maybe we won't wait till next week baby," he whispered.

"Ummm, you know I'll be waiting baby," I whispered back then mouthed the word," Yes."

That night I took a long bath in his jacuzzi tube. In the tube I jerked my pussy off twice thinking about us fucking again. Thinking about his huge cock and how we fucked the first time had me so horny I couldn't stop finger fucking my cunt and ass and playing with my clit. I wanted to drive my father crazy so I dressed in a sexy, see through peach color bustier that came down above my belly button.

The cups of the bra were see-through, and my big nipples showed through perfectly. The bustier had four long garter straps attached, and I wore a pair of nude color thigh high stockings to give my legs a real sexy look. I wore a peach color thong that was transparent in the front, which showed my fuck lips right through the sheer material. After trying on my black pumps I decided to change into my white, open toed high heel pumps. I did my hair and make-up and put on the sexiest shade of red lipstick. When I looked in the mirror I got real turned on.

Seeing the long garter straps run down my sides, clinging to my hips was real sexy, and standing in my pumps made me look so naughty. I was so horny to fuck my father that I bent at the waist and finger fucked my pussy and ass as I took in the sight of my body in the mirror.

He came back at 2 in the morning after fucking the Asian teen in his corporate penthouse where she was staying until she went back to China.

"Did you fuck her good with that great, big cock," I said in an annoyed tone, already knowing the answer, and irritated that it took him so long to come home. I then got out of the bed in my garter belt and stockings as I stepped into my high heel pumps, as his eyes were riveted to me, which was exactly what I wanted.

"You look so sexy Kate," he said stripping his cloths as he looked at me hungrily. "You knew I was going to fuck her, but all I could think about was you and your sexy pussy waiting for me in my bed baby," he said, taking me into his arms and kissing me hard while he ran his hands over my garter straps and stockings than over my ass.

My being upset instantly vanished as he kissed me as his hands played with my ass and aching nipples then at the sight of his huge, throbbing cock. After we kissed we were on his bed locked in an incredible 69 position for an hour, re-acquainting ourselves with each other. As I recklessly licked all over his towering cock he ran his hands over my ass, spreading it and exposing my wet pussy.

He than ran his hands over my stockings and garter straps, his touch making my pussy drip. He than took his fingers and pulled and stretched on my narrow fuck lips as his mouth sucked on my aching clit and his tongue explored the walls of my scorching pussy. After we both came, he fucked me from behind, pounding his fat, tireless 10 inch cock into me as he pulled on my garter straps, guiding my wild ass over his huge shaft in ways that had us both moaning in lust filled pleasure. Although I knew my father would always have his huge cock buried in a new 18 year old pussy, I knew he craved mine, and that I'd always be his first choice fuck.


"God your father is so sexy," the girls were murmuring to Kate when we were changing into our evening gowns for that portion of the competition.

"Yeah he sure is," she said smugly, which surprised me, because she was thinking the same thing.

"Hey can you give him my number," one of the girls said, then the rest chimed in one after the other.

"Trust me, he has more numbers than he knows what to do with and a daughter that thinks he's really sexy too," she said with a sly laugh that caused a few girls to say,"UGH GROSS," but most to say, "Fuck, who wouldn't want to be his daughter."

Kate was absolutely right about Mr. Travers having an surplus of young teens, because like that night at the rehearsal with the Asian teen, he always had a different young girl on his arm, sometimes two, and they were always dressed up in an outfit designed to advertise they wanted to fuck him. Micro mini skirts or skin tight mini dresses and always in stockings and high heels.

Two days before the pageant I got a call on my cell from Mr. Travers. When I saw his number come up I got instantly excited, and told my boyfriend, who I was talking to, that I had to take the call, saying something about my College. My pussy was so wet and I couldn't push 'end' call fast enough.

Mr. Travers and I made some small-talk about College, the pageant, my boyfriend and after a two minutes he got right to the point telling me I was the sexiest girl in the pageant.

"You've been coming to my house for years now Allison, and now that you are 18 I'd like to take you to dinner at one of my private clubs and really get to know you better," he said in a tone that had my nipples instantly hard.

"Dinner sounds great Mr. Travers, and I especially like the part about you getting to know me better," I said in my most flirtatious voice.

"That's real good Allison, because I thought you might be a little hesitant, being that you are my Kate's best friend and especially my son Bobbie's girlfriend."

" Are you k**ding. I've been hoping for a long time that you'd asked me out," I said in a eager sounding voice.

"Wonderful Allison," he said with a sly laugh.

I told him I couldn't wait and he arranged to meet me at the pageant rehearsal in his private limo. That day I told Kate and my boyfriend that I had to do some shopping after the rehearsal and that I was going home for the night after that.

The way Mr. Travers and I talked, I had a very good idea that we were going to be doing a lot more than just go to dinner. I was going crazy at the thought of fucking him. Seeing him at the pool all these years and at the pageant, had me lusting for him. I knew one thing and that was I was going to look absolutely sexy for him. I wanted to highlight every inch of my body to really show him how sexy I could be. I wanted to turn him on like crazy.

He told me that he would be at the rehearsal with a new intern he had hired and that he would leave with her before it was over, than return to pick me up after his son and daughter left. His new intern was a high school senior who was Hispanic. She just turned 18 that day and stood about 5'3" tall and weighed about 100 pounds. She was dressed in a sexy black mini skirt tat came just below her ass.

She wore black open toed high heels and had on white thigh high socks that made her look real naughty. Her hair was black and had enormous tits seemed to defy her tiny waist. She was easily a 40DD, which on her tiny frame looked especially huge. She wore a tight white blouse with a black half bra that showed right through. Seeing her I got jealous, but realized he brought her to divert everyone's attention off of him and I later on, especially his son and daughter.

He only stayed at the rehearsal for a few minutes, just enough time for Kate and Bobbie to see him. In that short time he had his arm around her, and I even saw them kiss a few times. This was not missed by Kate and the other girls in the pageant. As the girls commented on Mr. Travers 'new' girl it prompted a lot of them to say they wished they were her.

Kate was indifferent to his new fuck, saying he liked variety, and although I didn't like what I saw I knew that he set it up this way as a diversion for when he returned for me. I found out later after questioning him that he fucked her back at his office before picking me up. Ordinarily I would have been very upset hearing this, but after the night I had with him I was far from being upset.

After Kate and Bobbie and most of the girls left I called Mr. Travers and told him I would be ready in half and hour. I changed into a skin tight white mini dress that clasped around my neck, exposing my back and had a plunging front that showed off my 34D tits perfectly. I wore a pair of tan thigh high stockings and black open toed pumps to draw his attention to my well-defined and smooth, tapered legs. Because of the plunging front I went braless which made me feel real naughty.

As soon as I slid into the leather seat Mr. Travers eyes were locked onto my body. I immediately crossed my legs, drawing his attention to my high heels and the high arches in my feet.

"Very sexy Allison," he said while slowly, and deliberately taking in the sight of my crossed legs up to my exposed tits.

"Umm, very handsome yourself Mr. Travers," I said after thanking him for the compliment and taking in the sight of how handsome he was and how impeccable he was dressed, in a very expensive tailored suit that cost more than most people earn in a month.

"After all these years of watching you grow up and develop into a stunning young lady Allison, it's easy to see why you will win the pageant hands-down," he said while opening a bottle of champaign.

"Thank you Mr. Travers, I'm really glad you like what I turned into," I said as we leaned in to kiss each other.

The kiss was brief but our tongues met outside our mouths in a sexy way that sent sparks deep into my pussy. It was that kiss that let me know we were going to fuck.

"What about your daughter Kate, she's sexy and she's in the pageant too," I asked curiously, wondering if I was imagining something going on between them..

"Oh yes Kate. She positively is very sexy Allison. Sexy in a different way, with a very different body than yours, but yes, very sexy," he said in a way that confirmed he fucked her, or would like to fuck her. "After the pageant I'm taking her away for a two week vacation in the Caribbean at my resort."

I knew from Kate and Bobbie that he owns a villa at an adults only resort that has a reputation for nudity and wild anything goes fucking.

"She told me she was going away with you, but does she know that you are taking her to that wild resort of yours?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Oh she knows Allison, she most definitely knows," he said with a sly grin. "Kate and I went shopping for some very sexy lingerie and wonderful new bikinis the other day, which when she modeled for me, looks absolutely sinful in," he said as he kissed me again, as our tongues snaked uncontrollably across each others.

I kept thinking about Kate's comments about her father being real sexy and now knew why she talked about it smugly. I now realized that her and her father were going away to fuck each other. For some reason that thought of that made my pussy drip. "If my father was half as sexy as Mr. Travers I'd go away and fuck him for two weeks," I thought to myself sinfully.

Kate does have a sexy figure, different than mine, with the flattest tits I've ever seen. She has a chest like a 15 year old boy, but does have a huge pair of nipples that were always hard. She weighs 105 pounds and had long, slender legs. Standing 5'9" tall with her reddish hair, freckles and braces she has a real young naughty schoolgirl look. And naughty she was.

Kate and Bobbie-(b*****r & s****r)

A few days ago Bobbie, Kate and I were at their fathers pool she said," Let's go skinny dipping." We were drinking wine and were a little tipsy and thought it was harmless and took our suits off and jumped in. When we stripped I noticed Bobbie take in the sight of Kate's body and could see his cock start to get hard.

"Wow, b*****r has a real big cock," Kate said looking at his cock while her nipples came alive and stood over the center of her flat chest actually casting a shadow.

We started splashing each other and one thing lead to another and Bobbie was sitting on the steps of the pool and Kate dared me to suck his cock. Taking the challenge I immediately started blowing him. He's 10 inches long and when he was hard I heard Kate say, "Whow he's really huge." I then dared her to suck him, and couldn't believe it when she took him in her hand and went down on him, licking all over his shaft and his balls, causing him to groan loudly.

He was groaning like crazy and in a few seconds grunted that he was going to cum. He lifted his ass off the pool step and shot a load that came out so hard it filled her mouth and splashed on my 34D tits and the side of her face then shot over her head and into the pool water. After he came they kissed hard. It was so hot watching my best friend kiss her b*****r as if I wasn't even there, seeing their tongues fly out at each other and hearing the moaning sounds they made. As they kissed she kept playing with his cock and in a few minutes he was hard again.

I then dared her to fuck him, but he said, "No Way." After he said it she walked away and said she had to dress up for dinner. She met a guy at the pageant who was a sponsor. He was a lot older than her, he was 44,never married and owned the local newspaper. Even though she had a boyfriend, a boy we all went to school with, she took him up on his offer to go to dinner.

Kate came back out to the pool 15 minutes later wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings attached to a black corset that came down right above her naval. The garter straps were stretched out long against her thin legs. She stood tall in a pair of black high heel pumps. My boyfriends cock got instantly hard when she asked what we thought of the outfit she was going to wear, 'just in case' she said, then laughed slyly, letting us know they were going to fuck.

Looking at my boyfriend with his jaw dropped at the sight of his s****r dressed in garters, stockings and heels I said, " Go fuck her. You know you want to," I said hotly as I pumped his throbbing 10 inch cock. That said, he bounced out of the pool and they kissed hotly for about 2 minutes then ran up to her bedroom. From the pool I could hear the sounds of her high heels clicking all the way to her bedroom, and for the next two hours all I heard was her screaming about how big his cock was and him screaming about how great her pussy felt.

At one point I went and stood by his room and watched Kate ride his big cock, up and down as she sat on his lap while he sat in a chair, kissing him as he pinched and kissed her huge nipples, and watched as he flooded her pussy with cum. Like me Kate was on the pill, which made the fucking real hot.

Allison continued

As Mr. Travers and I kissed I instantly stopped thinking about him and Kate fucking and focused on me. I felt so sexy, brushing our lips against one another than opening our mouths so that the tips of our tongues could meet. As our tongues flicked slowly across each others I was getting so worked up. My breathing increased as did my moaning, as I kissed my best friend's and boyfriend's handsome father. After we kissed hotly for a 10 minutes we sipped champaign and kissed as we sipped. I was so turned on, being in the limo with my boyfriends father, kissing him, without the slightest bit of guilt that I was cheating on my boyfriend with his father.

"My sons very lucky to have a girl as sexy as you Allison," he said hotly then kissed my neck which made me moan. "Does he know what to do with a body as sexy as yours Allison," he said hotly, running his hand over my stockings then over my big tits, then putting a finger in my mouth, telling me to suck it.

""Noooo," I answered in a hot, throaty voice as I continued sucking his finger, and thought about the numerous girls my age that were lucky to be with him, especially his daughter.

When he put his glass down he moved the material of my mini dress off my tits and starred at them for a few seconds.

"Beautiful tits Allison. Big, Beautiful, Suckabe tits.... Sexy little nipples. Perfect baby, " he said as he began kissing the tips of my nipples with his pouty mouth, which drove me wild, then to the sides and tops of my 34D tits then back to kissing and sucking each of my rock-hard nipples. Although my tits are real big, like Raylene Richards, my nipples are tiny, just like hers, these little buds that stick up at the ends and are highly responsive, especially when played with.

"Oh fuck, you're driving me crazy Mr.Travers," I said as I squirmed in the seat just by the way he was sucking and biting my nipples. "Oh fuck, you're gonna make me cum baby," I said hotly then felt my pussy explode for the sparks that went through my nipples right to the epicenter in my boiling cunt.

I came so hard that I felt my tong soaking wet. It was the first time I ever came just from having my nipples played with. After I came I heard Mr. Travers say he had to taste me. My head was still in a fog form the amazing orgasm I had just experienced, and the next thing I knew Mr. Travers was pulling my thong down over my thigh high stockings and over my high heel pumps.

"Oh fuck," I groaned out loud as I suddenly felt a tongue make contact with my clit.

I couldn't believe it and thought I was dreaming as Mr. Travers was kneeling between my stocking covered legs and eating my pussy. It was the most erotic and intimate feeling I had ever experienced in my life. Here I was 18 years old lying back and being eaten by the 68 year old father of my best friend and boyfriend. It was so sexy and so naughty.

"Oh fuck, " I moaned as Mr. Travers tongue masterfully licked all over my clit while holding my fuck lips in his fingers then sent his tongue into my pussy exploring my taste.

"I've wanted to eat your pussy for years Allison," he snarled. "I've wanted to taste this pussy for the longest time," he said as I moaned with every flick of his tongue.

"Oh god, gonna cum," I cried out after hearing him say how bad he wanted to taste me. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long," I moaned as a huge orgasm flowed out of me right into his waiting mouth.

I came so hard I pushed off my pumps, lifting my ass off the leather seat. As he ate me I felt him run his finger over my asshole and as I exploded he inserted his finger in my ass, further escalating my orgasm. I kept cumming for over five minutes from the wild sensations coming from my pussy and my ass, before I calmed and dropped my ass back on the seat.

"I've never cum so good and so hard," I said hotly as we kissed and my pussy snapped back to life with the taste of me on his mouth.

"Let's get you out of this sexy dress baby," he said as I instantly turned my back to him to let him unzip me. "I've got to see this amazing body," he snarled.

There was something incredibly hot about Mr. Travers unzipping me and removing my dress that I couldn't explain. The way he unzipped it, so effortlessly while he kissed my neck showed how skilled he was at fucking and that turned me on. After my dress was off we sipped champaign and kissed hotly, as the tips of our tongues met out of our mouths, stabbing at each other, turning me and my pussy on.

I felt so wicked to be in the limo with my boyfriends and best friends father in just my thigh high stockings and high heels. Me being 18 and him 68, 50 years older than me. That alone and the fact that he was their father and that I knew he fucked all the time, really turned me on.

Mr. Travers was my first older man, and I was really loving it. As I sipped my champaign I watch him methodically remove his tie, jacket and shirt as I groaned and complimented him on having an amazing body. The shock of my life came next when he took off his shoes and finally his pants and I witnessed the biggest cock I had ever seen. It looked massive as it hung way over his leg, touching the leather seat than went way up his chest when he sat back.

I knew my boyfriend Bobbie was big at 10 inches, but up until this point I never thought that his father would have a cock as big, and surely not bigger. Well big wasn't the word for the cock Mr. Travers had. His cock looked 10 times bigger than his son's. It was easily as long, but was at least five times wider, the endless veins making it look even bigger, and way more imposing. The veins gave it a menacing look that made my pussy almost cum.

"Oh God. That is the biggest cock I ever saw," I cooed over and over as I put my hands on it. "Fuck, I can't even close my fingers around half of it," I groaned in astonishment, feeing the hard flesh still inflate and spread my fingers apart even further.

"Bigger than my son," he said mockingly, already knowing the answer.

"Oh fuck, ten times bigger, and you know it too," I said in my hot breath as I bent down to kiss it.

For the next 20 minutes I just kissed all over his huge shaft and onto his hanging balls as he sat back and sipped his champaign, taking in the sight of my huge cock worship. I've never seen so much flesh in my life. It was the most powerful and sexy sight ever. Most guys with a hard on are rock hard, but Mr. Travers was so huge his cock was both hard and fleshy, with a little elasticity in it, even when he was fully erect. That's what made his huge cock so sexy, and so powerful. At one point I was flicking my tongue so fast and so frantically across his cockhead that when he pulled his shaft away from my mouth, my tongue was still flicking uncontrollably in the air. It was like I was in a trance at seeing such a big cock.

"Spit on it and put it between your big tits Allison," he commanded. "I want to fuck those sexy, big tits of yours Allison," he said more demanding than requesting.

"Anything you want baby," I said kissing him hard, than eagerly covering his massive shaft in my hot saliva, spitting like mad, over every inch of it. My pussy was so turned on by the confidence he had, knowing just what he wanted to please his huge cock. After his giant cock was thoroughly covered in my hot spit I cupped my tits together and for the next ten minutes enjoyed the feeling of his huge cock fucking my fleshy tits, seeing the wide channel his fat shaft made as it fucked up between my two, big mounds. As he fucked up between my tits we kissed from time to time as the heat built up inside both of us.

His cock was so fat it pushed my tits farther part then any guy I ever tit fucked, including my boyfriend. It was like a huge arm, or a log was sliding through my tits instead of a cock. I went wild seeing his giant cockhead fly past my face, way over my head. His cock was so huge, I couldn't stop thinking what his cock was going to feel like in my pussy as he fucked through my tits crazily.

"I'm gonna fucking cum Allison," he bellowed than shot off all inside the limo.

I felt his huge cock pulse then expand as blast after blast hit the roof and the windows in the limo. I never in my life felt such a powerful explosion. He came for over two minutes before his giant cock came to rest.

"Fuck, you can really cum Mr. Travers," I said looking amazed at the stalagmites that dripped in a steady flow from the windows and ceiling. "I've never seen so much cum," I said in a stunned, almost disbelieving tone, as I crawled beside him where we kissed like lovers.

I felt so wicked, sitting beside my boyfriend and best friends father nude, in my thigh high stockings and high heels, kissing and playing with his huge cock as he cupped my big tits and pinched my little nipples. I was never more turned on in my life and loved knowing we were going to fuck. Him being so handsome and 50 years older than me and being so self-assured was such a turn on for me.

"I'm glad it doesn't seem to bother you that I'm the father of your best friend and your boyfriend Allison," he said snidely as he lay me back on the plush seat then taking his mammoth shaft in his hand, bringing it to the mouth of my scorching pussy.

"Oh fuck, it turns me on even more," I said hotly as my eyes rolled in from the exquisite pain of the massive girth of his shaft as he inched past my fuck lips.

"Good, I wouldn't want guilt getting in the away of our fucking Allison," he said in an almost sarcastic tone, then added a little laugh to further emphasize his snide comment.

"Oh god, I wouldn't care if he was in an accident tonight," I said without any remorse, which caused him to grin almost sadistically.

"That's sexy baby," he said and kissed me hard, as my pussy felt his huge, g****fruit sized cockhead touch my wet fuck lips.

"All I want is to fuck you Mr. Travers. You and that great, big, popular cock of yours," I said in my hottest voice, as I felt his huge cockhead pry my pussy lips apart, which caused my ass to squirm from the feeling of being stretched wider than a beer can..

Taking his time, so that I could adjust to his massive cock, Mr. Travers fucked into my cunt in small circles, as my pussy exploded over every inch before he finally bottomed out. I was never more full in my life and surprised that I could take such a huge cock. As soon as he hit bottom, I felt his cock expand and heard him groan the word," Cumming baby." His cock exploded deep up into the back of my cunt with a f***e I've never experienced, so hard that it caused me to erupt all over his gigantic shaft.

As we came over each other we kissed hard as my high heels locked onto his muscular back. I couldn't believe it, but he continued to fuck into me with increasingly hard, powerful thrust that had my tits going in spirals, and my ass squirming under his slender frame, even after he just dropped a massive load into my pussy. His ability to fuck so hard and for long periods was mind blowing.

"Oh fuck, so deep," I moaned over and over as he fucked down than pulled his huge shaft back slamming back into me with the most intense thrust. "Oh fuck, I love the way you fuck. So hard. So fucking hard," I yelled out loud. "I've never cum this fucking good," I snarled as another orgasm shot through my boiling pussy.

After cumming Mr. Travers pulled me up so that I was in a position to fuck him. He wanted more and I was more than happy to give it to him.

"Fuck me Allison," he commanded as our mouths locked onto each others and his huge cock rested at the entrance of my pussy. With my hands on his tight chest I slid my scorching pussy back onto his throbbing cock. Amazingly, he had just cum, and was ready to fuck again. I worked my way down his huge cock, trying to adjust to it's freakish size by breathing fast, short breaths. "That's it fuck me Allison. Use your sexy, tight pussy to please my big cock," he snarled then kissed me while he pinched my nipples which made me cum hard.

"Oh god, " I shouted as I came so hard over his massive cock. I now realized that this was what real fucking was supposed to be like.

"God, no wonder he always has a hot girl or two by his side. They all know that his huge cock will make them cum better and harder than any boyfriend or husband ever could," I thought to myself as another giant orgasm exploded deep inside my stretched-out pussy.

Once I finally adjusted to his massive girth I thoroughly enjoyed slamming my tight pussy up and down his huge cock, knowing I was pleasing him, as we kissed and he squeezed my big tits, and pinched my tiny, rock-hard nipples. I even developed a sexy pattern where my right knee was on the leather seat while my left high heel pump was dug into the leather. When I would reach the tip of his huge cock, id spin my ass in a few circles before dropping back down on it.

As I was circling my ass around his huge cock we'd kiss hotly as he told me how sexy I was, and how much he was enjoying our fuck. I felt so sexy to be kissing and fucking my best friends and boyfriends father as he ran his skilled hands all over my stockings than to my big tits and hard nipples than back to my nylons. His hands on my body drove me crazy and kept me moaning as we fucked.

We were in the limo for over two hours before we arrived at the up-scale restaurant. Just as arrived in the parking lot, we both exploded all over each other then fell into each others arms and kissed hungrily. As he zipped me up he cupped my tits and kissed my neck telling me he loved fucking me. I turned my head and our tongues met as I moaned, thrilled by the way he was playing with my tits and excited that I turned him on.

After we dressed we went into the restaurant arm-in-arm. He was greeted by so many wealthy and prominent people in the community. He introduced me his sons girlfriend, saying he was taking me out before I left for College which made me feel so sexy and extremely naughty. The restaurant was very exclusive and the area we were in was very private.

At dinner I was so taken by his worldliness and his compliments about how sexy I was and that he had wanted to fuck me for a long time.

"Every time I was at your house with Bobbie or Kate Id always look for you, but you were usually out with one of your many teenage girlfriends.

"I like to date Allison."

"You mean fuck."

"Yes fuck. Synonymous words to me Allison," he said authoritatively than kissed me while reaching between my stocking covered legs pushing my thong to the side then finger fucked my me a few times, pulling out right before making me cum. "Taste your sexy pussy," he commanded as I willingly licked my cunt off his fingers.

"Oh fuck you're driving me crazy baby," I said heatedly.

During dinner we would kiss and I would play with his huge cock under the table, whispering in his ear that I loved his huge cock and loved the way he fucked me. I told him that I never got off so good and so hard in my life, and that I wished we were back in the limo fucking. At one point as we were kissing he pushed my thong to the side and finger fucked me to a thrilling orgasm, telling me he couldn't wait to have his big cock back inside me.

We left the restaurant arm-in-arm as he nodded to a lot of the well-known people he introduced me to when we arrived. I could feel every man's and a lot of the women's eyes all over me and could hear them saying to themselves, "Oh, he's definitely going to fuck her." I grinned to myself, feeling there envy and jealousness as my high heels clicked naughtily on the wood floor as I walked past them.

I want to fuck you all night Allison," he said as we left the restaurant, and kissed at the door of the limo.

"Oh god me too," I said heatedly as I snaked my tongue against his. "I can't wait to get that huge cock out of your pants and into my pussy," I said in a low throaty moan.

In the limo he stripped my dress again, skillfully as he slid it over my pumps than removed my thong the same way. After he removed his cloths we kissed and played with each other like lovers, stopping so that I could call my parents and tell I'd be staying out that night. As I talked to my father Mr. Travers was kissing my tits and nipples, making it almost impossible to concentrate on the conversation with my father, as I let my tongue fly out to meet his every few seconds. I told him that Mr. Travers had taken a few girls out to diner and that I was going to stay at his house that night with Kate, which I had done a number of times.

My parents, as with a lot of people in the community the utmost respect for Mr. Travers, as he was responsible for helping my parents get their mortgage and car loans. As my father talked to Mr. Travers, thanking him for the great things he does for people and for taking me to dinner and letting me stay at his house, I was busily licking up and down his huge cock with the slyest of grins on my face. As he was talking to my father I felt his cock begin to expand and contract. I knew he was ready to cum.

"You have a wonderful daughter with a lot of 'big things' in store for her," he said with a sly smirk which caused me to grin and pump up and down his huge shaft fiercely as his eyes rolled back into his head. He tan rushed my father off the phone, clicking the end button as I heard my father talking in mid sentence then said he was cumming. He then let out a huge burst of cum, as I secured my mouth over his pulsing cockhead as best I could, because of its massive girth and began getting blasted by his hot seed.

Burst after hot burst shot into my open mouth with so much f***e, I thought my head was going to explode. I kept swallowing, wondering if I could keep with it, desperately trying to gulp down every splash. His huge cock was cumming so much I began to wonder if he would ever stop. Finally, after 30 swallows his monster cock started to trickle cum and I licked his softening trunk of flesh, groaning over and over about how much cum he had and how huge his cock was. After that he pulled me up to him and we kissed like lovers, our tongues meeting in a sexy dance, letting each other know that we wanted to keep fucking and playing with each other.

As I sat beside him I looked with astonishment at his huge, deflated cock that rested over his knee, as his g****fruit sized cockhead actually touched the leather seat. It looked like a tree-trunk, it was so huge! Mr. Travers was bigger soft than five of my boyfriends cocks hard. We rode the next half hour just kissing and playing each other, his hands never leaving my stockings and my nipples, and mine gently running up and down his massive, spongy cock, making it inflate into another terrifying monster.

"I need a lot more of your sexy pussy Allison, he said hungrily as his cock was fully hard.

"Oh god, I need you back inside me so bad," I said as we pulled in the driveway and kissed for another five minutes.

"Let's go fuck," he said with authority which almost made me cum right there.

He walked out of the limo nude with me in just my thigh high stockings and high heels. I felt so wicked, so turned on.

"I'll bet he sees this all the time," I said hotly, stopping to kiss him right in front of the limo as I bent at the waist to kiss his huge cock. I was sure the limo driver had seen this a million times before and I was so turned on to fuck him I didn't care what he or even the neighbors thought.

" The driver is a she Allison, and yes she has seen a lot of things," he growled as I moaned and licked up and down his fat cock. We then went back to the pool area where we kissed then lead me to the futon. For the next hour he pounded his giant cock into me as I leaned over the back of the futon. Fucking outside in the open air, by the pool, in my stockings and high heels seemed so naughty.

My pussy came violently as he lead me from position to position, fucking me from behind then to missionary then on our sides as I exploded all over his massive shaft while we kissed hotly. In one position he was holding my legs up straight, holding my crossed ankles. My high heels were right in front of his face, as he buried his huge, tireless cock into me.

"So fucking tight," he howled, as his huge cock thrust into me, spreading wider than anything I have ever experienced in my life, causing my pussy to gush cum all over his shaft. Every time I came his cock would fuck harder and faster as my pussy coated his huge shaft, lubricating it so much that it filled the air with squishing, soapy sounds, with every punishing thrust of his massive cock.

Mr. Travers fucked me like a machine, using my upturned pussy as a back, or door-stop to prevent him from going any deeper. When he hit bottom, he'd pull back and fuck deep again, slamming his huge cock into me until his great, big balls slapped against my ass, and my pussy stopped him from going any further. I saw stars in this position and came so hard I thought I was going to pass out, from the endless pummeling of his giant, tireless cock.

He fucked me this way for almost an hour, pounding me hard with each stroke, and causing me to exploded over and over until he filled my pussy with another massive load of cum. After he and I came we worked our way into his house and up to his bedroom where he fucked me wildly for the next six hours and at times even savagely, punishing me with his enormous cock as he fucked me in positions I never in my life knew existed. Punishing me in ways that had my pussy cumming over and over again.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't exhaust his huge cock. At 68 he had more stamina and more cum than twenty 18 year old boys. Every time he shot, his orgasms got more powerful and his cum more plentiful. I just couldn't get enough of his huge cock, loving the way he fucked, so hard and the way he came, so much!

Mr. Travers huge cock could fuck in ways no guy with an average 6,7 or 8 inch cock ever could, and my pussy exploded non-stop as if it was the fourth of July. After that night Mr. Travers and I fucked often throughout the summer, and even for a few incredible weekends when Kate and Bobbie went away with their mother. We even fucked during the semester when he would have business near my College, and when I came home from College during breaks.

After fucking his huge cock I never felt the same about my boyfriend, and our relationship began to disintegrate. I learned that summer that my best most powerful orgasms would come from a guy with a huge cock, who was really confident. I also learned that I loved fucking older men. I was really drawn to distinguished and successful men 40-50 and even 60 years older then me. There was a sexy quality about fucking older, confident men, with huge cocks that got me off the hardest.

Although Mr. Travers fucked constantly, enjoying my pussy from time to time, his first choice fuck was his daughter Kate who he couldn't get enough of. Her thin body with her ultra flat chest and inch long nipples, and long legs drove him wild. When I went to College, Kate began working for him, as his personal assistant, traveling out of town on business trips together almost every other week. THE END
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